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  1. Llir

    Ranged Rolls

    @Josh3738 😂
  2. Llir

    Ranged Rolls

    Yes, it was removed when we got our new chat plugin a year or two ago, and people were requesting it be brought back.
  3. Llir

    Ranged Rolls

    Although nobody was around to see my awesome rolls, I promise they still happened. Ranged Rolls have been reintroduced. They can be used as follows: /roll [dice] -w - rolls in #w chat /roll [dice] -q - rolls in #q chat /roll [dice] -s - rolls in #s chat /roll [dice] -r <#> - rolls a custom radius, max between 1 and 48 Omitting a modifier at the end will roll in #rp. A reminder that [dice] will default to 1d20 if not specifed. Also, [dice] is very versatile, and can be a number like 100, or multiple dice like 3d20, or a combo like 1d6+1d20.
  4. Llir

    Gun Plugin

    Haha that would have been good. I was excited to make this announcement though so players know of the change. I’ll have to think of something better for April 1st.
  5. Llir

    Gun Plugin

    JK, just crossbows Crossbows are enabled for crafting and use on the server with a few caveats: 1. Firing a bow or crossbow will unload all crossbows in your inventory (this is to prevent ‘machine-gunning’). 2. You can not fire fireworks from the crossbow (sorry, we’ll see where the techlock goes before touching this). Let me know if you encounter any issues with this. Cheers, Llir
  6. telanir why did you leak admin chat
  7. Llir

    Tech Update: MaliRally

    Greetings Crafters! Today I will be showcasing a new plugin I recently made in collaboration with the Moderation Team, but first, a few quick updates: We are still working on improving server performance, including periodic crashes of our proxy server, and lingering TPS/chunk lag. We know a lot of players have been unable to connect with the ‘Connection closed by remote host’ bug. Although we have been unable to pinpoint what on our end is causing the issue, we have found that using a VPN works as an interim workaround. We are still fixing various bugs, such as those with creative mode and WorldEdit, which may be affecting the ability of staff to respond to your tickets. Now, onto the fun part! I am happy to introduce our new plugin: MaliRally. This plugin acts as a hook between in-game alert bells, and your community Discord servers. The goal is to help increase immersion, and put an end to ‘meta-rallies’, which can be a pain on players, and difficult to enforce for staff. The plugin will automate an already existing practice, and remove any grey areas in the rules. To use the plugin, right click the town-bell (beacon), and then enter your alert message (you must be a member of the region to use the bell). You must remain next to the bell for the message to be sent. Here is an example of it in use: The plugin itself will not send a ping, but players are free to then go to the channel and @everyone, @here, or @Guard for example, to draw attention to the alert. Individual players can also right-click the channel and set ‘Notifications’ to ‘All Messages’ to get alerted anytime the bell is rung. Two emotes are required to use a rally bell, to allow a chance to be interrupted. Normal meta-gaming rules still apply. If your character would not be able to hear the bell IRP, you can not use the alert information in-game. The alert is intended to be received in RP by people who may be offline or on another persona, but who’s character associated with the settlement would be in the city, perhaps in their home or the barracks, or people who are online in the settlement, but out of the usual shout range of the gatehouse/town bell. That is all most players need to know, but there is some additional information for Charter Leaders down below: All accepted Charters may have a town bell. There will be a limit of one town-bell per settlement. A bell will be required for any rally messages sent to your Discord. Rallying otherwise will be considered metagaming. There will be a one week grace-period from the time of this post so that you can get your bells setup. Until then, the existing 3-emote rally system will still be usable alongside the new bell system. Now, how do you get one? Simple, just follow these steps: Create a text channel in your discord for bell alerts to be sent to. Make sure everyone who needs it has permission to see it and/or send messages! Go to channel settings, then Webhooks. Click ‘Create Webhook’. Note: Make sure you have permission to Manage Webhooks for the Discord server. Set the name an icon to anything you would like. Click ‘Copy’ beside the Webhook URL. Make a /modreq in-game that you would like your town-bell setup at the location you would like the bell. Note: Make sure it is a logical location, such a guardhouse or bell tower. Note: Moderators will only accept a modreq for town bells from the Charter Leader (PRO). The Moderator will place down a beacon block should your location be suitable. This will act as your town bell. Ask the Moderator for their Discord ID, and then PM them the Webhook URL you copied earlier. Tell the Moderator what color you would like associated with your bell (the color bar shown beside the alert, magenta in my example) from this list: The Moderator will create your bell. Give it a test once they let you know it’s ready! If you want your bell moved, the Moderator will have to delete it and recreate it. Follow steps 5-9 again. You can use the same Webhook URL. For more information about Webhooks, you can read here. Webhooks only allow LOTC to send automated messages to the designated text-channel. It does not allow LOTC to see any messages, channels, or users in your server. The provided webhook will only be used by LOTC to send messages from this plugin for your town bell, and not for any other messages. That’s all there is! Hope you all enjoy it! Cheers, Llir
  8. *stabs elf with great strength through the skull, killing them instantly*
  9. Llir

