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  1. There have been rumors in the realm of descendants. Distant whispers on the wind of those bold enough to utter them... A soft muttering of shadowy figures in the bushes. Bright glowing eyes in the moonlight. All who see them either too scared to mention or too dead to speak. Long ago when the Kharajyr clans ran 'freely' in the world, whether it was during the dark ages or in the land of Anthos; there began a devious work. Details of their creation as vague as the deeds they have done. It is only known the stealthiest and intelligent of Kha were trained and tasked with a great undertaking. Where some would seek glory in honorable combat on the battlefield- the Shadows would be the frontline of the backline. To sow fear in the hearts of those that seek ill will upon Metztli's fine creations. To combat thieves and hidden foes. For the Moon Mother. In the shadows they wander. Making homes in the darkness and becoming one with the night. A guild. A forgotten clan perhaps. All the same ancient in its rituals and tactics. They deceive, defile and frighten for the good of their most sacred divine creator. Etched in wooden signs, the bark of trees and even the stone pathways across the lands where Kha may witness a call to arms had once again come. As they flocked together to the new city the guild offered service. A symbol with ink so dark that it was only truly visible in the moon's benevolent glow. And a phrase... 'In the night, we bring death.' 'Come to the magic town across from the Blue and White City. To join or seek work done. The fountain beckons.' 'H. L. S.'
  2. Laurih’Valmiran Heial (Noble/Chosen Artisans) ilMaehr’sae Ilkun’ehya With Knowledge and Steel Table of Contents Purpose Leadership Branches Purpose The Artisan’s Guild was established, its primary purpose is to aid in the growth of the nation, but equal to that purpose - its desire to assist Artisans with permission from the resigning royarch, Illthrak Ibarellan. As such its primary purpose is to aid in the growth of the nation, but equal to that purpose - is its desire to assist Artisans and Magi who serve the guild are there for not only themselves but the community for any sale made under the guild - its people. Artisan’s and Magi who serve the guild are there for not only themselves but the community, for any sale made under the guild - it must be reported to Aiyeis Acal’Turrii so that she can record such for future rewards. Leadership Head of Guild Aiyeis Acal’Turrii Regent Head in case of Absence Midas Von Acal’Turrii, Ac’Sullii Acal’Turrii Current Heir Ac’Sullii Acal’Turrii Head of Magi Lawrintithius, Aiyeis Acal’Turrii, Midas Von Acal’Turrii Head of Coin Siobhan Branches Those who wish to sell their craft through the guild should be aware of the various roles they take and may apprentice for. From Artisans to Magi, the guild is home to all crafts. Artisans A broad term to cover all bases - the guild’s main purpose is to aid all who sell the fruit of their labor. Whether that be a writer's poetry, a musician's melody, an artisan's canvas, or an architect's structure, all may come for a chance of respite with the guild. Each member - depending upon their craft(s); will be gifted a pin to wear at events to show their crafts and whether they seem apprentices. Magi As the Magi aided in the guild's formation, The 'aheral Aiyeis Acal'Turrii formed a sub-division led by Lawrintithius. Joining the Guild If any prospective artisan is seeking to join the guild, they may send word to Aiyeis Acal’Turrii by bird, or by visiting the guild hall in Celia’nor. It will be by the apple orchards.
  3. THE CRIMSON GUILD FOUNDATION ----------------------------------- In today's date, Crimson Iron Guild is born. A guild that Will be composed of all kinds of races, from merchants to mercenaries and treasurers, and donors. Its purpose, and the with duty and experience I, Jaromir Kos, undertake to create a guild with hooks all over the continent, creating and receiving information of all kinds. We want and expect to attract all kinds of people, with respect for diversity. Jaromir Kos, Grand Master of the Crimson Guild https://discord.gg/qK9nKgYP
  4. Laurih’Valmiran Heial (Noble/Chosen Artisans ——————— Welcome to the opening of the Artisan’s Guild in Celia’nor. Within the next few elven weeks, a guild hall will be constructed with a reading nook for our permanent residents and quarters for the apprentices. There will be a notice board in the main hall to promote their works and garner commissions. Also found in that hall would be a small tavern space used by the Celia’nor Winery and Tavern. And a few market stalls. ——————— ——————— Upon its construction - the guild will be used as a gathering square for artists to converse with like-minded virtuosos and create or strengthen bonds within a fresh community. The Artisan’s Guild aims to be a beneficial center for those in creative fields. Artists who join and are active participants will be given emblems to show they have the guild's support. There will be five separate parts of the guild: artisans, tailors, architects, writers, and musicians. Though they are split, the guild will function cohesively. More information will be provided in later missives. ——————— ——————— To establish your desire to work at this Artisan’s Guild, please get in touch with Aiyeis Acal’Turrii (EamBhaaling) or Ac’Sullii Acal’Turrii (CaffeinatedCrow) via letter. Lady Aiyeis Acal’Turrii, Court Seamstress, Head of Acal’Turrii Talonnii Ac’Sullii Acal’Turrii, Apprentice of Aiyeis, heir of Acal’Turrii Her Ladyship, Renna Py'lrie, Circle of Stars, Silver Seneschal, Primary Physician of the Celia'norian Clinic and Medical Institution His Royal Majesty, The Prince of Fi'andria, Evarir of the North, Descendant of The Silver Phoenix, Enforcer of the Star’s Will, Prince of Celia'nor, Illthrak Ibarellan of the Principality of Celia’nor
  5. The Valorous Griffin guild An organization that came out of its founder's deep sense of justice and independence. Leonardo Mallory Faervel Griffin founded the guild. All so members could do good in the world in the ways only they could. instead of helping create, protect, or build an organization for someone else? He had come To be the founder of his own. A decision not made lightly in the slightest and one that did not change his ideals. To help those in need, protect those who need protection, Pursue knowledge, feed his creativity and to take care of his fellow guild members. all things he will encourage each member to strive for. The Griffin guild's oaths are ones Leonardo brought over from another guild. Ones he helped write himself and ones he adds to as necessary. His goals are lofty but attainable. The Griffin guild is to have 4 branches. One for each cardinal direction. They will also have a naval ship And in the future most possibly a fleet. The Valourous Griffins will take to the water protecting Aevos seas. Each member will be trained in naval and or non naval combat but that is not the only option to help. The guild has different crafts available, and divisions all its own. Such as woodwork and crafts, trade in weapons, alcohol and jewelry, a smithy shop, as well as the pursuit of magical, alchemical, or medical knowledge. finally don’t forget the care for the cities where guild branches base themselves. There is truly no task too small for every action and skill counts. People of all backgrounds are welcome to join. Everyone does their part to support the guild. Members will have access to knowledge, opportunities, and training they could not receive alone. They will be provided shelter in the guild halls, materials for their crafts, herbs if needed, and a forge for the smiths. The guilds combat-focused divisions will have chances to go on many missions. Be it fighting monsters, thieves, or crooks. To raiders, Dark Cults, And large-scale disruptors of peace. There will be Chances for competitions and activities will be plentiful as the Griffin guild has its own celebrations. Both to keep up morale and keep their members sharp. please read bellow for recruitment possibilities and contact information Contact Signed Leonardo Mallory Faervel Griffin
  6. A missive has been sent to all non-whitewashed Orcs and Honorary Orcs! A golden sword with wings and a light at the pommel is the seal that seems to keep it closed until it reaches their hands. It was an invitation. This letter goes to any Orc brave enough that is willing to join me on a Darkspawn hunts under the purifying flames of Dasul. Glory, trophies and appeasement of the spirits. Under Dasul's guidance and flame, the Darkspawn shall be eradicated and be sacrificed to be cleaned in the Spirits Brilliance. We shall orchestrate grand movements against the darkness that spreads across the sands and make our home a better and safe place from those that wish to taint our souls. Please understand the risks of hunting Darkspawn, as some may not come back, but we will do our best to make sure every single person returns home. If you wish to join the path of Dasul's Flame, seek me out or write me a letter letting me know of your interest. (AKA find me IC, send Aviary or reply here.)
