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  1. Sheczar

    [Server] Sheczar Ban Appeal

    What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Sheczar Ban Reason xray Players Involved Sheczar By your own understanding, why are you banned? I used xray to mine. Why should you be pardoned? I used an xray resource pack in order to mine ores from the CT mine. I understand that my action is damaging to people who honestly mines in the mines and spends more time to achieve the results I achieved with using xray. I accept and understand that using xray is cheating. I wish to be unbanned because, I regret my actions and will not ever use xray again and apologize to the players whom I might have damaged and the Staff Team. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will not use xray ever again, I will not visit the mines at all if it can be helped. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Community guidelines are important because they are established in order to set out the optimal virtues to create the best possible roleplay experience. They create foundations of a considerate, encouraging, creative, enthusiastic and honest roleplay environment. Thus by following the guidelines, one would contribute to the server for the server to reach its optimal potential for serious roleplay and entertainment. In addition to improving general society, community guidelines also acts as a self beacon of light for one who would wish to illuminate a path to better people and roleplay skills.
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  3. It is my unbiased opinion that this man must be given what he demands. +1
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    Suffolk Army Recruitment

    About the Suffolk Armed Forces The Suffolk Armed Forces, as commonly known as the Suffolk Army, consists of Regiments of 100 ((10)) soldiers. Each regiment is divided into two divisions of 50 ((5)) soldiers. First Division of a Regiment is commanded by a Captain who also is in general command of the Regiment and second Division of a Regiment is commanded by a Lieutenant, both are assisted by Sergeants. Suffolk army is heavily influenced by the Romagna (as all aspects of Suffonian) and Romagnan Army and has a deep infantry tradition and obsession with shield formations. Only conventional mounted forces of the army are the rangers. All regiments of Suffolk have different numbers and names and they mostly pick private symbols and saints for themselves. Duties of the soldiers in peacetime are divided in three categories: (i) security, (ii) law enforcement and (iii) scouting. While all regiments conducts guard duty and ensures the enforcement of laws as guards (in peacetime soldiers are named guards) second regiment (Regiment II - Crimson Rangers) specifically conducts scouting and espionage tasks and resides at the Crimsonfort at the gates of Pembroke City. While Regiments of the Army are a standing force, in times of need, new temporary Regiments can be gathered until the need is satisfied. Wartime Suffolk Army Ranks Marshal During times of war, a Marshal with powerful to take military actions and give military orders, only second to the Baron, is appointed. Marshal may give any military related orders, including but not limited to conscription of citizens and executing capital punishment. By some Suffonian scholars, Marshal is considered as a Suffonian form of the Romagnan Dictator but as a hereditary feudal lordship is already established, these arguments fell on deaf ears. Deputy Marshal Deputy Marshal is the Legate of the Marshal and appointed with the Marshal during wartime. Deputy Marshal must follow the orders of the Marshal and may claim authority in the absence of Marshal. Suffolk Army Ranks High Constable High Constable is the civil servant, Minister of the Council, in charge of defence and law enforcement. High Constable administrates the armed forces in times of peace, ensures safety and security, posts guards, provides assistance to Courts and wardens jails. High Constable is not in charge of the armed forces in warfare but traditionally gets appointed as the Marshal. Captain Each Regiment of the Army is commanded by a Captain. Captains of the Army forms the Council of Captains (the war Council of Suffolk) and is headed by the High Constable in peace and Marshal in war. In the absence of the Marshal and High Constable, Captain of the First Regiment (Regiment I - Blood Eagles) assumes command as the Chief Captain. Lieutenant Lieutenants commands second Divisions of Regiments and in the absence of Captains, takes command of the Regiment. Sergeant Sergeants are second in commands of Captains and Lieutenants in Divisions. First Division Sergeant is senior to Second Division Sergeant. Guard/Soldier In peace Guard, In war Soldiers are the backbone of the Suffolk Army and the Suffonian Law Enforcement. They are greatly respected and cared for. Suffolk Army Military Awards and Decorations Caesar Coronet: A laurel wreath awarded to conquerors of nations only. The endowed person may wear the Caesar Coronet in ceremonies and will be allowed to use the related Conqueror Dacil title (for example conqueror of Norland would be Nordacil). Edwardcross: Awarded for outstanding service to the Barony. Highest obtainable honour and endows one the privileges of the Gentry. Eaglecross: Second highest obtainable honour. Awarded for saving the life of a member of House Suffolk or saving a great number of Suffonian lives. Red Eagle: Awarded for grand military accomplishments. Red Cross: Awarded for the service