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  1. It clearly states that anything with the density of metal. How did this cause confusion?
  2. I want Nexus 2.0 @Aesopian
  3. The Omens Of Doom ᚤᛖᛗᛖᚴᚨᚱᛏᚺ-ᚢᚾᚾ-ᚱᚢᛚᛖᛏᚺ After the fall of Khron’Hundmar, beasts began to infest it to make it their lair. To this end, a band was rallied to clear the fortress so that the ruins may rest in peace. At first, it was only the ravenous arachnids who attacked the purging band of dwedmar and allies. Their fierce fangs and brutish strength did not impede them, though what lay ahead was a different story. As we marched down into the unlit caverns beneath the hold we neared a collapsed tunnel, a strange sight at the time. Once broken through our eyes fixed on the horrors of Khorvad's machinations. They were fitted with chitin plating and spat dark toxic brews. The small group stood no chance against these foul beasts as they tore through stone and flesh. In the retreat I was left behind to a fate of death. Condemned by the failure of the mission until by a miracle I escaped, the beasts turning on eachother. In this action of the Brathmordakin, I was not only redeemed but witnessed through Khorvad’s chaos a prophecy; Omens of Doom. Doom awaits us within the depths below the lands of Almaris; the collapse of Khron'Hundmar was only the beginning! Khorvad has delved deep into the realm of Grimdugan and conjured forth unspeakable beasts from the forgotten records of history. He has twisted the very stone to his will, creating tunnels and caverns that lead straight to the heart of our homes. His corrupting hammer has struck the stone itself, spawning foul creatures that hunger for the flesh of the honorable. Within the safeguard of the darkness, his machinations worked away, enslaving and sacrificing dwedmar to his foul purposes akin to the Ironborn rule of yore. I have glimpsed into the stygian cavities deep beneath the Iron Hills; staring back at me was the maw of a great beast. Thin and writhing tendrils like the tentacles of some monstrous sea creature protrude from the beast’s body. Viridescent flames spewed from its pores, shrouding it in blazing terror . The beast was of a terrible size unmatched by any mortal creature, imposing over even the great Runic Behemoths that guarded the ancient Halls of Urguan. Its bite was capable of devouring mountains in entirety with ease. This monster is Eatrumm’ur’Onaalmth; Devourer of Realms. These bad omens tell of something horrific for what is to come for the denizens of Almaris, we have been given a warning and must prepare for the hordes of Khorvad’s abominations. We must not stray away from Yemekar’s Rhun and instead prepare to oppose these obstacles head on. When the hammer of the Worldmaker struck, the chaos of Vuur’Dor was replaced with meaning and an intricate design and a purpose that only he would fully understand; the Rhun. We must likewise strike against the intentions of ruinous Khorvad and his servants, and by force compel them towards order and honor or elsewise destroy them. I call out to all the world, especially those who are obligated to the Brathmordakin, to come forth for counsel to orient themselves with the Rhun of the Worldmaker and be prepared to combat the horrors of Khorvad. Rhun Kav’Kirkja Durin Hammerforge Akrakthrein
  4. @TeawithFrisketplease o please fix this reply
  5. I have a few issues with this lore, it appears to be a lot of the same stuff with some things changed that could've been added within an amendment. Pulling a Syb and asking for three grandfathers is a strange ask when its not the solution to the actual problems at hand. I found this redline to be very odd as for as long as I can remember ST ruled that the strike of an attack will result in the same effect of a regular flesh limb. As one of those people who agreed with this, why change it then not add a good metric for people to follow? Saying a tad bit more damage than usual is unclear and unneeded. This is just a very strange redline in my opinion, I can steal an eye from a normal person why can i not pry a golem eye out? Is there something? I am missing about this redline, does it require further context? Although this isn't a terrible change this could also lead to some problems and may not ultimately the solution to restricted RP. Automatons have the ability to have an impera like function or chose to have free will. Why forgo this option and instead go all out with this instead of finding a middle ground? How does the dynamic of the impera remains when this function is completely removed? Although at times commands can be restrictive, a good impera should be able to allow a golem to do almost everything the golem player may want. This is by far the strangest thing i found with the lore piece, I think setting strength and such limited to what race they're based off of or strict height is lame. Golems should be free form with only the restrictions of the height, now you should follow what descendants look like? Seems like its taking away some of the only uniqueness from golemancy. You stated yourself that you did this rewrite for fun and within only 3 days. How could something rewritten so quickly and without input of the community be better for the golemancy.
