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  1. The Lore Team do play some creatures, as far as I believe. A Za'rei which I'll be playing was recently summoned, wherein an LT member had to play the creature for it to be captured. I think this behaviour should be encouraged and supported more - it seems like it was a genuinely enjoyable encounter for people :). Anyway, I agree with the premise of the thread (mainly going to be talking about the issue of magic lore itself here, not so much the structure of the LT). The Lore Team really isn't bad, but there just seems to be a confusion of directions. Though it's no fault of anyone really, it's just the way its progressed as more and more magics were accepted and idolised. One of the primary issues of "lore-bloat" isn't so much groups receiving large amounts of lore (i.e: druids and their history lore). But more or less the "lore bloat" of magic - where such an emphasis is put on this category of lore where almost all other categories are just shadowed by them. A fix to the whole magic situation would be to just condense and remove magics that aren't relevant nor used properly. Condense clerics, ascended, and paladin together - ascended and cleric are almost one in the same bar a more soul-orientated focus and immortality for ascended. Paladins, unfortunately, just aren't used anymore. Create an overarching holy umbrella of the three 'variants' of fantasy holy magic, where you can select subtypes that fill the niche that these types of magics fulfilled. There are several voidal magics which can be condensed with one another (i.e: some evocations, illusion magics, etc), and same with druid magics (put blight healing and herblore together). Adding onto the matter of druidism: remove shapeshifting. I know some people will disagree with me there, but it's a magic that offers little to nothing in terms of culture and magic roleplay in general, it also serves as a barrier for anyone wanting to put together a more unique variant of shapeshifting (i.e: one of the complaints for ferals was 'isn't this just stepping into shapeshifting' - this excuse is used regularly). While changes to fix magic would certainly be controversial, they're necessary at this point. The amount of magics is what turns the focus of the LT from all versions of lore, into (as the OP puts it) a magic team. As a final note, I'm confused on the whole matter of "LT signatures". I know it was mentioned in an announcement at one point, and I hope I didn't misinterpret it here, but I think it was removed for the time being? What concerns me with that are genuine lore-relevant items. In my opinion, any heirloom of cultural significance to a nation should be LT signed. Reason being is that if this heirloom is passed on, it serves as proof of the item's legitimacy. Though this concern isn't really that bad, I just thought it worth mentioning at the end.
  2. Jaeden

    On Staff Disconnection: The Lore Team

    Pretty much this. I noticed some loremag votes that were biased during my time on the team. But it's, understandably, a very difficult thing to moderate. People are naturally self-serving to some degree.
  3. Jaeden

    Ultimatum to the Barony of Herz, 1682

    ((All good)) A response letter is scribed and sent off to North Bellatrix Stow. It would read the following. "Barony of Herz, Another meeting can be extended by the crown. Though this will have to occur sooner rather than later due to the transgression. Have a letter sent prior to your arrival so we may formally convene. Queen Renn Calithil of the Dominion of Malin." ((Toss in a message to me ig before you come! I'll be around for majority of the day, otherwise early tomorrow should work))
  4. Jaeden

    On Staff Disconnection: The Lore Team

    Plenty of stuff to target regarding the dysfunction of staff. The lore team is not one of them, in my opinion.
  5. looking for a good armour skinner!

  6. The Queen of the Dominion of Malin, Renn Calithil, signs the pact.
  7. Jaeden

    The Path To Hope

    Queen Renn Calithil will appear, should times be forgiving! ((5pm EST, ack. I'll try to come 🙂
  8. Ultimatum to the Barony of Herz, 1682 -- A decree is composed with diligence and care, scribed by and from the Office of the Monarch, Representative Council, and Federal Cabinet of the Elvenesse sovereignty; the Dominion of Malin. To the ruling party within the falsely acquired lands of Herz, The area where you currently inhabit, and have begun construction upon, is within the sovereign borders of the Dominion of Malin - the rightful lands to the elvenesse and the woodland realm. You illegally occupy this as a party that was both unannounced and unpermitted. The Ironwood Throne hereby offers forth an ultimatum: The proclaimed Barony of Herz will cease any and all forms of construction within the lands of the Dominion of Malin. The residents within the proclaimed Barony of Herz will vacate from within the lands of the Dominion of Malin. The ruling party of the proclaimed Barony of Herz will present themselves to the capital of elvenesse, Caras Eldar, unarmed and without delay. To formally apologize to both the Crown and the people of the Dominion of Malin for their transgression. The aforementioned conditions shall be adhered to within the following twenty-four Elven hours. If the decree is met with either refusal, or blatant ignorance, then expect to be forcefully removed from our lands. Her Eminence the Queen Renn Calithil; Crown Royarch of United Elvenesse and Sovereign Lady of the Woodland Realms, Defender of the Loftywoods, Barrowlands, and Grove. Inheritor likewise of the Exalted Legacy of Old Normandor, Leumalin and Luminaire. Shepherd of the Elder Blood; True and Rightful Lady of the Fae, and Chosen of the Aspects. (( @Zeldarina ))
  9. Jaeden

    GM Veterans Club

    Our funding from the administration has been crippled. This is all we have.
  10. Jaeden

    [Community Review] Raids

    Yeah, no. You're right. It's not like we're defending a settlement or anything haha.
  11. Jaeden

    [Community Review] Raids

    We've won 90% of the raids against us, and will continue to do so. The only ones that hinder this are the losses from intentional 12am+ EST raids. You're free to come experience it yourself. From my experiences as an NL and a raider, the system isn't that rewarding for either side. I'm hoping these rules offer a chance to fix that.
  12. Jaeden

    The free Domain of Herz

    The Queen of the Dominion squints.
  13. Are you talking about the group which consistently shouted Rwandan genocide references, performed nazi saluting on the go, and had skins spliced from SS outfits? Doesn't particularly surprise me that shocktroopers were shut down too as well then. -- Anyway, Pun, all due respect but you should take some time to think about it more thoroughly. Take it from me that it can be time-consuming, tiresome, and emotionally exhausting. This doesn't extend only to the time you spend on the server, but most of the time you spend off of it as well if you want to be a proactive GM. It's a thankless role that often cripples you. What @L0rdLawyer said is a nail on the head. Though don't let this deter you. I just think you should genuinely give it some more thought. While it's nothing compared to job interviews or the like, it certainly is something you should consider if you really want to go into it or not.
  14. Jaeden

    [Community Review] Raids

    Yes, you're wrong. Elven players aren't 'complaining over their incompetence and weakness to deal with raiders', our playerbase wasn't even aware of this rendition of raid rules being proposed. So get your cliche 'grr elves grr' out of this good christian feedback thread.
  15. Jaeden

    [ AT ] Suggested Changes

    Pretty much what Grim said. Though yeah, good points and I agree completely +1. Character age rule is dumb. Player age rule is okay, but difficult to enforce. It's likely just there for legal clauses - I can't say for certain.