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  1. what a roblox death noise

    1. rukio


      go away ur GONE 

    2. Jaeden


      mean :(. i drop in for drama ok

    3. rukio
  2. See ya bud. Hit me up sometime, haven't talked to you in ages. The smallest brain thing I experienced is a generalisation of overall staff direction and communication. It was one of the major reasons I was constantly contesting the administration. A prime example was the lack of leadership and communication during the transition leading into last map (forgot which one that was) – where moderators weren’t given any indication of how the transition would proceed and what needed to be done. This was, and as far as I could tell, still sort of is a recurring issue: many projects or issues aren’t prioritised correctly, nor any true indication of direction given to teams. However, countless people within staff still do genuinely try. There aren’t many to blame for staff faults, and that’s why I always had issues with players sticking the blame on the core teams, but leadership is a major issue that needs to be amended. The reason I call it small brain I guess, is that it’s such a minor mistake that has lead to major repercussions and issues due to it festering and snowballing so often and for so long. The biggest brain thing I experienced... It’s a good question honestly. Despite Fireheart receiving so much flak for some of his decisions (we’re only human after all), I think his directorship of the moderation was a solid move. This isn’t me trying to brown-nose either (considering he stepped down). I passionately disagreed with many picks for directors and admins throughout my tenure, but I think this decision was the only pick I ended up completely agreeing with despite scepticism at first. He held the reigns of a team that was notorious for being out of line and usually had some of the most difficult verdicts and situations to handle. He managed to remain level-headed throughout this, cared for his team (which saw the lowest amount of staff corruption on that team in a long time), and pumped out a good ratio of good verdicts. He wasn’t perfect – no one is – but his leadership was genuinely admirable, and I think that was one of the bigger brain moves I witnessed on staff. As for big brain decisions that I experienced on staff? I can’t think of many. A lot were pretty mundane but needed to be done. Hope this answers the question.
  3. You were one of my favourite gays too..... If my stubbornness doesn’t keep me away, the stress-induced PTSD probably will
  4. Orcs. Community was pretty trash, but the roleplay and environment was amazing. Had a lot of fun there. Cheers bro. I'll see u on classic...... Being able to see all the drama. But /warp was pretty nice too. How to work with people you don't like, how to delegate, and when to take things seriously against when not to. Some really important skills that I've taken to the work field already and it's paid off.
  5. I don’t take buses that often, but they aren’t bad. Except when people are thrown under them, that’s a bit of a bloody sight. Currently studying Computer Science, but I’m going to be convening with some criminology post-grads at a convention later this month where I decide if I’ll switch from this degree or not. My alternative is taking a joint Bachelors in I.T and Criminology, otherwise I’ll stick with this degree. Other than that though, just enjoying life to be honest. I want to travel, experience things both locally and internationally, and make differences – planning some international internships too for both my study and to help some less than well off places. Just going with the flow though. You know it haha.
  6. Cheers my man. Life’s pretty swell at the moment :). The same to you though, best wishes and have a good one.
  7. Not usually the type for sappy ****. But figured I’d do one last thing before pulling my focus near completely away from LotC. One of these wicked Ask Me Anythings. As of today I resigned from LotC staff after a wild almost 4 years; and before anyone thinks otherwise, I stepped away intentionally and of my own volition. Most of this was moderation, but a fair chunk was also ET mumbo-jumbo with some breaks in between. Additionally, I’m also taking one of those ‘proper’ breaks from the server; where you pretend you’ve left but you still stick around for the drama and controversial posts, as well as some Discord chats. I don’t mind questions regarding insight, advice, or gossip-hunting with staff. But I’ll quickly note that I’m not answering anything that would bring harm to anyone on the community (including indirectly). I had a few other rules I wanted to put in but I forgot; common sense stuff I guess. Keep it real guys and I’ll see you every-so-often since I’m ‘leaving’.
  8. pugsy plugin next thanks
  9. An adrift druid caught wind of the contentious topic during her travels. With a squint and loud sigh she commented, “What.”
  10. I’d be surprised if you heard this. Synthwave rock.
  11. If people **** on you for -1’ing with valid criticism, then that person won’t be accepted onto the team.
  12. Roleplay’s just roleplay at the end of the day. Though just RP being an incel, that should solve the problem.
  13. Can confirm. Pick disappeared when another player tried to pick it up
  14. is this trash the gm team week again

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Harrison


      throwback to the time i told kaelan’s he’s an awful mod for the exact thing toxicapple is doing haha glad he’s changed

    3. Unwillingly


      yeah bc the mod team is
      abhorrently bad right now
      so yeah ppl are gonna trash it


    4. Kaelan


      @ToxicApple1 You can’t hand out many bans or warnings when you’re not online....



  15. I’ve been away for a week, what’d I miss? (Trying to catch up on this drama after having mid-terms for a week, but it’s going too fast for me tbh)
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