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  1. LotCers, this is not a meme. Im outtie. I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from LotC as being a geology major in senior year of college is about as hard as you’d expect. (About a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale). I need to focus on classes so I can graduate and get the big bucks. To kind of settle ****, Derrick’s going on a trip to gain a better understanding of the world, my Graven is somewhere smithing i dunno. There ain’t much else too it. I’ll be back because as much of a problem child we all know Lotc is, its kind of a home for our friend groups and fun for some people to roleplay on. I also like the idea of running a library where people can find the information they need and then some. Regarding Dragur builds, New Dragur Library will remain closed unless I can get someone to finish labeling the shelves. If thats finished I’ll pop by to announce that. 1300+ books is a lot to label. The dragon egg is an illusion, its not real, so stop trying to steal it damnit. Let me just have my cool decorations 😞 Old Dragur Library will remain closed as we forgot to construct a storage room in the New Dragur Library, hindsight is 20/20 and Wretched is busy af irl as well. So that will remain until I have time to get on and make a proper storage room. When I’m back and have more free time I intend to push forward with the rest of my dragur plans, I’m sorry its taken so long, and I’m sorry for the inconveniences, but I need to focus because I have terrible study skills. I don’t think I missed anything? If I did, ya’ll know where to find me. I can’t help with GM or LM issues for the time being so please do not approach me about that on discord, I won’t be able to do jack squat. Don’t do drugs, stop cybering on the server, and stay in school kids. Signed, Lark, the Most Abusive GM of LotC P.S. I’ll start the gif blog up again when I’m back. I’ve been neglecting it because I haven’t had much desire to do it but I kinda miss doing it. So for the none of you which look at that, it’ll be updated again whenever.
  2. We need a staff member who won’t **** up those dang broadcasts again!!! But in all seriousness, god yes.

    TFW you’re trying to spook the dominion and you end up spooking away their lights...WHOOPS

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    I> Uialbens <I

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    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Bingo But i’ll reupload a fix later
  6. Daily reminder to brush your teeth, look both ways on the street, and take a shower. Take a Shower. TAKE A SHOWER

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      but i like being a stinky sweatster, this is lotc after all


  7. Lark

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    I call it, “Self Awareness of a Game Moderator” EDIT: Also my 4500th post. I need more hobbies.
  8. Lark


    Derrick stands stalwart atop Caerhays, thumbing a small journal as a gentle southern breeze whips across the tundra below. His coat billowed quietly, dancing around his silent form as grey eyes watched, a spark burning within them. “Back to work.” He’d glance down at the journal, the symbol of the Library of Dragur emblazoned upon it. As he made his way down the steps and into the warmth of the keep, he cast a glance to a long faded sketch above the mantle, of a family he once had, wondering if his plans would bring them back.
  9. Daily reminder a good roleplayer is one whose roleplaying immerses those around them and becomes apart of the environment rather than standing out from it and breaking it.

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      minas or die

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      Wrong. If you don’t make a GoT reference at least every 3 lines you should be reported and deported o/

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      28 minutes ago, Sporadic said:

      Wrong. If you don’t make a GoT reference at least every 3 lines you should be reported and deported o/

      F*ck the king

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    Au Revoir

    o7 see you tomorrow
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    A Farewell From Zach

    See you tomorrow.
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    Admin Update Pt. 1

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    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    i miss anthos