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  1. bickando

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Federal Republic of America The repurposed Presidential Palace sat in ruins in New D.C. In it stood the Cabinet of the Federal Republic, elected by representative vote, around a hastily-propped up television set. On it sat a projected tweet. "Wow. What a great day. The best day. The day we're a democracy again. #Election #Trump" "Mr. President, what do you think?" "I think the same as you. It's a poorly-prepared bid to steal our freedom." "Then what shall we do, sir?" The next day, the Federal Republic puts out a message. That for 70 years, the Trumps have brought tyranny to the fair lands of America, and that now they and their Russian puppetmasters seek global domination. It will not now, nor ever, join a falsely-constructed "United States" borne of the Trump dynasty, and will continue to fight for peace and freedom until their brothers and sisters tasted true freedom once more. God bless the Federal Republic of America. The Constitution of the United States, the real sheet of parchment, rests comfortably in New D.C., along with most of the Presidential Statues, and the statue of Athena, that had been sitting under Capitol Hill. They were stolen rightfully taken when Trump moved to New York, after all. Also stolen rightfully taken was the Declaration of Independence. {+} [MOD] The assault on the Sinaloa begins. The borders of the cartel's territories face a push from many thousands of ATVs. Many, many thousands of them. In the Republic, citizens are advised to stay home as much as possible until the cartel threats are wiped off the map. A purchase request for 1000 7th-Gen fighters is made. Research continues on current projects. Ongoing Projects from Previous: High-Power Exosuit and Machina Intelligence System [Started Page 1, 8 Page Total] The Revere System (Encryption) [Started Page 5, 4 Page Total] Finished Projects: Destroyer Construction [Page 1 Start, 2 Page] ATV Construction [Page 1 Start, 1 Page] 5,000 ATV Construction [Page 5 Start, 1 Page]
  2. bickando

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Sanctum Regnum Melitae Anno Domini MMCLIV "Let God's work be done, fellows of Man." Francis Joseph von Habsburg had never been accused of great ingenuity. He had never been accused of great personal strength, nor of making the galaxy tremble. The Han, with their espionage and their tactics and their maneuvering, were certainly more clever than he. The Edonians, for all their faults of mind, fought ardently and for their cause till death. The Eadni were hated, to be sure, but even Elder Races would have been uncertain of battles on equal footing. No, the Sanctum Regnum was famed for something else entirely. It was famed for rumors of collapse, for rumors of sin, for rumors of blind subservience to a false god and false overlords. But rumors were just that. Franz had never felt the need to quell them, for it were the rumors that allowed it room to grow, room to position itself, room to empower itself. Its citizens had long been aware of its stances on the rights of man, of the gentle blade of its Re. Its peoples knew of the Inquisitions, of the pseudo-squadristi, of the quantum cameras that followed every movement inside and within a hundred miles of the House. Of the rapid, continuous expansion and willingness to drop pretenses in a moment to claim what its ruler of Men wished. Its people knew that the latest colonies, the most launched in a year yet, were sent there to spite the Han. (Colonies since last Map Update. Gold Filled is CS, unfilled is TC. 5 Colonies, 10 new TC {3 TC covered by new CS}) Its people knew, too, that there was no malevolence in the letters that followed, to the galaxy, to its myriad empires. To the Council upon which Francis sat. That its contents were, in the words of Hephaestus, business. "The Keerim deserve to die. The Sanctum Regnum votes no on peace, and recommends Datrax press the attack in full." The two sentences sent were, perhaps, half-ceremonial. Surely, the various Princeps and Dictators thought, he believes the Council will vote yes on peace. After all, the vote of the Maltese populates one of ten. The next action of the Maltese, however, does not reinforce the notion. The Sanctum Regnum Classis is reinforced by the construction of new ships. Enough to fully replace those lost the year previous, and more. 1 Heavy Cruiser 1 Carrier 2 Destroyers 200 Fighter Craft 3 Frigates 26 AP Spent The Ar'gakari suffered a disastrous defeat in Han space, and had lost continuously since then. Their Titan, though, would prove a formidable weapon against the far more numerous nations that did not sport such numerous and powerful mega cannons as Humanity. The massive Ar'gakari ship, into which millions of LCC has been spent repairing, orbits above Rhodium, continuing its repairs. [5 AP, 25 Total] And the mega cannons of the Maltese continue to grow in power. The MD Device, so recently upgraded, receives another boost. Its researchers say the funds will be enough to push it past another milestone, will melt Keerim warfleets like butter. Its detractors watch in dread as the testing of the dreadnought Gran Italia's new MD Device on an uninhabited planet is commissioned for the galaxy to see. [40 AP, 250 Total, 290 in Disruptors Total] On offer to any nonhuman nations not named the Keerim or Darkul goes Project Sicily [T3 Basic Disruptor] weaponry, for resources or LCC equivalent to [75 AP]. Overengineered, says immediate critics from Hephaestus and other weapons-salesmen. Deadly, says the Maltese. Also on sale goes Almawt [T3 Basic Kinetic] weaponry, of the type engineered by the Maltese and Eadni together, for the price of [70 AP]. Many are outraged by Franz' attempts at a "quick buck". His accountant is not. Not all money goes into the fleet, though. At least, not directly. The Maltese Academy system initiates the hire of as many talented veteran captains and pilots as possible from the Redons or from the Protorians, from the Ganvius or the southward-fleeing Ymorians, even from surviving Kalronians and retiring Ka'cezh, to become professors at the Rhodium Military Academy. To train new pilot cadets, to train new captains, to train new crews. To keep the education of the Regnum at the galaxy's cutting edge. [5 AP, 38 Total] Years after the first expedition, another party is sent to the replicant "colony" within Maltese space. At the same time, the Gray Man disappears. [MOD]
  3. bickando

