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  1. If guilds are comfortably able to live within a nation, then they should. It helps the server overall, and provides roleplay for both the group and the respective nation. Though I see druids often pulled up as an example. The issue is, this group has a culture that stems off a nomadic lifestyle. And a lifestyle usually isolated from 'politics' - ironically despite its own overwhelming amount of politics. There is rarely a nation that fits the druids agenda, due to how prominent conflict RP is on the server. It's uncommon to find a neutral nation. I'm aware Sutica is one, though there are other issues both IC and OOC that cause a divide between this guild and nation. Regardless, I'm positive we still see a change in the amount of isolated guilds and settlements around 6.0 with the revision of raid rules coming through.
  2. Ur teh worst Gm evre!!! ree!!!!

  3. Talk with the player before staff???

    Can you explain to me how a format that must detail the scenario with evidence of the player's infractions would allow GMs to get away with target-banning and changing ban reasons? Especially when GM Managers (when they existed), GM Directors, and Administration have the ability to see the edit history of a post. There is a valid argument against making these files public. Players are not held to the same standard of conduct or duties as members of staff are, it would open up a whole can of worms. It serves no purpose to publicise ban history other than: humiliating the banned player, disclosing possibly confidential information and evidence, and releasing the name of the GM that executed the ban. Some GMs only executed a punishment on behalf of the team - they shouldn't be held solely accountable for bans like that. It's a silly concept. But, if you are unironically passionate about this topic you can always apply for the team to show how it's done.
  4. Hello!

    Jaeden#2734 : )
  5. Hello!

    Oh hey it's skale. Katari's redhead brother *smirk Renn's still alive
  6. Talk with the player before staff???

    um That's what we do already. We have a dedicated area specifically for documentation of every kind.
  7. [GM] Oblige people to talk and notify before a ban report

    Pretty much what Suxals said. While every ban report is always taken into account, it is highly unlikely that the GM Team will take a report seriously if there has been no obvious attempt at communicating with the other party. There are exceptions to this however; but this is quite rare. When these exceptions do pop up, the player must provide justified reasoning as to why they didn't try to resolve it. If the field is just left blank, then it will often reflect poorly on the case. That being said, after reading through this feedback I had a quick gander over the Player Reports Information section under the Player Reports subforum. Previously, we had a disclaimer in this post that notified players about the necessity of talking with the other party prior to posting a report. Nine times out of ten, incidents can be fixed up with just a bit of communication after all. But this disclaimer was missing unfortunately. It's been fixed up, with an additional rule added to the post. See (4.) under the Rules section of reports information. "4. You must provide at least some proof that you attempted to resolve the issue before posting a report." It's been left quite simple so that a case-by-case basis can still be enforced on each ban report, but providing a rule that requires at least an attempt by the reporting party. Hope that suffices, and thanks for the feedback too. The thread will be kept open for the time being so that additional feedback can be tossed in if needed.
  8. Secret Santa 2017

    I didn't even get a gift last year. No thanks.
  9. [Pending] [dogbew] Corvoo's FM Application.

    Corvoo's a legit machine. A machine with a great heart. His work during his Lore Team tenure should be proof enough he's more than capable in any staff role. As long as he doesn't overwork himself. BIG PLUS ONE.
  10. Lingering Lands, Mystic Maps

  11. Event Team November Update

    Pleasantly surprised. Gold star sticker for you guys! We just need more Aussie events. Poor ol Australia
  12. I really like the post. As rules are currently in the process of being heavily revised, I'll be encouraging that most of these points are taken into consideration. Though one issue I had rests with the idea of providing PROs the ability to sanction the type of combat default for their region. There are a number of problems that stem from this. A new system would have to be put in place to make sure this RO leniency isn't abused (such as switching from PVP default to RP default in the matter of a single minute). As well as providing blatant disclosure to anyone within the region about what type of default it is. These issues aren't impossible to fix -- it would just require an entire new system. But I'm keeping an eye on the thread since I'd like to see more thoughts and discussions on how a sensible combat default system could work.
  13. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    What would people think about keeping the DD cap at 10, and raising lawless raid allowance to 6? This isn't an official post on my part either, keep in mind. I'm simply just seeing how people would feel on that proposition.