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  1. just remember that we are playing a video game ! i am not the enemy. the enemy is the patriarchal block hierarchy that systematically oppresses e-women (u).
  2. i made a meme and i've talked it thru with muna why are you so offended about this edit: here's proof so you dont waste time typing a response
  3. joeltheginger has shitposted everything that has had to do with lorraine for the past 6 years as an immortal vampire claimant sipping pina coladas in aeldin, let's not get on our high horse here
  4. LFG to get revenge on joeltheginger for getting lorraine killed by the romstuns HMU
  5. F ā l ' s W o r l d With its wanton festivities over, Fāl's World returns to business as usual - that is, little happens on the cold, arid military planet other than the continued drilling of its armies. In the stars above, the Heavy Cruiser The Coin watches traffic with an eager eye, ready for the next Vennendalic shipment to legally prey upon...or to let through, for a sufficient bribe... [5000C] - A huge chunk of the planet's economy is diverted into searching the once-fort planet and still-hyperlane chokepoint for any Imperial Naval Reserve ships still in the system or on-world, mothballed somewhere long-forgotten... On a side note, Soen and Cor-ne are kept in the highest levels of security after the disaster at Orteau, protected by thousands of Remnant Guards and much of the XXXIVth in the capital of Orsia. Htun, the middle brother, is kept under slightly less guard, presumably because he's ugly enough to go unnoticed. [3768] Taxes done separately because I already hit execute turn.
  6. "what just happened," asks tiuthwyn
  7. He had heard of it two years ago, of course, because he was part of the Haenser government-sponsored terrorist organization that had massacred all Orenian men, women, and children witnesses after launching an Intercontinental Black Magick [ICBM] at Dobrov.
  8. As [ELFSKI1] beheld the carnage, a shiver went down their spine. How far had the Haensers fallen, to have launched black magick bombs at the Empire and slaughtered innocents en masse? Were they not all Humans beneath GOD?
  9. I couch-surfed with Father Temesch! Now I raise my sword to defend him from the taxman! says tiuthwyn fervently.
  10. "Why are they calling her Princess Ivarielle the First if they don't recognize her...?" asked a curious tavern-going elf garbed in loose red travel-wear, to nobody in particular. "Surely they should have given her some deprecating nickname instead..."
  11. F ā l ' s W o r l d = | + | = Halfway across the Mid Rim, the Vennendalische government panicked and cursed the name of Fāl's World as the ERTC blockade was honored. On the crossroads of the Inner and Mid Rims, however, one of the biggest parties Fāl's World had ever seen was being hosted in celebration. First came the ERTC tankers, laden with spoils equivalent to their new, distant colonies - ships full of oil, ready to power the planet's industry. Then came the treasure ships, filled with rare and exotic animals, gemstones, drinks and drugs - enough to pay for Legion XXXIV on its own. As they transferred the newfound resources on-world, the Legion officials, after conferring with their Governess-General, made an executive decision. They'd use some of their new wealth. = | + | = [25,000C] - In lounges, bars and officer clubs across the capital, exotic liquors and drugs, imported Inner Rim hookers and unique dishes flood their tables and bars, bought and paid for by the Planetary Command Center for a self-indulgent week of festivities, nearly every figure of note from mayor-up, and definitely every attractive figure on the planet, in attendance. The ERTC representatives, in-system to assist with the blockade management and act as a liason for the yearly resource transfer, are invited to the very best - the hotel bar in the Command Center itself, which had been turned into a giant nightclub specifically for the occasion, and in which every important adult on Fāl's World let loose for the wee. Of course, only those with reservations are allowed into the Orsia Command Center's actual restaurant. Great sea urchin ceviche.
  12. get this minecraft shit out of the ooc frp subforum ty

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      i love you jules

  13. move this goddamn thread please edit: a victory for the forum rpers
  14. In the halls of a palace in the sky, a pretty princess sat on a bench, bittersweetly ready to greet her best friend (and first favorite lover, not that she had any!!!).
  15. why are you using spoilers this is the ooc frp subforum nerd lmfao
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