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  1. Kickstarted and Running

    [Actor] Daelaris' Et Application

  2. Kickstarted and Running

    [Denied] Forum Moderator Application

    +1 He's pretty cool and laid back but can grow up fast. His memes are spicy fresh and tasty. I r8 8/8 m8. If I had to replace him with a current fm Id replace Roy because he's dumb.
  3. Kickstarted and Running

    [Question] What Do The Dots Below Your Forum Group Mean?

    It indicates how much you suck.
  4. Kickstarted and Running

    Cactus Green

    You realize that it's literally just weed right? You shouldn't try and sophisticate something that's simple as weed.
  5. Kickstarted and Running

    [Denied] James' Fm App

    Real Name James Ingame Name Italian_Assassin RP Name Josef Mendel Time Zone PST How Long will you be online per week. It really depends what I'm doing but at least a few hours per day and a few more per night if all goes well Experience I was a moderator on a server called Abridell for a time, and then an administrator on it. I was also a mod on a served called Realms of Farwyn before it was closed. Previous Forums Abridell Realms of Farwyn Gildorym Why I should be a FM I don't like clutter on the forums and cleanliness is of course next to Godliness. Things too often need to be moved, closed, pinned or something else and it takes FMs time to do so as they are of course dealing with other similar tasks. I'd like to help alleviate the pressure that they have and join the team. Other Info I'm Jewish
  6. Kickstarted and Running

    Raelplayer's Global Moderator Application

    Earlier Rael and I made Kais think he was gonna get kicked off the GM team for opening a chest, then Rael got him with a Screamer. Pretty good tbh, had good family values and knows how to make Kais have a breakdown. +1
  7. Kickstarted and Running

    Stevie's Event Team Application

    + juan
  8. Kickstarted and Running

    The Company Of The Wolf

    MC Name: duh IC Name: Josef Mendel Race: Human Past Groups you Participated in: Renatus Merchant Society, Kosher Co. & Affiliates Why you want to join: I wish to make money and have a grand time. Note: redone at request, Tom thought I was active elsewhere
  9. Kickstarted and Running

    The Company Of The Wolf

    MC Name: italian_assassin IC Name: frederick hartmann Race: man Past Groups you Participated in: renatus Why you want to join: "Tom" told me about it and said to join
  10. Kickstarted and Running

    The Dead March

    Magnus growls low, turning to the Archon
  11. Kickstarted and Running

    [Denied]Assistance And Coffee

    wtf I told Rael to keep you leashed or you'd do something like this.
  12. Kickstarted and Running

    [Lore] Amendment To Shade Lore

  13. Kickstarted and Running

    [Lore] Amendment To Shade Lore

    Raptor has bullied me into supporting this. He threatened to punch my door.
  14. Kickstarted and Running

    [Lore] Amendment To Shade Lore

    Too OP. What is the balance for the Sharks??? Do they get some sort of counter? I cannot support such a blatant power game against the mighty Shark
  15. Kickstarted and Running

    Burkester's At App

    I cannot support this. Let me tell you all a story..... Burkester is not responsible. When he was asked to watch William's land when he was sick he took over and caused a mess we had to clean up, and then he made another one which he abandoned because it was too hard. He does this every time he gets something he likes, and it is because he is too busy with school and his illness to focus on LotC, and it makes him irresponsible. He is a good ET, and has great family values, but he role is too important for him. He also abuses new players in PMs when they log in first time, I've seen it. Thank you.