  6. 5th of the Snow’s Maiden ((01/02/2023)) Remembering The Fallen ᚱᛖᛗᛖᛗᛒᛖᚱᛁᛜ ᚦᛖ ᚠᚨᛚᛚᛖᚾ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚢᛖᛊ Dwedmar of Kal'Darakaan, just a few months ago a tragedy struck our city's stygian caverns. Many innocent miners were slain in a massacre, the stones stained with dwarven ichor. Among one of these dwedmar was a fleeing Mineplenty, struck in the heart by a crossbow bolt. We must come together and remember the death of these dwed and commemorate their work and life, for all dwedmar life is sacred. To all who desire to come, we will hold a ceremony away from khorvad's machinations below. We will set the favored children of Yemekar in their final resting place. This gathering shall take place in two months, I hope to see as many dwed there as possible. ((03/02/23 - 5PM EST)) =================== Signed, Rhun Prophet Akrakthrein Durin Hammerforge
  7. Does this mean people can cast with golem limbs or was golemancy simply forgotten when writing the redline?
  8. REBUKING THE COURT OF HYPOCRISY It is a bold move for religious dwarves to act in dishonor, for they among all our kin surely know the interests of the Rhun and Brathmordakin. It is bolder yet to so publicly act in dishonor, and furthermore egregious to then accuse others of dishonor from their weak foundation. Despite being a member of the Hammerforged, I am and always will be a forest dwarf and proud member of the Hefrumm. I have served under many chiefs as a member of the community, and have a deep love for our history. This seems to upset certain people, for when a meeting was being held with the honorable folk of Nevaehlen in the central meeting hall of Hefrumm I was then lambasted and ordered to leave, and when I refused on my rights as a member of Hefrumm to join in the meeting within our great hall, I was opposed. This meeting hall is a public place to our folk with memorials of our leaders, a hearth and the place of Folk Meetings- it is not the personal chambers of Mossborn and Blackroot schemes. The overgrown shrubbery that is Asketli Blackroot grabbed me to compel me against my will to leave, and in defense I threw a punch at him to release me. That this is being portrayed as assault is a joke, and a disgrace to the memory of Bjor, Beorn, Yazmorra and all of the greatest chiefs of Hefrumm- the latter of which knew well to put the plant in his place. Furthermore, it is a great hypocrisy for the Prophet of Kinslay, Garedyn Mossborn to charge me for this when he murdered a fleeing dwarf. I ask of the courts, how is Garedyn’s deed any less egregious than that of Ursus Grandaxe? Certainly the High Prophet ought to be held to a higher standard of moral action. On the matter of slander, it is self-evident that the bryophyte is not a whole dwarf as according to the designs of Yemekar. To buy into the delusion that shedding your skin every couple decades and being reborn is the natural way of Anbella ought to be viewed as heresy by any sane dwarf. At the very least, it is up for debate. In summary, for I know your mind to be soft and uneager to read; You’re wrong. Drop the blatantly biased charges, and submit yourself to court for the true crime of Kinslay. Rhun Prophet Akrakthrein Durin Hammerforge
  9. I like urguan's election system
  10. Just curious what other people think. Nothing official, its but a simple survey.
  11. @Battle UnitI think having the steam tech along with the combined feats wouldn't be a bad idea. It would prevent the endless arguments on how people learned it and it really wouldn't change the rate its taught in my opinion l.
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