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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: February, 2120 Location: Eden-2 Documented Event: Finished Eden-2 Shipyard Director Rosita watches through the shuttle window, as she approaches the shipyard. With the moon's barren surface, and lack of any real resources, the entire moon was essentially useless, so making it into a shipyard was the best choice for it. Though the yard had yet to receive any actual orders, it was standing by, ready to begin work as soon as it's first orders came in. The council had already agreed that it's first project should be producing ships to search the surrounding systems, for another planet that could be reasonably habitable. Date: November, 2120 Location: Angelos-4 Documented Event: Birth of Human-Protorian Twins Head Scientist Maria stood just outside the Delivery room. Due to the sensitive nature of this event, only immediate family members, high-ranking officials, and the actual doctors, were currently allowed in this section of the hospital. The announcement of the pregnancy had reached the council several months ago, and they had closely monitored the progress since. Now, on the actual day of the birth, every one of them had showed up, curious how the pregnancy would go. In the end, the children were born health (as far as the doctors could tell). Each member of the council congratulated the parents, and studied the twins closely. Before Pope Rolando left, he asked the parents to bring the children in for baptism within a year. ACTIONS (2 AP) 2 Corvettes are constructed, with warp drives, to act as scouts for colonization efforts, and the first step towards the New Sephorian fleet. (0 AP) Pope Rolando requests the Human-Protorian Twins are brought to the St. Humanity Church, for baptism. (0 AP) Head Scientist Maria requests that the parents of the Twins approve a series of tests, to be taken over the course of several years, involving yearly blood exams, and physicals, and intelligence and physical tests once the children have aged a few years. (0 AP) Director Rosita and Head Diplomat Niceto announce the birth officially to the entire population of New Sephoria, as well as announce the news officially to the Protorian Council. (2 AP) General Luciano establishes a guard for the Twins, and their family. The guard will consist of 5 Wardens, and 5 Soldiers at all times, and will rotate every six hours. The family is to never be left alone, and all Soldiers will be investigated before being allowed to take part in the guard of the family, to maximize security. RESOURCES Human Population: 188,000 Protorian Population: 500 Human-Protorian Population: 2 Firstborn Robots: 2 Mk1 Labor Robots: 301 Military Robots (Warden Mk1): 41 Quantum Communications System Eden-2 Shipyard RESEARCH Artificial Gravity Generators Warp Drives

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: ::Error:: Location: ::Error:: Documented Event: ::Error:: ACTIONS (4 AP) Resources and Labor begins on establishing a shipyard on Eden 2, so New Sephoria can begin to construct ships. (0 AP) Pope Rolando takes time to explore the Protorian Homeworld before his meeting with the Archivar. RESOURCES Human Population: 179,500 Protorian Population: 250 Firstborn Robots: 2 Mk1 Labor Robots: 301 Military Robots (Warden Mk1): 41 Quantum Communications System RESEARCH Artificial Gravity Generators Warp Drives

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: June, 2118 Location: New Sephoria Documented Event: Warden Testing vs Human Soldiers General Luciano stands atop the rise overlooking the Wardens and their flag. Watching the treeline for movement, he notices several of his soldiers preparing to assault the Wardens. Watching them prepare, he notes that each one seems nervous. Perhaps they're afraid the Wardens will malfunction, and injure someone? This is a live test, after all. The soldiers charge in, firing at the Wardens, but the Wardens manage to put them done. A little while later, a second group comes in and does that same. Shortly after though a third group comes, and employs hit-and-run tactics. This group manages to thin the Wardens some, and spread them out more. Finally, a small group sneaks past the Wardens, grabs the flag, and manages to escape with it. After testing, each group's leader submits a report. Group A and B reports that the Warden do well when it comes to a direct confrontation. Group C reports that when faced with Hit-and-Run tactics, the overall reaction speed of the Wardens is lessened, most likely due to their heavier-set. Group D reports that when the Wardens are forced to spread out, their detection systems are not as good as they could be, and future investment into various sensors could be valuable. General Luciano forwards copies of the reports from Group C and Group D to Maria, and requests they begin looking into ways to fix those problems. ACTIONS (2 AP) Joint Research Project between New Sephoria, Aurora, Terran Federation, and the Remnants with the goal of developing Artificial Gravity Generators. (1 AP) A Shuttle is sent with scientists and military personnel to Eden-1 (Barren Moon of Angelos-4) to survey the moon, and see if their is any valuable resources on it. (1 AP) A Shuttle is sent with scientists and