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  1. only child personas are permitted at this warclaim btw

  2. James Fisher folds the missive three times and stows it away on the bookshelf by his staircase for documentation "I should recruit child soldiers. Clearly they are quite effective on and off the field of battle. Funny, that."
  3. James Fisher outright rejects these statements and prepares for war! "I claimed it first!!!"
  4. Tythus once he stops paying the server fees.
  5. James Fisher applauds the determination of the people of Yong Ping, having fought against many odds to achieve the peace and prosperity their peoples enjoy. "This is good news. Once this war has reached its conclusion, I believe it is time for me to take a well deserved vacation! What better place for it than Yong Ping." the pale man would state aloud in his home with a glass of wine, storing the missive away in the shelves by his stairs.
  6. My child persona is taking part in the war, don't kill me or I'm posting about it.

    1. biggestdon
    2. altiar1011


      Can I kill you even if I'm not Orenian, Dwarven or Norlandic?

    3. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖍
  7. Is it powergaming for child characters to wear armor/weapons and take part in pvp?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. altiar1011


      People can pvp default ghosts despite having no aurum on them, and that isn't considered powergaming despite them literally not being able to hurt the ghost IRPly.


      If you attack a child persona and they call pvp default, that's your own fault. As they say, armor up and status up, my boy. 


      My official answer is nope, deal with the mechanics. 

    3. Aengoth


      they are trained by halfling guerilla soldiers

    4. rukio


      Astrid Mournstone was simply built different. 

  8. "Back to the wilderness with you, fiendish fellow. Your virtue signaling will find you no friend." comments James Fisher upon reading the missive, properly storing it within the shelves in his home to keep it documented "Wildmen believing pagan propaganda. Nothing new.." he'd say with an annoyed sigh.
  9. "Damn it all, the Nordlings are virtue signaling again! Quick, pagan lives matter!" says a very dramatic James Fisher, alone in his home with a bottle of wine.
  10. James Fisher, a learned man who often times reads of the worldly news and missives from around the realm of Arcas. The pale man would frown lightly upon reading, rolling his shoulders "Alas, perhaps the people of Elysium had their minds made up before this war and simply needed an excuse. Perhaps hiring peoples that have raided them was seen as insulting. Unfortunately, I am no mind reader and can only wish these people the best in their endeavors. Forgive and forget, and all that."
  11. "I technically payed for a fifth of that.. My oh my.." commented James Fisher as he check his bank records
  12. every act of reprisal............

  13. self-martyr

  14. James Fisher nods at the appropriate reply to the little men "Good. Perhaps this will serve as a reminder for everyone for proper documentation, for even I could not find any documents in regards to anything the small folk mentioned in their grudge."
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