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  1. "Do NOT enter the SCP Containment zone, you will die." warns a man in white robes and diamond spectacles
  2. elf posting

    1. Laeonathan


      it reached a point where it was just so random we had to go with the flow

  3. where can i practice outside of beta?

    1. subatomic



  4. "Best two out of three..!" cries out an aged wizardly man in purple robes, disturbing the chess match by chewing on one of the pawns!
  5. Coming into this thread I fully agreed with @Zarsiesas I've had a similar opinion when it comes to magical characters and pks, how long it takes to learn magic, etc.. But then further into the thread I come to agree with @Werew0lfon the points of lore/magic community toxicity and a staff-enforced pk clause for self-teaching. But with all things the thread only gets better as more people add to it and I agree with points made by @Islamadon, realistically I also don't particularly have the most trust in players to do things for the betterment of the server instead of themselves and their friends. As a long-time player on lotc, I find it incredibly exhausting that magics can take as long as they do to learn when in reality mastering a magic is more so akin to just knowing the lore, its redlines and being comfortable to ask questions as many times as it takes to understand it. What I'd like to see going forward with regards to the topic is that perhaps instead of allowing for example a T5 Necromancer whom just PK'd to self-teach on another persona that we can instead is if this player attains necromancy again on a new persona perhaps they can be fast-tracked in tier progression as a gifted student as OOCly these players would have as much understanding of the lore as their teacher. I hope discussion on this topic deepens and more players voice their opinions so much so that we as a community can see if changes can or should be made in regards to the topic. - DrakeHaze
  6. "I can't bring myself to discuss strategy when the shadow-people are able to listen.. Luckily it is not my responsibility!" mentioned Bolvar as he read over one of the many flyers "Damn Mori..."
  7. your crits do 2.2x if you wear a bandana on your mineman skin
  8. was the contents of the chest known in rp at least b4 illegal break-in?

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    2. itdontmatta


      the president is not taking questions at this time

    3. Xarkly


      6 hours ago, itdontmatta said:

      the president is not taking questions at this time


      so you're saying the letters were found illegally and yet this war is proceeding as if they weren't?

    4. itdontmatta


      yes that is what im saying

  9. just logout if you hear the sound of tnt problem solved

  10. who broke the theme

  11. I feel like the people in charge of the various aspects of the next version of LoTC are too opinionated and have too many players they don't like or trust which is costing the community. What phase of the next version is the team even on, will they even discuss a post like this at this time? Cool post, I also hate hubs.
  12. It is really weird seeing one of my personas "Snickers" becoming an Ensign along with Jace Evans, I remember so little of that time but it is neat to see it visually. Very cool!
  13. if you want to really destroy oren legacy you have to kill all humans with gray eyes, dont pick and choose

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      your terms are acceptable (i'm colourblind btw)

  14. war server 1.8 pvp was fun

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