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  1. Ardaric a Keeper of Xan frowns as he reads the missive, he'd fold it and keep it close for now. "I will do what I can to mend this. A rope cut in half, when tied together again only draws its ends closer. Unity or death.." Thusly, the Paladin set off to the Vale to speak of the present, and a future not yet set in stone..
  2. Just to double confirm, this means stealthily ambushing a character in the midst of crp is not possible due to the first 2 emotes needing to ensure your characters presence is known to everyone involved?
  3. Just wanted to confirm, does this mean OOCly known or RPly I'd have to be seen/wave/some action to allow everyone in the RP to know my presence IRP? Within the context of the rules, if I were to witness the start of a combat (Lets say 5 minutes after start) and this scenario was in the streets of a city, would I be unable to do my required two emotes to join from behind a nearby building to obscure my position visually irp. What of a common bar brawl scenario, two characters start a fight in the tavern behind my character at the bar, can my two emotes be drinking and setting down my drink before my character turns to sock one of the fighters? Would just like a bit more clarity as I can see this specific rule being moderated differently depending on how mods interpret it.
  4. Stork lore being posted today or nah?

    1. Amayonnaise


      I already tried the Druid version, and they said it wasn't necessary :<

  5. Don't become someones minion, say no to creature apps and magic, be free.

  6. Enforce a PK clause on people entering CRP after the lock and remove the separate time dimension, can't watch bubble fiasco if thats still the case.
  7. rAsmOt screams unto the skies above "How could they do this to the druids..!" he'd cry, the old wizard visibly disturbed by the landclaim. Though after a few moments pass, he recalls every interaction he has had with druids and simply shrugs "Nevermind I'm sure the druids enjoy their isolation in their dirt huts and treehouses. Serves them right for not partaking in civilized society for eons.. hohoho!!" grins the purple robed figure as he hops and skips his way northbound on his next adventure.
  8. rAsmOt cackles and drools a little on himself "The plan is perfect! With the bandits spread across the land, no roads will be safe! Rat tunnels are the future, true and always!"
  9. Interesting in becoming a paladin? Send me a message, looking for solid roleplayers to cull darkspawn numbers :)

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    2. MeteorDragon
    3. AlternisJ


      I'm very much interested on my dwarf!

    4. TheWhiteWolf


      Let the righteous stand against the dark, let them crash against your heavenly bulwark.

  10. "Didn't I see this one coming out of that demonic manor sometime ago? Certainly strange how easy propaganda flows.." comments Bolvar as he adds another missive, this time into the Haense file.
  11. "Witness tampering for being left alone... Admits to leaving them alone in the missive... Honestly, a Houzi lawyer could get them out of this." comments Bolvar after reading the missive, adding it to the Hyspia file for later.
  12. Can you spot the homunculus?
  13. Perfect time to villainy blacklist players camping SS pillars
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