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  1. I do feel like the undead can be brought back, as their story kinda just ended in a halt and didn't continue. If done right, I believe the undead can be a good antag again.
  2. Minecraft name/s: Onslaughted, Villageman45 Age: 20 Timezone: EST Skype/Discord: onslaughted.dwyer, alrighthen What is your availability: Lately I can put in about 1-3 hours, I work 8 hours a day and I don’t log on during the weekends. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: I would like to see a change in events and rp. I feel as if the server needs more server-wide events for everyone to participate in and enjoy, i've noticed that the server seems to lack this. I would also like to see an improvement for modreqs, being a normal player on lotc i've noticed that modreqs can take hours sometimes even days for it to even get answered. I also believe that there is a large handful of gm's that isolate themselves from the community, by keeping themselves in a single teamspeak channel with other GM's or just sit somewhere away from players in-game. I believe it's better for Gm's to reach out to players and get themselves involved with the community. I believe playing the game with the players and running the show is a must for GM’s to do, I haven’t seen much of this lately. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: I believe individual GM’s should always be on their professional level at all times, in any given situation. Treating each individual player with respect and listen well if they have any issues with the server and/or situation. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: I believe the GM’s should run a lot of things, personally I believe they should be running/creating events for the server. Even though the Event Team is a thing, I prefer that the GM’s should do the events as they have a higher authority over ET members and can get a lot more done. Of course, Gm’s should also do the reqular modreqs daily but I also believe the GM’s should do forum moderation completely, again they are a GM they have authority over most ranks on the server and can run the forums without any limits. It gives the GM’s more work, it let’s them know how the server is running, they are able to see everything that’s going on in the server. I believe a GM should be informed in all field of the server, Events, forums and in-game. Please list three players who will vouch for you: Lefy_Bojangles, Rammerjammer73, Apeena_ What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I’ve had disputes with former gm’s that are no longer on the team currently that I know of, but if some are still around I have no problem removing any What are your finest and worst traits?: I believe my best qualities are to keep a good level of fairness in any sort of situation. I can take serious positions such as GM seriously and do my job professionally and with care. I do find myself quite defensive and/or territorial at times or in certain situations. With a position with a lot of responsibility I believe that I can control my actions in a positive way for the GM team and the lotc community. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I’ve started playing on this server back in 2011 in Aegis, I played up to asulon then quit for about a year and a half and returned in mid Anthos. I’ve been on the ET team as a builder, I was on the team for a few months before the ET was wiped and I didn’t bother to reapply afterwards. My first two years on the server I was involved heavily in Oren before I quit for a while then afterwards returned. I got myself into the server’s antag at the time which was the Harbingers, this by far has been one of my favourite times on the server. I was constantly active and creating rp and events for other players on the server. Currently I don’t play as often as I did back then as I am getting older, i’m getting ready for college in the upcoming september. For now I have my free time to log on and speak with old friends of mine. I’m hoping I can find myself to do for when I have free time before I get myself into school. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: It’s a combination of Lore and Development of the server. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: Harrison Link me a good song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auLBLk4ibAk
  3. I'm quite positive that's what tythus wants, even he doesn't like lotc.
  4. The DEV team has been an issue for a very long time to be fair.
  5. I'm down for a complete wipe on lore and start fresh with a new story
  6. In all honesty Xarkly, these are complicating things more imo, for newer players I was thinking of something just very simple, you made the cooldowns longer than the current ones? I also think that going way into specifics is not healthy for new players. Again this is my opinion.
  7. Actually it's not, the only reason why I think it's right to increase the raid cap is because first, defenders can bring in as many players as they want to defend, the raiding side can only bring 3-4, raiding shouldn't even be a thing if this is what you can do. Second, I also believe its good for newer players who join the server, we have videos up on the official lotc youtube page showing warclaims and pvp, what if a new player joined because they saw this, wouldn't you think thats what they would like to see? Say you have a group/nation with 15 guys in it but you can only bring 3 of those guys. What if you had new players in your group that want to join up and can't? Most of the time no one is gonna pick a new player to tag along in a raid to be fair, increasing the cap gives them more of a chance to experience the server.
  8. I think it would be more interesting if a major settlement had beacons on thier battlements, or even on a high hill. Sorta like you see in lotr when gondor lights the beacons.
