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  1. [!] Notices have been posted in the major settlements of Almaris. Here's what they say: [!] "Denizens of Almaris, I seem to have misplaced some of my most prized possessions. They are cherished relics of ages past, and I wish to see them returned so that their memories can be kept. There are nine of these relics, from what I can remember. Please, once you find them, send me a bird and I will see that you are rewarded suitably." [!] Posted with the notices are descriptions of the items and hints as to their locations... The Nine Relics of Brunhyldir [1] Brunhyldir's Quarterstaff (Wooden Hoe) Location Hint: "Deep below the ice." // This gnarled quarterstaff was carved from an ancient birch wood and carries a slight magical vibration when held. Wielding it, one could almost feel the conflicted, storied history bound within its knots, grooves, and edges. Now, as the myriad powers it once called upon slumber, it serves as little more than a reliable walking stick. [2] Beardscalibur, Blade of the Accord Location Hint: "Plucked above their domain." // (The description of this item is also a hint to its location.) This hulking greatsword was chiseled from ancient dwarven stone and measures just over seven feet long from pommel to tip. The name “Beardscalibur” is carved in dwarven runes on the blade, though surely it would have taken no less than two or three dwarves together to wield it... Or one orc. [3] Brunhyldir's Ascended Robes Location Hint: "Please don't use this as a jersey." // This pristine set of white robes was sewn from an enchanted cloth and lined with a blue trim. Though they bear resemblance to the garb of a mage, they still seem to allow a generous amount of mobility when worn. It seems these particular robes are marked by a darker story, however – splattered across the front of them are several stains of long-dried blood. No matter how vigorously the robes are washed, it seems the spots of blood can never be cleaned off. [4] Brunhyldir's Undead Robes Location Hint: “In the Veridian, in a forest without light.” // This tattered set of black robes was sewn from an enchanted cloth and lined with purple trim. They smell faintly of smoke and charred flesh, and the residue of blood, bile, and ash is deeply set in the cloth. Though the power of their enchantment has long faded, the robes still seem to exist in antithesis to the light. A creature of Good alignment would get a profoundly unsettling feeling while holding or wearing these robes. [5] Brunhyldir's Cactus Green Location Hint: "A remote bayou camp." // Most could identify this wad of dried cactus flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds by the pungent smell alone: cactus green. Upon close inspection, however, it seems this particular clump of the psychedelic has layers – like an ogre or an onion. The deeper layers are very old, perhaps hundreds of years old. The clump’s maintenance seems to have been attained by the constant addition of new herb materials on the outside and a delicate degree of watering. By that measure, it seems this fist-sized bundle of the substance is the “Theseus’ Ship” of cactus green, aside from the ancient, living root clump buried deep inside. [6] Banner of the Bloodsworn Location Hint: "Ask and you shall receive." // This tattered cloth banner must have originally been some sort of white tarp used to provide shade from the desert sun, but it was crudely dyed red with the juices from crushed beetles, scorpions, and scarabs. In the center of the banner is a cluster of handprints of all different sizes and heritages. They appear to have been stained into the cloth with blood. Judging by the deep, ruddy color and spottiness of the blood and the condition of the banner itself, it must be hundreds of years old. [7] Totem of Gul'Thak Location Hint: "Near the giant's fall." // (The description of this item is also a hint to its location.) This sandstone statuette is small enough to fit in the palm of an orc’s hand. It roughly matches the shape of a tortoise, with fine grooves and detail around the head and shell of the creature. Carved into the spiked hexagonal plates of the shell are various runes in Old Blah. They all seem to be bound to a common root word in that ancient, spiritual language – “the earth.” The totem is mundane, cracked, and damaged in a few small spots; it has not called upon the power of the elements in many, many years. [8] Totem of Takacha Location Hint: "At the ends of the world." // (The description of this item is also a hint to its location.) This simple totem was carved from a desert willow wood, small enough to fit in the palm of an orc’s hand. It roughly matches the shape of a serpent, with fine carving to represent its scales and two long, blunt fangs. Dry, blue patches flake away from the wood when touched, indicating that this totem may have been painted long ago to match the waters of a desert oasis. An Old Blah rune is carved into the forehead of the serpent; one who understands that ancient tongue would recognize the rune as the elemental symbol for “water.” The totem is mundane, cracked, and damaged in a few small spots; it has not called upon the power of the elements in many, many years. [9] Totem of Draumolac Location Hint: "Atop the peak of highest flame." // (The description of this item is also a hint to its location.) This slender statuette is warm to the touch, and seems to have been carved from ancient magma stone. Small enough to fit in the palm of an orc’s hand, it roughly matches the shape of a great lion, with an impressive mane of fiery fur and delicately carved teeth. One of the lion’s arms is raised, as if ready to strike, and an Old Blah rune is carved into its paw there. Those who understand that ancient language would recognize the rune as the elemental symbol for “fire.” The totem is mundane, cracked, and damaged in a few small spots; it has not called upon the power of the elements in many, many years. --- Rules: There are 9 relics to be found. The first person to show me or give me a particular relic is noted as the Finder of that particular relic. Alternatively, you may send me a screenshot of the relic in your inventory in place of showing it to me in person. This makes it so that if you die while carrying a relic or someone steals it from you, you still have proof you were the one to find it. A Finder will only be rewarded for ONE relic; once you've found one, you're good! Ideally, I want 9 different people to find a relic, one each. Admins, Game Moderators, Community Team, and Story Team members may not participate in this treasure hunt. Sorry! Rewards: Each Finder will receive the following: 1100 Crowns An in-RP meeting with Brunhyldir, an orc who has been around since Aegis, LotC's first map. Ask or request anything of him! [!] Remember: you will only be awarded for finding one relic. Once you find one, encourage your friends to search for the others!
  2. Totally fair; didn't know this was happening. You're saying that people who are RPing characters where I'm at on my stream will be flooded with DMs of other people, spamming them and saying "you're on stream you're on stream" and stuff like that? or what? I feel like there should be a rule about spamming, or we just add a system where you can block DMs from someone. Not sure how else we solve this. I would say screenshot the spam and report it to a Moderator, but then what's the consequence? We don't have a system for blocking DMs or reporting spam in DMs that I can find
  3. Agree w/ NotEvilAtAll on this one.. This would mean that technically, no one can ever include videos of RP. I could never post one of my streams on the forums, yet my streams are still publicly viewable on their own? I was under the assumption that if you're roleplaying on a Minecraft server that can be accessed by anyone in the world at any time (via Wandering Soul), that you should just assume that anything and everything you RP on there could be public, y'know?
  4. Will update here when I take the time identify places: 3. Town of Gorkil (Orcs) 4. Sanhar (Orcs) 8. Kal'Rog (Dwarven Merchant Town) 9-10. Kal'Urguan (Surface Settlement) 72. Kal'Urguan (Underground City)
  5. Does anyone know if there's a 2D map of Aegis? Y'know, like a cartography, top-down map of Aegis? Either artwork or a pixelated scan?

