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  1. Young Penelope of Blackworth stood closely at her fathers side, clutching her stuffed goat close to her chest as she watched him closely. A new baby she thought, much like her own younger brother, A smile creased her lips as she rushed off prepared to prepare a gift for the new family.
  2. I personally don't think the ferrymen are bad, I have never had a bad experience with them and they always have acted in a mature manner with me and in most cases been fair and kinda goofy. Everyone has their own experiences tho ig.
  3. La Corte de Girasol The 2nd of Laurelie’s Piety, 106 D.R The Office of the Maestra de la Modas, led by the Baronesa Fleur Halcourt, is dedicated to curating and maintaining the distinguished image of La Corte de Girasol. This office is responsible for setting fashion trends within the court and meticulously managing the Royal Family’s wardrobe, ensuring their attire reflects the elegance and sophistication befitting their status, alongside ensuring the upkeep of fashion trends within Hyspian society. The Keeper of the Crown Jewels VACANT - The Keeper of the Crown Jewels is essential within the court, as their primary responsibility is to ensure the preservation and protection of the De Pelear jewels. They are tasked with the upkeep and documentation of each piece, publishing regularly on the new additions. The Court Tailors - Alongside the Maestra de la Modas, Court tailors are tasked with ensuring the Royal family and its courtiers are always dressed their best. Keeping track of all the latest trends and documenting all of it. Ladies-in-Waiting, Grooms of the Privy & Maids of Honour - intricately crafted to serve as loyal and devoted companions to the members of the Royal Household to whom they are assigned, they provide personal assistance and support to their assigned, ensuring that their every need is met with the utmost care and attention. If anyone is interested in the office, Send a bird to Fleur Halcourt. Signed, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, RENATA ALBA Princess-Royal of Hyspia, Duchess of La Dorada, Baroness of Clemente, Gran Chamberlan of the Girasol Courts HER EXCELLENCY, Fleur Angelique Halcourt Baronesa du’Campagnon, Maestra de la moda
  4. Fleur Halcourt quickly realised this mistake and instantly began to remedy it!
  5. The Wedding of Lady Fleur Halcourt and Lord William Temesch Penned by Baronesa Fleur Angelique and Lord William Godfrey On the 6th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1979 After Two years of Courting, Lord William Godfrey finally asked for the Lady Fleur of Campagnon’s hand in Marriage. Thus, The Right Honourable, Fleur Halcourt and His Lordship, William Temesch announce their Engagement and Union. Within the next year, the couple will stand together before GOD and join together as one. After the Ceremony, The Baroness and Future Baron of Campagnon invite all to join them for a ball under the stars behind the Capital, should weather permit. ☨ ☨ ☨ FORMAL INVITE LIST To the Sovereignty of Hyspia Her Royal Highness, Ramona I, Sovereign of Hyspia Her Royal Highness, Santana, Crown princess of Hyspia La Honorable, Maria Denodado, Vizcondesa de Banderas Su Señor, Joaquin and Gabriela Salazar, Barons de Campos Salvajes To The Kingdom of Balian Her Royal Majesty, Sibyl I, Queen of Balian. Her Royal Highness, Ariadne Casimira, Princess of Balian & Baroness of Tuvia Her Grace, Viktoria vas Ruthern, Duchess of Reutov, and her noble pedigree. His Grace, Marcel Vuiller, Duke of Aquiliae, and his noble pedigree. The Right Honourable, Achillius d'Arkent, Count of Salia, and his noble pedigree. The Most Honourable, Robert de Lyons, Viscount of Enderoca, and his noble pedigree. The Most Honourable, Casimir Vilac, Viscount of Valio, and his noble pedigree. The Honourable, John Galbraith, Baron of Cascanova, and his noble pedigree. PERSONAL INVITE LIST The Viscomital house of Temesch The Baronial house of Halcourt of Campagnon The Baronial house of Halcourt of d’Artois The Royal House of Temesch of the Petra His Holiness, Caius Primus and all his Holiness' clergy. Holy Ser Lug MacSkaul, Grandmaster of the Holy Order of Saint Jude, and all in his Holy Order. Lady Wilhelmina Emma Temesch et Martiel Ser Sterling Blaxton-Whitewood, Duke of Brabant Princess Renata Alba, Princess Royal of Hyspia Princess Rowena Ivanna of Petra, Countess of Clermont Infante Rafael de Pealar Lord Friedrich von Augusten, Count of Hohengarten and his House Lady Katrin Erika Stafyr, Baroness of Feldkirch and her House Lord Konstantin von Augusten, Viscount-Emeritus of Azor Nicolas Emmanuel Wittenbach, Bourgmestre de Chambery, and the citizens of Chambery James Vursur, President of the Northern Geographical Society, The Celestial Trustees and the members of the society. Frantzisko Cardinal Albarosa Lady Svetlana vas Ruthern Lady Esfir Artemisia Amador Lady Alrisha von Augusten Lady Ornella Bambalina Roa Lady Liesbeth-Marie Kort Lady Feliska Sarkozic Lady Helene-Olympe Temesch Lady Juliana de Lyons Ser Raug Ruthron Baldric Vourkehardt and his family SIGNED BY, THE HONOURABLE, Fleur Angelique Halcourt Baroness du’Campagnon, Maestras de la Modas, Scion of Halcourt HIS LORDSHIP, William Godfrey Temesch Brother of St. Jude
  6. Fleur Halcourt held the notice in her hand, her fingers trembling as she read over the words in disbelief. "Non Non, this is not happening" the princes old ward was in disbelief.
