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  1. DPM has become so involved in Lord of The Craft that he's losing it and thinks Ioannis is DDosing people. There's no way around it, DPM has a personal vendetta against Ioannis. Ioannis has never DDoSed anyone and Dewper has shitty internet. Dewper has been getting DDoS'd since a year now and I don't think it is Ioannis but rather the same person doing the work everytime. It's clear that DPM is being helped by Lucas, a known DDoser and DPM also has been DDoSing people so, they're just framing him. DPM had beef with Ioannis before he was an Admin and it just keeps going on, the beef keeps roasting until it reaches the ending point. When the beef is ready is the moment me and priceflash step in and lay the law.
  2. Thank you @DPM for delaying community guidelines appeals for another week.

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      I miss you Charles come back to us 

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      Free charles

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      Use your dwarven cuteness to flirt with tel.

  3. Charles The Bald

    Telanir's 'community guidelines weapon': He can do it to you too

    I will be honest with you guys and I think it is one of the best system we ever had on Lord of the Craft. I will come back on the server as a greater player and human being. I have been going through the process since the 29th of april and me and Telanir are discussing big things :
  4. #UnbanCharles





  5. Charles The Bald

    Charles The Bald

  6. Charles The Bald

    LOTC Is Full of Psychopaths, Sadists and Narcissists

  7. Charles The Bald

    Charles The Bald

  8. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Charles_The_Bald Ban Reason Poor behavior in roleplay Players Involved Charles The Bald By your own understanding, why are you banned? The first thing that happened was that I slapped a girl's ass in roleplay and a few guards and people from The Dominion attacked me. When they finally hit me with their sword I emoted "/s [!] dies from the dominion idiots" then I also emoted "*dies while laughing because he knows he will come back*. I got contacted by Murlocs which she then informed me that the matter would be dropped but my attitude towards Murlocs was also terrible. I was acting like a douchebag and was acting like I was happy to get banned for 5 days. This whole situation got me banned. Why should you be pardoned? I've been very active after my unban and I never got banned or warned about poor behavior in roleplay, it shows that I can roleplay without trolling or anything like that. It was just a slip up after a very hard day. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will personally make sure it never happens again, me and some friends are working on reviving The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and they need me to continue forward. I had nothing going on that day and was very bored. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I believe it is very important that is why i've always followed them after my unban when I sometimes get warned about my attitude in ooc and i always keep it low because i do not want to get banned. I'm a good person we all know it.

  10. Welcome back sire, proud to see my best friend back after a well needed hiatus.

  11. Charles The Bald

    Gror "The Undead" Ireheart

    This letter would be sent to all the people that have purchased a subscription to The Bald's Publications : The rumors are true my kin : Gror Ireheart is officially a traitor. This dwed that I protected as Kingsguard has officially decided to switch to the other side in order to make a damn profit. What he doesn’t know is that he will get slain in the upcoming months by a giant army of dwed and humans. I cannot confirm to you that he is really Gror Ireheart, this man has been claiming to have hidden with me for a few years during the war but it’s not true. Who’s this dwed calling himself Gror Ireheart ? I have personally seen the lifeless body of Gror Ireheart. It makes me think that Gror Ireheart is an Undead. Kaz’Ulrah is a place for kinslayers. Any dwedmar currently living in Kaz’Ulrah will be permanently shamed. In order to regain my trust, the people living in Kaz’Ulrah will have to knee in front of me and do a walk of atonement around the world we currently live. I am the Grand Champion of Urguan, he is the father of all dwed currently living upon this land. You have been warned Kaz’Ulrah, you are weak and on your last stand. Get the **** out or knee to me. Charles “The Bald”
  12. can i have a few pvp lessons

  13. Charles The Bald

    [Denied] [ET Actor] Drfate786

    I, Charles "The Bald" officially support Drfate786 as an ET Actor.
  14. absolute- savage
      absolute- savage

         absolute- savage

            absolute- savage
                absolute- savage

  15. Charles The Bald

    [✓] Charles The Bald's Appeal

    IGN(s): Charles_The_bald Ban Reason: Player(s) Involved: leowarrior14 and other people from /ooc Details: I got banned for leaking old logs of leowarrior14. To be honest I was just being a complete retard on ooc and deserved to be banned. Sorry to anyone I have hurt. I would like to excuse myself to leowarrior14, I shouldn't have been bringing up things from the past that don't even matter anymore. I have nothing personal against you and from what I have heard you're a great person. I'm sorry for it and it will probably never happen again. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.)