  7. Deep in stone Our iron swings The ore we mine Is worthy of Kings Eternal Prosperity Is what we’ll bring The Mining Order of Eternal Prosperity is the national mining guild of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, established in 158 S.A Kaldithrunn during the Aevos Coalition War by the Grand King, Garedyn The Emerald. The Mining Order represents the latest in a long line of successive mining guilds in Urguan, from the Prospector’s Guild to the Obsidian Pickaxe. The Mining Oder of Eternal Prosperity shall stand true to its name, and its labourers will be tasked with delving into the deepest and richest veins in Aevos. It is not a simple guild for the gathering of resources, instead, only the worthy and trusted spelunkers can call themselves a member. Ard’skuldermar The Arch Caver is the Guild lord of the Mining Order. They are responsible for the administration of the mines around the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and thus hold an extremely important position within the Kingdom. Thrudol’Mugdormar The Chief Miners are the foremen of the guild, tasked with the administration of specific mines. They are expert miners of the guild, assigned with resource production in Urguan’s most protected mines, such as Daemonsteel and Diamond mines, as well as mining in other allied nations. Mugdormar The Miners of the guild make up the bulk of the extraction force of the guild. They are trusted and skilled enough to mine the most essential resources for Urguan. Umgorki The Cavelings are the newly joined guild members, deemed to have enough talent to one day become skilled miners. These dwarves are assigned basic jobs such as hauling, minecart pushing, and the mining of semi-precious stones. Unlike its predecessors, the Mining Order assigns trials to its members to ensure the presence of Grimdugan’s blessing within them. The First Trial This trial involves an interview with the guild leaders, so that one may prove the reasons as to why they are worthy of joining. The Second Trial For an Umgorki to become a Mugdormar, they must demonstrate all the skills they have learned while doing their apprenticeship. Mining technique, ore appraisal, cavern navigation, and so on. The Third Trial The ultimate test to determine if someone is worthy of becoming a Thrudol’Mugormar is to see if they are capable of opening up a new mine on their own. Guild members are allowed to keep 60% of their haul, the other 40% is saved for the kingdom. A dwarf is expected to uphold their oaths and follow the distribution above, if they break their oaths and are unable to control their greed they are unworthy of Grimdugan and are cast out of the guild as oathbreakers. Guild members are expected to provide their portion of their haul yearly. Failure to do so will result in the revoking of one’s benefits. Guild members may complete special orders and limited-time requests for money. Once a year the guild will host a Guild Day, where all members of the guild are to attend and collaborate on a project together. Mine Access Only Guild members can access Urguani mines. The higher one’s rank within the guild is, the better mines they can access. Thrudol’Mugdormar are granted tax deductions based upon contributions, custom-made equipment (magical an alchemical), and personal golems. Mugdormar are granted tax deductions based upon contributions and custom-made equipment. Umgorki are granted standard equipment. “By my pick and beard, I swear this to the Grand Kingdom and Grimdugan, I will delve to grow my hoards and that of my people and use my blessing of greed for greater good. If I let my greed overtake me, and covet the glimmer at the detriment of the people, may my pickaxes rust and my lanters go out for eternity.” Fill out the form below to send an application to the guild. You will be contacted by a guild representative. ROLEPLAY NAME: IN GAME NAME: DISCORD USERNAME: PRIOR MINING EXPERIENCE: ARE YOU A CITIZEN: ARE YOU WILLING TO SWEAR THE OATH:
  8. The Valkyrie's To be a Valkyrie is to defend the innocent all over Aevos. The guild's goal is to be a force unbound by any bias. One that destroys evil and upholds justice. May they be influentially powerful or a soul gone astray the Valkyrie’s will not indulge injustice in anyone. This is a call to all who have wished for an organization that upholds justice no matter who the enemy is. From simple monsters, thieves, or crooks. To raiders, Dark Cults, And large-scale disruptor's of peace. The Valkyrie's vow to have a branch in all four cardinal directions of Aevos. To have eyes everywhere and to uphold justice in every region they can. Come and join the Valkyries as we move to make a better tomorrow in Aevos To be recruited send a letter to Leonardo Mallory Faervel (For more info see down bellow)
  9. [!] Letters and parchment papers found themselves wedged and covering mailboxes, windows, notice board, walls and littering the roads throughout the realm of Aveos. All carried the same message with big red text written in the common tongue of man Hey you! Yes you right there reading this letter. I wanted to congratulate you on finding this one of a kind offer! You have been invited to join and serve in the best, most dubious and most certainly silliest band of creatures. The Goober Gang.What does this entail? Well I’m glad I asked for you. Joining means you have now the protection and immunity to the activities of pranks and jokes of those in it, in addition to the prospect of great power from another realm in your back pocket. To join is simple. To join you simply need to send a letter to Daal. I am his personal writing assistant and I will read each letter aloud to him and ensure with his own personal knowledge that he picks the best pranksters in the land. Like a farmer harvesting the highest plums that yields the most juice and taste you can be the next great pick before the squirrels get you, bite you and drop you. Don’t make the wrong choice in not joining The Goober Gang, you already have your invite. So why keep waiting? Send a letter and you can be the next greatest jokester that the land has been graced or dishonored by.
  10. Fishy

    The Citrine Guard

    The Citrine Guard Established 1948 “As our village sports no gates so must we be its shield, As our Clergy wander the world so must we be their cloak, As undeath marches upon the land so must we be the gold that banishes evil.” Mission The mission of the Citrine Guard is to first and foremost protect our humble Lemon Hill, its denizens, and the clergy. Be the threat mortal, voidal, undead, or demonic in nature, the Citrine Guard is to stand at the ready for the Hill’s defense. We fight for no King or Kingdom, insteading wielding our blades for GOD. The Chain, the Ranks of the Citrine Guard The command of the Citrine Guard is symbolized by a simple iron chain. Each link, whether at the top or bottom, is vital to the overall structure of the organization. Whether one’s rank is that of Grandmaster, the leader of the Citrine Guard, or Recruit, Enlisted or Band of the Flaming Iris, each link must be carefully maintained. The Band of the Flaming Iris The Band of the Flaming Iris houses the knights of the Citrine Guard, men and women trained in the chivalric tradition to keep virtue and the tenants of the organization at heart. I. Grandmaster of the Flaming Iris The Grandmaster is the overall leader of the Citrine Guard, responsible for commissioning the officers of the Citrine Guard and bestowing spurs upon the worthy. The Grandmaster’s foremost duty is to Lemon Hill, protecting the demesne with their own life if necessary. When a Grandmaster dies or retires, their successor is to be chosen of the Knight-Commanders. Ser Morgan of Angren, 1948 - Present II. Knight-Commander of the Flaming Iris The Knight-Commanders serve as veteran officers of the Citrine Guard, capable of commanding both the Citrine Guard and the knights of the Flaming Iris. In the Chain of Command, they are second only to the Grandmaster. Dame Valda, 1948 - Present III. Knight of the Flaming Iris A knight of the Flaming Iris is to be a seasoned warrior trained in the chivalric tradition. They are to uphold the virtues of their rank at all times, for which they are permitted to bear a coat of arms of their own. In the Chain of Command, they are equivalent to a Man-at-Arms. Enlisted I. Sergeant, colloquially known as the “Lemon Sour” Sergeants serve to direct men in battle and maintain discipline in the ranks. They are to be proven soldiers more than capable of commanding their comrades. II. Man-at-Arms, colloquially known as the “Lemon Head” Man-at-Arms serve as the proven veterans of the Citrine Guard, capable of holding their own. May command lower ranks at the behest of a Sergeant or lack thereof. III. Militiaman, colloquially known as the “Lemon Levy” Militiamen are the backbone of the Citrine Guard, drilled and disciplined to be entrusted with the crest of Lemon Hill upon their tabard. Their purpose is to follow the orders of their Sergeant and serve as the mainline infantry of the Citrine Guard. IV. Recruit, colloquially known as the “Lemon Drop” Recruits are the initial enlisted of the Citrine Guard, to be trained and made into Militiamen within the span of a year. Billets Billets sit outside the traditional chain of command, existing as positions vital to the function and armament of the Citrine Guard. Any soldier may be assigned a billet, regardless of rank. I. Quartermaster The Quartermaster works to ensure that all men are armed, armored, and provisioned within the Citrine Guard, directing the alchemists and blacksmiths to accomplish this goal. II. Alchemist Alchemists work to ensure that alchemical supplies of the Citrine Guard are well stocked and the production of potions and elixirs. III. Blacksmith Blacksmiths work to ensure the Citrine Guard is equipped with proper steel and the maintenance of our arsenal. IV. Medicae Medicae work to bind the wounded of the Citrine Guard, be it with sutures or alchemics, tasked with preserving cherished life. Pay Enlisted I. Sergeant Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor A horse 15 minas a year II. Man-at-Arms Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor A horse 10 minas a year III. Militiaman Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon A daily portion of beer at the Red Roof Inn Arms and Armor 5 minas a year IV. Recruit Room and Board A daily portion of meat and a lemon Training “Know us by our tabard.” Those seeking to enlist should contact either Ser Morgan of Angren (househelvets) or Dame Valda (Jtit#9196). Alternatively, one may apply by replying to this posting in the following format: Application Name: Age: Race: Username: Discord: https://discord.gg/hkpt7R6gqt
