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  2. lev

    Love, War, Blood & Brothers

    “But I am alive and well?” Laertes asked his cousin Cecil Ashes, utterly perplexed by this letter.
  3. lev

    Chronici Sapaudia: The Chronicle of Savoy, 1483-1568

    “God bless the historians of Savoy.” Laertes comments
  4. Is this an april fools?
  5. lev

    The Old Crow- Retirement Home

    “Keep them all in one place and away from I.” Boris says
  6. Laertes de Falstaff signs
  7. lev

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    Boris remembered his late Father’s words well.
  8. lev

    LotC Cards Against Humanity

    _________ was actually on caranthir’s account.
  9. lev

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    “How can it claim to be Imperial and yet be in Haense...” Boris asked his tutors in the Carlostadt palace.
  10. Minutes for his Grace’s Ducal Court, 11th of Grand Harvest 1697, Penned by Laertes de Falstaff. .The Court session starts. .Both Maly’thil the Elf and Laertes de Falstaff shouted upon request by Chancellor Basarab, who decreed that whomever shouted the loudest should petition first. Laertes shouted loudest and thus was able to petition to be historian and scrivenor of Adria, thus the Duc obliged and his request was granted under trial and he was given the task of taking the minutes for the very same meeting. Maly’thil requested to be a knight of Adria, the Duc agreed upon the provision that the elf was baptised in the River Baltas. The shouting was resumed: Henry of Cascadia shouted, Arthur shouted, Telmarril shouted, Alfius shouted and won. Alfius petitioned as followed: He requested to have a magic licence. Basarab decided that the Duma would deliberate upon the legality of magic within the Duchy. .Bruce Rogers shouted, Telmarill the dwarf shouted again (though perhaps he was likely confused), Arthur shouted. Bruce shouted the loudest, he petitioned to have every member of the Duma only have a single vote. The Duc responded by reminding the Maer that amendments to the Duma can only be brought up at the Duma. Basarab counter proposed that the Maer write up his proposal to be priorly received by the Duma for voting upon it to be more streamlined. .Henry shouted once more, so did the dwarf and yet this time Arthur was the loudest. His petition was twofold: firstly that the town should receive a public stables, and secondly that the guardforce required immediate attention. The Duc responded, saying that the case of the Stables was to be a matter for the Maer, and that the curse of Marshalship would be addressed at the Duma, the next Saints day. .The pope graced the Court session with his presence. .The dwarf shouted for a fourth time and was finally recognised by the Duc. The Dwarf requested that a position of Executioner be created and that he wished to throw his name into the hat to fulfill that role. Dario debated the idea of having the dwarf take the position for he was seemingly blind and too short for the role. Therefore the Duc named Dario le Blu the Executioner. The Basarab counter suggested that the Dwarf have a test of some sorts before being cast aside from the position right away. The Duc agreed. .Otto Sarkozic shouted the loudest and was recognised that he shouted on behalf of young Kasimir Carrion to say his own petition. The young crow’s petition was thusly: he wished to become Stran of Belvitz to better aide the jolly band of Ruskan children. He requested a quest to become Stran. The Duc stated that he had to collect a relic of Stran, as proof of his legitimacy to receive the title. .The elf Maly’thil came forward once more to petition once again. His petition was to forbay the throwing of Ducal dice in regards to petitioning without a shout. The Duc responded that this would be deliberated upon at the next Duma. .Henry of Cascadia came forth to petition the Duc. His request was to be employed as the Duc’s man. To fight, adventure and gamble on his behalf. His Jack-of-all-trades if you will. The Duc stipulated the need for a meeting of the two later to discuss the intricacies of such an arrangement. .Queerly the Imperial Arch Chancellor petitioned that the Duc and his lands take on a symbol of drunkenness and goodwill under the guise of Princess Amelia Phillipa Horen. The Duc offered for her to be sent to Cameron Halmar and Bruce Rogers, the barkeeps of Adria for such specifics to be discussed. .And with that Court was adjourned by the Carrion Twins blowing their Trumpets.
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  12. lev

    Motherland's used skin auction

    Why buy these skins when you can get them for free from @pbuh and @Dewper
  13. lev

    Mali'thill Krugsmas Party

    @Esterlen “You going bro?” he asked his friend
  14. merry christmas 

  15. lev

    On Imperial Godhood - Part II

    Armand was sad when Humf sold out 😞