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  1. Loth my baby peach.

  2. gurrrrrrrrrlll #firstworldproblems

  3. Application: Mc Name-Sammeister97 Rp Name-Lotharious Mannering Age-29 Old Jobs and Work-In the late days of the old Kingdom of Oren I served under the Guard for 5 years,furthermore,I served under Renatus's navy earlier this decade.Finally,throughout the days of old and the kingdom of new I have always served under the Guardians. Skills for odd jobs? (Mining/Lumberjacking/Etc)-Mining((29)) Blacksmithing ((70)) Farming ((60)) Weapon of Choice and ye mastery with that? (Weapon Skill lvl) Throughout my experience with the Guardians they have undoubtedy been the leading cause to my
  4. *A panting messanger slowly approaches,gingerly handing a letter with the unbroken seal,recognisable as Lotharious's* "After succesfully recovering the reminants of my families history throughout Asulon i believe it is only justified that i return to Glenwood at once to serve the Guardians once more.I appologise for my vacancy."
  5. Remember,all Guardians report to our reclaimed town of Glenwood.For assistance with directions,makes sure to send a bird to any who currently know the path.
  6. *gently nods to himself while reading the note,pleased by the guilds efforts to climb back on it's feet* "Ah , 'tis a pleasure to know the guild is finally rebuiling.Perhaps one day it shall be renown for it's great deeds throughout Asulon once more"
  7. I still need adding to the protection .
  8. Game Name: Sammeister97 How long have you been on the server: about 2 days (if this is a problem i'm willing to wait longer,if it makes you more comfortable) Character Name: Lotharious Why you want to join the Guardians:The undead burnt my village to ground,i wish to avenge my family as i had to witness them being burnt without mercy.I've wanted revenge ever since,however i need a place to start to get armed and become the great warrior i once was. more over i believe joining this guild would make my stay on the server even more fun as it will supply me with more things to do.I'm w
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