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  1. hayden34666

    Hayden34666's Ban Appeal

    Report:There was no report. Minecraft Name: hayden34666 Rule Broken/Disputed: Mass Rdm Character Witnesses: Too long ago to remember any. Event Details: It has almost been 2 years since the event where I did this. Back then I found it really difficult to roleplay, because of the huge map size in asulon. When Mogroka came to power in the Oren kingdom I was just left out of all the roleplay, I also lost my title as leader of the military. Despite I was given land, the only time I would discuss this would be in OOC. And the land I had was very far away from anyone. From what roleplay there was it was a lot different from what I was used to back in Aegis, with so many new players joining the server. My friends who had first made me join the server had also left, this just made it increasingly more boring. I was 14 when I first joined the server, now I am 17 and much more mature I don't think I would do it again. I don't think that any of the people that I affected will still be playing on the server, and if they are I am sorry for what I did. Screenshots/Vids: None.
  2. Hey are you back again? I just checked the /seen status and it says you are banned.

  3. Praise the Grand Master of Trolling!

    Praise Hayden34666!

  4. I'm done with this server bai

    1. AlphaCentaurus
    2. Dat Meman46

      Dat Meman46

      If you wanna play with me I know a few decent servers.

    3. Viscen


      See you tomorrow

  5. zi shimilan ish a spy

  6. hayden34666

    Lotc Hunger Games Event

    I AM IN!
  7. hayden34666

    [Accepted]Awackypenguin's Gm Application

    I support.