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  1. Seasons of Atlas Contest Results

    The top three art pieces are very well-deserved! Glad to see names that aren't the usual artists - these pieces look really awesome :)
  2. A Major Issue

    minae :clap:
  3. [✗] [Server] ThotPolice Ban Appeal

    I don't see how or why you think EdibleAssPlug69 is still appropriate. Nor do I believe you in the slightest that 'Streggin' is just some Raevir word I don't understand. The account will remain banned until you are able to change it again. Let's hope third time's the charm. You are still free to play on your other accounts in the meantime. Appeal denied.
  4. [FA]Zayil

    Character's name has been changed.
  5. Promotions

  6. [CA] Bryophite - Echo

  7. [CA] [Dryads] Chloris

  8. [CA][Spriggan] Juniper

  9. [Ma][Arcane]Aelor

    Denied. Teacher has dropped him.
  10. [MA][Arcane]Aelor

    Denied. Teacher has dropped him.
  11. The tome has always been a heated topic for discussion. It's been a flawed system since its conception. Almost always needlessly hoarded between select players or cliques. This proposal is a good and necessary step forward. As Song said, hopefully this cleanses a lot of the resentment currently held within the druids.
  12. [Druidism] [MA] Alydril Serene