against the unnatural. Red Valor: Awarded for showing great courage on battlefield. Red Talon: Awarded for outstanding execution of military service. Recruitment To join Suffolk Army please post the following form as a reply to this topic and we will be getting in touch with you via discord or please find @Kosekoyun , @akimaadeena12 , @Aladeen , @Kagura Balisari in roleplay in Pembroke City in course of Roleplay. ((IC)) Name: Age: Race: Current Place of Residence: Current Occupation: Experience: Would like to be a Ranger or Guard?: ((OOC)) MC Account: Discord ID: Conventional Regiments Blood Eagles Blood Eagles are the prime force of the Army and only the most loyal and able warriors are ever admitted to their ranks. When Edward Suffolk arrived to Atlas he was accompanied by a handful of Suffonian men, whom came with him from the far lands of Romagna. As they did before, they swore their allegiance to House Suffolk and from there on always remained on his side. On arrival Edward told them, “As I am the Eagle of Suffolk, so shall thou be my wings and talons” and named them the Eagle Guard. When the Pembroke Castle was found, Edward so declared “Thou have served me, bleed for me, until now thou were mere bodyguards, but today I recognise the blood on thy talons and declare thee Blood Eagles, First Regiment of the Suffolk Army, cornerstone of Suffolk!”. Thus Blood Eagles were borne and they were tasked with serving as the household guards of Suffolk. Regiment Oath: On this day, and all the days and nights to follow, I am bound to the service of the Lord of House Suffolk, I shall know no master but him, I shall know no family but my brothers in crimson, I shall know no wealth but my loyalty, My sword shall be his talons, my legs shall be his wings My blood shall paint the Red Eagle, On this day, and all the days and nights to follow. Crimson Rangers As the Blood Eagles were a heavy infantry regiment, a swifter force for scouting missions was required. Thus the second regiment, Crimson Rangers was formed. First recruits of Crimson Rangers were foreigners seeking a home and refugee in Pembroke City. Suitable bodied of these men were enlisted as rangers and were trained in the ways of Suffolk by Henry Lodmund. As the second regiment proved to be a success, they were declared as an official regiment and given the Crimsonfort named after them, at the skirts of Pembroke City. Auxiliary Regiments Since Suffolk Army has an infantry tradition, it relied on its ally and vassal states for Cavalry regiments, thus Auxiliary Regiments were created. Auxiliary regiments consists of non-Suffonian subjects of Suffolk and mainly focuses on mounted warfare. Unlike conventional regiments, Auxiliary Regiments has no regiment number and no definite number of soldiers and their military ranks varies. Leader of any Auxiliary Regiment stands the same as a Captain of a Conventional Regiment, in matters of warfare. List of Auxiliary Regiments Lodmund Regiment A Short History of Vassalization While riding close to the lands of Santegia for a quest given by Edward Suffolk, Henry Lodmund was ambushed by a nomadic Turkin tribe called called Osmanoglu Beyligi. Seeing his expensive cloths, Turkins captured Henry for ransom and threw him in to prison. Henry refused to cooperate with his capturers and did not provide a ransomer name and kept challenging the Osmanoglu Bey (leader) to single combat to death. After a couple of days Henry’s resolve was not broken and the Bey was not able to decline the single combat and after being challenged before his men. The Bey he armoured up, got a shield and a steel sword and provided Henry, who was at the point of starvation, with a mere iron sword. Against all odds, and after various wounds and a long duel, Henry killed the Bey and asked for his release. Heirs of the Bey, Osmanoglu family ordered for Henry’s arrest, but Turkins valued honour above all else and were angered with the honourless acts of House of Osmanoglu. They butchered their masters and pledged their swords to Henry, whom they deemed the true successor of the Bey. Henry was not expecting to win over a Turkin tribe. Nevertheless he took them to his service and trained them in then Suffonian ways of warfare. When Pembroke was established, Henry, who was the first and most loyal retainer of Edward Suffolk, was given a castle of his own named after him, the Lodmund Castle. Henry who preferred to stay in the Green Terrace Mansion in Pembroke City, established Lodmund Castle as headquarters for his Turkin Regiment, know as the Lodmund Regiment. Government of Osmanoglu Turkins Prior to entering in to the service of House Lodmund, thus House Suffolk, Osmanoglu Beyligi was ruled by Beys from Osmanoglu Family, whose sons were called Beyzade and daughters were called Beysanem while their wives were called Hatun. Since Henry did not accept the Bey title, Osmanoglu Beyligi was legally dismantled and they became the Lodmund Regiment, but they still kept all aspects of Osmanoglu Beyligi save the name and the Bey. As all men and women of Osmanoglu are warriors they do not differentiate between civil and military offices. Right hand of the Bey was called Pervane, and now a Pervane appointed by Henry Lodmund rules the Turkins on his behalf. Under Pervane, serves Bashs (heads) appointed to specific tasks as: Alpbash (head of the army), Erzakbash (head of the inventory). Soldiers of Osmanoglu are called Alp and they serve under Cavush(s) whom reports to Alpbash or Pervane.
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    Papa_Liam's Wiki Team Application

