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  1. Aladeen

    [Complete]RANSOM FOR NONA

    *Virkian throws his satchel across the room whilst running into his office, reaching for a paper and quill, writing on a small scroll "Give me your demands and I shall fulfill them, -Virkian Agnew" tying the parchment to the leg of a raven.
  2. Aladeen

    Cloud Temple

    The new temple looks great, way more enjoyable to be around. The world developer team did some good ****
  3. Aladeen

    Wanted Thief

    This Bounty has been fulfilled, and an individual has been Payed. This must be moved to the Completed bounty section.
  4. Aladeen

    Wanted Thief

    Wanted: The Thief "Scorn Black" (TheManJam) Threat level: Very Easy, He is usually Unarmed and Unarmored Suggested party number: 1+ Description of beast(s): Blue Eyes, One missing, Blue and Grey Garb Location: Unknown, Likely among the trade cities of atlas Rewards: I am willing to negotiate a reasonable sum of Minas, Items, and Real Estate. You may send me a bird to the Merchants Guild of Pembroke-Shire.
  5. Aladeen

    Skin glitching please help!

    Yea i fixed it Thanks!
  6. +1 having someone with so much staff experience with no power to help players is a waste
  7. Username Vulmon Age 17 Time Zone EST Discord: Aladeen#5828 Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban?: Nope Have you ever received warning points and what did you do to receive those points?: Not that i'm aware of Moderating the forums is a very time dependent staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating?: 1-3 hours a day, I'm very fast when i'm typing and browsing the forums Have you ever held a staff position here on LoTC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy: No but i have recently gone through a GM interview and Fireheart suggested i seek a position either here in the FM team or in the AT, as it would better represent what i want to do for the server. Why should you be a FM? What can you bring to our team in regards to moderating and enforcing the rules on the forums? I believe i have a very good understanding of the rules, and i think it is the duty of the forums, to push players to remove toxicity from the forums. I see tons of discussions and posts, that end up devolving into some toxic arguments. That make the forums aggravating to people. I believe childish unwanted posts shouldn't be allowed. Recently in the 'Remove free build post" There was one side who wanted to keep it and proposed amazing critical views of it. And the others who all simply typed the same "Your ugly free-build settlements ruin our RP F#ck off" I don't think acting like that is appropriate, although it definitely doesn't warrant a ban or anything of the sort FM's should be attempting to improve the experience and pushing players to act better, a simple PM with a polite request from a Forum Moderator i think could go a long way, It still should be fun for everybody. The forum shouldn't be a super serious platform, But it should be mature when its asked to be. What traits do you have that make you stand out from any other applicant?: I'm very good at presenting my strong opinions in adult formats, its very difficult to actually anger me. I like doing grunt work as well. I have a very diverse family, with a multitude of cultures, Italian Puerto Rican, Native american. I believe i have a good understanding of different individuals, as well as being good at adapting to how a player is talking to me to give them a more appeasing response. I'm good at working with teams as well. Are you familiar with ModeratorCP? No i am not, but given a resource i am a quick study. How long do you plan to stay on the team?: As long as i am active and believe i'm doing good work
  8. Aladeen

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    I just enjoy the work that was put into their lore, Although i'm an outsider looking into the potentially abusive mechanics.
  9. Aladeen

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    I think instead of removing ascended magics we should just be reporting these power gaming players, there's already been talk of increasing the penalty on repeated Power Gaming and Meta Gaming. I just don't wanna see this magic go because a few bad players ruined it. I wouldn't want to see any mechanic go for a few people abusing it
  10. Aladeen

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Do you have an opinion on what other players have been saying? Because i've never encountered specifically toxic ascended players. but alot of people seem to have.
  11. Aladeen

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    I don't think that's really fair, we should be removing the mechanics they're using and try to add more, fair replacements. And we should have some penalty for players if they're being so ridiculously toxic in this fashion anyway, and that should go for anyone and any magic. Are you an ascended player? or is that just sarcasm?
  12. Aladeen

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    I think in the right hands it could be a very good role play tool. But ill read that post, it seems that everyone agrees the community is extremely toxic with the magic That's what I think should happen personally, id like to see it removed and rewritten in a different fashion, perhaps in a way that disables players from abusing it an acting how they've been with their power
  13. Aladeen

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Interesting, I'd like to see ascended at least get another chance at a proper change/nerf before it just gets shelved, Although i respect the decision. Especially if things like that became the norm, I went and put a question about i in the community meeting I've only talked to Z3mos in the ascended community, He's been extremely polite to everyone i've seen him interact with. How many ascended players have you seen be toxic? I wont ask for names of course Could you elaborate on what you don't like? Could you elaborate on what you don't like?
  14. Aladeen

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Rules lawyering? care to elaborate a little for me?
  15. Aladeen

    Skin glitching please help!

    Is it? The file seemed totally fine besides the white glitching, I was just trying to combine the head of one skin onto the body of another, Guess a shitty youtube guide wasnt sufficient