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  1. Llir

    [Your View] Nuggets or Tenders

    Important discussion. Complain to Flambo about vaults not me.
  2. Llir

    Apologies For Botched Event

    Hi all, Apologies for the botched event to kill off Atlas. I organized it, the blame is entirely on me for everything that went wrong. This is my fault, take your anger out on me if I wasted your time and ruined your night. We were going to put the server down today regardless, and the original plan was to do no event and just switch onto a temp map for events before Arcas. However, I wanted some sort of reason for the end to Atlas, so I coded a plugin very hastily that did not work correctly. U tried to throw together an event last minute, but it should have been obvious to me that I did not have the time. It predictably failed, but I had been hoping to make something fun to finish off the map for everyone. Then, when it was seeming like working, everything crashed because too many people showed up. Also my fault, this should have been foreseen. I hope some of you at least enjoyed the laggy-crashing-lame-long event. The more fun, actually planned events begin tomorrow on the temp map. Arcas launches March 2nd. - Llir
  3. Llir

    Update Regarding Map Transition

    I did sleep well thank you for asking.
  4. Llir

    Update Regarding Map Transition

    Hi all, I pulled an all nighter Monday for two midterms Tuesday morning so I fell asleep after and didn't wake up until a few hours ago. I'm really well rested, however I was the one who was supposed to begin the transition this morning, but wasn't able to start on time and now I have classes and stuff. That means we all get one more day of Atlas!!! I'll begin it tonight after midnight EST. Cheers, Llir
  5. Llir

    Please Delete My Account

    If you would like to file an official request for account deletion, please email dev@lordofthecraft.net
  6. Llir

    Persona Database Cleanse

    Since 2015
  7. looking for art

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      Might be best to get a news post uploaded and ask for help / offer the players some rewards if picked as a winner. A contest? If this is for an LoTC medium. 

    2. drfate786


      What kind of art? 

  8. Llir

    How’d you get your Username?

    its elven for friend 🙂
  9. Llir

    [✓] [Server] ninjaclimb1 Ban Appeal

    Your appeal will be accepted, however do note that subsequent offences of a similar nature will result in much harsher bans, especially those relating to harassment of other players. The GMs who banned you wanted your ban to be permanent, however I am giving you another chance. Please do not make me regret that. Welcome back.
  10. Llir

    [✓] [Server] ninjaclimb1 Ban Appeal

    I will review this appeal.
  11. Llir

    Unwritten Rules

    Just showing that the freebuild rules have not been edited in a while
  12. Llir

    sorry i forgot to status

    There was a bug which allowed unwhitelisted people to join the warserver. This has been fixed for the next warclaim.