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  3. THE SECOND WAR CONTRACT OF THE PHOENIX The men of the Phoenix Band grouped around a table within the confines of Brannby, mead filling their bellies and a joyous tune echoing about the halls. For they all had reason to carry joy and happiness within tonight. It was only hours before the dwarves of Urguan arrived upon the town to offer a large sum of mina in exchange for their services - with little disputes the men ended the night with a newly acquired large fortune from the contract. The Under-Realm of Urguan purchased the Phoenix Band and their services through the process of a buyout, and thus the terms for such are detailed below: TERMS OF THE CONTRACT: I. The Phoenix Band will assist The Under-Realm of Urguan for the entire conflict upon the official start of the war ((Warclaim)). II. The Phoenix Band and The Under-Realm of Urguan will enter a military alliance during the period of the contract. PROCESS OF THE CONTRACT: I. A deposit of 30,000 mina shall be paid upon the signing of the contract. II. The remaining 30,000 unpaid mina shall be paid upon the end of the war. THE PHOENIX BOWS TO NONE OWYN ALEXANDER RENAI
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  8. THE PASSING OF RENATUS The halls of Pronce. The waves swelled against the hull of the pristine boat, its impact resonating throughout the Ben Quadinaros, a famed vessel. Often monikered the pinnacle of Renatian engineering, its grand interior housed the Emperor himself, who was amidst a voyage to his bride’s motherland. Solemn thoughts clouded his mind, for he was only a boy and yet he had been thrust into leading an Empire; into commanding a gruesome war that was plagued with death at every point. The chattering of sailors was in abundance on the deck of the colossal ship as they manned the decks and traversed the oceans, despite the efforts of the tempests that made their journey arduous. “How far to Pronce?” one agitated seaman inquired, the answer to his query only fueling his vexation as months were left until the shores of Aeldin were to be in sight. The Ben Quadinaros sailing upon the high seas. Months had passed and the goliath docked at a small town in northern Aeldin, just north of Pronce, and with such, the Emperor and his retinue of Dragon Knights reached dry land for the first time in months, a relieving experience for all. The Grand Knight, Ser Rodrik, who had accompanied the Emperor alongside his comrades rode ahead towards Pronce while the Emperor stayed within the bounds of the coastal settlement to rest. The ride for the chevaliers was sprightly and did not last for more than a pair of days. Upon arrival, the fortress hosted an entire cohort of workers, soldiers, and aristocrats milling around - transporting food, weaponry and resources en masse. Ser Rodrik was greeted at the foot of the fortress by a familiar face, Amelia Philippa, the daughter of Charles Elliot. Welcoming the troops inside, she provided them with food and lodging. She, like many others, awaited the Emperor’s arrival. “What is the purpose of this summon?” the Grand Knight inquired with a great degree of inquisitiveness present in his tone, for they had all been summoned - yet none could seem to answer the Grand Knight, for they did not know. The reason for which seemed to be only known by the Emperor himself. The Dragon Knights riding towards Pronce. The arrival of the Dragon Knights was soon followed by the arrival of Godfrey himself a mere days later, his expression from his time sailing had almost been cemented upon his countenance, weary and distrait. Yet on his arrival, he was not welcomed by Amelia but rather a different figure: Antonius, the famed marshal originating from primaeval Renatus. Discreet whispers were exchanged between the two and shortly thereafter, they ventured within the walls of the magnificent structure they were beholden to. As if he knew the complete itinerary, Godfrey would announce to all of a grandiose wedding that would take place. Many of his retinue were disgruntled by such talk, “Coming all this way to indulge in a feast and to witness an unrelated wedding? Bah. A waste of time I say!” mumbled one Dragon Knight. Alas, their thoughts would not change the event to come. A feast was prepared and the announced wedding would commence only a small few hours later. Unbeknownst to those not present, The wedding would be of Kaiser, son of Augustus I, to Amelia Philippa, daughter of Charles Elliot. The two recited their vows in a lavish wedding befitting of their status; Following such, cups filled with citric, maroon vintage along large beasts mounted on silver platters streamed from out of the kitchen. An impressive feast would commence in celebration of the event and the disgruntled thoughts that plagued the Emperor’s retinue soon dissipated as they indulged on all of what the chefs of Pronce had to offer and listened to the idyllic bards of Aeldin. The night grew old and the men and women in celebration retired to their chambers. Kaiser and Amelia as they recited their wedding vows. Many denizens of the holding had stayed