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  1. Jaeden

    Feedback on Staff Reports

    Obviously there are exceptions, don’t get me wrong. Clear-cut false bans, unfounded verdicts, biased instances, etc etc. Though every moderator can view each other’s warnings and bans, so usually people will call out crappy bans when they see it. That being said, I do agree with you. But I’ve found that it definitely pays off if you wait a bit before submitting a ban report on a GM that banned you if the situation is more of a grey area. Otherwise you get something like that ban report Malgonious filed against myself, Niccum, and Paleo.
  2. Jaeden

    Feedback on Staff Reports

    I let ban reports against me play out, I have fun responding to them. Though to add on to that, if you're going to report a staff member don't do it in the same day they 'abused' against you. Most times these complaints are often exaggerated because a player was miffed by a verdict.
  3. Jaeden

    What are you listening to?

    Otherwise, I’ve been listening to a fair bit of Madeon and Dion Timmer. Carpenter Brut’s more an occasional thing now since it can get a bit heavy to listen to frequently.
  4. I mean I suppose. Personally, I loved Athera and how it centralised roleplay. I’ve always advocated for an ‘interactive’ map. Where the map size is small at the beginning, forcing players to permanently settle around Cloud Temple. Then through world events you can slowly open up more of the map.
  5. Giving everyone land spreads RP thin. It’s why activity has to be moderated. I think the system’s fine to an extent, though I did have concerns with the way the activity was moderated (being purely reliant on numbers), and how harsh the threshold was. Also briefly adding here. Activity was around the same, it was just more centralised which was why RP felt more lively and common. The downtime hours were worse during Athera than what it is now – averaging about ~10 to 15 in Athera, where we average now from ~25 to 35. Anyway I’ll respond properly to this thread a bit later. I saw you address me in an earlier message, and I stand a bit differently in my opinion than I did before. So I’ll plonk that in sometime later today as it’s 1am for me.
  6. Jaeden

    Kahloola's Event Team Actor application

    -1 I don't normally comment on staff applications because I'm all for people helping out when they have the drive for it, regardless of my opinion. Though I can't support this. I genuinely believe this could cause more harm than good. I won't vouch for any pex abuse as I wasn't around for it, but their attitude alone is enough to make me feel uncomfortable in any environment this player is present in. Since I'm on my phone I'll only leave it brief. If my opinion / experiences are wanted to be expanded upon, hit me up.
  7. I voted no. Tl;dr of what I'll be typing later in Pond's thread: Orcs deserve either a large charter plot with monitored activity for potential nation status, OR nation status immediately. Halfings however are a different story. They are not apart of the core 'descendant' races / the big 4 / whatever (elves, orcs, humans, dwarves). They should only receive a plot or handouts when it is justified or earned. What stops someone from replacing 'halflings' in this context with 'Adunians / half elves' or 'kharajyr', 'hou-zi', etc. Orcs and halflings are extremely different cases here. Stop coupling them in this fiasco.
  8. Jaeden

    Redemption for Incompetence

    It's pretty funny that you're still going on with this attitude that got you in trouble. People would probably take you more seriously if you showed respect. Everyone on here is human, you're no better than anyone else. Though I do agree with you. Let's not derail this thread: it's about the orcs and the duel. So enough with the halfling situation, it's barely relevant to this and is just another attempt to victimize when it isn't necessary. Enough. @Pond Got two more planes to catch. I'll be home in around 18-ish hours. If I'm not asleep by then (or if I find additional time between flights) I'll write up my personal thoughts on the whole thing; as (at the time) both a staff member and sitting on the Dominion council. Got a lot to say on the matter.
  9. Jaeden

    Redemption for Incompetence

    I think you're just trying to cover your reputation here, Wolf. You didn't act as much as you could have in fear of God knows what. Kyle maybe? Ruining a massive event? I'm not sure man. Whatever it is, stop trying to cover it up with this bullshit. I'll make a longer post if this topic stays trending after my flight.
  10. Jaeden

    It was good.

    thanks for the read lads im sitting in an airport for 6 hours
  11. Jaeden


    These things can hit you out of the blue. My mother’s best friend was diagnosed with leukaemia a month and a half ago; it’s not an enjoyable experience, but the battle is worth it for the family, friends, and future you’ll have. You’ll get through it. Have a bloody good one, z3m. Prayers are with you brother.
  12. Jaeden


    A particular druidess, fond of her home within the Loftywoods, hears news of the travelling band of September followers; thus she sends a messenger. “You do not speak for nature nor the Aspects. Come and face me; challenge me. I will show you when nature truly revolts, and not this malformed chaos that your daemon prince wishes to assert.” The druidess waited for any indication from the animal messenger.
  13. Jaeden

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    that’s why this is a lore rewrite not an addition / new submission