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  1. Tentoa

    The Ishiguntai

    | I s h i g u n t a i | The Stone Army Purpose: Originating from the shores of Aeldin in Oyashima the Ishiguntai are the sworn samurai guard of the Hirano Kuge as well as famed monster hunters and cursed relic collectors. These selective hunters loosely follow in the footsteps of the Marked Men that accompanied Kais Ishikawa from descendant lands to their home. The Oyashiman warriors have sworn themselves to defend descendantkind and their patrons: The Hirano clan by engaging in the study, pacification, preservation, and combat of the supernatural. The Ishiguntai do not kill mindlessly, but instead seek to act as liaisons between descendants and the unknown in the best case scenarios, even-tempered slayers of the wicked in the worst, and clever huntsmen for beasts too dangerous for untrained descendants. Oath & Code Oath I prefer death before dishonor, I shall not abandon my post No pleasure from the slaughter, I shall be merciful foremost Sworn to Hirano sons and daughters, I shall forever protect my host Humility is my virtue and my honor, I shall find no reason to boast Stone secrets poison waters, I shall keep them from the coast I aid the needy not the clotter, I shall protect both man and ghost My stone blood is thicker than water, from now until my funeral toast. Code of Conduct The Ishiguntai are expected to behave in a manner that brings honor to the House Hirano and the Stone Army itself. Respect for the laws of the nations they visit in pursuit of their contracts as well as the authority of those nations is considered paramount. The Ishiguntai are to carry themselves with level heads, and should endeavour toward a stoic and unflinchingly calm demeanour even in the face of mockery, danger, and deceit. Ishiguntai are not mindless executioners of the supernatural, they are liaisons between the eldritch and descendantkind. The reasonable should be permitted an ear as a soldier at war is often more a monster than a ghost or beast defending its own territory. Ishiguntai are not permitted to give away information about the inner workings of the order, the contents of its archives, or the trials required of the initiates. Ranks Meishu: The commander of the Ishiguntai as a whole is known as the ‘Meishu’ Which translates roughly to ‘leader’ in Oyashiman. Typically this role is taken by a member of the Hirano clan. The Meishu acts as the figurehead, diplomat, pay negotiator, logistical head, and organizer of the Ishiguntai. Taicho: Captains of the Ishiguntai are known as “Taichou”, they are responsible for leading squads of Senshi on more dangerous hunts and excursions as well as for commissioning gear for and outfitting Senshi with any practical knowledge required to face their quarries. Squads composed entirely of taichou are often sent on more dangerous assignments than their Senshi subordinates. Senshi: The first oathed rank of the Ishiguntai, Senshi are warriors who have passed the trials required to become Ishiguntai and are allowed access to the libraries, reliquary, and armory of the order. They undertake freelance or assigned hunts on behalf of the Stone Army and are allowed free reign of the grounds and audience with the Meishu regarding their concerns. Initiate: Initiates are the hopeful applicants of the Ishiguntai who undertake trials to prove their worth. Unoathed and untrusted until their trials are undertaken, initiates are not permitted free reign of the Ishiguntai grounds, free access to the library and reliquary, nor audience with the Meishu. Traditions The Initiate Trials: Initiates of the Ishiguntai are expected to undertake five trials leading up to their oath which are revealed and to be prepared for one after the other. While the Stone Army keeps the nature of these trials clandestine the names of each trial are known to the public as follows: The Trial of Poems, The Trial of Waste, The Trial of Ordeals, The Trial of Blossoms, and the Trial of Stone ((Credit to Gamma_Byte for this art)) The Oathtaking: Ishiguntai initiates who pass their trials are brought before the meishu and expected to recite the poetic oath to declare their lifelong loyalty to the Stone Army and the Hirano Kuge. While speaking the oath they will be handed their first issued weapon as an Ishiguntai, a tanto which they will use to carve a pattern into their skin while recounting the oath before their lord forever scarring and branding them as a member of the Stone Army. Uniform: Application: IC Information Name: Race: Age: Relevant Experience: Why do you wish to become Ishiguntai?: OOC Information: Discord: Timezone: ((Big ups to Kalehart for the post format.))
  2. ~A Hunter’s Life~ We who inhabit this world have done plenty of horrifying things. Things that have been eternally engraved in the scrolls and books which hold our long and unforgotten history. However, it seems that even though we wage large wars against our own kind and have caused many crises which have led to our demise, that our accumulation of races continues along with no fear of what has happened in the past - as they had no other choice but to. Instead of wallowing around and trapping ourselves in the worst of pasts, our kind moves forward and learns from the mistakes we make. We make sure never make them again, les we wish for our heads to part from our bodies. Though some things in this world us inhabitants simply cannot push through. . . or exterminate entirely in the end. Though we descendants do our best to get past these small obstacles the world we live in has. But the lingering beasts and creatures who terrorize and threaten the very existence of many kinds must be dealt with. Hell, even though they are plentiful in number, and never able to be fully extinguished from existence, it is our job as those who’ve chosen a Hunter’s life to rid as many of these dark beings and monstrous creatures who walk our lands - all so that people stop cowering behind their gates and walls whilst their lives unravel quickly before them. Signed- Yvo Mondblume “It’s a Hunter’s Life for me!” ~A Hunter’s Code~ Members must abide by this code in order to keep their spot in the guild. Taking a contract or job up means seeing it through No matter the cost. We don’t hunt our own kind, and, under absolutely 0 circumstances, will not ever take jobs to harm other descendants. Monster hunters don’t ask many questions when under contract. See out the job unless it is questionable to your morals, and remember that there are many ways of completing a hunt. In fighting with guildmates is restricted. Help others instead of harming them. :OOC Guild post area: The Haense Monster Hunting guild is a place for those yearning to take on mighty beasts and become reputable to other nations shall thrive! We are a guild that offers out player-run events from those wishing to test the waters in event running, as well as some ST events. Not only will we be doing monster hunts in Haense, and with our own event runners, but we also will be branching out into other nations, looking for work so that we can gather fellow guildmates and attend a larger array of hunts. ~Location of Guildhall~ Haense/Karosgrad The Hunter’s Inn ~Application~ Full name: Ign: Reasons for joining: Experience: Discord:
  3. ~The Haense Monster Hunting Guild’s 1st annual guild meeting~ The Haense Monster Hunting Guild has very recently had its first meeting which went over a few important topics that all members of the guild should need to be informed of. It is the job of this official guild documentation to cover and inform those of what we have discussed in our guild hall, The Hunter’s Inn. Thank you for your time to those who came, and here’s to many more successful meetings in the future. Topics of Discussion: In today’s official meeting, we went over the fundamental functions of our guild and how it runs. These functions include the new board that will be constructed within our Inn’s walls which holds any sightings or jobs to take up, The weekly meetings that will be held in order to discuss the possible locations of new monsters - and any jobs/hunts which have been completed, and finally - the trades and payments we offer to those who bring their gathered trophies from hunts. -Signed Yvo Mondblume 383 E.S
  4. Brynrose Monster Hunter Update "Our first hunt was a smashing success. The slime the Brynrose Hunter's Guild encountered in the Sarissan catacombs was met with a swift end. The county of Sarissa and all its residents thank the Guild for their work. A Naga was seen recently in the same catacombs and has escaped our hunters, however. We must rally again and remove the Naga from our lands. I ask every able body to reach out to myself, Eliza Raven-Sentinel, if you would join our hunt. Signed, The Raven of Sarissa" [[OOC: July 8, Thursday at 3pm Eastern - Rally at the Timely Tavern in Brynrose]] [[Additionally, please be aware there are limited spots for this hunt. DM me on discord to get your name on the list. gurlpirate#1816]] [[Edit: This Hunt Is Full! Catch us next time! https://discord.gg/uHdKwgMAYM ]]
  5. Brynrose https://discord.gg/uHdKwgMAYM History In 1808, Lady Eliza Raven Sentinel brought her ideas of a free community to Sutica with the help of Ser William Buckfort. Beginning with a picturesque piece of land in the county called Sarissa, they built a small village with a moral creed based in respect for the descendants of Almaris. Honesty, equality, and justice is the spine that holds the community together. Despite the pressure placed upon Brynrose from previous liege lords and bloodthirsty pirates alike, they now found acceptance and freedom in Sarissa. From around the world, any and all can come to Brynrose to start a new life for themselves. Notable Figures Count William Buckfort - The esteemed Count Buckfort, commonly referred to as The Jackalope Knight, sits as liege lord of the County Sarissa. Gregarious and strong, Ser William watches over his island with the help of his sons and daughters, of which there are many. Described as eccentric and brave, William can be found constructing new buildings for his county, often funding them out of his own pocket. The Raven of Sarissa - Lady Eliza Raven-Sentinel serves as the baroness of Brynrose, the most populous settlement within the County of Sarissa. Beyond the walls and towers of war, it is Brynrose that carries the County on its back. Housing, laborers, entertainment… All cogs in the wheel that make a feudal holding flourish. With her guiding hand, the Barony has entered a period of growth - attracting farmers, craftsmen, adventurers, and even the up-and-coming Monster Hunter’s Guild. Notable Features Timely Tavern The Timely Tavern offers the people of Brynrose a place to relax and find entertainment. Frontier living is hard, and those brave enough to take it on deserve only the best. Importing ale and liquors from all of Almaris, the Timely Tavern owes its name to a fabled Sprite - the creature having received exactly the right order without even needing to ask. It’s been rated Best In Almaris by said Sprite, who travels the world testing the mettle of inns and barkeeps. The Monster Hunter’s Guild Skilled adventurers come from far and wide to join this up-and-coming guild. Sarissa sits on the edge of known civilization, bordering a harsh wilderness teeming with beasts and ghouls, all of whom would seek to destroy the peaceful settlements of the island and consume their inhabitants. The Monster Hunter’s Guild has established a home base in Sarissa so they can better recruit, train, and give Hunters experience in the field. When they’ve had their fill of Sarissan beasts, they can travel the world to accept contracts at their leisure. https://discord.gg/uHdKwgMAYM The Chapel of Saint Emma While Sutica established itself as the newest canonist nation in Almaris, Brynrose prides itself as a place for all. The ironically named Chapel of Saint Emma accepts worshipers of the various religions of Almaris. A secondary function of the chapel is to host weddings for the denizens of Brynrose, who the Baroness or Count serve as an officiant for. Since Brynrose’s founding, the Chapel of Saint Emma has been helping the loving couples of the frontier achieve their dreams of being wed. Pierwsza Kompania Sarzycka The Sarissan Guard Force headed by Ser William Buckfort and his son Oisin O’Breathnach Buckfort ensure the safety and freedoms of the people of Sarissa. They are always accepting new recruits. Those interested in protecting hardworking Sarissans are encouraged to seek out the Count or Oisin at the keep - Enlist today to protect your community! https://discord.gg/brVjqfbves Brynrose Code of Conduct Article One: Treat all beings with respect. Harassment of any type (OOC or IRP) will not be tolerated. Article Two: Represent and uphold Brynrose creeds throughout your entire exposure within or in association with Brynrose. This includes, but is not limited to propaganda, actions, exclamations, and gatherings within or outside of the county of Brynrose. Article Three: Monster-Hunting is not a sport. In hunting monsters, we provide safety and peace-of-mind to Descendants of all kinds, near and far. Article 3a: A “Monster” is an entity or idea that is directly harmful to the wellbeing of society or those around it, and has been, by general consensus, deemed a negative factor of the lives/prospective lives of the inhabitants of Brynrose. Brynrose Creed 1. All lives hold value. 2. Everyone’s voice is worth hearing. 3. A difference of opinion is an opportunity to learn a new perspective. 4. Stay loyal, honest and true. 5. Offer charity and protection to those in need. 6. Always stand on the side of equality and justice. 7. Be selective in your battles, for oft times peace is better than right How to Get to Brynrose Go to the southern hub, and follow the roads toward Sutica. When you arrive at the bridge, hang a right.
