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  1. I am certain, and have even double checked the code just now and tested myself. Only adding the 'Roleplay Item' tag is token-free, subsequent edits on the item will, like any edits, use tokens.
  2. forums look like s**t remove the tech team useless a**holes 

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    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      Would have been fired for working on live version.

    3. Llir


      4 minutes ago, Charles The Bald said:

      Would have been fired for working on live version.

      i'll take my severance pay along with 5 years outstanding salary 

    4. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      This is a nonprofit organization sir.


      I will show you the door right away.


      [ ] 

  3. This was fixed today! As mention on the post, this is with /edit roleplay only. As the item no longer has mechanical attributes, we don't have to worry about people trying to scam players on the auctionhouse etc.
  4. It will go to your ender chest but will be automatically removed to your inventory when online.
  5. Hello all! Today I am very happy to announce the arrival of our vaults from last map. To access your vault, please enter the queue through typing /vault. This will put your vault in queue reviewal. There are 981 vaults, so it may take some time until yours is reviewed. A member of our Vaults Team (thank you in advance to SquakHawk, ScreamingDingo, Remeron, and others!) will review your vault, removing any illegal items (Hopefully you don't have any of these! They will let you know if they do!). After that, you will be able to access your items with /vault. Books and maps can be
  6. Forums are WIP

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      silence woman

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      Then please send it back to the way it was until it is done

  7. ON BEHALF OF THE COUNCIL OF MALAURIRAN Having met on the 11th of The Deep Cold, Year 5 of the Second Age of this World AS IS TRADITION, the MOST BLESSED COUNCIL of Malauriran has met to select a new Maheral for our exalted people. "The Maheral’s successor shall be selected by a council of all Malaurir (former Maheralan) who remain as citizens of Haelun’or. Each Malaurir, including the resigned Maheral if present, shall receive one vote. These votes can be changed at any time during the process until a majority consensus is reached and finalized." — Constitution of
  8. Avern'dionne Fi'talareh would receive the summons and send a response to Ikur - "llir'Ikur, I will surely be at this council to affirm a Malaurir for our people, given your chosen successor chose not to stay the role. - Avern"
  9. Dearest lliran'Larihei, The events of late do concern me, as they likely do many in our great republic. We stray far from tradition - the ways that have guided our people for a thousand years. Never in our history has one dared challenge Elmaheral - it is simply not permitted as they are the embodiment of Larihei herself, the symbol of all that is Mali'aheral - to challenge them is outside any law or tradition we hold. There are other ways to see change in our republic. Our constitution, built upon the tradition of a thousand years, does outline how we may challenge any
  10. They are quite big and a lot goes into the setup of one of them, so that would have been quite a lot more work when the amount of materials in now should be more than enough for most projects. As for travel between, I'm not too sure what sort of build you would be doing that needs such a large amount of all 4 stone types! I'll mention it however to the people who work on fast travels. Look we tried our best I hardly know how to use WorldEdit brushes, I'm a voxel kid. Feel free to tidy them up!
  11. Hello! As I recently discussed, quarries have been added for the following materials at hubs: [+] Diorite (North Hub - back of mineshaft) [+] Andesite (East Hub - back of mineshaft) [+] Granite (South Hub - just off the path) [+] Cobblestone (West Hub - back of mineshaft) Each quarry has roughly 6-7 stacks of each block. More quarries will be added moving forward, including sandstone (plus red sandstone), nether materials, quartz, and prismarine, as well as larger lumberyards for the six woods and leaves. However, setup for these is quite
  12. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Llir)) Name: Avern'dionne Fi'talareh Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Valorin Celia'thilln ( ) Ellisar Aevaris ( XX ) Olrin Hildinyr
  13. Llir


    I was doxxed a few years ago on LOTC, nothing really happened aside from like a prank call from [REDACTED] and someone signed me up for a subscription of a free toilet catalogue, that was pretty funny. You'll be fine man. On another note I too have met a few LOTCers IRL, good people had a great time.
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