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Federal Republic of America September 16th was Mexican Independence Day. Maybe in Cancun, the people of that half-dead republic still celebrated. Maybe there was singing and dancing, in the streets or the clubs. Maybe the elders in the villages and towns stared bitterly into the distance, northwards. Maybe they did that in the high villages far from the highways even in the Federal Republic. They did not do it in the District of New Columbia. No, in the capital the people screamed for retribution. Over a year ago, and the only thing the nation had done was increase military presence along the borders and in the cities, and increase its military size further to follow it. "They learned it from the United States," was the agreed reason. Worldwide, news outlets had expected an invasion. They expected it that September. They expected it on the Day of the Dead. Some even speculated that it would happen as late as the next Independence Day. When it didn't, when the government did nothing, the boiling pot slowly faded to a simmer. On the stroke of midnight, the moment it became September 16th, 2085, Operation Thoughts and Prayers began. All across the border of the Federal Republic of America, an army 350,000 strong crosses into the Cartel Territories. Thousands of ATVs, two hundred attack helicopters, and three dozen multirole fighters and bombers each accompany them on a branching push through the lands of the cartels. Large forces push highways, interstates, and wide roads, and slowly break into smaller squadrons to pacify towns before rejoining the larger group at a later time, everywhere until the opposite coast is reached. No peace offers are brokered, no mercy given. They had made that mistake years ago, when the Federal Republic was established, when drugs had been trafficked en masse into the United States. Any resistance is immediately answered with gunfire, villages associated with cartel presence massacred at the slightest hint of militant response. Terror and death. Cartel headquarters, often small cities in and of themselves, are attacked in true American style. The towed artillery that the nation fields, either stolen from the old Mexican Republic and therefore nearly 60 years old, or built in the young years of the fledgling nation, bombs it into oblivion from afar, and it is into the leveled ruins that ATVs and soldiers swarm. Chihuahua, capital of the once-largest of the cartels, the Juarez, and of a population of 1 million, is made an example of. Ground forces that crossed into the north converge there all at once, and anyone in the city is killed, no exceptions. In Chihuahua, after all, civilians were either cartel or too poor to live in the city limits. Brutal, exquisite revenge for the District Disaster, for the lost youth of generations, for the countless oppressed by militant feudatories would be carried out in the city. Its tactical plan is made simple by the city's compactness and single westward exit point: Bombing runs to the north, south and east open the routes to the armed forces, before further runs destroy the neighborhood around the 16 Highway's city limits path, and a final stage destroys possible downtown holdouts. Quintas del Sol District, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Juarez Territory. American strike force enters a ruined living complex. Each cartel, being its own "nation" of sorts, is therefore dealt with separately by the Federal Republic. The Juarez in Chihuahua are given no mercy. The Knights Templar and Jalisco New Generation in Guadalajara and the rest of Jalisco are hunted, and local Grupos de Autodefensa