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  1. Happy Birthday -Wither and Azzy_Daddy

  2. Congrats Rilath! Can't wait to see what you bring to the team. Yee haw!
  3. Why's everything have to be drama and a conspiracy? I was fully behind this redesign, but web design is completely out of my skillset. I would have brought on someone besides Lyon as he was already dipping out of activity, but nobody with the skills ever applied. This isn't an issue of staff exclusively, but rather a lack of talent willing to work for free. Trust me, if I could conjure a person who knows Invision to my team, I would. I don't think the admin team really ever put a halt to any of this. From what I recall we were moving pretty quickly through any approvals and discussions, though I had very little to do with this project. You were working with the designer and kept us updated, you had the same level of access to the backend of the site as I did to adjust permissions and other issues, and as far as I knew you were going to Lyon for anything Invision related. Also I never recalled the reason for not wanting things to impact the main site was secrecy, but rather I just didn't want our main website to be broken while this new theme was under construction. I was pretty out of the loop on this outside of what you showed to admin chat. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help more with this but my strong suit isn't web development, and definitely not Invision themes. The current WIP theme is too broken to work, Lyon is on indefinite hiatus, and nobody has the skills to finish it. Themes for Invision are complicated things that not a lot of people know how to work with. You also ignored my messages for quite a while after you left admin and I tried to figure out where this project was or get access to the assets. I only just got them recently and have shared them with CT who wanted to realign the homepage, and I'm actively looking for web developers but unfortunately for the scope of the work that needs to be done, nobody with necessary skills in the community has stepped forward. I have a general plan but without coders it's not going to happen. tl;dr our forum software is old and complicated and web development isn't easy
  4. First off I wanted to thank @Adelemphii for their hard work on this plugin, and ask anyone to please redirect their displeasure towards myself, as this plugin concept was my design, Adele just did the work to bring it to life. I wanted to take some time to clarify the purpose of this plugin since I see a lot of responses leaning heavily on the membership aspects of it and making comparisons to factions. This plugin was primarily designed to replace many of the manual functions that come with our server's land-management system, i.e. tiles, settlements, nations, etc. These systems are the backbone of many of rules relating to wars, region permissions, locks, build standards, and other conflict such as raids. This makes it important that we can keep who is in-charge of what organized. There are many other plugins that assign ownership to things, such as regions, soulstone pillars, treasuries, locks - when a nation/settlement leader changes there is a lot of work that needs to be done staff-side to transfer those over. This plugin provides a central system to tie all of those together and creates a very useful tool for staff. Then there is the membership aspects of the plugin. The main reason for this was to tie into the war system - having personas tied to a nation helps us prevent people participating in wars just for the PVP, and this system could replace the very manual and labor-intensive war roster system we currently do before fights, which many of you are familiar with. It wouldn't make sense to only have this take effect during wars, as then people could just sign up for any side with no prior associations. Plus, having this plugin in use all the time adds a lot of possibility and cool features to enhance roleplay, which I'll discuss later on. As for the 'invite' functionality - that was required so that we could keep lairs secret and not show up on the list. I want to make something clear, outside of wars, the realms membership really has no effect. You can have it displayed on your card if you want, and generally should tie into where your persona's primary home is, but really there is very little player-facing effects other than when wars come around. Being part of a realm doesn't provide/consolidate any 'power' to an NL - it really doesn't give them anything. I saw some comments about rebellions/coups and that this plugin could be harmful to those efforts, but it really is the opposite. It will allow us to see who is a member of a realm before any plotting actually even started, and assure that internal conflict truly is internal. We already lock region membership during events like this, this plugin won't change that, and code provide smoother mechanisms for staff to handle those kind of things. As mentioned above, the primary audience for this plugin is staff, with some useful features for nations/settlement leaders. Most of the features of this plugin were just ported over from existing rules/systems, there really isn't any day-to-day functionality changed by this system. I will note a very fair criticism is the lock on changing what Realm you belong to. As this plugin was designed based off the existing system the limitation was just copied over from /cex nationality. However seeing how that was primarily for wars, and this plugin could tie into more systems, this feature will just be annoying without serving any real purpose, we will definitely reevaluate it. Really, this plugin is very simple at it's core - it maintains a list of nations/settlements that people can join. However the possibilities of what we can do with this framework are vast, it was a core component of our server's rules and mechanics that did not have any code, and left a lot of gaps in possible plugin development. This plugin fills those gasp in our core APIs that have been blocking us from making other features that are more geared towards elevating and promoting roleplay. Ideas we've considered in the past, such as a custom lock-plugin with automatic controls on citizen/guard doors, mechanics that only function during raids, allowing leaders to make their own sub-regions in tiles and cities, an automatically generated political world map, less strict activity requirements, and cutting staff red-tape in many other areas such surrounding regions/tiles are now possible due to the framework that this plugin provides. Thank you everyone for your feedback on this plugin, it definitely is important to get the perspectives on how our staff-managed systems can impact players day-to-day, and make changes to help make them better. If you have any questions or want to chat about this plugin and/or the systems surrounding it, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord, Llir#5410. We're re-evaluating a lot of these systems as part of 9.0 Map Development as well, so this is a great time to be having these kind of discussions. Cheers.
  5. Great work on all of these features and fixes! Should definitely help with immersion and streamlining the player experience.
  6. *Closes another story on the Roadmap* Super excited to finally see this plugin, great work! If anyone has feedback regarding the rules that have been created around this plugin, please feel free to message me directly on Discord.
  7. Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.
  8. Outfit Name: Vogue Piousness Name: Llir Bid: 450 Discord: Llir#5410
  9. I've unlocked the original announcement thread to allow for feedback on this decision, apologies this wasn't done initially. Please remain respectful.

  10. This thread has been unlocked to allow for feedback on our systems, the resolution made by Administration, and the handling of the situation over the past week and a half. Please keep discussion on topic, avoid meme-responses, and remain both civil and respectful. Comments that attack members of our server's community will not be tolerated. Please see my response to these types of comments here. Apologies this was locked at the start - we had already spoken with leadership on both sides in-depth and did not foresee this decision getting as much attention and feedback from the wider community as it has. We had imaged this post to be here for information, though as many people seem interested in discussing this issue I am happy to hear feedback. We don't want a situation like this to happen again, so any ideas the community can provide around these rules and systems is very much appreciated. I really love to see ideas and discussions such as @argonian's thread, and hope to continue having productive chats on these issues. Cheers.
  11. Hi everyone! I am happy to announce the results of the LotC's Biggest Clown Contest that we hosted within Staff Discord the past two weeks. Every member of the community was able to be nominated, and then the staff voted on who is the Biggest Clown of LotC. The result has been posted at http://lotc.co/clown Make sure to check it out! Congrats to the winner! - Llir and the Admins
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