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  1. Not the map's fault that your nation chose a poor location for your capital. The dwarves have chosen a sea location, with a proper sea cove, and most seem to like it so far. However, I do agree that CT is utter trash, and for some odd reason unnecessarily big and confusing. As for the island theme, well you're right. There's no island feel to any of this, but nor was I expecting it either. If it was up to me, I'd move all the nations to Tahn, seeing as it's big enough alone to hold the entire server (and is imo the most pleasing to the eye). The rest of the islands should be used for events, resources, or something else other than hosting nations.
  2. Cave Goblins Habitat: Mountainous regions and caverns Description: Often mistaken for Goblins descending from Krug, Cave Goblins are a different breed entirely. Their skin color is usually gray or pale, some with a tint of blue. Cunning and hostile to outsiders, they usually inhabit grottos and places that are hard to reach for those of larger stature. The Cave Goblins form tribes, guarding their territories fiercely from potential threats, as well as from other tribes. They build primitive huts of twig, and bones from large creatures long since gone, usually settling in old ruins and crevices. As such they have been a considerable nuisance for the Dwarves of Urguan, stealing resources and ambushing those who would stray too far away from the safety of their mountain holds. Being that wood is a rare commodity in the cavernous depths, most goblins make use of bones to craft tools and weapons. Bone tipped arrows, bone knives and bows are common instruments used by the Cave Goblins. The Cave Goblin diet usually consists of mushrooms found in grottos. Given that most of these fungi contain many toxins, it is theorized that this diet is the cause of the Cave Goblins' feral nature. They also hunt whatever game they can find, such as spiders or mammals. Cannibalism, as well as the consumption of human or dwarven flesh, is not unknown to most tribes. Given the Cave Goblins' small and slim stature, they are relatively weak in melee combat. What they lack in strength however, they make up for in numbers and cunning guerilla warfare. Relying heavily on their archers and hidden flanking tactics, they can prove a considerable threat to even the most experienced of soldiers. Some tribes have also been known to tame or befriend other cavernous creatures, such as trolls and giant spiders, bolstering their threat significantly. Author: Hobolympic LM Approval Required: No, only used in events