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  1. Loth my baby peach.

  2. The Guardians

  3. gurrrrrrrrrlll #firstworldproblems

  4. [Builder] Erlend0501/hobolympic's Event Team App

    Having experianced Erlend's buildings designs/techniques first hand since early Aegis,I'm certain that he deserves a position such as this.His unique architecture has always blown me and many others away due to it's superiority to many other styles.Glenwood,in my opinion,is one of the most beautiful towns in Asulon and his building talents easily deserve a spot within the events team-just my two cents,but I definatly support this. +1
  5. The Lances Of Oren

    Application: Mc Name-Sammeister97 Rp Name-Lotharious Mannering Age-29 Old Jobs and Work-In the late days of the old Kingdom of Oren I served under the Guard for 5 years,furthermore,I served under Renatus's navy earlier this decade.Finally,throughout the days of old and the kingdom of new I have always served under the Guardians. Skills for odd jobs? (Mining/Lumberjacking/Etc)-Mining((29)) Blacksmithing ((70)) Farming ((60)) Weapon of Choice and ye mastery with that? (Weapon Skill lvl) Throughout my experience with the Guardians they have undoubtedy been the leading cause to my succession in Swordsmanship ((Leval 100)) Why do ye wish to Join the Lances?To serve the Kingdom of Oren to the best of my performance as I always have done.I have always given undying loyalty the kingdom of Oren. Do ye take the Oath-needed- Oath: I ,Lotharious, pledge my Weapon, my knowledge and life to the Knightly order of the Red Dragon. And Swear my allegiance to Emperor Godfrey Horen and His Line of Succession. I shall serve the King, Order and Oren with undying loyalty and will do all that I can to keep them from harm.I will always complete a quest given to me by my king, Knight and Kingdom. I swear to protect its people and to stay true to the order and obey its ways and laws.
  6. The Guardians

    *A panting messanger slowly approaches,gingerly handing a letter with the unbroken seal,recognisable as Lotharious's* "After succesfully recovering the reminants of my families history throughout Asulon i believe it is only justified that i return to Glenwood at once to serve the Guardians once more.I appologise for my vacancy."
  7. The Guardians

    Remember,all Guardians report to our reclaimed town of Glenwood.For assistance with directions,makes sure to send a bird to any who currently know the path.
  8. Erlend0501's Ban Appeal

    Damn,well it was just a misunderstanding so hopefully the Mod/Admin that put forward the ban can read and recognise the situation but yes,i can support the story he's given!
  9. The Guardians

    *gently nods to himself while reading the note,pleased by the guilds efforts to climb back on it's feet* "Ah , 'tis a pleasure to know the guild is finally rebuiling.Perhaps one day it shall be renown for it's great deeds throughout Asulon once more"
  10. Gman7066's Ban Appeal [Read]

    Well , my view so far is that you broke two important rules , both with severe punishments but before i release my verdict I want to know:Why did you use the hack?It seems that you were well aware of the dangers and punishments at the time -So why put yourself at risk of being banned?
  11. [Read] Grogtar's Villain Application

    I love RP'ing with Grog - he's the best dwarf i know + this is a good app so he deserves a +1 from me!
  12. The Guardians

    I still need adding to the protection .
  13. The Guardians

    Game Name: Sammeister97 How long have you been on the server: about 2 days (if this is a problem i'm willing to wait longer,if it makes you more comfortable) Character Name: Lotharious Why you want to join the Guardians:The undead burnt my village to ground,i wish to avenge my family as i had to witness them being burnt without mercy.I've wanted revenge ever since,however i need a place to start to get armed and become the great warrior i once was. more over i believe joining this guild would make my stay on the server even more fun as it will supply me with more things to do.I'm willing to do general repairs on the base,keep the base in stock of food and do whatever i can to repay you for allowing me to avenge my family. thank you for reading. Have you committed any crimes:no Have you ever fought the Undead: No How did you hear of us:looking through the forums for a guild that fits my needs. What is your field of profession: warrior What weapon do you typically use: sword,but i know when the bow is needed. Do you promise to obey our rules: yes
  14. Sammeisters application.