military personnel to Eden-2 (Arctic Moon of Angelos-4) to survey the moon, and see if their is any value to the moon, besides the large quantity of ice. (2 AP) A new design is created for future Wardens, with the goal of adding both Thermal and Motion sensors to it, to increase it's perceptive abilities. (If that doesn't actually require the AP, then just put the 2 AP towards building the new Wardens) (0 AP) A request is sent for Pope Rolando to meet with the Protorian Archivar. (0 AP) New Sephoria agrees to send representatives on the expedition to the Sol System. They are willing to send up-to 1000 people on said expedition to assist as needed. RESOURCES Human Population: 170,000 Protorian Population: 50 Firstborn Robots: 2 Mk1 Labor Robots: 301 Military Robots (Warden Mk1): 21 Quantum Communications System RESEARCH Firstborn Language (Demotic, Ancient Greek, & Latin similarities) Warp Drives

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: March, 2116 Location: New Sephoria Documented Event: Arrival of Protorian Representatives The shuttle landed. Niceto Merli had sent word in advance that the shuttle carried Protorian Representatives, as well as technology called a "Quantum Communications System". When the shuttle lands, the streets are filled with people who want to see the Protorians. However, on the other side of New Sephoria, another group masses, for different reasons entirely. Due to the discovery of other human colonies, Pope Rolando had decided to hold Mass, to send up praise. A large portion of New Sephoria had decided to attend this, as opposed to the arrival of the Protorians. Meanwhile, with the alien's having proved themselves not a threat, General Luciano had begun to work of settling down the military. The moment the shuttle landed, Head Researcher Maria had taken a group of Mk1 Robots, and scientists, and taken the Quantum Communications System away. Finally, when the Protorians arrived at the decided location for the first open Alien-Human meeting, Director Rosita was the only one actually waiting for them. She greeted them, and apologized for the absence of the rest of the council. ------------------------------------------------- Date: January, 2117 Location: New Sephoria Event: Appointment of Niceto Merli to Council Niceto Merli stood before the council, nervous inside, but appearing calm outwards. Director Rosita opened with the usual, and finally spoke to Niceto. "Niceto. After the way you handled interactions with our new Protorian allies... We believe you deserve this." Niceto looked around, nervous. "Deserve what, ma'am?" Director gestures to an open seat. "This council was established for the preservation of our people. Before the Protorians, that meant having infrastructure. That meant being able to protect ourselves from this planet's threats. That meant having someone the people could look to, to save their souls. That meant being able to advance. Now, it means being able to communicate, and cooperate with the others in this galaxy. This council needs someone to handle diplomacy, and you're as good a choice as any other." Niceto's heart skips a beat, and he takes a step towards the open chair. He glances at each member of the council, and they all nod. Taking a deep breath, he strides to the empty chiar - his chair - and takes a seat. "So... I'm part of the council now?" The Director nods. "Yes, yes you are, Head Diplomat Niceto Merli." ACTIONS (1 AP) Production of additional farms (2 AP) Expansion of Mining Efforts, using the Mk1 Labor Robots (1 AP) Testing Wardens in Mock Combat. Paint Weaponry, Capture the Flag. Wardens defend, while 50 Soldiers attempt to take the flag. Response to Cultural exchange proposal: Approves, and Accepts. Cooperation in the galaxy can only benefit by getting to know another species culture. RESOURCES Human Population: 159,500 Protorian Population: 20 Firstborn Robots: 2 Mk1 Labor Robots: 301 Mk1 Military Robots (Warden): 21 Quantum Communications System RESEARCH Alien Language (Demotic, Ancient Greek, & Latin similarities) Warp Drives (Gifted From Terran Federation)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: February, 2116 Location: Council Meeting Room Documented Event: New Sephorian Council meeting regarding Alien Presence in the Angelos System Director Rosita starts off the meeting. "As we all know by now, an alien ship has entered Angelos-4. We knew of the existence of Alien life, thanks to the robots we discovered, but this is different. These may be living, breathing aliens." General Luciano nods. "We cannot show weakness, but we shouldn't flex more muscle than we need. We should show that we will fight to defend ourselves, but that should always be the last resort." Pope Rolando nods. "Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict. We will prepare to defend ourselves, but we will withhold hostile actions until it is necessary. Then, and only then, we will fight to win." Head Researcher Maria looks around at the other council members. "Uh... Yeah. Kind of hard to say anything inspiring after you three. So, we'll send a representative, while preparing our forces to defend themselves?" The rest of the council nods. ACTIONS (2 AP) Preparing the Military of New Sephoria to defend the colonies, should the need arise. All 