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  1. was the contents of the chest known in rp at least b4 illegal break-in?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. itdontmatta


      the president is not taking questions at this time

    3. Xarkly


      6 hours ago, itdontmatta said:

      the president is not taking questions at this time


      so you're saying the letters were found illegally and yet this war is proceeding as if they weren't?

    4. itdontmatta


      yes that is what im saying

  2. just logout if you hear the sound of tnt problem solved

  3. who broke the theme

  4. I feel like the people in charge of the various aspects of the next version of LoTC are too opinionated and have too many players they don't like or trust which is costing the community. What phase of the next version is the team even on, will they even discuss a post like this at this time? Cool post, I also hate hubs.
  5. It is really weird seeing one of my personas "Snickers" becoming an Ensign along with Jace Evans, I remember so little of that time but it is neat to see it visually. Very cool!
  6. if you want to really destroy oren legacy you have to kill all humans with gray eyes, dont pick and choose

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      your terms are acceptable (i'm colourblind btw)

  7. war server 1.8 pvp was fun

  8. Bolvar took note of the parchment in his own small booklet and set off to look for like-minded adventurers to form a party! "Rather not pass up such a good opportunity for adventure!"
  9. I feel like most maps have a storyline that just ends up getting scrapped on launch so nothing ever happens.
  10. I like the new Haense district, good job builders !

  11. why does a war discord have 600+ ppl in it

    1. milkyi


      The discord had a lot of members because it was formed of multiple nations, Oren discord has almost 300 in total in their discord, so that plus whoever else was allied, mercs, etc.

    2. creamynoteblock


      ^ no

      most of them were bots that fluffycop spammed it with lol

    3. milkyi


      That makes sense, again I never witnessed what was in the discord myself after it was “changed”, so what I said here was purely assumptions. Sorry if I confused anyone. 

  12. dont execute the dwarf king you will summon the true king under the mountain

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