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  1. The point I'm trying to make is that it /is/ unrealistic by our own real world/earth standards. Currently we do not possess the technology or medical knowledge required to actually revive a person in this state. Small tissue or blood samples can be frozen and thawed out again, but put simply, something as large and complex as a human or humanoid body is much more difficult to thaw where it won't cause more and most likely irreparable damage. As to if they would have cells, yes they would as the races are all organic. Once the patient is frozen, they are clinically deceased. While yes, their cells won't all immediately die and that does take time, their heart no longer beats. Upon thawing you would have a deceased person, with cellular damage caused by that thawing process. The body would need to be re-warmed and resuscitation performed (For a healthy patient the chances of being revived by CPR are less then 20%, a wounded one much less so). If the patient is successfully revived then there are also chances of damage to the brain. There would be no oxygen supply after the patient had been thawed, so there is a decent chance they might not even wake up afterwards. I actually play a cleric character, and starting hearts and keeping those internal systems operating is not something in our repertoire. That would fall to the temple monks. The monks are there to revive your characters because if they weren't we would all be rolling a new one every few days. No-one would participate in any events or even have the will to leave their homes from the fear of being killed. Also, no-one can actually tell you to perma kill your character. You mentioned under point 4 that cryo will stop a person from dying. It may stop the cells from dying, but the person is dead. The body doesn't move in slow motion, it actually stops all together. The heart won't beat something like once a year etc, it will stop.
  2. It will damage those cells. I believe cryogenics use some sort of chemical to stop the formation of ice crystals which cause this damage. How would this chemical be compensated for with the use of this magic? I should also point out that cryogenics are only used on recently deceased persons, not a live individual. If the heart is frozen to the point where it stops beating, that person is then clinically deceased. As it will if you freeze the brain, because all of those involuntary muscles responces that are controlled by the brain will stop, so the heart will stop beating and the lungs won't work etc, again making a person clinically dead. If you decide that only the heart would be frozen as it looked like you were implying, not sure, then the brain would start to die as well, as if blood flow stops so does the flow of oxygen to all the cells which is required to keep them alive. Without oxygen, a cell will die. So upon unfreezing a patient, don't expect the heart to instantly start to beat again or brain function to return to normal. The freezing process would have killed the patient is what I'm getting at here, then it's basically off to a trip to the monks for revival rendering this kinda.. pointless. You could try to resuscitate, but keep in mind that patients don't always respond to that stimulus either. We as a society are currently unable to revive patients from the state, so how are we going to do it on lotc where we are much less medically and technologically advanced. I'm not trying to pick on your lore, just letting you know a few things to consider with it.
  3. Looking at this from the actual technical side of it, you would be more likely to kill your patient or make their condition worse with this then to preserve them. The forming ice crystals would destroy the cells in the affected area of you were to 'freeze' them. The vital organs would begin to shut down once the temperature goes below a certain point and the body can no longer produce enough heat to keep them functioning properly. If you were to focus this on extremities, the blood vessels would most likely constrict and focus on keeping the vital organs supplied, resulting in damage to the limbs if this were to go on for long enough which could lead to gangrenous tissue. But basically because this wouldn't be able to be done with just the ice magic, that would have to make this a special healing magic just for the snow elves. This is just my personal two cents, but we have plenty of options for healing as it is, and ones which don't involve the healer having to fix up the conditions caused by magic aimed to help them ;)
  4. I talked to swgr over Skype about it, and I'm happy with the changes. Sooo, plus one! This looks like it could be a great addition, and provide some very fun rp. +1
  5. This 'cursing' would not change anything on a frost witch. Our curse was given by a powerful ice spirit, and the fja curse would come out on top to effectively put a stop to any changes to our physical attributes or magical abilities.
  6. That's okay. Thank you for paying me :)

    If you like, PM me your skin and the one I made you and then I can copy it over for you.

  7. Forgot to rp type it out, but I sent another 300 to you since the economy was broke/reset

    Uhm. I'm really dumb, but how do I cut and paste the face onto your skin? xD

  8. Raaaagh! Fix your computer and be more active!

  9. Hello Haldon. :)

  10. Of course. He's an emotionless killer now, who has the sense that everyone is a sinner and needs to be redeemed.

  11. I had just been taking a break, seeing as my laptop was busted and couldn't get on.

    I much prefer my new character to Lily, she got very depressing to play after a while..

    Are you still with Magnus?

  12. Wait, alright. I thought you did with the inactivity :p I wish Lily hadn't died. She had lots of fun RP

  13. Is it true, art thou online? Yay! You should stay on LotC:)

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