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  1. You guys don't want to participate in my premium beta on my premium game ? How awful are you guys ? joke
  2. As someone who has clearly grown out of this toxic phase and has made clear improvement to his overall attitude and roleplay abilities, I would be ready to welcome him again but the right-wing and sexual stuff is really on the limit of a ToS ban. I've never really touched that stuff during my years of toxicity, it's kinda disgusting, I've never really targeted specific players during months on end. I think that has allowed me to remain on the server and having some of the people being against Charlemagne, friendly to me. The people supporting him should remind themselves that you kinda support a sexual harasser and the people not supporting him that they sometimes love someone who used to be toxic like me. It's a doubled edged sword. There's a limit that you can't cross and I think that Charlemagne has crossed it. Most older people will tell you that they figured out themselves out well later in their 20's, I used to laugh at this and it was the case for me, I don't think Charlemagne is truly at the age yet and he should be allowed more time out of the server to regain his IGN. I was certainly better at 25 than I was at 20 but I am certainly better than I was at 25, at 27 going on 28, if that makes sense. I know that you've alted, there's no way that you would appeal 4 years later out of nowhere, he probably could have been unbanned 2 years earlier, especially during Covid, maybe unless you went traveling with Kyle or something along the lines.
  3. This letter would be posted to every member of Da Rhun, Da Kirka Dverga, every clan leader of Urguan and its Grand King. It would also be sent to every human monarch, superior elf minds and orc war leaders as spam courier. -=-=-=-=- The Hammerfist Clan -=-=-=-=- ᛏᛟ ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᚨᛋᛏ ANNOUNCING FULL CONVERSION TO DA RHUN 6th of The Grand Harvest 121 of the Second Age The Hammerfist Clan has always sought for the better of the dwarves, we have always fought with The Grand Kingdom of Urguan in our mind and we have led it to successful times. Without us fighting and fighting for The Grand Kingdom's revival during The War of The Beards and after, this iteration of Urguan wouldn’t be possible, always remember who we are. The decision to embrace a new faith is never an easy one, but it takes great courage and strength to listen to one's heart and follow a path that feels true and authentic instead of one that has run its course. With all the confidence of my clan members, I would like to officially announce that every member and future apprentice of The Hammerfist Clan are converting to Da Rhun. From this day and forever, The Hammerfist Clan will follow Da Rhun and Da Rhun will follow The Hammerfist clan. Ever since The Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah was created, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan has never experienced true peace and brotherhood like it did in times earlier, the ways of Da Rhun are the path to experience those once again. With all the knowledge that we hold, we are refusing the ways of Da Kirka Dverga who’s led by a leader who doesn’t interpret its concepts like they should be, a dwarf who doesn’t stand for the true values of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The new prophets of Da Kirka Dverga know nothing about the ways of Ograhad and speak falsely about one of the greatest deities in the dwarven culture. As we are the first to do so, we expect more clans to announce their conversion to the right way, the way of Da Rhun. Thank you very much, May the blessings of our ancestors be with you always. Yours in kinship, His Honour, Dor’Nal Hammerfist, Future Heir to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, The Templar of Az’Adar, Shepherd of Urguan, Father of Clan Hammerfist. @Charles The Bald His Honour, the Darek Hammerfist, Royarch of Mighty Ord and Ruler of Honourable Dwarvendom upon Atlas. Master of the Hammers, Former Grand King of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. @sneakybandit His Honour Diblin Hammerfist the one and only true second son of Darek Hammerfist. @UnusualBrit His Honour Darek Hammerfist the III, the one and only true son of Darek Hammerfist. @Nooblius His Honour Drando Hammerfist, the seeker of knowledge and the lord of the catacombs. @ScreamingDingo His Honour, Relik Hammerfist, learner of Zahrer, Hero of The Citadel, Jarnstrand, Kjellingrad, Khaz'Varekan, and the Westmarch, Hero of the Brathmordakin. @Josh3738 His Honour, Ve’re’zlon Hammerfist, the Hero of The Bald. @gandalfo
  4. @argonian If you left LOTC, I would leave too.