Comunitaria, or Community Police Vigilantes, are recruited for the effort. The Tijuana branch in Hermosillo is told they will have time to pack up and leave before any stragglers are killed - the Federal Army can't reach them before they receive news of the invasion anyways. The Sinaloa, the strongest cartel, however, is offered a deal. Collude to destroy the other cartels, and it will suffer not the invasion, and have free reign for its activities in Sonora and Chihuahua. Maybe the main reason the deal is offered is that the Federal Republic is unsure of a victory over them. The more likely reason, however, is that they were infamous for colluding with the past Republic of Mexico to destroy other cartels. Civilians in captured areas, however, are offered a golden opportunity in the form of a widely broadcast radio message. If they live peacefully for three years under the Federal Republic, true democracy, one free of drugs and local tyrannies, of a kind they may never have known, will have been organized into their townships, counties and states. {+} Strategic and Tactical Reference Pictures: Directional Overview of Operation Thoughts and Prayers (Very Rough Picture). Force Numbers, from top to bottom (Force 1-4 respectively): 75,000, 125,000, 100,000, 50,000 Soldiers/Mobile Units, 1,500, 1,000, 750, 1,250 ATVs. Main Force Movements, Phase 1: Force 1 moves to take Chihuahua, Force 2 to Durango and onwards to Mazatland, Force 3 towards Guadalajara and if taken towards Puerto Vallarta and Tepic, and Force 4 moves on Michoacan Province, then Manzanillo. Strategic Overview of Operation Thoughts and Prayers, Force 3, Territory Code 2085.9.16.32048.20.100 Jalisco Province. Main forces along the 23 and 54 Highways. Tactical View, Force 3, Territory Code 2085.9.16.32048. Guadalajara City Tactical View, Force 2, Territory Code 2085.9.16.32048. Durango City. Tactical View, Force 4, Territory Code 2085.9.16.32048. Manzanillo. Tactical View, Force 1, Territory Code 2085.9.16.32048. Chihuahua City. Blue: Military Highway Entry Routes. Red: Initial Bombing Runs. Yellow: Secondary Bombing Runs. Purple: Tertiary Bombing Runs. General Force City Movements: | or {} means large split forces (25,000 to 50,000). - means small split (10,000-25,000). Expeditionary Force 1: Jimenez Parral | Camargo Valle de Zaragoza | Delicias Chihuahua | Chihuahua Ciudad Cuauhtemoc - Juan Aldama | Ciudad Juarez Nuevo Casas Grandes | Juarez Extermination Special Mission Expeditionary Force 2: Torreon Lerdo Nazas | Cuencame San Lucas de Ocampo - La Coyotada - Guadalupe Aguilera | Yerbanis - Penon Blanco - Ignacio Allende Durango - La Ferreria | Durango El Salto | El Zancudo Concordia Villa Union Mazatlan | Escuinapa Expeditionary Force 3: Guadalajara Tlajomulco de Zuniga | Tepatitlan de Morelo - Ocotlan Expeditionary Force 4: La Barca - Arandas - Atotonilco El Alto {} Morelia Sahuayo - Zamora {} Patzcuaro Ciudad Guzman | Los Reyes {} Urupuan Colima | Tepalcatepec - Apatzingan {} Nueva Italia de Ruez Tecoman - Manzanillo | Tecoman - San Juan de Alima {+} [MOD] The Federal Republic government puts in an order for 5,000 ATV's, to be built over the coming years, and to recruit as many as won't heavily strain the economy. Research continues to go into the High-Power Exosuit and Machina AI. In addition to the Machina AI, government programmers are asked to create an uncrackable encryption for strategic military use, to be called the Revere System. Ongoing Projects from Previous: High-Power Exosuit and Machina Intelligence System [Started Page 1, 8 Page Total] Finished Projects: Destroyer Construction [Page 1 Start, 2 Page] ATV Construction [Page 1 Start, 1 Page]
  4. bickando

