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  1. OOC Comment seeing as uh well the only irp knowledge thing in this post was that note to the An-Gho
  2. the chosen one 

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    2. RandomRhunes


      But chosen to do what, exactly

    3. satinkira


      1 hour ago, RandomRhunes said:

      But chosen to do what, exactly



    4. Neviah


      9 hours ago, RandomRhunes said:

      But chosen to do what, exactly



  4. funny mineman rp is my favorite

  5. The inner flame is nothing to fear.

  6. Alucard sat down next to the weeping spectral with a frown as he looked upon The An-Gho's wise words - shortly after reading it, a small smile would bloom.
  7. oh how I await to be officially ordained in the eyes of the story team...

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    2. Neviah
    3. Heathman


      maybe ST just erm.. DON'T WANT ANYMORE AZDRAZI SHILLS? Ever thought about that?


    4. Neviah



      maybe ST just erm.. DON'T WANT ANYMORE AZDRAZI SHILLS? Ever thought about that?

      >:( let me be ordained they cannot stop it

  8. Just died for the first time ever on lotc, slaying tbh (literally).

    1. Samler


      idk what Eldrin's 'situation' was if not death!

    2. Neviah



      idk what Eldrin's 'situation' was if not death!

      **** i forgot about her, but yk this is not on purpose

  9. guys if you had to choose to be with a spook group would you rather be with Da Dovahkin (Azdrazi) or Da Frosties (Frost Witches)

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    2. satinkira


      2 minutes ago, Laeonathan said:

      Azdrazi are spooks just like druids and paladins



    3. Neviah



      Azdrazi are not spooks u silly little thing

      I don't care >:( I made that comment when I had a really bad headache

    4. Nozgoth


      furry supremacy

  10. A young elf would come across the missive, snatching it up from where it lay. His eyes searched the missive frantically before he took a deep breath "Ahernan." was all that was said in return, the saddened expression his features once held bloomed into pure determination.
  11. Neviah


    "WHY?" Called a young elf who kneeled upon the fire-lands of the west. Is it something I've done? For what purpose must I suffer under such conditions? All I have ever done has been for those I care for, my Asioth is not to 'fit in', it is to embrace my true self and to protect the people I care about. I do ne think to ever understand what fate has in store for me, but I truly wish I did at times. I have been abandoned by my friends, my family, my teachers, everyoem I seem to try to protect just leaves me. And so for what purpose, I ask of you Arch-Draakar? I know fate cannot answer me, but couldn't you? I don't want to be swept under the rug anymore like I am some foolish dust you don't want to clean up, I don't want to be left out anymore - for people to stop telling me they'll explain later and never doing so. To be here, in this moment, I had to have done something right? To be placed upon my knees, begging for guidance... just help me, I beg of you. Crystal tears fall, as do his hopes. Lava cracks and boils, he shouldn't stay out here too much longer. Won't someoem see that I suffer so? Can't you hear me, the others? Hear how we suffer, how we mourn. I just want to understand, am I making mistakes? Did I do badly with my life thus far? People tell me to turn back from the path I walk, and yet I cannot help but continue forwards upon it… what do I do? How can I truly keep on going if people keep dragging me back to where they want me to be? Can’t you help me… can’t anyoem? "What the **** am I supposed to do? Can't you lead me? …Can’t you help me?" Alucard screamed at the top of his lungs, pleading for some type of answer - even though he knew deep down such a thing wouldn’t be granted to him. He ended up breaking down in a coughing fit, the terrain of the fire-lands seemingly getting to him. Does living even matter anymore? Without them I have no purpose, without them… am I truly relevant? …Have I just been used this entire time? I wish I had them here; Sarah, Fae, Juniper, Remon, Marius, Nehtamo, Hera, Ysivryn, Qard, Vothdrem, Doomforged, and so many others. I wish Eldrin was here, why did she leave me so soon? My haelun, I was only thirteen. What if I had stayed with the purists? Done my part, stayed away from people and things they deemed ‘ata, where would I be then? Happier than I am now…? Ne. I wouldn’t be myself, I wouldn’t be free like I am now… right? “Please.” Alucard collapsed forwards, going from kneeling to laying face flat on the ashy ground. He let out a frustrated huff, knowing his body couldn’t handle such a place, he stood up shakily - gazing out into the distance. He waited. Pure Silence And so he left, stumbling off and up onto his steed, riding back to the beginning of his life - Lubba Keep.
  12. Can't wait to post this angsty ass forum about alucard being depresso expresso

  13. I just read @RMW01's post about Plume's PK. The comments have me SOBBING. Jeez.

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