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  1. Raomir's WT Application

  2. Kadarsi tribe recruitment!

    jihadi propaganda on lotc forums... disgusting
  3. so what if im muslim, gay and celebrate st valentines day

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nordicg_d


      so what if i support labour?

    3. im_a_psychopath
    4. Kardel


      Then you are a kufar subhanallah and you should behead yourself prompty isnhallah before I have the chance to travel to your hovel and do it in the name of Allah (subhanahu wa'tala)

      Edited by Kardel
  4. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. - DPMAGICIAN

    1. Hyena


      Sounds like Jake quoting Chicago tbh

    2. Naruto_Uzumaki


      man **** nordicgod

  5. ahh, a new day with lots of exciting rp ahead of us!

    1. Dewper


      lol ur banned from lotc discord xD !!!

    2. nordicg_d
    3. Chaotikal




      remember that one time? yeah haha.


      much love

  6. how do i get unbanned from lotc discord help  me pls..

    1. Hyena


      Appeal I guess

    2. nordicg_d
    3. GODHawkEye


      i was sat at home when telanir called


      nordic is kill



  7. Time to step down

  8. me and the boys took our roleplay elsewhere...

  9. hopping on to roleplay with the boys soon

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    2. nordicg_d


      me and the boys will pay a visit later

    3. Hyena


      Hope you have a nice stay!

    4. devvy


      you can stay logged off thanks

  10. missing you bro...

  11. Axios Screenshot Album

    "im not in dunamis/flay cos i dont want to be" was begging me to join the flays weeks before xaxaxaxa some good romstun screens!
  12. unban me from lotc discord pls :>

    1. Dewper


      no ur a ******* menace to this community .

  13. Hiring great skinner. Will pay actual money.

    i only accept ethereum
  14. i cant believe my dog died on new years day