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  1. Henrik refers any inqueries to his previous missive. TO ALL THOSE WHO WOULD REPROACH MY KINSWOMEN, NOW AND FOREVERMORE: Piss off about it.
  2. The face of Henrik Amador, grim except in the company of his own wife and children, sets into a hard, unforgiving line grimmer still than the usual. He waves off the comments of bar patrons and his fellow smiths; resigns himself in silence to the library for a time, poring over historical texts as if searching for some insight. Though not close with his brother-in-law, he suspects the feeling in his bones is one of disappointment. He spares himself a moment from his studies to pray for the temper of the Princess-Consort, and returns once more to the comfort of precedent.
  3. "Vy lot," remarks Henrik to his daughters, who babble and stuff their fingers in their mouths, "-are 'bout to have a damn fine uncle."
  4. 1350 A.H. - Present ─── From Ashes, We Rise EST 143 E.S. - Present | 1590 A.H. - Present ⋅ ───⊱༺⠀☨⠀༻⊰─── 7th of Jula & Piov | 514 E.S ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀I⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ VA EDLERVIK, It comes once more to my reluctant attention that the honour of the daughters of the House of Amador remain a subject of scrutiny within the public eye; in fact even eyes so far-flung as our friends to the South, among those soldiers with whom my late sister Poppiya fought and fell. As the father of girls who shall one day be women, I want for nothing more than to raise good, honourable daughters of GODAN, and to rear them in a house of fine repute, with our pride rooted in our service, endurance, and loyalty. I wish for them to one day forge a bond of mutual trust and devotion with a good husband, and to treat all those they meet with grace as I myself have learned from my esteemed wife, the very embodiment of all a Matriarch of this House ought be. I expect their sole surviving aunt, my dear sister Theodosya, and all other daughters of this House to set such precedents for them; and to encourage in them the burning fire of our honour. I must, then, write to those who find this precedent lacking, and who would air these grievances on the winds of public exchange; and as a man who avoids at all costs the unending writs of the aviary, shall do so upon the same stage. TO ALL THOSE WHO WOULD REPROACH MY KINSWOMEN, NOW AND FOREVERMORE: Piss off about it. PETRAVEZK IV VATRAGAN, The Honourable, Henrik III Edvard Amador, 1st Viscount of Zvezlund, 11th Baron of Mondstadt, Patriarch of the House Amador and Lord Archivist to the Royal Valdev Library
  5. Henrik Amador rises, silently, from his childrens' playroom. He shuts the door softly behind him. He takes ten paces onto the nearest balcony, and, facing the snow-thick forests and hills of the Haeseni wilderness, bellows a string of curses to make sailors crimson and soldiers sweat. Several nesting birds abandon their nests. A doe, grazing peacefully beyond the walls, gallops far off into the night at once, and a bear raises a groggy head from hibernation, wondering if it has local competition. He thereafter folds the missive neatly into his pocket, and sets at once to finding his littlest sister.
  6. Henrik Amador works the Brotherhood forge in silence. Still, his thoughts veer towards his sister - his cousin - his wife, and how often he has clasped her hand and murmured a soft promise before riding to war beneath her father's banner. He drags a whetstone across a steel edge and, as always, prepares to follow orders.
