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  1. Gror "The Undead" Ireheart

    This letter would be sent to all the people that have purchased a subscription to The Bald's Publications : The rumors are true my kin : Gror Ireheart is officially a traitor. This dwed that I protected as Kingsguard has officially decided to switch to the other side in order to make a damn profit. What he doesn’t know is that he will get slain in the upcoming months by a giant army of dwed and humans. I cannot confirm to you that he is really Gror Ireheart, this man has been claiming to have hidden with me for a few years during the war but it’s not true. Who’s this dwed calling himself Gror Ireheart ? I have personally seen the lifeless body of Gror Ireheart. It makes me think that Gror Ireheart is an Undead. Kaz’Ulrah is a place for kinslayers. Any dwedmar currently living in Kaz’Ulrah will be permanently shamed. In order to regain my trust, the people living in Kaz’Ulrah will have to knee in front of me and do a walk of atonement around the world we currently live. I am the Grand Champion of Urguan, he is the father of all dwed currently living upon this land. You have been warned Kaz’Ulrah, you are weak and on your last stand. Get the **** out or knee to me. Charles “The Bald”
  2. can i have a few pvp lessons

  3. I'M THE BEST PVPER ON LOTC [Music Video]

    (all participants agreed obviously)
  4. [Denied] [ET Actor] Drfate786

    I, Charles "The Bald" officially support Drfate786 as an ET Actor.
  5. absolute- savage
      absolute- savage

         absolute- savage

            absolute- savage
                absolute- savage

  6. [✓] Charles The Bald's Appeal

    IGN(s): Charles_The_bald Ban Reason: Player(s) Involved: leowarrior14 and other people from /ooc Details: I got banned for leaking old logs of leowarrior14. To be honest I was just being a complete retard on ooc and deserved to be banned. Sorry to anyone I have hurt. I would like to excuse myself to leowarrior14, I shouldn't have been bringing up things from the past that don't even matter anymore. I have nothing personal against you and from what I have heard you're a great person. I'm sorry for it and it will probably never happen again. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.)
  7. War to Kaz'Ulrah

    This publication from the Grand Champion of Urguan would have been nailed on noticeboards around the realm Citizens of Kaz’Ulrah, in the upcoming months, war will be declared upon your nation, it would be wise to evacuate your cities and empty your chests. Your nation will be utterly crushed to ruins and no orcish beast will be able to protect you from the many armies that will attack your settlements and kill your people. You do not have the numbers to defend your little holes but you’re going out and banditing citizens of other nations on the roads. It’s obvious that one day those acts would get you in trouble. This moment has arrived and I fear that your king will simply leave you alone on the battlefield. It is time for you to answer to the kinslaying that you have done in the war against the greatest dwarven kingdom ever known : The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Torvin Blackaxe is nothing but a fool that I have defeated multiple times during sparring sessions. It will be a pleasure to lead the charge and kill him myself because I am the Grand Champion of Urguan and that is my task. Torvin, I am coming for you. The Grand Champion of Urguan, Charles “The Bald”
  8. Completely revised VA proposal (Feedback encouraged)

    When I was just starting out, I wasn't able to understand the concept of VA's but after playing for a few weeks, I discovered that the quality of roleplay from the bandits was very high. Instead of the boring chat before discovering the true intentions of the player as it is right now, people would just come up to you and ask for your minas. I remember doing my VA and instantly I was taught so many new things by the community. Instead of just running around and doing nothing like these days, I was able to come up to people and go "GIVE ME YOUR MINAS OR DIE". That was the first time I ever fell in love with lotc. I was finally able to bandit people. In my most sincere opinion, I think VA's should come back because the quality of roleplay was way higher when we had them.
  9. [Denied] [Actor] Creamiest

    -1 Creamiest is the type of girl to make an event where spongebob invades the wood elf city
  10. When I pull the vape out errr'one dies

  11. reiters vs norland

    We totally slept those norland boys good fight and good job boyos
  12. They always end up leaving because of me

  13. Axios Screenshot Album

    my top cringe pic from my best friend lucas
  14. You cannot talk about bans if you've never been banned less than 5 times.


    A parchment is left in front of the Az'Adar keep : Old friends, It is sad that I have to announce to all members of the so called “Pact of Az'Adar” that you are currently taking the wrong path. I thought I would actually see change but there’s not. Some of you still bear the same reputation that you had and you have done nothing to change it. You are not interested in building a proper dwarven kingdom but rather in building a safe haven for your magical and smithing desires. Urguan has taught us valuesand traditions that all of you have forgotten. Your sense of community is lost and I fear it is for ever . I am the Grand Champion of Urguan, I am supposed to represent those values and traditions and since you do not want to pass them to others. I have no choice but to announce to you that I will not support The Pact of Az'Adar anymore. I will rather live a life that I consider worthy of living. Charles “The Bald” Grand Champion of Urguan.