    Out-Of-Character: -Minecraft Account Name: Sammeister97 -How old are you?: 14 -Time-Zone/Country of Residence: England,GMT +1 -Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?: I believe so considering i'm,and always have been,in top english sets n school and im currently three quarters through my first english G.C.S.E and my estimated grade is an A at the moment :D . -Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: I like to help people and i'm hard to annoy so you won't be getting any raging from me XD.I always love to just relax and play mc and that,i believe,will be even funner while playing on this server :P. -How much time could you be on the server weekly?: I'll be on every day after school except when im going out with friends or i have an exam on i won't be on as much as i'll be revising ect,so expect to see alot of me :P . -How long have you played minecraft?: About 9 months -What do you know about roleplaying? How long have you been doing it? What kind?: I havn't done much roleplay except on a few other,laggy,mc servers and a few less graphicly appetising games such as space station 13 which i had great fun on. Thats why when i found this server and looked it up i couldn't wait to get on for a great experiance. -What do you expect this server will be like?: Fun and a totally new experiance and from what i've seen i can't wait to get on and start my story.however i know it won't be all fine and dandy as i can,and probably will,get killed in the wilds however i'm prepared for that and won't rage/cry. -What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?: I've only really played one which i've been dedicated to as their staff were kind and i rised through the ranks there to admin.I won't be leaving them,i'll just be playing this server alot more :) . -Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules? What about the lore?: I've read and understood the rules i think they're very fair and as for the lore i think its genious XD .It reminds me of The elder scrolls series in which theres so much background to learn and it's so fascinating. -Name the 4 races on this server. Human,elves,orcs,dwarves. -How did you hear about us?: Minestatus,then i checked out some walkthroughs on youtube by candle (<3) and was so excited i came to apply. -Did you vote?: On two,for the third i couldn't find the url =[ -What was your favourite Law?: No griefing/destroying the landscape. -What was your least favourite Law?: I checked the list so much but i couldn't find one i honestly disliked :3 . -What is your The Lord Of Craft forum account name? sammeister In-Character: -Character Name: Lotharious -What is your Race?: Human forum account: Sammeister -Biography: At a young age he lived in a village that was constantly under threat from the undead.He learned how to master the art of the sword at 18 years old and started fighting monsters,loot their corpses, and gaining money. However one dark day the village was burned to the ground by the undead and he lost everything in the fire except his belongings on him,his sword and a book of various sword fighting manouvers knowing he couldn't withstand them he fled to a bigger more secure town but got lost on his way and had substained a gash on his face and fainted in the middle of the wilderness...when he awoke face down in a pool of blood he was as pale as a ghost and had no energy untill,luckily,a traveling merchant picked him up and nursed him back to health. Afterwards he swore to get revenge for the village,and his family that were also lost, he decided to try to find the human kingdom and to become a guard to help this city against any that stand against mankind and after he retires to become a traveling merchant,to make a wealthy living,however his hatred for the undead will always remain and also for the ones who support them... -Character Age: 23 -Character Appearance: average height, brown hair,with a scar on his face from a previous battle -Character Personality: relitivly calm and helpfull but when angered with someone he'll do everything he can to make their life hell... -Your ambitions: To get revenge on the undead,and then to become a travelling merchant making friends and mayby even fellow merchants to start up a merchanting buisness with. -Can your character read or write?: yes -Can your character mine?: yes,but he struggles. -Are you a capable builder? no. -Can you wield a sword?: Yes,as mentioned in the bio,he is a master. -Enjoy Farming?: yes -Does your character have any special skills?:] apart from his mastery of the swords,no. -A screenshot of your skin: -Other Information: I hope you accept,thank you for reading and i can't wait to play :) .