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  1. you'll get this in 2 years, but i have a feeling it'll entertain you https://youtu.be/9usVtKhLVdA


  2. headed off to serve my 2 year mission in argentina. see you guys later!

  3. what a perfect time to tear down the establishment of GRINDING, let RP beat out the grind. build your reputation as a blacksmith through roleplay! roleplay! roleplay! roleplay! people complain that the skill system promotes a pvp-oriented server. i love pvp, but grinding does really take away from the fun of storytelling on here.
  4. nearly impossible to acquire flowers (cant grab them from global region, cant grow them with bonemeal), i am tryna be a flowers salesman please help!

    1. Space


      You can grow them with bonemeal.


      Maybe just not during winter.

    2. SquirtGun


      Skilled farmers also obtain them when harvesting crops.

    3. Gangrel1230


      I can sell you some once I collect more whilst farming

  5. down with nexus! down with nexus! kyle hit it on the head tho, grind to win is very very unhealthy. the system was meant to get people to roleplay but it doesn't happen, lol. if it's kinda just sitting there, why do we have it?
  6. end racial buffs 2k16

  7. Really just don't understand why we don't shift to a system based on durability rather than buffs. A new smith will make something with significantly less durability than an experienced one. Maybe when you move to aengulic level smiths, you'll get weapons that actually make a difference in damage, but imo that just makes LotC a grind to win server.
  8. i had a 60 killstreak on oc.tc maybe now i can finally be good on the lord of the craft roleplaying server! is there anyone who can help me be a better fighter??

    1. Bunny :)

      Bunny :)

      Sorry, but no one can help you, you talentless hack!

    2. LaCabra (Soda)

      LaCabra (Soda)

      i guess i should probably just go die

    3. SaintPaint


      The avarage pvp skill on lotc is pretty low. So you should be fine.

  9. is broken and barely shows what i type, bollocks

    1. JaxOff_


      it gets cut off after apostrophes

  10. *** the status system it

  11. i spoiled the jungle book (who the hell hasn

  12. The RP I had with Kyle on his Ugluk character was some awesome stuff, he seriously brought back Orcs from near extinction w/ his RP. Yeah, he's not the kind of guy to do frilly emotes, but he gets stories rolling. You're mixing the personality of his characters, who are usually brutal, with Kyle. Kyle's a chill ***, don't hate Radahan. :( As far as support goes, hell yes. At least in my own eyes, little to nothing is being done about the problem that is PvP on this server. Yeah, it's a roleplay server but you know just as well as I do that PvP is integral to it. Kyle is the guy that can help the most. Granted, he is spooky on the surface, I think his reputation as a Flay has given him that. However, he is an invaluable player in this community and I truly think his skill and understanding of PvP on minecraft could go a long way to making the LotC experience a better one. +1
  13. Harold's a great guy, very likeable and very approachable. However, unlike myself, he's not a pushover. I feel like that's what we need on the staff, a PEOPLES' GM with BALLS OF STEEL. He's shown he's a very hard worker, dedicated to fixing even communities that are doomed (I had the pleasure of working with him on trying to repair some of the damages with Adunia). As far as criticisms for ya Harold... It's been a while, but you butted heads with some folks (Peter) who didn't see eye to eye with you, almost to the point of quitting. I think you also might have been drunk that night, cause you were saying some crazy juju, but just keep an eye out for that. All of my +1's go to Harold tho, he's a great guy and I can honestly say he'd make the GM team better than it currently is.