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  1. Wynanya Daemyar de Melphestaus did not cry. When the word reached her, through the smoke of far taverns and idle chatter of ballrooms, she did not cry. When she stepped into their house in Providence, the house once bought as gift - the house she had once rode from to track that girl coast to coast, the house she had sheltered in, the house still half-made a home - to fold the blankets for the last time; shutter the windows; clear the desk and take down the paintings - she did not cry. When she thought of their last talk - the girl's smile, the assurances she was fine, she was safe, she was alive as she had been in the years Wynanya had seen her rise from wild girl to proud lady, watching with such love from the unknown shadows - when she thought of their hope, her assurance that there would be years and years still - she did not cry. And when she sat alone, many days later, turning over a small pendant with bird etched upon its back and a bottle of whiskey between her legs - she did not cry for Isabel.
  2. For even Malin so loved his children that he turned to the aspects for wisdom and help... Wynanya, in a tavern far from home, would nod and smile, lifting a glass to the missive. "Ilandria. A cihe with hope, indeed. - And perhaps less stone!"
  3. Wynanya, nursing an impressive hangover the day after the fact and eyeing the birds outside the Nevaehlen tavern with a vengeful eye, took an near-half hour to peruse the introduction alone. Several confused minutes were dedicated to wondering when Arhiln had renamed himself Author, or if it had always been spelt that way; and several more spent confusing Aiera Sullas for Amaesil until the entire thing had to be reread. "Marvelous work," she offered the scribe in question, delicately pushing the publication back across the table with a grimace. "- Though perhaps next time you might include, say, a brief.. summary? At least a touch of the first-person, ne?"
  4. Wynanya grinned, winding a thick rope around her hand - the other end wedged deep into a steel spike in the mortar of their tall, fortress-esque stone walls, her feet planted in the dirt, a glimmer to her eye as wiry arms heaved the first haul. "For Malin's will!"
  5. A technically-sort-of medical intern lifted a glass and offered a wide smile to the happy couple!
  6. Wynanya Daemyar de Melphestaus, upon seeing the missive, scurried promptly for a journal to begin brainstorming the possibilities.
  7. A fi'Eldari daughter, pile of Aspectist tomes on either side, a lorraine over her head, and scattered notes on Malinism everywhere else, reviewed the daresay declaration with an exhausted smile, though was swiftly distracted by an unusual clatter elsewhere in the Magara: "no king but - ((@Chopper774/ @Monocle101)) Akalonii! Ana! What are you two - our onncle is writing important things! - Perfect children of Malin my - " and was forced to abandon it, scurrying off to reprimand some of Malin's youngest on their latest shenanigans. All the same. Based.
  8. A cousin reviewed the announcement with a fond smile, raising a glass from deep beneath the family homeland. "May he be as sharp as his father and brilliant as his mother, and may he grow strong enough to bear this House's name. Blessings, Tjesmirii. Blessings, Sylvari, haelun. Ave!"
  9. Introductory Note and Summary The preserve and outpost, as we have been calling them, are a recently-established endeavor on the outskirts of Oren. Its basic mission is to keep a portion of the Ebonwood and Empire preserved in its present, wild state, as negotiated with the Father's Circle of Nevaehlen in 1849 and as written into Ebonwood Principatus law. It is my belief, however, as the elf who has spent nigh-on years now seeing this effort come to fruition, that this project could be so much more. A bridge, from the fi'Eldari to nature: an institute and center of learning, reflection, connection to the wilds, to our history, and to Malin. I have lived but a brief life yet, most of it spent as either nuisance or mends-maker; and so the organization established here is little more than suggestion, a foundation on which to build upon. This document is to be a living one, fond as we are known to be of our writing, and is intentionally left somewhat vague and theoretical. It is to reflect my high hopes and the high potential to be had here. Or perhaps I have spent too much time in my cave-office and have gone simply and wholly mad. I see no other way to find out, however, than to extend open hands to anyone else mad enough to join this path of pursuit. Servus ilandria, Wynanya Daemyar de Melphestaus Acting Elestel View from the Magara. Tapestry, 1853. The Asimulum Glen The Glen, or preserve, is a protected parcel of land within the Ebonwood Principatus. It begins in the Ebonwood itself, near capital city Ephesius, and stretches to the cusp of the Northern mountain ridge. It is both marked and guarded by the thornline, an encouraged growth of briars and brambles along its perimeter. The Glen was established in the first laws of the Principatus. It has no legal owner, though it is seen to by Lareh’onn Tilruir - or attendants, volunteers who span the line between disciples, scholars and rangers. The Tilruiran are led by an Elestel (Common: The Trusted) who’s tasks include authorizing diplomatic endeavors (usually with the Druidic Order) and advocating for the Glen and Attendants in the broader community. Magara Outpost Magara Outpost is on the Eastern outskirts of the Glen, established in an abandoned coalmine. At first meant as nothing more than a bunkhouse for attendants, the Outpost soon came to include a focused library, a communal center, and open study space. It is now meant as a more secular center of preservation and perseverance for matters both natural and cultural. Its purpose is to provide meditative shelter away from the yoke of civilization, and provide space to educate Descendents on their ties to the land; promote respectful, sustainable practices regarding its preservation; to cultivate connections to nature and history alike; and to promote living as Malin lived and communing with nature as Malin so communed. Lareh’onn Tilruiran (Common: Servants from the Mountain) The attendants are a varied group more formally known as the Lareh’onn Tilruiran. Dedication is flexible: interests varied, though all within the interwoven realms of land preservation, natural science, nature-focused spiritualism, and so on. But when at service, all Tilruiran’s common duty is, above anything, to serve: to represent the time Malin spent protecting the forests and his children alike. As they often act as teachers, advisors and researchers for and within the fi’Eldari community, the legacy of Malin is usually quite centered in their efforts. Tilruiran operate on a loose hierarchy of experience. New Tilruir are not to practice or teach in the preserve until they have, by hand, woven their cloth - a distinctive, stone-gray shawl, donned by a Tilruir on-duty. This task, worked on the looms within the heart of the Magara, allows prospective Tilruiran to meditate on where they fit within the allegorical tapestry that is both the Glen and Mali (and if all the effort is truly worth it). However, it is far from intended to be completed in one sitting: the cloth can be left in the Magara itself for as long as needed, and worked on whenever the individual has the time or mind to put to it. It only need be worn, once complete, when the Tilruir is at work in or for the Glen. All are organized by Elestel, the Trusted, the Tilruir who best knows their colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses, advocates for them as a collective, and ensures their endeavors remain aligned. Elestel is the only Tilruir bound by this level of obligation: the rest are expected moreso than encouraged to have other duties, roles and paths which they must walk. AMENDMENTS LOG