21 Wardens would be deployed as well, to assist in defensive efforts, should the need arise. (1 AP) Sending a representative of New Sephoria in a shuttle to greet the Alien ship. (1 AP) Production of Mk. 1 Labor Robots RESOURCES Human Population: 150,500 Advanced Alien Robots: 2 Inferior Labor Robots: 201 Military Robots (Warden): 21 RESEARCH Alien Language (Demotic, Ancient Greek, & Latin similarities)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: Autumn, 2115 Location: Renovated Factory Documented Event: Beginning Production of Mk.1 Labor Robots Director Rosita stood just inside the warehouse, watching works installing the last of the machinery needed to manufacture the Mk.1 Labor Robots. With the start of production, the people of New Sephoria would be able pass off more menial labor to the robots, while pursuing more complicated tasks themselves. Earth's culture, though mostly gone, had not gone without leaving some marks on New Sephoria's people. The robots would need to be closely monitored, and they would be never rise above the tasks they were assigned. Though robots can guarantee perfection, humans could force advancement. Robots may well be the future of advancement, but humans would be the driving force. ACTIONS (2 AP) Production of Mk.1 Labor Robots (However many can be produced, without causing problems) (1 AP) 20 "Warden" Defense Bots are to be constructed along the Mk.1 Labor Robots. (1 AP) Mining Operations are to begin, to collect resources from Angelos-4 RESOURCES Human Population: 140,500 Advanced Alien Robots: 2 Inferior Labor Robots: 1 (Prototype) Military Robots (Warden): 1 (Prototype) RESEARCH Alien Language (Demotic, Ancient Greek, & Latin similarities)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: August, 2114 Location: New Sephoria Science Labs Documented Event: Test Run of Robotic Prototype; Prototype Designation: Warden 1 The robot stood inactive in the testing chamber, several crates of varying weight in front of it. Maria and Luciano stand within the observation chamber, waiting for the tests to begin. A voice comes on over the intercom into the observation chamber. "We're ready to begin the test's with your say ma'am." Maria speaks into the intercom. "Very well. Begin testing now." A voice comes on over the intercom in both the observation room, and the test room. "Warden 1, activate." The robot in the testing room comes online. "Warden 1, active. What are my orders?" The voice comes on. "For starts, begin lifting the crate in front of you." Warden 1 steps forward, and lifts a metal crate about the size of trash can, easily. It is then given orders to continue lifting crates until it reaches a crate it is no longer able to lift, similar in weight to itself. Warden 1 begins a new series of tests, testing it's ability to push the same crates. This time, it manages to push a crate weighing roughly three times it's own weight. With testing finished, Warden 1 is deactivated, and moved back into the labs, for further study and advancement. Maria turns to General Luciano. "Well General? Is that adequate." The general stares off into the distance for a moment, before replying. "Yes, it is, for now at least. Once the factory has been finished, please have them produce a small number of them, for field testing." Maria nods, and the General and her go their separate ways. ACTIONS (1 AP) Continued Establishment of the settlement around the factory. (1 AP) Equipment continues to be installed within the factory. (2 AP) Farms are constructed and expanded, to produce more food, to constantly compensate for the rapid growth of New Sephoria. RESOURCES Human Population: 131,000 Advanced Alien Robots: 2 Inferior Labor Robots: 1 (Prototype) Military Robots (Warden): 1 (Prototype) RESEARCH Alien Language (Demotic, Ancient Greek, & Latin similarities)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: June, 2113 Location: New Sephoria Science Labs Documented Event: Introduction of Mk. 1 Robots Maria stood at the front of the room. Besides her, strode the first robot built by New Sephoria. Stepping onto the center of the display stage, she gestured to the robot. "This is a day New Sephoria should remember for years to come. Today, we have taken an alien technology, and made it our own, even if only a little. With these new machines, our labor will be made easier. Our people may begin to pursue more intelligent avenues, leaving the labors to these machines." The crowd of scientists cheer. From the front, Director Rosita claps politely, while General Luciano and Pope Rolando watch on in silence. After the cheering dies down, and the general demonstration of the robots capabilities is shown, the crowd disperses, and the leaders of the colony make their way to the Council meeting room. General Luciano starts the meeting, before Director Rosita can make the usual welcoming speech. "The robots would make excellent soldiers." Maria shakes her head determinedly. "There weren't built to be soldiers. They were meant to be labor." General Luciano replies, quickly making this into a debate between the two of them. "So, should we ever come under attack, you would prefer we sent our own people to fight? Our own people should be sent to die, to fear for their life on a battlefield, rather than a machine? A