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  1. hello does anyone know if there is a theives guild in the kingdom of norland
  2. Grand Kingdom of Urguan Urguan Discord: [Click Here] About The Grand Kingdom The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is a constitutional monarchy established to unify and represent the Dwarven race. The Grand Kingdom itself is one with tremendous history, being the sole nation of the Dwarves for millenia, leading back to the very first dwarf himself, Urguan. Represented through the colors of orange and gray, the nation has united the Dwarves under its banner through common religion, culture, and ideals. The religion of the land, the Brathmordakin, is a polytheistic religion composed
  3. “To Safeguard Happiness” The Elvenesse Revelry Guild The Aegis Adventurers Seen typically within fine taverns or wandering the beautiful streets of Elvenesse, those within the Wyn’okar are not out-going adventurers or mercenaries but morerather fun-loving individuals or seasoned veterans of whom seek to improve the homelife and participate in different activities Elvenesse has to offer. They are the homefront guild, those who wish to see the city prosper. Those within the revelry guild are those who enjoy the warm moonlit nights in festivals or the hot s
  4. The Maehr’evar Order The Guardians of Knowledge Overview The long lives of the Elves tend to draw them to scholarly pursuits, either to fill a want for adventure, so they may improve their own knowledge and wisdom, or so they can protect knowledge and the world for future generations. The Maehr’evar seeks to be a place for the Elves who seek to learn, research, write, teach, and explore. Their duties are as varied as they are important. Headquartered in the Great Athenaeum of Elvenesse, this group of scholars and adventurers are always seeking new recruits to improve both
  5. THE LEGION OF PURITY Issued from The Publications of The Legion of Purity 10th of The Grand Harvest, Year 13 of The Second Age Long since have We pure bloods been tainted by the perversions and lustful nature of the people of Elvenesse. Time and time again, Mali’thill who travel to the tainted lands of the Tree Demons fall under the despicable spell which tarnishes the purity of their very blood. The cause? The Mali’ame of Elvenesse, as well as the Druids and the faux ‘pure’ elven race who reign over the common folk there. Perversions of the idea and fact of Purity. Lustful d
  6. The Racial Justice Guild is now Open! [!] Flyers for the Guild have been scattered across Almaris, some with more tattered quality than others. So, what is the Racial Justice Guild? The Racial Justice Guild was created to create equality all across Almaris for everyone, big and small. We may host protests or try to schedule hearing
  7. ninja805

    The Black Crow

    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "The preservation of Justice is necessary in a world where Evil typically triumphs over Good." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Black Crow is a non-partisan, international criminal investigative organization which specializes in: the orchestration and supervision of independent investigations; matters of security; and matters p
  8. *Alad would send out fliers* [!] The message would read. Looking to Hire a Guild master. Someone proficient with a sword and able to handle monsters. Experience with delving and company management is an asset.
  9. *Alad would nail the protocol list to the message board and would update the board as necessary. Secondary controlled documents could be found throughout the clerk's offices.* Haense Adventuring Guild Protocol Founded by Alad Vel’Telos Celia’thilln Version 1.3 A n adventurer shall seek the thrill of the world’s benefit for the Good Will of others. They shall seek out evil & cast it away so that the innocent folk may live lazy and prosperous. Amend 1.3 All reference to rank not referrin
  10. *Alad would post the message to the guild board as well as hand out pamphlets. Additional forms could be found on the Scrivener desks.* Now accepting Adventuring Jobs. Monster exterminator, look no further. Fetch quest gopher, we are already on it. Estcourt quest or merchant guard, know none more qualified. Reasonable & competitive rates. We offer job insurance and can schedule grinding jobs. Please submit a job form as posted below or see your nearest Haense Adventuring Guild Representative. H.AG.