  6. spk

    The Red Company

    The Red Company The Company There will always be conflict among the various groups of Descendants, and in the chaos of war there is opportunity. The Red Company seeks to take initiative and earn employment during that opportunity. The Company would do that by making contracts with cities or nations to provide extra manpower that they need to achieve any military goal, for an agreed upon price. Composition The composition of this band is any Descendant who can contribute to the group, and are courageous enough to fight for the common cause. As those are the only two requirements, membership is open to many races, and many different experience levels. Anyone can join, from a veteran ex-soldier to a young aspiring adventurer. As for the type of units the company likes to deploy, the majority are the dismounted man-at-arms. These units are to engage the enemy in melee combat and must be good fighters. Typically they are armed with a longsword, but may be given war-hammers. The Company will also equip and train men with crossbows, for more range capabilities. This combination of man-at-arms and crossbowman makes up the bulk of the fighting forces deployed by The Red Company. Cavalry could also be used, but horses are mostly used for scouting and transportation. Ranks Commander The commander of The Red Company is the highest ranking officer, he must also be head of The Order of the Red Flame. He is in charge of securing and negotiating contracts for the company, as well as finding other exploration and economic opportunities. He’s also the military planner for The Company, and allocates certain tasks to sergeants, or other qualified soldiers. Sergeant The Sergeant is the second highest ranking officer in the company. The Sergeant must be a part of The Order of the Red Flame, and must have displayed a wide variety of skills to achieve this rank, including skill in battle, astute strategist, and dedication to his brothers in arms that goes above what is already expected. These soldiers are often allocated responsibility for certain tasks which need to be completed and are expected to be efficient in their execution. Veteran The veteran of the company is the highest ranking member of The Company before joining The Order. These soldiers are elite fighters who have shown dedication to the company. If a Veteran shows promise of being a good and reliable officer, then they will be asked to join The Order and be promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Man-at-Arms These fighters make up the bulk of the fighting force of the company. They are dependable men and capable fighters who have passed their training and initiation. They will be asked to go on different missions with Sergeants or Veterans commanding them. Once they distinguish themselves on the battlefield they will be given the promotion to the next rank, Veteran. Recruit These are the lowest ranking members of The Company. They are the freshly joined recruits. Those of adequate military or fighting experience will pass quickly on to the Man-at-Arms stage. Those who are new to combat will undergo brief training to make sure they are able to contribute on the field of battle. Both groups have to be tested once they are ready, and then swear their oath to uphold The Company’s values for as long as they are a member. Then they pass on to the next stage, Man-at-Arms. Uniform The men and women in The Red Company are not required to wear any uniform, as long as they wear something protective that has red and/or white to distinguish it, as those are the main colors of the group. The fighters in the group may be given a uniform if they desire or do not have anything that is matching that description. To Join Message Sean_kelly26#1626 on discord, include the following: MC name: IRP name: IRP race: IRP age: Any other info you want us to know: I'll message you back as soon as I see your dm.
  7. The Order of Remembrance Not long after the foundation of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan those centuries ago, the scholars of the Ancient Dwarven world unified under the banner of remembrance, dedicating their lives to the protection and preservation of knowledge. While being composed almost exclusively of Dwarves, the newly appointed Remembrancers vowed to perform their duties independent of the Grand Kingdom to ensure their safeguarded information would remain unbiased and properly used. Those ideals early Remembrancers held so dearly continue to reign over their modern counterparts, with current members continuing to protect and preserve independently of the Grand Kingdom’s watchful eye. Upon Urguan’s collapse following The War of the Beards, The Remembrance Guild fell into ruin, with the remaining leadership fleeing with their collection of knowledge. Laying dormant for years to follow, it wasn’t until the Republic of Holm that the hidden Remembrancers reappeared. Despite Holm being founded by the Irongut Clan, the Republic itself was home to individuals of all races, causing the once exclusively Dwarven guild to open its ranks to all citizens of Holm. Having worked alongside the likes of Elves and Humans, the refounded guild realized that their mission was not one envisioned solely by the Dwarves, yet one held by scholars throughout the realm. Through the combined accomplishments of the reformed Remembrancers, the guild had managed to realize the benefits of working with those outside of their native people. Despite their differences, the common ideals of Remembrance united them. This period of diversity was short lived, as the return of Urguan recalled the guild to their ancestral home. Now being back deep within the mountains, many members returned to their racial hubs, feeling almost out of place in a completely Dwarven community. Having realized their past accomplishments all those years ago in Holm, the Remembrancers of Almaris have realized their need to expand their horizons once more. Now, with the construction of a Grand Library outside of mountain city, the renewed Order of Remembrance calls upon scholars of all religions, races, and creeds to join them in protecting and preserving knowledge whilst sharing it safely with the world. United, the scholars of the realm can work together to embetter the world, document its history, and safeguard it for generations to come. Principles Neutrality & Impartiality The Order of Remembrance has always held its neutrality in high regard. It’s importance dates back millennia ago, during the first wars that separated the world due to man-made borders. While these actions were necessary, it halted and fractured the continuation of shared knowledge, a primary goal, of all Remembrancers. For this reason, all of the guilds members share a collective philosophy and understanding of neutrality, seeking the middle ground which allows them to see both sides and all ends. Remembrancers root themselves in understanding the world in its natural state, not through one single lens. Taking in multiple perspectives also means a disconnection from the greater world of politics, not letting their own emotions sway their judgement. This philosophy is complex and is one of the very first lessons scribes are taught when they enter the order. Preservation & Protection The preservation and protection of knowledge is one of the primary duties of the Remembrancers. Through research, experience, and theory, Remembrancers hope to guide the public in any form of academic pursuit whether trivial or important. However, whilst knowledge is power, there are those who would see the world plunged into ignorance and strife, and that is where the Remembrancers are tasked with protecting and preserving all forms of documentation and knowledge. By the combined efforts of mages, engineers, warriors and so on, the Remembrancers have kept and reserved a plethora of knowledge, forgotten and timeless. This collection of knowledge is the beating heart of the order itself, and for this reason and those mentioned above, are they guarded closely. Availability & Convenience The Order is located close to the eastern portal, nestled on the great road leading to the eastern Almarian nations. This allows those with access to soulstones (or legs) the ability to come to the Order in the (aptly named) Library of Remembrance. This location is the center of all it’s influence and trade, guiding it’s projects, hosting important events, and it’s large collection placed on display for public use. Besides the library, one can often find a member of the order in various scholarly locations or nations around the world. Services Academia Whilst sharing knowledge could simply be accomplished through the availability of the Order’s book collection, members have taken it upon themselves to ensure that descendants are capable of understanding and practicing knowledge of various forms. Classes, ranging from smithing to political history, are to be offered to any who wish to learn of the subjects. Taught by an individual with a mastery in the specified subject, any future pupils can expect all information to be both true, and applicable in the outside world. Book Exchange & Purchases With the Order’s collection of books intended to supply the descendants with a broad variety of knowledge, the Remembrancers do allow individuals outside of the order to either exchange books, or purchase a copy of their desired tome. Although allowed, individuals must be aware that not all books will be available for these services, and that the Remembrancers can use their discretion to halt an exchange at any point in time. Neutral Grounds The grounds occupied and controlled by the Order of Remembrance are expected to be considered neutral, regardless of the nation said lands are situated in. Rival parties, even in times of war, are asked to treat these sanctuaries of knowledge similar to an institution of their religion - a place of respect which is to be kept clean of bloodshed. Despite this, individuals attempting to escape prosecution for acts of banditry or overall villainy by hiding within our walls will not be protected, and will be considered an exception to neutrality. Individuals seen laying in wait outside of our walls to attack passersbys shall also consider themselves an exception, and shall furthermore be banned from our halls and their surrounding area. Scholastic Partnership Through the belief that knowledge should be shared rather than hoarded, the Order of Remembrance extends an invitation to all scholastic groups throughout Almaris to establish lines of communication and potential future partnerships. Creating established lines between scholastic groups stands to benefit all groups and nations involved, as expanding your wealth of knowledge also expands what your institution’s visitors may learn. Order The Order is composed of many great men and women from different walks of life, ranging from rangers, warriors, alchemists and mages. Due to the complexity of knowledge and the abundance of scholars, the Masters created a system of positions. Positions The High Remembrancer This position is held by the leader of the Order, a capable and learned person who oversees the council and governs the direction of the Order itself. They are often responsible for the well being of the Order’s resources, members, various projects and connections held throughout the realm. The Master Remembrancer This position is held by the foremost experts and senior members of the guild, having served dutifully during their time as