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  1. @Llirwill player inventories be affected?
  2. Fairly certain the ST material nodes last map were heavily camped by a small group of people as you've said, and allot of the materials brought over from last map have still not be made or used for things. The implementation of giving lore materials out as a reward for people during events has only just begun I believe. Hiding the location of the node does not matter once it is found, the length of a cooldown for the node is intended to slow the amount of material circulating to players not give time for other people to access it. Seemingly lore materials have a 'rarity' which is basically summed up with its usefulness in combat like in most games, so that the more potent materials are very few and not particularly spread. Certainly alchemy nodes are well implemented but I'm also quite sure that there are a few of those nodes which are also classed as 'rare' and are few and far between which are often taken on cooldown due to their usefulness in the potions people want for combat. The change that I'd like to see and what I believe everyone should be wanting in particular is lore material nodes for things that are lower in popularity due to the disparity in strength it has in combat, so players can have an easier time and introduction into lore materials themselves and have the benefit of being able to interact with it on their character. Additionally, perhaps give the current system time. I don't think the current system puts such a heavy burden on the most populated team, and I'd hazard a guess that giving out lore materials for events is likely as simple as asking Squak or looking at a list. My real suggestion is to just flood the 'market' so every crp encounter every character has an arsenal of boomsteel to smack eachother with :)
  3. @Greehngood work on the plugin, I'd like to suggest if it is at all possible for item descriptions to have a hyperlink attached to words/phrases. Would be a good for players lacking knowledge in certain lore if they were to attain a boomsteel weapon, the word boomsteel being a direct link to the boomsteel page for example. Works well for enchanted items too, while the creator might understand the item to a better degree if its lost or given to another makes it much easier for whoever has their hands on these items to have instant, easier access to relevant information on it.
  4. Auction house should not be allowed to stock signed items whatsoever. If you cannot find a character that wants to purchase your boomsteel hammer, your alchemy potion or your player-signed handcarved statuette that is entirely your character's problem to solve in roleplay.
  5. dismantling of the opium trade was a nice touch

    1. Awesam5555


      wait there was Opium in LOTC?

  6. Roaming mercenary groups with low upkeep and minimal risk, I like it.
  7. tbh if you are using turn order to ring the bell you're just a sucker, drop three emotes and ring the bell
  8. @TelanirServer is failing on the first and last guiding principle in your mission statement. Roleplay first but majority of what is pushed forward is annoying harassment by immortal barbarians to further a narrative where nobody on either side has consequences because the stakes are only ones ooc ego and punishment dealt is either lackluster or a ban which does nothing to rehabilitate those that should; instead receive a villainy blacklist for 1.5x what they would have otherwise gotten in terms of length of ban. With regards to combat-styles.. But theres no plugins to guide or inform player combat and rehashing combat rules may alleviate some issues it does address the incorrect wording for the final guiding principle. Either it needs to be reworded or removed entirely as it comes off as if there is supposed to be PLUGINS for default combat in some way, and it specifically cites D&D-style systems as some sort of example. This specific principle should be addressed at next admin meeting as the first concern, this is important to LoTC's core values and a change towards good in regards to this would benefit the server immensely going forward. Addressing the above will take allot of volunteer time, but what it requires most of all is taking the first step.
  9. "My GOD I think they're onto something.." muttered Bolvar as he read, unaware of how truly suspicious the missive really was..
  10. remove soulstones entirely, have everyone walk everywhere, no fast travels, remove horses too, cloud temple shouldnt exist, remove admins shops, disable sprint on roads, fix road signs, ignore everything i wrote
  11. pvp bench enabled?

  12. omg its war

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