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  1. Lark

    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

    Skeleton Key huh?
  2. Lark

    Arcane Incantations

    It is an RP thing its moreso here for documentation rather than reinforcement
  3. Lark

    Arcane Incantations

    As a biased staff team member, I accept this lore on behalf of the Lore Team >_> <_< But ye is good stuff 😄
  4. Lark

    Legal action must be taken

  5. Lark

    [✗]The Aspects Hold No Sway Over Mortalkind

    Across Atlas, the roar of the Aspects can be heard at this declaration of disrespect: A lone druidic spirit rises from a tree: "Wood you look at that, a bunch of fungis these elves are."
  6. Lark

    The Declaration of Regency, 1672

    Derrick Bell lets out a quiet sigh, "I'll jump into the Soulstream myself if everyone I know keeps dying."
  7. Lark

    20k x 20k Map for Server

    Hell I just the download just to explore it
  8. Lark

    GM Monthly Update Log - June

    Hide your kids, hide your wife, everyone's bypassin' it out here.
  9. Lark

    ItsYaBoiiRoan's Game Moderator Application

    You need at least 200 Rep to be a Game Moderator. Jokes aside, if you've been here consistently since Febuary, I'd def recommend you gain a bit more presence on the forums first. Helps a lot with getting people comfortable (or uncomfortable) with you being a GM!
  10. There is a lot I would change regarding regulation of some things and have had much clearer and more concise rules from the start. I would certainly be around a bit more and have a bit more handle on the server and try to be very involved with the community. While Tythus has a life and his own ****, personally I feel it makes the server homier when you do **** like that. Plugins are fine tbh, maybe a few more QoL things i cant think of off the top my head, def pay coders so I could yell at them legitimately if we didn't have plugins done on time, which is a major issue of execution on this server. Mechanics would be probably a bit more detailed, otherwise LotC doesn't have as many problems as people like to yell about. While I'm also one of those people, if you set aside a lot of the community strife and just try to have fun, you'll find it and it will be a good experience. No community is perfect and LotC never will be, that said I would certainly try to push for a paradigm shift towards that attitude so people wouldn't be so goddamn nitpicky and just try to enjoy themselves.
  11. Lark

    ask harold one questions

    Best alcoholic drink you can buy affordably internationally? I need somethin new