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  1. The tall hooded figure sits in a well hidden cavern, seeming to be cleaning the poleaxe that they possessed from the blood that was spilled. After a moment, she sets the poleaxe aside. Her elbows met her knees, holding her head up with both of her hands. A heavy sigh escapes her, the memory of the battle still extremely fresh on her mind. The fire that torched the young one, the screams that split and the Reinmar forces that attempted to save their kind, even the felling of a Dwarf that stood valiantly, but potentially foolishly, against them. It attacks her psyche, trying to shake her head clear, but the final memory staining her further, her own force having taken the arm of one of the Reinmar defenders, the claim of her first shed of blood. The Frozen Shaman speaking to herself... "Es dis how et has tu be? De shedding 'f grish.. de flames 'f wagh foreva on da backs 'f those who mi care for?" The veil grows wet with tears that escape the descendants eyes, "Nub matta... Love says tha' all th' Uzg will freeze ova, agh nub even th' zpiritz can save t'em... Mi will feel th' bitta sweet embrace 'f th' cold..." She scoots herself into a corner of the cavern, and begins to rest after the battle.
  2. A missive has been sent to all non-whitewashed Orcs and Honorary Orcs! A golden sword with wings and a light at the pommel is the seal that seems to keep it closed until it reaches their hands. It was an invitation. This letter goes to any Orc brave enough that is willing to join me on a Darkspawn hunts under the purifying flames of Dasul. Glory, trophies and appeasement of the spirits. Under Dasul's guidance and flame, the Darkspawn shall be eradicated and be sacrificed to be cleaned in the Spirits Brilliance. We shall orchestrate grand movements against the darkness that spreads across the sands and make our home a better and safe place from those that wish to taint our souls. Please understand the risks of hunting Darkspawn, as some may not come back, but we will do our best to make sure every single person returns home. If you wish to join the path of Dasul's Flame, seek me out or write me a letter letting me know of your interest. (AKA find me IC, send Aviary or reply here.)
  3. Dasul- The Eternal Flame of Purity The white flame without ash. The cold waters in the pure land of snow, Dasul slumbered. Reawakened by a devote Uruk to cleanse the land for the safety of the Descendants. Their name will return to the mortal coil. The lands will be cleansed! In the Realm of Spirits, the white pure arctic fields are free from the gripping darkness. The Orcess and her teacher walk through the snow. The Orcess adorned in white fur robes, resisting the bitter bite of the cold on her feet. The animals frolic through the snow, enjoying the peace of the fallen snow as they approach trees, walking through to a pond untouched by the frozen touch of the lands. As they approached, form began to manifest. A white flaming spirit now presents itself before them. A slumber that lasted ages, the Daughter of Krug being the last to speak the name, of Dasul, the Eternal Flame of Purity, the white flame without ash, the cleansing will of Scorthuz. Reawakened to a broken promise that was made in ages past, the flame reignited in dominance. The Orcess raises her hands to the Spirit, claiming that her path is to cleanse the lands and see the world free from the Darkness. An accord was quickly struck, both agreeing to terms. Dasul's name be brought back from the Spirit Realm, a Shrine in their honor to cleanse the lands of the living. To sacrifice Darkspawn at their altar and to gain followers under their name. Only when these conditions are met, will The Eternal Flame offer it's will and strength to the Orcess.
  4. The Feorc stands with her brothers and sisters around the arena, watching the fight come to a close. As everyone else cheered for the death of the Whitewash and their brothers victory, Hakiki did not cheer. Instead her expression holds a slight confusion, searching for an answer in the depths of her own mind and ignoring the cries of victory around her. "What causes someone to defy their ancestry the way that this Goblin has done? Not only to defy the teachings of Krug but to also consider your own kin dishonorable people. To live away from your home, denying the practice to preserve the other descendants from our curse. I may never understand why this Goblin did what he did, but in the end he found his way back here to stand up against all odds. Finding Honor in the end? I suppose that depends who you ask.. but showing courage in what needed to be done? Yes, and my mind will not change on that. May you find mercy amongst the ancestors."
  5. Hakiki


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” ((How do you respond?)) The orc wanders through the town, the smell that invade her nostrils is nothing new to her. Her gaze goes across the tents and selects one to duck into. She has no idea why but something deep in her being told her that this would hold many answers of what she sought; as if the very spirits brought her here to bring her closer to her journeys purpose. Her gaze meets the crones, not flinches in the presence of someone that potentially knew her, but did not know them. It was indeed a sign, one that she would not take for granted. She wordlessly takes a seat in the cushion, gathering her bearings after a long journey through the damp thickets. "Mi s'ory, hmm? Not'ing too special in the beginning. Fightin' ot'ers, learnin' how t' deal with mi own and seeking glory in dis world." She snorts a bit as she thinks, "Alt'ough, t'ere is more for mi t'an t'at, I believe. A w'ole entire wealth o' wisdom across t'e horizons and 'eople t'at share it. I seek not'ing more t'an t' be a spiritual leader for people t'at wish t' be by mi side, t' share t'is glory an' be empowered by it." Her gaze stays on the crone, "An' t'at journey has le'd me t' you for whateva reason t'at may be. So I may ask t'e wisdom ya may share, or is it a task t'at you wish for me t' do? Mi ax and honor will finish whateva ya may ask."
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