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  1. Any magic moderators wanna accept my apps plz? Been sitting there for a while now, and I really need them asap i cri

  2. Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [MA] MC or RP name MC Name: Hobolympic Character's Name: Balek Irongut Character's Age: 443 Character's Race: Cave Dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Conjuration Teacher's MC Name: DarthArkous Teacher's RP Name: Dorin Irongut Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No, I have an accepted fire evocation app though:
  3. MC Name: Hobolympic Character's Name: Balek Irongut Character's Age: 441 Character's Race: Cave Dwarf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Fire Evocation Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Evocation is a form of magic that relies on the caster's connection with the void. Having studied an element for many years, the mage knows the shape and structure of said element down to the very particles it is made of. Using this knowledge, the mage can tap into the void, where he/she can piece together particles from the void into an actual element (in this case fire, hence fire evocation), before summoning it to the real world. The mage can then shape and form these flames to their liking, more adepts mages being able to form big, combustive balls, and other crude shapes. Whatever has been summoned from the void, must return to the void however. These elements remain in the real world so long as the mage wills it, or until their mana is depleted. As stated earlier, fire summoned from the void will not spread and last in our reality. However, its effects are very much affecting the real dimension in the same manner as normal fire; heating up materials, and causing them to burn, thereby sparking a "real fire". While the flames from the void will die down and return, the real fire will not. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: The big doors of the Khronheim Academy creaks open as Balek enters. Walking down the stairs, he grumbles as dwarves usually do. He glances over at the two beardlings currently seated in the great hall, eager to delve into the famed magics of the Ironguts. Balek clears his throat before speaking, walking up on the podium in the middle of the hall. "Simmer down yeh two. There's work tae' be done" he declares, slapping two rather dusty and large tomes on the nearby desk. "Well then. Now t'at ye've both clumsily managed tae' begin tappin' intu tha void, it is toime tae' shift our focus on to more substantial, and arguableh more interestin' curriculum" he says, placing his hand on top of one of the tomes, a smirk forming on his face. "Indeed, lads. Dis is where tha true work begins." The two younger dwarves tilt their heads, frowning as they eye the books. "Readin'? Thought we were gonna loight 'fings on foire todeh?" one of them grumbled. "As much as Oi'd loike t'at as well, yeh two will be nowhere close tae' even formin' eh simple spark, wit'oot tha proper knowledge baked intu yeh." Balek wipes his hand across the cover of the book, old dwarven letters appearing from under the layer of dust. He grabs the book in both hands, holding it up in front of him. "This tome 'ere, is tha work ov Hiebe Irongut. One ov tha most respected n' oldest mages ov our clan. Just loike yeh two, good mages will spend years before being able tu master eh magical art. That would ne'er be possible, wit'oot 'eavy studyin' n' research. Indeed, this tome alone represents 'iebe's understanding ov foire. Tha way it moves, the composition, its interaction wit' tha physical world. This knowledge is of utmost importance if yeh ever 'ope tae' cast foire ov yer own, through your connection wit' the void." Balek places the tome down on the desk again. Taking a deep breath, he opens his palm where a spark flares up, a small flame now swirling in his hand. Motioning to the flame, he begins to speak again. "Oi will nae' 'ave yeh read books todeh 'owever. Fer research on dis matter requires more than jus' relentless studyin' ov ol' texts" he says, swinging his hand in a swirling motion, letting his fingers guide the flame towards his other free hand, where it settles. "Yeh must study tha vereh flame itself, 'ow it crawls along surfaces, in the air, what it consumes tae' sustain itself. Balek's expression turns more stern as he claws the flame in his hand, before throwing it aside, embers streaking out from his hand towards the nearby brazier, the impact flaring up and lighting it. He turns back to the beardlings entranced by his display. "That, is yer assoignment fer today" Balek says, gesturing to the lit brazier, with various materials littered around it. "'ave eh seat. Take notes as yeh poke tha flames wit' tha materials before yeh, and see 'ow tha foire reacts to 'em. Wroite down aneh questions, n' Oi will be back shortleh" he says, giving a nod to the beardlings before he turns toward the entrance. He stops in his tracks however, raising an eyebrow as if he had forgotten something. Scurrying back to the table, he grabs the two tomes under his arms. "Aye, and yeh won't be burning these" he chuckles, heading out and leaving the beardlings with their kindling. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  4. The Iron Brigade of Kronheim

    Application RP: Name of resident: Balek Irongut Race and Ethnicity: Dwarf, Cave Combat Experience (circle one): None ; Some ; Moderate ; Weathered OOC: IGN: Hobolympic Discord: You got it ~Hours on server spent a day: 2-3 hours weekdays ~Availability on weekdays: Most evenings
  5. [Your View] Freebuild

