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  1. Do you think the server is going in the wrong direction?
  2. Please dont move it . We dont care about euro farts
  3. The Ancient Derva ᛞᚨ ᚴᚨᚱᛁᚴ ᚢᚴᚨᚱᚡᚨ Barradin’s Rule In those Ancient days, after the rule of Urguan Silverbeard, King Barradin ruled over a kingdom in pandemonium. The departure of Urguan from his kingdom left the dwarven populace distraught and in disarray; a mad and feeble state. As King Barradin quelled the civil unrest a new threat rose from the north: Ondnarch, a corrupted Aengul. Storms ravaged the realm, splitting stone and trees with vigorous wind and cold. King Barradin’s forces, along with the fabled runic behemoths of Khaz’Urguan, were soon routed by Ondnarch’s armies from across the realm. Outposts of the kingdom were ravaged and the march towards the dwarven capital was swift. Legions of ice spawn soon clashed against the dwarven city, slaying those in their path. Cornered, Barradin had the great gates of Khaz'Urguan sealed as the time known as the Eternal Cold began. Those outside the protection of the city were ravaged by bitter cold while those within the depths of Mount Arvas struggled to find warmth. Some within the city felt the grip of corruption and ruin tighten as hopelessness populated the faces of many dwarves. Ondnarch’s forces encompassed the home of the dwarves, laying out a full siege upon the capital. As all hope seemed lost, Barradin delved deep into his hold, retrieving his fabled hammer and swearing to the Brathmordakin that he would defend his people from the corrupted Aengul. Barradin’s will remained unwavering, and he met with the prophet in hopes of seeking guidance. There, he prayed and saw a vision, a vision of a grand crystal below the hold; Eshtael had answered his prayers. Then a voice echoed within his head about the crystal, the mind city. Upon this revelation the miners were sent to work in search of what he had seen and for forty days the dwarves labored tirelessly in order to find the crystal . The stone was broken away with the pickaxes as the legions of workers tore up the inside of the mountain. Then as the day of hard labor neared its end Barbos Tunnelplenty, the creator of the Mineplenty and Tunnelsmasher clans, saw a shimmering light within the stone. After closer inspection and the hard work of Barbos, the fabled crystal was found. Upon its recovery the crystal floated in an unnatural manner and there the dwarves named it the Kal’Varak. Barradin began to plot Ondnarch’s imprisonment with the use of the city within. There was now light at the end of the tunnel and hope shone for the people of Khaz’Urguan. The exalted runelords of the city were gathered along with the skilled legionnaires for a battle against the foul creature which had forced them into hiding for so long. Atop Mount Arvas, Ondnarch swept through the legion of dwarves, spewing a torrent of ice and horror upon the unfortunate. Many dwarves perished to the ice spawn as the battle raged and their ichor stained the snow, painting it red. Though as dwarves were slowly butchered without mercy and their numbers dwindled, Barradin stood with his hammer, facing down Ondnarch. The corrupted Aengul swept towards Barradin with great speed only to be struck by his ancient hammer and dazed!. As Ondnarch was on the brink of death three runelords channeled the ability of the Kal’varak and formed a large beam of light, visible to all within the realm. Then nothing, the light vanished along with Ondnarch as he was trapped within the mind city and the kingdom was freed from the eternal freezing tundra. With the corrupted Aengul now imprisoned within the Kal’varak, Barradin sought to keep it away from his kin within a distant land. Many adventurous dwarves flocked to his aid as he departed the city towards the sons of Horen. Rams filled with ale and food accompanied the band of travelers as they advanced through the treacherous lands of aegis. With the exuberant leadership of Barradin they soon reached the nation of Hanseti, west of Khaz’Urguan. They soon settled within the nation and became one of eight families, the Derva. The Derva were not just one clan but multiple under the banner of one group. This visit would not last long as the wandering wizard resided within the city, knowing of the coming of Iblees he would send them to Asulon and Anthos. While the Derva arrived on the southern point of Asulon some like the Zil'Maktumi landed on Anthos. The Adventures Of The Derva The Derva soon migrated from the south and headed northward, arriving at what they soon named Barradin’s strait. Then the collection of hardy dwarves trekked westward from the impassable barrier where they would come across a large mountain range which pierced the blue skies. On king Barradin’s command the large party of dwarves halted at the base of an immense mountain which he named Karik. The group began to carve away their home, tunneling deep into the stone with speed. Within their new home, deep beneath the mountain, they carved out a grand vault. There the Kal’varak with Ordnach still within would be hidden along with two colossal stone dragons