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  1. Nessuno leans on a rail, calmly observing the goings on below in Malinor. Looking up between a gap in the trees, he smiles at the sun rays peering through.* "It is a good day today, no?" he asks no one in particular. A sudden change in the wind causes a chill to fall down his spine, shadows fall over the balcony. Nessuno looked up to see the foul outline of a black raven drifting down to mount the rail beside him. Looking calmly, yet suspiciously at the bird, he retrieves the contents of a message and begins to exam them. Nessuno's eyes grew dark, and a scowl falls across his face. "Iblees.." he spat venemously, "That name is foul.." He remembered his fathers past... the Black Hand... And the betrayal. "Never will I return..." He reaches into his bag, and pulls forth a small knife. Swiftly he sliced a fine line through the back of his hand, and dipping his gloved hand in the blood, smeared the sign... The sign of the Illuminus Obscura. "Never will the Gods have power like they did..." he whispered as he dispatched the bird with the message. Darkness fell. And all was quiet.
  2. Blood slowly drips down the gloved hand of the Zodiac. A simple mark had been made upon the parchment... one of death....
  3. GUYS! I'M OVERUN WITH ZOMBIES! Please warn the citizens of Las Vegas that an asteroid is on its way! It has been a good journey lotcraftians. Fairwell!! Markdeevee` Out

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      *Relays every sim copter message*

