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  1. you were just expressing your opinion in a closed PM and the hierarchy bans you wtf

  2. Suns out, guns out.

  3. hello my good friend charles the bald how are you

  4. Minecraft Name (s): Charles_The_Bald Blacklist Reason: It came with my unban after my community guideline ban, was supposed to have expired like a month ago How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: I have had the chance to participate in other kind of roleplay with other dwarves such as roleplaying drinking, learning runesmithing and meeting new people. It's been a cool experience to not worry about losing gear and things like that. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe ? I completely understand this statement and it makes complete sense. Why should you be un-blacklisted?' I just want to be able to fully control my character. I am never the kind of the guy to go out and bandit people, I do sometimes when there's a group of people. When some characters respond the wrong way to my character, I just want to be able to respond to them like my character would. I also want to be able to protect other dwarves such as the Arch Runelord, sometimes we have to attack some people instead of getting attacked, so I need that unblacklist
  5. clown

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    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      u woke up for the bomb ??? top kek

    3. Raomir


      ^two of lotc's biggest losers lol

    4. mateolog


      @Charles The Bald you help Kaz'ulrah with yer dumb ****, creating something they can all laugh at. @Raomirthe third one has arrived. 

  6. DPM has become so involved in Lord of The Craft that he's losing it and thinks Ioannis is DDosing people. There's no way around it, DPM has a personal vendetta against Ioannis. Ioannis has never DDoSed anyone and Dewper has shitty internet. Dewper has been getting DDoS'd since a year now and I don't think it is Ioannis but rather the same person doing the work everytime. It's clear that DPM is being helped by Lucas, a known DDoser and DPM also has been DDoSing people so, they're just framing him. DPM had beef with Ioannis before he was an Admin and it just keeps going on, the beef keeps roasting until it reaches the ending point. When the beef is ready is the moment me and priceflash step in and lay the law.
  7. Thank you @DPM for delaying community guidelines appeals for another week.

    Edited by Charles The Bald
    1. Lackless_


      I miss you Charles come back to us 

    2. Ghazrial


      Free charles

      Free charles

    3. Creamy


      Use your dwarven cuteness to flirt with tel.

  8. #UnbanCharles






  10. Welcome back sire, proud to see my best friend back after a well needed hiatus.

  11. can i have a few pvp lessons

  12. absolute- savage
      absolute- savage

         absolute- savage

            absolute- savage
                absolute- savage

  13. When I pull the vape out errr'one dies

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