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  1. >ask for crafting plugin >get vaquxine’s crafting plugin >complain about vaq’s plugin >plugin removed >wait for new plugin >get nexus >start complaining about nexus >nexus removed >completely forget why nexus became unpopular >demand nexus back >yes
  2. I’m just here for the memes
  3. "I see, dis is 'ow da Frostbeards repay those whom granted them amnesteh, and pardoned their 'einous crimes. Oh the irony! I shant stay around for the fourth Frostbeard rebellion, to see moi kin innocently slaughtered before me once again. To all yeh apologists out there: reap what yeh sow, and own it."
  4. “Madness! It took our people eh ‘undred bloody years to rid ourselves ov this filth, and now we wish them back into the fold? Treachereh runs deep in their veins, and no amount of piteh or forgiveness will wash it away. What will it take fer yeh dolts tae’ understand? Another, fourth rebellion? Another massacre ov friends and loved ones? There can be nay forgiveness for tha spawn ov Khorvad. Just as tha Ironborn ov old, they mus’ be culled and never again allowed to walk our ‘alls again.”
  5. Man, I wish you all the best. We've had some good times, and I can definitely understand your decision to leave the server (can't say I've not considered the same, though I guess the nostalgia and other players keep me around). Good luck out there, and hit me up on discord if you feel like catching up sometime!
  6. "Da 'igh elves 'ave always been an amusing bunch. So many words, yet so little tu show fer it", Balek Irongut mutters upon reading such nonsense.
  7. What the hell, is there a wool pit now? This system is big stupid. Are we getting gem/iron blocks as well soon? Why not, since the economy is already as fucked as ever. Nice map though
  8. 6c3fe6000f207ec69a53d3e057bab70c.jpg

    Irongutia incoming

    1. JokerLow


      ngl, its looks nice

  9. Yeah exactly, that was the point. People might think the bright contrast makes the hair look tacked on and weird (and definitely unnatural), hence the trouble their giving you, not necessarily just about the lore behind it (which also is a valid point imo, snelves don’t have blue hair, and doomforged are a different subrace entirely, not just a simple variation).
  10. (x) Doubt In any case doesn’t change the fact that it looks hella wonky and out of place.
  11. Who cares whether it makes sense from a lore perspective, y’all can literally just dye it if it’s not allowed to be a thing. My guess is people don’t rly care about the lore behind it, but simply the fact that the blue/white hair looks wonky as hell Until anime dwarves are an actual thing (and ho boi let’s pray that never happens), I suggest toning down on the unnatural-neon-stuff, and maybe use a shade of white instead.
  12. Add Hobolympic#9158, for Holm borders
  13. Hello World Developer may I get ur assistance? 



    1. Hobolympic


      Add me on discord: hobolympic#9158

    2. Padre_Tales


      nevermind i got transferred back to GMs and now to Administration thank you anyway

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