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  1. Seeing a lot of votes going towards keeping iron doors and other doors as they are. There's no reason for one door to be superior to one another, it affects build quality because and certain decisions because now there's an OOC rule that is encouraging players to utilize an iron door over a wooden one, when a spruce door could have meshed far better with the build. Also why are things set up the way they are at the moment, that we even have to discuss whether or not 2,3,4,5 doors is too many doors. Anything more than 2 doors is too many and is gaming the server, and the only reason it's being done is because of an OOC mechanic. In an ideal world you should only have 1 door for an entrance. Anything more than that and it's obfuscating the rules, because they can be taken advantage of in the first place, and implementing an OOC solution for something their character probably wouldn't do.
  2. I'm of the opinion that a good span of a season IRL is 1 week. go through each season once a month. If there's some "Winter is coming" event for a long winter, then make all of December winter. If implemented right and other food sources are easily acquirable, then moving away from crops for a week shouldn't be that bad and will give other foods a more practical use, and incentive to use. Or at least the notion of having to actually stockpile foods in a warehouse will have a legitimate reason to do so. I think adding some sort of seasons plugin, almost goes in tandem with a lot of things that have been suggested, and I'd recommend adding that to the list of things the server should look into. I'd also personally recommend just using the off the shelf Realistic Seasons plugin. That plugin can also accomplish the promise of having regional, or biome specific hues for foliage and grass, for each season, per biome. Is very easy to configure, very stable, and the best on the market when it comes to off the shelf seasons plugins. It also has configuration for crop growth per biome, per season as well, in addition to a multitude of other features that fall in tandem with what a lot of the suggestions and polling subjects that focus on immersion and practicality.
  3. I think if babies take much longer to mature, and the basis of raising livestock revolves around caring for them with the intent of maturing them, that'd lead to a more interactive and immersive experience. Just raise the base drops of mature mobs, remove loot tables from babies, and disable aging of cows and have there be a number of prerequisites for baby to mature into an adult. Something along those lines. In regards to whether or not status effects should be granted to foods, the answer is yes. However it really should only be done for the rarest of foods, or foods that require the most effort to cooking, whether it's based off rarity in acquisition of resources, or effort derived from the crafting recipe. I'd also focus on adding status effects that fit thematically with the foods, like adding a jump boost to rabbit stew, or some other custom recipes. As far as which status effects? Any and all of them, as long as they fit thematically with the food, I don't think anyone could complain, to include negative effects. Also wanted to add that among the typical PvP status effects, I don't really think any of them could fit thematically with foods and therefore don't see a reason to add those types of status effects. I could care less that there'd be foods that affect PvP, I just don't really see how they could fit thematically with normal foods using normal ingredients in the world. I don't see the need to add PvP related status effects to food unless it was for some sort of boss mob or rare fish in a biome's loot table. As far as the ability to reskin the item texture to a different food, If that's the best the server is able to achieve without creating a dedicated server resource pack, hosted by the server or otherwise, then go for it. However It's antiquated thinking, I know there's hesitancy on a server resource pack, but if there's a single reason, it would be for core profession immersion plugins. Why not do the ideal, immersive move and create a resource pack for all these custom foods so there can be custom item textures for all of them: I'd also like to stress, that there shouldn't be racial locked, or racial buffs. It should just be implemented with the idea in mind that, the reason why a particular food is popular in a given region, has more to do with the fact that that is the food that grows in that region, and has become a staple for those reasons, less to do with the fact that it's just racially locked. If you're going to do racial foods, there has to be an incentive to create racial foods. So that players prefer those foods and it will lean further into their roleplay and add distinction among regions and races, and those resources have to be plentiful in those regions. Also adding an expiration to foods never fixed the issue entirely however it was a decent approach. Players were still able to amass large amounts of bread, and it pretty much discouraged the use of any other less easily acquirable foods. A better solution would have been to modify hunger restoration and saturation of common foods, and change crafting recipes for easily crafted foods such as bread. If vegetables, provided .5 hunger and 0 saturation, and bread had to be cooked in a furnace, players would likely create food with those vegetables, and lean more into their regional dishes. Because if potato's and bread is still the most easily farmable, hunger restoring, easy to craft foods on the server, all these other foods still aren't going to be utilized by the player base.