    1. argonian


      I have a really shitty one they posted once needs to be rotated 90 degrees to even make sense, and a screenshot of a map which has random doodles on it but would be helpful for making locations at least (also needs to be rotated 90 degrees lol -- what we called the North because it was a huge snowy area was actually to the west of spawn lol)


      Any decent map would have to be made from scratch using an Aegis save file I think.


      Also the map has no continent shape at all. It's just endless rivers with no ocean and it extended to normal Minecraft boundaries (so almost infinitely).

    2. chaotikal


      Pretty much just grab any random minecraft map generated before 1.2 and you got Aegis xd

      For real though I don't think we even had the tools to visualize top down maps in aegis time, so the only way you can get it now is all corrupted and stuff as is in the museum server. 

    3. argonian


      no aegis was pre beta 1.8 which looked totally different again


      some guy has a copy of aegis' seed I could fetch but that wouldn't include the touching up they did

  6. Hello everyone! Zac Clay / marimbamonk / BGBuster here. I am looking for players for an LotC D&D Show! Yep; you heard that right. Background Some of you may not know that I am actually a professional Dungeon Master – I've run paid games of D&D for Apple, Google, Google Photos, Playstation, General Electric, and more. I currently run three paid campaigns, with more campaigns and one-shots on the way! Still developing my website, so I'll be able to show you all that soon! About the Show I will be livestreaming a single, "one-shot" session of Dungeons and Dragons on my channel later this month, featuring players of LotC who will be playing the D&D characters. The story and lore will be set in the Lord of the Craft universe. Eventually, I think it would be cool to do a weekly LotC D&D campaign show, but one thing at a time. I would like to have 5 players for this game. You don't need to have experience playing D&D, although that would be a plus! You just need to be an LotC community member, be willing to be on the livestream, have a decent quality microphone, and be an adult (18 years or older). If you're interested, please apply using this form! More details to come. The casting call ends on August 12th. https://forms.gle/6pvtdYX8PNRxT5az5
  7. Quests for this week have all been released! Here is the finished card: You can "turn in" your quests by submitting your screenshots to this Google Form here: https://forms.gle/V2Bv9EhLnKoos8Fp8 That is the most efficient and easiest way for me to collect quest info. If you do not want to use the form, feel free to instead post your screenshots as a reply to this thread. As a last resort, you can always just DM them to me on Discord. Find me in my community Discord here: https://discord.gg/SAsaJcRVXj Thanks everyone for trying Quest Cards!
  8. Hello LotC! It's marimbamonk, or Zac Clay. I stream LotC on the weekends :) I'm happy to introduce a new project of mine: LotC Quest Cards! Here is the first one. Every day (except Sundays), a new quest will be added to the card. The card will be updated on my Discord: https://discord.gg/SAsaJcRVXj How It Works Quests can range from broad, general tasks – like "RP with another character" – to more specific ones, like "explore this location." If you want to start a quest, simply log on to LotC and choose your own path to try to complete it! Quests are open-ended, so feel free to be creative, as long as you still feel like you've completed the task! You don't need to complete a quest the day it comes out – just make sure you've finished it by the end of the week! Most importantly, make sure you take screenshots as you undergo your quest. You will need to submit 1-5 screenshots as proof that you've completed each quest. Once you've completed as many quests as you care to, you would submit all of your screenshots to the form found in the #cards channel on my Discord. The form will show up on Saturday (when the final quest is revealed), and closes on Monday (when a new card is announced)! Once your quests are submitted, you're all done! Some cards will have rewards, or prizes. Submitting this one, for example, will enter you in for a chance to win a free game through Humble Choice (it's like Humble Bundle). More details and stuff are on my Discord server; that's sort of the hub for the quests right now. See the link above if you want to get involved! Otherwise, let me know what ya'll think! Thanks!
  9. Please feel free to leave questions or discussion topics you have for Telanir or myself here on this thread. I’ll be pulling from this thread before taking live questions from the chat! Thanks guys, excited to bring this to y’all again!
  10. If you community members leave questions on this thread I can compile some of the best ones to address before we field random questions the day of. Thanks!
  11. Streaming the voidal tear event in Curon rn: www.twitch.tv/zacclay

  12. Streaming/voice-acting LotC for a few hours: https://www.twitch.tv/zacclay



    1. Adelemphii


      lets get this bread

  13. Streaming/voice-acting LotC for a few hours: https://www.twitch.tv/zacclay


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