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  1. Server restart bugged out?

  2. "I never understood why people make such audacious demands. If they put a little more thought in them they could actually make it so that the demands they make are more acceptable. See, I know Elves like Alchemy just as much as Enchanting, so I would reverse the need for sharpness glyphs and instead demand a single chest of stoneskin, a potion worth more in a fight than the extra tiny bit of sharpness on a blade. Carbarum armor? Nie, they are Elves. They don't smith anymore. 15 suits of protection armor would sound really good though." suggests Tarkus
  3. A good guy with good ideas, deserving of ET pex to do events for the community he and his friends have built +1
  4. During downtime, please look at this:


    1. DrakeHaze.


      Especially staff, as I am interested in their personal opinions on this topic!

  5. I'm more interested in the actual lore behind us leaving, Id much rather not witness another alaskan bullworm or these proto-elves. Being pushed to the next map by some force against us has always been and thing and it has never been well received.
  6. "Stagnation is caused by lack of War, every nation knows this so they do everything they can to find a reason to shed more blood instead of trying to establish a centralized nation where a bulk of the populace can mingle, trade and live. Every nation is this war is destabilized without a constant flow of bloodshed, these nations will unfortunately never reach a golden age of prosperity on their own and it is unfortunate that the minds of children are what govern these nations for centuries." mutters Tarkus, off in the wilds of axios
  7. All maps are temporary why are you all crying.
  8. Its apparent you didn't even read what I put down fully. I've been looking over your recent activity on the forums, I'm sorry to say that your behavior is exactly what I'm talking about in my post. You are an appalling individual and I'm sorry you act out this way xddddddd
  9. how many of these have you done now?
  10. What a hard topic to even speak of due to recent events regarding staff and current events in RP. Though I've been wanting to talk about the topic for awhile and the issue as I see it has become more apparent due to the events over the week and to this day. "What a let down." The first thought that comes to mind when I think of the state of roleplay. I haven't a clue if others feel the same way as I do as I and probably others typically ignore the topic entirely for various reasons. The way things are on the server just feels wrong. I'm not sure if its the low quality of rp by veteran players, the toxic attitudes of group mentalities, the memes or the staff ignoring the issue in hopes that it will go away passively over time thusly endorsing the continued decline of RP in every sense. I've been here since Aegis on and off, so I suppose I have been here through a few of these 'golden eras' everyone refers to when they don't want to face the current state of the servers quality. You know, the typical 'Back in my day' **** that even I have used many a time. I by no means am a saint, I too feed into this trend of declined roleplay. Lets begin. Over months, maybe even over a year or two now I have noticed this strange phenomenon of 'meme roleplay' or 'ooc meme leaking into rp' the very generic group of friends bored, trying to have fun by cracking jokes both on and off the forums, by ooc and through rp. Sorry Heero, but I mean **** like this lol This is obviously recent, its a joke most likely between a few friends and staff and in no way is supposed to offend or hurt people. It is harmless, right? Yes it is, in very minimal instances. Yet this type of thing happens so often now that its not even seen as potentially bad for the server. The problem lies in that if one person does this and doesn't get a slap on the wrist or in any amount of trouble, everyone else can do it and can get away with it or else. What do I mean by this, I mean that if someone got punished for doing something similar there will without a doubt be a group of people shitposting and calling out. This is a culture that was bred over time and is inherently more active on forums and in-game when the storyline on LoTC is inactive and generally when the server is on a low for activity. Typical 'back in my day' response to this, four players in Asulon put on Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle skins and ran around just having a laugh, cracking open a cold one with the boys yknow, yet they were hit with a ban over a month I believe, my memory of it is a bit foggy. ******* hell, by no means am I calling for a witch hunt against Heero or players that do this and asking for them to be punished, I just want to bring to light that this type of behavior does impact the server and already has over a period of time. Its a type of behavioral culture that at its peak is disgusting and very toxic. Its so plain to see for new players aswell, one look at the forums and you see it. Nevermind the post right now but seriously look through the comments. You will notice the trend, you will notice possibly the exact same replies under different usernames which is usually some 'witty' or 'meme' response used in roleplay. This has happened so many times and in so many different ways, even I was apart of this type of behavior numerous times and by no means am I above it. Its this side effect mentality born from consistent lack of discipline and nurturing of memes that cause such a toxic community and completely ignores any willingness to make the server enjoyable for anyone but yourself. I won't touch on this entire 'oren vs dwarf' thing until later, if at all. Both the state of roleplay and quality is abhorrent. Especially so for new players, they are thrust into the game some with very minimal rp experience and eventually over time instead of being nurtured by what LoTC considered premium roleplay, they are nurtured by a toxic culture that always goes full circle with hate, memes and the mentality that roleplay is below winning. Again, I've been apart of this culture more times than I can