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  1. Dungeons have always been an interest of the community but they were always badly implemented ever since 2011, running a dungeon as ST once or twice is fine but once it’s the 20thtime, you don’t have the interest and passion to do a good one, it clearly needs a lot more organization than you think, plugins won’t work either.
  2. Nothing better than someone who does mostly PVP to give us a fair opinion on why we need conflict.
  3. I wish I could sit next to you near a fire, that’s for sure.
  4. the bald will be unleashed again

    1. devvy


      charlie charlie are you there

    2. Valaryon


      oh god oh no..

  5. Roleplayers try to manage an economy, yikers.
  6. I am participating in this topic and keeping my tone civil and considerate of others.
  7. Charles The Bald would hear the news from his hiding place in the middle of the capital, he would let a tear go down his face as one his of dearest friend has gone for one last battle in heaven. He begins to wonder if life is worth it after all...
  8. This revision is really bad, it’s basically a re-write by @Josh3738 posted by @Noobli – It makes runesmithing a very powerful magic that is again designed to the runelord ultimate power over other living beings since he can do basically every sort of magic in a sort of way, he controls his students and teaches who he wants. The runelord can use any rune at his disposal to “powergame” his way out of fights, etc. A runelord doesn’t have to be a powerful being that can kill anyone he wants. The Runelord will be the lord of water, mud, lava, etc. He will also be able to make runes of memory, light, etc. Again, nobody on this server should have that much roleplay power over other races and beings. - The Rune of Inspiration is simply a rune used to give the student runesmithing in a quick manner, it doesn’t server any purpose than that, there’s nothing written that is very substantial than boosting the student’s creation, I mean it could have been written better to give a better idea about what you want than boost the student creativity and rune making which will be used for “certain” students as we already know. - The runes do not give any bad effects, as they grow in tiers they instead grow in power, they do not have have counter-effects included that makes the runesmith think what should he make, the runes are pretty straight forward as they are. Certain runes have a slight objection to them but I can still think of a few situations that EVERY rune could be abused in order to profit the runesmith. Overall, the magic will push the same thing as before : - Over powerful runelord - Circlejerks - Powergaming masked through runes. My recommendations are : - A complete re-write by the ST team because the dwarves are now competing on re-writes, increasing the toxicity in the sub-community. - ST oversight over runesmithing for a few years until the bad habits are fixed.
  9. You are right my friend, if only this beautiful team could work on re-writing golemancy, this beautiful magic should be a nice addition to the server. Wonderful idea Rocky.
  11. Charles “The Bald” would scratch his beard upon seeing the flyer, he would say “Ahhh’ ee’t seem’s loike ye’ forgot’ to include loss of relic in tha’ dishonor section”, he would pause for a few moment before saying “Because ye’ wouldn’t even beh’ in teh legion if eet’ woas included”, then he would giggle.
  12. THE OLD GUARD & THEIR PUPPETS The name of Urguan has been misused for years by a few dwarves that still hold influence over the kings and the people, that influence has been considered as toxic for many years and has now cost us our most important relic and tradition : the Hammer of Urguan and runesmithing. If a dwarf wants to climb up the ladder in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, he must befriend the old guard, he must try his best. Those who hangout with the Old Guard will usually end up as your next king, just like Jorvin Starbreaker, do the work, befriend them and you shall be named king. Those dwarves do not care if the common dwarf has nothing to do, has to defend their bidding or has to plead for relics. They want to keep their influence over you at all cost. They would rather leave than see their candidate win, a truly toxic attitude. This system has to come to an end, those dwarves shall be identified publicly, their toxicity exposed to all dwarves because in the end they do not care about the common dwarf, they care about holding their power over them. They shouldn’t be trusted when they led to the fall of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan many times in the past, they do not want to work to improve the kingdom. We shall unite and leave the Grand Kingdom for a better one, something that we all agree will represent us. What led to the victory of Kaz’Ulrah is simply happening again and there is nothing that you will be able to do to stop it because you do not have the dedication anymore. THE OLD GUARD Zahrer Irongrinder Rumored to be a member of the