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  1. There won’t ever be a way to define roleplay into a neatly explained package as the permutations involved in every unique situation would go on into the infinite of possibility. Common sense and co-operative roleplay was always championed in the past, something the newer generation of LOTC must learn once more it seems.
  2. How are things... haven't looked on here in a long while. Also I realise now that I never did get Aether status on the forums. Not that it matters too much now

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    2. Sorcerio


      2 hours ago, NotEvilAtAll said:

      server is at war


      we just updated to 1.14.4


    3. Blundermore


      3 hours ago, Telanir said:

      What a wonderful surprise to see you around again Blundermore! Sure I’ll set you up with that Aether rank that you’re supposed to have, strange… anyway I hope you are doing well. You’re always welcome back in here. ?

      I haven’t really been able to come on the server due to events that happened in game really, and I just don’t have the drive to start a new character once he’s gone, if he’s gone... though the staff seem hell bent on making sure he stays gone. 



    4. MadOne


      Still waiting on some mysterious thing to dawn on me that ur wizard said would happen...

  3. Posted this late last night but The_Mystery_man’s voidal tear event was really fun! can’t wait to read his writeup of it. 


  4. Ah I remember Papa well when he spat me out of the ethereal Aether that was soon to be creation as a little Wizardling egg. Good times.
  5. What is the point of consistently posting the same post several times in several different forum threads when there are already two sizeable forum threads on the subject already? What is this post meant to do? Why couldn't you have just added it to the other two, now three posts on raiding?
  6. custard...


    1. James


      i want to hit it with my chainsword

    2. Blundermore




  7. But wait... Leylines have been a thing since Aegis and is what partially forms "pools" and "lakes" that we call Voidal nodes. Are you telling me they don't recognize that lore anymore? Leylines crisscrossing across reality forming a next of which all of creation is pretty much based on as a foundation that keeps the world intact through mystical means?
  8. I never realized how much making children and who can make children mattered so much on this server... I mean especially these arguments about biology it seems. You do all realise you're on a fantasy server with magic right? Science doesn't hold as much credence as it's being given credit for. I have to agree with some of the comments here, some people on the server really do need to stand back and actually read what they're typing and ask themselves what the hell are they doing.
  9. I mean it's been established in a lot of pieces that Ascended artifacts for the past six years usually require Ascended blood/the Power of Aeriel in order to properly activate them, and though that has changed a little bit for some of the new infusions this specifically isn't an infusion. Anyways the purpose of all this is for internal Ascended management, not to write another weapon amongst all the copious methods and weapons that exist to murder Ascended and things similar to it already. As it stands anyways there's no point giving it the ability to be used by non Ascended, as most likely th
  10. I don't suppose you could help me out on a project I'm working on, I just need people to answer a very simple stawpoll question. The Question is out of the options presented which do you think gives the most aesthetically pleasing surface result. Forget about the colours or the texturing or any of that thing because that doesn't matter at all, all that matters is which surface looks the best out of those listed. If you want you could also send me private messages answering why in more depth you think something looks particularly good compared to the others as that would help as well. 

    Links have been provided below for both the strawpoll and the options presented:


    Option 1: https://i.gyazo.com/24116f16a513004ae5a91ee01edc5d37.png

    Option 2: https://i.gyazo.com/48d67012c084c0cec99b2c2abd57c44f.png

    Option 3: https://i.gyazo.com/1484390873e4ee9ef2ee97d0454401e5.jpg

  11. Phoenix Book was completed yesterday 


    1. Archipelego


      now if only i could find a damn phoenix

  12. Finished writing the In RP Phoenix guide.


    1. AlphaMoist


      Have they all been found 

    2. Blundermore


      Not that I know of. 

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