count on one hand, and I only ever realize how bad it really is when I'm far away from it all and in no way apart of it. Roleplay has become something so twisted by everything that I can almost split the players into two groups simply due to hate, memes and the entire culture that goes with it. There are the Roleplayers and then there are the Players. Ain't that surprising, you can literally group them like that quite easily now. Roleplayers are typically a small group of friends, usually not associated with nations, server politics or generally anything outside their clique. These Roleplayers are defensive of their group like an animal is defensive of their children, it is very similar. Whereas the Players are much more open to everyone and expect the same in return or else you're a person below them by all means. This typically means the two groups clash almost always, you see it often enough on the server now that you most likely can't identify it as such. There have and will always be different types of roleplay, different types of groups and people not getting along. The problem lies in that the culture of 'Winning above roleplay' is so ingrained in the server that both these groups display it, some more than others. What does this mean for the server? Well, in my opinion its the main reason for the decline of the server in almost every way. Whether it be quality of roleplay, quality of fun, the enjoyment I can get out of the server and even whether or not I want to put effort into the server in any sense of the word. Its honestly such a let down that its come to this and I don't think it will just fix itself over time, a new map is not a bandaid that will temporarily fix it and neither will a post like this one make a difference. However, unlike lets say in Tahmas' post I won't just post my opinion and not try and find a solution or even talk about one. I'm very much invested in LoTC one way or another, **** I've been here for years go figure. Is there really a solution? I can't exactly say that what I believe to be the solution is the solution for the server, **** it might not be helpful at all. Though I believe there is a solution to what I believe is a problem. Much like the 'Pay it Forward' kid it can start off with small changes, helping new players out will always be a suggestion but honestly even that is but a temporary fix for a large problem. We need to cut the crap and stop allowing this toxic culture to spread throughout the community, doing so harshly will result in an uproar and **** posting so typically starting out small and trying to nuture the culture LoTC had when it was young. Roleplay. Yes, we need to nurture a culture where Roleplay > Winning. Its not easy, requires almost too much effort and may not even be achievable in the slightest, though typically those that quit without trying do things half-assed anyway. I don't even know where to begin with this, all I have are memories of simpler times, happy people and enjoyable scenarios on the server. I have another solution aswell, though remember that this is just opinion. We need a Community Manager, someone with good personal traits, strong genetics and a vision. Someone that cares for this server a little too much, even considered a no-life. They cannot be weak willed, go back on their word or act through emotion in a negative fashion while in the position. They can't do it for power, infact they shouldn't even have PEX. Essentially we need someone with the patience of Buddha, the kindness of Jesus all while being real. I wrote this off the top of my head, spent a good couple minutes writing it non-stop so I don't forget halfway through. This is all just an opinion one way or another, take it as you will. Read it or don't there is no tl;dr. I would rather avoid replying to this, though I am very much interested in reading the opinions of others on this topic. Please do not meme me to death, if you don't want to reply seriously you can just PM me or post a status update like usual. You can reply super ***** negatively though without memes!
  11. MC Name: Blad Character's Name: Y'Golekraj Character's Age: n/a Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): n/a Transformed form: Voidal Horror (Lesser) Creator's MC Name: Zarsies (+ Tentoa) Creator's RP Name: Shub-Umbilius Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: From the veil come forth anomalies and contradictions of nature, beings with no lifeforce, infinite and intelligent. Either birthed from the puss-ridden womb of Shub-Umbilius; the Trilling Cavity that all Horrors obey the hungers of for fear of her great mind which can devour their Mindplanes and erase them, or through Blood Magic. Once birthed these anomalies manifest an Avatar; a grotesque abomination of nature, often taking physical traits from lifeforms though chaotic it is that they never manifest their avatar quite as they envision, often being a mess of tentacles with the brilliant minds of any scholar and the hunger for knowledge. Inquisitive nature and the intellect to back it these beings learn at an accelerated rate due to being natural-born masters of the infinite and chaotic void. Just by witnessing the arcane or reading of it these beings may teach themselves the magic with their inherent mastery of learning and tutelage under the void, though requiring an ooc overseer. So long as the horror has learned at least 4 arcane magics they may attune up to a sixth magic. Lacking souls and lifeforce they are restricted to the magics they may learn however. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: no Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: no
  12. Thanks Tofuus

    1. Stolos


      I don't want to wait any  longer ;-;

  13. If you want to promote RP on the server start by removing %'s on items. Items having high value to players causes toxic pvp and puts LOOT on a higher pedestal than RP. Bring back iron pvp.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Agreed, Items are of no real value, RP is what really matters

    2. Tavern_Roleplay


      just remove pvp

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      RP default shall reign supreme over all