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  1. Anyone wanna join a Neopets RP server??????

  2. Kickstarted and Running

    [Actor] Daelaris' Et Application

  3. Trivia: Why is Snow/Frost Elf race illegitimate as a player race?

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    2. Kickstarted and Running
    3. ShameJax


      This is a very debatable question, although I do see possible toxicity within this. The reason the inner snelves got was that as it started as an ET race we were not supposed to play it.

    4. Kickstarted and Running

      Kickstarted and Running

      That's correct. It was an ET only race, and the players were told to cease and refused which should have resulted in bans.

  4. Kickstarted and Running

    [Denied] Forum Moderator Application

    +1 He's pretty cool and laid back but can grow up fast. His memes are spicy fresh and tasty. I r8 8/8 m8. If I had to replace him with a current fm Id replace Roy because he's dumb.
  5. I'm going to expose you to my peanuts.

  6. Damn my last status had some salty comments. Jokes people.

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    2. Kickstarted and Running
    3. nordicg_d


      or if ur feeling really cheeky use "xp" xp

    4. Kickstarted and Running

      Kickstarted and Running

      Im always cheeky on account of my not having pants xp

  7. Tbh Rael is the worst GM. Never does modreqs.

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    2. Swgrclan


      That is not the primary moderator responsibility.

    3. Mephistophelian


      Pessimism like that isn't welcomed.

      Jeezz, Kickstarted and Running. Stop being so pessimistic, Kickstarted and Running. Why you gotta be like that, Kick...Too much to write.

    4. Praetor


      its probably cause he's a high elf and was elected through bias