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  1. *A note is pinned around the Cloud temple and around every capital of Vailor* I am interested to start a farming bussines and wish to buy farmlands.Send me a bird with details if you are selling. -Ravero((Ravero))
  2. Nature of the bug: I tamed 3 ocelots and try to transfer one to a friend.It seemed like it worked but the ocelot remained in my pets list and did not apear in his.He could make it sit.I tried calling the ocelot to me and it worked,that rendered us both unable to make it sit.Tried to set it free and still remained in my list..killed it and it's still in my pet list.I tried to transfer another one to him again same thing.This time I didn't call it to me and it acted like his pet but was still on my list and on his it wasn't.I realeased the last ocelot and it worked but I can't seem to retame him now. First occurrence: (Providing an exact time helps us locate the error messages, which can help in fixing the bug) It was around 8 am ( GMT +2 )(Sorry don't know what server time it was) Describe exactly all the actions you took leading up to the bug: Just taming the little fellows. What messages are/aren't you getting that you would/wouldn't get normally : (in the event of a crash, please also provide the error log) I don't really know how to answer that because it's the first time I use the pet system sort of speak. Frequency of occurrence:First time Are you able to reproduce the bug: I'm pretty sure I can Hope you can help me out,thank you very much for your time
  3. OOC: MC Name:mircea_2 Skype Name:Razzva.Dunno Do you have TeamSpeak? If not, are you willing to get it? Yes In-Character [!]You stand before the Company crier clad in crimson and a scruff beard weathered from the ages, he takes out a document. "Interested in the Company eh? I'll need some information for the Council." "Your name lad/lass?":Ravero Iheiuh Chirr "Where are yah from?":The woods "What sect are you applyin' for? Sellsword? Service or Trade?":Sellsword "What are yah expectin' from the Company?":Money,friends "What is yer skills?":Daggers,throwing knives,bow and arrow,stealth,disguise
  4. *Sees the message and writes a reply on a letter hanging it on the wall next to redstone the lamps.* "I see nobody understands the meaning of this scroll.It has the purpose only to foretell our coming.I now know people these days do not fully analize before shouting out opinions.The reason is to let Athera's population know there is a group that can solve their problems so we may hear about those in need of us easier.Signed The Harbinger. "
  5. ((It's not a freaking poster!))
  6. *You see what looks like a lost sealed scroll on the ground.You take it,break the seal and read it.* ((It's a scroll on the ground,no locations or members are revealed.It's not a poster and it isn't meant to be secret either.)) The Dark Family has united. We see and hear everything. The Dark Family is a group of men and women highly trained in the arts of stealth and assassination, but first of all, we are a family. How do you contact The Dark Family?You don't.We contact you.If you want someone killed we find out, we come to you.Depending on the victim's status, wealth and combat training we set a price.You have to also provide us with the victim's name and city, city is optional. Beware that once you have a contract on your head you have no escape.We will hunt you and send as many of our Brothers and Sisters as necessary to put you down. Also beware that contracts are paid half when arranged and half when done.If the other half is not payed you will be the next victim. We also do not kill children.We are not heretics or crazy, just hired killers.Very skilled hired killers. How do you join The Dark Family?:Simply put,kill someone.We will find out,give you a few tests then you will be offered a place within our family. Whoever betrays, threatens, attacks, disrespects or mocks us will invoke our wrath and be killed mercilessly and without regard of who they were or who they are. Remember,we are always watching.
  7. Life is like a pie.

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    2. Maxxorlord


      I'm allergic to most

      pie crusts. So, I can't

      live? QQ

    3. Billyjimbo


      FALSE:Life isn't similar to pie, it is similar to a taco with lemon juice. Taco represents how easily a life can fall apart, but having plate, or a backup plan, allows you to clean up your life/meal. Lemon juice represents the madness that may come from life.

    4. Ravero


      Hmmm..still a pie..or a..*life magicly transforms*..a DONUT!...I`m so bored right now.

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