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  1. Although i never actually got to go to the main bold blue events I think that more events if not all should use the kind of rules that you put in place. The one scouting event i did go to was great and i loved the use of the fourth fleet npcs.
  2. Going to vote Renatus because the most recent iteration of oren had way too many tos bans.
  3. This ^ and also elves because of obvious reasons.
  4. I am going to be real here as someone who is not apart of this at all. I see a lot of malding
  5. Name: Durin Hammerforge Age (must be older than 15 years): Around One hundred and sixty Race: Dwarf Allegiance: The iron hills Why do you wish to attend The Citadel?: I want to improve my alchemy skills and learn more alchemy arts. Practice smithing and smith thanic steel Which classes do you wish to enroll in?: As many as i can.
  6. This isn't the first time aesopian has brutally slain folk with his magic plug in
  7. Durin Hammerforge waddles over towards the rhun prophet within the tavern "Wots if he starts teh make false claims aboot us claimin urguan? T'en he could declare war on us" he tells him
  8. Durin Hammerforge wonders how agnar and norli are communicating across the realm
  9. Durin Hammerforge departs from urguan
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