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  1. Server is back up.

  2. Crashing every 5 seconds, come at me yo

  3. Optifine updated? o.o

  4. Yay, DC = Horse error

  5. Much crash..

    1. ConnorMagill


      Very Sad ;( i cRi evrY TiEm

  6. What is void translocation?

    1. Jistuma


      Placing things for a bit in the void.

    2. DruinsBane


      From my limited knowledge, Void trans-location is holding an item in the void, so it can be accessed at a later date or on the move.

  7. Hi again ^-^

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nug


      hi i was that halfling you constantly killed at the temple in asulon hi

    3. Kawaii Kush

      Kawaii Kush

      I love you! You were the halfling that took my helmet and smashed it into my face right? :3

    4. Nug


      yup, my mc account then was Bryanwaffles but now I use Nugosaurus and I play a gobo named Nug (obviously), ever seen him?

  8. Hi my babies ^-^

    1. nordicg_d


      hiya! ~~~~~ <3<3333

  9. -deep breathing-

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