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  1. Jaeden

    [✓] ShIXTank ban appeal

    Appeal accepted. I don’t want to see this happen again.
  2. Thoughts go out to the victims of the tragedy in Christchurch, NZ. If you were personally affected by it, people are here to listen and help – my inbox is always open.

  3. I do not know the moderation plan or whatever, but he could’ve just read the logs see if i change texture packs and that would just be proof, instead he just bans me when he could just look at the logs.

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    2. Juststan147
    3. Parker


      yeah jaeden.. yeah > : (

    4. Branden


      Yeah, i did show him earlier. So idk what you guys talking about. I don’t know many suspicious acts. All i know is that i got lucky and mined 100 blocks away and then got iron finally. Thats all i know. I see iron popping out in my cave and its my fault because they took me to a location.

  4. Jaeden

    [Showcase] Axros' Skin Store!

    Looks good my man. Welcome back.
  5. Jaeden

    A rant about the Application Team

    It’s almost as if helping new players has always been a group effort – across the entire Community and not just solely one team. Additionally, the quality of an application =/= the quality of their roleplay. I’ve seen that happen before time and time again. But if you do see this, give them a helping hand. Same goes with their knowledge of lore; not everyone knows everything right off the bat.
  6. Jaeden

    No King But Malin

    An ageing elven druid, having fallen into self-imposed seclusion and isolation, still happened upon the Csarathaire’s notice; such words pushing solemn reflection upon her. That day that had her eyes open to the festering gluttony of power among the elven populace was the same that finally took her to retreat to the wilds – a place of solace from the despairs of greed-borne infighting. It was unfortunate that she too was corrupted by it for a time; and it consumed her. Greed to eventual envy, translated to hatred. Though in the end, these feelings were discarded. Instead, she longs for the day that such a golden age returns without the same mistakes. “No king but Malin.” She uttered the phrase while finally seeking to return from her self-imposed exile.
  7. Jaeden

    [✓] [In-game Ban] Ougi Appeal

    Appeal accepted. Please keep in mind the community guidelines when interacting with other players; even off-platform if your actions are intentionally malicious. Though you’ve stated that you understand this, so let’s not see this happen again. Enjoy Arcas!
  8. Jaeden

    [✗] [In-game Ban] Asylum. Appeal

    Appeal denied. Player has been contacted with further information.
  9. Jaeden

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    Unpopular puffin (apparently), but I actually agree with the team merges. It not only helps with communication and inter-team staff relations, but it also helps with pushing past the previous stigmas and issues of each team (cliques, inefficiency, comparably less work, bias, etc). While it won’t solve every issue, it helps with at least setting the foundation to solve those issues.
  10. Jaeden

    [✗] [In-game Ban] Asylum. Appeal

    Under review.
  11. Jaeden

    Snow Elven Trailer

    yeah thatd be great
  12. Jaeden

    Snow Elven Trailer

    sorry only nexus races deserve trailers (I’m joking). Nice trailer and cinematography. I feel like the music choice was a tiny bit generic for the fantasy genre. But nevertheless, still looks good.
  13. Jaeden

    For some it was long awaited

    Nah, those were pretty fun. Sucks about what happened but it is what it is. I enjoyed the RP that came out of it. Didn’t enjoy having to whack bans on you guys every so often but pretty sure we’ve managed to learn from those days.
  14. Jaeden

    Please Delete My Account

    @Treku refer to the above if you haven’t read it yet! The player’s questions have been answered. The thread will be locked and archived, hope everyone’s having a great day.
  15. Jaeden

    February Community Newsletter

    Most of your questions you will also want to direct towards @SeventhCircle. I’ll try and answer what I can though just to get you a response as soon as possible! Regarding flower / bonemeal. At the moment I believe you can purchase bonemeal at the admin Cloud Temple shops. Though I empathise with the issue regarding flowers especially. I’ll look into seeing if we can get a admin CT florist set up for Arcas. Yes they can. You need to do the command /soulbind [remove/unbind/un] (e.g: /soulbind remove) while holding the soulbound item. Once you’ve done that, the item will be unsoulbound and you can then move it around to other inventories such as the Ender Chest. There’ll be announcement following the release of the Vaults, don’t worry! The slots are limited to 18 per account. You’ll have to combine together all the items from your characters and see which ones you’d like to take across. Alternatively, you can try and see if other players will help you take them across – but keep in mind that this action is not staff-endorsed; players aren’t obliged to assist others, and we won’t make them. But if any mishaps happen we can still try to assist as best as possible for you.