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  1. fairly unrealistic, most lotcers are banned from their IRL D&D groups for arguing with the dungeon master
  2. A public notice would be added to Urguan's notice board : The Trial of Thromdrick Irongut 9th of the Grand Harvest Year 176 of the Second Age By : Zahir Case : Thromdrick v. Tuzic Mossbourne Judge: Jorvin Starbreaker Date: 9th of the Grand Harvest, Year 176 of the Second Age Parties Present: Accused: Thromdrick Irongut Council: Darid Irongrinder Accuser: Tuzic 1. Tuzic's Testimony Tuzic's testimony painted a vivid picture of his interactions with Lurdoic, conveying deep concern and regret as he witnessed his kin's descent into darkness. Despite earnest attempts to guide Lurdoic towards the teachings of the Brathmordakin, Tuzic faced resistance and defiance, grappling with the harrowing truth of Lurdoic's intentions. 2. Thromdrick's Defense Thromdrick presented a confident and authoritative defense, adamantly refuting the accusations and challenging the integrity of Tuzic's claims. He meticulously recounted events, invoking the principles of the Brathmordakin to emphasize his dedication to dwarven tradition and morality, casting doubt on the validity of the accusations against him. As he is a respected member of dwarven society, it is further complicating the narrative and casting doubt on the validity of the accusations against him. 3. Witness Testimonies Hana Starbreaker corroborated Tuzic's testimony, providing first hand observations of Lurdoic's descent into darkness. However, Thromdrick remained steadfast in his defense, offering a rational explanation for his possession of the containment orb linked to Lurdoic's corruption. His calm demeanor and logical arguments cast doubt on the validity of the witness testimonies. 4. Expert Opinion Kazrin Starbreaker, an authority on voidal magic, offered valuable insights into the risks associated with Thromdrick's alleged teachings, guiding Jorvin towards a nuanced understanding of the case. King 5. King Grelu's Testimony As the revered ruler of the dwarven kingdom, King Grelu's words carry immense weight in the throne room. His testimony served as a sobering reminder of the stakes involved in the trial, highlighting the profound implications of Thromdrick's alleged actions. King Grelu's unwavering commitment to dwarven values and traditions underscored the gravity of the situation, leaving a lasting impression on all who bear witness to his words. 6. The Decision After deliberation, Jorvin rendered his judgment, ordering Thromdrick to pay a 500 mians fine to the Mossborn clan for gross negligence and conspiracy to subvert justice. He then posed a question to Thromdrick regarding the possibility of reversing the voidstalking ritual, to which Thromdrick responded negatively. Despite objections, Jorvin reiterated the necessity of ending voidistalking practices and urged Thromdrick to seek assistance for the reversal. Bickering escalated as Darid Irongrinder raised concerns about the consequences of reversing the ritual. Jorvin defended his judgment as a mercy, aiming to prevent Thromdrick and others like him from becoming dangerous entities consumed by the void. Thazzaer Grandaxe challenged the validity of the sentence, citing the need for adherence to the letter of the law. However, Jorvin asserted his authority to issue sentences as he deemed necessary, in consultation with the king. Despite the objections, Jorvin reiterated the necessity of ending voidistalking practices and urged Thromdrick to seek assistance from fellow mages for the reversal. Thromdrick defiantly chose exile, condemning the kingdom's regulation of voidistalking. Further bickering ensued, but nothing of that was scribed as the judgement was passed. A full copy of the court’s transcript is available for purchase to the High Reckoners and the Grand Kingdom, a hefty fee will be charged to the parties.
  3. They hacked into the source code !
  4. Dwarven coronation in 19 minutes in URGUAN, SHOW UP OR BE ARRESTED.

  5. The combat lock rule only applying outside of cities would be a great addition or for it to be 30-60 minutes of time inside cities. It fucks up the stories in cities a little bit. Well on other hand, it's easy to accept that an interaction is what 1-2 mins max IRL so it would be normal to lock it at the same time since, someone getting robbed in a dark city corner, doesn't bring out 15 other people right away. There's a middleground we can find I would say.
  6. Quebec deserves to be its own country, that's facts.

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      win a referendum next time noob

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      Quebec’s a pretty good album

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  7. Ban them, but please, unban DPM, he did nothing wrong ! What a bunch of two-sided criers y'all are. Mwah mwah mwah, keep on crying.

    1. Smmer


      You and tabby went on a rampage calling him a pedo, despite me multiple times telling the facts and what really happened because i was there. You're a rat, never mention his name again.

  8. One step forward, two steps backwards, that's how it works here.

    1. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      still eagerly awaiting the Charles the bald hostile takeover of tythus ltd after achieving a majority of the board of directors . 

    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      We, at Bald Studios, an independent indie game studio located in the province of Quebec have made many offers to Tythis LTD to acquire their property but every time we have received "It's not about the money, it's about the burgers" from the offices.