Remembrancers. They are tasked with heading the various research projects, overseeing the final trials of Scribes and are given a seat at the Summit. They have the ability to head massive projects, handle Order politics and daily affairs, and assist the High Remembrancer in various choices that direct the course of the guild. The Elder Remembrancer Whilst also senior members like their fellow constituents (the Masters), Elders are those who have spent a long time within the order but have no interest nor ability to be atop the council. They are still very accomplished in their works, and are expected to be an example for fellow Remembrancers. The Remembrancer This position is held by the majority of ordermen, being the most common rank within the order. Remembrancers are members who have completed their trials as scribe and have now been fully accepted into their ranks. The Scribe The position of Scribe is held by those newly recruited to the guild who have yet to pass their Remembrancer trials. These individuals are typically taken under the wing of a senior guild member to be taught the ways of the Remembrancers. Once their trials are complete, the High and Master Remembrancers hold the decision on if to fully induct the scribe into the guild. Specializations As a symbol of rank, a newly initiated Remembrancer will be given a Gem tome. These books are the personal journals and badge of office of each Remembrancer within the order. Atop the hardened cover of said book are freshly cut and finely polished gems, that are embedded into the casing. The color of the gems represent a specific field of study, with mastery of the field earning the Remembrancer the gem of that subject. There is no limit to how many gems can be placed atop the tome, however, all remembrancers must pass a specific test designed by an expert in order to officially demonstrate their mastery. Gem tomes are a closely guarded tradition amongst the order, each tome containing within, the knowledge and skill of said Remembrancer. When a Remembrancer goes missing or passes on, the book is then collected and placed under the Restricted Section until the time comes where it’s secrets are needed. Listed below are the studies each gemstone represents: Magic = Blue Sapphire Medicine/Herbs = Green Emerald Racial/Politics = Purple Amethyst Writing/Lorekeeping: Aquamarine Tech/Engineering = Tourmaline Craftsmanship = Citrine Exploration/Excavation = Beryl Song/Poetry = Red Garnet Religion/Spirituality = Ammolite Language = Sunstone The Medallion of Remembrance The Medallion of Remembrance is a craft each Remembrancer is required to have on their person during any and all guild business. This medallion can be used to identify Remembrancers when on international business, and spot those attempting to fraudulently use the neutral title to gain access to restricted nations. A replica of a medallion shall be given to all partnered libraries and their host nations to check the authenticity of all medallions seen in the future. Locations The Library of Remembrance The Library of Remembrance is the primary library of the Order of Remembrance. This library can be reached by taking the road to Urguan from the East Port. When walking the road, the library will be on the left side on top of a hill, only a hundred or so meters away. In the library, one can find: The Summit Chamber The Summit is a secluded chamber in the Library of Remembrance, it is here where the High Remembrancer and the Masters meet and give council to discuss the future of the order. The General Library The General library is the section of the library that is open and available for the public. Here resides studying areas, trivial relics, a lecture hall and the main collection of the books. The Relic hall The Relic hall is a place of reverence and importance to the order, with many of the order's most prized relics and artifacts being showcased under watchful display for others to see and study. The Restricted Section The Restricted Section is home to the various books, items and otherwise, that are deemed too dangerous to be studied by the Summit. Only the most highly ranked and trusted officials of the Order are given access to this section and are only used as both a safeguard and a safe reservoir of darker mysteries to be learned. The Observatory The Observatory, located at the top of the library, is a space used to study space and the stars of the night sky. Stocked with the best equipment known to man, this space would be open to all who wish to study what lays beyond the known realms. Recruitment The order recruits from all walks of life, allowing any and all races the chance to become a part of their ranks. Whilst any are allowed to join, not all, are so willing or capable of carrying the duty of being a Remembrancer. For this reason, the Remembrancers created the trials, a collection of assessments designed to test the mind, will, and body, thoroughly. These trials consist of a multitude of general requirements of a scribe, including practical skills such as Book keeping and writing, and more philosophical questions. The last trial remains a secret, information purposely kept hidden for the final true test of the scribe. Only those of higher rank in the order are given permission to both know and oversee this trial. To join, one must find an existing member, or send a bird specifically to the High Remembrancer Azkel Frostbeard ((Treatycole)) or Master Remembrancer Kazrin Starbreaker ((DrHope)). The Remembrancers can typically be found at the Library of Remembrance, or at any other official guild buildings. ((The Library of Remembrance shall be open in the next 2 weeks, just having to secure a lot of copies so the bookshelf glitch doesnt eat our only copies of books))
  8. Security_

    The Hexicanum

    The Hexicanum Circle of the Nine In times of primeval man when arcane sorceries ripped apart the ancient sky, the void was harnessed in its most raw and unleashed forms. Societies of magi worked in tandem with the overpowering allure of primeval magics, conjuring colossal spells capable of consuming cities, if not continents within its brazen glory. Far has the practice seen in the past faded into antiquity, though its origins of worship, understanding, and iconography are not forgotten. Within this new age, a formal arcane society is needed to maintain the delicate balance of the Void and the Materium, as rifts and other phenomena become everpresent. To fully serve the realm and all descendants, a table of nine archmages are to be heads of the Hexicanum, all masters of the arcane in their own rite tasked with keeping The Balance. From this table of nine, students and acolytes of varying skill and mettle form the guild in its fullest. Taking in lessons from past mages, a focus is held on the primeval aspect of magic, and its teetering hold on the mortal realm The Balance There exists influences of cosmic proportions that dictate the spiritual and even material change one sees in the natural world. More than mere ideology, it is that which descendants are ushered by. There exists no universal good nor evil- instead, primeval forces are constantly at work in our realm, realities beyond the simple concepts held by descendants. The archaic energies of Law and Chaos are an ever tipping scale, the most tumultuous of all forces to keep in balance. In the excess of Chaos, where the scales are tipped everso, results in a decaying entropy. Chaos in its epitome loses all meaning, lacking the structure and stability that Law brings- as is the damned realm of Xion a still, lifeless place; essentially null. On the other hand, when the cosmic scales fall too far into Law it becomes its epitome, Singularity. As it has no Chaos to cause randomness or unruliness, it would degrade into a singular form of sterilized nothing with no creation or any form of chance. The Balance is the universal equilibrium of every intrinsic force, found beyond even Law and Chaos, it is the homeostasis of All. Chaos often defies the balance, as is its nature to- requiring the intervention of outside forces. This is not to say Law may also act out of accordance, though as the Balance itself is a cosmic law, so variably will followers of Law take it upon themselves to uphold such. Others may compare this conflict with the Light and Dark of the Immortal and Mortal realms, or perhaps of one’s very soul. Referred to blatantly as ‘the balance’, in consideration of the void, it is much more than just a filled word. Balance is the perfect harmony found between two conflicting sides- in this case, the unrelenting wanton immaterium of raw mana that is the void, and the constructed, concise existence that we view as the material universe. When either scales are tipped, does a snowball effect occur, with the ability for voidal rifts and scars to tear through the landscape, only to spring out horrors from dark spheres beyond if left unmanaged. Voidal corruption can spread across landscapes, tainting wildlife into horrific amalgamations bereft of the harmony nature incurs. Likewise, the mundane can quickly riddance itself of any arcane evidence, negating even the celestial energies that mend the veil’s ever-churning borders. Advances of the void that maintain or even propagate the descendant’s advancements to a better age would be destroyed in the name of holy sanctity. Oaths Founded in heed of the Balance, the Hexicanum requires each member to take three simple oaths. Breaking these tenets may bring one to be cast out if found guilty under the Nine. I. One must uphold the Balance in all its form within the realm. II. One must hold arcane knowledge in reverence, and condemn or punish those who do not as seen fit. III. One must never bring harm to a member of the Hexicanum, unless permitted. The Table of Nine While the Hexicanum may hold halls of mages and voidal practitioners within its walls, there must be order in any guild with a clear goal and purpose. Rather than having one sole leader, a table of nine archmagi are to be founded with each a master of their craft, all knowledgeable in the arcane to greater degrees. While the table may not hold all nine mages in its origin, the Nine are to be sought out by each member to unite the order in its fullest. Those who wish to join the table must go through the trials necessary, devised specifically by those within the table. As the heads of the guild, the Table makes all decisions for rules and membership within the Hexicanum. Magia Antiquis As practical usage of the void has matured throughout history, so has its understanding and symbolic meanings. Iconography has been used since its inception to ground the outer reaches of the void into a fragment of reality, whether it be geometry, symbols, or even the common practice of star-gazing. Antique Magica refers to the primitive origins of the void that span infinitum before the Four Brothers were birthed in Aegis. With raw understanding of the natural world seeded with the unrelenting wanton forces of the void, early magics within the realm were that of extreme prowess, held clandestine within tomes of olde. Compared to the newer forms of arcane understanding, these ancient scholars combined the natural geometry of Aos and Eos with that of the chaotic illiteracy of Void, therein forming the basis of otherworldly knowledge and insight. Within the Hexicanum, an emphasis is pushed on writing of one’s surroundings, of visions one might hold in their meditations, or practicing ritualistic marks and geometry through focus chalk.
