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  1. Lark

    We Have A Crisis

    The best thing you could do for LotC is finally let it die, and let someone else start something new. (or just let it stay dead). The effort is appreciated but this wasn’t it. The administration has relied on words for too long, and all of the actions they have taken have only been more and more contradictory and controversial with every passing month. End it, it’s like watching a friend slowly wither and die from cancer. Except the doctors, government, and everyone but the people who have no say want to keep them alive. P.S. Tythus providing that little secondary post only made this post more disingenuous.
  2. In case Admins continue to do nothing after this shitstorm, there is always the authorities!
    1. Ixli


      @Tythus @Telanir hello, we need something done here. Evidently, if a large enough of our playerbase gets behind a movement of reporting LOTC to these groups, LTD is going to have an issue.


      That being said, if we don’t get a response in a week, you can bet that I’ll be one of the people issuing reports. 

  3. Lark

    Admin Update

    Having been a moderator, and I’m sure I can speak for the other mods and former mods that do possess a brain, spine, common sense, and humanity (They do exist, surprisingly), but the Admin team falling back on the excuse of lack of evidence is the largest pile of bullshit I have seen on this server. It is cowardly, it is demeaning to all of the past and future victims of Lord of the Craft’s shallow staff team, and it is a disservice not only to the international community Lord of the Craft caters to, but to the general role-play community at large. This decision shows how little empathy and humanity you lot have. Leave it to the proper authorities I suppose. I have compiled a list of online tipping sites for various nations so the players of LotC can report the pedophiles of LotC, and I suppose the Administration since they have willingly allowed such disgusting behavior to occur and go unpunished. I hope those of you affected can find peace, and if anyone needs to rant, PM me and I’ll send you my discord. I may no longer involve myself with the server but the community does hold a special place in my heart and it upsets me that LotC has fallen so far. EDIT: Accidentally posted before I finished list, rip, I’ll have more here and edit when done 5:26 PM EST EDITEDIT: Finished list with stuff for Scotland (Even though it doesn’t exist), USA, Australia, Canada, and UK. I can add more if desired but I figured I’d hit on the main countries I know where players are from. 5:30 PM EST
  4. The ERP Police was the best GM Meme on the server and I miss it so. I would become a GM again just do **** like that again with the players.
  5. Man I sure wish somebody had let people know about these pedos within the community. If only some staff members didn’t delete posts and protect their friends.

  6. Knox

    hey baby looking for a good time?

    1. Ark
    2. ferdaboys69


      lark wont remember me

    3. Lark


      Hi Ark, hope you’re doin well dude. And Yeah i am knox, but this place is far from a good time except for pedos and snakes

  7. MFW I see people complaining about Dragur after I left plans that set it up for success and predecessors didn’t follow it: https://gph.is/2mZoaeq

  8. The magic rewrites began around this time last year. Maybe a bit earlier? But I know I left when it was Soon TM. Let that sink in.
  9. Lark

    The Response

    I see Jaeden is out protecting his hide. Other GMs are either laughing, don’t care, or are just gonna stay quiet. What can I say except shoulda played a Wood Elf. But in all seriousness, it sucks. I wish there was more to do than put up with this bs. Though there are better things to do with friends then waste time trying to argue against people who protect pedophiles, sociopaths, and other terrible people who lack the common sense or morality to lead a community to success. My best advice is keep drawing attention to it, the less platform they have to stand on, the more likely they are to come down from their decision as we’ve seen in the past. Its a stupid ******* cycle though if you ask me. Good luck
  10. The more people that speak up, the safer LotC becomes.
  11. Larky Loo, how are you?

  12. I miss you every day man. I wish I could show you all the writing I’ve done, and we could sit back and talk about lore and the cool stuff you were doing with the Ikuras cult.

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    2. chaotikal
    3. Legoboy7984


      I miss Watyll A LOT. He was a funny guy with a lot of passion for things like when he was leading the Sons of the Creator he had high goals for our group and etc. It still saddens me that he is gone.

    4. rukio
  13. LotCers, this is not a meme. Im outtie. I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from LotC as being a geology major in senior year of college is about as hard as you’d expect. (About a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale). I need to focus on classes so I can graduate and get the big bucks. To kind of settle ****, Derrick’s going on a trip to gain a better understanding of the world, my Graven is somewhere smithing i dunno. There ain’t much else too it. I’ll be back because as much of a problem child we all know Lotc is, its kind of a home for our friend groups and fun for some people to roleplay on. I also like the idea of running a library where people can find the information they need and then some. Regarding Dragur builds, New Dragur Library will remain closed unless I can get someone to finish labeling the shelves. If thats finished I’ll pop by to announce that. 1300+ books is a lot to label. The dragon egg is an illusion, its not real, so stop trying to steal it damnit. Let me just have my cool decorations 😞 Old Dragur Library will remain closed as we forgot to construct a storage room in the New Dragur Library, hindsight is 20/20 and Wretched is busy af irl as well. So that will remain until I have time to get on and make a proper storage room. When I’m back and have more free time I intend to push forward with the rest of my dragur plans, I’m sorry its taken so long, and I’m sorry for the inconveniences, but I need to focus because I have terrible study skills. I don’t think I missed anything? If I did, ya’ll know where to find me. I can’t help with GM or LM issues for the time being so please do not approach me about that on discord, I won’t be able to do jack squat. Don’t do drugs, stop cybering on the server, and stay in school kids. Signed, Lark, the Most Abusive GM of LotC P.S. I’ll start the gif blog up again when I’m back. I’ve been neglecting it because I haven’t had much desire to do it but I kinda miss doing it. So for the none of you which look at that, it’ll be updated again whenever.
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