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  1. MC Name- AutarchCosmos IG Name- Introduces herself as Susan. ((Real name Sabethia, she is a thief.)) Past Experience (Within LotC, Guilds, Jobs, ect)- Susan explains that she worked at her dad's farm when she was young but doesn't have much real experience. ((You guys know my what I have been up too)) What you expect from the Golden Harvest- A nice room, a bit of work and free food! Your personal goals with and beyond the Harvest- Susan explains that she one day start up an apple orchard of her own. Any Skill sets you will be bringing? (This isn’t required but could be of note, eg Lvl 40 Swords)- Susan makes a mean fish soup. (Level 53 cooking) She is also quite talented as fixing things. (50 in blacksmith plus adept with redstone.) Do you agree to all the rules stated above?- Susan says yes. ((It is possible that Sabethia may do a small amount of 'borrowing' but only when an RP situation arises.)) EDIT: Apparently I had to return the stolen diamond&gold, he didn't think I read the rules D:
  2. [Questions] MC Name: AutarchCosmos Why do you want to join? I wish to be apart of a thieving community and help others have a good RP experience. How will you provide the guild and the LOTC community with a great RP experience? I hope to add opposition to other players, having a criminal to catch. A game is no fun without villains to face. What do you think are vital in RP? (I.e Emotes, RP fights over MC fights etc) RP fight are always better than MC fights because the game mechanics just arn't designed for intricate combat. Emoting is important to show your actions but you must always give the other player a chance to respond as powergaming is just no fun! To break the Guild laws, or the Server laws is instant banishment unless in a specific circumstance where you are offered an appeal form by the Guild, do you understand this? Yes [Character Questions] RP name: Sabethia Biography: Copied from my VA. Sabethia was born to a juggler and a fortune teller who were both members of the Winter Brothers travelling carnival which travelled around Aegis with the mission to spread laughter and joy among its denizens. Though it had been many years since the original Winter Brothers had died and now the carnival line-up was almost all crooks, con men and thieves. Sabethia grew up with these people calling them family and soon at the ripe age of 9 began in family business running small time cons with her mother and the occasional pickpocketing session. She soon found she was quite talented at it. One day when she was about 16 a noble came to the carnival, a gaunt man his face affixed in a scowl. Apon seeing the fortune tent where Sabethia and her mother worked he decided to take a look and see what the travelling peasants could do to entertain him. It was only once entering he saw how incredibly attractive Sabethia's mother was. After making some rather crude attempts at flirting all of which declined. He then grew angry and in front of Sabethia dragged her mother out of the tent yelling at her telling her to bed him this evening. Shocked and appalled Sabethia's mother did the only the only thing she knew, slapped him square on the cheek where the fingers left a glowing red mark. Now in a rage the noble stormed out of the carnival ground but before he left he turned and yelled to Sabethia and her mother that she would regret it and he'd make sure she never saw the light of day again. The next morning several armed men approached the carnival with the grinning noble behind them. he shouted to his guards to seize woman who slapped him and her husband and take them to his cell. Unable to resist Sabethia's parents were taken away and that was the last she ever saw of them. After a night of weeping in sorrow Sabethia visited the noble in his manor in the nearby village. Sabethia implored him to let her parents go. The noble just chuckled at the little girl before and as joke suggested he might be tempted if she brought him 200,000 minas. Taking this to heart Sabethia vowed to use all her skills in thievery and acting to find a way to come up with the sum he suggested in such a joking manor. Sabethia stormed out of that manor with a desire to do whatever it takes to get that money and a burning hate for nobles. Time passed and without her parents to tent the fortune tent she was forced to leave the carnival and so Sabethia found herself a street urchin wandering the grand city of Al'Khazar. Her skill increased with each year that she picked pockets and slit purses to live and slowly she began to adopt different techniques to her thieving, she would use her theatrical skills to her advantage, feigning sickness and helping herself to coin pouches as people helped her up. Before she could hone her skills any further the undead came. At first it was rumours but then it grew until everyone was living in the shadow of the day the undead would strike. Hearing about ships preparing to set sail and leave Aegis while they still had the chance, Sabethia quickly disguised herself as a cabin boy and headed to the verge, and to the ships. Sabethia had no trouble while on the ship even after it had set sail, no one seemed to question her. After several days of sailing Sabethia was positively famished, just as her stomach was growling she saw a cabin boy a bit younger than herself and he was smiling over a warm bowl of mushroom soup. She