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  1. A blind druid leaned against a tree and sighed, “This is giving me flashbacks to the Savanna..”
  2. Zindran

    Admin Promotions

    I remember the days when @SeventhCircle was an ET Builder Favorite builder besides Ang is now admin ❤️ Gj man
  3. Zindran

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    Mother of god...
  4. Zindran

    Lets Get It.

    1. Favorite season? 2. Favorite kind of rp you like being a part of? 3. Most memorable staff team you've been on? 4. Favorite state in the US? ily
  5. Zindran

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Okay so, first of all they're not toddlers, they're adults (or some teens I never cared to ask ages so w/e) so that comparison doesn't work. The cliché with Ascended and Necromancers/Shades/etc. is always a thing and in my opinion has been something that I've been against since before and during when I was an Ascended. There's the fine line of trying to redeem a dark creature and getting into a relationship with one, so that problem is one of the larger ones that should indeed be fixed.
  6. Zindran

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Would you look at that, I'm late to the party. Small bit of sarcasm there Starting off I'll try not to sound like I'm repeating myself over and over again, but even though I left the server I still check the forums every now and again because I have times where I get bored and want to be entertained by something. However, this is unfortunately not one of those things I'm entertained by, though I'll toss in my two cents. Jallen's not a "monster" that people make him out to be, more so he's been trying to help the Ascended like I had once tried to do as their MT rep. Not long after an incident happened however I pretty much left the Ascended and requested disconnection IC before I left the server. I won't name the people who were involved in the incident but it has been resolved, however I somewhat "regrettingly" (though not sure if I was right in it or not) took the rewrite I was working on (and was almost done too) with me after said incident was over, leaving them back at stage 1 though with ideas to go off of. I'll say this without fear of any backlash that might come from it, but the Ascended have had a lot of problems over the past few months that are both big and small. I tried to help fix a few of the problems but it wasn't met too kindly, and eventually the stress of everything got to me and I resigned from my position as MT on the day I left. Keep in mind the Ascended currently (possibly) are likely stressed to their limits, and dislike having to do more things than they're required to do given they already have a lot on their plates to fix. Jallen's no monster, and quite a few of them have made mistakes as we all to at one time or another. Don't bash them, or insult them, simply work with them and give them constructive feedback on how they can fix their behavior and/or magic in a calm way so they can actually take it to heart and work on fixing it. We all make mistakes, but people shouldn't be bashed for making their own.
  7. Zindran

    Automatons, Animati

    Kinda wish this was actually a joke because of what day it is.
  8. Zindran

    Awaken, My Nightmares

    A blind druid grumbled as he had just fallen asleep, to be awoken once more, "I swear if I hear one more thing about the Far Glade.. I'm going to scream louder than a moot call." the druid then decided to go outside, and meditate in his garden. ((I can understand why ET and Admins wouldn't be allowed (ET discord yo) but why LT or GMs? It's not like them being involved would be much of an impact. There's also the question on if it's even allowed to disallow a player from doing it because of a rank
  9. I don't think you're understanding- Cernunnos wouldn't have even touched weather nor bothered with it. The Aspects themselves don't control the weather and they're unable to do so in any sense. Cernunnos wouldn't have even gotten involved with any of that.
  10. I fail to see how you think that when the Aspects were mentioned? Druid deity.
  11. Fake news, the post that you linked was from 2016, the post Delmodan made was in 2017. Also, the Aspects hold dominion over nature, not the seasons/weather. Which makes it so there's no way they could have 'stolen winter' from Wyrvun. Honestly I feel like this is just something being made so the snow elves have yet another reason to hate druids.
  12. Zindran

    [Denied]put me in coach

    Dev Supremacy +1
  13. Zindran


    Be a good boy for me (damnit Jaeden got first)
  14. Zindran

    Banned Toxic Player applies for FM (again)

    Moved to The Great Library. It shall be sorted into the appropriate category shortly. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact myself or any FM and we'll restore it.
  15. Zindran

    Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    Holy **** it's Benbo Get this man an accept stat