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  1. Blundermore

    Magical Licensing

    [OOC] Username: Blundermore Discord: Blundermore#7499 [RP] Name: The Wizard Blundermore Gender: Male Place of Residence: The Tower of Untold Whispers, Upon the White Isle of the Sanctuary bay. Race/Subrace/Culture: Human, Ascended, Haven/Alras Type of Magic: Arcanism, Transfiguration, Illusion, Lore of Winds, Ascended Magic Why do you want to use magic within the Princedom?: "After having a lengthy discussion with the gate guard and one of the princes of Fenn it had been brought to my attention that there was a new law in place that foresaw the need to limit the use of magic within the Fenn, and that the Ascended were not welcome due to matters unknown to myself. I came under no guise nor with the intent of causing harm or giving a reason to be mistrusted however and was permitted entry however on being told about the laws of the city I declined being admitted until I could properly fill out the legal requirements as I carry numerous Enchantments as well as natural affinities to magic that would find myself on the wrong side of the law if I was to step into the city. Thus I am writing this letter of application to gain license so that my nature will not obstruct the course of the laws of the Fenn by being there. Though truly it is merely my intent to continue where I left off with the Fenn when I shared a shop with another there and perhaps eventually I may if permitted be allowed to reopen such a shop once more. With Regards The Wizard Blundermore" ((https://gyazo.com/d6bdf07aac80a2a9c5ec866aff4e8ad6 https://gyazo.com/fa7babda90da395c69c71f0fc3bf4d1d))
  2. Blundermore

    Time to step down

    Well said.
  3. Blundermore

    remove freebuild protection (on pvp forts)

    People can't be awake 24/7 nor do they want to be on the server all that time. You've gotta give some sort of leeway to people to be able to go away and have lives.
  4. MC Name: Blundermore Character's Name: The Wizard Blundermore Character's Age: 1616 Character's Race: Demi-Ascended/Ascended Human From Aegis What magic(s) will you be learning?: Celestialism Link a MA of a magic your character already uses that is in the same archetype as the magic you are self teaching: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169474-blundermore-ta-arcane-transfiguration https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/147988-arcane-arcanism-blundermore-sa In order to self teach Celestialism you must have tier five in both Transfiguration and Arcanism, Which is the case here. However it is my plan to remain with the order in order to gain access to knowledge and experience of those whom have already walked the path. How did you learn this magic(s)?: I was taught Arcanism quite a while ago by Grungron Irongut originally as a means to combat an increasingly growing number of Arcane mages in the service of darker powers such as Mordring at the time I was learning the arts of Arcanism. However as time went on and Blundermore became more experienced he started to delve into the deeper matters of the arcane until eventually he found himself at the limits of its potential, or so he thought. He is one of the first pioneers of the art of Transfiguration, being one of a handful of the original practitioners of the art of Transfiguration and is well versed in it to a degree that would rival even immortal beings and mythical creatures alike. (Been doing the magic since the implementation of the magic system in early Asulon and was one of the handful of first generation teachers of the magic.) MC name of OOC overseer (Note: they must either have a TA in this magic on any character or be a member of the MT): Brandnewkitten (Iat the Shepherd) will be my OOC overseer. Offer an explanation of the magic(s) you are learning: Celestialism is the next step upon the road of the Arcanist to surpass the limitations of what is generally conceived as being the height of Arcanism. To push beyond the boundaries of knowledge and cross a fresh hold that leaves the user changed forever more. It is many things, from binding celestial familiars (creatures from the void that are drawn to the essences of greater Arcane Auras) using Arcanist stones to the creation of Crystaline gardens using Arcanist stones to seed the creation of such works of the Arcane. It also unlocks greater aspects of the Arcanism magic itself such as more complex constructs created from Arcanism and transfiguration together. There is quite a lot to Celestial Arcanism but the point of the magic is to expand and explore into the deeper reaches of the Arcane as opposed to just gaining new abilities. It's a process to enrich the experience of Magic over giving flat out buffs and is supposed to take a heavy toll upon your character as it changes them over time. Provide evidence you've a proper means of learning this magic(s): I've been in contact with the Celestial order for quite a while now and have recently progressed to the rank of Magus within the Celestial Order. I've spent my time since joining the order taking every step possible to learn as much as I could about purpose of the celestial order, their means and methods, how they conduct themselves, what celestials are, how they exist in our realm, been shown the Greater Aura that Celestialism users have on more than one Occasion and how that works. Been described the process leading up to the "metamorphosis" in a bit of detail in drips and drabs by different members of the Celestial order whom all possess Celestialism and finally most recently been bound to a Celestial Familiar which was an experience which has brought Blundermore closer to the metaphorical edge of the precipice that he has been standing on for so long now without a means of knowing how to step off, melding entirely with Iat, the founder of the Celestial Order he saw for the briefest of moments what Celestialism truly was in a mere glimpse but it was enough to help fill in the final gaps of what was missing in order to undertake the process himself. The Familiar binding process as well to his new Familiar Synica leading to a heightened awareness of the connection shared between Celestialism users and their celestials. In truth the reason for why he pursues this course is because of a theory he had written in a tome marked "The Spirit of Magic" in which displayed the idealism and philosophy that magic was not a tool and that it was in a ways 'alive', a companion if you will to be respected and to be our guide, he has always believed that there was more to the Arcane than what many called mere 'science' at the time. He took these ideas that the world was not as it seemed with him for over two hundred years when suddenly he began to feel a strange urge once he had master the art of Arcanism itself, a sense that he was being drawn towards something he did not otherwise know truly what it was. He had spent a long time searching for what exactly it was that was urging him onwards until he heard of the Celestial Order and how as Mages, they had achieved some sort of enlightenment he thought was what he seeked. The idea of spirituality and mysticism within the Arcane beyond the sciences made manifest within the walls of that very order, and though he did not find exactly what he thought he would, beyond those walls he would be was forever changed by what he truly saw. seeking to study the path of the "spirit of magic" and find out once and for all what was calling to him from beyond the stars. (Referenced from the Guide post) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158140-canon-guide-to-arcanism/ It has been a long drawn out process conducted over nearly two months now of studying the ways of the order and cobbling together fragments of knowledge to form what is required to take that step off the precipice and onwards into whatever awaits him beyond. I can attest that I've spoken to Korus_prime, captain_sheepy, Thomas (Tahmas?) and Brandnewkitten's characters several times ICly about this topic in varying degrees. I agree to the two week penalty that exists in learning Celestialism and thus will not be capable of casting magic once the state of change begins. However I may enforce a third week upon myself due to the fact I will be leaving for about five days next week so it wouldn't be entirely fair to miss out a week without magic because I didn't log in... Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: It does not take up a magic slot I believe. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.
  5. Blundermore

