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  1. how do i uninstall lotc
  2. not super depressing but the meaning is p sad
  3. I feel I should clarify this because people keep getting it wrong. 'Construction' began prior to the WC post, yes. But this 'construction' constituted such a small fraction of the build - 3 layers of cobble or less on uneven ground if I remember correctly. And I don't even think that was '13 hours before'. But regardless, the fort was deemed as a structure built after the warclaim was posted, as 90% of the build was made during that time. It was allowed because the rules allowed forts to be made during a war campaign at a cost of 10k mina plus upkeep fees (see Temporary Fortifications).
  4. Forum rules apply, so on and so forth. Warnings points very not nice.
  5. I hate the fact that I even have to say this, but apparently people need to be treated like kindergarteners sometimes. This is an RP post. All replies should have some contribution to roleplay context; out of character replies must have double parentheses. This is also on the forums, forum rules apply. Warning points will be handed out if necessary.
  6. the bells

    1. Potts244


      I found where this season belongs.



  7. Because player warnings are provided on a public medium /s. There's easily a 10-1 ratio of warns to bans in our infractions logging channel. Warns are handed out often. It's only when a player disregards these warnings and commits the same or a similar infraction, or if the player commits a vile action that doesn't deserve an initial warning (explicit RP, harassment, etc).
  8. I wish you were still an admin Wrynn. I miss those times.
  9. An elf squints at the parchment. "Lackluster rebellion ... Disarray. Hm. If it were truly a lackluster rebellion why are they admitting the Empire to be in disarray." "Either way. If history is a tutor to wisdom, this wedding will not end well. I wish them luck."
  10. Jaeden


    I don't know about you, but I love some events involving: forced PK, excessively broken lore, static storytelling, and unreliable and railroaded PvE. If it weren't for that, I'd probably unironically support him. Oh yeah and the next ET to reference an anime magic ability in an enormous world scale event gets permabanned for toxicity.
  11. Jaeden


    true death
  12. Jaeden


    this (I'll write more if I get around to it)
  13. “My, my. This Maheral seems to favour Kairn quite considerably.” The elf mused while scanning the declaration of victory for the frequent use of Kairn’s name. “Regardless, it’s quite amusing to see all these names run around with ‘conqueror’ fitted to them. Do they even know what it means if achieved through laying claim to what I’ve been told are ruins?”
  14. Whatever you say, CreeperZlayer22
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