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  1. Sheczar

    The King's Ultimatum

    Upon seeing King Edgar’s signature on the ultimatum, Edward Suffolk would wonder why Orenians are so loose with their hostages.
  2. Edward Suffolk would read the letter and then re-read the names written on the letter and scowl, in his old age not able to follow who is who in the royal family anymore.
  3. Upon hearing the news, Edward Suffolk would send out a rider to find and invite the Blackden Branch of House Keint to his humble lands, to put a roof above their heads while they appeal this royal decree.
  4. Upon hearing the tragedy, Edward Suffolk would straighten up in his sickbed and examine the letter bearing the terror, with blank eyes. He would remember the first time he met with his dear old friend and mutter; “How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is, to have a thankless child...”
  5. We dont expect a single person to finish all, we are happy to make partial contracts and we have 2 side builders already working on the castle to help our potential litematica builders.
  6. That might be so, that’s why I mentioned we were open for bargain for different timelines.
  7. Looking for a competent litematica user to complete our castle. Our Budget is 8k if the build is completed in 1 week, we are open for bargain for different time intervals. Please note that the castle is quite big and contact me on discord (Sheczar#7326) if you are interested. Castle Information: approximately 100x100x100 and 150k blocks.
  8. While Edward Suffolk was sitting at the dinner table with his family, a servant would bring the sealed letter. He would break the bear seal thinking of the prefect Javier and begin reading. After reading he would face his family and before passing the letter to them he would humbly say; “While one does not seek titles or honours, one has pledged oneself to the service of one's nation. And if one's peers and lords have resolved that, that was the best way one could serve, one shall reluctantly have to accept the responsibility, whatever one's own private wishes might be.” Edward Suffolk would then execute the letter, press his seal on red wax and scribe the following before before delivering it back to the crown, “Witness whereof I set my hand andaffix the seal of Suffolk" Lord Edward Suffolk, Duke of Warwick”.
  9. Would curve his lips upwards in a “u” fashion, interested in becoming a patron for philanthropy purposes.
  10. Edward Suffolk duly executes the treaty
  11. Upon hearing about the act, Edward Suffolk would smirk and nod in full approval
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