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  1. Are we bullying Narthok throughout 2020 too or will it end in 2019?

  2. “This is my favorite tavern in all the land. I have visited many a tavern but none of the other taverns have people in them. The prices are very fair considering once a day minae magically forms in my pocket. Though lets be real, not a tavern in the world that could replace the majesty of Fukov tavern, but this is easily second place in reality. Very fun place, friendly staff and very educated. Good place for conversation, easily the most active place in existence. **** you Erik.” says ‘Jester’ after witnessing the advertisement and writing down his own formal response and excellent recommendation 5 stars.
  3. I don’t play here much anymore but I’ve read through the entire post and through all the current posts by other players. Allot of agenda-andys out here. Aint no respect between one another, aint no love for one another. Just heartless minemen screeching with iron pickaxe in hand smh
  4. Give dark magics only to your friends so you can be powerful together in the basement. Win all the rp
  5. Good job Raomir. Proud of you bud.

  6. From what I remember back in Asulon it was just Brevias who had horns as dpm said. Though back then your orc increased in size somehow based on its rank due to some vague gene and had something to do with warhammer. Found out later that same reasoning could be applied to how orcs could have horns. Also was explained to why orcs could have more than two tusks. I think this is kinda cool though, what about Travista?
  7. how is there a gm with 25 posts, yall reaching for the bottom of the barrel now? 

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. rukio


      That one had been playing...6? months, which isn't very long in the grand scheme of things.

    3. dogbew


      imo how many times they post doesn't matter nearly as much as what they post.

    4. howard


      >implying GMs are chosen on any real objective criteria

  8. I think I read this yesterday if I remember right, pretty good stuff. No complaints from me, good **** +1
  9. The only welcoming groups for new players are human/dwarven military groups. The lot of you other groups aren't so friendly, based off experience from an alt. Community is in a weird spot imo.

    1. Man of Respect
    2. DrakeHaze.


      Fk completely forgot to check out the Orcs..

    3. obreeni


      elves and mages take themselves too seriously. if you can't write a novel or flip through a thesaurus you're **** out of luck. 



  10. Y'know man, I liked the first one. Shame it wasn't accepted. I like that some of my suggestions were mixed in, glad my inspiration wasn't for waste. Ye ye accept this lore, great stuff. +1
  11. Everybody should be on the same level as humans so its fair.
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