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  1. Boy oh Boy, its been some time since I have been around!

  2. As much as I love this game I don't think I fit in here anymore. I must say being robbed Killed and then robbed immediately after, It seems things are awful different right now.

  3. Really have been inactive for some time, but you know Exams are over now, Perhaps i'll find some time to start playing again.

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      hope you'll play your Grandaxe!

    2. tomfaz


      I might have too!

    3. Flareblaze
  4. For anyone looking for a challenging game i urge you to purchase "Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition" its on the steam market right now for £5 (For me anyone don't know about in America and other places) its well worth the buy and will give you hours of enjoyment I believe the flash sale on it lasts for another 46 hours but i'm not too sure.

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      Shamelessly, mind you.

    4. tomfaz


      Is there anything wrong with me posting this ?

  5. tomfaz

    The Crimson Fist Rebellion

    "John writes up a short note for the men to read once they are back from their daily duties." Men we will begin regular training drills twice every elven week, this includes combat with swords and axes, as well as combat with a bow. We will also take part in regular marches around the area. I hope to see you all there. Signed: John Farrington
  6. tomfaz

    The Crimson Fist Rebellion

    Accepted, we shall arrange an IG meeting for the IC application.
  7. tomfaz

    The Crimson Fist Rebellion

    Anyone needing to be added to the region please send me a Personal Message with your Minecraft user name and i will add you when i'm next on. Thanks.
  8. -+- The Crimson Fist Rebellion -+- (IC) The Crimson Fist of Retribution, more commonly referred to as The Crimson Fist, is an organization started and led by Darius Mercer and his most trusted friends. It is a rebellious order with the intention of reforming Oren, and bringing justice to its officials. For a long while, the group has lurked in the shadows, and is now finally ready to spread its influence on Anthos, both in Oren, and in other nations. The Crimson Fist wishes to bring back what they call "the old ways", which is how Oren was ruled a long time ago, before the phoenix revolution. They hope to win the hearts of the people, and amass an amount of people large enough to destroy Oren through violent actions. In order to do this, The Crimson Fist is also searching for possible allies beyond Oren, who are just as dissatisfied with the tyrant emperor, Horen V, as themselves. We currently reside in a small fort, along the road to the Dwarven city of Kal'Azgoth it is safe and will provide any keen recruits with shelter and food. However only people Darius and his brothers feel they can trust shalt be excepted into the Rebellion. Signed: Crimson Fist Captain John Farrington. (OOC) For any person who wishes to join can fill out this application and a meeting shall be setup in game to determine whether you are trusted enough to join the group. Application. MC name: Character Name: Race: Why do you OOCly wish to join the rebellion?: How many hours per week do you play ?: How old are you ?: ( Blue writing indicates OOC information and Red indicates IC Information. )
  9. Just cut my front grass for the first time ever... I must say i did a bang up job! (I hope :P )

  10. tomfaz

    The Crimson Fist Rebellion

    - On a side note i would like to add that anyone with the rank of Officer and higher have the authority to accept any application they desire. -
  11. Man watching Rocky movies pumps me up so much!

  12. Just wondering whether anyone is available to help me out on Dark Souls, Sanctuary guardian, XBOX 360 gamertag tomfazz and im level 75.

  13. FU! Damn those arches in Anor Londo are annoying!

  14. FU! Damn those arches in Anor Londo are annoying!