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  1. IGN: Hobolympic RP NAME: Balek Irongut CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  2. The hour was early as an Irongut beardling shuffled about in Kal'Darakaan, depositing letters into the mail boxes of all Council Members and Clan Lords alike; their homes scattered across the city. The small beardling's footsteps echoed in the palace halls as he neared the Grand King's own quarters, personally handing the final letter to one of His Majesty's personal retinue, before scampering away. The letters would all read as follows: With this letter I, Balek Irongut, son of Thrag Irongut & Grandson of Hiebe Irongut, hereby resign my position as Grand Architect of the Grand
  3. Where did Lightforging go? Looks solid tho.
  5. Agreed, though believe at the time of recording, Hefrumm wasn't fully finished and was therefore mostly left out.
  6. Hyped for 8.0? Check out the new Urguan Capital guide to sate that hunger, at least for now;) 


  7. A guide to Kal’Darakaan – 8.0 Dwarven Capital Hello! This short guide will cover the features of Kal’Darakaan; the new Urguani capital city, its design and philosophy behind the decisions made. The city itself has actually been in the works longer than prebuild. Initially this was just a side-project that I started working on around January to test out a few random ideas I had in mind at the time. It wasn’t until later on that I realized its potential as a city design, gradually expanding it by adding more appropriate facilities; the palace, tavern, districts
  8. Thanks alot for the video mate, great work! Very excited for release.
  9. MC Name: Hobolympic RP Name: Balek Irongut Discord: Hobolympic#9158 Which competition do you wish to participate in (Knowledge/Scribing/Both): Knowledge
  10. Upon hearing of the departure of his dear old friend, Balek reclines in his seat, silently murmuring as he shakes his head in disbelief. The now teary-eyed dwarf pours himself a mug of Umbergleen, raising it in Hogarth’s memory. “Rest now, ol’ friend. ‘Til we meet again in Their blessed ‘alls.”
  11. IGN: HobolympicRP Name: Balek IrongutCandidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  12. “Ah support moi forest kinsmen, ah realleh do. But yeh should ‘ave captured that massive land snail n’ brought it back to Hefrumm once that old coot wus eaten by tha lizards!”, Balek Irongut mumbles.
  13. The Horn of Hiebenhall booms in the deep of Khaz’Kadan. The Ironguts rally once more, ready to rain down arcane fire upon their hated foe.
  14. MC Name: Hobolympic RP Name: Balek Irongut RP Race: Cave Dwarf Reason for joining: Promote existing Irongut brews and cuisine, and develop new ones. Favorite Drink: Umbergleen Ale of course!
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