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  1. Penned By THE COUNTY OF ALDERSBERG C. 1917 The House of Aldersberg has been banished from the Duchy of Adria as the conflict in the south of Aaun reaches new levels of lunacy. It is with that banishment of its members that the Household seeks refuge outside of the Kingdom of Aaun. The House of Aldersberg will no longer associate itself and its title with the Anathema’s Duchy of Adria. Signed, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Lady Cressida Marie of Aldersberg, Countess of Aldersberg, Countess-Consort of Vaska. HIS LORDSHIP, Lord George Arthur of Aldersberg THE HONORABLE, Lady Anne Josephine of Sunholdt, Baroness-Dowager of Aldersberg
  2. In the mindset that its horrific? then go argue about your fued somewhere else...No one ******* cares.
  3. Unban gecko! He is a changed man..!

    1. subatomic
    2. Nord


      He actually started going back to school

  4. "They beg for peace...we offer peace....they beg for war, and we are the tyrants?" Cressida rolled her eyes, simply going back to her routines
  5. Cressida of Aldersberg would sit and smile, excited to attend many of the shows
  6. Little did the Ivanovich girl know her mother would be with child again a mere month later!
  7. Writ of Velenic Abdication A Notice from House von Reuss Issued by the Margravine Guinevere I, 1914 Having inherited Velen upon my father’s abdication in 1900, I have remained as Margravine of Velen for fourteen years, though the time has come for the torch to be passed on. While my passion for The Aschenwald, the time has come for me to abdicate the Velenic titles to my daughter and heir, Philippa. Thus I proclaim my titles, the Margrave of Velen, the County of Cantal, and the Barony of Mons Velena abdicated to my firstborn daughter and heir-apparent, Philippa Ilena von Reuss, The Countess von Redeven. SIGNED, Her Ladyship, Guinevere von Reuss
  8. Handing the baby off to a handmaiden, The new Countess of Aldersberg would sit in the darkness of the Ivanovich Manor...Silent. With nothing but guilt and regret for not being with her Aunt during her finale moments.
  9. Issued by, THE COUNTY OF VAŠKA 13th of Harren’s Folly, 1914 TO OUR COMRADES AND KIN, Since the restoration of House Ivanovich in the lands of Adria, the true Raevir have lived bountiful and prosperous lives. Furthermore our people have grown in numbers, unified in our righteous goals to rebuild our society. With this thought of growth and rebuilding, the newly wedded Count and Countess of Vaška had felt a piece missing from their lives while in their budding union. Therefore with great excitement and joy, the Count and Countess of Vaška are both happy and eager to announce after hours of labor and tribulations the birth of their firstborn son on the 13th of Harren’s Folly, 1914. We see and rejoice at the birth of a healthy son as a blessing by GODAN. As it was not so long ago where House Ivanovich was nearly put to the sword and made extinct. To this miracle, we end such a grim chapter and we march on to a new horizon. With that, we the Count & Countess are so eager to introduce to you, our son: HIS LORDSHIP, ISTVÁN MÁTYÁS IVANOVIĆ, LORD OF ARPACZ. GODANI JEST WIECZNY His Lordship, Jan Ivanovich, Count of Vaška and Pravets, Count-Consort of Aldersberg, Baron of Cherskavy, Hetman of the Host of St. Arpad, Patriarch of House Ivanovich, and Keeper of the Hussariya Her Excellency, Cressida Marie of Aldersberg, Countess of Aldersberg, Countess-Consort of Vaška and Pravets, Baroness-Consort of Cherskavy, Chamberlain of Aaun
  10. [!] The Ardor courtroom, 1914 Penned by Cressida Marie Aldersberg C. 1914 On the 25th of Tobias’s Bounty, in the Year of our Lord 1914. The Royal court of Ardor sees it fit to call all the subjects of the Aaunic crown to come and stand before their King and Queen in a courtly setting. All in attendance are welcome to bring forth their petitions and are invited to dine with their majesty’s after the court has ended. During the Feast all are encouraged to bring traditional, new, homemade dishes and wines. SIGNED, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE , Lady Cressida Marie Ivanovich of Aldersberg, Countess of Vaska , Chamberlain of Clementine Court. OOC
  11. [!] happenings of the Ardor Court, circa 1912 Penned by Cressida Marie Aldersberg C. 1913 With the leadership Of the previous lady Chamberlain ending, an announcement of a new one must be made. Lady Cressida of Aldersberg shall be officially named Lady Chamberlain. With the Help of the Lady of Alba, Edith of Reinmar, the court shall now be reconstructed to fit future generations of Aaun. PURPOSE OF THE COURT The court is to be an environment carefully crafted where histories of the Heartland may be researched, cultures of the Kingdom may come together, their respective traditions meshing within the capital. No longer will the court act as a strict hierarchy of pompous rules and ceremonies, but an innovative community of courtiers and great minds of Almaris. The court shall work as a publishing system, alongside its traditional purposes, of cultures of the realm and trends of the capital. HIERARCHY OF THE COURT Chamberlain The highest ranking member of the court, The Chamberlain is tasked with The management of the court and the King's interests. The Chamberlain is also tasked with announcing and calling forth petitioners of the King at proceedings of court as well as overseeing the publications regarding cultures of the Kingdom alongside the heads of the respective cultures. She is also in Assistance to the Lady of Alba and her needs. Captain of the Nauzica The person in charge of the protection of the King and his Household. The captain is tasked with overseeing the Nauzica, placing guards at the sides of the Alstions, ensuring the safety of the royal family. Court Almoner A cannonist