  5. Stories of Charles "The Bald" II The Bald v. Urguan & The Goldhand Clan Re-written and published by The Hammerfist Clan, original papers by Charles "The Bald" Charles the Bald had always been a daring dwarf, unafraid of taking risks and standing up for what he believed in. His latest stunt had landed him in hot water with the authorities of his homeland, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. One evening, Charles had been involved in a heated argument with another dwarf, Hekkaes Goldhand, and things had quickly escalated. Charles just couldn’t forget what Hekkaes had done to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan 100 years earlier. Before he knew it, Charles had drawn his weapon and attempted to strike Hekkaes. However, he had been stopped in the nick of time by the quick intervention of some bystanders. The proper authorities were soon notified of the incident, and Charles was summoned to appear before the dwarven judge. Despite his deeds, Charles had a lot of connections and was able to hire the best lawyers in the Kingdom, DwedCorp , the most powerful law firm in the dwarven kingdom at the time. Charles was charged with attempted murder, and the dwarven court was set to decide his fate. However, before the trial, Charles fell extremely sick and was bedridden for days. His lawyers didn't know any of this, Charles developed his illness in silence. When the trial finally began, Charles was weak and barely able to stand. His lawyers were carrying in order to proceed the trial after being surprised by the state of their client. The prosecution presented a strong case against Charles, the evidence was clear. His lawyers were able to argue that attempted murder was not a crime under dwarven law. They presented ancient texts and precedents that supported their argument, but most importantly Zahrer Irongrinder defeated the dwarven judge in a war of words. The trial went on for days, and Charles remained sick and weak throughout. Despite the prosecution's strong case, the court ultimately ruled in Charles's favor, and he was set free. The Goldhand Clan stood up and screeched from the place they were sitting, they were outraged, and many felt that justice had not been served, they were not the only ones. However, Charles's lawyers were praised for their legal prowess, and DwedCorp became even more powerful and influential in the dwarven kingdom. Charles, meanwhile, disappeared from the public eye and was never heard from again for a while. It is possible that after Charles the Bald's trial for attempted murder, he was shunned by the dwarven society for his actions and his perceived lack of justice. The fact that he was able to escape punishment due to a legal loophole may have also contributed to the negative perception of him among his fellow dwarves. Additionally, his illness during the trial may have caused some to view him as weak or unreliable. These factors may have led Charles the Bald to withdraw from dwarven society and become less visible to others. Image representing the DwedCorp Lawyers The Charles The Bald Reforms The trial of Charles the Bald had a significant impact on the legal system of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Prior to his trial, attempted murder was not considered a crime under dwarven law. However, the incident brought to light the need for the Grand Kingdom to establish clear laws and penalties for attempted murder. The trial had been long and arduous, lasting for several days, and Charles the Bald had been represented by some of the most renowned lawyers from DwedCorp, a prominent law firm in the dwarven community. Despite the evidence against him, Charles had managed to evade punishment due to a loophole in the law. The judges, however, were not satisfied with the outcome and felt that justice had not been served. As a result, the king began to consider the implementation of new laws that would define attempted murder as a serious crime with severe consequences. The King’s council, the governing body of the Grand Kingdom, held multiple meetings to discuss the issue and eventually passed a new law that made attempted murder a punishable offense with a range of penalties, including imprisonment and exile. The incident also led to an overhaul of the dwarven legal systems to ensure that justice would be delivered fairly and efficiently. The King’s Council also established a legal education program to train new lawyers, ensuring that they were well-versed in the new laws and capable of upholding justice in the Grand Kingdom unlike the lawyers from DwedCorp. In the end, the trial of Charles the Bald may have been a difficult and challenging experience for all involved, but it ultimately led to positive change in the dwarven legal system, ensuring that justice would be upheld and that the safety and security of all dwarves would be protected. Charles "The Bald" was the only person who could sought changes through his actions. It is possible that Charles the Bald believed in the importance of upholding the rule of law and wanted to set a precedent for future cases involving attempted murder or similar crimes, hence he assaulted Hekkaes with a plan in mind. By undergoing a trial, he may also have been trying to demonstrate that even the most powerful or influential individuals in society are not above the law and must be held accountable for their actions. Additionally, he may have wanted to clear his name and demonstrate his innocence to those who may have accused him of the crime. By doing so, he may have hoped to regain the trust and respect of his fellow dwarves and be able to reintegrate into dwarven society. Image representing Zahrer Irongrinder arguing the case against the judge
