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  1. MC Name: Hobolympic RP Name: Balek Irongut Discord: Hobolympic#9158 Which competition do you wish to participate in (Knowledge/Scribing/Both): Knowledge
  2. Upon hearing of the departure of his dear old friend, Balek reclines in his seat, silently murmuring as he shakes his head in disbelief. The now teary-eyed dwarf pours himself a mug of Umbergleen, raising it in Hogarth’s memory. “Rest now, ol’ friend. ‘Til we meet again in Their blessed ‘alls.”
  3. IGN: HobolympicRP Name: Balek IrongutCandidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  4. “Ah support moi forest kinsmen, ah realleh do. But yeh should ‘ave captured that massive land snail n’ brought it back to Hefrumm once that old coot wus eaten by tha lizards!”, Balek Irongut mumbles.
  5. “famous last words”
  6. The Horn of Hiebenhall booms in the deep of Khaz’Kadan. The Ironguts rally once more, ready to rain down arcane fire upon their hated foe.
  7. MC Name: Hobolympic RP Name: Balek Irongut RP Race: Cave Dwarf Reason for joining: Promote existing Irongut brews and cuisine, and develop new ones. Favorite Drink: Umbergleen Ale of course!
  8. The contention is inherently subjective. Some people want to see guns introduced into the fantasy-setting, others prefer it the way it is now. You can argue that there’s no central theme to the server (I disagree), but the current gun-less fantasy setting is something tangible that is distinct from a setting that includes guns. Lore-inconsistencies and “shitty writing” does not exclude the server from being (at the very least) fantasy themed, nor does it mean people cannot be immersed in the current setting. Hell, it’s right there on the front page; we’re a fantasy-based roleplaying experience. Certain elements, such as guns, absolutely will affect the general vibe and setting of this server, for better or worse, which is what the contention is all about.
  9. I’ve generally been on the anti-gun side, simply out of preference, as I’d like LotC to be more LotR-fantasy-themed than something akin to Warhammer. That being said, there are some good arguments on both sides, though also quite a few flawed ones. One is pointing out the social structures being unrealistic in a medieval setting -> therefore server is not “medieval” fantasy -> therefore we should have guns. The medieval fantasy theme is a well-established, but loosely-defined theme that is identifiable across many genres. The fact that most of the governments and economic structures of LotC are not completely based in medieval realism, doesn’t inherently discredit the setting, to be chucked aside, and used as an excuse to implement later-period firearms to the server. After all, the setting is not strictly medieval, but also has fantasy elements in it, to a greater or lesser extent. It can for instance be argued that some power structures or elements in Lord of the Rings are modern, and yet no one would bat an eye if you chose to call it medieval fantasy. That being said, pointing to social structures in order to justify the implementation of a technology is pointless, as the interaction between history and technology in LotC has never strictly mirrored that of real life. The consideration should instead be based in preference of the players. As such, the simple “I don’t want guns in my fantasy setting, because I don’t like said fantasy setting” might not be an argument, but it is still a valid point that should be taken into consideration. Mechanics-wise however, I don’t see that many issues with the implementation of guns. If the same standards applied to crossbows are applied to guns as well, powergaming shouldn’t be an issue. What should be addressed however, is what kind of gun we’re talking about specifically. Unlike crossbows, most firearms will pierce good-quality plate (which is one of the factors for why it became obsolete later in history ofc), and can in this regard outclass the bow and crossbow. Should the guns ever be implemented, they must be so with significant nerfs, to not become the only viable alternative for ranged combat.
  10. >ask for crafting plugin >get vaquxine’s crafting plugin >complain about vaq’s plugin >plugin removed >wait for new plugin >get nexus >start complaining about nexus >nexus removed >completely forget why nexus became unpopular >demand nexus back >yes
  11. I’m just here for the memes
  12. Man, I wish you all the best. We've had some good times, and I can definitely understand your decision to leave the server (can't say I've not considered the same, though I guess the nostalgia and other players keep me around). Good luck out there, and hit me up on discord if you feel like catching up sometime!
  13. "Da 'igh elves 'ave always been an amusing bunch. So many words, yet so little tu show fer it", Balek Irongut mutters upon reading such nonsense.
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