  9. The Revival of The Brewers’ Guild Those who have been to Urguan’s taverns, The Queen’s Bounty and Sugary ***, know the drinks of the Dwedmar well. After continued successful maintenance of the bars during the transition from Arcas to Almaris by The Iron Baron Levian’Tol Grandaxe and The Grand Queen Dhaen Grandaxe, I’d like to announce the revival of the previous Brewing Guild. I recognize the talent of our current dwarven brewers and would like to offer an opportunity for new dwarves and friends of Urguan to learn about the proper way of brewing and managing their own taverns as well as spreading their brews across Almaris. Rank Structure Beardling Brewers: Those individuals new to the art of brewing or new to the guild. Brewers: Those who have proved themselves competent in their craft and have spent a fair bit of time in the guild performing guild related tasks. Master Brewers: Those who have done more than prove themselves to the guild and to their craft. Those whose names bring forth cheers when their drinks are served. Grand Brewmaster: The head of the Brewers’ Guild. All guild actions need to be approved by the Grand Brewer before they can be undertaken. Current Grand Brewmaster: Levian’Tol Grandaxe Activities of the Brewing Guild include: Designing and Creating Brews Supplying our network of taverns with brews Barkeeping Distribution of drinks at festivals Competition in Ale Contests Selling of drinks in stalls and shops Meetings to discuss any upcoming festivals or events For those who have already mastered the art of brewing, we have included: Leading Classes Free Access to Brewing Materials and Ingredients Helping to judge drinking competitions (If you wish to help with any of these tasks please include it in your “Reason for joining”) Accomplishments: Supplied Drinks to Festivals: A Wintery Celebration in Hethnar Norlandic Krugsmas Celebration The Dwarven Royal Wedding Supplies Drinks to Almaris Taverns: The Queen’s Bounty & Sugary *** Ashwood Tavern (Norland) Old Stout Crow (Haense) The Brewer’s guild is always looking for kind folk to share a mug with! If you wish to apply for this guild, please include your: MC Name: RP Name: Discord: RP Race: Reason for joining:
  10. The Master Thieves Guild Written by Raptor and Racker, edited by BDanecker INTRO The Master Thieves guild was one of the first and oldest organizations of criminals, brigands and thieves, banding together with one common goal; to become wealthier. Members of the guild use each other’s talents to help each other out to steal all they can manage, pooling their wide range of skills and talents to accomplish even the most impossible tasks. The guild is the very embodiment of “Honor among Thieves”, backing each other up and bringing their resources, skills and wealth together to strive to greater the guild’s wealth, power and infamy. Every member is expected to have the other’s back and every member is expected to treat their partners in crime as brothers. The guild is not an army, but an independent family and brotherhood of thieves, all working towards the same thing: satisfying the Greed within us all. Disclaimer: All the information on this post is entirely secret. This is not open or public knowledge. It is known to the guild members and the guild members only (with some exceptions). GUILD HISTORY The Master Thieves Guild is one of the oldest organizations in known history, with the founding of the guild occurring over 500 years ago. At the height of it’s powers the guild housed some of the most infamous thieves and criminals of all time. These people include Red Raven and the Upright Man, the founders of the guild, who undertook one of the first heists in recorded history, alongside Dune Walker, another original member. Other members included thieves such as The Faceless Man, Lucas Black and Freema Grenedad. The guild can be attributed to heists that include the theft of the priceless portrait of the Wandering Wizard, the break in of the Salvus Vaults, and the robbery of General Gabriel’s Breastplate, as well as numerous other relics untold. After 150 years of the guild's existence throughout Aegis, Asulon and Anthos, the guild disbanded as many of its members died or disappeared. It was not until a former member of the guild's last sect of members decided to rebuild the guild so thieves and vagabonds could once again make their mark upon the world, and enrich themselves in whatever infamy and fortune awaited them as a result. The Cunning Man brought the Guild of great history and report back to the scene in the lands of Arcas, as he himself had underwent many tales such as the presumed sighting of Lady Luck herself, as he more than well fit the bill for proudly leading his new group of thieves in acts well beyond their expected abilities. This includes the Theft of the Carrington Vaults, Theft under the Vanity of Vitenna, and other numerous smaller works. RANKS Guildmaster The designated leader of the Master Thieves Guild. Technically, the Guildmaster is still a Master Thief and not above them in rank, but is the chosen head to make the final call and final decisions (e.g. Master Thief promotions, benefactors, large heists and alliances.) He is the Master of the guild and head of our band of thieves. Master Thief Master Thief is the highest rank in the guild. The Master Thieves are beyond experts of the craft, knowledgeable in all the arts of thievery, stealth and deception. Able to talk their way out of (or into) any situation, Master Thieves are able to slink into society like the shadows, waiting to steal when the time is right. Their job is to teach the lower ranks the necessary skills needed to become a Master Thief themselves. They are in charge of organizing jobs, heists, collecting and setting up dead drops, making contact with new recruits, making contact with benefactors and contacts. All other ranks answer to the Master Thieves. Shadow The elite of the guild. The best of the best. The most skilled and stealthiest thieves among the ranks. The Shadow is the role model for Burglars and Thieves, being the prime example of how they should act. They are unseen, they are swift and they never miss their mark. The Shadows are to assist the Master Thieves in the training and supervision of the Brigands and are also able to orchestrate jobs and heists. They often have enough report behind their name to leave a mark on history, and the coffers of those who believe their valuable to be safe. Thief Thieves are the bulk of the guild, and represent the name of the MTG by acting accordingly. They have free reign over the jobs they pull, though not able to conduct full operations and Heists. Now being permitted to do jobs for the guild stated on the job board, suggest and take part in heists, inform the guild of targets and perform their own jobs without supervision, thieves use their cunning and adaptability to learn what the thieving world has to offer. Burglar The Burglars are now allowed to start going on certain jobs. Burglars will be under the guidance of a qualified thief who will teach them how to use the skills they studied in practical use. Burglars must follow the directions of their superior, while working on their skills to be promoted. To rank up to Thief, one will be tested by pulling a job where they will take the lead. If they succeed, they will be promoted. If not, then they must do another term (length decided by their superior) of study until they will be tested again. Unbranded The fresh meat, the new bloods, the brand new recruits, fresh off the streets and ready to be turned into professional thieves. These are those the guild has expressed interest in their talents and has decided to induct Unbranded into it. They are not permitted to do anything, nor take part in any jobs. At this point, Unbrandeds are not considered part of the guild, nor privy to any information at all. Once the Guild has expressed interest, Unbranded find themselves taken by a Shadow or a Master Thief on a minor job to prove their worth and skill. Should they succeed, they will be branded with the guild mark upon their forearm and made to take the Oath. After this, Unbranded are officially part of the guild. GUILD LAW Guild Rules Do not betray the Master Thieves Guild. If you are caught, do not reveal that you are a part of the Master Thieves Guild. Do not act above your rank i.e. a Brigand may not orchestrate heists and jobs and a Thief may not command a Shadow or a Master Thief. Do not act against the guild and it’s members. This includes theft, acts of violence and insubordination. Differences can be taken up with the Master Thieves, or the Guildmaster. Keep business with the Master Thieves Guild and your personal life separate. This includes involving other guilds you may be a part of, in jobs and heists for the Master Thieves Guild. Secrets are secrets for a reason, take them with you to your grave. Guild Expected Standards Thieves are expected to show a certain amount of finesse when performing a job. Killing is restricted unless absolutely 100% necessary and is frowned upon even then. Thieves are expected to leave their guild coin behind as a “calling card”. The guild’s reach has no limits and people must be reminded of this. Thieves are expected not to act against allies and/or contacts of the guild without express permission from a Master Thief. OOC SECTION OOC DISCLAIMER/RULES Understand that you may be ejected from the guild at any time for whatever reason, be it rule breaking (IC or OOC) or we feel you are no longer suitable for the guild, etc. Once ejected from the guild, you may return only if the Master Thieves deem it fit that you should return. Should you choose to leave the guild of your own accord, the guild will grant you free pardons to roam the world without the guild by your side, provided you keep to your oath of secrecy. Should you break this oath whilst not being a part of the guild, you will be treated the same way as if you were ejected from the guild. Understand that if you are forcefully removed from the guild for a serious offense (deemed by us), you will be hunted down RPly until the ends of the earth. If you are caught, understand that you may be tortured, beaten and/or repeatedly killed. DO NOT APPLY FOR THE MASTER THIEVES GUILD IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. THREAD RULES The guild has been created to try and innovate thievery roleplay within the server. The aim of the guild is to provide quality RP for both thieves and their victims and anyone applying should want to create RP that is fun for both sides. The goal is NOT to "win" per say, but rather to craft a quality narrative on this server. There is no reason for Holy Knights and noble Marshals if no Thieves and Bandits to quell. We hope to fill the guild with quality roleplayers and not a quantity of roleplayers. However anyone and everyone is welcome to apply and will be given equal opportunity within the guild, whether they are an old player with lots of roleplay experience or a new player with little roleplay experience, provided they want to create fun RP for everyone. With that, here are some simple rules you need to keep in mind when posting on this thread. Do not post your application on this thread, please PM it to me, BDanecker, on discord at BDanecker#1120 The only posts to be made on this thread are that of an RP nature, though most exploits will be shown in full forum posts. Please PM me if you have any OOC questions. If you do have any OOC comments to make, please put them in a spoiler beneath an RP post. Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in your post being removed (if you do not fix it upon request) and a possible instant denial from the guild. APPLICATION The application is not the only form of joining the guild, however it is the most practical. It is for you to express your interest in joining and for us to determine whether or not we would take interest in your character. Sometimes members will be inducted purely based on RP experiences and will not be required to fill out the application. SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO ME ON DISCORD AT BDANECKER#1120 OOC MC Name: Why do you want to join?: How will you provide the guild and the LOTC community with a great RP experience?: Have you read and agreed to the OOC Disclaimers and warnings?: Discord Name: RP Info RP Name: Race: Age: Personality (A paragraph will suffice): Aspirations and Motives for joining:
  11. The Racial Justice Guild is now reopening! [!] Flyers for the Guild have been scattered across Almaris, some with more tattered quality than others. So, what is the Racial Justice Guild? The Racial Justice Guild was created to create equality all across Almaris for everyone, big and small. We may host protests or try to schedule hearings with leaders of nations to discuss these issues face to face, with many more events to celebrate Almaris' diversity to come in the future! How do we do that? Under new leadership, the guild will make a movement worthy of nations' notice! Planning events will also make sure that every voice is heard, and every option and opinion is taken into consideration to give the best experience to all! Who can join? Great question! Everyone of all ages is allowed to submit an application! Come visit us at Rina 4, in Sutica! Applicants will then have their submission reviewed, and if accepted, will be notified! We at the Racial Justice Guild hope you join us in changing Almaris for the better! [!] The Racial Justice Guild insignia is drawn on the back of the flyer, accompanied by the motto: 'Nobody is equal until everybody is.' (OOC:) Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to consider joining the guild! Unfortunately, when the guild first began, it quickly died out of popularity. But that's over, as we plan on having fully committed people to the cause. if you would like to join, send PixlHoopa or GhuntherQuiller a message in game, or contact me personally at Pixl#9312 on Discord!