  10. This is hard, the labor is free, and it's just a hobby. Looking forward to the WC proper.
  11. A wounded elf, secure in a rented home deep in the heart of Providence, read the call with grim face and sword at her side. "Oren aut Mortem it will be."
  12. Wynanya reviewed the missive from Ebonwood, Elven vassal under the Mantle of Horen, and with a wry smile, tacked it above the Pinecone bar so all mali - and valah - who entered might have a chance to review its emerald wisdom. "This," she said, tapping it with a finger waved at the next mali to come in, "is truth. We are all Malin's children, ne? Best start acting like it."
  13. [The menu posted within the Pinecone Inn & Tavern - a rustic, overgrown establishment which welcomes passer-through to Ephesius, capital city of Ebonwood.] DRINKING FOR FREE Assorted teas, water and juices. Complimentary for polite custom. DRINKING FOR FUN Fine wines, beers and other such drinks best savored in good company - even if that company is only one's own. EBONWOOD WINE A bumbling concoction of the local grapes. It swirls a yellowing, transparent color and tastes as refreshing as a summer's day. EBONWOOD MEAD A sweet, strong mead. It has notes of wild berries and floral rose over thick honey, albeit a slightly yeasty aftertaste, as if brewed by an amateur. EBONWOOD CIDER Brewed in Lord Hieran's estate room from the apples grown outside his window, kept fresh and crisp by the diligent Royal Butler Chadwick Hemmington. It swirls a classic clear gold and makes the perfect sunset drink. 'LAST HOP,' assorted wines. DRINKING TO FORGET Strong, hearty brews perfect for capping off a long day - or banishing a longer night. EBONWOOD WHISKEY An expertly made drink, brewed in the Pinecone Inn by Lord Hieran. It is a deep, swirling orange, like a sunset by lantern's light. It has a rich taste, with only a faint bitterness as you take your well-earnt sip. Might remind you of a day on the farm, no matter where you're from. FIREDANCER'S WHISKEY A malted whiskey, aged to a deep, dark, near-ebony amber. With floral notes of roses; a wash of cinnamon; and a smooth, smoky finish, this drink is best served cold and to ease a long night. If lifted to light, its true color gleams a fiery fox-red. LOST-TO-FOG A hasty mash of wheat grown on the cusp of the Melphestaus family manor. It has a sweet honeysuckle-and-rose start and notes of vanilla - but a sharp finish, which burns the throat, and infamously blurs the memory. Also known as Nimreth's Moonshine, after the late Nimreth Daemyar de Melphestaus. SQUASHKA A playfully named vodka, brewed from pumpkin and potatoes grown in Ephesius’s communal farms. It has peaty and spiced notes, though is so unfettered in strength one might be lucky to taste, see, or even think after a shot thereof. DOBROV VODKA, EPHESIUS GIN, assorted others. HOUSE SPECIALS MELPHESTAUS BERRY TEA Served in bottles tied with soft gold ribbon and purple seals, pressed with the Melphestaus family crest and a crown atop. The tea was made entirely out of lemonade, raspberries and blackberries, giving its iconic fruity sweetness and bitterness! It would be best served cold, over ice. Dedicated on Minuvas Melphestaus' coronation. Ebonwood wines, ciders and whiskeys brewed by Lord Hieran Livarai de Melphestaus; mead, Firedancer's Whiskey, Lost-to-Fog and Squashka by Gwaithor Wynanya Daemyar de Melphestaus, and celebratory teas by Ephesius Gwaithor Bell de Vulnundrose.
  14. Nursing an arrow shot to the shoulder and a fast-strengthening sword arm, Wynanya reviewed the missive, proud to have fought alongside the most notable and fast-rising of the Empire's military ranks. Their names would be tacked next to the Pinecone bar in Orenia's sleepy little elf-vassal, and cheered to with each drink.
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