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  1. Lark

    The King's Quests

    "I think this will be a good use of my time. I better go kick Varis and Valor awake.." says scholarly man
  2. Lark

    [I] TheAnorak's Game Moderator Application

    good luck, thats all i have to say
  3. Lark

    Bell’s Table of General Measurements

    "Well you can do what you want, I never said /you/ had to use it." says man in vaguer elven forest ((ty for the laugh tonight))
  4. Bell’s Table of General Measurements 11th of Snow’s Maiden, 1663 15th of Grand Harvest, 1664 Revised By Derrick Bell Introduction: In my attempts to better quantify and break down the world into something, more measurable, something that we can look at and understand through mental exercise. I have taken it upon myself to begin scribing units of measurement that take into better account what our world has needs for. Often it is described in some scant literature, words describing yards, inches, and feet. Frankly, I’d be a bit concerned if it were true that the dwarves truly measured their beautiful architecture with merely their feet. Although I’d also be quite impressed that such a people had uniformly growing feet. Regardless, I present to you the first edition Bell’s Table of General Measurements. In addition, to prevent the excessive writing of zeros, a notation has been devised to acquaint for such. Such notation is that for every zero, one merely take the beginning of a number, and count away from it if the number is negative, and towards if positive. Such as follows 1000 = 1 * 10^3 or .0001 = 1 * 10^-3 Alternatively, one may use E to represent an Exponent. Length 10 millimeters (mm) = 1 centimeter (cm) 1 meter (m) = 100 centimeters = 1000 millimeters 1 kilometer (km) = 1000 meters Area 100 square millimeters (mm2) = 1 square centimeter (cm2) 10000 square centimeters (cm2) = 1 square meter (m2) 100 square meters (m2) = 1 acre 1e5 square meters = 1 square kilometer (km2) 1000 cubic millimeters (mm3) = 1 cubic centimeter (cm3) 1e6 cubic centimeters = 1 cubic meter (m3) Weight 1000 milligrams (mg) = 1 gram (g) 1000 grams (g) = 1 kilogram (kg) Volume 1000 milliliters (mL) = 1 liter (L) 1000 liters (L) = 1 kiloliter (kL) Time 60 seconds = 1 minute 60 minutes = 1 hour Energy While currently, we have no way to truly measure energy, I propose we measure such as Holms. In honor of the academy that has allowed me to bloom amongst other scholars. (Rename for Joules) Temperature To measure temperature, I propose we measure such as Thahns, relating to the coldness Thanhnic ore creates. Perhaps the name will change. (Rename for Celsius) OOC: So for the rising of scholarly/science/etc rp whatever you want, we got this. I considered renaming all of the terms to something for a fantasy setting but I didn't want to die. Perhaps in the future such will be done. But for now, sue me. Also, in the choice to do freedom units and metric, I decided to do metric because even if you aren't doing science and ****, knowing metric can be useful. So enjoy and please be gentle.
  5. IGN: _Lark_ Character name: Gorn Starbreaker Time zone: EST IC letter of application: "Let me smith" - Gorn
  6. Is it possible to mod the Minecraft death sound to the wilhelm scream on the server? Make PvP a lot funnier I think

  7. Lark

    Money and Voting

    I mean, you say that now but that's because there is a lack of money sinks as you mentioned. Sporadic has already expressed that money sinks will soon be coming in previous posts, it's only a matter of time before we have those money sinks and if the voting money is lowered, then its a whole new problem. The current level of money is pretty nice I think, especially with how the economy is at the moment. It isn't that there is a massive influx of money, just a lack of things to spend money on. Which will change within the next month or so I assume.
  8. Lark

    For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Another frigid night in the Vayl Wastelands lurches forth as the bright moon of Atlas shines down, a faint haze of powdered snow and moonlight mingle as a falcon beats its tired wings, dried blood clinging to its battered body. With a weak cry, the falcon bursts dives into the keep of the Vizmaks, flying through one of the many holes of the decrepit keep. Derrick and Arhadir sit before the fireplace as they pore over reports, pondering where Travis had gone. Arhadir would calm the falcon, lifting him up, recognizing who it belonged to and what tidings it brought. In a swift movement he removed a note tied to the poor creature’s leg as Derrick stepped in to bring the blood soaked bird to the infirmary. Arhadir’s hand trembled as his age began to show in his face, creases deepening in worry and anger. Worry at what might become of Travis, anger at his recklessness. But such was not a time for chastisement. Now was a time for action. Upon opening the note, Travis had scrawled a message about his whereabouts. “Bl d, blo d a , mor b ood. H ns as b f nd d ubt e l c i g b c. V y s r g e g o m ir t. I w ll c n t n u e my p th.", The text on the note had been completely soaked through with blood, with little chance restoring what was initially written, the text was written hasty. Arhadir stowed the note away, hurrying to the infirmary where Daliyah and Derrick tended to Travis’s falcon. As Derrick’s eyes met Arhadir’s, he knew it was time. Derrick took a deep breath of frigid air, walking to the bunks of the Vizmaks and calling them to order as he leaned upon the doorframe. With but a word, they readied themselves as the time had come to bring Travis home. With slayersteel at the ready, the Vizmaks began to gather outside the fort, boots crunching in the snow as missives were sent out to gather more forces. (For IC friends of Travis Bell only) 'To whom it may concern, My brother Travis has recently gone missing after a search for one of our primary leaders, Hans. We received a blood soaked note which we are currently deciphering. If you are available, we would much like to see you participate in our search for his search, alive or dead. Signed, Arhadir 'The Old One' Derrick Bell
  9. Lark

    It Raises Again...And Awaits for you....

