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  1. It seems a lot has changed

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Viper3X


      Thanks! Yeah I was around in Athera for a bit.

    3. mitto
    4. Viper3X


      Thanks! Off to work :)

  2. Cleared out my Skype contact list. I apologize if you were removed, but I had hundreds of people added.

    1. AGiantPie


      Never forgive, never forget.

  3. All web pages should now be up-to-date.

    1. Elad™


      Thank you. For the longest time, those outdated pages have been driving me mad. It makes me real happy to see them updated. -applauds-

  4. These are the people who run your server. http://i.gyazo.com/60b678534b75847ca5d376659fe0eaed.png

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    2. Samsan99


      In the hands of the best X3

    3. Blundermore


      Oh if you saw the things that went through LM/GM chat sometimes...

    4. Lark


      We knew this already

  5. Anyone else see the movie Fury?

  6. The panicking brings joy to my eyes.

  7. I apologize for forum glitches! I am working on some changes.

    1. James


      The the the.... Dwarven rp section it it... the clans .... there gone.... the clan threads are all gone.. the guilds.. everything...

    2. James


      Da subforums man.... all of em.... *Crys for forums <3 Viper plez fix

  8. Apparently I'm pugsy according to Kowaman's new plugin.

  9. Tomorrow's my workhorse day for LotC. Should be fun

  10. I believe your theories and research could still continue, but as others stated you simply would not be able to use it in the ways you suggested. Science roleplay is still fun roleplay!
  11. Re-did the permissions set for "The Great Library" forum. You may now be able to view some sub-forums that you couldn't before (ex. VA/MA forums).

  12. Redundant forum groups removed: Team Leader, Lead Developer, Developer, The Haunted, Creative Wizard and Grass VIP. My apologies if this negatively impacts you.

    1. Cappy


      "Nether VIP" still remains though... the mystery deepens...

  13. Staff page should be up-to-date!

  14. I will be gone away camping until Friday. See you then!

    1. Aedan The Bard

      Aedan The Bard

      Beware of the manbearpig!

    2. Dtrik


      man f that, watch out for seabears

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