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  1. Maybe this’ll give me the motivation to play my witch
  2. Just so you guys know, if you read the report 'n saw my comment - I'm not angry with administration anymore, the ones involved in the report took accountability and responsibility for their actions and even apologized to me. That is, in my opinion, going above and beyond. They're still human, they're allowed to make mistakes; and while making us wait four months for this was a big mistake - they've learned from it and I really hope nobody goes on to hate on them for anything. It was a case of miscommunication and trying to deal with other aspects of their jobs and that is perfectly okay. Anyways, thank you once more for everyone's support (as well as administration working hard this week for EVERYONE) for Dio, Mady x2, Josh, Wolf, and I. Perhaps I'll be more active on the server, who knows, maybe after my shoulder heals. Have a good one.

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    2. Neviah


      I explicitly left Llir out of it, but yes you are correct I did target the wrong people. Which I realize that, genuinely I’ve never made a post like that and while I was typing I didn’t have the full story as I was waking up from a procedure (not an excuse I’m just explaining) and had assumed (this is the problem here this is why I’m apologizing) that they just decided to not to it at all. And that’s entirely on me, you’re right though me threatening that was wrong which is why later when I was more clear of mind I took responsibility for saying that and apologized. In fact before I sent that Alex - the one I was mainly upset with - had friended me and before he could get a word in I apologized to him personally as well as Llir after he sent a comment then too.

    3. Neviah


      That comment was made out of frustration and anger - while you say it’s inappropriate entirely I think at the very least the only inappropriate thing about it was the bolded text expressing how upset I was with administration. Either way, thank you for also holding me accountable for that I’m really glad you did because now I can learn in the future to make sure I think a bit more before speaking with emotion. Have a good one though

    4. Werew0lf


      Not saying you can’t be upset. I would be as well.



  3. meme (there's an image here): 
    credits to traveller

    1. Traveller


      no credit to me.....

      shaking my head...............

    2. Neviah


      sorry im still likee yk out of it - fixed

  4. A lowly Specter glanced over the shoulder of one who had taken the missive, getting only but a glance at the words “Naele’s at it once more, it seems.” Chuckled he, before drifting off.
  5. wow he’s changed so much!

  6. >insert tired of this community’s shít emoji

    1. Pancho


      Real shit right here

  7. Thank you admin team, but also, it’s sad that you had to see a forum post go viral for you to correct your decision. If it hadn’t, then had you re-banned them? Either way I’ll take this small moment to say something else, you still haven’t banned others despite having reports and a lot of proof over it. Do you think just because they’re not entirely active anymore that they should simply be free to go? Where in the hell is the justice for the other people who have gotten harassed or threatened or bullied that you KNOW of? It’s disheartening and also one of the reasons I do not play anymore, I don’t want to deal with any drama or threats because I know some idiotic person will come around and make me deal with it.
  8. Y’all are fūcked up. My heart goes to the victim (for lack of a better word) and anyone else involved, don’t listen to these imbeciles. I will be removing anyone who decides to try to defend their past actions. I get it though - you so desperately wish to believe in a friend because you believe they've changed and wouldn't say anything like that again - trust me, I do. Sometimes however, things you say cannot simply be forgotten. I do believe people can change and that they probably have but, changing sometimes just isn’t enough and we need to understand that as a community.
  9. An extremely well-made speech as per usual, Lango. You put a lot of my thoughts into words exactly how I would’ve wished to do so, I was like crying as I wrote this post so it wasn’t entirely as good as I wanted it to be. I’m glad you’re one of the few that I know who recognize the taskification of gaming that happens a lot more than it should - and that you shared it here. Lots of love to you mate <3
  10. An Explanation So, to start this off I want to say: this is not a hate post, not a rant post (okay maybe a little bit), I dunno just - nothing like that. I mean to offend absolutely nobody this is to be read in a lighthearted and wholly honest tone, apologies in advance if I somehow do. Community Team Now, Rose, what in the **** did you do to get removed from CT in less than a month? Absolutely nothing. I'm not sure if Hogo wants this to get out, but, CT is undergoing reforms - I've already said it publicly in friend broadcast, might as well say it here (Sorry Hogo). I'm really happy that reforms are going on, I think that it's great that changes that are needed will finally take place - and I think the plan Hogo has for it is a good plan. However, being removed has taken a bit of a toll on me mentally. Now, when I say this; it's not that it's on my mind 24/7 and I'm seething about being removed from the team, it's simply that whenever I look at LotC nowadays, it makes me physically feel like shit because I've lost all motivation to play the game. It's kind of like giving a toddler candy and immediately swiping it away from them just to see their hopes of enjoying something great crash and burn. That's just how I feel on the matter, I feel extremely lost. I've thought about joining another team, those being MT and ET. The things that stopped me: ET The hoard of applications to story Not being sure if I'd thrive there like I did with CT Not being sure if I'd truly like the job MT Not being sure if they're accepting And both having a similar reason of: no motivation. Either way, Hogo is a great guy - and one of my best friends, I hold absolutely nothing against him for doing his job. Simple as. Motivation A huge problem that I keep running into with LOTC is that the main reason I'm playing is to create a narrative, this is not the case for most of the server. Everytime I turn around there is some person trying to be a protagonist or just playing to win - and there's nothing wrong with that, do whatever makes you happy, do whatever makes you have fun (except shady shit). In fact, one of the only times I played LotC for a narrative is when I was doing Karkosa events with AlmightySaucer. Huge props to that ST for making an intriguing and active eventline that I honestly had a lot of fun with - I craved those events, those were great. He's also one of the first people I've seen play to lose. Anyways, it's just that a lot of the server isn't really playing the way I am and that makes it hard for me personally to enjoy my roleplay. This is not something I want people to change and I'm not trying to be like grrr why in the **** are you playing this way and not that way, it's simply how I feel currently. Conclusion Basically, I'm going to be not-so-active on LotC. I'll log in sometimes, as I do have an active and new CA that I wish to keep. So maybe you'll see me roleplaying on there - but it won't be a lot until some newfound motivation suddenly keeps me hyperfixated on the server again. Thank you to everyone who has made an impact on me (which is a lot of people so I won't list names), it's been lovely being able to interact and have fun when I did. This isn't really a goodbye, just a 'see you soon'. I'll be around, just, not as much as I used to be. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out. Just because I'm not CT anymore, doesn't mean I will not help you. I want to. Also! If you wish to leave a comment, ask a few things, maybe debate with me on the silly 'play to win or play to make a narrative' argument - go ahead. Just, don't be a ****. <3
  11. “My scores are higher than yours!! I win!” - A friend, who just took a personality disorder test with me.

  12. Deadass that was me. I found the signs the same day he put them there cause he announced it in the azdrazi discord even though I didn’t know him.
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