erected beside it. Soon after the construction of Kal’Karik Barradin grew weak, his mind fogged and his body frail. Accusations began to fly between the clans within the Derva as disorder soon broke out between the group, mainly towards the runesmithing clan of Kornazkarumm. Upon the leaders passing the Kornazkarumm and Barradin’s kin wrought the iron from the deposits of Karik and into golems, naming them ferrum wardens. The ferrum wardens towered over their creators and were covered in runic engravings, powering them. The battle of ironflesh then erupted within the streets of Kal’Karik. Fighting was fierce and it plunged the city into chaos, leaving only dwarven bodies and mangled ferrum wardens littering the streets. The Battle ended with a stalemate and left the Derva in a dire state and fearful of further conflict. After the battle ended Geim Kormazkarum instructed Tyvald to construct a colossus which would defeat the Karik clans once and for all. Geim later died but his instructions were carried out and the runic colossus was carved out of the untouched stone of Asulon. The creation stood as tall as mountain peaks, greater than that of the runic behemoths of Khaz’Urguan and its runes pulsated with power from the thanic dust. The following battle was a massacre of the dwarves within Karik, not a single dwarf survived as the colossus squashed any resistance beneath its stone limbs. Conflict did not end among the remaining Dervas, the massacre in the halls of Khaz’karik created a divide. So under the command of Tyvald the Kornazkarum marched towards the southern sea in search of new lands. In an engineering marvel it entered the ocean at the southern shores of Asulon, submerging itself for a long journey. On the ocean floor the construct marched in search of new lands to hold the Kal’varak. Soon the Kornazkarum would find land, the continent of Anthos. Small runic creatures were quickly dispatched to the strange land, finding the Zil'Maktumi people who arrived many centuries ago with the help of the wandering wizard. Two factions formed within the Kornazkarum, one wished to invade the lands of Anthos and take the homes of the Zil’Maktumi while the others wished to stay at sea. Poised to attack, the invasion faction led by Gormli Kornazkarum set off towards the beaches on boats. They were armed with the remaining ferrum wardens and quickly landed on the beaches. A violent battle then ensued with the Zil'Maktumi, leading to the demise of both. On their last legs the people of the Colossus settled beneath the ocean where the dwarves ravaged by violence and tragedy could finally rest. Tyvald then gathered his hammer and chisel and began to carve intricate runes, imprinting his soul and mana into the runes, creating a gate. Upon activation the gate sent them to the oceans near Vailor and away from the place that had caused their people so much pain. Hundreds of years would pass and the remnants of the Dervas lived purposefully within the colossus in the blue ocean. Though soon the dwarves would notice a commotion on the surface of the water, the descendants were traveling to Vailor. The Dervas sent their runic weaponry to the surface, destroying two boats and sending the other descendants away. Shortly after, the seafaring dwarves would meet their demise with only very few escaping. Upon each realm that the descendants visited, ruins of the Derva would be found. Their mythical runic crafts would be discovered by the Urguani dwarves, proof of the Derva’s continued survival. The group of powerful dwarves continue to adventure across the mortal plane, waiting to be rediscovered by their kin. Changelog
  4. Cavern Critters Magma Serpent Physiology And Habitat Magma Serpents are formidable snake-like creatures, dwelling within the depths of magmatic caves and volcanic landscapes. They are closely related to Deep Snakes, sharing similar proportions and reaching lengths of up to 15 meters. Adorned with scales in shades of red, orange, and yellow, these serpents possess a remarkable ability to blend seamlessly into their molten surroundings. The scales of Magma Serpents possess exceptional strength akin to that of steel, providing them with a tough defense against slashing and stabbing attacks from both descendants and other creatures they may encounter. Abilities The Magma Serpents, shaped by their unforgiving habitat, exhibit a diverse range of abilities crucial for their survival. These creatures possess immunity to ordinary flame attacks. Furthermore, they are able to unleash streams of molten lava or spew searing flames, albeit requiring a brief period to charge up. Its fangs are comparable to the size of a tree branch and are able to deal damaging blows to lightly armored opponents. - Magma Serpents cannot be roleplayed outside DIY events - Magma Serpents cannot be tamed. - Extracted scales are player-signed and are to cumbersome to be worn as armor. Cave Wyrmling Physiology And Habitat Cave Wyrmlings are small creatures which resemble the shape of a Pygmy dragon. They live amongst the deepest caverns and have unique stone-like skin, allowing them to blend into the dark caves they inhibit. On