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  1. Onslaughted

    Wiki Team? Horrendous writing.

    I think GM is the last team anyone would like to join.
  2. Onslaughted

    [Denied][I] CosmicWhaleShark's Game Moderator Application

    you were an awful gm back in the day
  3. Was just looking back at some random team AVO vids and **** myself seeing this hahah https://imgur.com/a/tOpxSJe 


    Minecraft royalty my man

    Edited by Outcasted. {Mario}
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    2. MarioMixer


      Dude i totally know the feels, how amazingly coincidental is that though, 

    3. Onslaughted


      I know hahah, a lot of people on here came to me about that video xD at the time I didnt even know what team AVo was

    4. MarioMixer


      Thats mad! hahah still engrained forever man!, right place right time


  4. Onslaughted

    [Developers] NoCheat

    I was a GM last year and NoCheat would just spam the hell out of me saying someone is cheating, when most of the time it was just a bug with nocheat.
  5. Onslaughted


  6. Onslaughted

    [✓] [Appeal] Ioannis

    Ioannis banned you? What has this server become....
  7. I'm sorry but who the **** is paleo

    1. Dreek


      he was a pretty good fm when i was lead

    2. PiousChorale_
    3. drfate786


      He's an admin that loves us all unto death.

  8. You insulted my character? Time to get mad irl now

  9. morgraine here coming at you live with kill aura

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    2. DPM
    3. Harrison


      shut up idiot you dont know **** onslaughted

    4. Onslaughted


      dumb anime retard....

  10. If you're wondering, yes, I do spend my time with minecraft politics and player versus player combat. Nothing better than coming home and spamming my left mouse button until my finger begins to ache. But no fear, the loot that is at the end of the road if far worth than my irl health

  11. Oi Oi Bossman, Asif you still play

    1. Onslaughted


      i dont 


      i only come on the forums :)

  12. what's that boat called in the titanic?

  13. minecraft politics rp

    1. seannie


      lets take this to skype

    2. Prisoner_Manifesto


      Only if it's the Dark Age of Kekistan.

    3. GgDionne
  14. The malins city events weren't that good either really, i'm not blaming arockstar for those events but the malins city events were kinda horrid, come on now guessing passwords with ooc hints every now and then, and don't get me started with the capitals involved in the passwords.