within their chambers until the late hours of the next day, needing a large amount of time to recuperate from the merriment of the prior night. Yet, that was not the case for Godfrey who did not stay at the feast for long, nor did he stay in slumber for a momentous while as he appeared to be ruminating for hours on end. Already knowing what was to come, the bells rang and everyone was called in to the main hall. Godfrey waltzed in slowly after everyone else, looking around the room he was a mass of numerous people seated in the stands and at the end of the hall lay a fine circular table which sat five people, four of which were already taken. Marching to the other side of the room, Godfrey took his seat. From left to right sat all four founders of Renatus: Charles Elliot, Augustus I, Aurelius I, and Antonius. The Founders of Renatus who had built it from the ground up and formed it into one of the strongest Empires to of been known. All of the founders, once ripe with life and energy, now were hoary, exhausted, and aged - all of them past their septuagenarian years and looked desperate for nothing more than to retire from politics and to live the rest of their days without the squabbles of men interfering with such. “We are old, we are tired, and we are done.” mumbled out Charles first, a cohesion of head-nodding ensuing from the other members of the table thereafter. The next to speak up was Aurelius I, the founder of the Empire. “Our name is bound to the name Renatus, for it is us who built it from nothing and led it to glory. It is Antonius who led its armies on military campaigns to conquer an entire continent. It is Charles who secured allies and enacted vast plots to secure the position of Renatus. And it is Augustus who led my Empire, my Kingdom, when I was too old to do so. Any time there is a war that is spurned between the Empire and another nation - we are bound to it, we are inclined to help as Renatus is ours. We cannot lead any longer, nor do we have an interest in it.” Aurelius countenance froze for a fleeting moment, afterwards he stood. Looking around the hall, he announced in his commanding voice that most had become so accustomed to, “It is today that Godfrey disbands the Kingdom of Renatus to replace it with his own Kingdom.” Aurelius sat himself with visible constraint, for his body ached. In his place, Godfrey stood to address the court next. “The Kingdom of Renatus shall be dissolved, it shall be no more. In its place the ruling seat of the Empire shall be named after my father's holdings. It shall be known as the Kingdom of Cascadia as determined by the council of founders.” And that, is what this meeting shall be forever known as. The council of founders, in which the complete dissolution of the Kingdom of Renatus is penned down in history. [!] Attached to the bottom is the war-history of the Kingdom of Renatus. The Third Crusade, 1638 - 1641. Czena Conflict, 1653 - 1656. Atlas Coalition War, 1657 - 1662. Bandit War, 1664 - 1668 Second Atlas Coalition War, the Staunton Uprising, 1667 - 1669. Third Atlas Coalition War, 1689 - 1692. War of the Elven Union, 1712 - 1713. War of the Two Emperors, 1715 - 1721 All Renatian victories. THE KINGDOM OF RENATUS: 1638 - 1721
  9. The Push on Reza For years, now, the flames of war had ravaged the lands of Mankind. Thousands upon thousands of lives lost, and thousands more to come. At the edge of the Koengswald, the beleaguered Haeseni forced had been set upon by wave upon wave of invigorated Renatian soldiery. As the Haeseni turned and their forces crashed upon each other once more, it soon grew clear they could do naught but run. The fog of war would not clear til morning. The body count in the Koengswald was significantly lower than at the Silversea, perhaps because Haense was running out of forces to sacrifice in delaying actions, perhaps because Renatus did not commit their full armies to the engagement. In any case, the command structures of both would remain intact, and the war-camps arranged in due order. In the months to come, the fortunes further favored Renatus. Ser Rodrik and his Order of the Red Dragon captured a highborn company of Haeseni and dragged them back to Renatus. One Haeseni prince was sent to the Seven Skies by a Dragon Knight, in the name of the late Aurelius Tiberius Horen. Another Crow was executed by a Dragon that night, called by many to be his counterpart in ability - but how could a mere bird compare to a dragon’s majesty? As the Field Marshals and General Staff of Renatus convened in their command tents, they smiled. For years they had toiled, and the end was now in sight. Below Reza’s walls, the Haeseni forces would be forced back, and they would face their end. Their claimant would be placed on the throne of Hanseti, and the traitorous Barbanovs deposed. Warclaim Type of War & CBs (if applicable) Already approved. Attackers Imperium Renatus & Allies Defenders Haense & Allies Wargoals: Restoration of the Empire, Control over the rebelling territory of Haense Location & Proposed Time Saturday 3PM EST / 8PM GMT - 22nd of June Contact Information you already have it.