  9. Woah just relax there for a second buddy, chill. When i mention "it will increase activity" i mean that a group/nation can bring more people instead of excluding most of their members if you understand what I'm getting at. If you have lets say, 13 people in your group/nation, in a raid you can only bring 3-4. What about the rest of your guys, just exclude them? To me that isn't anyway fun, if i was a new player I would like to get involved, it keeps me active in the group. You also got to remember that this is a suggestion post, things can be tweaked etc, i simply posted it to see the feedback, this is nothing official.
  10. It isn't a pvp focused server, I have no idea where you got that from. What you got to remember is that you need a balance between roleplay and pvp, the server has got it's pvpers and rpers I think its necessary to find a proper balance.
  11. If a small settlement can't defend their selves, then they could possibly look for protection, I don't really think its right to worry about settlements with 2 people in it. It's a good way for them to reach out and look for allies.
  12. You would be surprised on the numbers people can pull out within in just a few minutes. I find it unfair that only raiders can bring 4 while the other side can bring as much as they possibly want, to me that isn't any sort of balance. I will reply to you tomorrow, i've got to head off to bed real soon. Reminder that the blue text is the current rules, and the grey is a new suggestion of the rules, the idea.
  13. Apologies, 1 person wouldn't count as a raid. I should've cleared that up in the post.
  14. Usually what ends up happening is that the defensive side would just have all their guys log on, hence is why I believe the cap should be raised. Four players is just too little, even 6 i'm fine with.
  15. BLUE HIGHLIGHTED TEXT IS CURRENT RAID RULES, GREY IS A NEW SUGGESTION OF THE RAID RULES. Proposed changes to raid rules Current raid rules: Section 1 (Lawless Raiding), Lawless Banditry would be three or less people killing, robbing and causing chaos within a settlement. The max amount of raiders would be three and the raiders would have a total of 30 minutes to raid and or attack the settlement, this means if they don't find someone in 30 minutes or they can't reach someone in 30 minutes then the raid is automatically over. The cooldown for lawless banditry should range from 1-2 days. Section 2 (Lawful Raiding), Lawful Raiding would be twelve or less people attempting to rescue someone taken captive. They would have 1 hour to rescue the captive and should be allowed to use TNT or ladders, Lawful Raiding should also require GM supervision. Lawful Raiders may not kill citizens but may kill guards or other people of that nature. Lawful Raiders may bypass raid cool-downs. Section 3 (War Raids), War Raids would be a raid on a settlement that is currently at war with the raiders. The raiders would be allowed up to 8 people and may picklock chests for rations and provisions. The cooldown for war raids should be 4-5 days. Section 4 (Counter Raids), A counter raid may be used in the situation where one or more of your settlements have been recently raided. You may only counter raid against lawless or war raid types and counter raiders are allowed up to 16 people. If the settlement they are raiding is on cooldown then the counter raiders may ignore this and continue on with the raid. Alternatively, they have only 10 minutes to find a player in the region, if that time runs out then they must leave. You may not counter raid a counter raid or a lawful raid. For nations and other such groups with multiple settlements, a counter raid may only be launched in retaliation for the most recent raid and may only be done within 24 hours of the original raid. Problems: Overly complicated Raid numbers favour defenders heavily Small raid numbers exclude members of large groups/discourages activity and roleplay Proposed raid rules: Lawless Raiding, Lawless Banditry would be eight or less people killing, robbing and causing chaos within a settlement. The max amount of raiders would be eight and the raiders would have one hour to raid and or attack the settlement, this means if they don't find someone in one hour then the raid is automatically over. In times of war, lawless raiding would be replaced by war raids and have a total number of twelve or less people. The cooldown for lawless banditry is two days for a capital and one day for a settlement. Lawful Raiding, Lawful Raiding would be sixteen or less people counter raiding and or attempting to rescue someone taken hostage. Lawful raiders may use ladders and TNT to scale walls and blow through walls to rescue a captive but counter raiders may not. A counter raid may only be launched in retaliation for the most recent raid and may only be done within 24 hours of the original raid. I believe that no timer is needed for a raid, once a player is killed they are out, even after 30 minutes is up they cannot return. This makes it so you have to eliminate the opposing threat or have them retreat. It also prevents players hiding behind a city wall to wait out the raid timer. Pros: More simplified and to the point Raid numbers allow for more people and still keep the dynamic objective of the past raid rules Creates activity for larger groups, instead of excluding members of your group, you will have the ability to bring more than just 3 members.