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  1. The stall in numendil has been refilled again! Come get your purebred horses while you can! 🐎

  2. itdontmatta you will pay for ruining free speech on lotc
  3. Soot was your horse, but now he's mine, deal with it.

  4. This is one of the mistakes of the biggest mistakes ever done by the GM Team LOL.

  5. What a week that was, let's see that the next one brings us !!!

  6. Onarion would ignore half of the badly formatted reply and simply reply "Exactly what a criminal would say" while giggling endlessly.
  7. 14th of Sun’s Smile S.A. July 30th, 2023 The Desecration of Urguan’s laws - The trial of King Balon All living creatures should take note that King Balon was pressured by the dwarves of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan to undertake a trial without representation. A world leader should be allowed a trial with representation, Thromdrick Irongut also failed to consider multiple conditions, listed as follow : After multiple hours of being captured, King Balon was under no mental capacity to decide for himself after suffering major blood loss during a battle. No citizens of the dwarves were also allowed to the trial, meaning that the information given to you by the courts could be false. Citizens of Urguan were allowed a fair trial in Norland. Thromdrick Irongut expedited the trial without even considering the mental state of the accused, this is a grave offense to Urguan law’s but also Yemekar’s balance because the accused is a world leader. Every living creature should take note of the act that the dwarves within Urguan have committed, especially those of Clan Frostbeard and Clan Ireheart. When your leader eventually gets captured, his trial could be expedited without proper representation. Signed, Clan Leader of The Direhearts
  8. "Teh definition of the word doesn't change because of yer' laws', we' just look loike we' are uneducated and didn't think about aneh' of it beforehand" replies to the sudden apparition of Thromdrick behind him.
  9. "The act of kinslaying is the act of killing your own kin, maybeh' yah' need a few more lessons before holding such a position. This trial was a shame, and will be remembered by all, the moment Urguan died" says Onarion Ireheart after reading the news.

  11. sorry to hear about the divorce

  12. THE IREHEART CLAN SPLIT “We are smarter than all of them" - Onar Ireheart To my clansmen, For years, I've yearned to reunite with my fellow Irehearts, but the state of our clan fills me with deep concern. Once renowned and feared, we have become a mere nuisance in the eyes of the world. Our descent into wickedness has brought about countless troubles, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The root of this issue lies within our inept leadership, who stubbornly cling to outdated notions that hold no relevance in today's world. Our so-called "recruitment" efforts have only led to disappointment, as our recruits quickly abandon us due to our sheer incompetence. The military leaders we implore the king to appoint are nothing more than figureheads, accomplishing nothing of substance. They refuse to take charge, refusing to organize crucial events or actively seek new members. Instead, they idle away, merely adding their lofty titles to their signatures, waiting for the next war to come. Axel Ireheart, a lingering relic of the archaic regime, represents the epitome of inaction and intellectual pretense. He shamelessly clings to his titles, maneuvering to amass whatever paltry remnants of power he can for our clan. However, his feeble attempts are nothing more than foolish endeavors. Why do I deem him an idiot? It's a simple observation rooted in the fact that the inhabitants of Urguan are far from naive; they keenly perceive our transparent schemes unfolding from miles away. The time has come for our clan to undergo a drastic transformation. I've always been captivated by the potential of our clan, envisioning what great feats we could achieve if we were more disciplined and committed. Hence, I am now searching within the ranks of our current clan for individuals who share my desire to join The Direheart Clan, embarking on a new and daring adventure. We shall remain rooted in our heritage but adopt a more resolute and earnest approach. Rather than idly awaiting wars, we shall dedicate ourselves to training the members of The Grand Kingdom through rigorous drills. We shall appoint true military leaders who possess the capability to organize impactful events, individuals who will not squander their titles. Together, we will forge a new and improved Ireheart clan that will shine brightly throughout history, eradicating the stain of our past. With utmost urgency and determination, SIGNED, Onarion Ireheart, Son of Onar Ireheart.
  13. "Nobodeh' should probableh' listen to the Irongut clan leader who took ovah, anh' empteh' clan, and left it an empteh clan and relic less. Eet' also complained the whole toime about Urguan whoile' doin nothin' to improveh' it"
  14. As Dor'Nal approaches the notice board, determination etched on their face, they firmly grasp a notice in their hand. With purposeful strides, they reach the board, eyeing the available space. Positioning themselves, they raise their arm, holding the notice in place against the wood. In their other hand, a hammer glints in the light, ready for action. With swift precision, the dwarf brings the hammer down, the resounding thud echoing through the air. A sturdy nail pierces the notice, securing it firmly to the board. The notice is now securely fastened for all to see. The Easy Choice The Grand Kingdom of Urguan like other communities will always keep having goals within itself, those are not always the most interesting ones. So many of you fail to grasp that a community doesn’t have to bring you a goal to be a member of it. You have to work, entertain yourself and take care of yourself and your family like an adult. Our common objective is crystal clear: to foster the growth of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It's as simple as that. Of course, the nature of this goal may vary depending on your position within the kingdom, but make no mistake, it remains a driving force. If you're expecting a king or someone else to provide you with excitement or be the sole savior of the kingdom, well, prepare for a lengthy wait. I understand the importance of your clans expanding, but let's shift our focus. Instead of teaching newcomers that your clan reigns supreme over others, let's redirect their attention towards the magnificence of Urguan. We must remember that the growth of The Grand Kingdom should never devolve into a ruthless competition among clans. Yes, every king has had their fair share of failures. But let's not forget, they have also accomplished great things during their reigns. Take Norli Starbreaker, for instance. He may have amassed great wealth and assembled a competent clergy, but his actions caused ripples within the community that are still felt to this day. And what about Jorvin? A formidable warrior, no doubt, but he had to be removed due to his unfortunate tendency to doze off. While it is easy to criticize the actions of past kings, many of you still staunchly defend your friends and clan members as if they had saved the world. As someone who is recognized as an exceptional worker when motivated, I can easily understand the thought process behind such loyalty but unfortunately, to go forward, that doesn’t matter. It is essential that you change your ways and consider the bigger picture. Furthermore, just because your friend or clan member is familiar to you does not automatically make them a suitable candidate for leadership. If the person in question rarely interacts with the community and is seldom seen by other dwarves, how can we consider Conan Goldhand to be a competent leader? It simply doesn't make sense. Regardless of your plans, if you only present your ideas during election time, how can we view you as a worthy leader of our community? Your motivation seems to be driven solely by ego and believing your right over others. Simultaneously, if you continuously propose a multitude of ideas and establish numerous organizations that fail to sustain themselves, not only are you exhausting yourself, but you are also failing to achieve anything substantial. Voting for Garedyn The Green doesn’t make any sense to me yet, as he has a lot to learn. In conclusion, instead of casting your vote, I encourage you to abstain and continue being a content and fulfilled member of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, things will get better. Thank you. The Movement Forever.
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