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  1. "What is going on with the Dwarves..?" wonders OrdenMarschall Tarkus of the Teutonic Order
  2. yes
  3. If the server doesn't gain anything from a repair timer or is hurt by not having one then why not just remove it entirely and keep the aspect of repair numbers associated with level..
  4. "Degeneracy from the Elfen as usual. Iblees made a poor choice cursing them with infertility, should have cursed them with a lack of genitalia instead." grumbles Tarkus from within the Teutonic Order's keep. Tossing the trash into a fire.
  5. "Fuckin' mutants.." mutters Tarkus, dismissing the order of the Rex
  6. Italian sausage or Italian ham. Bacon. Bacon bits. Bacon crumple. Candy bacon.
  7. Yea? The trolls that were moving the siege weapons were pasted in front of Bastion even though global messages suggested they were being moved up the road, there was nothing actually there to make this true, no mobs and no players. The event was scripted, Bastion was meant to fall.
  8. That eventline you speak of was an OOC ploy in hopes to unite the people to fight the undead in hopes of remaking an empire. Remaking Oren.
  9. This server is really toxic.

  10. ((Is this the final undead event until it is halted?)) OrdenMarschall Tarkus clicks his tongue as he notices the Teutonic Order is not invited even though they have remained neutral in the war to focus on the undead "Typical."
  11. Can you fix studded gear? This is kind of a big issue that it causes certain personas to do less damage.

  12. This is so over complicated good luck counting the numbers in armies and trying to do rosters again lmao
  13. I am ready.
  14. "Terrorism to me. Opinion." replies Tarkus
  15. "Ah. Terrorism." mentions Tarkus