  7. 10th of Msitza ag Dargund, 512 E.S ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⋅☨⋅✵⋅☨⋅༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ VA EDLERVIK, It is the pride and pleasure of the House of Amador to announce the births of Her Highness and the Viscount’s children. After a long and arduous prelude, two daughters entered the world at twilight beneath the sign of the Wanderer, in the order as follows: Firstly, our heir-apparent ESFIR ARTEMISIA AMADOR, so named Esfir meaning of the Stars, and for her foremother Artemisia Palaiologos de Savin, Princess of Santegia and Countess-Consort of Gravelhold. She was shortly followed into this world by SELYNE SOSINA AMADOR, so named Selyne meaning of the Moon, and for her foremother Sosina Ottina Amador, 8th Baroness of Mondstadt; an honour she shares with Poppiya Sosina Godunov, her late aunt. As the Viscount’s mother once willed for him, may the Heir to Mondstadt and her sister, guided by the virtues instilled within our noble House, wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to the service of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⋅☨⋅✵⋅☨⋅༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ ON THE HEALTH OF THE PRINCESS ROYAL From the Viscount Her Highness, Emma Anastasya, remains on bedrest for the time being after the difficult trials of her labour. She shall receive nothing short of the best medicine found within our good realm and the utmost care; still. All too often have the mothers of this house been plagued by the hardship of delivering unto this world children. While I do not doubt my wife’s strength and grace through this trial, I do ask that any well-wishers who may wish to pay their regards instead offer their thanks unto GODAN in the hopes He shall guide her swift recovery. May we be forever rising, a proud father, and fretting husband. PETRAVEZK IV VATRAGAN, The Honourable, Henrik Edvard III Amador, Viscount and 11th Baron of Mondstadt, Patriarch of the House Amador and Lord Archivist to the Royal Valdev Library Her Serene Highness, Emma Anastastya, Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska, Duchess of Karlsburg and Karosgrad, Viscountess and Baroness of Mondstadt
  8. 1350 A.H. - Present ─── From Ashes, We Rise EST 143 E.S. - Present | 1590 A.H. - Present ⋅ ───⊱༺⠀☨⠀༻⊰─── ⋅ ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀I⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ KIN OF THE PHOENIX, There is no sorrier pronouncement than this, and yet it must be writ that the House of Amador is, in immediate effect, in mourning for the loss of Poppiya Sosina Godunov, born Amador, eldest daughter of Nataliya Amador, GODAN rest both their souls forevermore, and cherished sister to the Viscount. Her remains were uncovered on the field of battle, and thus verified true by the Viscount. She is survived by her children, Camellia A.L Godunov and Aleksey A.H Godunov; her husband, Anatoliy I.A Godunov, Baron of Verskaya; her siblings including Henrik, Karl, and Theodosya Amador; her aunt, Liridona Amador, and many uncles and cousins. Her enduring family in the House of Amador is to abide by the Haeseni mourning custom and expected to don their mourning blacks, a period of which shall span six moons for siblings and three for aunts, uncles, and cousins. However, given the status of Poppiya as foster-daughter and sister to many of our kin, it is most understandable should any kinsman of the House choose to don their blacks for a period befitting the closeness of our bonds. No time can encompass our grief for a flame extinguished all too soon. A portrait of the late Baroness Godunov. ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀II⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ INHERITANCES Poppiya’s blade and the bracelet given to her for her hauchmetvas shall be kept in the Amadorian treasury under the oversight of Henrik Amador until her eldest daughter’s thirteenth and eighteenth namedays, respectively. A brooch made for her by her aunt and fostermother Liridona Amador will be kept in the Amador archives; the rest of her belongings are left to the oversight of her husband, Anatoliy Godunov, Baron of Verskaya. PETRAVEZK IV VATRAGAN, The Honorable Henrik III Edvard Amador, Viscount and 11th Baron of Mondstadt, Patriarch of the House of Amador, Lord Archivist to the Royal Valdev Library
  9. He hadn't told her. He hadn't told her. He had written to battle joyous, grinning; the world, it seemed, in his grasp, and he had returned without the sister he had leaned on over the years. The news found him stepping from the tavern into the bitter winter, and it wasn't the cold which sobered him so sharp as it was the gut-deep cut of fear that she could possibly be gone - Poppiya, who had so effortlessly carried everything he could not over the years. Henrik wept with unabashed shame, and with each rumbling breath prayed that, by miracle, she might - as she always had before - still come home.
  10. Henrik Amador, well-known to his loved ones for his fondness of a good tune, hums the tune merrily on a quiet honeymoon morning. What better way to serenade his good Haeseni wife before their next foray to war? @Moenah
  11. Fabian Kortrevich whoops in delight, celebrating!
  12. Henrik Amador heaves up his grandfather's mining pick, none to be counted out from the labor required to fuel the forces. They ride, he reckons, once more into the annals of history.
  13. Fabian contemplates the ever-wise counsel of his cousin Aleksandra Milena, sipping a hot tea.
  14. Henrik Amador once more rode to war alongstride his sister grim as a dawning storm, and rode out with Veletzian shields hanging from his war-horse, grinning as he boasted of what wonders the museum would host once they assured their final victories.
  15. Henrik's forge blazed hot and bright, the hammer echoing through Mondstadt as he prepared gifts to honor the Godunovs - as one of their names so honored him. If happy tears sizzled on the iron, well. Who could blame him?
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