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  1. Still looking for folks for:

    - Tech Implementation
    - Web Team

    1. wowj


      fight me in connect 4

  2. Llir

    My Resignation

    I'm still tech admin! Just not mod admin :)
  3. Hey everyone! I have been interim mod admin for nearly a month. It has been a great experience and I am glad to have been able to assist the team, but honestly the amount of DMs the mod admin gets a day is exhausting, I do not envy those who have come before me. I hereby resign from this role, and pass this burden onto someone less fortunate. It is with great excitement that we welcome @Josh3738 to the Administration. Josh has been a member of our community for over 10 years, and has in the past served as Mod Manager and Grand Poobah of the Drwaves. Josh has always been a dedicated member of our community with a great vision for the future, and we are looking forward to what he brings to both Moderation and the Administration. — Llir & the Administration
  4. In case it wasn't clear that google doc was bait, we did check the logs for file modifications to the war server, and compared the alleged code modifications against decompiled versions of the plugins directly from the war server. From what I can tell, the version in use at the time was correct and the modifications are not real. Apologies that we hit on a touchy subject for some, we had the ideas of "packet priority" and "20 tps fix" initially, and just needed something to frame it around, so we went with the most recent war, we did not mean to rub salt in the wound or make fun of people's concerns.
  5. bro it's april fools chill
  6. Hey all, so sorry that this code slipped past me. I will do better in the future.
  7. I want to quote something from our Player Conduct Policy when it comes to the permanent bans administration issues: We're all here to have fun, and when someone's presence on the server is consistently taking from this, what do we gain by giving them a platform to degrade the experience for everyone? I also want to stress that we don't issue these bans lightly, unless someone has dome something genuinely terrible, or has a very extensive history, I almost always will advocate to give them another chance.
  8. This includes forums, discord, and in-game persona cards.
  9. With the publicity of a certain Discord, this was bound to be a serious discussion, and although we’re strengthening our stance on distributing this kind of content, we also do not condone the harassment that members of our community have been receiving simply for participating in this Discord. Let me be clear, as per our Player Conduct Policy, harassment of any members of our community will not be tolerated. I also want to share that we are still investigating the circumstances around that particular server. We have permanently banned two members for content they shared there, and the organizer has received a two month ban by the Moderation team for failing to adhere to our existing policy on LOTC-affiliated Discords. Please DM me if you wish to discuss any concerns related to that particular server, or harassment of members of our community. Edit 3/21: We have concluded our investigation, and aside from the two members already permabanned and the temporary ban for the server's organizer, there will be no further bans related to the Discord server in question (unless new evidence arises). I also want to clarify that the content the two members were permabanned for was one post from each where the age of the characters depicted was not clear. These were sent in a chat of many people and many messages, throughout nearly a year of logs, and was all that was found. I personally do not see this as a reflection of anyone else in that chat, and think it is unfair to judge them for simply being in there or sharing other content, it's hard to say if they saw those posts, and unless you were explicitly looking for something wrong, one may have just scrolled past them and not thought much of them. I also want to note that the organizer's ban reason is for not having the required automod settings enabled as outlined in this post, they did not do anything that we saw being in violation of our Safety Policy or Player Conduct Policy (notwithstanding the addition that @Telanir outlines above, which we decided not to apply retroactively in this case).
  10. Realm Activity Insights We have added a new command in-game: /realms activity, which will output a list of Realms in a few different activity groups: QUIET: A few players LIVELY: A small group of players BUSTLING: A large group or multiple groups of players BOOMING: A very large group or many groups of players THRIVING: Multiple very large groups of players The intention of this command is to help players find roleplay, especially during late-night hours. This information should be considered semi-out of character, you won't get in trouble for metagaming for visiting these places, but referencing it as if you know this information in-character or using it for raids is not permitted. The usage of this command will be reviewed in a month's time, and based on feedback it may be adjusted or removed. This data is for the entire Realm, so you very well may find the capital still empty if you visit larger realms based on this information. If we keep it around I'll look to iterate on it to provide more precise locations. Here's a snippet of how it looks in-game: Cheers, Llir
  11. Almaris Download We have added the world downloads for Almaris to our archive site. There are three versions available: launch day (so excited to see LEGO City again), mid-map (January 2022), and end of map post-antag. I hope everyone has fun exploring these! Almaris will be added to the museum server on a later date. Arcas Early-Map Download While preparing these files, I stumbled across a save of Arcas from July 2019. I have added this to the archive site as well. Disclaimer I have tested loading and exploring all of these on singleplayer 1.18.2, though cannot guarantee the stability of any of these saves as they were made for previous versions of Minecraft.
  12. Genju

    Do you know when it going  be up I just applied yesterday and finished editing my application so you telling me it was for nothing?

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      Don’t worry he’s not accepting applications for realms which are different to player applications you’ll get sorted soon enough :) 

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    4. Genju


      And thanks 

  13. Hey all, I have read through the recent feedback about realm bloat, and after discussing with the Implementation Team, have decided to put realm applications on hold until the system can be reviewed. I have processed the outstanding realm applications to be fair to those who had already applied under the current criteria, but until the application, activity, and upkeep requirements can be reviewed, realm applications are closed (note: this does not apply to lairs). Feel free to add feedback about the Realms system to this thread, I will review all comments. Cheers, Llir | Technical Administrator
  14. Application accepted. You will be contacted by staff on next steps.
  15. Application accepted. You will be contacted by staff on next steps.
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