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  1. [Dryad]

  2. [Dryad]

    @Linxs Are you still playing this persona? I just checked for it and couldn't find anything.
  3. (MA) (Druidism) Za'Kabar

  4. Forum Maintenance

    papa bless
  5. Death Bug? Not sure.

    The pvp_death parameter doesn't work with Hawkeye in most situations - the plugin's always been a bit messy with that stuff. Usually you have to use other-death or there might be one more that I'm forgetting. Regardless, ask a GM to check those for you. Depending on how long ago it was, /he search p:Inquisitioners t:6h a:other-death [or] /he search p:Inquisitioners t:6h f:%death%. Both should show up at least something! Though if it was a mob death, unfortunately you wouldn't be allowed a refund. Maybe for the RP items, but it's always a bit of a sticky situation in those cases. Anywho, I hope that helps!
  6. As Renn scanned the document, she squinted in a mixture of confusion, disgust, and sympathy. "Despite the illiteracy and inconsistency of this supposedly formal declaration, it is also a complete disgrace to Sister Sparrow's name. Aspects bless her." The Archdruid discarded the paper carelessly to the side as it fluttered to the floor. "None of our kin visits there anyway. It isn't a bother. Though it does have me curious how they know the term 'Tree Lords', when such a term is never used. How odd."
  7. An Open Letter to Heial Vientos

    Renn appeared behind Muildir with subtle prowess! "Azoth's a dedicant? I have to go whack someone."
  8. The Massacre of the Fallen Sage

    "Times are changing." Renn sat, reclined in the seat upon the balcony of her druidic home. She peered over her shoulder towards a child resting in the crib before turning back towards the grove. She plucked out a small roll of herbs from between her lips before blowing a gentle puff of smoke into the breeze.
  9. happy valentine's day you egg

  10. Mobs Suck

  11. Claiming our Birthright

    Renn let out a faint grunt as she pressed the new notice to the Druidic Order's board. With one hand idly loitering upon the resting blade at her hip, her other moved up to wipe at her brow as she glanced out towards the forests. "Cowards." She muttered under her breath - though to whom, it wasn't sure. The druidess tapped the glass jar of corrupted dirt poking out her satchel before she moved back inside.
  12. Renn tosses Awaiti an apple as she walks off her podium. As if enacting a scene from one of those 80s movies with the electric guitar strum and sunlight beams, only to transition into slow-motion and credits roll. Though she also claps and cheers for the High Princess!
  13. Time to step down

    This'll probably be met with controversy, considering all the responses. But I cannot say I'm sad to see you go from the position. I felt you were wholly undeserving of the role, and showed the complete wrong examples of leadership, coordination, and work efficiency during your tenure as both administrator (whom worked close with the GM team while I was on it), and interim GM Director. You clearly took all the help and support you received for granted, with your tendencies to berate and belittle members of staff - myself included, being part of the reason I stepped away. Your laziness and work / leadership withdrawal from the GM team during your interim period set one of the worst examples I have seen upon a staff team. You expressed a condescending attitude and ego both pre-administration (during your GM tenure) and during administration. There's more I could go on about, but at this point I think you get the picture. Though, I'll end this on a positive note. While I can't say I've had many good experiences with you beyond Athera and Vailor roleplay with your old druid character, I still think you've the ability to be a good person when you want to. Otherwise this thread wouldn't be filled with as much positivity as it's receiving. Hopefully my next post about you can mimic those that look up to you here. Have a good one.
  14. Tahmas' Post-Cleanup MT Application

    plays a filthy void mage but knows his stuff i guess +1