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  1. The Great Tent Purge

    purge them. people should make their own tents even if they are **** builders its called character, fight the thugs trying to call your tent ****

    What about IC cryptocurrency?
  3. Lost my mina and iron, and with that my will to play. Selling my minecraft account with diamond donator tag, hit me up.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DrakeHaze.


      Yea, six years and you'd think they'd be able to refund a few pixels lost due to problems on their end. Going forward I hope this is the last map.

    3. Archipelego


      ill buy u a steam game

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      2 hours ago, KefKong said:

      don't be mad about pixels, maybe it was fate, blessing you with the chance to actually do RP!


      **** rp

  4. Muh Immersion

    If I get robbed and its pvp you bet your ass I'll use armor in my inventory.
  5. Thirteen Nations

    Anyone remember the days when making your own nation outside of the 4 main races was close to impossible? It required too much effort, tons of players and a bunch of time. There won't be any admin intervention to cull these 13 nations, there won't be any conflict for the first few weeks of the map and there is no way to get rid of these nations. If your capital is destroyed or taken, you get a free capital plot for no reason. LoTC sucks eggs.
  6. Lingering Lands, Mystic Maps

    Is the first riddle bastion?
  7. 6.0: Guilds, Groups and Cities

    Giving LC to a guild that wants to be in a city is a great start.
  8. Why does status exist?

    I liked how back in the day you had to know everyones usernames so you wouldn't teamkill them during a warclaim, pretty sure now people have no idea who they are even fighting with outside their own group.
  9. Good job Raomir. Proud of you bud.


    "Authoriteh uv Krug? Wub latz blahin.." grumbles a confused Gorbad'Gorkil.
  11. Community Meeting Recording

    Ok so you'll get tomes and mina but there is a new map coming. Why not get a donator level or some **** instead, something that carries over to the next map.
  12. [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    From what I remember back in Asulon it was just Brevias who had horns as dpm said. Though back then your orc increased in size somehow based on its rank due to some vague gene and had something to do with warhammer. Found out later that same reasoning could be applied to how orcs could have horns. Also was explained to why orcs could have more than two tusks. I think this is kinda cool though, what about Travista?