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  1. Fabian Kortrevich learns of his childhood friend's passing upon the return of a wedding invitation. He recalls a soft-spoken girl for whom he travelled a tundra to deliver flowers; a stoic princess who guided him through a stony labyrinth to freedom; a wounded warrior upon his door. He leans back in his office chair overlooking Valdev, a city Rosalind will never see; a city, he thinks to himself with a sniffle and a bitter smile, she would have hated. The tears were coming, then, hot and unwelcome; he was a man now, a grown man, not the tow-headed child who thought the pagan princess who pressed a diamond in his hands for his homeless friend was the nicest girl he'd ever met, and now she was gone. She was gone. It would be a long and quiet night in the soon-to-be-wed's apartments, save for the occasional, broken sob, and murmured prayers to a God she had not believed in.
  2. Gronna ag Droba, 481 E.S | Tobias’ Bounty, 61 B.A [[June 10 / 1PM EST / 5PM GMT]] It is the delight of the Houses d’Arkent and Kortrevich to announce the long-awaited nuptials of Augustina Catella and Fabian Otto. Their courtship first bloomed at the Symposia Pragma of their youth, and in the tumultuous years since has not only endured, but flourished into a love rooted in mutual respect and creative spirit. Their matrimony shall unify not only two young hearts, but dignified Houses of the North and South, and it is with great pride that both families invite their dearest friends and extended kin to the festivities which will mark this most joyous occasion. [A depiction of a noble wedding.] The Prelude The couple and those who wish to join them shall shatter plates outside the sacred walls of the chosen Basilica to ensure no ill spirits encroach upon the day. They shall then drink from one cup of wine, representing the blood of the family and the shared times, both bitter and sweet, which lay ahead. The Ceremony The Ceremony shall be held in the Church of the Holy Supernals in Portoregne, Capital of the Kingdom of Balian. The couple shall walk down the aisle together, united before GOD, and upon their vows have their hands bound with cloth; lives and customs both entwined. The Reception The Reception shall be hosted near to the Ceremony. Following the ceremony, the celebration shall move to a dinner featuring cuisine of both Balianese and Haeseni origin. The couple shall observe a number of post-ceremony traditions from both cultures, along with dancing and revelry. Gifts are not expected, but will be gladly accepted. [Portraits of the bride and bridegroom by Lady Augustina herself.] SIGNÉE PAR, His Excellency, Fabian Otto Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska, Archivist of the House Kortrevich Her Ladyship, Augustina Catella d’Arkent, Lady of Salia, Court Painter of the Palatio Arancione Alongside the immediate Families, the following Individuals are Personally Invited to join in celebration: His Royal Majesty, Georg I Her Royal Majesty, Sofia of Hyspia His Serene Highness, Aleksandr Otto Her Serene Highness, Amaya Milena Her Royal Highness, Elena Casimira Her Royal Highness, Lydia Antheia Firress Marian Her Ladyship, Nataliya Amador His Lordship, Aleksandr Audemar Her Excellency, Josefina Barclay Her Ladyship, Theodosya Cecilya Barclay Her Grace, Roslin Baruch Her Ladyship, Ailsa Baruch His Lordship, Alasdair Baruch Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov His Lordship, Malcolm Gant Her Ladyship, Callista Kervallen Firress Franziska Morovar Her Ladyship, Emigliana O’Rourke Her Royal Highness, Briar Pendraic Her Royal Highness, Rosalind Freysson Ruric Her Serene Highness, Analiesa Josefina Her Ladyship, Aleksandra vas Ruthern Her Ladyship, Stefaniya Ipera vas Ruthern Firr, Gawyn Tiber Her Ladyship, Allessandra de Vend His Lordship, Haus Weiss-Vuiller His Lordship, Walter Weiss
  3. Fabian Otto Kortrevich blindly signs the missive, far too impressed by The Alchemist's vocabulary to strain his eyes reading any further, and idly wonders if it isn't time he take up his childhood interest in the alchemical sciences once more.
  4. Fabian Kortrevich packs his pipe, cracks his knuckles, rolls up a newspaper, calls for his secretary to put on a fresh kettle, and prepares to rock this.
  5. Fabian Kortrevich is pleasantly surprised to receive a personal invitation, having been drafting similar for his own impending matrimony. He beams, delighted for the long-awaited union of his cousin and the Baroness, and at once begins elaborate gift plans heavily featuring fresh cuts of poppies and kaffa lillies.