  9. Hello Telanir,


    Have a nice day !

  10. THE MOVEMENT SUPPORTS GRELU ! 170 of the second age To the various members of the Movement and dwarves of all backgrounds, and even those “races” from beyond our borders, In the rich tapestry of our history, our organization has stood as a beacon, a force that has reshaped the destiny of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. We've triumphed over the shadows of the old guard and their puppets, we’ve taken back control from those losers who wanted to choke the life out of our grand kingdom ! We slashed those crazy taxes from Agnar's reign. We put more gold back in your pockets, where it belongs, not in some forgotten vault. We’re a grand organization without any bounds ! We’ve taken back Da Kirka Dverga under government control, under Alaric's terrible, terrible leadership, it was going down the drain. But not on our watch, we brought it back from the dead, like Azdromoth rising from the ashes. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise – we are the champions of the common dwarves! We're the glue holding dwarven society together, always striving for the best for our Grand Kingdom, and we're going to keep doing that in the days to come. By using all the means necessary, we will make this Grand Kingdom better. I extend my invitation to each and every one of you, irrespective of your origins. Whether you hail from the deep caverns of Urguan or the distant lands beyond, your voice matters in the next dwarven election. Join us in shaping the future of our beloved kingdom by casting your vote in the dwarven election for Grelu Irgard. Regardless of your race, seize the opportunity now ! Dispatch your aviary with your vote to Norli Starbreaker, and let your choice resonate through the stones of Urguan. Together, we will forge a future that honors our shared heritage and strengthens the foundation of Grelu Irgard as one of the greatest dwarves to have ever joined our ranks. The Movement (this post was by paid for by the campaign of Grelu Irgard )
  11. John Horen came to me in my sleep and my night was instantly better.

  12. Thank you beamon4.

  13. Leading the injured Korgi back to his abode, Dor’Nal paused, ensuring the notice was prominently displayed on the board for all to peruse. Expressing gratitude once more to Korgi for deeming him a hero, he felt a surge of his renewed idiotic-confidence as they continued their journey. The Movement v. The State 163 of the Second Age, 15th of The Grand Harvest First, I would like to personally thank Korgi Jewelbeard, what an amazing legal representative for The Movement, the lad’s ready to take it all, from insults to punches. Korgi you are an amazing dwarf, thank you for your work, thank you. Our legal campaign against the High Prophet was a success, there’s no worrying about the result. Let me explain to you how these things work; you put random charges together and you try to make them stick, that’s what Korgi taught me, he’s the best after all. You can only thank us for funding the city rebuild, we will wait for your letters in our mailbox. The events that transpired during the court case will undoubtedly echo throughout the annals of our history. It was not merely an affront to the rights of the citizens of Urguan but a blatant violation of justice systems across the vast realm of Aevos. An incident unfolded as Sigrun purported to disbar my lawyer. Sigrun, I might not be aware, you, allegedly, lack proper education. Allow me to clarify: in Urguan, there exists no bar system. Every dwed is free to represent another in the court of law. Your dismissal, allegedly, holds no weight. Then, the prospective king, Sigrun Stonehammer, chose to spurn the very principles of justice. His decision to unleash his Stonehammer thugs upon my esteemed legal representative, Korgi Jewelbeard, speaks of a dark chapter. They, with brutish force, sought to silence him and almost killed him for echoing my own writings—a grave act that will be etched into the collective memory of all dwarves. By extension, I consider Sigrun's actions a personal affront. Sigrun Stonehammer, I implore you to consider that, allegedly, we shall reclaim our kingdom through positive force, ushering it back to the times of Anthos—one of the most peaceful eras for dwarves. Our aim is to restore stability among our ranks. A glance through the historical records reveals a promising era to emulate. After his rest, Korgi and I will be in consultation to draft a grudge to be settled between The Movement and Sigrun Stonehammer. Had I accepted an honor duel against Sigrun Stonehammer, he would have marveled at my arm, which, I believe, is the fastest in Aevos, as proven in my personal victory over Charles "The Bald," one of the greatest Urguani heroes the dwarves have ever seen as he single handedly took down the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah by killing Dreek Ireheart II. Sigrun, believe me, you will, in minas, dearly pay for your crimes and, could be, positively affected by The Movement’s efforts to bring a better Urguan and that, we can only be sorry for you. This marks only the beginning, The Movement
  14. Since 2011, it's probably the fastest time the admins/gms came back on their decision. Less than 24 hours, impressive NGL.

    1. Hunnic


      I think it shows they are willing to listen and don't have their heads up their cracks.

  15. "JUSTICEHHH WOILL PREVAIL" yells Dor'Nal Hammerfist after reading the summons from the court, he would then go back to prepare his uncompleted legal team.
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