  11. Along the streets of Talar'nor, a proposal or better described as invitation is put up through posters amongst several street walls and noticeboards. All of which invite those of the elitist variety, those who aspire to aristocracy and class to assist in the beginning of a new standing guild within the city walls. The Society of Common and Unified Mali The time for the Aristocracy to rise is now. Talar'nor needs a cultured community of people to guide etiquette and enhance the city's dwindling spark. With the forwarding of the Common and Unified Mali, a society of people shall form to bring prosperity and a proper sense of being to the denizens of this nation. The starting structure for this guild's code of conduct are as follows: i. Carry oneself with a high sense of being, one must be concise and literate with a proper sense of class and culture. Hold yourself with fine morals that line well with the codes of Talar'nor society. ii. Be irrefutable to the public. One's status should not be questioned or easily shattered, do not allow your position in the guild to become a topic of debate. iii. Be reputable, one must hold a craft or talent and wield it as well as ink and paper. Let known your ability and wield it to heighten the society. The society's activities would include typical assemblies, where topics of the world are brought into question, be it war or people of interest. Typically entertainment will be provided, betting on combats or races, or travels to other communities are all favoured activities for this guild. Recruitment will open simply as those keen on interested, once a selection of individuals who pen their names upon this notice are chosen and reviewed then further aspirants may be permitted to join upon accepting and achieving a challenge or goal set by communal decision of those already present within. If you find yourself with piqued interests in joining this guild, please pen your name below.
  12. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Song Sparrow ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. Introduction II. Crew Rankings III. Culture and Traditions IV. The Privateers Oath ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I. INTRODUCTION The Song Sparrow is a crew of independent privateers who sell their services to any who might want to buy it, be that a trader in need of a shipment being made, or a city looking to hire a vessel to protect their shores from invading nations. While they believe in helping their fellow man from time to time, the crew of The Song Sparrow are no strangers to misdeeds as well, and will plunder other ships and opposing nations, should someone hire them to do so. At it's core, The Song Sparrow was still formed by two outcasts who turned to lives of thievery in order to survive. Joining The Song Sparrow is far more then just setting sail for the fun of it all - on this ship, it's a way of life, and in to survive one must have the courage to look danger in the eye and spit back at it, they must have the knowledge of how to sail the open sea, and they must have the passion to live a life of freedom and independence, answering to no one but their Captain. While freedom for all rests among their core values, one must still be willing to take orders in battle and follow them accordingly, else risk being thrown overboard. If you, or someone you know, is a sea-fairing individual come visit the crew of The Song Sparrow, currently found at dock 3 in Lurin found towards the very back of the city. The Song Sparrow is always looking for brave men and women of the sea to set sail with and while our crew may be small, we treat each other like family. Join us, and set yourself free with one of the finest sailors to grace the high seas, Captain Vicnan Hawkins. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ II. CREW RANKINGS CAPTAIN Vicnan Hawkins QUARTERMASTER Wilamen Macloed HELMSMAN Balkas Balo LOOK-OUT Amir Gonzalez MASTER GUNNER Adrian Falker Heskynne SEA DOG -VACANT- NAVIGATOR Adela Proudbottom SURGEON Marol Malthengolv SHIP WRIGHT Masayoshi DECKHANDS Rafi -VACANT- -VACANT- -VACANT- IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SKILLS THAT YOU BELIEVE MAY HELP OUR CREW, DO NOT HESITATE TO SAY SO! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ III. CULTURE AND TRADITIONS The crew of The Song Sparrow take sailor culture very seriously and partake in many activities that honors the culture of sailing the open seas. DRINKING GAME: GROG & HORSESHOES One of the favorite drinking games of Captain Vicnan Hawkins, Grog and Horseshoes is a rather simple game to play. Two sailors take a pile of horseshoes and try to toss them around wooden poles set up on the ship, should a sailor MISS, they are required to take a swig of Grog. Should one sailor successfully get a horseshoe around the pole, the opposing sailor must take a swig of Grog. The winner is whoever successfully gets all six horseshoes around the wooden poles, the loser is then required to drink an entire tankard of Grog. THE HYMN OF THE SONG SPARROW While the crew of The Song Sparrow take part in singing many sea shanties, the favorite of the ship is one Vicnan wrote himself after he stole his first boat. Where can you find pleasure? Search the world for treasure? Where can you sail the open sea? Make all of your dreams come true, and drink until your face turns blue... It's here in the ocean! Yes, you can sail the open sea! Here in the ocean! And you can drink until you pee! In the ocean! Come on now step aboard and take a stand! Right here in the ocean! THE SEA LEG CEREMONY When a new sailor finally receives their sea legs upon the ship, Captain Vicnan Hawkins takes it upon himself to congratulate them in taking their first major step in becoming a successful privateer of the open sea. He does so by holding a small feast and gifting the new sailor with a golden earring, which is believed by many sailors to prevent one from drowning. It is a small ceremony but one the Captain takes quite seriously. FEASTS Among many other things, the crew of The Song Sparrow loves to host large feasts upon their ship. Whether it be in celebration of a victory in battle, or to honor a fallen comrade, the crew will always find an excuse to host a feast. Any and all who are friends of the crew may join where they may partake in the food and the Grog. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IV. THE PRIVATEERS OATH Before officially coming aboard and joining the crew of The Song Sparrow, every sailor must take this oath and uphold it to the best of their abilities. I. I shall not steal from a fellow privateer, and will only steal from non-privateers. II. I shall remain loyal to my fellow crew members and my captain. III. I shall never harm an innocent woman or child. IV. I swear to protect my ship and my crew until the sea takes me. ANYONE CAUGHT BREAKING THIS OATH OR ANY OTHER LAWS OF THE SEA WILL BE APPTLY PUNISHED BY THE CAPTAIN HIMSELF! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APPLICATION OOC INFORMATION Minecraft Username: Discord Username: RP INFORMATION Persona Name: Age: Race: Applicable skills: Affiliations:
  13. [!] Those dreaded 'Quest Managers' have begun organizing again. One of them, wearing the traditional 'Hey look at me I'm a Quest NPC' attire walks up to you, question mark above their head, and hands you this flier: The Quest Guild! ~A halfling hard at work in the Dúnwen branch of the Quest Guild!~ Despite providing such a vital service to the realms of Aevos, adventurers have gone unorganized for far too long! As such, with the official merger of the halfling Quest Office and the Caritas Quest Guild, we are better prepared than ever to offer ye the best questing and adventuring experience ever seen! To organize our services as procurers of adventure, we've organized dungeons, monster slayings, escort missions, fetching duties, and other such tasks into different ranks (known as "stars") to be offered to adventurers of similar rank. The ranks be as follows: Thrill Seeker: A fledgling adventurer who is only offered one-star quests. These folks spend their days slaying rats and gremlins before proving themselves to the Guild. They do receive a discount in Guild-associated taverns just for joining, however. Trepid Explorer: More than a beginner, but only just. They are allowed connection with the highest tiered 'Harper Agents' for advice and training. It is rumored than only a few such adventurers exist. They may also access double-star quests, usually a lesser monster slaying or minor undead infestation clean-up. Hardened Adventurer: The true backbone of the Guild, these adventurers may access triple-star quests and delve deep into dark dungeons to obtain delightful delicacies (gold and silver)! As such, we tell these adventurers where these dungeons are. Can't have the new folks throwing themselves into the dungeons as we have profit margins to maintain safety standards to care about! Fearless Dungeoneer: An adventurer who has proved themselves worthy of quadruple-star quests that start to actually matter on a grander scale (almost). They also receive free room and board at Guild locations. Harper Agent: These rare, hyper-skilled adventurers are called upon to clean up the horrifying of problems potentially even earning a small profit in doing so! They may access the highest-tier quintuple-star quests! These folks are almost celebrities, sorta, you definitely want to become on! So, what are ye waiting for? Sign up to be a registered adventurer today after paying the (oh so generous) application fee of 15 minas (leather is also accepted, I rule such as a Branch Leader and if the other Branch Leaders complain I will raise such a fuss that the Guild will never recover). Adventure awaits ye! Apply below! Name: Residence: Race: Class?: What ye bring to the Guild: Do you swear to not kill your fellow adventurers to steal their stuff mid-dungeon crawl?: ~Mimosa Applefoot, Former Manager of the Halfling Quest Office, current Dúnwen Branch Leader of the Quest Guild.
