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  1. I believe there is currently ELECTION FRAUD in URGUAN. Gametime gets acknowledged at the vote count meaning people can get 4 hours and vote instead like last time where it didn't. FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD!

    1. Priceflash



    2. Hiebe


      Sounds like 2020 elections my right?

    3. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald


      Edited by Charles The Bald
  2. IGN: Charles_The_Bald Rp name: Charles "The Bald" Candidate: Durorn Ireheart
  3. The State of Lord of The Craft : hRP2OTb.png

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    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      @Sykogenic Exactly what I think ! Well put !

    3. ferdaboys69


      bow down to the superior moderators who have devoted their life to the maintenance of the integrity and prosperity of our very own hardcore high fantasy minecraft roleplay server. they are not our equals, but simply a player who has achieved complete control over their mind and body and has ascended into a higher state of being.

    4. rukio


      I will never bow down to basement incels who cannot lift more than me

  4. If I wasn't always forced to take a vacation from this server, my reputation would be bigger than any of those character combined.
  5. Welcome to bandit city, we are the best.

  6. Coming here to post the same quote over and over won't improve the current system, you should rather observe and read the feedback you get and make changes right away or this whole economy thing will go down the drain. Enjoy, Charles "The Bald".
  7. As I've stated multiple times, there's a reason why a game company will hire and consult with actual economists in order to manage their game economy properly. Your ideas are great on paper but there's no way to pull it off without having more than half the server pissed against you because you made a decision. Nobody has time like some of you to dedicate 15-20 hours of their time in order to pay their taxes nor to grind the resources they want while having a family and a job. People mostly want an escape from reality, they don't want to come here and have to grind in o
  8. Dungeons have always been an interest of the community but they were always badly implemented ever since 2011, running a dungeon as ST once or twice is fine but once it’s the 20thtime, you don’t have the interest and passion to do a good one, it clearly needs a lot more organization than you think, plugins won’t work either.
  9. Nothing better than someone who does mostly PVP to give us a fair opinion on why we need conflict.
  10. I wish I could sit next to you near a fire, that’s for sure.
  11. the bald will be unleashed again

    1. devvy


      charlie charlie are you there

    2. Valaryon


      oh god oh no..

  12. Roleplayers try to manage an economy, yikers.
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