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  1. General Info Name : Egil Marchande of House Sauvageot Titles : The Silver-Tongued, Owner of the Black-Arrow Tavern, Jolly Diplomat. Age : 22 Date of Birth : 7th Sun’s smile 1672 Status : Alive Current Affiliations : Principality of Rosenyr Previous Affiliations : Kingdom Of Nordengrad Gender : Male Race : Heartlander Sexuality : Heterosexual Languages : Common Alignment : Neutral Good Appearance Height : 5’11 Weight : 163 lbs Eye Color : Emerald green Skin Color : White Hair Color : Blonde Markings/Tattoos : Burn scars lower left abdomen, Tattoo of a Black arrow right arm inside.
  2. For some reason i cant join the server and there are only 19ppl on it. I always time out!


  3. Why.. the hell am I there lol? Ik that Egil(me) is charming but damn 😉 Kinda flattered now.
  4. * A note is put on local notice boards* I am a traveling troubadour named Egil. I offer entertainment to does willing to pay. List of Entertainments: * Musical acts with a lute *Juggeling of any item *Stories from lands near and far *Pleasant conversation requests can be made but will cost extra Price ranges form 100 to 500 minas, depending on the length of the session and requests made. Price is negotiable. Egil, The Silver-Tongued *There is plenty of room for requests on the note*
  5. [OOC: This is a comedic, kinda meta, diary-form story of Egil, The Silver-Tongued - a young, hot-blooded and totally-not-desperate-for-attention 21 years old troubadour(bard). Excuse my odd grammar and mistakes. English is my 3rd language] 13th of The Grand Harvest, 1689 I woke up in a temple, miraculously without a hangover from last night's partying. Instead I felt oddly fresh, like a newborn. I stood up and wandered towards the only exit I could see, looking around curiously, feeling as if things seemed a bit more.. square. As my feet took me closer to the doorway of the Temple, the sweet scent of adventure, of maiden's bosoms yet untouched and ale yet to be tasted filled my nose, urging me on! To make haste, before they are claimed and shackled into boring books and senile old minds. Stepping outside, I was greeted by a few monks who seemed to repeat the same one or two lines of wisdom, probably not paying much attention whom they spoke to. There were a few other non-monks like myself wandering around the temple, each more colourful than than the next, browsing things, chatting up or just awkwardly looking at the ground or the sky. After receiving an odd cristal like ornament from one of the monks, I decided to sit and ponder about my situation, checking and tuning my lute. Until, Goddess herself walked into my view from the temple. Her brown hair flowed in the slight breeze like water flows in a river, the sun gently dancing on each of her hair. Her eyes were like the biggest shiny gems, deep green - like woods one could get lost in for weeks. Her nose was small and cute, her lips plump and rose coloured. The way she carried herself down the stairs with such elegant manner was nothing more, but an act to marvel at. A mini-miracle! She stopped by one of the many bookshelves in the temple and seemed to look right at me. I of course approached the lady with bravado and confidence that one of my caliber should have and bowed to the lady, asking her name. To my surprise she stood still, peering past me into the distance. Like a sculpture too real and perfect to be man made. I tried to get the ladies attention yet again but to no avail. Thinking maybe a piece of music might make the beautiful, yet mysterious sculpture woman come back to life I played a short melody to her, my fingers dancing on the strings like elves in the rowdy tavern songs dance around the fire - elegant and wild at the same time. To my disappointment the lady did not react: deaf, blind and mute, still in the moment as the time around her passed. With a sigh I put away my lute and started to look for the next maiden to woo when I heard a kharajyr growl behind me:" oh is thwat a bawd?".
  6. MrMojoMordor


    Ludvig Wheat was born in the Malin’s Welcome, 1669 as the 4th child to John and Ann Wheat, simple laborers living in the outskirts of The Empire of Man’s capital city, Carolustadt. Being born in to the lowest class in the society, Ludvig spent most of his time helping out his father and older brothers with the work on the fields, often dreaming of the luxurious life style of the higher social classes. When Ludvig wasn’t working, he and his friends played out the glorious battles and the dreamy life of the noblemen to pass time. As Ludvig got closer to Adulthood, he enlisted into the militia, serving as a simple spreaman. However, Ludvig had to leave his military life and go back home due to his father’s rapitly deterioaiting health and his brothers leaving to find their own path in life. After the passing of his father, Ludvig took on odd jobs to feed his family, not abel to leave his youngest brother and ageing mother behind. After Ludvig’s youngest sibling found work as a blacksmith’s apprentis and his mother went to pass her days in a small local monastary, Ludvig went out to venture, to find fortune and glory for himself, so that one day he may walk besides the noblemen with his head held high.
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