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  1. Human Fall Flat has a better story than this World Eventline.

  2. Elves lost a War against the Hou-Zi. Keep praising those ancestors haha

  3. Y'Golekraj finds one of the portals!
  4. 4. Do you believe the system should be aimed at stopping an over-saturation of magics that fill a similar niche? Only a robot can do this.
  5. Meanking you have to have an IRL stream now
  6. Can I build on it?
  7. Get schematica, and put the entire city into the schematic. You can do this yourself instead of waiting 3 months for them to respond to this thread lmao
  8. its wednesday my dudes

    1. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      KiausT (The Alpha ****)





  9. Those involved in warclaims should look at this


  10. Stop, you're making too much good lore. This piece of lore legit gave me chills, but im kinda fried. Overall good job to everyone that worked on this, holy **** its great.
  11. Look man I just want to be involved with the end of the world, obelisks, mesmodyne and asmodyne, fragments of the new aengul and all that ****. Give me one of the artifacts, im a seeker of knowledge and information ahhhhhhh
  12. I've been trying to catch events related to the end of the realm, the obelisks, Mesmodyne & Asmodyne, something about a new aengul. I guess I just have bad timing or something, so far all I know I have found out IC in relation to the events. I know other groups get spoonfed events for one reason or another, and since this is a your view I will share my view. As someone who has no clique to consistently RP with on a daily basis, I typically roam about the major cities and RP when I can. My problem is I just can't seem to find these events. Honestly speaking, I still haven't seen any events recently and its been so long since i've participated in an event that I wasn't teleported to that I can't even recall a simple event. I'm not entirely sure how you are planning out this 'world end crisis' eventline, maybe you are starting slow and only doing events with a few of the groups to get things rolling. Again, I do not know. I'm just a random player at this point, and I can't find these events or get involved without having to PM a member of the team and hope something happens.
  13. *Fliers are pinned up in all major cities and districts* " Short and sweet. Stoneshot = 25 Mina Each Current stock is 64 TNT = 250 Mina Each Current stock is 56 If you are looking to purchase, reply below. "
  14. yes