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    MC Name: Lomrun VIP Rank: Diamond In-game screenshot of your tag and username:
  2. Taeluir would nod approvingly after having read the letter. Before him sits Meracahe @rwko, whom he would discuss the content of the letter with. “I have nothing but respect for mister Induilie and I applaud his self-nomination. Mister Induilie is highly intelligent man and he will surely bring honor to the Silver Enclave and the mari’thill.”
  3. Lomrun

    AT Monthly Update Log- December

    Having just returned to Lord of the Craft, I must say that I have not seen such transparency in any role-playing server yet (even outside of Minecraft role-play, although I have mostly experienced GTA:SA role-play. Thank you for providing us with these immensely interesting statistics.
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    The Eternal College

    [[OOC]] IGN: Lomrun Discord [Optional]: Lomrun#0400 [[IC]] Name: Taeluir Race: High Elf Age: 76 School(s) and Certifications applying to: Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane Magics known prior: None. Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Yes Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes
  6. Lomrun

    More money for voting

    Ah, okay. That had me confused for a moment there, haha! : )
  7. Lomrun

    More money for voting

    Interesting. Does the +25 bonus keep stacking each consecutive day? Would/does this not lead to inflation of products, making it harder on newer players with little to no resources to their name?
  8. Lomrun

    Conservative Party of Dunshire

    [!] A note & pamphlet is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard. The Conservative Party of Dunshire General Information (usually shortened to the Conservative Party, or informally known as the Erpublicans) is a centre-right political party in Dunshire. The party was founded on the 11th of Malin’s Welcome 1696 by Erling Newburrow, the party usually promotes conservative policies averse to change or innovation, to promote traditional values. Proposed Policies & Beliefs Most “Erpublicans” believe in: A halfling should be proper at all times, unless radical times call for radical measures. (e.g. wearing a shirt at ALL times!) Every inhabitant of Dunshire has to contribute to Dunshire in one way or another. (Those without a job will lose their benefits.) A wall must be build around Dunshire to keep tall scary individuals out that wish to harm us. (No longer will Dunshire submit to raids and pillaging.) Burrow owners should not be punished for defending themselves against people who break into their homes. Dunshire must remain independent and never join another kingdom or lose its right of freedom. There should be more support given to those who protect Dunshire and its traditions. A more conscious effort to preserve the flora and fauna. Elections must be changed to be more democratic. Pumpkin Lord Knox is our one and only true god. Marriage is encouraged. Membership A halfling wishing to join the Conservative Party may contact: Erling Newburron (Lomrun#0400) 4 Lake’s Root, Dunshire Atlas [!] An additional note is pinned directly underneath the pamphlet & the note. “Those wishing to contribute to party policies and/or propose changes are welcome to speak to Erling Newburrow. Your voice shall be heard.”