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  1. ~PETRAN MACH~ (Depiction of two youngsters racing in Solland) || Imperial 1972|| Atstana de Regne Petrère 117 || I invite all people of Petra to compete in Petran Mach! A race on horseback across the landscape of The Commonwealth! There will be both drinks & much merriment provided both before & after the race near the Tournament Grounds. All does who wish to participate will be given a horse to ride on, to keep the competition fair. The route for the competition will also be shown to all the participants before the start of the race. (The estimate route) The prize pool will be 175 mina: 1st place 100 mina & horse. 2nd place 50 mina & horse. 3rd place 25 mina & horse. [OOC:Sunday 14th April at 5pm EST] Signed by Lord Mayor Pym Volkov of House Volkov Mayor of Vallagne & Horse Lord
  2. Pym Volkov furrows his brow - 'A wolf? Perhaps another unheard of cousin?' the socially inept man ponders to himself as he looks for his mother's fur-coat for the occasion. Silly Pym, little does he know, he's about to meet the source of his childhood NIGHTMARE!!
  3. Lord Mayor Pym Volkov, unlike the rest - actually skims the missive. "Well, it's niet like ve 'Oren' ea have heard I - but it shares some similarities. Let's hope Haense donniet strong arm everyone into doing what they want..." Just in case however - Pym puts up a few nooses at his home, ready to hang anyone going too imperialistic.
  4. Pym Volkov, the usually serious & emotionally stunted man can't help but feel his eyes get a little teary. He understands and feels for The Petran Queen, being the same age & spending most of his youth in war. He signs a little Lorraine's cross over his chest, offering a prayer for her journey of self-discovery.
  5. - A missive is put out onto the Vallagne notice-board - ~VE PRIVESK I VE NAU-MAYOR ~ Penned by Pym Volkov || Imperial 1971|| Astana de Regne Petrere 166 || PREVJA, DORBY OSOBAZ I VALLAGNE! Yam sure vy have heard that Mister Rigoberto de la Cruz has retired ag given mea, Pym Volkov ve duty i Mayor. He came va position iv ve last years i ve long war - there was much work va do. We can all agree, he has done so quite well! He has niet only revitalized Vallagne but Ve Commonwealth as a whole - dlum JOBS ag BUILDINGS va GOVERMENT ag SOCIAL LIFE. He has certainly left rather large shoes va fill - Yam niet sure even mea 13 size feet can fit them. However, he has certainly earned his retirement ag Y wish him ve best iv his future endeavors. THUS Y Pym Volkov call all ve citizens, gentry ag others va approach mea with offers, ideas ag troubles. Ea wish va hear I it all ag begin work - va get a grasp I things ag orient meaself. Psalm send mea a bird, approach mea iv person or contact mea through ve 'diskordium' realm. (a non-threatening rough sketch of Pym Volkov) REMINDER! Psalm, if vy wish work - be sure va look at ve job's offering board iv ve Vallagne Tavern, 'FAIR WEATHER'! If vy wish va offer work - come va mea! Signed by Pym Volkov of House Volkov Mayor of Vallagne
  6. Pym Volkov, after returning from Lotusgrad SWEATS as he hears the news - He knew it would come, but it was still sudden. The relatively inexperienced man would begin to scurry and write a missive of his own. Hopefully he'll live up to his predecessor.
  7. A bit of a swing & a miss. Giving me 'Veletz-Flashbacks' of 2 months of barely any RP because everyone hiding in their houses & bad faith banditry by Veletz-side because they kept taking L's almost every WC & were hurting for gear.
  8. I've very much gone from someone who's OK with banditry to someone who doesn't really like it in the span of the long-ass war we had when banditry was plenty. Mainly as mentioned before - it just comes out of nowhere while i'm minding my own buisiness & often it has 0 consequences or gain RP wise to the one who loses. Not to say i haven't had good bandit RP happen to me. I've enjoyed getting ran down and pockets emptied time-to-time by the road or bonked & injured or whatnot. However, my experience has definitly suffered due to my own sourness over getting constantly bombarded with raids & banditry for months & pet peeves i've developed with it. It's hard to enjoy it when half your side dips or doesn't care, because they don't want to deal with it & you know the rag-tag group of bandits are for some reason carrying around weapons made of x material or use magic that will 1 shot you. Because everyone NEEDS to win CRP, which i think is also a big problem. People don't like taking L's, especially in banditry because often it mean's you lose most of your shit. Is it silly to get heated over a pixel game? Yes. But i can't help it to become a salty ***** from sometime for spending x amount of hours & get nothing from it.
  9. The tall, lanky man - still stuck in his mania gasps: "This is it! Ve chance! Y shall slay on ve dancefloor! Y shall capture all ve hearts! Y shall precure ve future i House Volkov iv this ball, borsa!" he declares to the heavens and begins to wash his coat of garlic.
  10. -Joust I Petra- ==[A depiction of Peasants 'dueling' over 3 stolen grains of wheat]== First - I, Pym Volkov own an apology to Her Majesty, Renilde Helena of the Petra & to the Garmont Assembly. I was not aware that The Queen-Emeritus was nearly a century old, as i've observed her to be quite spry & dazzling for her age. I also thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to kindly explain where i was wrong. While I still both disagree on how the Seats of Garmont were chosen & Do not understand why it was done so - I at least been made clear & I understand that The People have voted & that I have committed a serious offence once again, trying to over-step the existing Law. HOWEVER - to not let the boat's i had made to go to waste & to show that I both truly reflected on my actions & to give back to the Petran community: I invite ALL newly elected members of The Garmont Assembly & the people of Petra to a friendly 'Joust Of Boats' at Free Port of Chambrey. It will serve as a platform not only for entertainment but also for the people to get to know their newly elected representatives & what they promise. The prize pool will be 225 mina: 1st place 100 mina 2nd place 75 mina 3rd place 50 mina Signed by Pym Volkov of House Volkov The Deputy-Mayor of Vallagne
  11. Yet Pym Volkov hears the Knight-Commander's shouts, the mention of cannons making the former child-soldier have 'Veletz-Flashbacks'.
  12. -JOUST OF BOATS- ==[A depiction of Peasants 'dueling' over 3 stolen grains of wheat]== I do not agree with the notion of elections being a glorified ‘popularity’ vote without even giving does who wish to gain a spot in The Garmont Assembly an official spot to speak and debate ‘why’ they should be elected. THUS: I, Pym Volkov(someone who actually lives there) challenge Rendile Helena of The Petra to a traditional and non-lethal ‘Joust of Boats’ for The First People’s seat of Solland! LET THE CURRENTS OF RIVER PETRA DECIDE! Signed by Pym Volkov of House Volkov The Deputy-Mayor of Vallagne
  13. Pym Volkov votes based on funny names.
  14. Username: _Lord_MOJO_ Persona Name: Pym Volkov Persona Age: 32 Place of Residence / Street Address: Solland Tower I Seat you are running for (ex. The People's seat of Val de Lagne): The First People’s Seat of Solland
  15. Username: _Lord_MOJO_ Persona Name: Pym Volkov Persona Age: 32 Place of Residence / Street Address: Solland Tower I
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