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  1. i found doggos????

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TeaLulu


      no i found 2 doggos!!! PM me when u get on i'll go to where they r and u can summon em

    3. Fishy


      i'm pretty sure i've released them already

    4. TeaLulu


      they have ur names on them!!! it sez "owned by u000893"

  2. If anyone needs me i'll be in the color dungeon

  3. Unoticed Detail in 6.0

    Ur not a hole...
  4. [✓] Izkuthii Vol. 4

    No see, the fact they've been apart of the server is exactly my point. This is Vol 4. How has there been 0 heard of them in roleplay when this is vol 4 and they've been part of the server for so long? I mean I'm not trying to brag but my character is the former Librarian of Dragur. I haven't been on much lately but she still manages to get told in character of every weird addition to the world whenever I do get on; lizard people (drago ppl), spider folk, strigae, frost witches, wraiths, whatever. Literally knows way too much ****. Oh and mana wraiths found out about those week 1 So what are these things adding in character besides an antag for holies? Who else has interacted with them? What do they do? What do they add to the server thats unique, that couldn't be done with already existing magic or creatures or whatever?
  5. Unoticed Detail in 6.0

    tbh they probably don't have lore or a plan for it yet or if they do its a 501/kowaman special funtime secret snowflake thing
  6. [✓] Izkuthii Vol. 4

    i've never hears of or seen these in roleplay so what exactly do they add to the server?
  7. [Druids] Herd be wary of your bull.

    Dirty Hobo is upset at her completely legitimate and in-character actions being the target of a silencing campaign by nimrods.
  8. Victims of Illusion

    "I remember when we didn't have lie-detecting ruins and you had to determine the truth and faily through detective work, research, process of elimination and effort." Muses an elderly elf.
  9. Removal of the LT director

    I mean we know the "reason". Supposedly bias. The point is there is 1) no evidence 2) evidence 501 demanded it 3) the fact other ACTUALLY bias members on the team still 4) the suspicious additions recently who were likely added due to bias
  10. Removal of the LT director

    Will's posted a couple times on it. Swgrclan is busy irl, probably too much to care. Zarsies is a beautiful darling fairy dust angel who doesn't want to cause no trouble for nobody no how.
  11. Removal of the LT director

    love how obvious biased ppl are currently on lt like people who LITERALLY ACTUALLY GOT REMOVED FROM OTHER STAFF TEAMS FOR BIAS like just wipe it already. :\
  12. anyone watch the OG sailor moon when they were younger and then there was the later seasons with the dudes who then transformed into lady sailors?

  13. The Removal of the Antagonist

    You deserve no apology. Gazadriel's villainous history on lotc is well known, documented, and so overplayed as to be irritating to characters familiar with it. The Ascended should have listened to other groups (paladins), sought outside advice, and never helped anything that actively claimed to be a part of Gazadriel, the most well-known deceiving aengudaemon since Iblees. Should have tried to kill it instead. Y'all instead were hoping to be heroes ICly at the least, and thus acted and chose poorly. You get no apology for the fact it didn't turn out like you wanted and, once again, THE DECEIVER, deceived a bunch of people, this time being your group. Dingdongs.
  14. The Removal of the Antagonist

    Dragur wakes up and eats gaz for trying to destroy the sum of all knowledge and then goes back to sleep CMON MAKE IT HAPPEN YES jk dont nobody wants aengudaemon **** rn. But seriously heres the proper steps to take (as opposed to retcon) 1) recognize it was a bad event and story line 2) recognize the reasons it failed 3) understand why players didn't like it or want that type of event 4) admit this was not the type of event the players wanted 5) plan to adapt 6) gaz and aengudaemon **** is no long desired; players want big stuff but at their own hands 7) develop eventline that involves RANDOM EVERYDAY PLAYERS getting the chance to save the day 8) have that happen 9) have some sort of known consequence for that; (yall can save the world and yourselves from Gaz but it will kill this land (axios) in the process) 10) world vs players eventline! Axios is dying as result of killing poopyhead 11)players (again random regular players) must find an escape from axios however. 12) dat happens. 13) New map 14) don't let ski 501 or kowaman be involved in events or lore thanks pM me if you want i'll give you multiple plans to choose from hell
  15. haha now that phil is gone i can finally submit my bunny girl lore 

    1. Edel


      thats a Y from me