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  1. You banned someone from the wiki for something unrelated the wiki said personally to you in DMs, rather than reporting what you saw as harassment to the appropriate channels. Due to this, I received and investigated a staff report on the matter. My concern was the apparent unprofessionalism and alleged abuse of your staff position in response to personal issues, which is completely out of policy. Your feelings are justified, though we have standards we must uphold as staff. I took your concerns seriously and discussed the gun image with Trenchist. We had a productive conversation,
  2. Make sure to check out the new alcohol mechanic!

  3. You see part of the technical explanation is the backup system - our forums are nearly 1 TB in size, with daily backups it is costing a significant portion monthly VIP purchases just to maintain forum backups Screenshot from database system:
  4. Unfortunately not, we've used up all of our storage space on RP items, we need to prioritize what the players actually wants. These forums can't even support a working theme half the time.
  5. Yo bring back the plain html theme i miss it already

    1. HogoBojo
    2. Tigergiri


      You have that power llir.. just sayinnn

  6. Hello all. There has been a request for an admin verdict surrounding the situation is Sedan over the past few days. After lengthy discussions, we have come to the following decision. Details: The rules outline that a sub-region will be given a classification based on its intended use. An issue has arised due uncertainty regarding the intended use of Sedan, and the disagreements that occurred from this. On Thursday, March 11th, an region wipe was requested by the PRO, Hunwald, and a 3 day eviction notice was put up. Prior to this, Sedan leadership had reached out to Administrat
  7. That's not allowed in the raid rules
  8. That is allowed
  9. Hello! Today we'll be opening up the availability of Soulstone pillars to the general public, rather than just Nation capitals and settlements. At spawn you will find 'Soulweaving Tomes' for sale. Once a tome is purchased, you can hold it in your hand while looking at a redstone block pillar and typing /ss imbue <pillar name>. This will consume your tome, and grant the pillar a certain amount of slots. A pillar can have up to 100 slots if all four soulweaving tomes are used, additional tomes can be added to your pillar by holding the tome and typing /ss study.
  10. Invest in TreshureCoin now
  11. Skin Name: The Red Princess Skinner’s Username: Miko Bid: 100 mina
  12. i really want to chug chug with you
  13. Avern'dionne would read the missive in her home, enjoying some tea "Ah yes, launch a 'crusade' against those who helped save us from corrupt Aengudaemons, clearly heathens, certainly."
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