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Federal Republic of America "Freedom cannot coexist with dictatorship." The eruption of the Republican Revolution, as it is called in the history books of the Federal Republic, began July 4th, 2028 with the writing and adoption of the Treatises on Freedom. By 2020, the Trump Wars had begun in earnest, and the vast majority of Northern Democrats fled to Canada, to Toronto and Vancouver and Alberta. Those in the south banded together with Republicans, an uneasy alliance at best, to form American exclaves across Mexico, Cuba, and other Latin American states. Mexico had long devolved into hysteria at the influx of refugees, the dominance of the cartels, and the weakness of its government. At the midway point of the 20's, great thinkers and ex-military began to build huge private armies, new universities, and revitalize manufacturing havens. Perhaps it was that the Mexican government could feel itself losing control. Maybe the cartels bought off the right generals, scared of one of the American militias wiping them out. Maybe it was an American, looking for a reason to build a successor to the greatest republic since Rome. Whatever the reason, Autumn of 2027 marked the first overtures of a Mexican dictatorship, when President Rodriguez wrote into law Amendment 72, banning the formation of militias and placing heavy restrictions on refugee-run business. For only half a year would the Americans abide. The Fourth of July, chosen for its obvious symbolic place in American history, was the day of the release of the Treatises on Freedom and the day of the Battle of Mexico City. In one night, the Mexican Ministries, controllers of the armed forces, fell, and the Rodriguez administration forced to flee. The very next day, the Mexican fleet and its armory at Cordoba were seized, and within weeks semipermanent borders secured to the West and to the South. First, the cartels were spoken to at the Treaty of Guadalajara, and on January 2nd, 2030 came the Cancun Accords. A successor to the U.S.A. in ideology and peoples had been born. Across the Gulf, though, the other enclaves were stifled by a Communist dictatorship. 2033, just three years after the end of the Republican Revolution, saw the Cuban Liberation War. The captured Mexican navy, modern and filled with soldiers that had either served in America's military or had been trained by veterans, overtook Havana in three hours, and half of Cuba in five. The communists were forced to Santiago de Cuba, and an armistice signed. Jamaica, the Caiman Islands, and the Bahamas followed. A nation now established for over fifty years, the F.R.A. has built itself up as everything America once was. A democratic haven country, with a military spending worth half its GDP. The District of New Columbia, renamed from Mexico City, hosts its capital. --- Belize, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru are asked to come to the table and form the Pact of American Republics, an alliance group dedicated to protecting Latin America against the American Empire and other external threats to democracy. Free trade, a mutual guaranteed defense and vote-based offensives are the starting terms of this would-be alliance. Heavy emphasis this year is placed on the building of destroyers and ATVs, to defend the waters of the FRA and traverse the many miles of rough Mexican hinterlands. Research begins on High-Power Exosuits, to further improve logistics and planning while on the field through better communications networks and scouting measures, aim assistance, and bettering power capabilities without decreasing battery life. This is to be complemented by the Machina AI System that also goes into development, an operating system and virtual assistant for command structure, strategic, and on-the-ground tactical assistance, to be later developed into a multipurpose system for such programs as industrial development.
  5. bickando

