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  1. IGN: Llir Price: 5 Discord: Llir#5410 Character: Avern Any specific details you wish providing?:
  2. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Llir)) Name: Avern Vote for Sohaer: ( ) Anethra Uradir (XX) Eredael Rhenaer
  3. Greetings Denizens of Arcas, Today, we are announcing the departure of Braxis as an Administrator. Although we are very sad to see him go, we thank him tremendously for the time and work he has put in since the New Year, as well as him sticking around to help us select and transition his successor. As he is helping with the transition, you will still see him sporting the stylish red tag for another week or so before he retires into the ex-admin crypt. He will definitely be missed, but we wish him the best on his future endeavours. When Braxis announced his departure, the selection process began for the next Moderation Administrator, which we are very happy to announce the results for. BasketWeaver (Anore) will be taking the reigns and leading Moderation on our server. Basket first worked on staff back in 2011 and rejoined the Moderation Team when he returned to the server a year ago. Since that time, he has been a valuable member of the team and has done excellent work as a Moderation Manager the past few months. For a detailed explanation of the selection process, you can read the spoiler below: We are very excited to work with him and can’t wait to see where he takes Moderation and the server as a whole as an Administrator. Cheers, LotC Administration
  4. Llir

    Remove 1.9

    Just wanted to clear some things up: Our PVP plugin was broken for like 20 minutes yesterday, we did not sporadically switch our PVP system with no announcement, we would not do that, it is not April 1st. We are considering switching to a more robust PVP system, but not vanilla 1.9. The poll in the public Discord was not clear on that. We are having an in-depth discussion the topic of PVP and Skills in our Tech Development Discord server, and you are welcome to join: https://discord.gg/snEAeYx
  5. Llir


    MODERATION NOTE: Please be informed this is a private letter, please keep replies between the correspondents.
  6. Theo would mourn the loss of his dear nephew, Deadvid.
  7. >///w///<

  8. Tired


  9. IGN: Llir RP Name: Onar Ireheart Candidate: Charles “The Bald” Ireheart
  10. Avern’dionne Fi’talareh exhales, “Let us hope they are not challenged for some time, elections are tiring.”
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