    +1 More maps incoming
  6. Sheczar

    Common Sense Act, 1655

    "Witness whereof I set my hand and affix the seal of Suffolk" Lord Edward Suffolk, Baron of Pembroke, would write down, before executing the Act and pressing his seal on red wax.
  7. Sheczar

    The Treaty of Lion and Eagle, 1664

    "Witness whereof i set my hand and affix the seal of Suffolk" Lord Edward Suffolk would write down, before executing the treaty and pressing his seal on red wax.
  8. Sheczar

    I guess I’m back

    Your break was as short as your self kind hobbit sir.
  9. A very Aladeen guy +1
  10. Sheczar

    Linettes Lament

    Upon reading the poem, Edward Suffolk would distastefully roll his eyes and would talk to his own magnificent inner person, "No sword of Curon shed such blood, compared to the bloody eyes this poem left behind! Oh wait did you just made a better rhyme? Oh Edward how proud I am to be you!”
  11. Sheczar

    [Denied][I] IIAladeenII's Game Moderator Application

    +1, A good addition to the Team.
  12. Sheczar

    An Open Letter to the People of Curon

    Upon receiving a letter with the seal of Curon from his agent, Lord Edward's heart would beat faster fearing another assault against his property. When his gaze would fall upon the first sentence of the letter, he would relax and continue reading lazily on his oaken seat, in his pretty Castle Pembroke. After finishing reading the last sentence he would jape to his esteemed person, "The princess is dead, long live the princess!".
  13. Sheczar

    The Expedition

    After reading the post, Edward Suffolk's inner voice would say,"How amusing it would be, if these announcements were to be posted in human settlements, and met with non-human demand only. Let this be the last expedition for Stephanos, he deserves a long, long rest".
  14. Sheczar

    Curon, a Critique

    Ser Edward Suffolk examined the reports with an insidious smile; "Well it is not as if they are selling out their abbeys yet!", continued with his inner monologues clearly bemused with his own wits; "It is too early for such thoughts, especially the mayor and the deputy are vigorous indeed. One must first see what would follow, once the construction of the new Global Assembly HQ is finished."