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    Agruik’s father Grodd hammerforge married Agruik’s mother Ravna cottonwood. Agruik grew up in azgaraz the twin city as a child has learned the various ways of both the mountain dwarves and the forest dwarves. Agruik retained none of his mother physical attributes except for the bright brown eyes. As well as his father's bright red hair. Agruik learned the common dwarven skills of smithing from his father and tending to the trees and earth from his mother. Agruik was a child during the civil war of the dwarves and lived through the violent era into the time when the kingdoms once again reunited to form aquarium and later renamed back to urguan. In the early years of his adulthood, he moved to Hefrumm to live with the forest dwarfs and to learn more about Farming & Brewing and more about the culture on his mother's side. He learned about the different plants such as flash fruit, night sap and many others. Although he did not believe this was the life for him thus he set a goal to be a talented blacksmith like his father. He truly felt that he wanted to take on what his father had done and become a full-on blacksmith. He trained for several years with many blacks smiths before finally opening his shop. Although he has lived for 90 years he has hundreds of years of adventure.
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    Agruik was born in the city of Kal'Varoth, in the Under-Realm of Urguan. The beginning of his life was simple. Although he never knew his mother he had many friends and a loving father. As the years went on his father was hoarding food, metal, gems and many other objects. His father named Dukeak started to stay down in the deep mines more and always looking for precious treasure. Sometimes he would leave Agruik all alone for days on end. The obsession grew to the point on a fate full day deep below the labyrinth of mines his father had found the largest gem that he had ever seen. He took the gem out of the solid stone like it was a cast for a sword at a blacksmith. Has Dukeak admired the stone he stumbled and dropped the stone in the lava below Dukeak quickly lunged at the stone and parished into the lake of lava with it? Later that day Agruik was notified of his disappearance. Shocked and horrified Agruik ran to the mines down deep into the earth looking for his father. He did not believe that such a thing could happen to a talented miner like his father. As he passes through the maze of tunnels he had found his dad's helm next to the pit of lava. At this sight, he collapsed onto the ground. That night he would sleep down near where his father has died. The hot stone blistered his body while he layed there. For the next decade, he could live in the mine with no friends or family only the treasures that lay below. Finally, the Agruik would decide to go to the surface as the lonely ness consumed him. He would venture off into the mountains where he would settle with the High elves in the city Lareh’thilln. In the city, he made many friends with elves and learned the culture. He admired that they had not a religion and thought it was a very smart idea so he took that belief on. Throughout the years he travelled through many cities learning the cultures and gathering information. So he could become a famous author and writer.
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