  14. “Innovation meets Artisans, and Artisans meet Creation.” Discover Gotrek Industries, where craftsmanship, alchemy, and engineering converge! From custom-crafted treasures to potent potions and awe-inspiring golemantic creations, we are your ultimate guild for excellence. Our artisans possess unparalleled skills in blacksmithing, armor and weapon smithing, jewel crafting, and more ensuring unrivaled beauty and durability. Explore the mystical world of alchemy with our powerful potions, while our visionary engineers create extraordinary machines and golemantic wonders. With personalized service, we will bring your dreams to life. Experience the power of mastery with Gotrek Industries! Contact us today ((XxEnderking: Ulfar Starbreaker or on discord: .ChumChum)). Gotrek Industries Catalog Welcome to the comprehensive catalog of Gotrek Industries, your trusted guild for exceptional craftsmanship, alchemy, and engineering. Below you will find our wide range of products and services, along with their respective prices in mina. Custom Crafted Weapons (e.g swords and shields) Starting Price: 80 Mina Examples: Custom Crafted Tools and Accessories Starting Price: 50 Mina Examples: Greater Alchemicals/Potions Starting Price: 80 Mina Examples: Lesser Alchemicals/Potions Starting Price: 50 Mina Tailoring & Armor Smithing (Skinning) (Pricing varies depending on complexity) Pricing Range: 150 Mina - 400 Mina Examples: Construction (Smaller Builds of a max size of 30x30, varies depending on complexity) Minimum Price (materials supplied): 400 Mina Minimum Price (materials required): 600 Mina (Larger builds, varies depending on complexity) Prices to be negotiated. Macro Machines (Full Purchase) (Pricing based on size) Pricing Range: 200 Mina - 2000 Mina Macro Machines (Rental) Minimum Price: 200 Mina per year (1 Week) Golems (Full Purchase) Servus: Minimum Price - 300 Mina Mundus: Minimum Price - 3000 Mina Brutus: Minimum Price - 5000 Mina Golems (Rental) Mundus: 300 Mina per year (1 Week) Brutus: 500 Mina per year (1 Week) Please note that the prices stated above represent the minimum cost for each individual item or service. For specific customization requests or additional features, the final price may vary. Quality and Perfection Guaranteed At Gotrek Industries, we uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship, ensuring that every product we offer is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our alchemicals are expertly brewed using the finest ingredients, while our machines and golems are built to surpass expectations. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that your investment in our products will be met with unparalleled quality. Your Journey Starts Here Choose Gotrek Industries to embark on a journey of exceptional creations, alchemical wonders, and mechanical marvels. We invite you to explore our vast array of offerings and discover the perfect solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let our guild bring your visions to life. Gotrek Industries - Where Mastery Meets Innovation! Formatting done by Laurelin
  15. … .. . [!] A few Saint’s Days ago, a brave group of young men and women descended into the Weaver’s Den within the Swamp. The Valiant Seekers: Wyn ‘The White Light’ Julietta ‘The Sharp Shooter’ Zelphar ‘The Erratic’ Leonardo ‘The Pack Mule & Bomber’ Raven ‘The Inflaming’ Rumil ‘The Unrelenting’ Uhier ‘The Golden Throw’ Giraudus ‘The Explorer’ Saxton ‘The Gaunt’ Handil ‘The Watcher’ A’lia ‘The Hound’ Azra ‘The Invincible’ The Weaver’s Den is a cave system shrouded in darkness consumed by Piranha Wasps. These wasps live in the upper regions of the cave hive, eating and tearing through everything that enters. The Valiant Seekers came across many dead bodies that fell victim to these wasps in their venture. Further down lay the Karkossa, acid spitting spiders the size of humans, poking out of holes in the walls. Taunting the Valiant Seekers. They appeared in numbers, usually three or more. Then, at the very center, lay the Queen. FIRST EXPEDITION Wyn, Julietta, Zelphar, Handil, Raven, and Azra enter the Weaver’s Den, the party not knowing what to expect. Lucky for them, Wyn brought torches. This kept the Piranha Wasps at bay, the only thing keeping the group alive. They transcended the tunnels, no map in sight. When approaching a dead end, the Valiant Seekers found themselves cornering the Piranha Wasps. Light keeps them at bay, but they quickly found out that if the bugs felt like they had to, they would charge. And that they did, passing through the group giving everyone scratches and nicks. The medic during the expedition, Julietta passed out a Tippens Root salve to everyone and they moved on. Down the winding tunnels, they found themselves at many fault lines. Passing over them with relative ease until Zelphar threw a rock at one. The whole fault line crumbled, the sound of shifting rock all around them. They moved on, Julietta throwing a blast potion on another one which opened up into a massive cavern. Wyn and Azra approached the hole, before it collapsed beneath them! The group rushed in aside from Handil and Julietta where they found themselves face to face with the Karkossa. Eventually, everyone makes it down there and after Wyn, the Tank, kills them all they ascend to the surface once more. They needed to prepare. SECOND AND FINAL EXPEDITION We return to the Weavers Den. Now a party of 10 and much more prepared than last time. The Valiant Seekers knew what to expect and what to bring. Weapons and potions, as many lanterns as one could possibly carry. Back inside the winding tunnels they found themselves with Piranha Wasps on both sides. They had to make a decision, into the tiny tunnel or be eaten alive. As they all rushed to the tunnel, for obvious reasons, the Piranha Wasps left them alone. Finding themselves in a new place within the hive, they continued on. This was the Spiders Territory. One Fault Line after another, eventually they ended up breaking one. In doing so, the noise alerted the Karkossa and they began to attack the rear of the group in a giant wave. Those at the front of the cave were helpless in the matter and after doing a Perception check, Leonardo heard something. A scream. He transcended down into the cavern, Julietta quickly following with a now loaded crossbow. The fighting continued up above, the duo now in a new tunnel and making their way through it. A cry for help was heard, before nothing. It was silent, too silent. Julietta advised they wait for the others and headed back to the entrance, Leonardo quickly following. The group rushed down the new tunnel, their eyes watching every crevice within the walls. A cocoon. A silk cocoon. Wyn cut it open, the dead body of a man falling out. He collected the man's belongings, hoping to give him a proper burial once they made it out. Even so, they continued on. Reaching a thick tunnel of webs, Raven lit the thing ablaze, burning their way through the pathway. THE BOSS BATTLE The tunnel opened into a massive cavern, eggs and webs covering the walls. Everything was still so quiet, the party on high alert. Those same silk cocoons hung from the ceilings, the victims' cries never having been heard. Then, she appeared. The Queen. She shot that same acid onto Raven, burning him beyond belief. Julietta immediately shot her crossbow, landing a solid hit on the thing. A blast potion was thrown and missed, scaring the Queen further into the room. Uhier threw another blast potion, hitting the Queen dead on. She fell, scurrying off to the far side of the cave room. Wyn and Rumil followed, Julietta passing Leonardo an acid neutralizer to help with Raven’s burns. Zelphar, Saxton, and Handil took care of the minions that began flooding into the space. Julietta loaded up a flaming bolt within her crossbow, waiting for the perfect shot. Wyn slid under the Queen’s underbelly, stabbing it with his greatsword. One thing led to another and his leg was punctured by the Queen’s. Rumil slashed at the legs of the Queen, cutting one off before getting thrown by another. There! The perfect shot. Julietta warned everyone before letting the bolt loose, hitting the Queen dead in the head! Her whole head lit ablaze in mere moments, Wyn using this time to slice her head clean off. He succeeded, but in doing so the Queen retaliated. She lifted a leg, going to drive it directly into the man in a killing blow. While her head was no longer, that leg still had to come crashing back down. But to Wyn’s luck, Uhier sliced it clean off, saving his life. The group cheered. Wyn and Julietta get the finishing blows with Uhier saving Wyn’s life. On the other side of the cavern were the three men, Saxton, Zelphar, and Handil taking care of the minions in perfect succession. THE AFTERMATH With the Queen dead, the Valiant Seekers cheered. A’lia and Julietta rushed to Wyn’s aid, A’lia magically healing him with her wolves following. They surveyed the area before taking whatever they could get from the Queen’s body. Then they felt it. A rumble. Something had awoken. Something much bigger. The Evils of the Swamp were not defeated yet, the party had another mission after this. This was not the last the Swamp would see of them. Until next time. THE WEAVER’S DEN WAS DEFEATED, THE VALIANT SEEKERS VICTORIOUS. FIRST ONES IN, LAST ONES OUT. To celebrate the victory, Julietta is hosting a tavern night in Whitespire, Aaun, on Wednesday, June 21st at 9pm EST. Be there to hear the terrifying tale of all they have to share. OOC