  6. Happy St.Patricks Day to our Irish people and those who celebrate it anyway.

  7. For how defining this battle was for The Fringe, I've tried every keyword combination possible on youtube in order to get a video of the battle but there's none possible beside recaps of the war.
  8. A new book appears within the Urguan library, visible to all : Stories of Charles "The Bald" II The Battle of Mount Augustus Re-written and published by The Hammerfist Clan, original papers by Charles "The Bald". The Fringe was a brutal world, but that’s when the hero of all dwarves appeared, Charles “The Bald”. He would establish himself within the Ireheart clan and start his life as a dwarf of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. He had not fought in many battles against the Orenian armies yet. His first battle would be one that he would never forget, a battle that would haunt him for the rest of his life. It was the battle for Mount Augustus, a strategic mountain peak that overlooked the city of Vekaro, a stronghold of their enemy, The Orenian Empire. The forces tallied at 130,000 for The Coalition and 80,000 for the Orenian forces, an easy victory in perspective especially against The Orenian Empire. The dwarves and their allies, The Coalition, knew that if they could take the mountain, they would have a significant advantage in the war. However, the plan didn’t go as planned for Wulfgar Grandaxe and the other war leaders. The Battle To End it All The Coalition, under the command of the Grand King Wulfgar Grandaxe, made a bold move. They split their army into two groups, with one assaulting the city from the west while the other scaled the treacherous slopes of Mount Augustus to attack from the high ground. The army within Vekaro would be caught off guard by this maneuver, and were not able to fend off the assault from the west, forcing the forces to retreat. The battle turned quickly in favor of the Dwarves, who were able to rout the Orenian army back to the front of their gates allowing the dwarves and the rest of their forces access to the mountain. As the dwarves approached the mountain, the humans opened fire with their archers, raining arrows down upon the charging force. But the dwarves and other nations pressed on, their shields deflecting the arrows as they closed in on the human lines. The two forces collided in a deafening clash of steel and battle cries. The dwarves fought with a ferocity that was unmatched, their axes and hammers cleaving through human armor with ease. But the humans fought back with equal determination, their swords and spears finding their marks and spilling dwarven blood. For hours, the battle raged on, with neither side gaining the upper hand due to the strategic location of Mount Augustus. The dwarves, however, began to tire and falter, their losses mounting as they fought against a relentless human force. In these fearful times, Charles the Bald rallied the troops with Hogarth Irongut, pushing them forward in a final, desperate charge up the mountain. Charles and Hogarth ultimately led the successful charge on Mount Augustus, with a group of the bravest and most skilled warriors by his side, their axes swinging with deadly precision as they cut down the human soldiers in their path. The battle was fierce and intense, with both sides suffering heavy losses. But Charles and Hogarth were undeterred. They fought their way to the top of the mountain, taking out every human soldier who dared to stand in their way. As they reached the summit, they were met with a final wave of human defenders that they finally defeated swiftly. Charles could finally see the city of Vekaro in the distance. Victory was almost within their grasp. However, it was then that they realized their fatal mistake. They had underestimated the strength of the enemy and the importance of the city next to the mountain they were attacking. The Orenian army had amassed a huge force, and they quickly launched a counter-attack. Charles, Hogarth and his fellow dwarves were heavily outnumbered, and they were soon forced to retreat. As they made their way back down the mountain, he knew that the failure to take Mount Augustus would have disastrous consequences for their kingdom and the future of the world. The Savior of Fili Grandaxe As the line resettled further back, the dwarves and their allies found themselves outnumbered and outmatched again and again. It was then that Fili Grandaxe was ambushed by a group of human soldiers who had managed to sneak behind the dwarven lines. Charles "The Bald" saw the ambush and charged towards Fili's position, fighting his way through the enemy soldiers with a ferocity that few had