representative, trusted and appointed by the King, tasked with overseeing the prayers as the court travels as well as any Canonistic proceedings abroad. The Almoner must be skilled in Canonistic matters, and have the ability to give advice to the court through the eye of God. Keeper of the Keys A high standing noble tasked with management of the locks within the Royal Residence. The Keeper of the Keys must keep track of who is allowed in and out of every section of the palace, and thus is privy to all sects of the residence. Maids of Honour and Royal Valets Young, unmarried Lords and Ladies tasked with aiding more senior members of court with everyday responsibilities in an attempt to not only educate the youth of Aaun in matters of state, etiquette, and life at court in addition to their traditional education. Ladies-In-Waiting In most instances, upon birth, princesses will be paired with girls of similar age who will act as their Lady-in-Waiting when they’ve reached the proper age. Further, once a lady marries into the Royal Family she will not retain any title of Lady-in-Waiting and will be assigned at least one of her own. Mistress of the wardrobe An extension of the Ladies-in-Waiting tasked with management of the Royal Wardrobe, as the title states. The Mistress of the Wardrobe must have a keen eye for fashion. Governess The Woman placed in charge of tutoring the younger generations of the Alstions. Giving them an All rounded education in horse riding, Studies and basic Etiquette. Royal Artisans An overarching role that encompasses musicians, alchemists, mages, etc. at royal court. The Royal Artisans report directly to the Royal Chamberlain in coordinating events or carrying out various tasks. Master of the Hunt A courtier tasked with management of the Royal hunts and private artillery. He must be skilled in the art of hunting as well as upkeep of the royal wood so that the Royal Family can hunt with ease whenever they wish to do so. Master of the Stables Alongside the Master of the Hunt, the Master of the Stables is charged with upkeep of the Royal Stables and the steeds housed within such. While he is not tasked with cleaning and taking care of the animals himself, he is tasked with keeping them well trained and worked out even when they are not in use by the Royal Family. The Master of the Stables must also coordinate with the King and Royal Chamberlain for any event involving a procession of royal horses. Wards of the court Wards of the court are children that are placed under the care of the Alstions for studious reasons, learning whatever it is their teacher can offer them. Court Servants The backbone of the Royal residence, The servants to the royal household are those placed in charge of General upkeep, management of the royal kitchen and Services to the royal household at events and dinners. JOINING THE ROYAL COURT Those seeking employment within Clementine Court, whether it be as a servant or courtier of His Majesty and His Majesty’s household, should extend a letter to the Chamberlain, Cressida Marie of Aldersberg OOC: SIGNED, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Princess Edith Alstion of Reinmar, Lady Of Alba. HER EXCELLENCY , Lady Cressida Marie of Aldersberg, Chamberlain of Clementine Court. HER EXCELLENCY, Lady Sophie of Provins, the Dowager of Susa.
  12. "How fun! I am rather excited to be pulled out of wedding planning" The Lady Cressida smiled a rare smile, before placing the letter down and continuing her book.
  13. A Comital Union The Comital Matrimony of Vaska and Aldersberg The Lady of Aldersberg on the eve of her wedding. Circa 1912 Penned by Cressida Marie Aldersberg & the Dowager Countess of Susa C. 1911 Following a traditional Ruskan Rite, the pair of Adria nobles will be unionized under the eye of Godan within the Church of St. Julia to finally formalize their love. All citizens of the Township of Velec and adjacent Aaunic vassals, as well as peaceful Aaunic allies from surrounding nations, are invited to celebrate the sacred union on the Fifteenth of Harren’s Folley in the year of our Lord, 1912. Attached to each invitation will be an itinerary of events set to follow the Count’s union with the Lady Cressida Aldersberg. ITINERARY THE UNION After Jan returns from his pilgrimage, the Bride will be walked into the church of St. Julia by her chosen family member and the two shall be made one under the eye of GODAN, following a traditional Ruskan rite A GRAND VAŠKAN FEAST Following the union of the couple, all will be guided to the Adrian event grounds to celebrate with traditional Raevir cuisine. INVITES Personal invitations handwritten and sent out by the couple! The Comital family of Aldersberg The Comital family of Ivanovich Her Ladyship, Nastasiya Reza Ruthern His Royal Majesty, Charles, King of Aaun, and his royal pedigree @seannie His Grace, Heinrik, Duke of Adria and his noble pedigree @Beamon4 His Highness, Ottomar, Prince of Merryweather and his noble pedigree @Ramon His Highness, Robert, Prince of Sedan and his noble pedigree @yopplwasupxxx His Grace, Brandt, Duke of Minitz and his noble pedigree @MadOne The Right Honorable, Cosima, Countess of Hohengarten and her noble pedigree @Frank_Dog The Right Honorable, Louis, Margrave of Haute-Epine and his noble pedigree @rep2k EXTENDED INVITATIONS: The Right Honorable,Jan, Count of Warsovia and his noble pedigree @Olox_ His Lordship, Gaius Rosius var Ruthern and his family @Wavey His Lordship, Franz Arthur Sarkozic and his family @Matheaww Miss, Caterina de lewes @libertyybelle Dame, Valda Arvidottir @Jtit The family of Ratispora The family of Volkov SIGNED, The Right Honorable, Jan Ivanovich, Count of Vaška Her Ladyship, Cressida of Aldersberg
  14. Antionette de Ravensburg smiled, clapping her hands together "Maybe I will finally see father again!"
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