machine with no fear, with no qualms about marching against an enemy? A machine, who could be produced, programmed, and deployed in half the time it would to even train a human?" Maria stays silent for a moment. "These robots are not built for combat. They're built for labor. We can't deploy them for combat." Rosita speaks up, forcing both of them to stop. "This is what we'll we do. A group of 20 robots will be specifically designed, and programmed, for combat purposes. If they prove to do well, then we will consider opening research and development into producing more combat capable models, as well as the standard labor models." After several minutes of debating between the four of them, they finally settle of the issue, in favor of Director Rosita's idea." ACTIONS (1 AP) Continued establishment of the settlement around the facility. (1 AP) The alien factory, now cleared, will have equipment installed in it, to produce more robot workers. (2 AP) A robot model will be designed specifically with stronger frames, and combat programming, to fight against threats for New Sephoria. RESOURCES Human Population: 122,500 Advanced Alien Robots: 2 Inferior Robots: 1 (Prototype) RESEARCH Alien Language (Demotic, Ancient Greek, & Latin similarities)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: March, 2112 Location: ::Unavailable:: Documented Event: General Scan of Angelos System Scan Completed. Data being downloaded, and stored, for future reference. Reading Data… Sun: Angelos-Sol Type: White Sun Orbiting Planets: 4 Planet: Angelos-1 Size: Medium Type: Barren Moons: 1 Moon: Argos Type: Barren Notes: Due to its close proximity to the sun, and it’s slow rotation, both planet and moon are incapable of sustaining life above ground. Potential solution if colonized would be an underground colony. Recommend testing before dedicating resources. Planet: Angelos-2 Size: Small Type: Volcanic Moons: 0 Notes: Due to this planet's high-volcanic activity, and relative proximity to the sun, surface temperatures may reach extreme temperatures. Rather than colonize, this planet would most likely be best utilized by stripping it entirely for resources, and abandoning what remains. Planet: Angelos-3 Size: Large Type: Gas Giant Moons: 3 Moon: Qana-1 Type: Arid Moon: Qana-2 Type: Barren Moon: Qana-3 Type: Desert Notes: Due to technical errors during scanning, the actual composition of Angelos-3’s gases is currently unknown. Further examination is recommended. The three moons surrounding the planet, rotate at a near identical rate, and are located at near identical distances around the planet. This causes a strange effect on the gases on the planet below, making the gases appear to be in constant swirling motion. Recommend colonizing moons, as opposed to planet, due to unknown variable within the gases of Angelos-3. Planet: Angelos-4 Size: Medium Type: Jungle Pangaea Moons: 2 Eden-1 Type: Barren Eden-2 Type: Arctic Notes: Angelos-4 is the new home world of Humanity. Settled by New Sephoria, it is capable of supporting life, and already has shown artifacts of alien origin. Both of it’s moons have the potential to support colonization attempts, however neither is nearly as hospitable as the actual planet. Due to the moon’s rotation, Eden-2 is nearly always in either Angelos-4, or Eden-1’s shadow, causing it to be covered in thick layers of ice. Data Fully Downloaded... Updating Data... 15%... 28%... 43%... 61%... 79%... 100%. Data Updated. ACTIONS (2 AP) Deconstruction of the Ark "Saint's Cross" begins, with the jump drive being put into storage for later research. Meanwhile, the remaining parts of the Ark are used to build a colony around the alien factory. (2 AP) Research is done on both the active and broken robots to see how to build more of them, inferior or otherwise. The goal is simply to be able to produce more of them, to assist in general labor. RESOURCES Population: 115,000 Broken Robots Active Alien Robots: 2 RESEARCH None

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: March. 2111 Location: Alien Factory, Angelos-4 Documented Event: Examination of Alien Factory Head Scientist Maria steps through the hole cut through the door. Just within the first room, several groups of scientists can be seen, investigating the factory. Groups of guards mill about the the room, making sure nothing happens to the scientists. Maria looks around, and see's the scientists assigned to studying the robots language speaking with Director Rosita. Maria makes her way across the factory, to speak with them, coming up behind Director Rosita. "Director Rosita, to what do we owe this pleasure?" Rosita turns to face Maria. "I was curious about the robots your scientists had discovered. I was curious to see what their opinions were about adding modified versions to our work force. I believe I did send you a memo about my visit today." Maria nodded. "Right. I'm sorry, I've been frazzled recently, trying to decide where we should prioritize our research. The robots are such a fascinating subject, but there is so little we actually know, and a lot we need to learn quickly." Rosita gestures to the scientists. "Well, these two have just been telling me about the similarities between their language, and some of those from back on Earth. Perhaps learning to understand them would be a good start?" Maria makes several notes on her tablet. "I've already begun the process of learning everything I can about those languages, Director." Director Rosita nods. "Very well. Then I'll leave this to you, Maria. Keep the council updated." ACTIONS (2 AP) Prominent members of the science team take the time to learn the language the robots are using, as well as Demotic, Old Greek, and Latin, in an effort to reliable communicate with the robots. (2 AP) The broken robots collected are transported to New Sephoria, and studied, in an attempt to learn how they were built, how they work, etc. RESOURCES Population: 111,000 Broken Robots Active Alien Robots: 2 RESEARCH None