ever seen before. Despite being greatly outnumbered, Charles "The Bald" fought with the strength of ten dwarves, his battle axe cleaving through flesh and bone with each swing. Finally, he reached Fili's position and dispatched the last of the human soldiers who were attacking him. Fili, who was badly wounded, was amazed at the sight of the dwarven warrior who had come to his rescue. Charles hoisted Fili over his shoulder and began to make his way back towards the dwarven lines. The human soldiers, seeing their prey escaping, gave chase, but "The Bald" was not deterred. He fought off the enemy soldiers with his battle axe, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. But in the chaos of battle, Charles was struck by an arrow in his eye. He winced in pain but kept fighting, determined to get Fili to safety. The two warriors finally reached the safety of the dwarven lines, and Fili was quickly taken to receive medical attention. Charles collapsed from his injuries, and he was rushed to the infirmary alongside Fili. The Bald’s recovery Days passed, and Charles "The Bald" fought for his life while Fili recovered rather quickly. His wounds were severe, but his spirit was strong. He refused to give up, determined to recover and return to the battle. Eventually, Charles "The Bald" did recover, though he was left with a permanent scar from the arrow that had struck him. Despite the pain, Charles had managed to save Fili Grandaxe and escape with Hogarth Irongut. Charles still returned to his people, wounded and demoralized. He felt responsible for the failure and knew that he had let his people down. For weeks, Charles stayed in the infirmary, resting and healing. He was visited by his friends and fellow warriors who brought him gifts and stories of their own battles. Fili Grandaxe also visited him, bringing him freshly baked pies and telling him tales of his own adventures. The coalition would eventually lose the war, and Charles would always feel a sense of guilt and regret for his failure at Mount Augustus. However, he would use that failure to fuel his determination and dedication to his people, vowing to never make the same mistake again and to always fight for the betterment of his kingdom. The Ceremony The grand hall of the dwarven kingdom were finally filled with a joyous atmosphere as the grand king Wulfgar Grandaxe presided over a ceremony to honor a brave warrior. The dwarf who was being celebrated was none other than Charles "The Bald", who had recovered from his injuries after saving Fili Grandaxe during the battle of Mount Augustus. Charles sat in the front row, dressed in his finest armor, surrounded by his friends. The room was decorated with Irehearts banners, his clan at the time, and the aroma of roasted meat and ale filled the air. The king rose from his throne and began to speak, his voice echoing throughout the hall. "Todayeh lads, weh gather toh honor one of oureh bravesteh warriors, Charles The Bald !" the king said, his voice ringing with pride. "Heh risked his own fooken' life to save that of his fellow dweds, one of my clan members, Fili Grandaxe, and foreh that, we are eternally gratefuleh." The crowd cheered and raised their mugs in a toast to Charles. The king continued to speak, praising Charles for his bravery, his loyalty, and his dedication to the dwarven cause. "Charles has proven himself toime and toime againeh on z'e battlefield lads," the king said, his voice booming. "And heh is ah shining exampleh of what iteh means to be a dwed - to be strongeh, fearless, and unyielding in the face of dangereh." As the king finished his speech, he motioned for Charles to come forward. Charles rose to his little feet and made his way to the front of the room, where the king presented him with a medal of honor. The medal was adorned with the symbol of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan - a hammer and anvil - and it shone brightly in the light. "Charles, ye have proven yourselfeh to beh a true heroh lad," the king said, placing the medal around Charles' neck. "Mayeh it serve as ah reminder of yer bravery and yer dedication toh oureh cause." Charles bowed his head, tears in his eyes, as the crowd erupted in applause. He knew that he had done what any dwarf would do - protect his kin and fight for his home. But to be honored in such a way, to be recognized for his bravery, was a truly humbling experience. As the ceremony drew to a close, Charles made his way back to his seat, his chest swelling with pride. He knew that he would continue to fight for his people, to protect them at all costs, and to always be a shining example of what it means to be a true dwarf. OOC Oren Cheated.
