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  1. You do realize we're talking with players...about magic...because magic is as you said so turgid we're trying to fix it. We're working on other **** too, not just magic. World Lore, Guides, Souls, everything. If you asked someone, anyone, you would have found out we're doing ****. We don't mention it because, do you tell someone about the cookies your making when you're writing up the recipe? Or do you tell them when the cookies are in the over?
  2. Lore Mods - Handle the Apps and help moderate the lore Lore Masters - Handle the Lore writing and back end work of the lore mostly Lore Librarians - Make sure the Wiki isn't ass anymore Whats wrong here? @Jaeden In regards to LT signing, MArts are still signed, other items are not due to the SHEER AMOUNT OF THEM. Right now anyone with Enchanting can make magic items. Anyone with Runesmithing can also make magic items. Atlas is inflated with some relevant and many more not so relevant items. It's easier to let the player's sign things and not use staff signs as a means to drive up the value of their pixels. Does that answer your question?
  3. Daily reminder the daily reminder meme started with Pond.

    1. tenredux


      more like brought back from the dead

  4. Lark

    On Staff Disconnection: The Lore Team

    can we have competent people apply for staff?
  5. Lark

    On Staff Disconnection: The Lore Team

    can we just have a community that gets along and realizes people are human people who range from teenagers to young adults and that no one here is an actual ******* adult, if they are, they don't act like it because why are they here if they did. Also I'm surprised I am not the most active. ******* hell elrith
  6. Legit curious, why are you so masochistic.
  7. Lark

    [Server] Gioia24 Ban Appeal

    Ight I'm just gonna lock this. Apologies for not getting to it earlier. This was to be expected.
  8. Lark

    GM Veterans Club

    I need proper support for my 2015 PTSD
  9. Daily reminder that Karimir shouldn't kinkshame people

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    2. dogbew


      Anyone who uses the term Kinkshame deserves to be shamed.

    3. SaltAlt


      what if kinkshaming is their kink? doesnt that make you the kink shamer?

    4. Starfelt
  10. Lark

    blue tag needs AMA

    Thoughts on me? Thoughts on Derrick? Thoughts on LotC? Don't you realize that you and Lack both copied me?
  11. Lark

    Lockezi's Game Moderator Application

    Thoughts on me? Thoughts on Derrick? Thoughts on LotC? Gummies made out of gelatin or gummies made out of pectin?
  12. oi oi come back here 

  13. Daily reminder procrastination is bad. Don't do procrastination kids.

    1. Youngie5500


      I'll stop procrastinating tomorrow.

  14. Lark

    The Academy of Holm [Second Semester] [Applications Open]

    Derrick sorts through all the new mail, wondering how he got to this point in his life. "Needs more science and engineer majors..." ((I've added you all on discord and can add you to the server soon. @StarGazzer Add me tho cus it won't let me add you))