    Don't try to scapegoat freebuild for not pulling in players to your respective nation. There are many examples of active regioned settlements on earlier maps with freebuild, that could easily sustain activity. Having 13 nations on the outer edges of the map however... yeah, not sure how this can be considered a good idea.
  6. The Creature Index

    Cave Goblins Habitat: Mountainous regions and caverns Description: Often mistaken for Goblins descending from Krug, Cave Goblins are a different breed entirely. Their skin color is usually gray or pale, some with a tint of blue. Cunning and hostile to outsiders, they usually inhabit grottos and places that are hard to reach for those of larger stature. The Cave Goblins form tribes, guarding their territories fiercely from potential threats, as well as from other tribes. They build primitive huts of twig, and bones from large creatures long since gone, usually settling in old ruins and crevices. As such they have been a considerable nuisance for the Dwarves of Urguan, stealing resources and ambushing those who would stray too far away from the safety of their mountain holds. Being that wood is a rare commodity in the cavernous depths, most goblins make use of bones to craft tools and weapons. Bone tipped arrows, bone knives and bows are common instruments used by the Cave Goblins. The Cave Goblin diet usually consists of mushrooms found in grottos. Given that most of these fungi contain many toxins, it is theorized that this diet is the cause of the Cave Goblins' feral nature. They also hunt whatever game they can find, such as spiders or mammals. Cannibalism, as well as the consumption of human or dwarven flesh, is not unknown to most tribes. Given the Cave Goblins' small and slim stature, they are relatively weak in melee combat. What they lack in strength however, they make up for in numbers and cunning guerilla warfare. Relying heavily on their archers and hidden flanking tactics, they can prove a considerable threat to even the most experienced of soldiers. Some tribes have also been known to tame or befriend other cavernous creatures, such as trolls and giant spiders, bolstering their threat significantly. Author: Hobolympic LM Approval Required: No, only used in events
  7. Hey I am interested in the Smith job.

  8. [Denied]Hiebe's App

    What else can I say than this: there is no one more worthy of the position. Hiebe is hardworking, and knows how to get **** done. He's chill, smart, and decisive, as well as a team player at heart. Oldest member of the community, so I'd say it's about time. #MakeLotCGreatAgain
  9. [✓] Trench Warfare 2.0 - A Suggestion

    If you're referring to settlements outside the warzone, then no, this would go against the No-Raiding rule currently implemented on the server. The camps, if placed inside the PVP region are obviously subject to be occupied whenever, but I do believe the camps should only serve as a rally point for the active forces in the conflict. Alternatively, maybe the camps could function as a point of retreat that is officially outside the PVP region, but going there won't result in the players having to undergo the 30-minute timeout. The warzone will have no direct impact on the course of the war, only acting as a site for random skirmishes. Granted, if one faction were to dominate the battlefield, the loot dropped as a result of this could potentially and indirectly turn the tides of the war.
  10. After having endured perhaps the most shittiest and most disgusting battle of all time on this server, I can't help but dread the future of this war. I've personally no faith in any improvements on the capacity side of things, and since we're apparently not allowed to be raiding anymore, we're stuck with nothing but these horrible warclaim battles. However you feel about them, I do sincerely believe this war can become a lot more enjoyable and interesting if we consider re-adding "trench warfare" to the server. Hell am I talking about here? Well, back in Anthos, during the Orc & Human vs Dorfski war, there was a region past the crossroad river that acted as a battlefield, where random, spontaneous skirmishes happened to take place. It was a fun, and memorable experience for pretty much everyone involved, and it provided us with consistent war RP 24/7. People had the ability to rally up and skirmish whenever they wanted, while keeping the conflict away from the main RP hubs. So, how can we incorporate this? Well, it really isn't that hard. Mark off a bigger region close to the dwarf border (I suggest where the lagfest earlier today happened), and turn it into a proper battlefield. Add some battlements, trenches, spikes, obstacles and bloody gore, and we've already come a long way. Maybe add camps for both sides, to act as a base of retreat outside the region, and turn the rest into a PVP-zone. So in essence: Trench warfare 2.0: PvP-region, anyone inside are subject to the risk of being No RP'd. Players escaping the warzone during an ongoing conflict are subject to a 30-minute time out, and may not return until timeout is over.30-minute rule applies.Once a force has been pushed back past the warzone border, PVP ends. This can be achieved by enclosing the battlefield in a no-PvP region.sweet.Then maybe, just maybe we can at least have some degree of fun in between the lagfest battles, making this war less shitty for everyone.
  11. Suddenly the entire dwarven legion found themselves in the fallout universe.


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      Gee, I wonder why? *coughs*