    Modern Nations OOC Thread

    Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): The Confederacy of New Virginia Leader Name: James Nicoll Hamilton, President of New Virginia and Governor-General of the Caribbean Background, ensure it fits with game Background: Seen here: The Confederacy of New Virginia (blue), Cartel Territories (black), Free State of Baja (unoutlined, left), Republic of Mexico (red), the Havana Coalition (Green) as of 2137. Capitals: Hamilton D.C., Guadalajara, Tijuana, Cancun, and Santiago de Cuba respectively. The crossing of tens of thousands of pickup trucks late in August, 2023 after the latest slight, perceived or no, against civil society by the Democratic party marked the start of what world news outlets would eventually call the Mexican Splintering. Almost a million gun-toting, card-carrying men and women of the dying Republican Party became fed up, and enacted a colonization plan dreamt up during the aftermath of the Civil War - the New Virginia Colony. They quickly seized the Eastern coast straight down to Mexico City, destroying cartel networks and local governments in the process, before the Mexican government was able to react. By then it was too late. Dozens of cartels past the provincial borders of what New Virginia claimed had declared the independence of their petty fiefdoms, whether they called it that or not, and rioting and brutalities filled the streets. Baja California now called itself a free state, creating an anarchist state in a form infinitely similar to Venezuela, and the oppressed peoples under the Confederate boot had been all but enslaved. Pushing onwards, New Virginia seized Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche and Yucatan from the Republic, the entirety of its fleet in the Battle of Merida Harbor, and much of its military equipment in the Tehuacan Massacre. Its dominance, however, had sparked fear in those cartels that once ruled the nation from the shadows. Many cartels united under the Sinaloa Cartel, based out of Guadalajara, and pushed, hard, towards Mexico City. In response, the Confederados, as many locals began to call them, struck towards the Cartel's capital, this time with jets and tanks instead of trucks and militias. A deal was quickly struck between the "Father of the New South", Chris Hamilton (fifth great-great-great-great grandson of Alexander Hamilton, a fact that mattered much to the Sons of the Confederacy at the time), and the greatest Cartels, their borders made eerily close to the two historic cities. The Republic of Mexico, with little left to its name, came to the table in the Cancun Accords, solidifying New Virginia's stranglehold along the Gulf. In April of 2097, in a ceremony little less than a crowning, Chris Hamilton was named President of New Virginia, and his capital was made Mexico City, renamed Hamilton D.C. in his honor. The newly-formed nation, however, did not wait long before making its next move. In 2098, it launched the Cuban Campaign. The locals had long forgotten the reign of the Castros, and the New Virginians made few changes except for opening its economy. The Cuban communists, calling themselves the Havana Coalition after the city upon which the fate of Cuba had always rested, began a revolution of their own in Santiago de Cuba early in 2099, a situation that ended in a stalemate along the border of Camaguey and Las Tunas, where an uneasy silence reigns over two miles of deserted grass. In Havana, the endless partying reminiscent of the 50's begins again and across the border stands guard the displaced and bitter enemies of New Virginia. The Bahamas, Caiman Islands, and Jamaica did not fare so well against what the New Virginians called "removing overseas influences", and what history books call the 2103, 2105, and 2106 Wars of Virginian Aggression respectively. Since then, a status quo has been formed, forcefully, by international military "peacekeeping corps", and the nation now consolidates under the reign of President James Nicoll Hamilton, son of Chris, as a political dynasty begins its birth. It is a manufacturing paradise, a tourist haven, and, perhaps most obviously, fiercely segregated against natives. The New Virginians bide their time, building up a modern army and navy, perhaps to strike back and reclaim their homeland, or perhaps to claim new swathes of land in the name of Manifest Destiny... Do you Praise Pok: yes
  6. bickando

