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  1. Can we bring back the fishing plugin? The best way it was implemented was when the fish caught was dependent on the biome the water it was in. Have drop tables for fish caught in these different biomes, there can be overlaps but there should also be things unique to the biome. Also have a chance of a random event occurring. At least right now I don't have the creativity to come up with potential random events, but something as simple as an aquatic mob spawn Infront of the player occasionally might be interesting. Have a weight and length random number generator so people can participate in fishing competitions, it was just nice. Have fish the fish grant different hunger restoration. One fish might restore 2.5 food. another might restore 3, something like a sardine might restore 1 exc. It would also be nice to see fish that are unique to certain biomes, and perhaps rare also have mechanical status effects that they apply, whether they're harmful, or beneficial. I could see a fishing plugin like this working in tandem with a cooking plugin, I'm just offering a few points I've seen with fishing plugins in the past, the server always saw a boost in roleplay in this area and I can't remember a time when adding fishing to the server was never not loved.
  2. I takes time to make good events, they have to be planned somewhere around 2 months before they actually happen, at the least. You have to get a rough outline, go through a couple iterations, then build the event sites, and all of that needs to be done weeks before the event should ever happen. At least a week before the event period starts, people need to be rehearsing their events, that's how a good event team, and planning operates. That leaves us with about 4 weeks, which was less time than we had last year for the Christmas project, but this time we have experience and can make it work a lot easier. 1 week to plan, 2 weeks to build, and one week to rehearse. Saying that, it doesn't sound like a lot of time, does it? Besides that point, does anyone else have any productive suggestions on what you would like to see this Christmas?
  3. Happy Jolly Afternoon! -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- River here, asking you all what you all want to see this year for Christmas. We have plans and ideas ourselves but it could never hurt to ask you guys for your input on what we could bring this year. Surely there's something we've missed, and surely you all have some valuable input to share. So without further ado, feel free to leave comments of some suggestions, some elements, lore, mini events and comment other peoples responses. -=-
  4. Community meeting in 13 meeting. I think...

  5. That moment when lefty knows all the words to high school musical.

  6. whoever's ddos'ing me can stop, I have internet access

    1. Anderssn


      What's your ip m8?

    2. Space


      i feel like people think ddosing is more common that it actually is

    3. Anderssn
  7. So whose gonna update the staff list

    Several new ET, new admin exc,

    1. Kim
    2. Silent™


      While they're at it, they need to update the donation page.

  8. wasn't that the volcano temp map? 2.5?

    1. Your Favorite Impure

      Your Favorite Impure

      Yurp, also known as Elysium

  9. I think I could almost say "I like this Admin line up, they're open to a lot of change"

    1. KoTo
    2. Sebasgann


      Get that **** out of my face. It has nothing to do with my status.

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