  12. hello does anyone know if there is a theives guild in the kingdom of norland
  13. Grand Kingdom of Urguan Urguan Discord: [Click Here] About The Grand Kingdom The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is a constitutional monarchy established to unify and represent the Dwarven race. The Grand Kingdom itself is one with tremendous history, being the sole nation of the Dwarves for millenia, leading back to the very first dwarf himself, Urguan. Represented through the colors of orange and gray, the nation has united the Dwarves under its banner through common religion, culture, and ideals. The religion of the land, the Brathmordakin, is a polytheistic religion composed of 7 gods, each of which represent a different aspect of Dwarven culture. Throughout history, Urguan has been best known for their expert craftsmanship, unique clan diversity, beautiful underground cities, engineering capabilities, and wartime strategy. Now on the realm of Almaris, the Grand Kingdom continues to serve as the sole Dwarven hub, occupying a sprawling mountainside on the south east section of the realm. Settlements of Urguan The Capital City of Kal’Darakaan Kal’Darakaan, or the City of the Ancient Might is a subterranean dwarven metropolis that serves as the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Being the largest and only Dwarven hub on Almaris, the city is a staple for dwarven culture, craftsmanship, and religion. Within the capital city, travellers can expect to find multiple clan halls, housing districts, a bustling market, a Brathmordakin temple, grand arena, and large area for craftsmen to hone their skills. Unknown to many is the city's origins, as the modern Dwarves of Urguan were not the ones to construct the city. Through the investigation of clues left behind, many believe the city to have been a colony of the ancient Dwarves, hence its name of ‘Ancient Might’. The Forest Dwarf Village of Hefrumm The Forest Dwarf Village of Hefrumm is a town settled in the woodland valley surrounding the capital city of Kal’Darakaan. Home primarily to the Forest Dwarf Clans, Hefrumm’s unique culture is one linked to the care of sustaining nature surrounding them. Living amongst the flora and fauna specific to the region, strolling through the village is a beautiful nature walk for all to take on. The smell of roasting boar and spilled carrot ale often radiates from the Hefrumm Tavern and Inn. Some of their practices are seen no where else throughout the realm, such as the Seers, a branch of the Brathmordakin faith with an emphasis on spiritual guidance. Important Documents Articles of Urguan Civil Codex of Laws The Book of Grudges Da Kirja Dverga History of the Dwarves Kings of the Old Realm The Dwarven Language Dwarven Family Tree Government Leadership King’s Council Grand King Levian'Tol Grandaxe ((Discord: TheKingSwan#1143)) The Grand King of Urguan is the sole monarch and utmost authority within the Dwarven nation. Elected by the majority of Urguanites, the individual entrusted with the power’s associated with the role is one of great status and respect amongst their peers. The Grand King is responsible for overseeing the entirety of the realm, as well as appointing a council to assist them in running the day-to-day aspects of the nation. The title is one held until resignation, removal, or death, and therefore has no set time limit. Grand Marshal Gror Ireheart ((Pancakehz)) ((Discord: Pancakehz#5413)) The Grand Marshal of Urguan is the military head of the Dwarven nation. Tasked with overseeing the legion and strategic planning of both offensive and defensive wars, the individual who holds this title is typically an experienced war veteran who has served the nation’s legion for years prior. This title is appointed by the Grand King, and is held until the Marshal is removed or replaced. Grand Steward Asvi Frostbeard ((LuneAria)) ((Discord: LuneAria#0852)) The Grand Steward of Urguan serves as the head of stewardry for the Dwarven nation. Tasked with regulating taxes and the distribution of Urguan’s homes and land, the individual who holds this title is typically one with an economic background. This title is appointed by the Grand King, and is held until the Grand Steward is removed or replaced. Lord Chancellor Azkel Frostbeard ((Treatycole)) ((Discord: TreatyCole#3623)) The Lord Chancellor of Urguan serves as the nation’s head of foreign affairs and council leader for the Grand Council. Elected by the clans themselves through a majority vote, the individual who holds the title is one well-versed in both diplomacy and advising. As the title is appointed by the Grand Council and approved by the Grand King, the position is one held until removed or replaced by the Grand Council. Lord Justicar Ulfric Frostbeard ((Terry_23)) ((Discord: Terry#1337)) The Lord Justicar of Urguan serves as the lead justice and keeper of the book of laws for the Dwarven nation. Tasked with overseeing the court systems, the individual who holds this title is one well-versed with the book of law. This title is appointed by the Grand King, and is held until the Lord Justicar is removed or replaced. Guild Masters High Prophet Norli Starbreaker ((Nooblius43)) ((Discord: Nooblius#4534)) The High Prophet of Da Kirkja Dverga, otherwise known as the Dwarven clergy, is the religious head of Urguan. This individual is one well versed in the Brathmordakin, and is responsible for preaching its teachings to the dwarven populace whilst overseeing the clergy’s members. High Remembrancer Azkel Frostbeard ((Treatycole)) ((Discord: TreatyCole#3623)) The High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance is the leading scholar of the Dwarven nation. Whilst in charge of teaching future scholars and providing the Dwarven populace with tomes and classes, they also serve as an advisor to the Grand King due to their plethora of learned knowledge. Yemekar’s Pick Dorimnur Goldhand ((BDanecker)) ((Discord: BDanecker#1120)) The Yemekar’s Pick is the head of the Urguani Worker’s Guild. This individual is one with experience in both managing large groups of individuals, and in craftsmanship and gathering. The Yemekar’s Pick is also in charge of supervising the mines within Kal’Darakaan, and the output they produce for the nation. Anbella’s Hand Valyndris Grimgold ((LadyBeerus)) ((Discord: LadyBeerus#4490)) The Anbella’s Hand is the head of medicinal practices for the Dwarven nation. This individual is expected to be a skilled medic capable of training others in what they have learned. The Anbella’s Hand is also tasked with overseeing the Urguani Clinic. Armakak’s Coin Brandrurim Irongrinder ((Ioannis)) ((Discord: Ioannis#9788)) The Armakak’s Coin is the head of trade practices for the Dwarven nation. This individual is one with experience in the mercantile field, and is capable of training others to assist in merchantry for the Grand Kingdom. The Armakak’s Coin is also responsible for overseeing national stalls located in other nations across the realm. Grand Huntmaster Astmar Grandaxe ((Nerfman_)) ((Discord: Nerfman#3678)) The Grand Huntmaster is the leader of the Hunter’s Guild for the Dwarven nation. This individual is one who has shown a natural prowess for hunting, and is capable of teaching the skill set to new huntsmen. Grand Architect Angr Ireheart ((Reece_Nolan)) ((Discord: Reece#7749)) The Grand Architect is the head of all construction projects for the Dwarven nation. This individual is expected to be a master at both building, and planning out various projects throughout the nation. Iron Baron Levian’Tol Grandaxe ((TeawithLustyLevi)) ((Discord: TheFirstSwan#1143)) The Iron Baron is the brewmaster and head of the tavern for the Dwarven nation. This individual is expected to provide quality brews for the Dwarven people, and continuously stock and run the tavern to host Kal’Darakaan’s citizens. Dwarven Clans CLAN IRONGUT | Khrorul [ Click for Clan Post ] The Irongut Clan is the first-born elder clan of Urguan. This clan is most notable for its line of ascended blood and accepted use of magic within the dwarven society. Since their creation in Aegis, the Ironguts have held much influence within the dwarven timeline, presenting their own multitude of Grand Kings. CLAN GOLDHAND | Aurokanar [ Click for Clan Post ] The Goldhand Clan is at its core a family of merchants. Those with Goldhand blood have long been amongst the best and most successful vendors in the Dwarven realm, but the clan is not limited to just merchants. The clan includes accomplished architects, soldiers, political leaders, and treasure hunters. Distinguished as a Noble Clan for their economic accomplishments. CLAN GRANDAXE | Kathaikaz [ Click for Clan Post ] An influential clan of mountain dwarves that has stood the test of time, the Grandaxes are known to be equally skilled in their prowess with an axe as they are in their command of language; renowned as great revelers and gifted elocutionists, they find themselves at home in various professions across the dwarven capital. From legionnaires to bards, to tavern keeps and politicians, Grandaxes are an amicable and charismatic folk who are staunchly loyal to their roots. Above all else, Grandaxes hold their kin in high regard and adhere to a strict code of honor handed down by their ancestral forebears. The quality of a Grandaxe is from the values of their heart. CLAN FROSTBEARD | Azwyrtrumm [ Click for Clan Post ] The Frostbeard Clan, an Elder Clan of Urguan, are a group originating from the treacherous mountain sides of the world's tallest mountains. Focused on the upholding of their ancestors traditions, members are historically seen as kings, government officials, hunters, diplomats, craftsmen, scholars, and warriors. Unwilling to let a rebellion of traitors destroy their name, the Clan continues to persevere, proving themselves once more to be an invaluable part of Urguan's community. CLAN IREHEART | Kravamoruk [ Click for Clan Post ] An elder clan known to be ferocious warriors that fear little on the battlefield. Irehearts are a mountain dwarf clan, though their physical features tend to be variant they are differentiated by their numerous tattoos. The Irehearts are also known for their many fabled Paragons, warriors and Kings, as some of the most fearsome and respected dwarves in all of history have hailed from such a mighty clan. CLAN STARBREAKER | Kornazkarumm [ Click for Clan Post ] An Elder clan of Cave Dwarves mostly consists of smiths, miners and Golemancers. They are known for their scholarly pursuits, including the study of magic or alchemy, but are most famed for their masterful skill in smithing and have a particular affinity for starsmithing. FOREST DWARVES | Hefrumm [ Click for Clan Post ] The forest dwed of Hefrumm are known as spiritual guides through The Seers, proficient hunters in the Grand Hunters Guild, expert farmers, herders, fisherman, artisans of woodworking, as well as each clan or guild’s specific talents. The village currently consists of the Cottonwood, Blackroot, Treebeard, and Emberhorn Clans, in addition to a few lesser clans. As guardians of Anbella’s Hearth, the community welcomes the likes of epiphytes, druids, and any others that share that passion. CLAN GRIMGOLD | Korodaurok [ Click for Clan Post ] The Grimgolds are an orthodoxy of religious Dwarves found in coastal mountains with strong opinions on the Brathmordakin and Honor. They are most recognizable by their distinctive masks and love of high-grade military weaponry. CLAN IRONGRINDER | Khroneknazkarum [ Click for Clan Post ] Founded on the principles of honor and duty to Urguan’s legacy, some of the greatest engineers and runesmiths of Dwarven kind carried the name Irongrinder. CLAN METALFIST | Ithorrym [ Click for Clan Post ] A clan of Mountain Dwarves known to be impressive fighters and their pivotal role in the reunification of the Dwarven Nation. They are also distinguished by their beady eyes known to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. The Legion of Urguan The Legion of Urguan is the military force of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and is the backbone of dwarven society. Almost every dwarf who has risen to greater power has done so through the ranks of the Legion. The Legion’s mission, to defend the Grand Kingdom and protect the dwedmar from all evil is of utmost priority. To join the Legion of Urguan, enlist here; [ Legion Post ] The Guilds of Urguan DA KIRKJA DVERGA The Religion of the Brathmordakin is the ancient religion of the dwedmar. Its teachings are recorded and taught by the Kirkja Dverga, or Dwarven Clergy. The Clergy’s mission is to enforce the will of the Brathmordakin, uphold dwedmar to their honor, and purge evil and heresy from the dwedmar. [Click here for Clergy Post] THE WORKERS’ GUILD The Worker’s Guild is the industrial hand of Urguan. Through the means of smithing, mining and artistry are the dwarves known for their craftsmanship and quality of goods, and the Guild ensures the people of Urguan are well equipped to supply the needs of their city. The Guild provides an entrance into a stable life in Urguani society, giving dwarves a structure for their everyday lives. [Click here for Worker's Guild Post] THE ORDER OF REMEMBRANCE The Remembrancers are among the most esteemed and long-standing dwarven guilds. Originally founded during the First Grand Kingdom of Urguan in Aegis the Remembrancer’s goal is to preserve and expand dwarven wisdom & knowledge, keep a record of historical events, and pass down the learnings to younger dwarves. To join the Remembrancers speak to the High Remembrancer. THE MERCHANTS’ GUILD The Merchant’s Guild is the centerpoint for Dwarven trade both within Urguani lands, and abroad. The expert merchants of the guild are considered the economic hand of the Dwarves, selling Dwarven crafts far and wide to any who wish to buy them. Any who join the guild can expect to learn the trade of a master merchant, and will soon be out attending stalls, selling goods, and establishing trade internationally. [Click here for The Merchant’s Guild Post] THE GRAND HUNTERS' GUILD We dwarves are naturally isolationist folk and for too long have our lands gone unexplored and wild; teeming with beasts of all sizes and ruins lost to nature. For this reason, the GRAND HUNTER’S GUILD was formed, a guild whose goal is to encourage and organize dwarves in exploring the great unknown, hunt and study creatures. [Click here for The Grand Hunters' Guild Post] THE HEALERS’ GUILD Anbella’s Grace is a medical institution based out of Urguan and independent of the outside world tasked with ensuring medical care for dwarves and its quality. The dwarven race being a hardy folk, the medics of the guild (ironically enough) prioritize efficiency over grace in their medical treatment, trusting in dwarven fortitude to bear through any discomfort so the treatment may be done swiftly. [Click here for Healer's Guild Post] THE BREWER’S GUILD Those who have been to Urguan’s taverns, The Queen’s Bounty and Sugary ***, know the drinks of the Dwedmar well. After continued successful maintenance of the bars during the transition from Arcas to Almaris by The Iron Baron Levian’Tol Grandaxe, I’d like to announce the revival of the previous Brewing Guild. I recognize the talent of our current dwarven brewers and would like to offer an opportunity for new dwarves and friends of Urguan to learn about the proper way of brewing and managing their own taverns as well as spreading their brews across Almaris. [Click here for Brewer's Guild]