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    News that the Inquisitor had arrived spread faster than a circuit fire in a hyper-oxygenated hab-unit. The transport was old, especially for an Inquisitor’s line of work - a stripped Adherent-1, barely cut out for the quantum anchor pull from Rhodium. Its twin fusion engines kicked up a small storm of glittering dust as it landed on the outskirts of Ne Buvhondonia at sunset. The grime of this particular outworld veritably coated the buildings so obviously inspired by Adaptaari origins - short, sleek housing units and short, sleek temples built with the desert woods indigenous to the planet. Diraari Darkwood, notes the Inquisitor’s Q-Glas. Summed, the village of Ne Buvhondonia barely qualifies as a sector central colony - SRM standards dictate a minimum population of 5,000. Constan-IV has a population of 5,210 according to the last census, notes the Q-Glas. Ye Olde Sallon, the local bar was labelled. Maybe the colonists had read up on human history, or maybe they had seen Dead Grounds and taken a fancy to the Wild West. It’s spelled ‘Saloon’, notes the Q-Glas. A swiping motion made by the Inquisitor's gloved left hand, and the antiqued auto-doors swing open. The inside is dark, even for a saloon - one cursory glance at its patrons, half a dozen Adaptaar and an Ar’gakari, makes it obvious why. Monks eating some form of gelatin with spoons, a couple playing a foreign board game, a depressed ant-man surrounded by empty bottles. The counter is synth-marble and darkwood, the chairs a mix of leather and pleather, notes the Q-Glas, and the Inquisitor’s gaze snaps to the bartender. “Whiskey. Leave the bottle,” the Inquisitor says, emotionlessly. State Inquisitors Welcome is not the sign most hang on their walls, but the dozen clicks that the Q-Glas translates to “RightRightRightRightRight, sir!” seems to mean this one was more fond than most about an Inquisitor’s meddling, and/or that the sand had finally gotten into the circuitry. “Grand Reserve. 40 LCC.” clicks the tender as he/she/it slides a glass and bottle across the bar, to a waiting hand and dull silence. Beneath the Inquisitor’s helmet the dry smile feels almost visible, but the credits go through all the same. Contents approved for consumption, notes the Q-Glas, and moments later the front flips outwards and sideways, just enough for a glance at deathly pale, almost translucent, skin covered in scars and tattoos before the glass is emptied and it closes once more. “Now,” the Inquisitor’s dark helmet turns to the Ar’gakari, a gloved holding up the bottle, “Come back.”
  7. bickando

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Sanctum Regnum Melitae Anno Domini MMCLIII With the Treatises of Humanity, its Sister Races, and Solidarity in Lithrua, the Sanctum Regnum Melitae officially joins the Lithruan Coalition. The terms it makes are simple, nearly as simple as the white peace signed just weeks earlier with the Han - a seat on the Council, a garrison for the Maltese Core Sectors, and the completion of the sale of well over 5,000 tons of xylorite. To defend their space, a great project commences. What was originally the greatest Arcology of Humanity is made better once more, and guarded by the most powerful weapons the Maltese had ever conceived, though they are all built in such a way that they cannot swivel to point directly at the House. MD Devices and cutting-edge Disruptors adapted for land emplacements aim towards the skies, towards space, towards the enemy the Maltese know will soon come. In its usual way of nearly-random diplomacy, one war is ended and one begun. The Sanctum Regnum, as part of the Lithruan Coalition, declares war on the Keerim Imperium days after entering. The Seraph Battlefleet, headed by Force Admiral Stacey Edelman, joins the combined forces of the Coalition soon thereafter. A glorious parade, filled with food and music and cheers, sends them off to die. [Edonia has graciously offered use of its shipyards to the Sanctum Regnum for the year.] [12 AP] - Two Heavy Cruisers, the Sin-Class Vainglory and Gluttony, begin construction. [12 AP] - Four Destroyers, the Relic-Class Pompeii, Brindisi, Catania, and Siracusa, begin construction. [14 AP] - Two Carriers, the Demon-Class Belias and Carnivale, join the fray. (One built in Malta, the other in Edonia). [8 AP] - Four Frigates, the Templar-Class Sassari, Bienno, Susa and Olbia, join the fray. [5 AP] - 400 Saqr II Fighters and 100 B4-X3 Bombers are built. Strange, that these found their way into Maltese arsenals. [10 AP] - Money is sent to the Trade Federation for 3 colony ships. [10 AP - 20 Total] - Money continues to pour into the reconstruction of the Titan. [45 AP - 210 Total - 250 Total in Disruptor Armaments] - [MD Device] Project Sicily is revealed to be general disruption armaments research just as a deal comes out that the Maltese and the Kingdom of Armathwaite have come to an agreement - that an investment will be made by the true heirs of Great Britain into research on the MD Device and Disruption Weaponry, for shared general armaments research and Second-Generation Disruption Beam Lance technology (T3 MD Device given to Armathwaite). With it comes the introduction of the incoming DB-A Regime line of ship armaments, the new standard in the Maltese and Kingdom of Armathwaite fleets. [135 AP - 155 AP Total on Rhodium - 11/30 Levels] - A project of inane proportions. Each section the cost of a Leviathan, but built with steel and nanocomposites and itoron alloys, protected by Ganvius-engineered city shields, and cities within building sections by their own rights, the great capital of Rhodius is expanded to ten times its size, a great sprawling mass of a tower, though its shape now resembles more a giant 10-pointed star. [16 AP - 20 AP total] - The capital world of Rhodium finally receives much-needed defensive upgrades. Its capital surrounded by MD Device and Disruptor/Kinetic Flak emplacements, all controlled by VITC systems. Barbari ad mortem. [10 AP] - The Sanctum Regnum offers to buy Trizendrium mining techniques in the beginning of the year, from anyone selling. If they don't find any sellers, what would have gone to a payment instead becomes research funds.
  8. I'm really glad a conquered region gets 3 days to remove their belongings from their land  😉