    @HyenaSpider queeeeeen @KnoxI am beyond glad we have remained friends to this day @TorkoalTomSuper sweet please do not die from work overload @Sky Amazing @Arzota best dark elf @Aengoth Dwarf badass come back pls @SodaiKamikaze I joined the starbreakers now pls dont hurt me, ur great These are people off the top my head, I will think of more later!!!
  10. Lark

    Behind the Bells

    “Oftentimes I think back to our childhood in Marna, where life was simpler, richer, and the world’s horrors seemed so far away.” A terrible blizzard brewed outside the Vizmak keep, as it always did. Snow and frost clawing the windows, stained black and gray with age. The heavy ruined stones did little to insulate the heat of the fireplace located in the center of the fort. Tired men, young and old were huddled on the floor of the Initiate’s quarters, playing cards and reminiscing about times before they had put aside their lives for the cause of hunting beasts. Their stories carried their way to my own bunk as I lay there, thinking of my own past and what had led up to this moment in particular. The chilling winds screamed outside like a frightened maiden, terrified of whatever horrors lay out in the canvas of white. I had found a calming peace in the sounds of my comrades, it distracted me from the cold that I could focus on what mattered. The smell of burning oak and pine wood we had gathered in preparation for the storm, the taste of rich stew made from Travis’s latest deer hunt, it was, in a way, relaxing. But, it was an illusion. This was not leisure, this was a brief respite from what lay beyond the blizzard. Upon closing my eyes, I’m back in a temperate climate once more. Where the sun smiled down upon me as I would follow Travis through the market streets towards the orphanage where we oft spent out time. While we were the sons of well-off merchants, Travis had seen their plight and decided that we should keep them company. I have fond memories of Travis and I exploring the city with children from the orphanage. It was quite a different life they led, they had no one and nothing except for each other. We had, about everything we could have needed at the time. It’s something I know Travis thinks about every day still, most of the money he makes goes back to that orphanage which he now owns. After all, it’s the most we can do. Living and growing up with them was an experience in how the world’s events are often out of our hands. That feeling of helplessness is hard to mitigate, even when you keep telling yourself it isn’t your fault. Perhaps it’s why our parents had us study around the world, to continue to experience new things, and so we did. Life was simple and stayed simple for me. I preferred it so. To the academies and scholars of science and history I went, to gain a deeper understanding of the world around me where I could indulge myself in all of the literature I desired, as it was, and always will be a place of ultimate comfort for me. Travis studied for some time as well, but amongst the stacks was not his home. Travis, while intelligent beyond his years, needed discipline. He needed direction. Mother decided to send him to the Reiter Brigade to keep an eye on our Uncle Norman. He finally found direction upon being inducted into the Reiter Company as an unblooded initiate. After such news reached me, it was the last time I would hear from Travis, for what he learned there has only been passed onto me through stories I’d hear over dinner. He’s remained quiet about his deeds within the Reiter ranks to this day. War was hard on Travis, it opened his eyes to the follies of man and to his path, at what cost I do not know. My brother did not seem a changed man but I do oftentimes worry about him. To know he survived is a testament to the fortitude of Travis, something I will back till the end of my days. He would later tell me how he and Hans met, from crawling out from under a mound of corpses from what I suppose is now known as the Battle of the Bloody Road. From there, a new mission was forged for him, and later on, I would find myself on that same path. To Whitepeak he went, using the family fortune to muster up a manor and begin culling Atlas of monsters. To what end he intends to go, I know not, but it inspired me as word reached me. To take up a new cause of danger to make the world safer for the mortal races. To be honest, I could have stayed comfortable, I could have stayed in at our family home. But the opportunity to discover a new life, a new perspective and experience is something I think, that to ignore would be a true folly. So, off I went to Whitepeak, finding my brother and Hans readying themselves to hunt monsters, at the expense of all the money we had. So I sit here, in this freezing fort wondering how it all came full circle. I suppose it matters not how it all came to be, but where we go from here. The sound of Arhadir entering the room, his wise voice barking echoing off the broken walls of the fort as he calls out Travis and Hans for their reckless ways, much like a grandfather would. Even in the blizzards of the south, we knew what we signed up for. We knew what had to be done. As I ready my blade and head outside, Travis and I share a look, knowing that this is where we are meant to be.
  11. Lark

    The Tournament of the Sun's Smile

    MC Name: _Lark_ RP Name: Derrick Bell Nation: None Age: 25
  12. Lark

    Settling in AMA

    At the moment? My head feels heavy, my knees weak, my arms already movin' to the beat of the keyboard as I continue to type and write about **** happening eastward. Also ow my head hurts cus I'm still sick