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  1. Nonival


    Name: Dame Aldonza of Castelo Year of Birth: 1642 City of Primary Residency: Stettin ((MC Name: Nonival))
  2. Nonival

    Admin Update Pt. 1

    Yay updates! I greatly approve the idea of clear defined roles for each admin and a more concrete chain of command. +1
  3. Heading to a renaissance festival tomorrow for my birfday! Just finished up my costume and super excited 😄 😄 😄

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    2. Nonival


      oh yeah I might throw some up later


    3. Unwillingly


      Dude I want to the Ren festival last weekend 😮  You should totally post pictures of your costume

    4. Jondead


      Happy briffenday 😆 hope it is wonderful!

  4. Nonival

    A Familiar Urge

    What is this... Who is this.... What did I just read... But I'd be damned if I didn't enjoy every second of it.
  5. Nonival

    Community Manager - Personal Anecdote

    Ok this is important. Like... really important. This is exactly what I've been struggling with in terms of art lately and why a friend of mine had been waiting over a month for a piece they requested. I find it's even harder to share your creations if it's for someone else and not your best.
  6. Nonival

    Community Meeting Upcoming!

    Ooo ooo I have a question! Or I will when I remember what it actually was.... Will edit 😄
  7. Nonival

    ~~--+ Carolustadt Masquerade Ball +--~~

    "Alright your turn. What is one thing you have always wanted to do?" Roland Castelo would inquire, leaning back to rest his hands behind him as he kicked his legs absentmindedly in the pond water. "Well.... I suppose I have always wanted to attend a masquerade ball," She would chuckle lightly. Aldonza Cervantes would follow his lead, slipping off her boots to stick her feet into the water as well. The memory would remain sharp in her mind, bringing a smile upon Aldonza Castelo's face every time she thinks of it as she now prepares her mask and gown 14 years later.
  8. Nonival

    Death of a Prince

    In the time of her father's death, no one had seen the woman's grief save the farmhand. Certainly the tragedy of such a loss could still be seen even after her return, but the discovery and acknowledgment of his death was an almost entirely private affair for Dame Aldonza of Castelo. But this... no blood of Demetrio's could be found in her own. No band of lover's nor shared blade of battles. And yet the death of such a noble man left her far from stoic faced. Nobility in the sense of integrity and virtue. Be his blood blue or red, his nobility was of a different sort. So thus the woman grieved. Among husband and son. Among friends and battle brothers. Her grief was not a silent affair. His death did not deserve lament any other way.
  9. There goes my beautiful 69 upvotes ;-; 


    And I didn't even think to get a screenshot. 

  10. Nonival

    Year 1

    The memory of the elf had long since faded from the Castelo's mind. Perhaps the tale of a mystery in Senttisten might be brought up among friends in a tavern, but his final fate was no concern of hers. Aldonza sought only to forget him. But at times... the memories would emerge in her nightmares. Innocent women cut up and rotting in the streets. Daggers and letters and crosses. A sewer filled with the corpses of children and ovens stuffed with their mutilated bodies (though it came to be a monster with little connection to the serial killer). It was of no concern to Dame Aldonza of Castelo what had become of those that filled her nightmares. ((How dare you upvote my reply. I had a solid 69 upvotes. Now it's just 70. You rUinEd my LiFE!))
  11. Community reputation of 69? Nice

    1. Nonival


      If you upvote this and ruin this beautiful moment, I will find you and I will kill you. 

  12. So I've been having people wanting to pay me for skins or wondering why I don't ask for minas and I thought I might as well say here: 


    Skin making is not a priority. Sometimes, it may be a week before I finish a single one and any patience is its own form of payment.


    I actually enjoy it. It gives me a chance to practice and try all different types of skin creation.


    I never want anyone to feel obligated to use a skin I make for them since they paid for it. Especially if they don't like it or it doesn't suit their character as much as they hoped. 


    This isn't to rag on anyone that does have people pay for skins. Simply the way I do it.


    (The same goes for character art) 

    And this also reminds me! If you want skins better than I could ever make seek out roseways and her Perfect Seams Botique! (I'll have to link it later)

    1. oblivionsbane


      Cause you're the best, that's why

    2. roseways


      love you noni

    3. Nonival


      Aww ❤️ You folks are too sweet


  13. Nonival

    Skins I Guess?

    Wazzap! It's Nonival. So I make skins, I guess? If you'd like to make a request, let me know. I'm working on a few others right now, so it might be a bit before I can start a new one. Prices vary from virtual hugs to funny memes and anywhere in between. Oh here's my skindex: https://www.minecraftskins.com/profile/3265128/Nonival And if you're lazy and don't wanna go there (same, tbh) here's some examples of past skins: Shoot me a pm on discord (Nonival#6199) or here or just roll a potato up my driveway with your request. Whatever floats your boat.
  14. YAAYY!!! My main persona, the soldier Aldonza Castelo, just achieved damehood! I'm gonna cry outta excitement