  14. “To Safeguard Happiness” The Elvenesse Revelry Guild The Aegis Adventurers Seen typically within fine taverns or wandering the beautiful streets of Elvenesse, those within the Wyn’okar are not out-going adventurers or mercenaries but morerather fun-loving individuals or seasoned veterans of whom seek to improve the homelife and participate in different activities Elvenesse has to offer. They are the homefront guild, those who wish to see the city prosper. Those within the revelry guild are those who enjoy the warm moonlit nights in festivals or the hot summers in the forest racing against their friends in competitive games. The Revelry guild also promotes the ideal that all citizens should have basic training and are ready to fight, as to protect the homefront in times of danger. For who better to match steel with steel in raids than those who are passionate for their country? Guild structure and role The Wyn’okar is based mainly around event organisers and simple members who associate with the guild, apart from that there is no ranking. The revelry guild is a guild designed around event organisation within Elvenesse and its lands and for that reason activities will typically remain within such limits. The guild prospers around promoting cultural teaching, homeland defence, drinking, sports and living life to it’s best capabilities. “Yallrn’eyha bida!” - “Live and Drink!” Application and Upon joining The Wyn’okar application process is simple, sign up and attend its activities. There’s no uniform and there’s no enforcement to attend - though it is best advised - the main purpose of the guild is to promote community activities, allow individuals to create new friends during such activities and improve the homeland of Elvenesse tenfold. Many within the Wyn’okar are taught light history in both Sea and Wood elven culture which further allows them to teach and welcome newcomers to Elvenesse, especially those who are from estranged Sea or Wood elven backgrounds. Application For those wishing to come join the land of Elvenesse and take part in it’s activities there is a small letter pre-written and attached at the bottom of the poster, allowing for one to send a message to a designated location via avian. (Send a forum message or message within the Elvenesse Discord) IC: Name Race Age Citizen of Elvenesse? OOC: Username: Discord: - Out Of Character Description - The Wyn’okar is an event organising guild, this is a prime place for those who wish to get involved in roleplay within Elvenesse to find a group to get engaged with. I plan on holding a wide variety of events, from fun stuff like races down rivers, constant parties and culture learning rp. You’ll also get a little bit of PvP training, CRP training and so forth, meaning it’s a well rounded guild for those who wish to join a society to roleplay with inside of Elvenesse whilst also developing themselves.
  15. The Maehr’evar Order The Guardians of Knowledge Overview The long lives of the Elves tend to draw them to scholarly pursuits, either to fill a want for adventure, so they may improve their own knowledge and wisdom, or so they can protect knowledge and the world for future generations. The Maehr’evar seeks to be a place for the Elves who seek to learn, research, write, teach, and explore. Their duties are as varied as they are important. Headquartered in the Great Athenaeum of Elvenesse, this group of scholars and adventurers are always seeking new recruits to improve both the nation of Elvenesse and the world at large. Structure The Maehr’evar are organized in a loose but effective structure, which tends to serve their purposes well. The ranks of the order are as follows: Grandmaster The Grandmaster of the Maehr’evar has the duty of keeping tabs on those below him in the order and allotting resources to different projects. It is he who organizes meetings of members, calls major expeditions, maintains the library and its collection, and who deals with both foreign scholarly guilds and the Council of Elvenesse. The position is currently held by Elros Silma. Masters of the Order Masters of the Order are those who are experienced at their craft and can serve as a bridge between the Grandmaster and the Ordermen. Generally, there is to be a Lorekeeper, who is to coordinate the librarians, writers, and teachers of the order, and the Scoutmaster, who focuses more on expeditions, adventurers, and cartographers. Ordermen The Ordermen of the Maehr’evar is the rank and file position of the guild. They are all considered equal scholars and adventurers of repute. They may lead their own projects, write their own books, and teach their own lessons as they will, and they may help each other on larger projects when needed. Journeymen The Journeymen are those who just joined the Order and seek to become Ordermen. They are to hold an apprenticeship under a current member of the Order, preferably one with similar interests, in order to learn our ways, tenets, and procedures. Once deemed ready to start their own projects by the one whom they are shadowing, they are inducted into the order as full Ordermen. Duties The members of the Maehr’evar can be anything they want within the wider category of scholars, and may determine their own projects. They may freely move between any field they have interest in. However, many projects will tend towards a few areas, broadly categorized as writing, research, teaching, and exploration. Writing An imperative part of preserving knowledge and enhancing culture is to create new works, both artistic and educational in nature. The Maehr’evar will encourage and sponsor works of create and non-fiction writing among the people of Elvenesse, in order to expand our collection and enhance our peoples culture and knowledge. Research In order to learn and to record knowledge, one must seek it out. This may be through visiting other libraries to read or purchase copies of new books, by looking at ruins found by explorers, or by looking into the powers and effects of the less dangerous artifacts within our possession. Teaching It is no use to horde knowledge if you do not pass it on to future generations. Hence, teachers and librarians who organize lessons and help people find the books and knowledge they seek are another important facet of the order. Exploration The final major task of the Maehr’evar is the exploration of the world to find ruins to explore, monsters to fight, and dark cults and covens to exterminate. We seek to map the world, note where places of interest are, and deal with them as necessary, independently or with the help of other, more combat focused groups. The Maehr’evar Code The Ordermen swear to uphold this code upon entry to the guild, the four rules of the Maehr’evar Order. Breaking these rules bring you under the mercy of the Grandmaster, and can warrant anything from a warning to expulsion from the order. I. Unwarranted Harm Or Death Should Be Avoided At All Costs. We’re here to codify the world, not turn it into a pile of ash and bones. II. The Sovereignty Of Nations Shall Be Respected At All Times. While it pains us to allow knowledge to go unrecorded, or worse, for dangerous knowledge to run amuck, it is not our place to supercede any nation. It is best to not become criminals in the eyes of the world. III. Knowledge Should Be Treated With Respect And Care. It is difficult to index burnt books, or to categorize a destroyed relic. Obviously not everything we attempt to collect will survive it’s travel to the guildhall, but try to not willingly break things. Nothing is worse than lost knowledge. IV. Power Merits Respect. Along with the mundane, we may often collect pieces of extraordinary danger. Proper respect should be given to such things, and they should never be trifled with. Understand that pieces that have been deemed ‘restricted’ are not toys we horde for ourselves, but are items we guard the world from. The Great Seals The Maehr’evar Order grades every piece of knowledge in their possession with a seal. The seals are red-wax, and the individual stamps are in the possession of the Grandmaster. Each Seal is stamped with a piece of parchment which gives a brief detail of the object, and any needed information. There are four seals in total: Mundane, Guarded, Prohibited, & B.C. The Mundane Seal is the most common, and identifies this piece as typical knowledge, giving it the lowest rating of danger/power. All pieces which are open for public viewing, such as the books in the public library, are stamped with Mundane Seals. Mundane seals are given the mark ‘M’. An item with a Guarded Seal means that this item is normally only to be handled by Ordermen. These items are considered a bit too dangerous to be shown to the public, but on request may be taken from the reliquary to be studied or used by outside forces. This seal is marked with a ‘III’ symbol. The Prohibited Seal signifies that this item is of immense power or otherwise value, and should never leave the reliquary under any circumstances. These are pieces which are kept away from the world due to high risk of abuse. Even Ordermen are disallowed from viewing these pieces, and need the express permission, as well as chaperoneship of, the Grandmaster. The mark of this charm seal is a bolded ‘X’. Finally, the B.C. Seal is the most important of all the graded seals, and is given independent of the others. This means a piece can have both the B.C. Seal as well as one of three previous seals.. Standing for ‘Black Contingency’, any item with this seal is to be destroyed if at risk of falling into outside hands. Obviously, only items which are deemed as near cataclysmic are ever given this charm seal. The B.C. Seal is the only time any piece of Knowledge is marked for destruction, and holds a rather powerful and somber place in the Order’s culture. It’s mark is a ‘Skull’ symbol. How to Join In order to join the Maehr’evar, a candidate should seek out the Grandmaster in person or start a correspondence via bird. The Grandmaster will then set up a short interview with potential candidates to gauge their interests and disposition so he can match them with an Orderman to study under. Once deemed ready, the Grandmaster will give the Journeyman the Oath, at which point they will become a full Ordermen of the Maehr’evar. As a note, those seeking to join must be citizens of Elvenesse, or at least able to enter the city. OOC Notes
  16. THE LEGION OF PURITY Issued from The Publications of The Legion of Purity 10th of The Grand Harvest, Year 13 of The Second Age Long since have We pure bloods been tainted by the perversions and lustful nature of the people of Elvenesse. Time and time again, Mali’thill who travel to the tainted lands of the Tree Demons fall under the despicable spell which tarnishes the purity of their very blood. The cause? The Mali’ame of Elvenesse, as well as the Druids and the faux ‘pure’ elven race who reign over the common folk there. Perversions of the idea and fact of Purity. Lustful demonic spells that corrupt the minds of even Our own blessed and untainted blood. And thus, a new generation of Mali’thill are born to defend and protect our principals. A new age for Haelun’or and a new initiative. The revolution has begun to reclaim what was lost, to prevent future damage and tarnish. We are the Legion of Purity, those who fight for the cause Larihei left behind, those who wish to see a world where Mali’thill appreciate purity more than lust and worldly desire. This is the Legion, and long may We live. This is the revolution, this is the time to make a difference in our state and abroad. So hear Us, you have a place in this Legion. In this mission, and in this concept. No longer will We stand to watch our Mal’onn and Lari’onn’s goodwill and faith be destroyed by those who are below them. Those who live in dirt holes and share wives. It is time for Us Mali’thill to stand up, grab our pens or swords, and make a difference. So We the Legion declare all Mali’thill capable of joining our cause. And thus, rewards will be granted for those who work the most, for those whose passion to destroy that which makes us bleed. Our mission is to confront Elvenesse, to confront Mali’thill… to bring us back to the old ways and to give everyone a position worthy of their name and their ability. You may work as a writer, you may join as a blade, you may sell items to fund the cause. Whatever you can think of you can do in this Legion, so long as it helps the influence of Our name around the world. So hear Us, and be Us. CHAIN OF COMMAND Chairman - Silvyr Uradir Deputy Chairman - Kiljarys an Iarwain General Secretary - Kolvar Uradir Party Executive - Maeve Elibar’acal Publications - Illyara Valarieth Publications - Lleinde Tillun’sae Publications - Amberleigh Uradir JOBS: WRITER- For publications ARTIST- For publications TRADER- Funds the cause COLLECTION EXPERT- Collects on our enemies MEDIC- Heals the wounded TAILOR - Makes red articles of clothing DISTINCTION: A member of the Legion of Purity always wears some article of red clothing to show their solidarity with Our movement. It can be a scarf, robes, capes, or full outfits. OUR PURPOSE: The establishment of the Grand Constitution provided us the foundation upon which to raise the mali’thill to new heights of greatness. In order to properly utilise our blessed new system of governance we require a unified vision and a shared unbreakable will to bring forth our goals to their fullest potential. This is why the Legion of Purity was formed: to raise a unifying banner under which the pure Mali'thill - those dedicated to combating both Mali'ata and the degeneracy that threatens our lliran and pure oem'iian - may rally. To be a member is to declare yourself as ideologically committed to the cause of defending the Motherland whatever the cost, to believe in the strength of a vigilant society,to not cower from conflict and to both denounce and actively work to oppose the Mali’ata which plague our realm. Larihei beckons you, lliran - join the Legion of Purity today! LONG LIVE THE LEGION! On behalf of the Legion of Purity Command, Medi'ir and Chairman Silvyr Uradir