  10. *Donald Dabber is utterly confused as he checks the prices of the current shops in Urguan. “Very odd comment from a very odd dwarf. Our prices are the same, if not lower!”
  11. The Happy Frog Trading Company ____ Readers, readers! Welcome to the information page of the Happy Frog Trading Company - below you will find a list of all of the sections of this flier! I. Introduction II.Wares III. Stalls ____ I. Introduction The Happy Frog Trading Company is an ancient guild whose history spans back to continents ago, with a rigid foundation that was swiftly shut down under market pressures. Yet, here we are in the current year with its re-birth! The Happy Frog Trading Company has almost 100% of its shares owned by Donald Dabber, who has henceforth dubbed himself as the Frog Prince and owner of the company. The company’s foundation upon Arcas came into fruition after Donald had been bored of his previous work in the Kingdom of Renatus, in which he is regarded as a war-hero of the country. Looking for an alternative path of work, trading seemed worthy enough of his many talents and thus he took it upon himself to carry out the wishes of his forefathers who had attempted to form the company generations ago. ____ II. Wares The Happy Frog Trading Company is proud to present a large variety of cheap goods to its consumers. We will offer ANY good to anyone, in our stalls we sell the following: Iron | 1.5 Mina Gold Carrot | 10 Mina Arrow | 0.5 Mina Bread | 0.3 Mina Steak | 1.5 Mina Hay Bale | 0.6 Mina Diamond | 35 Mina Coloured Wool| 1 Mina Book & Quill | 15 Mina 12 Speed Horse | 150 Mina 11 Speed Horse | 100 Mina 10 Speed Horse | 50 Mina However, if you need a good or item not present in a stall, you can contact me to arrange a meeting to purchase it! (Dane#5378) ____ III. Stalls HELENA: Donald Dabber (NordicGod) Sells: Iron, Gold Carrot, Arrow, Bread, Steak, Hay Bale, Diamond, Book & Quill. HELENA WOOL: Donald Dabber (NordicGod) Sells: Coloured Wool (Every colour) SUTICA: Caden (TrendE) Sells: Bread, Hay Bales, Iron, Gold Carrot, Book & Quill, Coloured Wool (all types) and a Assortment of ((RP)) Items FENN: Daniel (Harresson) Sells: Iron, Arrow, Bread, Steak, Hay Bale HAELUN’OR: Theobald (Stigwig) Sells: Iron, Gold Carrot, Arrow, Bread, Steak, Hay Bale LLYRIA: Dirk Iyliar (gusanoarentonio) Sells: Iron, Gold Carrot, Bread, Steak, Hay Bale, Diamond, Coloured Wool (all types) ____ Looking to join? Looking to join up with one of the most prestigious trading companies to land upon the continent? Fear not! There is always room for additional traders. If you would like to join up then simply send a bird stating your interest to Donald Dabber (NordicGod | Dane#5378) ____ [!] Attached to the bottom are any relevant THFTC. Reports. [None currently]
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