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  1. between rukio and artifact.. >:)
  2. "I love the Diraar."The Princess smiled as she read over the missive.
  3. "Such a shame she would turn against her kin during this conflict rather than using it as a point to find common ground amongst those who you might not agree with. You did the right thing, Frederick." The Princess-consort of Sedan remarked to her husband within the office as she gazed over the letter he had written. "I do hope she returns after all this is over, I quite enjoyed meeting her."
  4. Charlotte went back to resetting up her old room, to recreate her home within Castle Moere. A somber smile tugged at her features as she observed the room and the belongings she collected from the attic of the historical seat of House Temesch et Moere, the first seat of the Petra. No death was worth celebrating, no wrongs had been righted without loss, and yet there was comfort in the walls, comfort in the victory that had occured, comfort in tradition. The cross of Lorraine was signed by the Princess and she exhaled a quiet breath she did not realize she had been holding. "Father's spirit is within these walls, and his spirit will guide us to victory. The spirit of the Petra is around us, and it will remain with us."
  5. "Oh there were certainly some ongoing affairs...." Charlotte smirked, thinking of the gossip she heard about between Avalloc and Eryane!
  6. "Who wouldn't!" The Princess of Celia'nor spoke, making googly eyes at the missive in thought of the Ireheart. @xMuted
  7. Chalotte Roberta signed the cross of Lorraine as she heard of the news. "He should not have gone about it this way, family matters should be kept with the family." She muttered towards her husband as she was escorted away from her sanctuary she had found in Haense upon being chased out of her home by men on horses with swords on a nightly stroll. "I was chased out of the Petra, Frederick, how could Constanz let them do this, do this to me?" Once she was safe back inside Johannesport, she began to write... @outcook
  8. With the Chapel of Saint Emma, the Princess of Sedan sat in the pews, a low murmur was given in prayers. She signed the cross of Lorraine and rose from the pew. Her gaze settled onto the altar at the center of the chapel and the cross beyond. "May you guide us when others will not. The scrolls are where we find our answers, where we find our light and ensure we do not stray from the path of virtue. The path of the Petra, the vision of Temesch et Moere, a virtuous path in the web of existence."
  9. MC Name: Cepheid_ Discord: Cepheid#9890 Image: Description of Image: art for my wagon Dimensions: 2 high one wide
  10. MC Name: Cepheid_ Discord: Cepheid#9890 Image: Description of Image: cool art for my wagon Dimensions: 2 high one wide
  11. One of the kindest and most genuine people in existence that always knew how to brighten the day of whoever he was around in vcs, playing Dungeons and Dragons with the homies, doing tavern RP, making videos with, or just goofing around to make someones day. He was one of the most incredible people that I've ever been friends with and I am grateful for the impact he's made on my life. Everyone that knew him can attest to the fact that he was a living saint. As Hayley said, a new adventure awaits for him and I know he'd want everyone to cherish the good in this world over the negative. His life was dedicated to spreading kindness, so if you wish to honor him or remember that, keep that in mind. Remember at the end of the day we all are people and your interactions with others matter and can make an impact. Give flowers to a stranger, donate to mental health organizations, compliment those that might need a pick me up, as a man who was too good for this world it's what he would have wanted to be done. Rest easy Szander, I'll miss you man.
  12. The Union of de Johannes and Petra Novellen “For the abundance of the spirit is never divided, but multiplied.” Beneath the sunlight of the summer fell a cruel day upon the Principality of Sedan, the falling of both friend and foe as the city ran red. Yet from this tragedy of the Rozanians being butchered within the streets of Joannesport, a love blossomed between two unlikely souls. Two souls whose fates would have otherwise left them lost to time and never to meet again had bonded through what could only be the beginning of something more. The wedding of his Serene Highness, Prince Frederick II @outcook and Charlotte Roberta Petra Novellen @Cepheid will commence in the coming Tobias's Bounty of 1909 witnessed by all their acquaintances, friends, and family. This union shall be held within the walls of the Cathedral of Saint Alexander of Furnestock at the heart of Joannesport by Father Victor of Blackwater. It is asked that guests wear their finest attires to the main event. Afterwards, it will be followed by a celebration in the seaside-city’s center and a wide variety of festivities will be there. All are invited to attend the most wondrous occasion. TIMETABLE THE ROYAL WEDDING Under the eyes of GOD and those dearest to the pair, they will be wed at the Cathedral of Saint Alexander of Furnestock by Father Victor of Blackwater. The ceremony will be conducted under traditional canonist rites before proceeding onto the festivities. THE FESTIVAL OF FATES During the joust, there will be quite the many stalls for games, prizes, fair-food, merriment, and more. The square will be set up with games and the likes for the enjoyment of the guests. Ring tosses, drinking contests, and goat wrangling will be available to name a few, each with their own prizes. JOUST In the city plaza, there will be a temporary jousting area set up for those that would like to participate in the joust. The sign ups for the tournament will be open at the time of the festival and will be ongoing until the end of the first round. The winner of the joust will receive 500 minas and the title of Champion of Joannesport. [[OOC: SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st @ 2:00 PM EST]] Special invitations are sent to the following dignitaries; His Royal Majesty Georg I By the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska @gusano Her Grace, Renilde I of Petra Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere @tilly His Highness, Loran von Draco of Mardale Prince of Mardale, Marcher Lord of Eichenwalde @ItemVendor Her Serene Highness, Valyris Ibarellan Princess of Celia’nor His Royal Majesty, Alexander I King of Balian @Shmeepicus These invitations also extend to the listed leaders and their loyal citizens.
  13. Valyris sipped upon her tea as the drama unfolded to the east! Her interest was piqued for what her allies had planned...
  14. A certain elven monarch sipped her tea as she read the notices from the Northern Realms, for it was pipping hot.
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