their backs, small wings protrude, allowing short bursts of flight. Cave Wyrmlings are the size of small dogs and travel in groups of five to eight. Abilities Cave Wyrmlings don't possess the ability to have any great feats of strength nor powerful bites. However, in combat they have the ability to spit green acidic saliva. Over continuous contact with organic material, the bubbling acid will corrode material and cause burns. Within the first emote the victim will begin to feel extreme pain and a sense of burning, after the second emote they will incur first degree burns. Upon reaching the third and forth emotes the victim will get second and third degree burns respectively. - Cave Wyrmlings cannot be roleplayed outside DIY events. - Cave Wyrmlings cannot be tamed. - Acidic saliva cannot be harvested. - The guidelines for the acid are not required and can be bent to fit events. Echo Harbinger Physiology And Habitat Echo Harbingers are large bat-like creatures which inhabit dark chasms, preferring damp environments. They are the size of a regular dog and are covered in purple or gray skin. Two large ears protrude from the heads of these creatures, giving them a proficient awareness of their surroundings. At the end of their feet and expansive wings, large claws extend outwards. These claws aid in combat against prey and predators lurking in their environment. Abilities Beyond their claws and acute awareness, Echo Harbinger’s are able to create a blast of sound against threats. This high pitched sound can be heard by descendants and other creatures, causing pain, disorientation, and temporary hearing damage. -These blasts of sound will prevent casting from magics which require focus such as voidal magic. -Magma Serpents cannot be roleplayed outside DIY events Change-log
  5. [!] A large mechanical snail would make its way to Danzen carrying a letter "The teachings of the Brathmordakin have been corrupted and twisted by the new clergy to fit their agenda. Their claims and stories will serve no help in your quest. If you wish to properly learn about the Brathmordakin and it's teachings come speak with me Durin Hammerforge"
  6. @LlirI have been a bit disappointed the way LOTC's plug ins have headed and I would like to see some change with them. I like the idea of progression and the ability to get better things. Recently the fishing plug in released and I am really happy with it. Although, I think it has more potential and there are a few things I want to see with it and other plug ins like it in the future. Firstly I hear that a cooking plug in is being made so I would hope to see the fish that you catch be used and other items within the plug in to have a use. Moreover, the ability to craft better fishing tools to have higher chances or unlock cooler fish would be nice. These critiques aren't just for the fishing plug in though, I would like to see things like this for mining, cutting down wood and stuff. Although we're on a roleplay server, its still minecraft and we should still have fun game design. If we didn't want that we could just roleplay in discord text groups. I think FRP exceled at this heavily when Rumpo ran it and we should probably strive for it. Sorry if this is a bit incoherent, its 5 am 🦧
  7. Username: Taby3738 Character Name: Durin Hammerforge Number in Party: 5 (subject to change?) discord: Tabby64
  8. changing the age does not solve any problem. Its a simpleton solution with no thought behind it
  9. The moderation team has decided to name MRP a synonym to ERP. I have nothing else to say
  10. What was the whole point of you cutting down your team size a few months ago? I recall you claiming you only wanted 10 members and thats why you removed so many moderators. It's weird you're already going back on that and recruiting again.
  11. Durin Hammerforge stares at the dead kings body, blinking a few times "Well t'at wos interesting"
  12. Tabby64


    Nah bro you're the one making it backwards
  13. [!] A small letter attached to a garden snail which appears to have brought it all the way to Benedict's mailbox! What is your name? Durin Hammerforge What is your age? 201 How many friends do you have? Be specific. seven friends and perhaps even more! Kazrin Starbreaker, Gilthram Hammerforge, Thalgrim Goldhand, Nara Starbreaker, Norli Starbreaker, Thromdrick Irongut, Falk Irongut, and a few more dwarves What is your experience assisting brilliant scholars? I have helped many scholars in the realm of Almaris craft and complete various tasks to achieve a goal. A notable experience was helping Norli Starbreaker craft his great automation which slayed multiple dragons. I have also aided in the creation of many other crafts along side the smartest folk found within Urguan and beyond. What is your level of education? Educated by the remembrancers for a few years along with lectures in the library. What is the most impressive thing you have ever seen? Be specific. The colossus found in the sands of Almaris which the dwarves ventured into on expeditions. It was created by ancient dwarves and is a testament to dwarven craftsmanship.
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