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    The New Forums & The Future Forums - an Inquiry

    get rid of the slideshow please!
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    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    a well-meaning but ultimately poor attempt at a new antagonist, which will eventually be removed by popular demand seen in community polls, votes, and feedback threads before ultimately @501warhead decides just to bring back the undead again
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    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    leads are janky af, people can just go into your llama inventory or run away with your llama, and it took me 3 IRL days to find two llamas fix the first two and this is a great idea, fix the last one and i wasted three days...
  12. dammit, we're back in the middle ages

  13. Great Job on the forums Starlord of the Craft!

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    Travel Distance Feedback

    you literally have to farm to get enough bread to run to fenn even with monkbread, i checked, at least give us more if you're only gonna give it to us on one character per day because of this terrible vote for bread system also when i joined this map i literally couldn't find my way out of the dumpster fire that is ct, i cant imagine the suffering new players go through, please fix (not a meme)
  15. bickando

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Realms of John I "the Young" of the House of Arles van Bourgondie, Holy Roman Emperor Imperial Declaration for the Year 1499 FOR THE FIRING OF THE REGENT OF HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, SIR EUDES OF ROUVRES With the coming of age of John I of the House of Arles van Bourgondie, and with the recently aggressive behaviors of the regent, Sir Eudes of Rouvres, His Imperial Majesty has seen fit to remove Sir Eudes from his position as Imperial Regent. Furthermore, with the counsel of the Milanese, Swiss, and the reluctance of the Brandenburgers and Austrians, the Holy Roman Emperor does decide in his first act as acting Lord, does denounce the thought of invasion of the peaceful Danish and lift the embargo, seeing its little effect. 11,950 Gold - Undisclosed. Affairs of Coin Income Economy Points [6] - Annual Income of 6,000 Ducats Trade Partners [4] - Annual Income of 4,000 Ducats Gold Mine [1] - Annual Income of 350 Ducats Iron Mine [3] - Annual Income of 600 Ducats Coal Mine [3] - Annual Income of 450 Ducats Other Ores [3] - Annual Income of 200 Ducats Conquered Provinces [9] - Annual Income of 1000 Ducats Gross Annual Income - 12,700 Ducats Expenses Patronage of Michelangelo - Annual Expense of 250 Ducats Gross Annual Expenses - 250 Ducats Danish Embargo - 500 Ducats Net Annual Income - 11,950 Ducats Affairs of the State Allies: Undisclosed Trade Partners: Milan, Brandenburg, Bohemia, Poland Affairs of the Military Army: 18,000 Infantry 20,000 Landsknechts (5,000 Ducats Invested in Training) 14,000 Elite Landsknechts 10,000 Cavalry 45 Cannons Standard Formations: Compagnie d'ordonnance Burgundian Landsknecht Square Navy: 3 Galleons 10 Carracks Researched Technology: The Musket - 3 Tech Points + 9600 Ducats