    A New Technical Direction

    He was saying how he wouldn’t want to update the server himself before quitting, as he would be publishing an update he won’t be around to maintain which is not fair to the server or the other staff. We are confident that our current technical staff will be able to maintain the update, and as we are publishing it it will be our onus to upkeep. I hope this clarifies this for you.
  10. Hey all, First off, I want to give a tremendous thank-you to Korvic for the work he has done as a Senior Developer since November, and before then a coder since July. His support has been instrumental to the stability of the server. He took on more work and responsibility than many Developers and Technicians have in a long time. I am very sad to see him go. Although Korvic has been the key member of this team, he was not the only one. I want to assure the community that there is still a core group of dedicated Senior Technicians who intend to keep the server up and running. Going forward, we will be identifying as the Tech Team, with a renewed focus on server stability. I will be once again uptaking the position of Technical Administrator, but I want this time to be different. I want to be more like Korvic; focusing on the things the players want, putting in the extra work, and being proactive about plugin development. Topaz is a new member to the Tech Team. Although he has been on the roster for a few months, he was off completing his C++ certification, and having completed that is now going to be stepping up. For those of you that don’t know him, Topaz is an experienced developer who has worked on servers such as Birthright and Zyria roleplay. He plans on building on a comprehensive GUI and skills system for our players to enjoy, and help replace old systems which are liabilities to server stability. I look forward to what he has to contribute. Finally, Tythus and Telanir will be taking more active roles in backend development, to assure our server remains stable. Now, onto 1.15. Korvic prepared this update for us, and it is ready to launch. Tythus, Telanir and I will be doing maintenance around noon EST on Wednesday Thursday (delayed). It may take several hours. Once we launch, we will assure stability, and if needed perform a full rollback to 1.14, though this is not foreseen as likely. I am enthusiastic to get us on the next version of Minecraft, which has better stability... and BEES???? I wanted to end on a more personal note. I have been a member of the Tech Team since 2014, and have a great passion for this server and it’s plugins, but I know that I haven’t been around recently. Korvic picked up my slack and saved this server where I couldn’t. The end of 2019 was really rough for me in my personal life, and I felt totally unmotivated to do anything. My friends here on LOTC helped me through some of the worst of it. I’m getting back on my feet now and being active on this team is going to be part of that. But actions speak louder than words, so I plan to prove this to the community. For more information, you can read the Administrative Update. Cheers, Llir
  11. Note: Some players were not receiving the bonus. This has been fixed now and all players should have the bonuses in their accounts. If you have not acquired your bonus or are missing any crowns, please contact me at Llir#5410 Hello everyone! We are having a promotion this weekend. All Crowns purchases will add a 15% bonus gift to your account! This will run until Midnight PST on December 2nd. Happy RPing! - Llir * Gift will be in Crowns, equal to 15% of the total Crowns value purchased. The gift will be added directly to your account and can not be transferred. P.S. We are working on the connection issues.
  12. Looking for a skin artist.

    1. drfate786
    2. ibraheemc2000


      Message apurrfectnobody

    3. _Jandy_


      Orcs for free. Message me.

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