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  1. Hey folks, I have not played on the server for a very long time but I have been looking at the orc forum for a while trying to catch up. There have been a lot of culture changes since I played, it looks like Dark Elves and Orcs are closely linked, lots of new clans with different ideas, etc. No longer living in the deserts. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I know I had a lot of fun playing an orc devoted to making his ancestors proud, seeking wisdom from the past, etc. Shamanism was more of a tool to make roleplay – reaching out to ancestors to ask if they should join in on a clan war or not, receiving a blessing from a lutauman that gives you the strength of your old dead clan leader (even though it didn’t actually change anything in PVP), finding prophetic signs out of the innards of animals that you hunt... things like that. Idk the orc community’s plans in 8.0 but would anyone be potentially interested in playing a more old fashioned type of orc? I’ve thought of playing more of a nomadic breed that wanders the desert because of the drift of the current culture from what it was. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  2. Hey guys! I played an Orc (and a Halfling, and an Adunian) back in the day, used to be a Gorkil wargoth. Just hopped on to refresh some old memories and I may hop on to screw around and roam the desert occasionally. Probably won’t play too much as I’m finishing up university and working a lot, but nevertheless I wanted to catch up with y’all. What’s the state of the server? What’s the state of the Orcs? If anyone remembers me I’d love to catch up! -Soda
  3. yo mormonism p cool **** 

  4. yo how are the orcs doing??

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Stargush


      Bro! We need to talk again some time I need to see how your mission has been going. PM me on Discord @ Stargush#6112 but I might just send you a tweet or something, but since you have left it’s been kind of a roller-coaster until now.

    3. _Jandy_


      sub brother, Gorkil is crushing it and 2sam just decided to come back for a bit

    4. OrcSimp


      Orc just got nation status back, and got a nice remodel of the city going on rn ?

  5. I hope you had fun in Argentina my dude.

  6. yo i'm back from argentina!! not comin back to lotc but hope all is well, thanks for the good times every1. remember it is just a game, be tranqui no mas.

  7. image.png.aadd39c346cf55fe7ab6bdd8bb24c66f.png Hope to see more from you on that 2 year mark chap.

  8. hey we were talking about you in ooc it reminded me


  9. you'll get this in 2 years, but i have a feeling it'll entertain you https://youtu.be/9usVtKhLVdA


  10. headed off to serve my 2 year mission in argentina. see you guys later!

  11. nearly impossible to acquire flowers (cant grab them from global region, cant grow them with bonemeal), i am tryna be a flowers salesman please help!

    1. Space


      You can grow them with bonemeal.


      Maybe just not during winter.

    2. Bvie


      Skilled farmers also obtain them when harvesting crops.

    3. Gangrel1230


      I can sell you some once I collect more whilst farming

  12. end racial buffs 2k16

  13. i had a 60 killstreak on oc.tc maybe now i can finally be good on the lord of the craft roleplaying server! is there anyone who can help me be a better fighter??

    1. B7W4


      Sorry, but no one can help you, you talentless hack!

    2. LaCabra (Soda)

      LaCabra (Soda)

      i guess i should probably just go die

    3. Anderssn


      The avarage pvp skill on lotc is pretty low. So you should be fine.

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