  4. Nessuno Mortale Nicknames: Age: 82 Gender: Male Race: Elf/Human Status: Alive Description Height: 5'11" Weight: 76kg Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Skin: Tanned Markings/Tattoos: A small mark on his right wrist Health: Fit as a fiddle Personality: Intelligent, serious, witty, controling Inventory: A small otf blade, and a bent steal longsword Further Details: Life Style Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Evil Deity*: None Religion: Illuminus Obscura Alliance/Nation/Home Malinor Job/Class: Man of Fortune Title(s): Senior' Profession(s): Builder, Farmer, Man of Fortune Special Skill(s): Assassiation, Propaganda, and Trechery of all sorts. Nessuno is in physical prime, and is a practiced gymnast. Flaw(s): Psychopathy (see VA for more info, no meta remember ) Magic* Current Status: Arch-type: Sub-Type: Rank: Weakness(es): Strength(s): Current Spell(s): Weaponry Fighting Style: Covert Preferred Weapon: OTF Knife Favored Weapon: Long Sword Archery: Composit Bow Biography Parents: Eziano Mortale, Celede the Wh*re Siblings: Unknown Children: None Extended Family: Unknown Pet(s): None History ...Nessuno Mortale...the name Eziano his father gave him...meaning...’No Mortal’... Nessuno Mortale was an accident his father made back in the prime of Lauralin in Aegis. His mother Celedë was a local *****, and a beauty at that, who one night at the tavern caught his father’s eye, and made her wage for the night. Nessuno came about nine months later, to Celedë’s annoyance, but such was life. His mother settled down for a time, and raised Nessuno to the age of one, but her supply of Minas was dwindling, so she went back into her field of expertise. Celedë was around during the day to care for Nessuno, but after he was put to bed she went out about her dark business. Nessuno was kept at home most of the day for the first ten years of his life,but as this half human, half elf matured he started to seek freedom. The sun fell behind the tree’s of Lauralin one night in the season of the Great Harvest. Nessuno had been left in the small tree him and his mother called home. Staring at the leaves above him from his bed, Nessuno started to become restless. He was curious, and fearless... Rising he climbed up the tree and looked out the way that his mother usually left to...work. He sat there for some minutes,wondering again, probably for the millionth time,about how his mother rolled in the Minas. Curiosity and courage combined and lead him out into the treetops high above the winding path his mother walked every night. Climbing along he eventually heard the sound of singing and music,along with the ruckus of restless and rowdy people. Climbing lower in the trees Nessuno approached the noise and peeping through the tree canopy he saw the tavern. Bright lights, big men, elves, and little dwarves all conversed with each other, some on friendly terms, other’s not so much. Looking around he spotted her, his mother... Celedë was dressed provocatively and was surrounded by huge ugly men... One monster, swathed in a great oily mop of hair grasped her by her lovely blond hair and muscled her off to the side. Nessuno kept a steady gaze on the horrible situation his mother was in. Celedë kept up a pathetic smile as she was handled by this whale of a man, who was drowning in his own liqueur. Making a turn the man hustled her off around a corner into a small tree labelled ‘Kitchen’. Nessuno quickly re-positioned himself in the balcony until he was above his mother, and this horrible beast...He watched as his mother was abused in all dimensions, but let her be. He understood that this was how she kept him and herself alive, but regardless his blood boiled at how this man was handling her. The man threw his mother violently on what looked like a kitchen table before returning to his business, bringing out a small cry from her. This pushed Nessuno over the edge, jumping down quietly he gasped the shelf behind him. His teeth gritted and his hands shook rapidly. Fumbling along the shelf he grasped a crude butcher knife tightly in his hand.Moving forward to the man he grasped his shoulder. Pulling with all his strength he turned the man around, and bringing his knife to bear he rendered it unto the man’s flesh. The swarthy man didn’t have time to cry as his throat was sliced to pieces by three consecutive cuts. Falling backwards slowly to the ground he left Nessuno standing there with his mother lying crying on the table. Leaning down he dipped his hand in the man’s blood, and smeared it along the kitchens trademark symbol... This image remained forever in his mind. Due to his...actions... Celedë took Nessuno and fled Lauralin. They reached the Cloud temple and took refuge with the monks there. No one ever came after them, no one even suspected them.Together they joined in the exodus from Aegis, and arrived on the vessels in Asulon. His mother couldn’t deal with the sight of Nessuno anymore. His form brought back memories of that dreadful night that she just had to forget. She left him with the monks of the Cloud Temple and departed, what became of her Nessuno never knew...Nessuno for a time was a scribe in the temple, learning to read and write, but his lack of attention was his undoing. He was transferred to the kitchen, where he worked with the most unbearable soul in the business...The dwarf cook, Falthur, a bane in existence. It seemed that his life’s goal was to make Nessuno’s life as miserable as possible. It was only two weeks into this job, and Nessuno was already driven to the edge of sanity. One day Falthur was screaming yet again at Nessuno. Slowly he zoned out to Falthur and his constant screaming in his face, during which flashbacks of that night returned. Rapidly before his eyes he saw the shelf, the man, the knife...the slices across his neck and chest, and the blood on the wall...Waking from his daydream he rubbed his hands together, to feel something...warm... He listened...there was no shouting... Looking down he saw his hands, stained in red, Falthur sliced to pieces, and the blood inscription on the wall. He stopped breathing for what seemed like a life time. Slowly life returned.... He didn’t need Falthur... He didn’t need anything... Walking off slowly he left his past behind. He left the temple shortly after, never to be heard of by the monks, leaving the bloodied corpse of Falthur, and a legacy behind... Artwork
  5. *reads post with terrible grammar. Wonders how applicant was accepted*

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  6. Senor Geo, you know what I want ;)

  7. Check VA comment

  8. Thats fine Dante! I have plenty of time, as the purge isn't for a few weeks. Really no rush

  9. Sorry for the wait. I'll have it done by the end of the day.

  10. Far too many people taking IC problems into OOC..

  11. Far too many people taking IC problems into OOC..

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      OOC and IC should have no relation whatshowever.

      Total seperation is not what you need.

      Just don't take over your characters hatred towards another.