undead after being supposedly killed by a group of Orcs, the old leader of Arcadia is simply a harborer of relics as I have personally seen and lived on Arcadia, he personally has the scales so searched by the Goldhands and many other relics. This dwarf has lost the tradition of runesmithing. He is to take the blame as why The Kingdom of Urguan fell to Kaz’Ulrah as he was the king. He is to be remembered as a failure when he is publicly hanged in the halls of Urguan. Dwain II Irongut Strangely, this dwarf cannot let go after building his family outside of the kingdom and completely ignoring us, the small influence he had over The Hammer of Urguan is now gone just like his clan’s legitimacy in the future. A true failure to his dad’s name, he is to be remembered as a complete flop after he is publicly executed. Fili Grandaxe The one who surrendered the Kingdom of Urguan to the other forces, what can you say, he was used by Zahrer Irongrinder to surrender as Zahrer didn’t want his history tarnished by such a fact. His influence is low, a few dwarves know of him, he still thinks his opinion matters enough to show up to the kingdom’s meeting when he is mostly ignored and never around the kingdom. Also suspected to be harboring relics of Urguan. Truly a useless dwarf that should be imprisoned for accepting to surrender. Fimlin Grandaxe Just like Fili, the washed up dwarf that he is, Fimlin Grandaxe has never achieved anything great for the Grand Kingdom Of Urguan but when it has been a long time, history gets mixed up and re-written it actually looks like Fimlin has influence but he doesn’t. He will still show up to the occasional meeting where he can give his opinion but still, he is never there, he doesn’t know what the common dwarf experiences. THE PUPPETS Norli Starbreaker Already rumored to be the next king by the old guard because he was allowed to flourish while others couldn’t, this dwarf is nothing but another of the puppets put in place by The Old Guard. If it wasn’t for the Old Guard, this dwarf would have probably never achieved anything else but the bare minimum. Just like I told you earlier my child, you must know to play the game if you want to be king. Jorvin Starbreaker While he was doing nothing in the positions he held, this dwarf knew how to play the system just like his other clan member, he joined and befriended The Old Guard. He held positions in the kingdom, while looking good for his candidacy as King, he never achieved anything else beside the bare minimum. Once put in a position of power, he became stressed, he started to seclude himself, why ? Because he was never a proper candidate to be king but rather another one of the puppets. Dimlin Irongut Another dwarf that was being told what to do by The Old Guard and that had to pay the price of being shamed for the rest of his life. Hammerless, he shall try to convince us that he did good for us but his name is truly tarnished. “Dimlin, keep this there and it will be fine”, he was told but he still lost it because The Old Guard has truly lost touch with our lands, they do not know what is happening. Always put in place in positions of power while there is a better candidate, he shall lead you to battle missing one arm. Darek Irongrinder Another dwarf that secludes himself with The Old Guard, washing their feet and doing various tasks for them. Always present to take his assigned position by the Old Guard when there is a new kingdom, he will always set-up a few things here and there before becoming absent. It is rare you can see him travel through the halls to ask him to build something and rarely will he build what you are asking him. Dwalin Irongut The one who is supposed to be enforcing the rules written by someone else. Another puppet that has played the game just like everybody else. Considered a candidate of last resort by the Old Guard, he should become king if the influence of The Old Guard is truly menaced. What can you say, he is trying to be like them. Always absent and without knowledge of the day-to-day matters of the kingdom, he holds this position for dear life while there could be something better done. Kazrin Starbreaker A new player to the game of The Old Guard, Kazrin seems to be the new puppet put in place. He truly has started by befriending the puppets before coming one himself. Slowly he is turning into a fully pledge player, if you see him king one day, I will have warned you. Our Path Forward, Together The toxicity of The Old Guard will come to an end rather abruptly, a new dwarven kingdom will be created for those seeking something better : a kingdom that gives opportunities to every dwarf there is, a kingdom that has better communication but most importantly a kingdom led without a shadow council. This kingdom will be built upon camaraderie & support of each other. The Old Guard has truly never learned of their mistakes, they will be replaced with us, the dwarves of the new age. Do not be mistaken, we will take land upon Arcas and make a stand against them.
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