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  1. When will the mines be open again?

  2. In the words of the great Moali125 "**** the Foreigners."

  3. Thank you, you are awesome for getting this up Cyndicate. It's gonna be a real help to the new guys.
  4. Is there any RP guides out there relating on how to RP and do Combat RP?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Acornlad


      Yeah, I know how to RP fight, I just need to distribute it to the newer guys in Salvus. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    3. Ventusyr


      Here is a guide to distribute on both pvpp and rp combat!

    4. ausbrig renegade

      ausbrig renegade

      ((pvp default.)) works every time

  5. Seeking Adept Blacksmith. Respond or PM is interested. Steady supply of iron already available!

  6. Salvus needs a dedicated blacksmith. Any takers?

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    2. Acornlad


      We just need someone to actually start crafting and things. Our current blacksmith only sells to auctions. We need someone to sell to our Guards.

    3. IrishPerson


      Well if you're willing to bare with the grind then sure.

    4. Acornlad


      Go for it man.

  7. How do I get set up in the LOTC chat? I am stuck in the WS channel.

    1. KoTo


      You need to get validated

  8. I've never understood why GM's would deny showing evidence of a banned player, regardless if the party is truly guilty or not.

    1. Hanrahan


      To maintain the facistlike monopoly on truth that is Big Lotc?

  9. Anyone particularly good at building? We need builders for Salvus. We can't keep up with our population.

    1. Space


      sneak struttin

    2. gamer_guy


      browse for some RP build companies

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