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  1. Stop this immediately @Felder
  2. I implore every staff member to step down and boycot the dev/admins they aren't going anywhere unless /we/ the player base force them out

  3. [CA] Voidal Horror

    MC Name: potent_rage Character's Name: Aeiuouut'haac Character's Age: N/A Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Voidal Horror Creator's MC Name: Zarsies Creator's RP Name: Shub-Umbilius Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Spawned in the void from the Arch-Queen Shub-Umbilius'. The Voidal Horror is a strange and alien consciousness that 'swims' in the Veil, imbued with sentience and an unquenchable hunger for knowledge. They can only be forced into the mortal plane by blood ritual, and once there they can anchor themselves there via some form of spawn within the world; once in the mortal realm they can form physical shape (which they lack in the Veil). Often they are forced to work for Arch Horror's, and bring them knowledge for their own hunger. This is due to the fact that an Arch Horror could literally consume a Greater or Lesser Horror's mind-plane, thus wiping it from existence. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.
  4. [CA] [Atronach] omnipotent_rage

    impotent_rage, potent_rage?
  5. everything is so stale on lotc right now

    1. mitch dharma

      mitch dharma

      lets start up a surf shop ic

    2. Vege


      im opening a ******* water park how is that stale

  6. Pirate Group Discussion.

    @joey calabreeni is the man for you, anyone interested in piracy on the seven seas, hit him up!
  7. The Apostolic Order of St Peter the Sword of the Morning “I kneel to no man.” -The words of Lucien, High Pontiff, upon the Kaedreni court’s tribute to the newly proclaimed King in the West, dated 1413. The First Crusade began in the year of our lord, 1416, commissioned by High Pontiff Lucien I. The intent of the First Crusade was to secure the relics of one ‘John de Burcard’, an ancient messiah who had perished on a mission to convert the orcish savages to the faith of the one God. He had been martyred while there, and the High Pontiff had declared the land on which he walked sanctified. This crusade was chiefed by the newly-created holy Order known as the Order of Saint Amyas, led by their Grand Master, Guy de Varodyr, a sellsword part of a distant cadet branch of the noble line of Varodyr, who travelled to the orcish lands accompanied by Goddard of Salvus. During the First Crusade, the knights of Saint Amyas enjoyed a relatively short lived success, fending off multiple Orcish raids and skirmishes with an arsenal of tactical genius, brilliant fort design and the will to serve the Creator to any lengths from its members. While taking residence in the sanctified ground that was considered the Holy Land, they built the stronghold of Fort Antrim, acclaimed as uncapturable. After two years occupying the Holy Land, Grand Master Guy created the title of the Prince of Junavos, the stronghold’s attendant lands becoming the independent crusader principality of Junavos. Eventually the knights were recalled to the Empire by Lucien I and were forced to relinquish their nascent crusader state, ending the holy war for good. Though the First Crusade was largely unsuccessful, it planted the roots of Lucienism, a system of belief that is largely condemned by the current Patriarch of House Ashford, who considers it ancestor worship. The Order of St Peter takes its name after a particularly glorious moment in human history, when Ser Peter Chivay, ‘the Sword of the Morning’ put the pagans of Malinor to the blade and torch. “O most Holy Emperor, you have called upon this humble servant of yours for his counsel, and he shall give it to you. For far too long have we remained idle in the face of the elven menace. We have done nothing except be moderate with them, destroying them on the field and making peace with them after two or three battles. I am not a military strategist, but even I may tell you that this is naught but folly - we must teach Malinor a lesson once and for all. They provoke us, harrying our borders and raiding our villages - do you forget that I have been to Malinor and seen their way of life, how they pray for their dark gods to strike us down? Your Imperial Majesty, if you will not subjugate Malinor, then I swear by God’s blood that Kaedrin and Savoy will. And when the bones of a hundred thousand elves crunch beneath our sabatons, you will sit upon your throne in Abresi in envy, for we will have conquered for ourselves a place in the sun, whereas you will have existed in naught but your father’s shadow.” -The words of Hadrien de Sarkozy, Count of Norfolk, at the court of Abresi, upon being called