  4. I think alchemy is a good idea, it can be fun in the players hands, and help automate a process that normally requires staff assistance. i think magic is a nigh impossible task because of the number of magics and their complexity, wether it’s aesthetic or functional. The tricky part about skills is whether or not it’s tied to experience and levels or not. On one hand having level requirements incentivizes player activity and interaction more, and is amazing for new player retention which I think is a huge issue, but is tricky to make it not feel as gamified. On the other if the idea is to create scarcity and regional based resources and let players create cuisines or fish based off their biome then that adds solely to the role play experience and adds more culture to the different regions. If we’re open to using off the shelf plugins like ItemsAdder, half of the things on this list are easily configurable and can be done in a week. More important than that in my opinion, are we open to the idea of a forced on connection server resource pack so that anything custom actually has a custom item texture? I think it’s an antiquated line of thinking and doing things to just use base item textures and just change their name. When we could have custom item textures for all the fish, food dishes, plants, exc. work with the community team to host competitions for creating item textures for stuff to see whose talented in the community and commission the pool of winners to help create the resource pack, and I’ll donate a large number of my item textures as well.
  5. Can we bring back the fishing plugin? The best way it was implemented was when the fish caught was dependent on the biome the water it was in. Have drop tables for fish caught in these different biomes, there can be overlaps but there should also be things unique to the biome. Also have a chance of a random event occurring. At least right now I don't have the creativity to come up with potential random events, but something as simple as an aquatic mob spawn Infront of the player occasionally might be interesting. Have a weight and length random number generator so people can participate in fishing competitions, it was just nice. Have fish the fish grant different hunger restoration. One fish might restore 2.5 food. another might restore 3, something like a sardine might restore 1 exc. It would also be nice to see fish that are unique to certain biomes, and perhaps rare also have mechanical status effects that they apply, whether they're harmful, or beneficial. I could see a fishing plugin like this working in tandem with a cooking plugin, I'm just offering a few points I've seen with fishing plugins in the past, the server always saw a boost in roleplay in this area and I can't remember a time when adding fishing to the server was never not loved. --- Aside from my recommendation, this brewing plugin sounds excellent. It's intuitive, not too complicated, the number of conditions that have to be met adds a level of skill to producing quality contents. It's the type of stuff I wish there was more of on the server, in terms of incentivizing certain types of roleplay with fun interactive mechanical plugins everyone can enjoy. +1
  6. I takes time to make good events, they have to be planned somewhere around 2 months before they actually happen, at the least. You have to get a rough outline, go through a couple iterations, then build the event sites, and all of that needs to be done weeks before the event should ever happen. At least a week before the event period starts, people need to be rehearsing their events, that's how a good event team, and planning operates. That leaves us with about 4 weeks, which was less time than we had last year for the Christmas project, but this time we have experience and can make it work a lot easier. 1 week to plan, 2 weeks to build, and one week to rehearse. Saying that, it doesn't sound like a lot of time, does it? Besides that point, does anyone else have any productive suggestions on what you would like to see this Christmas?
  7. Happy Jolly Afternoon! -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=- River here, asking you all what you all want to see this year for Christmas. We have plans and ideas ourselves but it could never hurt to ask you guys for your input on what we could bring this year. Surely there's something we've missed, and surely you all have some valuable input to share. So without further ado, feel free to leave comments of some suggestions, some elements, lore, mini events and comment other peoples responses. -=-
  8. Community meeting in 13 meeting. I think...

  9. That moment when lefty knows all the words to high school musical.

  10. whoever's ddos'ing me can stop, I have internet access

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