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  1. @Swgrclan You have time to write this, but not write us an event line? -edit- ALSO REMOVE BIRDS ENTIRELY, IF YOU WANT TO SUMMON PPL TO ASSIST IN UR RAID, SEND A GUY IRP!!!.
  2. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    "Lethargy is not superiority." Psyhamirys would comment to himself as he contemplated the failed state of Haelun'or.
  3. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    The Red Riders, Bloodied Elves: Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh ‘Betrayers to cease pain’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKWtwJ38EjE ‘I hope you find solace in your padded tomb, and when the hounds come clawing at the door, and your life- a sword, rests by your hand. That you find rest in the eternal nothingness for your inability to act.’ Psyhamirys to a Haelunorian Politician. “And so a meeting was held, a great call to all the Mali’aheral, of discontent and anger at the inability of the Silver State. Thus a group came together and found solace in the teachings and beliefs on purity, and the failings of their race; their leader Psyhamirys. An ‘aheral of a bygone era come unto the fold to lead his people to a new thriving age of prosperity and action.” Cast out from Haelun’or for their belief that martial combat is not inherently impure. The Red Riders chose to don armour and weapons, in order to destroy any and all impurity in the world. They wear frightening and ghoulish armour in order to both spread fear at their incoming ride, and for their victims to know who it is that vanquishes them. The Red Riders were formed in 1651 by Arcann Silvertongue and Pyshamirys of Gaekrin. Arcann took leadership initially, however as he was far more of a scholar rather than what was needed: A warrior, he soon ceded the mantle to Pyshamirys after acknowledging his superior experience and wisdom. Pyshamirys quickly starting garnering many of his kind to his banner, instilling upon them his beliefs and virtues. ‘I thought he’d get me I did! Thought I’d see me last. Tha’ great griffin blocking out the sun with it’s wings. Feastin’ on the corpses o’ the villagers. Then they came in they did, armour clad folk on silver steeds. Charged on with lances at tha’ ready. Slew the beast and some ghouls as well. The men around lift tankards in celebration crying out ‘Now all praise these warriors of purity, these bloodied elves.’ A Belvitz farm-hand first colloquialized the term ‘bloodied elves’. Regarding the purity of the Mali’aheral & those of the Bloodied Elves: The Mali’aheral are the people of Larihei, of whom follow the lifestyle of elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya. This phrase directly translates into progress and health--a phrase in which dictates the lifestyle a mali’aheral would pursue due to their belief of purity, a concept that could only be achieved through elmaehr’sae hiyun’ehya. Their fervent following of purity is done in order to achieve perfection--they consider themselves the only people capable of achieving perfection. And to achieve so, they preserve their purity. The progress aspect of the phrase refers to the requirement that a mali’aheral should never become stagnant. Their lives should be lead with the necessary ambition to progress both themselves as well as the High Elves as a whole. In their path to perfection, stagnation is a stain of impurity in a race that should revere progress and knowledge. In contrast to the traditional ways of elmali’aheral, the Bloodied Elves seek the defense of purity in a more forceful way. In their search of progress, they acknowledge the necessity of violence in their path. Though the traditionalists of the ‘aheral abhor the idea of violence and shun it, the Bloodied Elves embrace it as a tool of necessity to safeguard the purity of the Mali’aheral. Health is regarding the physical as well as mental purity of the mali’aheral.The ‘aheral believe that they have the capability of achieving perfection, and that belief stems from the bathing of their ancestors within the Golden Pools. Physical purity: Thus, as it is in their genes, a pure aheral is prohibited in willingly altering their natural physical forms in any way. Such is why they scorn the mixing of blood with other races--even if merely with another sub-race of elves. The mixing of blood is considered an impure act due to tarnishing blessed blood received from the bathers of the Golden Pools. To follow the acceptance of necessary violence, the Bloodied elves consequently found that scars earned in defense of purity to be a token of pride. Though an alteration of their physical bodies--the scars were taken in the defense of purity. No longer will physical deformation gained through the defense of purity be shunned and looked upon in pity. Mental purity: Mental purity refers to the point of view of an ‘aheral. To remain mentally pure is to follow the guidelines set by the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Those of mental impurity are usually judged so due to having strayed from the path of traditional purity. For those of the bloodied elves, the views of the traditionalist mali’aheral are considered stagnant and outdated--a dead culture that must be renewed into something more. The two aspects of their belief in purity requires balance. To progress whilst disregarding health results to a loss of the blessed ancestry they so revere--whilst health without progress is a waste of said blessed ancestry. A wicked sorcerer casting spells upon the citizens of Haelun'or Regarding Magik and Purity- The Bloodied Elves view any and all kinds of magik an impurity due to their physical effect on the body, and the countless times they have been seen to corrupt many an ‘aheral, causing them to become greedy, power hungry and lead into wickedness. This also pertains to holy magiks as the Bloodied Elves consider selling your soul to an AengulDaemon to be an act of mental impurity. In fact they hold much disdain for the AengulDaemons in general, thinking them evil and conniving in the wannant havoc and menace they repeatedly reek upon the world. Brothers and sisters of the Mali'Aheral seek Pyshamirys out for the salvation of our race. Penned by Pyshamirys of Gaekrin and Ilaeriana Elervathar
  4. Declaration of Summit

    The only reprieve from the dark was the candlelight spewed across the wax-stained table, over which the eons old elfen figure poured. He took quill to ink pot, scrawling his name upon the document his friend had drafted, pausing a moment to reflect. 'Hopefully they will come.' He thought. 'I cannot stand by and watch our people, my people live in such degradation and decline. 'Tis the nature of our curse that these lead to the death of our people and I shan't let this happen. Not now, not ever. I shall do as all I can, whatever the cost.' Psyhamirys finishes up signing his name, blowing on the ink, and finally folding the letter with waxen seal.
  5. [✗] Osella, Aengul Of Psyche and Recovery

    This. Very nice. Utterly pointless.
  6. Smoke in the Sky

    'He was a fire Drake from the north...' Averey muttered to himself.
  7. [Tech Support] MC Errors

    Bad internet.
  8. Veist's Lore Team Application

    I don't like you upstaging me. smh. +1
  9. Failure tries to worm his way in.

    This leaking, you will no be removed from the discord :>
  10. Minecraft Account Name(s): gm_martyr Discord: josh#4247 How long have you played on LotC?: https://gyazo.com/870e4ba3cd82bfa8849cd5fbcc97678a Time zone and availability: GMT 5+hrs per day What lore are you versed in most?: Aengul-Daemon/All Dragonkin/Striga/Original Dreadknight/New Dreadknight/Voidal Horror/Generalized creature lore/ Racial Histories. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: I was GM trial :> *insert angry comment here* Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): Yes, submitted privately, still tba. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: Yes, I have had a smattering of bans from my past. Nothing for about 2 years. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: I absolutely despise phil_bat. I am also legally obligated to say LEOWARRIOR since I am BIASED towards this man(let). :> :donovand:
  11. [Accepted] [ET Actor] I hate staff

  12. losing gm to leaks is theft

    1. Dewper


      not like half the gm doesn’t leak anyway lol...

    2. lev


      6days until the countdown ends @Swgrclan

    3. Nathan_Barnett36
  13. COMMISSIONS because everyone else is doing them

    charging money for art is theft
  14. daily reminder taxation is theft