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  1. Enrico, who had been on a multi-year long cruise to visit the Kingdom of Kalden (he had grown up there, after all), raises both brows intently as he is delivered the missive by a giggling woman. "Oh what the f-." he says, crumbling up the missive and heading to make haste for the Palace, so that he may yell at his brother-in-law. He would later come to realise that he had not read the missive well enough to realise that his brother-in-law had actually died prior to the release of the missive. Oh woe.
  2. Peace! Peace! Peace! The word repeated in his mind like a taunting chant. Peace! Peace! Peace! Shakily, he moved to sit before the mirror within in his confines of the Palatio Arancione. His face had gotten rougher, he thought. He couldn't quite tell if it was just age, or if the war had contributed to it. The bags under his eyes were definitely the fault of the war, and so were the scars across his body. On the streets, people were celebrating the beginning of peace once more, and here he was, tears trickling down his cheeks. "The Cycle..." He murmured quietly to himself, "The Cycle has not been broken ..." The Light had endured for now, but they had not extinguished the Darkness from the World, and wherever Shadows remain, Darkness would still linger. Enrico Amadeus would keep his sword sharpened, the Cycle was not broken. The Cycle fostered by the Aster Revolution, humanity would wage war on itself, over and over again. For now, however, he ought to enjoy the momentary lapse in warfare, right? His nieces and nephews would no longer be endangered. Maybe, he would even have his own children. There is hope, something may still bloom.
  3. "The children are surely going to treasure this hunt," hummed Enrico with a faint smile.
  4. "By GOD!" yelled Enrico as he woke in a cold sweat, he had heard the song playing in his dreams, "It's truly so... Divine."
  5. "Finally, Light may shine upon the World once more." murmured Enrico under his breath, signing the Lorraine.
  6. For no reason whatsoever, Enrico Amadeus felt compelled to clap with great vigour, while yelling things such as "LET'S ******* GOOOOOO!"
  7. Enrico hummed a quiet melody to himself as he marched home from the ruins of Drusco keep, "I wonder if there are even any keeps left to siege," he murmured to himself.
  8. "An instant classic, a song that will surely be sung by heroes of wars for the years to come," writes Enrico Amadeus, local Balianese music critic, in the newspaper.
  9. "And so titles stolen by the darkness have been returned to the ligtht," Enrico murmured to himself, "Ave ******* Stassion."
  10. Enrico falls to his knees, screaming into the ocean, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  11. "Drusco Keep shall fall to the thunder of the cannons of the Covenant," Enrico murmured, "Another step towards the liberation of the World."
  12. They had been victorious in battle, but at what cost? Enrico was left to ponder such. Flowers wilt, he reminded himself, even poppies.
  13. Rex Enrico thrust a bloodied sword skyward in triumph, "One last hurrah for Stassion! May they corpses rot and mold, and their memory become nothing but a footnote in the annals of history!" He cheered. The fall of Stassion was the perfect sequel to the defense at Hippo's Gorge.
  14. Enrico Amadeus contacts the director of NERV, requesting the immediate transfer of EVA-01 to the Balianese Lower Sector, the only weapon capable of taking down Stassion, the fourteenth Angel.
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