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  1. You insulted my character? Time to get mad irl now

  2. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    I was apart of the black scourge, he aint lying. The place was raided countless of times a day.
  3. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    rp default didnt work in the past why would it work now?
  4. morgraine here coming at you live with kill aura

  5. If you're wondering, yes, I do spend my time with minecraft politics and player versus player combat. Nothing better than coming home and spamming my left mouse button until my finger begins to ache. But no fear, the loot that is at the end of the road if far worth than my irl health

  6. Oi Oi Bossman, Asif you still play

    1. Onslaughted


      i dont 


      i only come on the forums :)

  7. what's that boat called in the titanic?

    1. Wendigo


      RMs Olympic

    2. Aqua Vita

      Aqua Vita

      ussr big ship

    3. drfate786


      It was called Kekistan.

  8. minecraft politics rp

    1. seannie


      lets take this to skype

    2. Prisoner_Manifesto


      Only if it's the Dark Age of Kekistan.

    3. GgDionne


      I'd pay to watch

  9. 501warhead and Kowaman - The Black Heart

    The malins city events weren't that good either really, i'm not blaming arockstar for those events but the malins city events were kinda horrid, come on now guessing passwords with ooc hints every now and then, and don't get me started with the capitals involved in the passwords.
  10. 6.0 Seasons

    Nexus is already a pain to deal with as it is
  11. Feedback on Story Line Event and events in general.

    Added a neither option for the first poll, thanks!
  12. Today occurred an event for the main plot for lotc and I was concerned to see how you guys thought of it. I myself am wanting to see a great improvement on server events and anything story related to lotc. What do you think should be improved and/or added to future events, what would you like to see? You may comment down below on what you think, or you may vote on the polls above!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hero_Prodigy


      buying albino dark elf played by harrison barnes

    3. Thaealab


      Hello, can you hear me?

    4. InfamousGerman


      access granted, please enjohhy the park

  14. RP Default - Times changed

    RP default wasn't good then why would it be good now?