  16. THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ORDER OF ELIXIRS [!] Established in Aevos, 1929 ORDER OF ELIXIRS Founded in 1929 in the lands of Aevos, The Order of Elixirs stands as one of the several Royal Orders of Clementine Court. Its main purpose is to gather both expert and novice Alchemists to spread the knowledge to willing and capable scholars and students. In doing so, they may supply the Kingdom of Aaun with any necessary alchemical supplies for their tasks. Order Hierarchy Those within the Hierarchy are a part of the Order of Elixirs and are either those learning alchemy or are already Masters of it. The Hierarchy stands to keep Order within organized properly, so to make it easier when looking for a member of the Order. Head Alchemist | Julietta Laurelai Haverlock The Head Alchemist is the director of the Order, the person who has the ultimate authority to make decisions within the ranks. It is them who is told of the requests that the Kingdom or Legion make of the order and it is also them who then relays this to the Order so that they may begin work on creating them. Councilors | Sir Emir D'Arbre Councilors of the order are tasked with advising everyone within the order, helping students out where needed, giving alchemists advice. However, their prime directive is advising and aiding the Head Alchemist in making their decisions and how to prioritize orders. Novice Alchemists The basic all-round alchemists, they are tasked with following the directives of the Head Alchemist and making the potions that are required by the Kingdom’s people. They may also be tasked with the teaching of new students if the order deems it necessary. Students Those currently learning the Alchemical Arts. They have not yet mastered the arts and are still perfecting their skills. Learning to master Alchemy is a long and tedious process, a student must be prepared to do their own learning on their time. [!] If this is of interest to you, please send word to Princess Julietta (Kitomine / otik) Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Edith Klaire of Reinmar, Queen of Aaun, Princess-Consort of Alstion, Duchess-Consort of Corazon and Balemena, Countess-Consort of Enswerp and Whitespire Her Excellency, Julietta Laurelai Haverlock, Lady Chamberlain of Aaun, Founder & Head of the Order of Elixirs, Councilor of The Medical Society of St.Catherines His Excellency, Sir Emir of the House d’Arbre, The Treasurer of Aaun, Count of l’Arbre d’Or
  17. ATTENTION!!!! My name is Kaelin Keldor, The grand warden of the Black dawn hunter association, Due to the modern dark forces the guild has not performed in peek performance and is there somone to blame for it..... ofcourse there is. LIsten and listen close, for all that seek to be hunters of the black dawn and all that shall fall prey to ous, We are back stronger than ever, more deturmend than ever, ready to take on the forces of that is deemed evil. Join The black dawn today as we made a new alley with the orc kingdom that has, allocated ous land to fullfill our dutys in the new land to come. https://discord.gg/s5KwnnUv4Q
  18. Legacy of the Crocodile The Treacherous Seas Awaken 119 S.A. [!] A painting of the Hyspian Coast. ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ [!] Missives could be found among the streets all over Almaris. We thank those that helped us defeat our last attacker, though alas it appears Hyspia has another threat. Fishermen have been going missing, the wood of shipwrecks washing up on our shores. We call you all once again to hear our plea for help. Join us. Join the Legacy of the Crocodile to discover what has plagued these fishermen and eradicate it at once. VIVA HYSPIA! [!] Another missive is attached ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ The Legacy of the Crocodile is a warrior guild founded by His Highness, Francisco and Her Highness, Amity. It was started to help fend off the evil forces of Almaris and protect the lands of Hyspia from harm. With this guild, we vow to defeat anything that threatens our lands be that Spooks or Beasts out of control. Our forces will travel wherever we are needed, just bird His or Her Highness with any and all details regarding the mission. Below contains the information regarding the guild and how to join, if you have any questions bird either of the Highnesses. The Hierarchy of the Guild is as follows: Leaders: The owners of the guild Masters: Highly respected members of the guild, the highest achievable role Members: Your basic member, anyone who has passed recruitment New Recruits: Those who have yet to pass into proper membership Below you will find any and all information regarding how to join and where we are located, we hope to see you there. Join us and help protect our homes, including yours. ✧━───༺༻──━━✧ Signed by, His Highness, Francisco I, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Patriarch of House de Pelear Her Highness, Amity Ionna de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Matriarch of House de Pelear
  19. Legacy of the Crocodile The Siege of Big Bird Year 118 S.A. [!] Missives could be found among the streets all over Almaris. ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ [!] A painting of the LOTC Guild Hall with the prize of their hunt. ✧━━──༺༻──━━✧ 18th of The Deep Cold Year 118 S.A. Recently, the livestock of Hyspia have been going missing. The Viceroy and Vicereine had reason to believe this is a predator due to the blood splatters found near the enclosures, along with black feathers. A Saints Week ago they posted a missive requesting help for the hunt to eradicate this predator so Hyspia doesn’t starve. On this day, their hunt began. The group, consisting of Her Highnesses Francisco and Amity alongside their companions, Slith and Deyn, all grouped up outside the guild hall and discussed where to check first considering their clues. The group decision was to check higher altitudes for anything flying. So they set off towards the highlands of Old Haelun’or. The sky above recedes behind dark clouds as you reach the foot of Storm's Peak. A constant rain patters against its charred, stone walls. . . The group searched around Storms Peak, sticking close to one another in case the predator was to attack. They searched the Haense Vassal for a while before a SCREECH echoed throughout their ears, covering them in an instant as they all flinched. Francisco suggested finding a vantage point and lead everyone inside a nearby tower. They all climbed up the ladders from within, reaching the top soon after. Amity gazed around at the landscapes to try and see anything while Slith took out heat vision goggles. “Does anyone see anything?” The Vicereine asked, to which they all responded with a no. Alas, another SCREECH echoed within their ears, the predator being very close now. “Let’s look around, but be on vyr guard. Don’t attack alone.” Amity uttered as they all descended onto the roof of the Keep, looking around for anything outside the walls. Before them lay a large nest, a black feathered figure asleep within. “I thought we were hunting for something that had AT LEAST more than 2 heads and 6 wings,” Deyn uttered as she gazed at it; Francisco pulled out his bow, loading it with an arrow as he aimed at the figure. “..Apparently so. A very big one at that..” Amity uttered, gazing at the nest. “I can see where our livestock has been disappearing to..” The woman kept her axe ready in front of her. “…Y'know… that looks ah lot like a nest…” Slith muttered somewhat quietly, looking towards the others. “What if it hassah parent?” “What if this one is the parent?” Deyn questioned in response. Though with the group's chatter, the figure awoke. The beast grew from looking rather small to becoming a towering 12 feet tall, gazing at the group with its beady eyes. A Crowdrake. It flapped its wings, sending a gust of air the group's way. Francisco and Deyn were knocked off the ledge from the gust, Francisco suffering from a sprained ankle and Deyn breaking her leg. Amity rushed to her husband's aid, scaling the stone walls until her feet hit the ground. As she did so, the bird approached Deyn. It aimed a talon at her arm, the woman poking her spear at the bird's chest to keep it at bay. “I REQUIRE ASSISTANCE!” She shouted. Slith came to the rescue, taking out a Tanglefoot potion and JUMPING onto the bird's back! The potion came into effect as its wings were bound to its body. “ASSISTANCE IS