    [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    Entitlement is part of the problem with the server as well No one deserves anything other than the base principles of what is required in order to be on the server What people deserve is a fair system that at least attempts to weigh one "side" against another in a way that is less biased than it currently is. Not that all things should be equal mind, but currently a lot of what holy magic is is pretty much entirely aimed at attacking dark magic users in some manner, cleansing dark magic in some manner, healing people suffering from dark magic in some manner. Enchanting weapons to attack or defend against dark magic in some manner. What about Holy magic that doesn't rely entirely on the existence of dark magic in order to be useful? There are several Arcane magics out there that literally do not serve a direct purpose in attack or defence but have stuff that makes them interesting to RP outside of a combative scenario. The Ascended has pretty piss poor influence outside of conflicts or matters of life and death. There is nothing to do outside of working towards the goal of killing or attempting to counteract dark magic in some way. The only thing I can think of that even remotely achieves what I speak of is Psychomps, which are pretty much a glorified messenger familiar that will never be used for its true purpose unless, once in a blue moon someone actually PK's whilst an ascended is around. There is no RP outside of conflict as it stands for Holy magic users, apart from mumbling some nonsense about Gods we're not allowed to even talk to anymore because the LM team decided for some reason the Anguels and Daemons are now silent onlookers to perpetuate this idea that they do not care truly for what goes on in the world. Despite the fact that having a patron that does not actually interact with its followers cuts out a lot of potential dynamic outside of Conflict RP one could do with something like a Holy magic, as well as well... What's the point of having a Patron if it never even once acknowledges your actions or what you're doing anymore, not even a pat on the back or a well meaning nod... We thrust Dark magic users up onto this pedestal and treat them as though they are the centre of everything, the centre of conflict, the centre of RP, the centre of everything that goes on making them the centre of attention for no better reason than because they are a Dark magic user. Which quite often now seems to make those whom practice it far too big for their boots thinking they're the mighty dark lord of everything, which maybe if this was a fantasy story book that would be cool, but there is like 50 'dark lord' characters running around maybe at least, maybe even more than that. Imagine how LOTR's would be if there were 50 mini saurons running around all saying that they could take on at least 5 to 10 guys by themselves all the time just because they're evil... I quite frankly say no more. I will not have my RP dictated by Dark magic users just because they are Dark magic users personally, I'd rather explore options that didn't specifically require the inclusion of a dark magic being in order to it to even function remotely. And that's where the problem stems from, Holy Magic keeps on trying to react to this arms race the dark magic users have seemingly made creating all these different dark creatures and races and magics and Magic combos that break the system entirely when used together (looking at you Blood magic), and I just have to say that I just can't be bothered having to rely /entirely/ on constantly chasing after Dark Magic users just to practice Holy magic, and then sit twiddling my thumbs otherwise when there is no chasing to be done. Balls to you, you can come and find me for a change. And you know what? Now that I am on the subject the same goes to all the Holy users out there to get off their High horses and start just doing exactly what I'm doing, we don't /need/ Dark magic users to be thrusted up on a pedestal and be the focus of all our efforts and attention in order to DO things. Not everything our magics should do should specifically relate to dark magic. There's entitlement, a lot of entitlement on both sides of the picket line and quite frankly, being around as long as I have I've seen the best and worst both sides have to offer and quite honestly it cannot go on like this.
  6. Blundermore

