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  1. Sup bro! Stay classy!

  2. Considering a GM application, but too many people would consider it a troll post.

  3. So this must be how obama visited all 57 states

    1. Agnub


      I watched the MSNBC coverage of the debate just see how Sharpton and Maddow would scramble to defend their savior's crap performance. I was not disappointed and many laughs were gained.

  4. Although I never really got into robbing since aegis it's nice to know that the admins will allow a player to simply walk away from aggressive roleplay that could involve them, god forbid, losing! So in a total it takes over a day worth of typing to fill out a villain application and even when it's completed you don't gain much.

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    2. Dat Meman46

      Dat Meman46

      Sorry mediocre but I've seen to many suggestions on the forums go without notice or even and admins view. It's not worth my time if nobody is even willing to acknowledge it.

    3. shiftnative


      How do you propose you force someone's movements due to an emote in roleplay? Mediocre said it right - provide a solution or just refer back to what mediocre stated, everyone can't agree one every roleplay situation, blaming admins for it 'aint solvin' much

    4. Dat Meman46

      Dat Meman46

      To be completely honest I've protested rp fights since I've ever heard of it. At some point a video game requires skill and at this point lotc requires none excluding the ability to type and walk.

  5. It's good to see that Availer is back. Hopefully he can help fix a good portion of the problems created since is leave.

  6. I think it's safe to say that everybody is an idiot except me, and those who agree with all my viewpoints on everything...

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    2. Groobs03


      Alright, let me just go tell Stephen Hawking what an idiot he is...

    3. Kaiser


      Dear Mr.Dat Meman46

      You are trolling without an accepted troll app for Lotc, I am now intended to tell you that you are revoked to troll, and you are a faliure in life

      Good day,


    4. Dat Meman46

      Dat Meman46

      I don't troll buddy...

  7. Gotta admit that you're all lucky I'm not a forum admin because everyone making 9/11 jokes would be banned by now.

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    2. ek_knight


      And I would never deny Japan the right to remember those people. I know several Americans who have visited the memorial for the innocents who died from the A-bomb. Politics shouldn't come into remembering innocent dead.

    3. Swgrclan


      It is a 9/11 Remembrance, not a Hiroshima bombing Rememberance. Keep it that way.

    4. Dat Meman46

      Dat Meman46

      So what your saying ever is that the death anniversary of thousands of people is not a sacred occasion? Funerals must be made for jokes as well. Ha while we're at it lets all meet up one cemetary and piss on all the veterans graves. That would be hilarious.

    1. BannanaToYou
    2. Lym


      Craigslist? I know that site from... uhm... other... "business", yeah <_<

      Hehe ^^

  8. I'm sorry but none of you filled out the post status application needed to post status's. I plan on reporting all of you as soon as possible.

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    2. Slic3man


      You need an app for that Old one.

    3. Dat Meman46

      Dat Meman46

      You didn't fill out the necessary application to disagree with him... Sorry.

    4. Respiren


      I don't need to fill out aps, stop trolling.

  9. Quite possibly the best song in existance

  10. I still can't stress this enough! http://i.imgur.com/6dRUw.png

    1. stealthninjaAP



    2. Pum!


      That was.. Creepily gross, somehow..

  11. Slender was fun. I got half built up a sweat and died. Seemed to repetitive to be fun though.

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