  11. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Guilds Bill of 356 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to establish proper definitions for what a guild is. INTRODUCTION In tandem with the First Edict of the Barbanov Maership, which established a Guild Initiative. Grand Maer Barbanov seeks to create a proper legal definition of what a Guild is and the perks of being a Guild. I. Necessary Definitions Guild: A non-government non-military organisation. Guild Hall: The headquarters of a guild. Guild Master: The leader
  12. Hello would be traveler. We are looking for a new clerk for our work force. With 18 official members and a host of others, we are looking for a clerk to have the job of recording deeds of our members. Bards, lore writers and other are welcome. We have hired a guild master, but we are still recruiting for all positions. Healers, alchemists and botanists are wanted the most. We are still looking for more jobs or those who have led events to join up and have fun taking members on adventures. Fighters are an asset but not needed. Feel fr
  13. *Alad sends a message directly to Eradus to confirm the job as well as posts the job on the guild message board.* *A message is attached to Eradus's document.* Dear Eradus, I must say that you are our first customer and that I am delighted to pass this job down to my employees. It was very unfortunate that Zelios' idiocy lead to the trial over him thinking that the 10% coupons for our first few jobs were me trying to lure or pay High elves out of state. Though I can not say for sure why droves of individuals have left the ci
  14. *Alad would nail the message to the guild board and hand out pamphlets* Come Join the Haense Adventuring Guild today. Submit applications to one of the clerks at the front desk or make a custom resume. Example Resume below. H.A.G. Application Please Note that anything in Red is metagaming & that anything in Orange may also be metagaming as it is information controlled by the guild. Player Name: Race: Min
  15. [!] Alad would amend the proposal as directed by state officials to be simplified, without protocol and reflective of Haeseni authority over guild operations. *After this we would walk up to the office and hand over the revised document* [!] The scroll would be marked with the his silver family sigil. Haense Guild Proposal Alad Vel’Telos Celia’thilln shall formally request to open an Adventuring Guild in Haense. Operations: -The business will take on adventuring jobs as per their Good Will policy. -The business will take on rumors an
  16. The Revival of The Brewers’ Guild Those who have been to Urguan’s taverns, The Queen’s Bounty and Sugary ***, know the drinks of the Dwedmar well. After continued successful maintenance of the bars during the transition from Arcas to Almaris by The Iron Baron Levian’Tol Grandaxe and The Grand Queen Dhaen Grandaxe, I’d like to announce the revival of the previous Brewing Guild. I recognize the talent of our current dwarven brewers and would like to offer an opportunity for new dwarves and friends of Urguan to learn about the proper way of brewing and managing their own tavern
  17. Worker’s Guild of Kal’Mugdor For large swaths of our history, the dwed have gone unpaid & unappreciated for their essential labor for the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. From the rubble of the past, Kal’Mugdor, the City of the Mine, erupted to forge a new way of life for the common Dwed. The city’s name coming from it’s founder, Mugdor-Dharok, who rose to the title of Yemekar’s Pick purely by hard work and dedication, proving that nothing can hold back a Dwed from piercing the top. Following the trend of hard workers is the current Yemekar’s Pick, Dorimnur Goldhand who runs a ti
  18. “ Ever blessed shall those be that follow the light. Join me, those Arcanists born from my blessing, to guide others down the path and to rebirth our world in light. “ The Celestial Order seeks to bathe the realm in the blessed light of the Arcane Mage’s gift and act as patrons of magic to the realm. The Order seeks prosperity for all regardless of their national affiliation, their mundane worth or their godly practices. There is no monarch within the void but rather a collective seeking its infinite potential for the betterment of all instead of a few. The Order maintains the stance
  19. STICKS & STONES Working - Merchant - Trading The Sticks and Stones Guild is a guild created for workers of any profession looking for work or a home; most jobs will be offered to anyone with skill in their certain profession. Currently, we are located in the small Village of Reims, where anyone wanted housing/lodging will be living in a mill with others. Soon, however, once we gain more recollection, we hope to move our HQ into a larger city so that it will be easy to access. The reason I believe one should join this guild instead of working by themselves is
  20. Edited: 20th of April, 2017. Introduction and Mission Statement: Organization: Membership Application and Recruitment:
  21. Hello, I want to apply for miner: Application: miner MC Name: Gekke_Banaan RP Name: Mekdurso Oldblood Which guild do you wish to join?: The miners-guild What is your level in the aligned profession?: Veteran Skype name: I thought GekkeBanaanyt Are you able to use Teamspeak?: What's that? Probably no How long have you been playing LOTC?: a week... I really like it How many hours both week and weekend are you available?: probably 30 minutes until an hour a day... Depends on my home- and schoolsituation (I'm still 14) What is your time
  22. The Order of Noctis "If you must take your sword from its sheath, return it bloody." "Seeking your Destiny is like looking into a mirror. You see an image, however blurred, in whatever light exists at the time. But if the light ever changes, so will the image itself. And if the light ever vanishes, the mirror will be empty. That is why the truest mirror is the one that needs no light at all." -The Order of Noctis motto’s Welcome to The Order of the Noctis. This is a guild based on working together, building, trading, and training to be a soldier in
  23. The Undead Redshrouds (Legion of the Ashkeeper) An order conjured from the will of a lone necromancer of old, the undead legion of the Redshrouds is a militant company of undying souls whose decayed, fragmented existence are collectively dedicated to the reign of the one whom bears the mantle of Ashkeeper. Though it bears an unsettling name as per the mention of undeath, the purpose of the unit is to train and unify wayward undead to combat greater threats to the realm and carry out the clandestine objectives of the yet-known, whispered-of order of “the Lorddom”.
  24. The Thieves Guild “We do not believe in luck” The Thieves Guild are a group of men and women that are very skilled in the art of theft and burglary. They all follow a certain conduct called The Code. ____________________________________ The Code: Members are expected to show respect to their brothers and sisters. Combat during a job is to be avoided, if combat occurs then it must be reported to an elder. All unofficial jobs must have approval of an elder or master. If a job is to go sour, one must never abandon their brother
  25. KATHRIN LEH: ELITE MERCENARIES TO BE IN THIS ASSASSINATION GROUP YOU MUST: - SHOW NO MERCY TOWARDS OTHERS - KILL ANYONE ON COMMAND - BE A SKILLED ARCHER - BE A SKILLED FIGHTER - SKILLED IN THE ARTS OF STEALTH REPLY TO THIS TOPIC WITH THIS, ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE: Name: Age: Race: Purpose Amongst Us? [Skype]: [MC Name]: More Info: Who: We are a small group of elite assassins, our leader Everick Monogal decided to create this group as he had a
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