walked up to the boy and whispered to him "Hey I um... I don't know who to tell about this but I found some treasure or something....?" The boys eyes lit at the mention of the word treasure, "Really? He said in a nervous little voice "Sure, and I'll tell you where it is for that bowl of soup" Sabethia replied smoothly a glint coming to her eye. That was all it took. A few words and the boy handed over his soup and began his search for the mythical treasure. Sabethia arrived safely in Asulon and tried using her new thieving technique. It worked! Sabethia had never been so amazed in her life, all you had to do was talk to people and they would hand over money, well at least that how Sabethia viewed it. After a few years later in the newly built city of Alras Sabethia had a chance meeting with the noble who took her parents away. "Are my parents well?" She asked in a cold voice, The noble was about to chuckle and tell her how unfortunately he had forgotten them in their cell while he had run and the undead took control of Aegis but she but in before he could crush her dreams, "I will get the money!" She said with utter conviction, the noble was about to laugh and say it was just a silly joke he made but then he noticed the look in her eye, By the gods she is actually going to do it! The noble thought "I look forward to doing business then" He tipped his hat and walked of a wide grin spread across his normally scowled face. Sabethia has slowly been amassing her wealth hoping to free her parents that are already dead. Fate has funny ways of con-ing us all eh? Personality: Sabethia rarely trusts others and views her job as her life, she is disdainful to those who jest while working as she views thievery as a serious task. Motives: She want to gain 200,000 minas to buy her parents freedom. Aspirations: To become a notorious con artist and a master of disguise. [Open Response. Answer all questions] You notice a rich foreign merchant in the markets browsing wares such as jewelery, weaponry and armor. You notice a stall owner has just walked away from his stall for a few moments, several guards are patrolling the area, the merchant walks towards the stall to browse its wares. To the North is a sewer grate you could escape through, though the guards seem to be patrolling it more than usual. How will you pull of this thievery? Sabethia would audaciously step forward posing as the owner of the stall, describe all the wares to the rich merchant, telling him there incredible value and persuading him to purchase some. After she has gained money from selling wares that are not hers she quickly heads for the shadows before the merchant returns or the guards sense something suspicious. The Upright Man has asked of you to steal a scroll from a house that is just outside the city limits of Alras, the house seems to be alive with laughter and drunken men, you look through a window to see the chest is in the room, while 5 drunken men sit around the fire telling war stories, they seem armed but drunk, you see in the corner of your eye a small hole in the roof into the room. The door hinges are old and rusty, it can be easily kicked down. How will you pull of this thievery? Sabethia would charge through the door, face stricken with fear, "The plague!" She would scream, "Get out of the city its spreading" still screaming she would run outside and hide under the window still. Once all the men had left she would quickly slip inside take the contents of the chest and search for the scroll. After locating the scroll she would slip out into the night and leave befoire the men realized it had all been a clever rouse. An old man has taken rest from his travels under a tree, his bag is to the left of him, he appears to have a dagger on him. In the far distance you see some travelers coming, though they are still a far while off. How will you pull of this thievery? Sabethia would hail the travelers a worried tone in her voice, "Oh my father has taken deathly ill! He fine a moment ago but he just collapsed under that tree!" Beckoning the travelers along she would show them the resting man and implore them to help her find out whats wrong. After the man wakes up to see strangers fussing over him he would probably feel rather confused. Taking advantage of this distracting Sabethia would take his bag and slip away quietly.
  3. Name: Bethe Race: Human Gender: Female Which division of the Freedom Fighters do you wish to join?: Infiltrators Why do you dislike the slave trade?: After her parents left her Bethe found herself a slave working for cruel masters constantly being abused and violated. When Bethe was rescued by an anti-slave group she found herself wanting to help but was to young to be able to assist. Now that she is grown and once more given the opportunity to help stop slavers she gladly accepts.
  4. Hello there, my name is Talen. I work as a Lieutenant and Engineer at Golden Harvest and wish to join ye guild. I believe science and knowledge is the key to advancing Aegis to a better future. OOC: MC Name: AutarchCosmos RP Name: Talen Boldshoulder I would like to join because working with redstone is great fun and I think the most complex part of minecraft. What Lab Are You Looking Into: The Redstone Lab. Redstone is a fantastic tool that allows complex contraptions to be built to advance all of Aegis. Kind Regards ~Talen
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