to give Emperor Horen V his counsel on the tribulations of Malinor, dated 1414. Shortly after the settlement of the Blackwald swamp, they Savoyards were besieged upon all sides by both natural and supernatural means. This lead the Savoyards, a people who were always of a flamenist persuasion, to be even more militaristic, this of course would bleed into their cult of God. Due to the low canonist presence in the Blackwald, the feudal overtook the clerical society, often having lay preachers in the employ of local lords. Eventually lay preaching decreased and the number of clergy in Blackwald increased, yet the duke’s influence was felt even more so. The duke would often appoint senior clergy members and had an almost Pontifical amount of influence in the church, this amount of control also shed into the choosing of the Patriarch, a self granted title of the Bishop of Savoy. These factors lead to the revival of a religious fervor not witnessed since the Schismatic Campaigns of the Order of St. Amyas in the 1490s. This fervor was short lived however, eventually culminating in the death of the duke and partitioning of Savoy into the Duchy of Mardon. The Duke’s legitimate line now broken, his bastards found themselves in the West, within the d’Amaury sphere. Under Guildenstern most notably, Owynist influence in the Kingdom was stoked, aiding Hugues d’Amaury in claiming the throne and befriending his kinsmen Rosencrantz, then lord Marshal. This flamenist fervor which was prominent beneath the line of Duke Jon Renault was henceforth passed to Rosencrantz, and when Guildenstern faltered and fell, he took up the mantle. A depiction of a battlefield left after the Dukes War. Tenants and Beliefs of the Order Flamenism The Orderman will take up arms with the priests, who shave their head and face and wield blunt weapons to bring God’s justice to the world. For the only way to achieve the kingdom of God is by the sword, by exorcising the world with steel and flame akin to Exalted Owyn. Saintly Intercession The Orderman will keep a saint’s icon or statue at their home altar. Whether of the Saint Thomas, Saint Peter, Saint Lucien or Saint Amyas. The Orderman will venerate the saints so that the saints will beseech God to aid their venerator. The Sacraments The Orderman will uphold the sacrament of baptism, emulating the actions of Tesion and Horen in the grotto of gamesh. The Orderman will uphold the sacrament of ordination, when a man is ordained to the cloth living his life in service to God. The Orderman will uphold the sacrament perfection, where one, be it man or woman, fully dedicates his life to God, becoming truly good and being in a state of perfect communion with God in the eyes of the Owynists. The Orderman will uphold the sacrament of marriage, a state which has been ordained holy since the times of Horen, an unbreakable bond between a man and a woman. Salvation The Orderman will show patience with his canonist brethren, who would preach that non-humans may ascend into the seven skies, which is plainly heretical. Obedience The Orderman will relay his commands when given orders by those above him, and follow his instructions with devoted loyalty. For he need only look to the man to his left or right to hear the word of God. A young Andrew Vydra meets with the great Savoyard host to wage holy war upon Aesterwald The Rank and File of the Order All members of the Order are beholden to Senior Command and are expected to obey their authority in all matters or face the consequences. Members of Senior Command lead the Order in battle and in times of peace. In order to advance to officer, a perspective Errant must go on a Pilgrimage and return with a physical token of his newfound wisdom. Imperial knights are recognized by the order, and will have their rank affirmed accordingly. Any knighted man in the Footman Corps will be hereinafter known as a ‘Knight-Brother’. Knights residing in any of the higher corps will simply have the title prefixed before rank. For example, a Brother-Captain would become Knight-Captain, a Brother-Lieutenant to Knight-Lieutenant and so forth. As an Orderman, you are expected to familiarize yourself with your rank’s authorities and duties, and you must remember that overstepping your authority may result in disciplinary action. The rank-specific authority and duties are as follows: The Footman Corps Proselyte The Proselyte has no authority in the military. The recruit must know his place at all times, and should remember that only efficiency, devotion, and effectiveness will allow him to progress. The recruit may not command other recruits. The recruit is expected to be baptised before joining. If he is not, the Order will arrange for his baptism. Battle-Brother The Battle-Brother does not