  9. A newly published book appears in the land of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan : Stories of Charles "The Bald" I Re-written and published by The Hammerfist Clan, original papers by Charles "The Bald" Charles “The Bald“, a once-proud warrior of the defunct Grand Kingdom Urguan, had been tasked with a dangerous mission. He had been sent to the newly formed dwarven kingdom of Kaz'ulrah to eliminate the new king who had killed all of his friends. A coronation ceremony was to be held inside of the kindgom. Charles knew that he had to act quickly and decisively to complete his mission. He positioned himself in a small hole in the ceiling above the throne room, waiting patiently for the right moment to strike. As the ceremony began, Charles listened intently to the speeches and the cheers of the crowd, his heart pounding with anticipation. Finally, he saw his chance. With one swift stroke of his axe, he drove it into the new king's skull, killing him instantly. Chaos erupted in the throne room as the guards tried to figure out what had happened and who was responsible. As Charles tried to make his escape, he was suddenly confronted by a group of friendly raiders who had infiltrated the city. They had come to help him complete his mission and escape safely. Together, Charles and the friendly raiders fought their way through the guards and made their way out of the throne room. The fighting was fierce, but Charles knew that he had allies by his side and that gave him the strength to keep going. As they ran through the streets of Kaz'ulrah, Charles could hear the sounds of battle behind him. But he didn't look back. He knew that he had completed his mission and that he had allies who would help him get to safety. Finally, they reached the entrance to the city. Charles and the friendly raiders ran outside and into the darkness, their hearts pounding with adrenaline. They knew that they had accomplished what they had come to do, and they felt a sense of pride and satisfaction. As they disappeared into the night, Charles thought about the dangers that he had faced and the risks that he had taken. But he also knew that he had proven himself to be a warrior of the highest order, and that he had done what was necessary to protect his people. However, he still knew he had committed a serious crime. THE REDEMPTION Charles the Bald had committed a terrible crime - kinslaying. He had been consumed by anger and hatred towards his own kin, leading him to take the life of a fellow dwarf. Charles was filled with remorse and knew he needed to seek redemption for his crime. He journeyed to the Cloud Temple, seeking guidance from the monks and forgiveness from the dwarven gods. However, upon arrival, he discovered that a mistake had been made and the monks believed him to be dead. Charles was in a state of shock and disbelief. He had hoped to seek the guidance of the monks and be forgiven by the dwarven gods, but now he was trapped in a limbo between life and death. The monks at the Cloud Temple had deemed him unworthy of returning to the land of the living, and so his spirit had remained trapped in a purgatory-like state, neither alive nor dead but they were kind enough to take him in and provide him with shelter, but Charles could not shake the feeling of despair. He felt as though he was a prisoner, trapped in a state of purgatory, unable to return to the land of the living. Charles knew that he needed to redeem himself in the eyes of the dwarven gods, but he was unsure how to do so. But then, something miraculous happened. One day, the monks at the Cloud Temple decided to revisit Charles's case. They delved into his past, studying every detail of his life, and discovered something that had eluded them before. They realized that Charles had not acted out of malice or selfishness when he had committed the kinslaying, but out of a sense of duty to his kingdom. The monks were filled with remorse for not having realized this earlier, and they decided to allow Charles to return to the land of the living. They performed a ritual, and Charles's spirit was released from its purgatory-like state. As Charles's soul returned to his body, he felt a sudden jolt of energy surge through him. He gasped for breath as his lungs filled with air, and his heart began to beat once again. He opened his eyes and found himself lying on a stone slab in the Cloud Temple's sanctum. The monks were there to greet him, and they explained to him what had happened. They told him that he had been given a second chance, and that he had to use it to redeem himself in the eyes of the dwarven gods