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  1. Here we go again

  2. ((OOC)) Minecraft IGN: NorAlvarin Time Zone: GMT+1 Skype: Nope Tinope (don't ask >.>) Do you understand this has to be a fairly active or main character? I don't want inactive workers.: I do. ((IC)) Name: Kaiden Shelset Age: 22 Preferred job: Farmer Nationality: None Race: Human Willing to move to job location?: Currently travelling from inn to inn, I would be grateful to have a place to settle down, so I am of course willing to move.
  3. Back from a ...rather interesting trip to Kiel :D

  4. A note is pinned in the town hall of Glenwood. ''Fellow Guardians, a guild meeting is to be held in two elven days. Every Guardian is to meet up at the Town Hall by then.'' ((The meeting is on Saturday, 9 PM. GMT+0))
  5. Seems like I finally got to see the GoT as well... ^.^

  6. I wonder if this is yet another attack on the server...? o.O

  7. Is necromancy being practiced in Asulon, or did that knowledge dissapear with the Undead?

    1. Blundermore


      it is still technically... but there are very few that know it if any. So really I would say no to the most part right now.

    2. Cosmik


      Only two legit ones left, both former undead, one is semi-inactive while the other doesn't have power anymore. All others got their power from some other powergamey excuse.

    3. Kaiden


      Damn, too bad...

  8. Gorillaz! +1 Superiority

  9. ((Send a message to Erlend0501, Sammeister97, Amanlu or NorAlvarin, and we will come and pick you up ))
  10. Agh, I hate using 3 hours writing an IG book, only to be backstabbed by a sneaky zombie, and lose it >.

    1. DecoLamb


      That's why I write all my books in Googledocs first, in case I lose the original copy.

  11. ((I just knew the quote allready :D ))
  12. Jordan, I need to talk to ye as soon as possible...
  13. ((Si vic pacem, para bellum ;) ))
  14. Eh, I guess it's time I make some sort of life-sign here as well..so uh....Hello LotC! :D

    1. Malzar(Mythmaster26)
    2. Alkenaar




  15. Right, the new Initiate has been picked up and escorted to the Keep. The chainmail and iron axe has been provided to him as well. ((All he needs now is the perms))
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