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      Tell me about it. Its a game lol. Some people are worse than hardcore WoW players :P

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      Tell me about it. Its a game lol. Some people are worse than hardcore WoW players :P

  12. Hey Higgsyy. Since your messenger is full I am asking you here ._. Can you support my mini VA? http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/73493-markdeevee-mini-va-nessuno-mortale/


  13. [Questions] (( MC Name:Markdeevee Skype Name:((PM me on the forums if you wish to contact me via skype. I don’t want to display it in a public forum)) Why do you want to join? I used to be a member of the Black Hand (run by simonbane) and immensely enjoyed the ‘evil’ rp. My character Nessuno Mortale is a well seasoned villain, with an interesting background. I wish to expand his rp, and give him new opportunity. How will you provide the guild and the LOTC community with a great RP experience? – I personally love working on long term projects. I worked for the Golden Harvest over about 4 months to infiltrate the Black Hand (I was a mole inside the Black Hand) which was immensely challenging, but I loved every minute. My character (Eziano Mortale Nessuno’s father) ended up being corrupted and allied himself with the Black Hand. This is the sort of rp I bring to LotC, and brought to both the Golden Harvest and the Black Hand. I introduce a very large depth of rp wherever I go, and strive to excel in everything rp. What do you think are vitalin RP? (I.e Emotes, RP fights over MC fights etc) Depth in rp is crucial. Just coming up to someone in the market and say a casual “Hi” simply isn’t adequate. For example you see an image of exactly what your character is doing, seeing him in minds eye: *stride confidently up to the merchant smilingand nodding in greeting* If that is what you imagine, then you need to emote, and portray it through every means at your disposal. My idea of RP is bringing imagination into being. To break the Guild laws, or the Server laws is instant banishment unless in a specific circumstance where you are offered an appeal form by the Guild, do you understand this? – I Completely understand this<br style="mso-special-character: line-break;"><br style="mso-special-character: line-break;"> )) [CharacterQuestions] RP name: Nessuno Mortale Biography: I was born in the dying days of Aegis, my mother a local *****~ in Lauralin, my father... I never knew. My mother Celedë raised me and cared for me like any mother should, but apparently I was too much of a burden for her. When we arrived in Asulon during the madness of the mass exodus I was abandoned to the monks of the Cloud Temple. I was trained as a scribe, and performed menial tasks for them. After a time I matured... and decided move on. I sought out my father’s past, which lead me to Alras, and the Golden Syndicate’s (formerly known as the Golden Harvest)fiefdom. I learnt of my father’s past from within the secure walls of the location, and learnt to farm, mine, and fight. I worked in the Golden Syndicatefor around 20 years, and gained many skills, but after a time I decided to leave civilization. I moved out into the wilds, and lived in a small farm that had constructed for about three years. I was about to go out in the morning to tend my crops when I became aware of the strong smell of smoke. Walking outside I saw great flames burning up my crop... Nothing remained. I returned once again to civilized regions, and search to find my place in society. ((this i shows how Nessuno portrays himself to those around himself. Read his VA to discoverhis true background, remembering no Meta..) Personality: I am easy to get along with, work hard, and respect those around myself. I believe in a long hard day’s work, and true reward at the end. ((again read VA for a more accurate description)) Motives: I wish for a unified‘unit’ that protects those around themselves, supports themselves in life, and never betrays one another... Aspirations: I have always aspired to live my life with no regrets, enjoying every moment of it<br style="mso-special-character: line-break;"><br style="mso-special-character: line-break;"> [OpenResponse. Answer all questions] You notice a rich foreign merchant in the markets browsing wares such as jewellery, weaponry and armor.You notice a stall owner has just walked away from his stall for a few moments, several guards are patrolling the area, the merchant walks towards the stall to browse its wares. To the North is a sewer grate you could escape through,though the guards seem to be patrolling it more than usual. How will you pull off this thievery? Birds fly high above the market place, waiting for any moment to swoop down and ****** at any susceptible morsel. Smiling I admired their cunning, swooping by stalls, grabbing small fruit, even loafs at a time. I admired a particular pair of birds who seemed to work together to a degree... One would swoop down, attracting a store keepers attention, while the other moved in the back subtly to swipe a nice meal. My