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  1. pretty bold coming from a lowly admin

  2. "Your feedback has been heard, I've just chosen to disregard it."

    1. Swgrclan


      yo can I choose to put a ring on that finger, bunny girl

    2. Fyrste


      I was writing a big post replying to it, then tried to post only to find it locked. Feedback threads should never be locked, people had more to say, but 501 didnt want to listen

    3. JuliusAakerlund


      Opinions hurts man

  3. [MArt] Oathkeeper, Slayer of Dragons

  4. [✓] [Lore Addition] Strigae Enthrallment

    let him replace u
  5. GUYS. we know you want to see the library again. But we dont have any books up yet because we need like 5000 leather just for bookshelves. Please stop breaking in.

    1. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      wow lulu, up your leather game...................

    2. Chaw


      i stole ur horses

    3. TeaLulu


      We had horses? **** bring those back i need to kill them for leather

  6. Thirteen Nations

    just because mog is back doesnt mean you can expect him to solve all your problems for you
  7. Setting Sail (6.0 Transition Information)

    ((realistically shouldn't we be able to just move already existing RP boats into place at cloud temple))
  8. Should Guilds stick primarily with cities?

    Independence in what function? That you're not bound to a nation's laws? That your RP isnt "restricted"? That outsiders arent present/around? What does freedom to build matter if you're in your base only have the time? Unless you have large RP items that need to be stored? (Like bruce the giant drake skeleton the library has)
  9. Should Guilds stick primarily with cities?

    then why cant they have their base in a nation?
  10. Should Guilds stick primarily with cities?

    i think there needs to be some form of OOC protection for guilds in nations so they don't get shafted by region owners or changes in region ownership. Right now its too easy for region owners to shaft any guilds. I think there should be some sort of required RP casus belli like for warclaims before a guild is kicked out, has chests unlocked, or has **** stolen. i'm not talking like rp items being stolen because i think if that happens in RP thats something else. I mean more like vast chests of resources, or 1100 books
  11. hey will u believe in me 

    1. Knox


      sorry dewp we don't associate with banned players...

    2. TeaLulu


      sorry what knox said we dont TALK about "unpleasant things" that happened in the past


      jk i dont know u 

  12. things used 2 be so simple. 

    1. boy


      hi lulu how're u!? U:

    2. TeaLulu


      im gr8 transcended soul how r u?m??

    3. boy
  13. 6.0: Guilds, Groups and Cities

    library is going with renatus at start because no land but quite frankly we're gonna try to get land eventually because we dont want our book collection getting randomly ganked by a region owner Maybe if there was a better system as opposed to "region owners can just get **** unlocked whenevs"


    really wtf is going on

    1. Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Mogs king some place, go join him so we can have Ari 2.0

    2. Sultan


      :) who said she aint lol