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  1. Sup Skippy ❤️ Hope you are doing well bro! Many fond memories man, do you have any contact details for MyStronghold. I would love to check in with the guy and see how he’s doing.

    1. Skippy


      Zezimus PM’d you it I believe! Nice seeing you around bro! Hope all is well ❤️

    2. DoubleDeetz (Fomsil)

      DoubleDeetz (Fomsil)

      Thanks! Same to you good sir ❤️

  2. Sup bro! Randomly came back to this website after remising some Minecraft times.


    If you see this hope you are doing well brother, you was one of the first real online friends I ever made. My mother still remembers your name from me saying ‘Stronghold’ all the time when I was in the family home playing hahaha

    1. Battleme33


      Wow Fomsil didn’t even ask about me you piece of ****!

    2. DoubleDeetz (Fomsil)

      DoubleDeetz (Fomsil)

      Lord, I am glad you are well Battleme!  Check your profile vistors I did search you up and come onto your profile, it said you was on not too long ago ❤️ I promise I did think of you my man, I hope you are well! Many good memories with you and Stronghold.

  3. Returned for the first time in years! Really is crazy how quick the years go. So many happy memories here! Even seen a few people I know listed as online.

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    2. James


      Ur alive? :D

    3. Gunner


      Weren't you a Salvus Peecekeeper? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember your name!

    4. Hiebe


      I destroyed your town for grinding excavation. Good times

  4. People forget that this is just a game after all.

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    2. Pnoynoy


      People forget the rules too it seems.

    3. Scarlet Kaiser

      Scarlet Kaiser

      Ahem... people just forget in general >_<

    4. Δ L U R 1 D

      Δ L U R 1 D

      As much as you guys probably don't want to hear me b*tch and complain, this is my stance. After being banned for 3+ months I believe, I've came to the realization that this server is more than a game. It's a golden community that stands out among any other gaming community in the world by far. It is a game, but the devout fans and community has crafted it into something a lot more.

  5. 8/4/21 & 6/4/23 as Maokai. Hello Elo :)

  6. We should arrange like a LordOfTheCraft League Of Legends Tournament; Wonder how many people play though :/

    1. HuskyPuppy


      We did have one. A decent amount of people played.

  7. We should arrange like a LordOfTheCraft League Of Legends Tournament; Wonder how many people play though :/

  8. I just got the summoner name 'Big Titay' *Childish Giggle*

    1. gingernut97


      Sounds like a Bond Girl name.

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