ARRIVING-“ Amity made her way towards the others, axe at the ready while the Viceroy powered up his gauntlet. The bird started lashing its head around, trying to bite anyone within the area. Deyn attempted to impale the bird with her spear and the Vicereine attempted to slash at the base of its neck. Slith took out his pronged trident, scraping it against the neck to try and inflict Azhl Anemia onto the creature. Francisco took out a falcata, nearing the group as his gauntlet continued to power up. The bird’s neck was too clotted up from the tanglefoot to decapitate the thing so it reared back on Amity in retaliation. The Crowdrake let out a blood curdling SCREECH as Deyn’s spear struck the bird. Ichor spew from its abdomen, the SCREECH stunning Amity, Deyn, and Slith. Slith’s Trident pierced the skin, dealing poison into the beast before the bird continued with it’s attack on the Vicereine, digging a deep gash into her elbow with its beak. She hissed out jumbled Hyspian, mostly consisting of curse words. As she used the axe to try and block the birds attacks using her good arm, Slith groaned, taking out another blade to scrape himself free of the tanglefoot that affixed him so closely to the Crowdrake. Deyn was stunned but her blade remained stabbed into the flesh, the ichor continuing to leak as its life force was drained from the attacks. In a moment of a last stitch effort, the bird reeling its sharpened talons into Amity’s already wounded arm. The flesh tore and armor dented, her arm hanging on by muscles and tendons. Deyn pulled her spear back, aiming to pin the bird down or rake a cut along the side of the creature. Amity allowed her axe to slip so that her hand was at the head of said axe. She aimed the axe to cut off the birds leg to free herself from its grasp, letting out more of those hissed curse words and jiberish hyspian. Slith became momentarily dazed by the efforts and the sudden thrashing. During this, they sought to stabilize themselves by essentially hugging the creature's back, flipping over the heavy trident with both hands to plunge all three blightsteel prongs into it's back. Francisco aims to slice the Calvary blade into the birds flesh, grinning as his gauntlet’s flame turned blue, the final stage of powering up. “STAP. SHAKIN- AHH-.” Slith cried out. “I AM WORKING ON IT!” Deyn yelled in response. “NOTCHU-” They retorted in that same cry. As Amity cut the bird's leg, the thing fell to the ground and gave the woman some relief. Her axe clattered to the ground as she too fell, clutching at the abhorrent wound on her arm that was just barely hanging on.Viscera and gore spews due to Francisco and Deyn's efforts, and as the blightsteel prongs finally perforate the mass of tanglewood that had protected its flesh, it keels over, now limp . . After making sure that the beast wasn't getting back up ever again, the adrenaline would finally wither away, leaving Deyn to suffer through the pain of her fall and along with any other injuries she suffered, ripping her spear free from the corpse and using it as a walking stick. Slith remained clinging onto the creature, gripping the trident in its flesh tightly as he remained somewhat embedded in tanglefoot still- opening a single eye beneath that bronze mask of his to look around. A jet of a very dark blue flame would be thrusted forward at extreme speed, aimed directly for the nest. The flame was hot enough to melt metal. Francisco had his gauntlet pointed in such a direction, and the rest of his body behind it as his sword stayed to his side, not making any assault on the creature with the blade. And succinctly, the nest was set ablaze. It would be wise for those surrounding the crowdrake to step away, as the fire spread swiftly. Juxtaposing that rapidly-moving fire was the stilled crowdrake, dead and lifeless. . . . “A hot hot fire!” The Viceroy speaks before rushing over to his wife, sheathing his blade, and going to check over any injuries she may have “The hell did it do to tu?” “FACKING VOIDAL MAGIC USAHS-” Slith yelled spitefully/with fear, scraping his way off of the crowdrake as fast as possible till he shuffled away from the blazing nest. “Oh….I guess….We are…not taking any of creatures….Wwwwoondrous….Trinkets” Deyn spoke in-between deep breaths, as she slowly dragged herself aaway from the fire hazzard with the help of her spear. The Vicereines arm was dripping with blood, her elbow barely hanging on. She kicked her medic bag towards her husband as she tried to keep her breathing steady. Francisco would take some tippens root and cover the woman's arm in it to stop the bleeding of the woman's arm. “…Hokay who…” Slith looked over at Deyn, crouching down to look at her wounds. “Ough.” “Me leggies be not doing solidly….” Deyn uttered in a tired voice…The endless pouring of the rain not making it all that better. Her right leg was broken and she had minor punctures all across the sides of her neck. Amity unleashed more hyspian jiberish, mostly containing curse words as the elbow was slathered in tippens. Her muscle and tendons were exposed though the blood quickly seemed to clot. Tears budded in the corners of her eyes as her free hand turned into a fist. “Now clean the clotted blood off-” She hissed a deep breath in. “And apply the blissfoil but only a fingertips worth- remove after-” She hissed once more as she forced the instructions from her mouth. “60 Seconds.” “Vale, vale” her husband would speak, using the cloth of his cape to wipe away the clotted blood, before applying the fingertip's worth of blissfoil, waiting a minute before removing it “Todo estará bien, todo estará bien” would be repeated by the man trying to reassure the woman. As the numbing agent sunk in, the woman breathed out a sigh of relief. “Now clean it with the antiseptic and wrap in bandages.” Francisco proceeded to use the antiseptic to clean the wound before wiping it away and going to wrap the arm in bandages. A temporary solution so she didn’t lose her forearm before a medic could properly tend to it. Dragging herself a little bit further, something that was made greater with the help of her spear, Deyn would sit under a small cover, away from the rain and where she could finally calm down, relax and wait out. Slith took out his medical kit, disinfecting the woman's neck punctures. They then quickly smeared tippens into those punctures, then looked down at their leg to make a makeshift cast for it. Afterwards they glanced towards Amity and her simp. “…Chu two good?” “Worry yourself not, I am doing quite nicely…For now….” Deyn spoke rather annoyed, but mostly soaking in the relief of having slain the creature. “Si, my ankle is a little busted, but nothing that won't heal” he responds before going to lift Amity up “She… took extensive wounds to her arm.” “…Do ye need a hand- I mean, er…” Slith paused momentarily. “…Y'need help?” Whilst that torrential downpour continues, so too does the blazing fire - though gradually, it does fizz out and dissipate . . The travel back to Hyspia - or perhaps Haense, would still be arduous in this weather. “Fine now” Amity muttered. “How are vy two?” She rose to her feet, arm held protectively against her torso. The woman moved to the crowdrake as she picked up her axe, bringing it weakly above her head and down onto its neck. It didn't do much as she spat on the bird, hissing “Puta!” She looked back over to her husband, just pointing to its head, axe falling to the ground. Francisco rolls his eyes at his wife before picking up the axe “Tu want me to do it, or do tu want the pleasure” he speaks holding out the axe to her as he stands by the creature. “I can't otherwise I would.” The very irritated woman spat out the words before taking in another deep breath, calming herself. “I can't wield my axe with only one arm, can vy please do it for mae mi amor.” Her husband nods, pulling the axe into both hands as he makes a little spin and goes to chop the Crowdrake's head off with one simple axe swing from above. Once beheaded, he’d pick up the head, handing it to his wife. As she took the head, the corners of her mouth perked into a smile, though only slightly before it fell once more. “Si and getting its damn head is the best reward I could have gotten right now.” “That bird cost us an arm and a leg…!” Deyn jested, sighing “Alas, I believe we should return to the wondrous civility, lest we be overcome by not a horrific feathered beast, but by merely the elements that have already been conquered” she said as she rose to her feet once more, using her spear as a crutch. “Vale… shall we head back now?” Francisco questions, pulling a very bloodied talon out of its foot, as his own prize “At least now we can eat in peace.” “Si. I want to go home.” The injured Vicereine muttered, calling her horse and hoppin on. . . The sky above shifts from the dark clouds and constant rain to the usual sunny skies of Hyspia. The group departs from the dark gloom of Storm’s Peak, returning to the warmth of their home. . . . . . Hyspia’s livestock is now safe, no longer being slaughtered by the vicious Crowdrake. Its head now lay rested on a podium within the Guild Hall, a trophy of their battle. Viva Hyspia! [!] A copy of another missive was attached! ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ The Legacy of the Crocodile is a warrior guild founded by His Highness, Francisco and Her Highness, Amity. It was started to help fend off the evil forces of Almaris and protect the lands of Hyspia from harm. With this guild, we vow to defeat anything that threatens our lands be that Spooks or Beasts out of control. Our forces will travel wherever we are needed, just bird His or Her Highness with any and all details regarding the mission. Below contains the information regarding the guild and how to join, if you have any questions bird either of the Highnesses. The Hierarchy of the Guild is as follows: Leaders: The owners of the guild Masters: Highly respected members of the guild, the highest achievable role Members: Your basic member, anyone who has passed recruitment New Recruits: Those who have yet to pass into proper membership Below you will find any and all information regarding how to join and where we are located, we hope to see you there. Join us and help protect our homes, including yours. ✧━━──༺༻──━━✧ Signed by, His Highness, Francisco I, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Patriarch of House de Pelear Her Highness, Amity Ionna de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Matriarch of House de Pelear
  20. Attention! The Black Dawn Hunter Association offers hunting services for those in need of hunters. Our skilled hunters are ready to take on any game, big or small, for a fair price in Minas. Contact us to get hunters or apply to become one today! https://discord.gg/uh3jSpDU
  21. Listen closely, young hunters, and hear the tale of the Black Dawn's Rise, as told to me by my mother when I was but a child. In a time long ago, the world was plagued by an unrelenting darkness, an evil that seemed unstoppable. Beasts prowled the land, monsters lurked in the shadows, and demons and dragons ravaged the skies. It was a time of despair, a time when all hope seemed lost. The people of the world lived in fear, for they were powerless against the darkness that threatened to consume them. They prayed to the gods for salvation, but their prayers went unanswered. The darkness grew stronger with each passing day, and it seemed that the world was doomed to eternal night. But then, the Black Dawn rose in the sky, a sign of hope and redemption. The people of the world saw the Black Dawn and knew that they had not been abandoned by the gods. The Black Dawn was a powerful entity, and it sent forth its children, the greatest hunters of the land, to ride forth on horseback and do battle with the evil that threatened to consume the world. These hunters were the bravest and most skilled in the land, but even they were afraid. They knew that they faced terrible odds, for the creatures of darkness were many and their powers were great. The hunters rode out with heavy hearts, knowing that they might not return. But the hunters were not deterred, for they knew that the fate of the world rested on their shoulders. They rode forth with grim determination, facing their fears and steeling themselves for the battles to come. They fought bravely and tirelessly, day and night, never giving up even when it seemed that all was lost. At first, the hunters faced terrible odds, and many of them fell in battle. The darkness seemed overwhelming, and it was easy to lose hope. But the hunters persevered, for they knew that they had no choice but to fight. They battled demons and dragons, outwitted beasts and monsters, and saved countless lives in the process. And so it was that the hunters, with the blessings of the Black Dawn, saved the world from the darkness that threatened to consume it. They were hailed as heroes, and their deeds were remembered for generations to come. Remember this story, young hunters, and never forget the despair that once consumed the world. But also remember that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. The Black Dawn's Rise reminds us that we can overcome even the greatest of evils, so long as we have the courage and determination to do so. Told by (Kaelin Keldor, the first grand warden of The Black Dawn Hunters association) Join ous today: https://discord.gg/zX2pADZJ
  22. Legacy of the Crocodile A Predator On the Loose! [!] Missives could be found among the streets all over Almaris. ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ [!] A painting of the LOTC Guild Hall ✧━───༺༻──━━✧ 13th of The Deep Cold Year 117 S.A Recently, the Livestock of Hyspia have been going missing. We have reason to believe this is a predator due to the blood splatters found near the enclosures along with black feathers. Hyspia will go into famine if we do not catch and stop whoever it is that is taking our livestock. We, the Viceroy and Vicereine of Hyspia, call upon all the warriors of Almaris to help us on this task! We cannot do it without you. If you have any questions do bird His or Her Highness (Highest_Fire and Kitomine) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Viva Hyspia! [!] A copy of another missive was attached! ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ The Legacy of the Crocodile is a warrior guild founded by His Highness, Francisco and Her Highness, Amity. It was started to help fend off the evil forces of Almaris and protect the lands of Hyspia from harm. With this guild, we vow to defeat anything that threatens our lands be that Spooks or Beasts out of control. Our forces will travel wherever we are needed, just bird His or Her Highness with any and all details regarding the mission. Below contains the information regarding the guild and how to join, if you have any questions bird either of the Highnesses. The Hierarchy of the Guild is as follows: Leaders: The owners of the guild Masters: Highly respected members of the guild, the highest achievable role Members: Your basic member, anyone who has passed recruitment New Recruits: Those who have yet to pass into proper membership Below you will find any and all information regarding how to join and where we are located, we hope to see you there. Join us and help protect our homes, including yours. ✧━───༺༻──━━✧ Signed by, His Highness, Francisco I, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Patriarch of House de Pelear Her Highness, Amity Ionna de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Matriarch of House de Pelear
  23. Legacy of the Crocodile [!] Missives could be found among the streets all over Almaris. ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ The Legacy of the Crocodile is a warrior guild founded by His Highness, Francisco and Her Highness, Amity. It was started to help fend off the evil forces of Almaris and protect the lands of Hyspia from harm. With this guild, we vow to defeat anything that threatens our lands be that Spooks or Beasts out of control. Our forces will travel wherever we are needed, just bird His or Her Highness with any and all details regarding the mission. Below contains the information regarding the guild and how to join, if you have any questions bird either of the Highnesses. The Hierarchy of the Guild is as follows: Leaders: The owners of the guild Masters: Highly respected members of the guild, the highest achievable role Members: Your basic member, anyone who has passed recruitment New Recruits: Those who have yet to pass into proper membership Below you will find any and all information regarding how to join and where we are located, we hope to see you there. Join us and help protect our homes, including yours. ✧━───༺༻──━━✧ Signed by, His Highness, Francisco I, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Patriarch of House de Pelear Her Highness, Amity Ionna de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Matriarch of House de Pelear