and the world. Charles was overwhelmed with gratitude, and he pledged to spend the rest of his days living up to the expectations of his newfound benefactors. He set out on a journey, determined to make amends for his past misdeeds. THE RETURN TO URGUAN Charles the Bald had spent a considerable amount of time at the Cloud Temple, seeking redemption for the kinslaying he had committed in his past. He had prayed to the dwarven gods fervently, and the monks had finally deemed him worthy of being allowed to return to the land of the living. As he made his way back to the dwarven society, he knew that he had a long and difficult road ahead of him. He had to redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow dwarves, and he was determined to do so. He arrived in the newly reformed Grand Kingdom of Urguan, where he was greeted by wary looks from the other dwarves. He understood their hesitation, for he had been known as a kinslayer and an outcast. But he was determined to prove himself worthy of their trust. Charles decided to start by performing acts of service for the community. He helped to repair the city's walls, he assisted the smiths in their work, and he even volunteered to be part of the city guard. His efforts did not go unnoticed, and slowly but surely, the other dwarves began to see him in a different light. As he continued to serve his community, Charles also reflected on his past actions and sought to make amends where he could. He sought out the families of those he had wronged and apologized for his actions, asking for their forgiveness. It was not an easy task, but he knew it was necessary for his redemption. Months passed, and Charles began to earn the trust and respect of his fellow dwarves. He had proven himself to be a valuable member of the community, and many even began to see him as a hero. One day, as he was walking through the city, he heard a cry for help. Without hesitation, he ran to the source of the sound and found that a group of bandits had attacked a group of dwarves, stealing their valuables and injuring some of them. Charles drew his weapon and charged at the bandits, fighting them off and protecting the innocent dwarves. As the bandits fled, the injured dwarves thanked Charles for his bravery and praised him as a hero. He had redeemed himself in their eyes, and he knew that he had finally earned his place in dwarven society once again. From that day on, Charles continued to serve his community, always striving to make amends for his past mistakes and prove himself as a worthy and honorable dwarf. And though he knew that he could never erase the past, he found solace in the fact that he had been given a second chance to make things right.

  11. u tried with on-load or any event really, i wonder if you could technically show sections, you can still pass some code like "this.show()" or things like that i am too tired of inspecting elements all day at work to do it after work https://www.w3schools.com/jsref/event_onload.asp
  12. What you're doing is outputting HTML with CSS in the text editors, if you inspect element on Facebook and make changes, you are not hacking facebook. It is a security risk since I could probably allow some javascript code to go trough. @Llir
  13. The forums would have to be manually updated for you to have access to new fonts, you can inspect element, but that's fairly local unless you got access to Lotc servers.
  14. "HE-RE-SEH !" would exclaim the old dwarf upon reading the fantasy stories written by the man, when the history of the dwarves has been lived by actual dwarves, he knew these claims were false. He would then exclaim his opinion to himself in order to appear righteous later on : "Eet's noice speending' ya' toime wroitin' histoireh', but when teh' historeh' has been loived' beh' realeh' fooken people, eet' doesn't makeh' sense for yeh' to try and redefoined, teh cultureh tha' people haveh' defoined' t'emselves dumbo" Weh knoweh' teh followin' clans nevah did aneh' of this', t'ere's books around this fooken world going againsteh' yer fooken storeh lad, ye look loike teh' fool yeh always been". He would then consult the black hand in order to know what was next for the cannonist slaves.
  15. "Eet's about toime' someone put their' fukken pants and put teh ordah up in des' fooken' place, and eet's not teh' king that would do it" would say the old dwarf upon receiving the news that the cleaning crew are coming in. He would also fall back to sleep after stealing food and various items from human kingdoms, a task he was tasked by the black hand.
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