  7. "Oh my- Just before our dinner...I Hope WIlliam and his family are alright" Fleur Halcourt sighed, taking a note as she began to pen a letter of condolences to William and the House of Temesch.
  8. Ottavia of Stassion nodded along with Henry "Get me some aswell will you! I must show this to my Sister-In-Law" she walked off to show the missive to Charlotte @Kitomine
  9. Penned by the Baroness of Campagnon On the 1st of Horens Calling, 1977 With the disappearance of my mother due to her failing health, the barony has once again been left without a baroness to oversee its affairs. The responsibility of managing and maintaining our family’s legacy, and ensuring the well-being of our house now rests on my shoulders. We honour my mother's contributions while paving the way for the next generation. My recent debut into society marks an important step in this transition. Under the Wardship of Sovereign Prince Dimitri, I have spent years preparing for this role, learning the intricacies of governance, diplomacy, and stewardship that are essential for managing our affairs effectively. The support of Sovereign Princess Ramona has been instrumental during this period. Her guidance and mentorship have provided me with the confidence and skills needed to undertake this monumental task. I am grateful for her trust and faith in me. My primary goal is to maintain stability and continuity for the House of Halcourt. I am committed to upholding the traditions and values that my Grandfather cherished while being open to new ideas and innovations that Hyspia offers us. Signed, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Fleur Angélique Halcourt Baronne du Campagnon, Scion of the Halcourt Dynasty.
  10. Meifeng looked over the missive, holding tightly "Perhaps its time I Find My sister..."
  11. Fleur Halcourt clutched the invitation tightly in her hand, bringing it close to her chest "Magnificent! I must find a gift for my dearest friends" she smiled brightly, grabbing her coin purse.
  12. Simons Older sister Fleur smiled brightly as she turned to her younger siblings "I will 'elp you with your armor, I hope Mere doesn't mind me not being at her bedside for a while, But let me quickly take zhese Flowers to 'er" she nodded, grabbing recycled items to help create the armor.
  13. Ottavia of Stassion smirked at the missive, crumpling it up and tossing it in the fire for she did not care for Cannonism nor did she ask for penance. Her Son and his Wife had now taken over and it was no longer her responsibility.
  14. Penned by HL Fleur Halcourt cc. 1970 The game of the Hare and the Hound is a game that has been played for centuries among the people of Cannonism. This exciting event beckons both the young and the old to partake in a night of entertainment and strategic prowess. We invite all of Cannondom to the Sovereign state of Hyspia's enchanting landscapes to partake in this age-old tradition of celebrating camaraderie and community. ~-+-~ The game will begin at the gate of the Capital, where a ‘hare’ will be chosen, The remaining members of the group will be designated the ‘hounds’. The Hare will be given a basket of shredded paper and start off the race with a head start. After some time has passed, the hounds will take off to chase after the hare and capture them before they reach the finish line of the race. While there is no prize for the winner, we aim for this game to allow for team building and community bonding! Signed, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Dimitri Otto of Koravia, Soberano-Consort of Hyspia, Duke-Consort of Pacazu, Baron-Consort of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of Ladorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestre of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk HER LADYSHIP, Fleur Angélique Halcourt Ward to His Royal Highness Dimitri Otto
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