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Charles The Bald

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  1. Adelburg is my favourite city since Felsen
  2. I got the same opinion as you.
  3. Buying Item(s): Thornback, Gnarled Branch, Cloth, Treated Rope in bulk Amount of Item(s) required: 500+++ Price: admin shop + 10 minas The Bald Industries always pay good minas. Send me a bird (( Charles_The_Bald



  5. "I cannot believe our king did this in the first place, we need to find a new one"
  6. ey VEGAN KID you lookin to beef? u cant handle meat so u gotta watch ur mouth or ill have to superflex it with this sausage!!

    #freekincaid #christmasclapback

  7. the one who claim being alive is a liar who thinks being alive is being in the body your own character that really floats into the universe you created in your brain but this universe is also replicated here on lotc where you can visualise your own universe inside a created universe. the link being this comes from actually spilling milk all over the floor after reading they will unban you after may 2017

    1. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      this debauchery will not go unnoticed. 

    2. JustHighasf


      I am just a traveller of the time who identifies himself as being a persona inside a minecraft server but who am I ? Am I really this person that I portray over the internet but the more route you take to make yourself an opinion you actually discover that you are actually banned until may 2017 where they might consider reopening the route to your own created self persona that is actually a part of your personality that will be let free in may 2017

  8. 5 months and 15 days

    1. JustHighasf


      using the forum as a timestamp #2016

    2. drfate786


      Come back senpai, we miss you!

  9. Dogging people in Warclaims as they come.

    1. darth sithlord

      darth sithlord

      i love u charles but u spend 2 much time on status updates


  10. Pugsy in Felsen as a Daily Routine.

  11. I have to wait for a 10 sec cd, it kills me and hurts my feelies

  12. WoW has a cooldown for global channels, it's way more than a ******* 10 seconds. The OOC is getting spammed more than LOOC and RP.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      it's part of charles the bald

    3. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      I don't even know you wanabee

    4. Lunar


      glad you dont know me you crispy lipped greaseball 

  13. I am still the best at PVP after 1.9.