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  1. My main concern with Vortex is it heavily favors players with access to multiple accounts to gather nodes multiple times to avoid node cd times which seem to be longer the higher up the tech you go.

    1. DrakeHaze.


      This isn't inherently a Vortex problem, but a player one that is only more apparent with the addition of Vortex.

  2. Whoever pushed this unfinished product forward is an agent of chaos and should be stripped of voters rights

  3. what happened to the forum background?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      it broke


      hasn't come back. 


      I miss the old forum theme man

  4. That is not a staff report.

  5. Armor skinners, I am looking for a full helm type thing to be added to my current skin. Will pay 3k mina!

    1. argonian


      sorry to get your hopes up but


    2. DrakeHaze.
    3. argonian


      i’m saying hello bro


      offended u don’t remember me tbqhywyf 


      but ill spread this in the orenian discs, see if i cant get any results 

  6. why would u talk about minecraft at an interview

    1. Treshure


      unironically i did this and landed the job

    2. Nug


      what if its an interview to be a professional minecraft

  7. players that want 1.9 pvp dont play on this server, so who cares lol

  8. mans donated $100 to say that

  9. urguan u good? how they find out?

    1. Beamon4


      Burning documents rn....hold on bro

    2. Noobli


      It hurts to hang by strings for so long....

  10. grasping at straws xd

  11. Ah yes, aliens

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