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  1. ty for quoting me your thesis But my opinion is not an ideology, nor does it have followers. Players on this server have been a certain way for years. If you think you can share the sandbox then promote that change in the community. I don't see changes happening, I see an unmoderated forum where players enjoy essentially subtweeting eachother or sneak dissing for upvotes, and a missing ruleset for finalized conflict. We've gone through this cycle many times, this isn't the first post of its kind and it will likely not be its last.
  2. Roleplay is a medium best suited for a small group of friends. You will never have fun if you are playing in someone else's sandbox.
  3. can u release the stats on dismount chances ty

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    2. Deano
    3. DrakeHaze.


      thats sick, does armor status affect reduction also affecting dismounting?

    4. Deano


      No, I think not.

  4. renatus return 5 days

  5. James Fisher is excited to hear of his friends wedding "This is good news." he'd proclaim
  6. no doxxin, we use nord vpn #ad

  7. haha adria go brr

    1. Publius


      heard the orenian coronation didn't have as many as the adrian one

    2. DrakeHaze.


      idk i dont login, good shout tho!

  8. adria v savoy round 2??

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    2. Fireheart


      emperor's war incoming

    3. DrakeHaze.


      next week lets make Renatus, its time :)

    4. Treshure


      dude my therapy just ended

  9. "Nobody accepts duels unless they are confident they will win." commented James Fisher after reading the challenge
  10. What is the % chance? Does this resistance apply to thwarting dismounts?
  11. pugsy, only player with a lasting legacy
  12. thats a very eye opening report

  13. grass vip is very rare so i sign i like your anime avatar
  14. lotc should give free crowns to snitches

    1. ImCookiie


      I'd snitch for a couple of crowns...

    2. snoopie12


      Genious... just genious

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