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  1. Halp. Am bor3d. (Josh's 2nd Gm App)

    Why am I getting accused of doing operation kaboom, if it was me, I would be banned.
  2. The Gates Of The Wronged

    Charles "The Bald" would chuckle "Ye' propaganda is about our olde' king while we have a new one Couldn't this get more awkward ?"
  3. The Departure of The Bald

    The last publication of the Grand Champion of Urguan would be nailed on every door in order that his message reach every dwarf in this dark world. My Urguan has changed Everything is now pre-arranged I do not know where the road will lead me But they messed with me I offered my services I do not know where my road is They never had trust I leave with disgust They only see my use But now that I’m loose I am free to fly Free to be high See you friends
  4. Edel “The Illegitimate” Silvervein

    "If ye' got somethin' to say, meet me infront of Kal'Omith and let's get it on"
  5. Edel “The Illegitimate” Silvervein

    This publication from the Grand Champion of Urguan would be passed around Kal'Omith and illegaly smuggled into the city without a king named Jornheim Edel Silvervein is an illegitimate clan father and now the truth has to come out. In order to overtake the Stonemace clan, Edel “The Illegitimate” decided to hold a meeting without his own clan father. I was lucky enough to see the snakery he pulled. In order to win the vote and take over the clan, he used un-blooded dwarves that had joined the Stonemace clan earlier in the day. That is illegitimate and dishonorable. He also declared the duel with his own father dishonorable after he made the decision to spare his father himself. He came back on his own decision, that is a dwarf with no honor. He calls our king an oathbreaker but there was no oath between him and the king in the first place. He is a liar. Your name isn't Edel Silvervein anymore. You will be named Edel "The Illegitimate" for the rest of your life.
  6. Verthaik "The Dishonorable" Frostbeard

    This letter would be nailed on multiple boards and doors in Jornheim, an easy task when the city is always empty. Citizens of Kaz’Ulrah My spies have passed to me the rumor that Verthaik Frostbeard is currently missing and unable to be found by his own citizens. It’s a shame that your king would abandon you in these times of war. You should know that the Grand King of Urguan would never do such thing. You have to realise that your king has no honor. Verthaik is the most dishonorable dwarf I have ever seen. When I was captured by a bunch of Orcs and transferred to Kaz’Ulrah he had me walk to Jornheim naked as a jaybird. He even refused my proposition to settle the situation with a duel with him but he refused because he cannot actually fight. Did you know his own clan father banished him from the Frostbeard clan ? You heard it right, he's not even a ******* Frostbeard. Hamnil Frostbeard has been spreading Verthaik’s propaganda by claiming you guys have way more soldiers but this is false because the first person to travel around to realm to kneel for help was your own king. If you hear him talk, please take it lightly as he isn't himself anymore. Let’s face it, you cannot actually win this war as we have way more soldiers and gear than you have. Without any allies, we still have more soldiers than your whole kingdom can rally on a good day. I hope to see your faces around Kal’Omith, Your friend, Charles “The Bald”, Grand Champion of Urguan.
  7. Reimbursement

    i hope to be contacted by teegah
  8. The Great World War of Lord of the Craft


    Charles "The Bald" finds the book illegally smuggled into Urguan and decides to burn it i "Worst creation since the mining guild"
  10. I want to thanks the monks for reviving the Grand King of Urguan Zahrer Irongrinder

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      Okay but you definitely have @Tsuyose

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      @Queen Hyena but i definitely haven't

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      @Tsuyose pk duel me rn



  11. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    I would like to request a pvp minigame
  12. Charles "The Bald" can be seen in the distance secretly plotting with a few legionaries in order to free the mines once again...
  13. Denouncement of Urguan

    Charles "The Bald" looks at his fellow legionaries before starting a speech : My fellow dweds, I've never heard of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah before, no one ever recognized their legitimacy yet, they call themselves a kingdom. They never based their kingdom on honor, loyalty and valor like we did but rather on plotting in people's back and starting rebellions. They had to purchase land from a human noble, that makes them vassals. They are true dwarven trash. He would chuckle a bit then end his speech with logic : Should you fear the man that did not have enough balls to declare himself king of his own kingdom ? Should you fear the man that has started a rebellion three times and failed three times ? Never. It is clear that this man has gone crazy. He would then invite every one of his legionaries to the tavern, spending his on gold to buy them drinks.
  14. Mandate from The Obsidian Throne, 1628: Legion Orders

    Charles "The Bald" starts giving the orders to his soldiers in order for those to be respected.
  15. The Urguan Wargames

    This public notice would be nailed around Kal'Omith and sent to important people : The Urguan Wargames This is an official invitation to the Urguan Wargames for those living outside the Grand Kingdom of Urguan that would like to test their forces or personal efficiency in battle. It is also an occasion for the Grand Legion of Urguan to reunite one more time for some good hammering action and to show the world what we’re capable. Everyone attending will be split into two side that will fight on an almost flat field. The goal is to simulate a skirmish happening near a river. We are not fighting to the death but sparring until you’ve taken enough damage that you need to take a knee on the ground. This is an official call-to-arms for the Grand Legion of Urguan, and thus, those who do not attend without an approved excuse will result in severe punishment. These will demonstrate to recruits and veterans alike the actuality of what has been educated to them by their superiors. Furthermore, this will be a prime opportunity for any who wish to be potential officers. - Charles "The Bald", Commander of the Grand Legion of Urguan. OOC : DATE : Sunday, 17th of september 3pm EST/12pm PST/7pm GMT RULES : Do not bring any of your own gear(armor, sword, etc.) except food; We will distribute weapons to those who attend; Last man standing; Revive the people you kill after the battle is over. LOCATION : THE FARM TO THE RIGHT OF KAL'OMITH BATTLEFIELD :