    [✗] Leylines

    But wait... Leylines have been a thing since Aegis and is what partially forms "pools" and "lakes" that we call Voidal nodes. Are you telling me they don't recognize that lore anymore? Leylines crisscrossing across reality forming a next of which all of creation is pretty much based on as a foundation that keeps the world intact through mystical means?
  7. Blundermore

    Freebuild Idea (Suggestion)

    That could work yes. Didn't think of that.
  8. Blundermore

    Freebuild Idea (Suggestion)

    Freebuild Idea (Suggestion) Hello, just going to keep this short as not much needs to be said on the matter: Here is the premise of the idea: We should hold competitions for freebuilding in order to generate more interest in building decent looking freebuild structures amongst players. Just that extra little effort into an otherwise mundane cobblestone fortress would help to increase the overall quality of freebuild designs and not just make it something you might find few and far between. Lifting the average just that little bit higher by providing a bit of incentive. What may that Incentive be exactly? Perhaps instead of the threat of merely having your structure removed (which should remain only for those who make cobblestone boxes and call it a house). We should encourage players to compete in friendly competition by providing a server competition that could be held every once in a while to do with freebuilding and finding the nicest looking structure in the land within the realms of freebuild. Perhaps this could also be extended towards those builds within nation lands as well, on the condition that they were built in survival without any LC material's spawned in. The reward for this could be I dunno... a forum tag? Some sort of special event item, a warm pat on the back? Some sort of gratuitous reward at the very least that will drive incentive to build well. I hope the @adminstration or @world dev team take a look at this and have a good think about it because at the very least I think it would be a good idea in order to help continue to provide insentive for players old and new to continue building amazing structures within the Atlas Realm. Thanks for reading, I look forwards to your reply Blundermore.
  9. Blundermore

    Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    Then I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but I think something has gone awry, though we like to think the server is doing well I don't think we have 600+ active members logging in over the course of a day. Unless a war claim is going down we barely even manage to scratch half the max population server cap at peak times.
  10. Blundermore

    Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    Does Nexus coding take into account unique IP's when counting votes? Because otherwise the system can be easily cheated using an alternative Minecraft account, effectively meaning someone with multiple minecraft accounts could have more votes than others in certain matters despite numerically only being one person. edit: Although even then someone with a VPN could actively change their IP address in order to allow them near infinite amount of votes in that case if you are tracking unique IP addresses. Although I have to admit people have to be really sad to do this kind of thing on a minecraft server of all things... was your racial persona really worth the time effort and potentially money that went into setting up that stuff just so you could rig the vote?
  11. Blundermore

    [Arcane][MA] Athedil

    Ello, teaching this one as well.
  12. Blundermore

    Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    I never realized how much making children and who can make children mattered so much on this server... I mean especially these arguments about biology it seems. You do all realise you're on a fantasy server with magic right? Science doesn't hold as much credence as it's being given credit for. I have to agree with some of the comments here, some people on the server really do need to stand back and actually read what they're typing and ask themselves what the hell are they doing.
  13. Blundermore

    The Gnome Post (Suggestion)

    So I've noticed recently that a lot of these Enderchests have been popping up around the place in order for people to store items prior to travel and collect them at a different enderchest at another location, now these boxes literally have not been explained at all nor do they seem to even fit into the landscape they're attempting to inhabit, it's almost as if we've just placed down an enderchest and called it a day pretty much. So it was my intention to attempt to come up with a more suitable postbox design as well as give a better idea as to what these post boxes are. The Gnome Post: The Gnome Post is a service funded and run by the monks on the side as a means of which to help get your parcels and mail delivered safely to your intended destination without fear of it being apprehended by bandits and the likes, employing skilled magicians and brave Gnomes to both protect and see to it that no matter the weather, no matter the time, no parcel ever goes undelivered. These astute couriers through rain and snow, monsters and horrible wars will service the various postboxes throughout the realm in order to collect and bring to a distribution centre undisclosed near the Monks Temple where packages are sorted and sent on their way via methods kept secret to only the postal society alone, as to make sure that the methods and valuables they handle are not tampered with by outside interference. Sending them on their way to their intended destination at another post box, which acts both as a means of sending parcels as well as acting as a form of safety deposit box where you may pick up your parcels safe in the knowledge that your parcels are in good hands. These post boxes can be found throughout the world, from street corners to whole establishments within cities ((there's an idea for a building if you have the space for it, nation builders, a post office)) where revelers can make use of the postal service at their leisure. The matter that some Gnome Couriers tend to mysteriously suffer life threatening injury is just a mere coincidence and considered an occupational risk not covered under the contract signed when couriers take the job on. Pictured above: One such Gnome Courier fearlessly making sure your parcels reach you in record time, come the nether or high water. A proof of concept of the Post boxes can be found below though I leave the concept of a post office building in larger towns and cities to the designers of those cities. Just a proof of concept really, at least it looks better than just sticking an enderchest down in the middle of nowhere and calling it a day. (You even get to see a sneak peak of my personal build world as well)
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  15. Blundermore

    Blundermore [TA Arcane Transfiguration]

    Post edited accordingly.