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  1. I never said you aimed it towards us but it could easily seem like it was since we're a pvp focused group. And this whole thing is most certainly targeting pvpers.
  2. A pugsy/hacker? Cool, get the items returned or refunded and a simple ban Power gamer? Enjoy your two hour rp fight just for it to be ruined with ooc bickering due to power gaming and/or meta I already know you're an elitist. This isn't news.
  3. cool. I hate nexus and diamond armour, we voiced our opinion against it at the time it was added. However, its made available to us so why shouldn't we use it?
  4. I'm almost certain I've said this to you before. The issue is nexus and not PvP. We ******* hate grinding just as much as you. Stop including the grinding aspect with pvp, you're wrong. And yes, both sides have issues but pvp has far less.
  5. i love two hour rp fights that involves powergaming and ends with a br ;DD
  6. no thanks
  7. Yes, RP fighting for two hours with extreme powergaming sounds like a wonderful solution. Just because nexus is **** doesn't mean you need to swap a **** system with another **** system. The error lies with Nexus, not pvp.
  8. Big boy Bandoz preparing to slap some idiots
  9. House Romstun and allies fought courageously against unmatched odds, though it was not enough. The superior numbers of the NATO pact simply overwhelmed them. The men under the Romstun banner were cut down but not without inflicting serious damage to the NATO ranks. Deano Romstun fled the battle but at what cost. His men and allies lay defeated, his house in ruin. Regret at fleeing troubled his mind, he wished he stayed and fell along side his men. Upon his return to Doggersden, he removed his crimson bandana and cut his hair with hopes to withhold his true identity. “Disband and leave, we are wanted men. Return here no more protect yourselves and go into hiding.” Echoed Deanos final orders within the halls of Doggersden.
  10. good video and good fight but please think of a better name for the battle
  11. "I do hope Clan Grandaxe do not follow suit and make the same mistake as Gror the traitorous" Deano howls within his mountain home.
  12. "Woe to Oren, woe to Urguan for we march to battle united." Deano Romstun would state upon greeting his Frostbeard allies.
  13. on hold until romstun/oren war is over.