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  1. Jaeden

    The Response

    It’s almost as if context exists. Who woulda thunk. I spoke about the blacklist in context of his previous 11* infractions which he and I have been discussing on Discord already. I spoke about myself not commenting on whether a punishment for this instance was deserved or not in context of this individual infraction. If you want to, but I probably won’t be responding until a bit later or when I wake up. Bit sick atm, plus going through some assignments.
  2. Jaeden

    The Response

    That one’s still logged, unless you had multiple infractions for calling people braindead – but I think I found the one you’re talking about. If these were actually rolled back, I’d really advise hitting up mod management / administration about it to clear that up. Infractions can really stack up to some hefty punishments, and if some of them were incorrectly lodged, then that is unfair. I also didn’t say that you haven’t done anything as of late to deserve it; or at least I didn’t intend to say that. What I did say was that I don’t have the entire context of this situation to really make a solid, public comment on it. But once the weekend hits I’ll probably set aside an hour or two to have a look through some of what happened. Anyway, I don’t want to go back and forth on it. I’m up for more discussion in PMs about specifics, but as for the thread itself I don’t want to take up a whole page.
  3. Jaeden

    The Response

    (Yeah counted Wolfkite’s thing. Idk the context of all your punishments, if some of them are false then that’s pretty poo). Not sure who was trying to enforce that over private Discord DMs, that’s not something we police nor even a platform we police unless it falls under some very specific criteria (sexual harassment, pedophilia, etc). If that infraction popped up in our logs, I’d be smacking some heads together in mod chat. Regardless, I do think that you deserve some sort of punishment. Permanent blacklist? Eh. Perm or indefinite ban? No. But an indefinite blacklist? I think that’s fair. Pushes you to show you can adapt to your situation and makes you show that you are better than what you’ve come across as. But again, I don’t think denying you the ability to defend yourself or react to hostile situations is conducive to the server’s success (and especially this new iteration of combat rules). As for the specific infractions of this instance, I won’t comment on them until I have more context on each (uni’s a bit of a pain rn, statistics assignment week 2 feelsbadman).
  4. Jaeden

    The Response

    I don’t really know much about the context of this whole ordeal. Only got back less than a week ago from my trip and I had to jump straight back into university. But from what I do know, I’d like to make a lil’ comment on. Just a quick scroll upon looking you up on the infractions logs, you’ve somehow accumulated 12 (might’ve missed one, but pretend I’m being generous with 12) infractions over the course of your <1 year stay here on LotC. This doesn’t include all verbal warnings (which I know you’ve had a few, since I was present for some), and also doesn’t count for the times that you’ve been generally pretty rude to some GMs; fortunately, most GMs just brush that sorta stuff off without write-ups. This seemingly recurrent behaviour was inevitably going to be noticed or at least noted following your next infraction. Now before anyone jumps down my throat for this. Do I hate or even dislike TrendE? No, of course not – there’s next to no one on this server I hate bar one or two players who no longer play. I just think that some sort of harsh treatment against him is justified; now, whether this blacklist’s terms were the best course of action is still up for debate. There’s no point in time where I’d ever agree that denying a player the ability to defend themselves will somehow help roleplay. Anyway, Marb basically summarised my thoughts pretty well before I got to post: So no, not #freetrende. Imo, #fixCBs
  5. first we take your wars then your raids now your trendes next it’ll be your whitelists, watch out
  6. Archived at request of poster, plus enclave doesn’t exist anymore.
  7. very funky step forward. looking forward to seeing the followup alchemy additions
  8. Falco also goes hunting for some extra snail goo to gel his hair back like a 50’s greaser for the occasion.
  9. hello, needing someone to draw a neato welf sigil / crest. I can pay in either money or OP roleplay items, pick your poison

  10. lmao

    1. Potts244



    2. Jaeden


      Epic roflmaozorz. Gimmie some of that 2008 yeehaw

    3. Potts244


      This is what a helicopter sounds like.



      soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi

  11. BIG man joel, doing god's work. Looks good. I'm glad to see the bounty board system getting some love again too, has a ton of potential.
  12. I'm also in a different country at the moment. But it looks like it was changed
  13. How are people unironically defending those that hand out other people's information. Kinda common sense imo.

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    2. Jaeden


      Personally, I wouldn't call it doxxing. I think we can both agree that doxxing is pretty different and can incur legal action as well. However, players shouldn't be able to just willy-nilly share out information of other players without their consent, which is why I think a punishment was justified.

    3. Callum


      I agree a punishment is deserved but an indefinate ban where i can go through an Admin appeal in 2 months is way too much

    4. rukio


      idk dude if your snapchat/skype/yadda yadda is the same as one of your previous minecraft usernames is it REALLY releasing others personal info?

  14. Helf community was kinda bad way back when (Vailor I think. Idk, it was when Eli couped the 2nd time). But not once have I ever seen that community try to spread neo-nazi beliefs. Despite the high elf RP culture being the closest-to, mainly with 'race purity' and all that, there have been several other groups on the server that skirted the edge far worse. Girl scouts are cool I guess. I haven't read it personally, but probably something about racial purity and cookies I hope.
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