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  1. Want to pay your way to Atlas, and still have money for Mage College? The USS. Friday is looking for hot, young Oren co-eds to work behind our various bars, apply now, and see the world !

    Edited by Charles The Bald
  2. A personal letter would be sent to every human lord, elf prince, dwarf king. Posters would be hanged on notice boards around the Isles of Axios. The word would be passed around : The U.S.S Friday has finally arrived THE U.S.S FRIDAY “Come on come all to the U.S.S Friday “ - Charles “The Bald” Thanium is currently invading our lands but it isn’t a reason to stop partying. The U.S.S Friday has pulled up in the public harbor, thanks to Darek Hammerfist great parallel parking skills. We’re here to provide to you an experience like no other. I will be providing you with animation, music and ultimately a few of my great singles will be sang. My animation booth has been set up near the pool, be there. We also have a bar serving ale to people that are swimming in the pool. There’s constant partying going on the U.S.S Friday, we’re having a feast every night. We’re going to make these dark times brighter for YOU. There’s rooms available to anyone that would like to live on the U.S.S Friday while the thanium eventually reaches the Cloud Temple. There’s no better party ship than the U.S.S Friday, let it be heard around the Isles of Axios. Charles “The Bald”, U.S.S Friday on-board comedian, singer and musician. OOC : HOW TO GET ONTO THE U.S.S FRIDAY (shout out to my main man arockstar28)
  3. "The end of the world event will be held at Sutica" -Squitgun

    1. Sky


      I mean, it's not entirely true nor false, the end of Ceru event line sure but that is one third, hardly the entire world event ending.

    2. SeventhCircle


      Yeah each land mass is/has already gotten their storyline/it is actively happening.

  4. TO ALL MY FANS : What's up you little beauties, disstrack inc soon

  5. Join me on Norland's side and we will win the siege

  6. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  7. A Call to Arms

    Charles "The Bald" would smile at the thought of going to war against the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah and Norland "I woill uniteh a group of dwed' and we'll chargeh at t'em with our axes"
  8. They Didn't Even Get A Chair This Time...?

    Charles "The Bald" would hear the good news from his friends living in Arcadia "The Followers of Khorvad have been defeated once again"
  9. FM November Mini Update

    Can you tell your FMs to chill ?
  10. -=Sutica Raid=-

    please i can kill you with my eyes closed
  11. Take a Stand.

    We see bullying as intimation or threat towards another person, however bullying in itself is a behavior pattern that can be seen in all kinds of species. Animals use the same process to defend themselves and their territories, and humans use it in a similar way. We bully those who are seen as a threat, seen as weaker, or as something that we do not understand. While it is mean for the weaker party, humanity has evolved to do it. That said, are we doing society a favor by going after "bullies" with pitchfork in hand, or are we actually weakening ourselves by letting a natural behavior become unnatural ?
  12. Charles "The Bald" would let out a laugh and say "This is Kaz'Ulrah"
  13. What Verthaik will never achieve

    Charles "The Bald" would enter the city of Jornheim and illegally nail this letter on a few door and the notice board : Verthaik will never achieve one thing and that is to unify the dwarves under one kingdom. Instead of becoming king himself, he vassalized under a poor human to first get land. This is where Verthaik and the Frostbeards lost all their senses. By living amongst humans they also picked up their culture and ways of war. After a few months of living amongst them, they breached the Dwarven Code of Honor and the kin-slaying started. It all started when a member of the Frostbeard clan attacked a citizen of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan without any honor. Kaz’Ulrah is honorless and have preached the ways of kin-slaying, this is not what the dwarves thrive for. While we are shamed for asking for Oren’s help, it is the Orcs and the Frostbeards who first asked for their help. They went and kneeled in front of the king but the king knew that Verthaik was just like the other human lords : a man without honor. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan will rise again, there is no other way around. When Verthaik will be gone, so is Kaz’Ulrah. Leading a kingdom under times of war is an easy thing but when the war stops it is another thing. Being a king will eventually get to Verthaik and I don’t want to be around when the human inside him goes out. Charles "The Bald", Grand Champion of the Dwarves, Protector of the King of Urguan, Friend of the Elves, The Frostbeard Crusher.
  14. Disgrace to Kaz'Ulrah

    This letter would be inserted under every door of the city of Jornheim, while also being illegaly nailed to a few notice boards around the realm : To all citizens of Kaz’Ulrah, Verthaik has now breached the dwarven code of honor by marrying a human female, this is an abomination that is also supported by the High-Prelate of the Frostbeard rebellion. The woman he married is in fact a human midget, without any body hair and large eyes and squinty eyes resembling those of an elf. Her face resembles nothing like the dwarven woman I have seen in my life and if she doesn't prove she is a dwarven women by growing a beard, I will assume she's a woman. Disgusting. Very Disgusting. Verthaik also calls his new kingdom, a new system full of chances but if you have the sufficient intellectual quotient, you will understand quickly that in order to be the next king, you need to become the best friend and servant of the current king. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan used to be about democracy and nominating who was the right candidate, not the best friend of the king. The new system put in place by Verthaik is to give powerless titles to dwarves living in his own kingdom. The titles of Warden, Marshal and Overseer are working positions not administrative ones, they hold no power over the High King’s judgement. The new dwarves that join Kaz’Ulrah are employed for work while those who have been friend of the High King ever since he joined do not work but are rather given a chance at being the next king. Charles “The Bald”, Grand Champion of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Kingsguard of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.