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  1. Durin Hammerforge reads the missive and strokes his beard in thought "Wot if weh march on tha capital o krugmah instead?" He asks his fellow dwed in the tavern.
  2. Durin hammerforge reads the missve carefully "Tha khorvad warshippers beh tryin teh fool us!" He yells as he shakes his fist in the air
  3. Durin hammerforge mounts the snail tank in preparation
  4. Durin hammerforge reads the missive and shakes his head "tha evil non democratic senate lead by tha scheming frostbeards 'ave nae even voted on tha matter yet"
  5. Durin Hammerforge sends a signed letter to the cousin of Malik, requesting a simple chocolate donut.
  6. Wtf thats insane, thats 40 grams per cubic centimeter. I was confused why gold swords are even wieldable but wtf is this
  7. Making it two times the gold counterpart would make only orcs able to wield it
  8. I like the post a lot and i am glad frost salts got a small buff.
  9. I think I can confidently say that soupmancy and roleplay involving cooking in general will stay the same for those who enjoy it.
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