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  1. Llir

    Unwritten Rules

    Just showing that the freebuild rules have not been edited in a while
  2. Llir

    sorry i forgot to status

    There was a bug which allowed unwhitelisted people to join the warserver. This has been fixed for the next warclaim.
  3. Llir

    [✓] [Server] 69Red69 Ban Appeal

    I can confirm that this is not DPM.
  4. Llir

    [✓] [Server] ninjaclimb1 Ban Appeal

    Hello, I have reviewed your ban details. Given the offences, a permanent ban is by-far unjustified and unsubstantiated, so will be re-evaluating when you were banned for. There are essentially three offences that were documented: Violating your villain blacklist – attacking people and cutting off ears in a September Prince event. I am unsure why this was part of your ban. As it was part of an event where two sides were fighting, it should not be considered villainy by any regard. As for the cutting off of ears, that was clearly non in-RP, but I will rather consider that as part of offence #2. Trolling/meme roleplay – shouting f****ts in RP, and spamming that you were cutting off people’s ears in RP. Although you may say this was joking, doing these sort of things in a roleplay setting, even a large-attended event, is not acceptable. Many people are offended by derogatory terms like those, and shouting them at an event is not appropriate, or rather using them in RP, or OOC for that matter, at all is never okay. Please only use non-derogatory swears when swearing in RP in the future. As for the spamming emotes of cutting off ears, once again this has no place in RP, and can have a negative impact on other’s immersion and enjoyment of events. Always act in-character when playing on LOTC. As this is a pretty minor offence, the ban is usually short, however you have previous offences of a similar nature, so I will be issuing a two week ban. Server Guidelines violation – calling Lark a bitch, telling him to kill himself, and “fuck u”. This is not ever acceptable and can be considered harassment. This is by far the most serious offence, you should never be treating another player on the server this way when they are just doing their job. Be careful with the words you have to say, and keep in mind our Community Guidelines when interacting with other players and staff, as they are people too. I will be issuing a month ban for this on top of the two week ban for trolling. This puts your ban at one month and two weeks. You will be able to appeal on December 11th, 2018. I will also consider your villain blacklist automatically removed when you are unbanned. In your appeal, please cover in detail why trolling/meme/low quality RP, being generally toxic towards other players and staff, and harassing other players are all unacceptable for this community. Cover what you have learned, how you’ve changed, and thoroughly read the community guidelines, being be sure to incorporate their essence into your appeal. We do not want people who constantly troll, do low quality roleplay, and harass other players on the server, and that is what the previous banning GM saw you as. I hope you prove them wrong with this chance I am giving you, so I expect this appeal to be good if you wish to have that opportunity. This is your last chance for behavior like this, as future offences carry a much heavier ban length. Be cognizant of this when crafting your appeal friend. - Llir
  5. Llir


  6. Llir


  7. Appeal accepted, try to be more courteous of others in accordance with the Community Guidelines.
  8. Llir

    [✓] [Server] ninjaclimb1 Ban Appeal

    I’ll review this appeal.
  9. I'll review this.
  10. Llir

    [✓] [Server] Harrison Ban Appeal

    Accepted. Check this out: http://www.textcaseconverter.com/
  11. Llir

    Spooky Discounts

    As promised in the community meeting, if we reach $1500 in this sale we’ll be releasing Rainbow Kha.
  12. Llir

    [✗] [Server] Harrison Ban Appeal

    Hi Harrison, Although I told you that you could appeal a couple days early, I am not going to unban you given this appeal. To me, it seems very insincere with little effort put in. Explorer puts it very well, you seem to think that what you did was still justified, using phrases such as perceived as metagaming, and writing in all lowercase doesn’t help you. I did not ban you because of what you did appeared to be metagaming, I banned you because it was metagaming, and all the evidence clearly indicated that. Until you’re able to get over your own ego to accept what you did and take this appeal process and our community guidelines seriously, I cannot unban you. I suggest you read our community guidelines before appealing again, and put in more effort. - Llir
  13. Llir

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    Honestly I can't add much more than what BNK and Arche have already mentioned, those two are people I even looked to for inspiration when I was leading the Mali'thill (second half of Athera & second half of Vailor - both times of rebuilding), and their words have much wisdom. If I could give one piece of advise it is simply to not build big. There aren't enough people dedicated to Haelun'or to have the large cities like we had at our peaks. The most fun I had in Haelun'or was when we were a small group with internal political strife and ridiculous RP during our mission to rebuild ourselves. Other than that, I think what Arche said about the racism is true - act it out as a subtle superiority with funny jabs at people, not as outright genocidal maniacs. The goal of the high elves should never be to conquer. p.s. I've been itching to update Tradition and Silver to the best I can - I'm probably one of the more well versed people in the events between where it's currently left off and at least mid-Axios. If only I had the time...