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  1. @NotEvilAtAllit was worth the wait
  2. Current Lore: The skin color of Caves Dwarves is always a darker coloration. However, unlike the Dark Elves, this is not a vibrant or deep color. It could almost be described as pale or desaturated. Dark and light grey are the most common skin colors, with some minor variation. These colors rarely have any tint of saturation in them, however, unlike the Dark Elves who commonly have a hint of purple. Change: The skin tone of Cave Dwarves varies widely and lacks any uniform color. While certain clans, such as the Starbreakers, may be dark or light gray, others, such as dwarves found in the Goldhands can be pale and other lighter shades. Being a Cave Dwarf has no bearing on skin tone; instead, it is determined by lineage. Purpose: There appears to have been an error when this lore was written. The proposed change has always been the case and it will make it more clear for when players create non dark cave dwarves for one of the aforementioned clans.
  3. If people metarally in a big enough group there is no bans
  4. who are you

  5. There has been a redline against gold test for ages. Why are we talking about it still?
  6. Instead of doing school you decided to drop out and write lord of the craft dragon lore. . .
  7. Large chickens don’t eat small rice. – Traditional Chinese Proverb
  8. Yeah thats normally the point of having a hobby like playing video games. What is the point to this comment though lol
  9. @squakhawkDo you think paladins should be rewritten along so there can be room for clerics?
  10. Is this also going into the rule change log?
  11. Keep this guy banned from LOTC. He is a safety hazard to LOTCERS!!!!

    1. DeusVult


      I apologize for whatever I did...

      I don't know what I did but I'm sorry....

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      Tabby are you being serious or is this a meme.

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