  6. Peals of delighted laughter disrupt the quiet of a Kortrevich's reclusive garden, as his very own invitation is waved triumphantly in the air. "At last!" The Grand Lord cries - before the enormity of the oncoming festivities hits him, and his laughter gains a far more manic, exhausted edge, face soon buried in his hands. "And, oh, Godani - already..."
  7. Player Appreciation May 2023 It’s that time again! Player Appreciation is a unique tradition of the Haense community as a means of recognizing someone who’s hard work and passion makes this space what it is, both IRP and OOC. May’s Player of the Month has certainly contributed both, particularly in this busy period on the server. Whether choosing to play a character who’s kindness and generosity brightened the refugee camps of Savoy, working long hours on the Haense build server, or sending their nightly fun facts (always with a cookie), this player takes every opportunity to create a welcoming, warm experience for all who meet them. It is my honor to give thanks by introducing May’s Player of the Month… SmolBean @Smol Anna is such a bright light and never fails to brighten anyone’s day. I love that she always reminds others that they are appreciated and goes out of her way to be kind to others. She is a pivotal part of our community and I appreciate all the work she does. She truly is a hardworking and kindhearted individual that I admire and am grateful to call my friend. @sarahbarah DUDE, YOU ARE AWESOOOME. You CARRY the library, and you’ve put so much work into the rebuild. Both the systems, and the actual build itself. Don’t go thinking we haven’t noticed!!! That, and you are an awesome friend. You go out of your way every night to wish people goodnight, with a fun (or slightly terrifying) fact. It makes my day, seriously. You earned this gwurlie, go get it! @CasChaos An incredible player with great talent and drive that she puts to the community, always writing posts or planning events. One of the best RPers I've met, I can roleplay with her for hours without pause and she has a great understanding of characters and what makes good character interactions. I am grateful she is part of this community, and my friend. Truly dedicated, and a hard worker. @VerminHunter Please join us here in giving Smol some well-earned thanks and appreciation, and tune back in next month for another awesome player in our community! Another highly-nominated player for this month was the much-beloved @tadabug2000, a marvelous leader who has put in a world of effort playing Haense’s Queen Consort. If you’d like to drop Tada some well-earned kindness and gratitudes, please add onto her player appreciation post here!
  8. Fabian Kortrevich reviews the work of his dearest friend, cackling at memories of a misspent youth. "Well done, Ams!"
  9. Fabian Kortrevich is, in fact, terribly colorblind. For those willing to profit, though, this has only made his BEET QUEST all the more frenzied.
  10. A simple missive on rough, handmade paper and painted in faint inks circulates the realms of Failor. SEEKING THE BEET-EN PATH If this missive finds you, it is from a man with a most simple request. I will trade most any Valuables and Wares in exchange for knowledge of where to find Beets or for Beets or for Beet Seeds upon the fair lands of Failor. I shall Find These Missives; do leave a Note attached if I might meet with you in regards to Beets. His Excellency, Fabian Otto Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska
  11. Fabian Kortrevich furiously knits a nice tunic for the occasion.
  12. Fabian Kortrevich, thinking of no one particular family member, repeatedly and methodically thumps his forehead against a rough-hewn kitchen table in the sunny lands of Failor.
  13. Fabian Kortrevich was never meant to be a soldier. Too thin; too sick; too soft, down to his beating, loving heart. And yet, fate. He had fired and he had fought alongside better men. He had tended their wounded, sat soaked in their blood and murmuring unheard prayers. He had followed Amaya, a someday-Queen, as loyally as his own hunting-hounds once had. He had called to Baldrum Colborn with such glee - reporting that one of his sons would live, was healed, hoping to give the man one more reason to fight. Later, in Savoy, it would fall to Fabian to arrange Ser Baldrum's memorial. Later, in Savoy, it would be the same hands never meant to pack a cannon that would pass wood-scraps along the builder's line; that would till the soil for some small garden; that would stock pantry-shelves, and pass around candles. Later, in Savoy, that which Aleksandr had foretold would begin. Slowly. In small ways. A cold bottle of Carrion. A driftwood Lorraine. Matters which felt more right, more natural, to the Kortrevich; means, however small in the grand shadow of the threat they faced, of rebuilding.
  14. Fabian Kortrevich recalled a good man; a good knight, and, in the quiet of the refugee camps, sobbed for the brave life lost.
  15. Fabian Kortrevich reviews the horoscope as he readies his quiver and his healer's bag on the door of war. He nods, with a steadying breath, and slides his helm on.
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