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  1. Jaeden

    Imperial Proclamation

    me too
  2. Jaeden

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    I hope you're right in that this is a nerf. But I still firmly believe this race needs a CA tag next to it.
  3. Jaeden

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    Gotta agree with Skale on this one. I could only support this if ologs as an entirety were made restricted by a Creature Application. The base stats for the race are just too powerful compared to other descendant races - regardless of the weaknesses listed there. Otherwise, it's pretty well written, and I can see that effort and time went into this. But I'm not interested in seeing this sort of buff to an already powerful race that (unfortunately) isn't currently bound by a CA. -1
  4. I see you're a subscriber of MrSuicideSheep too


  5. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

    I don't follow the League, quit it just as OL officially came out. Though I'm slowly getting back into OW 🙂
  6. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

    Yee. Okay but I don't know Thalmor culture that well...... 😞
  7. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

    More movie nights if I'm honest, good for morale and motivation. Otherwise, probably just more experience per member; but that comes with time! Hmmmm. My music taste changes a fair bit, but I have to say EP II or EP III by Carpenter Brut are some of my favourite albums by far :). Honestly, I don't remember. I've had a lot of really enjoyable moments on the server. I think one of my favourites was the Stirling wedding back in Athera (@FlamboyantRage) since we got about 80 people at that wedding, no conflict or anything, and staff even spammed some fireworks and the like. Being a 'relatively' new player at the time, that probably sealed my fate in this community. Yup! Though we don't talk as much as we used to :(. Bork.
  8. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

    He's okay. Quiet and mysterious though, so the RP interaction has been pretty minimal :(. Honestly, don't know. It's alright I guess, sort have just stuck with the group on my main character for a while now. Probably sometime soon, she has a ton of PK clauses that I keep to.
  9. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

  10. Jaeden

    The Virarim

    IC information Name; Renn Race: Wood Elf Nation: Dominion of Malin Age: 200+ Experience: Seasoned variety. OOC information Ign: Murlocs Timezone: GMT +10 Discord: You have it!
  11. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

    It's silly and it should have been patched months ago. But if we're talking about the specific PK situation that sparked all this up, there's a lot of context prior to the whole race change actually going down, so I feel that specific scenario does also need some attention from the appropriate staff members. Ascended. Honestly, I don't mind a lot of them; it's not the community I have a problem with. It's the magic itself. What's the point of it? What niche does it fill that Clerics or Paladins don't? It offers an immortality boon for simply existing with no drawbacks. All other methods of immortality at least require proper sacrifice or risk. To me, it's just an outlier on LotC. It has too many unexplainable factors to it. It's just a very broad magic that either requires broad yet restrictive redlines, or explicit detailing in all factors of it. People that exclaim druidism is a lore bloat are naive to the fact that the magic concept is inherently enormous. It needs all this lore so that it's fair and comprehensible. At the moment we're sitting at this awkward median between broad druidism and explicit druidism - I want us to pick one and stick with it. If you're talking about both magic questions, hm. I'd be struggling to pick which I would remove. Honestly though, if I had to pick, it would be elves. It's a niche that can ultimately be filled by pagan humans; wood elven culture is celtic inspired, dark elven culture is orc inspired (arguably), high elf culture is unique in its own right, but still possible by radical humans. Though I just can't see it being possible to fill the same niche of dwarves and orcs with human roleplay; they contrast too much, unlike elves and humans. As for what I see wrong with them? The curses / boons are just .. stupid. They're unbalanced and difficult to roleplay as everyone interprets them differently. 'Bloodlust' is always interpreted fifty variations, same with 'dwarven greed'. To fix them, they need a complete rehaul of their curses and boons, and stick to anatomical / physical advantages and disadvantages, as they're easy to detail and understand.
  12. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

    yesn't Onk, my goblin back in Vailor. He was a mighty lad. Either Shamanism or Xan magic, both of which I haven't tried. I'd love to one day though. Maybe......... I might make an orc one of these days. yes Good question, but I'm not sure. I haven't had proper roleplay with orcs in a while other than combat or brief diplomacy. Though I respect the orcs that follow tradition and honour, they're really enjoyable to roleplay with both as an orc and non-orc. Vailor was a great time for that sort of stuff, but perhaps I'm just looking through nostalgia glasses. Probably the most interesting and consistent culture on the server, in my opinion. It's inspired heavily off of Warcraft and Warhammer more than anything else from what I've found. Two of my favourite fictional universes. Honestly, not too sure. I haven't kept track of the clans in a while. Though I made a Braduk not too long ago, just didn't have the time to RP him.
  13. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

  14. Jaeden

    Clickbait, probably

    Forums looked boring tonight. I'm doing one of those Ask Me Anythings that all the cool kids do these days.