have the authority to command Proselytes below him. The Battle-Brothers may participate in scouting parties outside of the local area, so long as the mission is approved by a member of the command corps. Sword-Brother The Sword-brethren are are the elite of the Enlisted, and can command any lower ranked Enlisted freely. The Primus may take command of a larger patrol, and conduct missions such as scouting, reconnaissance, and mounted patrols of the region they are stationed in. Brother-Errant The Errant is a stern and charismatic disciplinary that is well-versed in the principles of warfare and combat, often spending time with newly-enlisted soldiers to educate them. They also are expected to organize and establish drills and exercises. The Officer Corps Brother-Sergeant The Sergeant is a member of Middle Command, and therefore can command all ranks below him. The Sergeant is required to lead patrols of the local area, ensure all outposts of the Order are manned when possible, and report to their respective Officer regularly to keep proper awareness of the Enlisted. The Ensign is expected to carry out his orders to the letter, and ensure subordination within the ranks by showing an aptitude for leadership. Brother-Captain Captains are steely men who have spent much of their lives in single service to the cause of the church with great and incomparable vigor. Born leaders and veterans of conflicts both internal and external, they are chosen from soldiers demonstrating great courage and aptitude as Errant, thereafter serving as staunch examples of the ideal soldier. From this collection of puissant and capable commanders, the Grandmaster’s Lieutenants are chosen. The Command Corps Brother-Lieutenant The Grandmaster’s lieutenants are handpicked by the Grandmaster to act as commanders. Skilled commanders and shrewd tacticians with a familiarity for combat and a warrior’s inborn skill, they are entrusted with power over specific vestiges of the Order at the Grandmaster’s discretion and work in tandem with him in counsel on matters of the banner force. August-Grandmaster The only man who may lay claim to this rather grandiose title must first make himself responsible for bringing the Kingdom of God down to the bare wastes of Tahn. Besides acting as the highest ranking commander of the Order of St. Peter, he also wields an unruly amount of power over owenite faithfuls. Lucien I declares the first crusade in Junavos Litanies and the Order Each Orderman, upon his ascension from proselyte adopts a blessed litany. It must never leave his mind, and he must consult with his chosen litany at every possible decision, in order to better embody the tenets of his faith. Instead of wasting their breath on wordless battle cries, the Order announces its presence on the field through the recitement of scripture. For example... Siege Commander: “A fortress is built with blood and toil.” Soldiers, in unison: “Only by blood and toil may it be taken!” The chanting of this phrase would signal to battlefield the intent to siege. Below are listed a few of the Order’s more commonly accepted litanies. The Litany of Intercession Crush your foes, holy Owyn, As you did when you lead your people And smote them from skull to greaves! Take pity upon me, wretched and lost as I am And rescue your faithful servant. The Litany of the Zealous Convert To the darkness I bring fire. To the ignorant I bring faith. Those who welcome these gifts may live, but I will visit naught but death and eternal damnation on those who refuse them. The Litany of Narrow Judgment We go where we wilt. We slay who we wilt. Let God judge the righteousness of our deeds. Those Faithful who would volunteer to induct themselves into the Order of St. Peter must seek out Rosencrantz of the Vale, (potent_rage) who can been found at the stronghold of New Metz to swear the Oaths. His Ex-Holiness ADRIAN I, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Metropolitan of the Crownlands, Archbishop of Philippus, Enochas, Visigia and Erochland, Prince-Bishop of St. Thomas, Johannesburg, Esheveurd, and Luciensport, Prince-Abbot of Laureh’lin, and Hariam, High Exarch of the Canon Rite, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of God Ad Mortem | Haria Delenda Est, His Grace Rosencrantz de Falstaff, Marshal of Lotharingia
  8. How did rosencrantz stay calm instead of gutting those provocatours on the spot, good job though

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      because he wouldve lost

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      Not if the emperor actualy had a spine and backed his subjects

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    I'll support if u stay healthy and sane
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