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  2. OOC: Hey Amagous! Kayle Seek here! You may not remember me, but since i killed off Kayle, I would like to try something new! :P Minecraft Name: StandUnited Character Name or Nickname: Levianth Nerin Race: Human Gender: Male Character age:20 Age in real life:14 How could you bring honor to the Cal'ek warband?: Many ways. Representing our ways, fighting honorably, helping innocent bystanders, etc. Why do you wish to serve the Cal'ek Warband and the people of Aegis?: Living in AlKhazar, I see people being arrested/mugged/robbed/annoyed/going insane. I just want it over with, and have peace in this world. Do you have a skype or steam account? If so, what is it?: I do not have skype, but I do have a steam account, its jkaramali
  3. Brief Character History: Kayle Seek, at the age of 6, lost his dad to a follower Iblees. He was then taught by his mentor to wield a sword at the age of 12. Every day Kayle would practice with his sword that he named " Evictor ". At the age of 28, he started using Evictor the way he wanted to. Keeping Peace in the world, fighting for the Ascended, and sending the foul Undead back to Iblees is pieces. Character Name (I.C.): Kayle_Seek Character name (O.C.): StandUnited Race: Human IC Age: 29 Will you be a FOA soldier, or s preacher?(Preachers are allowed to fight, but not their main focus):Preacher Goals in the FOA?: To find my inner light thats within me. To purge of myself of the bad, and bring in my inner good. To get revenge on the Undead for killing brave men, and to bring peace to Aegis. Good deeds you have done?: Guided people, fought Undead, hunted iblees followers, served as a guard, guarded the innocent. Have you done any bad deeds?: I have, that I have repented. How did you hear of us?: The Leader, Blaedr Are you against the Undead? Please explain why.: Of course. They killed my father, my friends, half my country! They deserve to be sent back into the fiery pits of hell. Can you wield a blade?: I can, since the age of 12 Are you a capable builder?: I am also a part time architect so yes. Are you an archer?: To be honest, I am horrible with a bow. Any special skills?: I preach and give speeches in my spare time. Do you have faith in the Ascendeds return and will you tell of this to others? Please explain why.: I did not before. But I do now. We have the ability to hold them off until the Ascended return, and once they return the hopefully have a big plan to fend off the Undead for good. Explain how you will help to serve the FOA, and through us, the Ascended and Aeriel: I will preach my soul and heart out for Aeriel, the FOA, and the Ascended. I will not stop until everyone is at least somewhat pure at heart, and that I give my life to bringing forth Peace.
  4. You do know this was disbanded, due to the Title saying [FINISHED] and the last post before our convo was July 21st..
  5. OOC: oh didn't know OOC: and too availer, its outside of kramoroe, but the permissions are all mixed up, only I can access it, if that can be sorted out that would be great!
  6. Growing slowly but surely! Soon we will be able to actually have an army to fight off the Undead!
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