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  1. you still alive brother 

  2. Dear Coaster,


    you're a sick *****.


    From Nic.

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      NiC201 (Aeries)

      I feel like this didn't serve it's purpose because of the filter, I said you're a sick  C u n t   (y)

  3. Coaster

    [Complete]To Purchase Oak Wood

    And many other resources such as stone brick, oak stairs , and wool?
  4. Coaster

    [Complete]To Purchase Oak Wood

    How about some spruce logs and a lot of them for free?
  5. Come by the inn in Felsen, owned by Felix to inquire further!!
  6. Coaster

    Help Needed

    nvm mind ur own busines
  7. Coaster

    Help Needed

    Seriously though i did lie about he mina none of you are gettin anything
  8. Coaster

    Help Needed

    thanks all we're good
  9. Coaster

    Help Needed

    yeah it was good enough i made the rest of the corrections myself i did lie about the minas though sorry crator
  10. Coaster

    Help Needed

    k thanks
  11. Coaster

    Help Needed

    No threre is no more to the question and just to say almost half the worlds soveriegn nations are currently at deficit, including good ol USA
  12. Coaster

    Help Needed

    this is macroeconomics can u explain why for each please and not for hw i am an adult goddamit
  13. Coaster

    Help Needed

    10,000 mina to the man with the plan
  14. Coaster

    Help Needed

    shitty answer worst vassal and terrible ally 0/10 would not reccomend in schism war...
  15. Coaster

    Help Needed

    business level macroeconomics does not apply itself to the minecraft roleplay fantasy realm of vailor