  17. The Racial Justice Guild is now reopening! [!] Flyers for the Guild have been scattered across Almaris, some with more tattered quality than others. So, what is the Racial Justice Guild? The Racial Justice Guild was created to create equality all across Almaris for everyone, big and small. We may host protests or try to schedule hearings with leaders of nations to discuss these issues face to face, with many more events to celebrate Almaris' diversity to come in the future! How do we do that? Under new leadership, the guild will make a movement worthy of nations' notice! Planning events will also make sure that every voice is heard, and every option and opinion is taken into consideration to give the best experience to all! Who can join? Great question! Everyone of all ages is allowed to submit an application! Come visit us at Rina 4, in Sutica! Applicants will then have their submission reviewed, and if accepted, will be notified! We at the Racial Justice Guild hope you join us in changing Almaris for the better! [!] The Racial Justice Guild insignia is drawn on the back of the flyer, accompanied by the motto: 'Nobody is equal until everybody is.' (OOC:) Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to consider joining the guild! Unfortunately, when the guild first began, it quickly died out of popularity. But that's over, as we plan on having fully committed people to the cause. if you would like to join, send PixlHoopa or GhuntherQuiller a message in game, or contact me personally at Pixl#9312 on Discord! If responding to this post as an application, please use the following format: MC Username: Discord (if applicable): Timezone: Name: Age: Race: Reason for applying:
  18. ninja805

    The Black Crow

    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "The preservation of Justice is necessary in a world where Evil typically triumphs over Good." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Black Crow is a non-partisan, international criminal investigative organization which specializes in: the orchestration and supervision of independent investigations; matters of security; and matters pertaining to the gathering of intelligence and counterintelligence. Additionally, the organization functions as a for-hire law enforcement entity for ill-equipped nations lacking such, as well as functioning as a bounty-hunter service depending on the circumstance. The organization operates on a contractual basis where members are assigned - either individually or alongside other members - the responsibility of fulfilling tasks relative to the contract at hand. Lacking any political affiliation as a non-partisan, politically-independent organization, the expectation is that the Black Crow will benefit from the absence of potential bias which can - for example - arise from being a function of a political entity such as a nation state. As one can imagine, bias has an obvious impact on the integrity of research and data collection; bias influences our actions and thoughts, which can translate into one's research thus rendering it improper and reducing the amount of credibility as a result. In the current political climate of Almaris where government corruption is far too common it is a necessity that there exists some sort of credible entity which can independently investigate matters without being weighed down by the burden of bias. Internally the organization functions much like a typical mercenary organization, with a system of military hierarchy in place in the form of ranks and such. Members are promoted based on their performance in the field, and are paid accordingly. Eventually members will be able to form their own squads where they, as squad leaders, will be able to decide which contracts they'd like to accept and who assists them while doing so. Payment will be based on the completion of each contract, pay varying depending on the complexity of the assignment. It shouldn't come as a surprise that considering the subject matter of this organization that competently intelligent 'outside the box' style thinkers are primarily desired as opposed to more of the brute-force type. If such a description describes you then you're encouraged to apply for a position within the Black Crow. As part of the application process new applicants will be given a brief test assessing basic logic capabilities. ((Basically, in short, the Black Crow is an organization which handles investigations independent of any and all government control - at least as much as possible. Matters concerning murders, potential government corruption, and even kidnappings are all examples of things that the Black Crow actively investigates or has investigated before in the past.)) ========================================= Application ========================================= ((Can be posted as a response on the forum post, or as a direct message to me on either the forums or on Discord: Pharmaceutical Grade Chlymydia#1514)) OOC: ((MC Name: )) ((Discord: )) ((Timezone: )) In-Character: What is your name? Why do you wish to become involved with the Black Crow? What do you wish to achieve by joining the Black Crow?
  19. *Alad would send out fliers* [!] The message would read. Looking to Hire a Guild master. Someone proficient with a sword and able to handle monsters. Experience with delving and company management is an asset.
  20. *Alad would nail the protocol list to the message board and would update the board as necessary. Secondary controlled documents could be found throughout the clerk's offices.* Haense Adventuring Guild Protocol Founded by Alad Vel’Telos Celia’thilln Version 1.3 A n adventurer shall seek the thrill of the world’s benefit for the Good Will of others. They shall seek out evil & cast it away so that the innocent folk may live lazy and prosperous. Amend 1.3 All reference to rank not referring to the Guild Master or Arch Scrivener are removed, all others are moved to member or adventurer. All clerk and writing positions that are noncombative are retained. Core Guild Policy 0.0.0. 0.0.1: A member of the guild must act in Good Will above all else. This policy by definition is non-static, yet as it moves with belief, an individual must adhere to Good Will’s better judgment. 0.0.2: A member must not harm another of the guild. Those who are found to have blatantly harmed a member will face punishments as outlined in section 3. Comradery is needed. Those members who are scrapping may be found not guilty of 0.0.2 as the guild favors the spirited competition for growth within the guild. Damaged possessions of members or the guild are subject to section 3. Thefts and job capital distribution is subject to section 3. 0.0.3: Members will act in the interest of Haense’s image at the discretion of the interpretation of section 3. All jobs not in this definition are not subject to H.A.G. disciplinary fines by the state & are inter-member situational for benefits and no official responsibility by the guild. Membership 1.0.0. 1.0.1: Individuals who are approved by the Arch Scrivener may become members of the guild. Individuals who wish to join may submit either a formal H.A.G. resume, an informal resume, or a verbal resume to a member of the guild. It is recommended that the official forms are given to the clerks as a form will need to be maintained eventually for record keeping purposes. During a critical situation, a level 3 or above member may appoint a non-member the temporary position of Acting Level 0 Intern. Said individual shall be responsible for their actions as if they are apart of their party during this time. Should an individual be barred of membership or need to be barred; such person will not grant temporary membership. Following the chain of command, such appointed individuals may be removed at a discretionary basis. Time spent during Acting Level 0 may be put towards on the job time to avoid official Intern time spent. A Clerk must approve The Guild Master may approve the promotion or membership of a member. These appointments must be accompanied by their signature which can be overwritten by the Arch Scrivener. 1.0.2: Members will respect the chain of command as stated in section 3. 1.0.3: Members will be allowed to take on guild jobs on the message board. Members may take on jobs unlisted if they are given from the Guild master or Arch Scrivener. Members may take on unlisted Emergency Response jobs as per the Good Will policy. They must report earnings, reasonings to take on the quest & the end of job report to a Clerk if they do so. Emergency Response jobs are nor subject to H.A.G. job protection policies at the discretion of the Arch Scrivener. 1.0.4: Members are protected under the guild benefits program while on duty or at the Arch Scrivener’s discretion. Health benefits policies can be granted off duty at a Clerk’s discretion as long as it does not interfere with job completion. Those caught abusing 1.0.4. are subject to section 3. Members are covered under H.A.G. dental benefits. Members are covered under H.A.G. for injury expenses. Legal expenses will be covered by H.A.G. if the Arch Scrivener determines the detainment of the member to be outside of the Good Will policy interpretation. Members will follow regulation and 0.0.3. or will be considered acting as non-members for the duration of their actions. Members’ immediate family shall be covered by health benefits. 1.0.5: Members are expected to maintain their resume once a year. Members who do not have an updated form are considered to have an uncontrolled document in which H.A.G. is not responsible for the member’s claims. 1.0.6: Members retain the right to leave the guild. Leaving the guild in a situation judged out of Good Will by the Arch Scrivener is subject to section 3 or the 0.0.2. or 0.0.3. Jobs 2.0.0. 2.0.1: All formal jobs must be submitted by a H.A.G. Job Request From. The form will be reviewed by the Arch Scrivener & / or designated Clerk(s). 2.0.1: Emergency Jobs and open road requests are not subject to immediate Clerk review but are subject to Good Will and Section 3. 2.0.2: All Official jobs are to be taxed a membership fee to support guild activity. At the Arch Scrivener’s discretion, this tax may be waved. 2.0.3: Jobs may be defined as Bad Will at the Arch Scrivener’s discretion. Jobs determined to be Bad Will may be denied refund and may be abandoned without enacting section 3. 2.0.4: There are many types of jobs. Customers or members filling out the forms, should attempt to fill them out to their best of their ability. The Good Will policy will be applied to this yet it is subject to price modifiers as listed on the official H.A.G. Job Request Form. All other jobs are subject to 2.0.4. at the Arch Scrivener’s discretion. Should a customer prove Bad Will by discretion of the party at hand’s party leader or by the discretion of a Level 5 or above, a customer may be barred from requesting a job. Refer to chain of command to determine the rescinding of such a barring. 2.0.5: Though 0.0.3. may be considered for job completion, if the job has not requested a time frame and paid an insurance deposit, their complaints towards extended completion times will be null and void. The exception to time miss management will be subject to Good Will at the Arch Scrivener’s discretion. The Guild Master may also refer to section 3 to act as the Arch Scrivener in this regard. 2.0.6: Member’s who abandon jobs without Good Will are subject to section 3 and out of pocket expenses. 2.0.7: It is guild protocol that members do not break Haenseni law and refer to jurisdiction of the state when possible. Members who do not respect 2.0.7 without Good Will shall not be representative of H.A.G. for all legal purposes at the Arch Scrivener’s discretion. *A section was hidden due to amend 1.3.* Hierarchy and Discipline 3.0.0. Version 1.3 As Per amend 1.3, The Guild Master and Arch Scrivener may make all decisions with the Arch Scrivener outranking the Guild Master clerically and the Guild Master retaining Veto powers. All other discretions are to be made by letter to the scriveners for review. Company Formalities 4.0.0. 4.0.1: The guild colours are Orange, White & Gold. 4.0.2: The guild mascot is an ugly Hag. 4.0.3: When a Guild Master is sworn in, the guild will have a party will food and dine where everyone should wear their ugliest clothing. The guild master will judge the ugliest outfit to win 1 tax free job coupon. 4.0.4: The Arch Scrivener may make amendments to the protocol as needed.
