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  1. I've forged, all I wanted to forge.

    I've explored, all I wanted to explore.


    I've watched, all I wanted to watch.


    I have my closure.

    1. Nowak


      May your future be bright as the stories you told, no matter whats instore. We shall miss you

  2. Gaius I see you in the forum onlinebox. gtfo its my turn to lurk here

  3. Been a bit, still miss you, though I am glad you don’t have to see the **** state the world is in. Though I think it’d just inspire you to write some funky lore and make for a fun time.

  4. See my edit. And you are talking about absorbing carbon. You do not explicitly state it is a high carbon steel. Carburization, that only makes the metal harder. But specfically used for metals that have a lower carbon percentage. Depending on where you are mining your ore, and what composition of elements you are using, especially for iron, this isn’t necessary and the end product will be barely usable for combat, and would be better suited for industrial operations. Unless thats what you want it to be used for. EDIT: You need to make sure your metal lore is explicit and explains everything properly. You’ve read my Bluesteel lore, haven’t you? Its simply explained, and that was that. Later on, it was expanded and it works just fine. If you are going to give information on the ‘vague’ metals, don’t be even more vague than it already is.
  5. Cool cool. Nowhere in your lore do you mention it is a high carbon steel. And if this is a low fantasy-fantasy server, then blood magic (THAT YOU WROTE), shades, Ascended, etc etc can go, right? This is a problem, you have your own opinion of what LotC’s lore SHOULD be, and are denying the fact that it is not, in fact that. The Lore Leader even has a race of shapeshifters. Those ain’t low fantasy by a long shot. LotC is medium fantasy at most. Black Ferrum and Daemonsteel are the least needed lore bits right now. My genuine criticism is you would be better off applying your writing talent on something not these, because otherwise you are just wasting your time. But heres some other criticisms if you really wanna go through with this. Blackferrum → Rename to Blackiron, sounds better and not as awkward as Blackferrum, which is silly. A darker color could be imparted by alloying it with lead or silicon. Lead doesn’t bond with steel, but rather works as an inclusion and would make the metal suitable for machining operations involving cutting as a lead iron alloy cuts easier. I can find the science sources on that if you want to understand that more. SIlicon works if you want it to be special because it purifies the iron and increases strength and hardness of the metal. You are not only making yourself look bad, but Riftblade and Josh as well by putting out subpar metal lore. Hell, I don’t even know who you are. I just am very passionate about worldbuilding lore, especially metal lore (since I’ve written the major ones like Slayersteel and Bluesteel). I prefer realism and science behind my lore, so it has basis and is easy to understand. This is not that.
  6. This is worse than “Blackferrum”. I have no constructive criticism for this, just wondering why the hell people feel the need to add in special metal that will end up serving no purpose. Nexus added in crappy extra metal because...well I don’t know. They felt the need too I guess. If people haven’t cared about it then, they clearly won’t care about it now.
  7. This is a very vague way to explain a different color metal. It really doesn’t need some special properties because of “the way it is refined”. Realistically it doesn’t make sense. The properties of the metal are inherent to what you used in the process to begin with. For example, stainless steel requires nickel, silicon, chromium, in addition to iron. This is a poor excuse for a metal lore, do some research on how blacksmithing works and try again. Or just, let it be simply defined as ‘metal that is black’ there are plenty of ways to do it that don’t involve speshul techniques.
  8. The best thing you could do for LotC is finally let it die, and let someone else start something new. (or just let it stay dead). The effort is appreciated but this wasn’t it. The administration has relied on words for too long, and all of the actions they have taken have only been more and more contradictory and controversial with every passing month. End it, it’s like watching a friend slowly wither and die from cancer. Except the doctors, government, and everyone but the people who have no say want to keep them alive. P.S. Tythus providing that little secondary post only made this post more disingenuous.
  9. In case Admins continue to do nothing after this shitstorm, there is always the authorities!
    1. Ixli


      @Tythus @Telanir hello, we need something done here. Evidently, if a large enough of our playerbase gets behind a movement of reporting LOTC to these groups, LTD is going to have an issue.


      That being said, if we don’t get a response in a week, you can bet that I’ll be one of the people issuing reports. 

  10. Having been a moderator, and I’m sure I can speak for the other mods and former mods that do possess a brain, spine, common sense, and humanity (They do exist, surprisingly), but the Admin team falling back on the excuse of lack of evidence is the largest pile of bullshit I have seen on this server. It is cowardly, it is demeaning to all of the past and future victims of Lord of the Craft’s shallow staff team, and it is a disservice not only to the international community Lord of the Craft caters to, but to the general role-play community at large. This decision shows how little empathy and humanity you lot have. Leave it to the proper authorities I suppose. I have compiled a list of online tipping sites for various nations so the players of LotC can report the pedophiles of LotC, and I suppose the Administration since they have willingly allowed such disgusting behavior to occur and go unpunished. I hope those of you affected can find peace, and if anyone needs to rant, PM me and I’ll send you my discord. I may no longer involve myself with the server but the community does hold a special place in my heart and it upsets me that LotC has fallen so far. EDIT: Accidentally posted before I finished list, rip, I’ll have more here and edit when done 5:26 PM EST EDITEDIT: Finished list with stuff for Scotland (Even though it doesn’t exist), USA, Australia, Canada, and UK. I can add more if desired but I figured I’d hit on the main countries I know where players are from. 5:30 PM EST
  11. The ERP Police was the best GM Meme on the server and I miss it so. I would become a GM again just do **** like that again with the players.
  12. Man I sure wish somebody had let people know about these pedos within the community. If only some staff members didn’t delete posts and protect their friends.

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