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  1. lev

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    “Is this a political party we can elect into parliament?” Armand wonders 🤔
  2. lev

    Aleksei for Prosperity

    Alexei is Officially endorsed by Armand.
  3. lev

    On Imperial Godhood - Part II

    Armand was sad when Humf sold out 😞
  4. All Gm’s spy on rp lol... +1 Temp is The Man.
  5. lev

    give me your fkn money

    I support this cavse.
  6. lev

    Fabius Bracchus; The Prefect We Deserve

    “This seems like a conflict of interest.” Armand said.
  7. Full Name: Armand de Sarkozy City of Residency: Adria, Barony of Bog Year of Birth: 1650 Address: The Barony of Bog
  8. lev


    Peace out homeboy.
  9. lev


    Armand is on the case!
  10. lev

    Dingo looks to train small green men

    Absolute shill, but the right kind +1
  11. lev

    Another One Bites The Dust.

    Armand shed a single tear, before finishing his meal with a smile.
  12. lev

    The Aurelian Party

    Armand copies Amelia with a smile of acceptance.
  13. lev

    The Adrian Ducal Retinue

    “Accepted. Report to the Barracks in Adria for initiation.” Each reply is delivered by couriers wearing black hats with a plume of red and gold feathers on them.
  14. I agree with the brown man