  21. *Alad would post the message to the guild board as well as hand out pamphlets. Additional forms could be found on the Scrivener desks.* Now accepting Adventuring Jobs. Monster exterminator, look no further. Fetch quest gopher, we are already on it. Estcourt quest or merchant guard, know none more qualified. Reasonable & competitive rates. We offer job insurance and can schedule grinding jobs. Please submit a job form as posted below or see your nearest Haense Adventuring Guild Representative. H.AG. Job Request Form Requester: [Personal] [ ] [Business] [ ] [State] [ ] Requester’s Name: Requester’s Address: Representative Entity: (If applicable) Representative Entity’s Address: (If applicable) In case of rumor or Emergency Quest the Arch Scrivener will fill out this line instead of issuing a Job Request form. (Confirmation Seal if applicable) Location(s) Requested for H.A.G. to Conduct work: Requested Work Type [ ] Mercenary [ ] Exploratory [ ] Educational [ ] Fetch [ ] Trade Escort [ ] Bodyguard [ ] Territory Recovery [ ] Scouting [ ] Investigation [ ] Testing [ ] Monster Hunting [ ] Capture [ ] Fortify [ ] Exorcism [ ] Blockade [ ] Hazardous Substance Removal [ ] Pest Removal [ ] Artifact Disposal [ ] Distraction [ ] Champion Stand In [ ] Debt Collection [ ] Curse Breaking [ ] Infiltration [ ] Mapping [ ] Ritual Performance [ ] Place a Land Claim [ ] Raze [ ] Rescue [ ] Research [ ] Security Testing [ ] Search [ ] Smuggle [ ] Stop Ritual [ ] Other: Price Modifiers: · Unannounced Hazard (Willing) +50 mina (Unknown) +5 mina · Anonymity +20 mina · Bad Weather +2 mina · Urgency +30 mina · Hostile Territory +10 mina · Quiet Job +40 mina · Pressed to failure +300 mina · Undamaged Target +15 mina Note: Insurance may be purchased, contact the Arch Scrivener Note: Protocol of a Bad Will customer may define a no refund policy at the Scrivener’s discretion. Payment Options [ ] 100% upfront [ ] 50% down [ ] 0% down (Requires Arch Scrivener’s approval) [ ] Payment Instalments (Requires Arch Scrivener’s approval) Requester’s Signature: Arch Scrivener’s Signature: Job Board [ ] Anonymity [ ] General Board Lvl Request (0-7): [ ] Party Request If Party Request, List: Job Description: Job Hazards: Requester’s Timeline: Visit Requester?: Yes/ No H.A.G. Stamp (Insert Stamp Here) H.A.G. Estimated time of completion: Notes/ Complications:
  22. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Guilds Bill of 356 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to establish proper definitions for what a guild is. INTRODUCTION In tandem with the First Edict of the Barbanov Maership, which established a Guild Initiative. Grand Maer Barbanov seeks to create a proper legal definition of what a Guild is and the perks of being a Guild. I. Necessary Definitions Guild: A non-government non-military organisation. Guild Hall: The headquarters of a guild. Guild Master: The leader of a guild. II. Amendments 507: Guilds 507.01: A guild is defined as a non-government non-military organisation. 507.02: A guild is created by submitting an application to the High Seneschal and having it approved. 507.021: The Crown reserves the right to veto any creation of a guild. 507.03: A guild shall have a designated guild master, who serves as an overall representative of the guild. 507.04: A guild may purchase properties designed as guild halls. Introduced in Duma by Grand Maer Franz Leopold Barbanov on 16th of Jula and Piov, 356 ES IV JOVEO MAAN, IV JOVEO EHR, 358ES His Highness, Prince Heinrik Karl, Prince Regent of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Prince of Kusoraev
  23. Hello would be traveler. We are looking for a new clerk for our work force. With 18 official members and a host of others, we are looking for a clerk to have the job of recording deeds of our members. Bards, lore writers and other are welcome. We have hired a guild master, but we are still recruiting for all positions. Healers, alchemists and botanists are wanted the most. We are still looking for more jobs or those who have led events to join up and have fun taking members on adventures. Fighters are an asset but not needed. Feel free to visit the discord and submit a resume, make your own, or chat to staff.
  24. *Alad sends a message directly to Eradus to confirm the job as well as posts the job on the guild message board.* *A message is attached to Eradus's document.* Dear Eradus, I must say that you are our first customer and that I am delighted to pass this job down to my employees. It was very unfortunate that Zelios' idiocy lead to the trial over him thinking that the 10% coupons for our first few jobs were me trying to lure or pay High elves out of state. Though I can not say for sure why droves of individuals have left the city, I fear that the acid bathers and other hatred still flows within our kin. To think that they call themselves peaceful and learned, to act with such hostility. Our people may stagnate in that city which prevents High Elves from taking jobs outside of the city, yet my ambition to protect the realm from the evils that lurk in this realm stays solid. I will try my best to find you that teacher, though there may be some complications upon me entering into the city. I have made note that no high elf is to work the job. May peoples one day live in peace and may someone always be there to protect others from harm. You have shown yourself to be an honorable man, thank you again for standing up for me in the court so that I can try to benefit the realm with this guild. Arch Scrivener, Alad Vel'Telos Celia'thilln H.AG. Job Request Form Requester: [Personal] [ x] [Business] [ ] [State] [ ] Requester’s Name: Eradus Requester’s Address: na Representative Entity: (If applicable) Representative Entity’s Address: (If applicable) In case of rumor or Emergency Quest the Arch Scrivener will fill out this line instead of issuing a Job Request form. approved as this was an on site approval. (Confirmation Seal if applicable) Alad Location(s) Requested for H.A.G. to Conduct work: Across the realm Requested Work Type [ ] Mercenary [ ] Exploratory [ X ] Educational [ X ] Fetch [ ] Trade Escort [ ] Bodyguard [ ] Territory Recovery [ ] Scouting [ ] Investigation [ ] Testing [ ] Monster Hunting [ ] Capture [ ] Fortify [ ] Exorcism [ ] Blockade [ ] Hazardous Substance Removal [ ] Pest Removal [ ] Artifact Disposal [ ] Distraction [ ] Champion Stand In [ ] Debt Collection [ ] Curse Breaking [ ] Infiltration [ ] Mapping [ ] Ritual Performance [ ] Place a Land Claim [ ] Raze [ ] Rescue [ ] Research [ ] Security Testing [ ] Search [ ] Smuggle [ ] Stop Ritual [ ] Other: Price Modifiers: · Unannounced Hazard (Willing) +50 mina (Unknown) +5 mina · Anonymity +20 mina · Bad Weather +2 mina · Urgency +30 mina · Hostile Territory +10 mina · Quiet Job +40 mina · Pressed to failure +300 mina · Undamaged Target +15 mina Note: Insurance may be purchased, contact the Arch Scrivener Note: Protocol of a Bad Will customer may define a no refund policy at the Scrivener’s discretion. Payment Options [ X ] 100% upfront [ ] 50% down [ ] 0% down (Requires Arch Scrivener’s approval) [ ] Payment Instalments (Requires Arch Scrivener’s approval) Requester’s Signature: na rumor Arch Scrivener’s Signature: Alad Job Board [ ] Anonymity [ X ] General Board Lvl Request (0-7): [ ] Party Request If Party Request, List: Job Description: Find a Transfiguration teacher for Eradus and get them in contact with one another. Payment 4 mina. For the employment of a non High elf outside of Haelun'or. Job Hazards: Requester’s Timeline: If possible, less than a year. Visit Requester?: Yes/ No H.A.G. Stamp (Insert Stamp Here) Alad H.A.G. Estimated time of completion: 1 year Notes/ Complications: Entry to the city may prove barred as a business, letter to gate guards will have to be approved through the proper channels.
  25. *Alad would nail the message to the guild board and hand out pamphlets* Come Join the Haense Adventuring Guild today. Submit applications to one of the clerks at the front desk or make a custom resume. Example Resume below. H.A.G. Application Please Note that anything in Red is metagaming & that anything in Orange may also be metagaming as it is information controlled by the guild. Player Name: Race: Minecraft Name: Archetypes: Discord ID: Character Name Aptitude Poor Ave Above Str ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Dex ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Con ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Int ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Wis ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Cha ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ Language Proficiencies: Tool Proficiencies: (Weapons & Armour too) Rank: Player Age: Height: IRP Age: Wt: Careers: (Try not to make up any answers, IRP only) (Copy the box below if you have more than 1 career. Name: Description: Years: Name: Description: Years: Name: Description: Years: Name: Description: Years: Abilities: (Follow the Format below if you have more than one) Archetype Name: Forum Link: (Picture if applicable) Description: When it was obtained: How it was obtained: Archetype Name: Forum Link: (Picture if applicable) Description: When it was obtained: How it was obtained: Background: (Party info should be added here) Player, “I have read the guild Protocol and agree to follow it.” Sign: Approved H.A.G. Divisions: Player, “I have read the OOC Guild Rules and agree to follow them.” Yes/ No Arch Scrivener: Sign HAG ID: Party #:
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