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  1. Hobolympic


    Considering they just killed Rune Cannons off, I doubt we'll see the return of any guns or cannons anytime soon.
  2. Hobolympic

    HOLM HERALD [02] Politics & Lotteries

    "Should be eh piece on da new tavern renovations in tha next issue, in moi 'umble opinion."
  3. Hobolympic

    Stop adding money sinks

    It doesn't help that some of Holm's SS pillars were 'removed due to a mistake' and that we're not given compensation for it, so we now have to buy one or two new ones for 15k a pop, because we're apparently not getting a green one anytime soon. And yeah, pretty much everything is worthless at the moment. The mina sinks certainly do not help in this regard. Stop scape-goating freebuild for nation inactivity. If nations cannot maintain an active playerbase, it is their fault alone for not providing enough to keep players around.
  4. Balek nods contently as he finishes the paper. "Dis might actually be better than DNN, nae' goin' to lie. 'ell, dis is nae' even fake news!"
  5. Hobolympic

    Alt Deportation [GM/ADMIN]

    I lost interest in warclaims the moment faction vs faction turned into half the server versus another half, largely not directly involved in the dispute in the first place. I agree in principle that enforcing these rules is a very good thing, but not commenting on how this specific incident was handled, as I was not involved with it whatsoever. Alting in general however has always been a problem imo, and this system could in theory help make sure conflicts remain between the two involved factions, and not swayed by armies of alts from the rest of the server.
  6. Hobolympic

    [✗]Capturing High Rock (TriscuitBrisket)

    High rock has been under Holm for a while now, gifted to us by its previous tenants. Current tenant is Alfy Irongut (littleyoshi). It's not abandoned and is being used as both farmland and now the new Holm stables. As for the alleged killing, doubt Alfy has been doing that, but if you have proof by all means share it. My discord is Hobolympic#9158, add me and we can probably work something out.
  7. Hobolympic

    -={The Book of Grudges}=-

    -={=+=}=- The Wronged: Clan Irongut, The Consulary Republic of Holm The Assailant: Achilius Horen, Santegia The Wrong: The unjust massacre of the Holmiote diplomatic retinue, including both Consuls and two tribunes. Terms of Settlement: The death of Achilius Horen, a formal apology, and an oath of non-violence sworn. -={=+=}=-
  8. Hobolympic


    "Any elger with ridiculous pink hair deserves eh fate loike this." Balek mutters as he happens upon one of the posters.
  9. Hobolympic

    A poll of two unrelated questions

    This would have to apply to Runesmithing as well imo, being the dwarven equivalence of what shamanism is to orcs. Perhaps it could be made so that other races can learn the magic from an orcish shaman, but not able to further teach it to someone else. This will at least give the races more control over their own unique magic, rather than completely disallowing people from other races to learn.
  10. Hobolympic

    Death of Kardel

    "So finally Dungrimm 'as claimed yeh, ol' friend. In time, 'e claims us all. May yeh feast long in 'is Silver 'alls, and may yer impressive feats of past bring yeh plentiful favour in tha auction o' tha Gods. Oi'm sure we will meet in tha' next loife."
  11. Hobolympic

    Aegis World Download

  12. Hobolympic

    Ooc: Starbreaker

    Don't think so. Of all the cave dwarven clans left, there's really just Ironguts left. I've seen a few Goldhands around too though.
  13. Hobolympic


    "Tha old world shall burn in tha fires o' Industry!" Balek shouts from the Silver Hills nearby, his eyes fixed on the Dunshire forest.
  14. Hobolympic

    Magic Teach Apply

    Yeah, I'll be teaching him