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  1. Just applied for the ESO beta

  2. It feels like forever since I played on lotc, so many changes

  3. lol, apparently I own 150 steam games I doubt I've even played half

    1. LaCabra (Soda)
    2. ayresalex



    3. Cybele Faye ((jackie1st))

      Cybele Faye ((jackie1st))

      Hey! most of them were picked up in charity bundles :P

  4. Just thought I'd throw this out there: PMC is working on putting together a 24 hr charity livestream for extra life http://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/play-games-heal-kids-extra-life-fundraiser-t161380.html

  5. Gosh, It's been weeks since I was last on the server

  6. Ugh, my inbox on planet minecraft is full yet again time to go through and delete a few hundred messages

    1. shiftnative


      Are you a builder? Whatcha been doin nmost on PMC?

    2. Cybele Faye ((jackie1st))

      Cybele Faye ((jackie1st))

      Site moderator and contest judge, I tend not to delete my messages in case the issue is brought up again for some reason, I still have messages in there from February

  7. Yay, for having to walk through knee high water to evacuate from a flood.

    1. shiftnative


      Agh! Hope there weren't any leeches!

    2. Cybele Faye ((jackie1st))

      Cybele Faye ((jackie1st))

      Nope, I believe there was poison oak at one point


  8. I love that someones going through and making builds from GoT http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/showcase-dragonstone/

    1. Jspencer


      Mother of god...

    2. gabriel101x1


      *Screams*.... *Sobs*

      Sooo epic.

  9. Just spent 10 mins trying to explain how copy and paste works to my mom

  10. I would lika to buy some iron!

  11. I mostly hang around my village, probably why we have yet to see each other :P

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