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  1. “This tah be the vereh bes’ drinkin’ night, I don’ doubt! None bettah in all tha land!” Liesl waves a fist triumphantly
  2. Fat +1 Not only was the parliament rp from last map intriguing and in-depth, it opened a lot of doors for character development. There’s nothing quite like voting on and choosing rp beliefs to figure out who it is that you’re really playing as well as getting to know the characters around you better. And there was rp drama with a crap ton less of ooc drama (bless those news posts). I’d also be excited to see things on a more of an election base so we don’t see people like me who get irl stuff come up and can’t actually propose policies or complete investigations like planned (sorry language ;-;)
  3. *feels left out but proud of her finding nonetheless ;-;
  4. (Hip hip huzzah for the halfling golden age! And thanks a million to all those halflings that make the group so wonderful and work so hard for it)
  5. Liesl runs forward, dragging her papa behind her “C’mon c’mon hurry!” Primary Shogger: Rollo Applefoot Secondary Shogger: Liesl Applefoot Desired Team Color: Yellow
  6. Dame Aldonza de Castelo would welcome the old knight to the seven skies with a kind smile.
  7. Liesl Applefoot would be deeply insulted! The halflings sorrow being wielded like a sword to better wage war? A cut as deep as the first. The young’un would lament once more within her burrow at the treachery of the nations.
  8. Liesl would move to quickly paint over the odd scribblin’s on the Applefoot’s door. Although... the weird design was rather pretty! The li’ul halfling would proceed to spend many a sunny day doodling on the door. Surrounding the lovely design with hearts, smileys, and doodles in as many colors as she could. What a nice fellow to have come up with such a heartwarming idea! And to paint it on every door? A truly caring soul. Just the thought was enough to set the girl a whistling as she worked.
  9. Liesl Applefoot, after a long day of a proud tinker’s work would skip back to the Applefoot dwelling, eager to hear the news of the latest Pumpkin Raid from kinsmen and parentage alike! Who now has vowed a life of peace? What would be shared at the table, drinks in hand, of strange bigguns and merry tavern tales? But it was not into a happy home and proud aura that Liesl returned to. The young halfling looked up to her father and Thain with a worried gaze, sensing his spirit to be off put. And with a woeful look in return, he shared that dreadful news. The peaceful role model and faithful Knoxist would return no more to cheer her on in shogging matches or nod approvingly at her most recent creations. Or even to tell a bedtime story when the night seemed especially dark and the world far too big for a young’in halfling. The tyke sealed herself away to process the news of her mother’s death. And she would stay sealed away within the Applefoot’s humble burrow for the days and weeks and year to come.
  10. Nonival

    The Human Crisis

    The lady Ildaria Castelo would begin speaking with her brother and his levymen about closing the settlement to outsiders for a time. This war was truly no good for business or peace of mind within Rodenburg.
  11. My signature is a handy dandy list of past and present characters. Dame Aldonza the human is the character I ended up putting a lot of effort into and has a lot of accomplishments under her name. I enjoy seeing other communities and races, so I’ve experimented with a few interesting personas. Currently, my mains would be Ildaria (Aldonza’s daughter) and the halfling Liesl of the wonderful and ever growing Applefoot family.
  12. I drive more boats then I do cars sooo.... when sailing if the wind is coming over the starboard gunwale, I’ll sit on the starboard side with the rudder in my left hand and the main sheet for controlling the sail in my right. (Or the coinciding line for the jib if I’m running a jib sail off the bow and then just keep the main in a cleat.) If the wind is coming over the port gunwale, just switch everything previously mentioned. If the wind is coming from stern... who cares. Close reach or no reach don’t @ me on this. If it’s coming from the bow well you’re just a sitting duck then. Might as well paddle your way to shore for getting yourself in irons in the first place.
  13. Thought I’d drop this here: Heavy Infantry being Simba, naturally. Don’t know if you remember this, but it still cracks me up every time.
  14. Adios amigo. Deckland grave still stands
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