  24. ♛ THE REJUVENATED YEMEKAR’S WORKFORCE ♛ In recent tumultuous times, the workforce has been left both directionless and leaderless, leaving many dwarves that depend on the workforce for their income to struggle against financial hardship. To rejuvenate our workers, to relight our forges, to restart our industry, I, Garedyn The Green, have been appointed as Yemekar’s Pick. I shall reform the abandoned workforce so that the power of industry may continue to reign strong, and bring prosperity to our workers. GUILD ORGANISATION Guild Lords may invite anyone into their guilds as they wish, but all guilds follow a similar system of hierarchy as described below, though names and titles may differ. Guild Lord: Guild Lords are leaders of a Guild, responsible for the day-to-day management of their guild. Ensuring that guild members are well-trained and productive. A Guild Lord may be appointed by Yemekar’s Pick, only with the approval of the Guild Lords. Master: A highly skilled and respected person with tremendous knowledge of their respective craft. Their knowledge is highly valued as they pass on the art of their craft onto others. Adept: An adept is someone with many years of experience of working. They are a veteran, knowing the ins and out of their profession. An Adept also shares the same responsibility as the Master, of passing on knowledge to the other workers. Though there is a certain degree of technical knowledge and wisdom that separates an Adept and a Master. Labourer: The average worker within a given guild. They are efficient and skilled enough to almost never make basic mistakes. Their labour is fast and consistent, but they lack a certain mastery for the complex works that Adepts and Masters perform. Joinling: A newly joined member of a guild, hence the name. They fumble around and make many errors. Nevertheless, under the tutelage of their betters, they make astonoshing progress within the guild. COUNCIL OF LABOUR In order to make changes, improvements, new rules, the Council of Labour must be gathered to vote on such matters. The Council is headed by Yemekar’s Pick, and the Guild Lords make up its members. The Guild Lords must vote in the council according to the desires of their workers. In some matters of great importance, such as the creation of new Branches or something else, voting can be opened up to the entire workforce. COMPENSATION Labour never goes unrewarded. Those who work hard and well can amass great wealth through Yemekar’s Workforce. Though the ways each guild pays its workers is up to discretion of the guild lords. Most labourers receive pay for taking on commissions supplied by the Guild Lord, others receive pay directly from clients. Housing is another benefit of employment. Those who work within the Worker’s Guild are allowed to receive small and humble, but free homes. However, the greatest compensation of all the Workforce has to offer is the boundless knowledge contained within its halls. ❂ METAL BRANCH GUILDS ❂ YEMEKAR’S SMITHS Being a member of this guild means to partake in the time honoured act of smithing, one of the ultimate acts of creation a dwarf can do. Various smithing guilds have come in shapes and forms throughout dwarven history, but the guild of Yemekar’s Smiths build upon the culminated knowledge of its forebearers, seeking to educate the new generation of dwarves regardin this divine craft. A smith can take commissions within the guild, or if they are skilled enough they can attract customers with their own unique orders. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Smith- Guildlord Anvil- Master Artisan - Adept Smith - Labourer Bellower - Joinling GRIMDUGUAN’S DELVERS To venture into the depths and plunder ores, stone and gems is an act only the Grimduguan’s Delvers can perform efficiently. A delver must be knowledgeable in ores and other geological wonders, and skilled enough to extract them swiftly. A guild member can expect to frequently venture into mining expeditions to find treasures, for which they will be compensated. Or they can sell their ore directly back into the guild. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Prospector - Guild Lord Delver- Master Spelunker- Adept Miner- Labourer Digger- Joinling ❁ MYSTIC BRANCH GUILDS ❁ OGRADHAD’S ENCHANTERS The art and power of magic is sought out by many. Some wish to fortify their weapons, others desire simple magical trinkets. It is therefore up to the guild of Ogradhad’s Enchanters, to use the knowledge of the Lore Master to provide for the needs of the people. Enchanters are paid well for their labour, since it is an intensive craft. Most work comes through request by outsiders and the guild organises the commissions for willing takers. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Enchanter- Guild Lord Theurgist- Master Spell Binder- Adept Enchanter- Labourer Initiate - Joinling OGRADHAD’S BREWERS In a similar being to enchanting guild, Ogradhad’s Brewers use their skills to provide alchemical resources to those who need them. From simply gatherings herbs, to brewing reality bending potions this guild does it all. Due to Alchemy being a resource intensive profession, members of this guild are payed well for their work, whether they take on guild commissions or other requests. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Alchemist- Guild Lord Alchemist- Master Brewer - Adept Mixer - Labourer Herbalist - Joinling ۞ MOUNTAIN BRANCH GUILDS ۞ ARMAKAK'S MERCHANTS This guild is responsible for distributing prosperity amongst dwarves, by teaching them how to sell their crafts through the arts of Merchantry. Their skills, connections and knowledge are indispensable to anyone looking to make a living through trade. Though Armakak's Merchants also spread dwarven culture throughout the realm by forming caravans to different cities. One earns money in this guild by selling wares, running errands, or helping to sign lucrative deals. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Merchant- Guild Lord Goldtounge- Master Merchant - Adept Trader - Labourer Barterer- Joinling BELKA’S JEWELLERS Turning rough, smoky rocks into finely cut, beautiful gemstones for use jewellery is under the care of Belka’s Jewellers. Although the gemstones are gathered from Grimduguan’s domain by Grimduguan’s Delvers, its through Belka’s inspiration that her Jewellers turn unpolished rock into works of art. Belka’s Jewellers may choose to take on public commissions for their crafts or find private clients. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Jeweller- Guild Lord Appraiser- Master Jeweller - Adept Gem Cutter - Labourer Engraver - Joinling YEMEKAR’S MASONS Carving stone, sculpting statues, building grand halls are acts of beautiful creation that any noble dwarf should respect. To shape the earth, like Yemekar The Brathmordkin of Creation, is just a holy an art as any other. The Yemekar’s Masons are often tasked with building, sculpting and stone crafting are all expected skills and labours that one must be able to do in this guild. Workers earn money either through direct commissions from customers, or through assigned jobs by the Guild Lord. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Mason - Guildlord Artichect - Master Mason - Adept Stone Crafter - Labourer Stone Cutter - Joinling JOINING Should someone wish to join a guild or the workforce, they need only find any guild member who can introduce them to a Guild Lord. All are welcome to partake in the act of creation, and learn the great ways of dwarven craftsmanship.
  25. The Workforce Vitalisation Project ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᛟᚱᚲᚠᛟᚱᚲᛖ ᚢᛁᛏᚨᛚᛁᛊᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛈᚱᛟᛃᛖᚲᛏ In order to promote the revitalisation project, as Yemekar’s Pick, I consulted with the Overseers and Guildlords to plan the best path forward for each guild. Yemekar’s Workforce In order to facilitate the revival of the Workforce, new infrastructure is needed. For this, a guild general guild area shall be constructed so that guild members can convene comfortably together, as the current area is insufficient to hold discussions or meetings. Grimduguan’s Delvers The first priority for the guild shall be issuing new equipment, for which Yemekar’s Smiths will be responsible. In addition to this, the Guildlord shall organise expeditions to gather supplies and train Yemekar’s Masons Moving forward, Yemekar’s Masons will focus on planning and building other infrastructural projects such as the mentioned above, new guild area. Belka’s Jewellers In collaboration with Grimduguan’s Devlers, Belka’s Jewellers will strive to amass a hoard of gemstones for the purposes of refinement and for training newer members of the guild, as currently there is a lack of supply. Yemekar’s Smiths The topmost priority for Yemekar’s Smiths shall be the recruiting, teaching and nurturing of talented smiths. Ogradhad’s Brewers The alchemy guild of Urguan shall also focus its efforts on training new talent, as well as collaborating with Yemekar’s Smiths to produce needed alchemical equipment, like distilleries, cauldrons and etc. Ogradhad’s Enchanters This guild will primarily focus on locating skilled individuals to provide the magical equipment necessary for Urguan, as well as teach the voidal arts of enchanting to new dwarves. Armakak’s Merchants The merchants will seek to establish profitable trade routes amongst different nations and settlements as well as organise caravans between them, to allow for younger merchants to travel safely and be able to practice the creed of Armakak. Many of these projects are already underway or going in full swing. The equipment for the Delver’s have already been smithed, dwarves are already learning the voidal arts of enchanting and the merchants have already established shops in other nations. Soon the halls of Urguan will be bustling with industry once more.
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