focus sharpened on the stall ten paces to my right, I was the bird this time... But where was my bloody companion... A growing murmur in the crowd to my left was my signal. I turned and strode confidently towards the stall and stood in front of it. Guards rushed past and in the direction of the ever growing commotion, but the job was already done. Striding away from the crowd with my bag on back I grinned. Glancing to my left I observed a man being beaten down to the ground. Foolish man, I thought to myself, as he was beaten repeatedly. He was so easy to fool into thinking that the bard called him a wife beater... too bad... The Upright Man has asked of you to steal a scroll from a house that is just outside the city limits of Alras, the house seems to be alive with laughter and drunken men, you look through a window to see the chest is in the room, while 5 drunken men sit around the fire telling war stories, they seem armed but drunk, you see in the corner of your eye a small hole in the roof into the room. The door hinges are old and rusty, it can be easily kicked down. How will you pull of this thievery? Dusk had just fallen... And clouds drew around the ever dying sun, stifling any last cries. I walked slowly, considering ever step that drew me closer to the large oak door. Pausing on the door step I listened to the uproars of laughter coming from within. I rapped loudly on the door twice and waited. Suddenly the door swung open and three burly men, who I dare say must have been half drowned in mead burst out yelling out all sorts of obscene comments. I paused for a moment, caught slightly off foot, but burst out laughing at the scene, “Hello gentlemen! May I join in your merryness?” I exclaimed loudly at the very drunk men. A roar of laughter burst out from them, and then a loud voice from inside cried, “Why the hell not boys!”And I was literally swept off my feet into the house. Plopping myself down in a large chair I exclaimed, “So men, what is the occasion for this merryment?” A abnormally large man rose from his chair, swathed in animal skin robes and exclaimed, “Why the hell shouldn’t we be merry?!?” And laughing plopped back down in his chair. “Well gentlemen, since this is a very merry occasion, let’s see who can be the merryest, aye!” I exclaimed loudly, before proceeding to pore numerous drinks for the men. Three hours later: I sat quietly in my chair, looking slowly around the room. All was quiet... I slowly lifted up the cover of my pouch, to stare in contempt at the small scroll sitting at the bottom. All too easy... I rose and marched confidently out the front door into the night, leaving the horrid stench of alcohol behind... An old man has taken rest from his travels under a tree, his bag is to the left of him, he appears to have a dagger on him. In the far distance you see some travellers coming, though they are still a far while off. How will you pull of this thievery? Reading the scenario in front of myself I knew what had to be done. Ernal Hornhammer was the ‘old man’ who sat exhausted under the tree, I had been tracking him for several days now. Within the pouch on his belt is a scroll with crucial information exposing the Thieves Guilds, something that simply couldn’t be released... I veered from my path off into a field on the side, and crouched among the long wheat. The travelers came closer and I sighed in annoyance. These where the contacts that Ernal was attempting to give theinformation to. My eyes narrowed to slits as I focused on Ernal’s pouch, waiting for the scroll to be handed to one of these messengers. I knew the routine, one would get it, and they would all split off in all directions, if I missed the drop, I might as well slit my own wrists... Time slowed down and tension grew... THERE! I saw the scroll passed quickly to a blond haired boy. Suddenly they all ran down various paths, but I had my eye on him. Raising my hood I rose from my location, and sprinted towards the boy, ignoring Ernal. I heard a cry to my left, and glanced over to see Ernal rising to pursue me, but I had to ignore him and continue. By the time my focus was on the blond boy he had full knowledge that he was being pursued and accelerated quickly. I threw off my empty bag to free myself, and gaining full momentum I closed in on the boy. Flicking a knife from my wrist I flung it with all my might towards the boy. The blade flung through the air piercing the boys thigh, bringing him down to the ground. My sword flashed and my job was almost complete, but for one factor... Turning I saw Ernal running at full pace towards me, sword flashing towards me. I dove out of the way snatching the scroll from between the boys limp fingers. The blade calved a deep slice through my shoulder, but with legs free I fled into the treeline... (( Note: Please PM me on the forums in response. Also read my VA! http://www.lordofthe...632#entry395632 It will explain a lot more about my character that my character would never reveal IC. Always remember... No meta Thanks Markdeevee ))
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