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  1. I didn't realize it was dead...? The thread's still open, no verdict has been reached
  2. reviewing some responses to the form today and reaching out to ppl. still aiming to get over 100 responses before making a video going over it. please fill out if you haven't already: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/229914-major-feedback-form-staff-safety-and-systems/


  3. replied to that debate topic

  4. Here are my two cents on this and other slurs in-game: In my opinion, we should stay away from racial slurs like "darkie" that are based on in-game skin color, especially if the slur could also apply to a real life skin color. Saying "I've seen it used a lot" is just an observation, not something that justifies its use. Although "spook" has a history as a racial slur, that's basically where its similarity to "darkie" ends. "Spook" itself doesn't have an obvious racial connotation. It has a more popular contemporary definition ("spooky, scary!"), and use of it in-game is to refer to something ghostly/creepy/undead, not something based on its skin color. You won't hear either word being commonly used as a racial slur nowadays IRL, but with "darkie", its racial connotation is immediately obvious, so its prevalence really has no bearing on whether or not it should be used. In my opinion, it shouldn't be used. "Coal people" is also a bad idea for all the same reasons. And for "spook" – would it be a good idea for us to find a different word to use? Sure, it wouldn't hurt; but I'm not that pressed about it, as long as it's only used to refer to ghostly/creepy/undead things. I wasn't even aware of its racist history until I read that ban report a couple days ago. "Greenskins" for orcs or "greyskins" for dark elves are certainly not as bad, as they have no IRL history or obvious IRL racial connotation. Personally, I usually don't have a problem with those unless it becomes obvious that the player behind the character is just using it as a way to mask being racist IRL, and determining that can be difficult. But ultimately, as I said before, my preference would be for us to just stay away from skin color -based slurs in general, given the extensive history of the concept IRL. "Midget" shouldn't be used either, in my opinion. Whenever the term is used nowadays, it's almost always in offense. There are many little people who are fine with or even prefer being called "dwarf", but I've never heard of a little person who preferred to be called "midget." It's an offensive real-life word for a real-life group of people, so in my opinion, their comfortability trumps anyone's need to use that word in-game. Lastly, the word "coon" might appear to have some of the same word qualities as "spook", but it was (and is) used as a racist term far more widely, including a well-known history of racist caricature artwork with the same name. Its only use referring to people has been incredibly racist. I bring this up because not too long ago there was a player on this server for several months who had named their orc character "Kuun'killah." Correct me if I'm wrong, but the orcs have never had to deal with a rampant infestation of raccoons, so one can draw a pretty obvious conclusion as to what that player was really referencing. We don't have these conversations as often as we should, so I thought I'd cover as much ground as possible given recent happenings. If all these words magically "poofed" from the vernacular of characters in-game, would I miss these words? Not in the slightest. There are more nuanced ways to express your character's prejudice that aren't as triggering for real-life groups of people. -- I'm uncomfortable with the fact that a single Administrator made a decision for the entire server on what racial slurs should and shouldn't be said in our community. This should be a community decision, just like nearly every other decision on LotC that has the unfortunate habit of getting relegated to a select group of officious volunteers.
  5. I'm not a fan of portals/warps at the Cloud Temple in any way. I prefer a Cloud Temple that is physically stationed in the world with roads leading out from it, like our earliest maps. This new warp / SS system is confusing
  6. A-vos, followed by B-vos, then C-vos, D-vos, and E-vos hype
  7. i'm STILL waiting for a map where we actually get a Cloud Temple IN THE CLOUDS ... YOU COWARDS, GIVE US A LITERAL CLOUD TEMPLE, COME ON
  8. I feel like we should restrict building on roads to start and then revisit this discussion once we're actually ON the map and seeing how it feels. Hard to conjecture about it now. We should start conservative rather than letting people build chaotically all over the roads on Day 1. The map size, road length, nation positioning, etc. is really going to factor into whether or not the community feels like they want an extra settlement or RP hub between two places. If previous maps are anything to go on, old, abandoned settlements and plots are rarely ever revisited, cleaned up, or repopulated. So I think we should be mindful of what we build before we have a bunch of ghost structures on the map. Save the road space for the event team to run cool stuff, or have them build cool ambient locations or points of interest. A strange tree, a cave, a shrine, a park, etc. Spots where people can stop to RP, but not build a whole settlement. Just my thoughts
  9. Making progress on my LotC rap, let me know what ya'll think. It's not done yet and not mixed properly It's a joke/satire so don't take it too seriously If you don't get what I'm referencing, look up the named figures / history of the maps Link to the Rap on Soundcloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/Mpq7J Lyrics: Yo, I’m hoppin’ on the Lord of the Craft Tellin’ some stories and lore that will last. It’s All there, placed down block by block, written Post by post, hidden note for note, in this ( ) Mineman server I adore ( ) Sylvaeri? that’s a Feanor ( ) the Basketweaver, hey Anore, ( ) I got a bird from Haelun’or ( ) makin’ it, breakin’ it, craft Roleplay post, gonna call it “first draft” Ah, raid cooldown don’t last; they Never get banned call the “pocket staff” While these other rappers spit bars, I melt them ( ) Put ‘em in the furnace and smelt them ( ) Make armor with it, yeah, I felt them ( ) Win a warclaim, damage I dealt them ( ) but I’d be remiss if I did not say ( ) go around killin’ without role play ( ) remember the first one, back in the day ( ) that gets you banned; that’s Pugsy Aegis Aegis Aegis Aegis Yo, I’m on that old map affection I’m talking Holmes Detection, like Eating Dawns confection, slaying like a Per Fection-ist. You know, some say that mime never missed with a blade, that Boy made Kharajyr suede, you could trade in the Menorcress glade, (that’s down where the Mori stayed) I’m hoppin’ on the Lord of the Craft Tellin’ some stories and lore that will last. It’s All there, placed down block by block, written Post by post, hidden note for note, in this ( ) Mineman server I adore ( ) resource island get some ore ( ) make some gear then make some war ( ) countin’ maps, yeah, there’s some more Anthos. : More than just a CT to AFK in; OGs would say We were there when Xan gave his lance and then ( ) and then we skewered Setherien Athera. like Aegis 2 ( ) Undead comeback crew ( some wars, it’s nothin’ new ( ) then a worm came through? Vailor (if something interesting happened on this map pls comment, i don't remember much)
  10. i know what side of the bread MY butter's on, if ya know what i mean

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