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  1. Torak Ithelanen readies his ‘brother fists’.
  2. Look like budget powerranger villains
  3. lev

    Text me if you wanna talk 

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      Husband come home . . .

  4. I don’t claim responsibility for this
  5. “Send a letter to this hedge-land soothsayer on the morrow, for I wish to commune with the ghost of mein uncle, and ask him where he hid the prize silverware!” A swineherd from the outer regions of Northland requests of his ‘prentice son.
  6. “Broom Broom...” A wonk in a dress suit and monocle would say dreamily...
  7. Heard you were the only black person in finland can u confirm?
  8. How can anything from the void be considered celestial 😬
  9. Maxim Falstaff looked up from surgery, his white apron stained with blood splatters both new and old. The apprentice boy who had entered the chamber gawked, hastening his gaze away from the gory scene. “Master sir.” The boy mumbled, “Black and white banners have landed shore-side.” The lad stole an apprehensive gaze of morbid curiosity at the limp body of the patient. “Right, thank you Johnson.” The doctor said, returning his attention back to the operation at hand. The boy nodded, closing the door and leaving with as much eagerness as he had entered. “How curious, that distant kin brace these shores, no doubt in search of fame and fortune. I hope good fortune meets my cousins in Guise, as our family histories are hardly pleasant.”
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