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  1. Hobolympic

    Reinsitution of Democracy

  2. Hobolympic


  3. Hobolympic

    Arcas Resource Pits Map

    What the hell, is there a wool pit now? This system is big stupid. Are we getting gem/iron blocks as well soon? Why not, since the economy is already as fucked as ever. Nice map though
  4. Hobolympic


    “Todeh we ‘ave reclaimed our birthright, and eh celebration is in ordah! Woe to tha Usurpers, may their broken spirits ne’er reach Khaz’a’Dentrumm. NARVAK OZ URGUAN!”
  5. 6c3fe6000f207ec69a53d3e057bab70c.jpg

    Irongutia incoming

    1. JokerLow


      ngl, its looks nice

  6. Hobolympic

    DNN #10

    “Tradition is sacred, n’ should nae’ simpleh be discarded over eh simple ‘vote’. T’at name is our shared ‘istoreh, n’ it be eh shame t’at da newer generation cannae’ see this.”
  7. Hobolympic

    DNN #10

    Balek Irongut appreciates the free PR for his excellent stall in the Capital of Agnarum.
  8. Hobolympic

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    “Finally. Frostbeards have become the new Ironborn.”
  9. Hobolympic

    The Attack on Kal’Azgaryum

    “The final death rattle of a usurper kingdom.”
  10. Hobolympic

    Sleep Now, Sons of Urguan: Your Honor Has Left You

    Balek trudges through the rubble of Kal’Tarak, as the legions of man chant through the blood-soaked streets. The fight had been swift and merciless; victory assured through sheer numbers and keen tactics on part of the Empire, yet the battle that took place in this cold night – it did not feel like his own. He had set out alongside some of his likeminded dwedmar friends, to right the grudge written o so long ago – to avenge and bring honour to those wrongfully slain senators of the old kingdom - and now that the debt had been paid in blood, the aging dwarf felt naught but emptiness in his heart. Surely, this course of action was the will of the Gods? To heed ancient tradition; the rules ordained by Urguan himself? “Perhaps not?”, murmured Balek as he knelt next to a dead beardling, hopelessly clutching the pike stuck in his gut with his dead yet still warm hands; the spark of life having left him only recently. The pale, immovable faces of the fallen around him, of once-considered kin, they would not stop staring at him. Why could he not relish this victory? The dwarf takes a slow, deep breath, before wrinkling his nose as he turns away from the fallen. He had returned to settle old scores, and now he would disappear into the night once again. Standing up, he begins to make his way out of the city. “Only the Gods shall judge me now.”
  11. Hobolympic

    War traitors

    Balek wonders how the dead defenders had somehow recognized him through his visored helmet. “Sounds loike witchcraft tu meh!”
  12. Hobolympic

    Grudges Settled

    “Good to see the Bastard Kingdom finally stricken from this world, and the old grudge settled. It is as Urguan ordained; a grudge written in blood, shall inevitably be paid in blood. The victims of the heinous senate massacre smile down upon us this day from the halls of Khaz’a’Dentrumm, as will the Gods for us few whom remained true to our traditions. Our gratitude, to the venerable Empire of Man, for seeing justice fulfilled, and allowing us this cherished moment. Now, the healing of old and broken relations can finally commence. No longer are we barred from uniting as one people, as the sun casts its rays upon fluttering gray and orange banners once more. Narvak oz Urguan”
  13. Hobolympic


    Add Hobolympic#9158, for Holm borders
  14. Hello World Developer may I get ur assistance? 



    1. Hobolympic


      Add me on discord: hobolympic#9158

    2. Shady_Fails


      nevermind i got transferred back to GMs and now to Administration thank you anyway

  15. Hobolympic

    Soul Pillars

    Hey took 7 months, but better late than never I guess lol *Modreqs fo holm*