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: January, 2110 Location: St. Humanity Church Documented Event: Official Opening of the St. Humanity Church Pope Rolando stands before the crowd, hearing their cheers. He waits for several moments, letting their joy wash over him, before he finally raises his hand, as a signal for them to be quiet. The crowd slowly grows quieter, until the loudest sound is the excited breathing from the crowd. Pope Rolando drops his hand, and begins to speak. "Citizens of New Sephoria; We are the final remnant of Humanity as we know it. Those few arks that left besides us, did not make it here; we can only hope some survived, and managed to establish themselves as well as we have. However, when our Arks left, we left something behind; something vital. We left behind the rest of Humanity. This church has been erected in their loss. "Humans, at their core, are good creatures. If we do not believe they have ascended to Heaven, then we ourselves may also not be worthy. This church has been named for all the humans we left behind on earth. May the Heavenly Father accept them with open arms. Amen." ACTIONS (2 AP) Laser cutting tools would be brought to the discovered door on the Alien Facility, and would set about cutting into them, so a team could head inside. (2 AP) Work begins on expanding farming production, so that New Sephoria would not need to fear a food shortage. RESOURCES Population: 108,500 RESEARCH None

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: March, 2109 Location: Overgrown Facility, Angelos-4 Documented Event: First Discovery of Previous Life on Angelos-4 Scientists and Military personnel run around the site, establishing a perimeter around the facility, and setting up equipment to begin clearing the overgrowth in search of an entrance. Off to the side, General Luciano and Head Researcher Maria stand, observing everyone work. General Luciano turns to HR Maria. "You said that scans couldn't penetrate it?" Maria nods. "Yes. We can scan the part of the structure that's above ground, but we can't actually scan what's inside of the entire structure. Right now, we're preparing to clear out this undergrowth, and hopefully find a way inside that doesn't involve damaging the structure anymore than it might already be. If that fails, we plan to cut through the exterior, and try and get inside that way." Luciano nods, and watches several new recruits pace back and forth. "I'll have a military escort ready for your scientists then, once they've managed to get inside." HR Maria nods, and goes off the help another scientist set up equipment. General Luciano takes a look around once more, and returns to his vehicle, which takes him back to the colony. ACTIONS (1 AP) Continuing work on the church at the colony. (2 AP) Clearing away overgrowth from the Alien Facility, searching for an entrance into the facility. (1 AP) The Military spends time training, so they are prepared to deal with any threats that may arise. RESOURCES Population: 104,500 RESEARCH None

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    New Sephoria Date: July, 2108 Location: New Sephoria, Angelos-4 Documented Event: First Official Meeting of New Sephorian Council The doors opened, and the four current members of the council step into the room. - Pope Rolando Subia, 34 Years Old, Italian Origins, Religous Representative, Orphaned at Birth, raised in Catholic Orphanage - General Luciano Gaona, 28 Years Old, Spanish Origins, Military Representative, Born to single Mother, joined Spanish Military illegally at 16 - Head Researcher Maria Pontillo, 27 Years Old, Italian Origins, Scientist Representative, Orphaned at 5 due to housefire, prodigy in scientific fields - Director Rosita Collazo, 23 Years Old, Spanish Origins, Infrastructure Representative, Born to married Mother and Father, showed capability in leadership from young age The members find their respective seats, and settle in for the long awaited discussion. This is not the first meeting between any of them, but this is the first official one for planning New Sephoria's future. Director Rosita stands, and begins the meeting. "Welcome, respected members of the council. Today, we start down the path to humanity's salvation. What we decide today will potentially shape the future of New Sephoria for years to come. Let us keep that in mind, as we discuss our plans for the future." Director Rosita sits down, and Pope Rolando stands. "Thank you for those words, Director. I would like to propose a building, which while not necessarily the most vital for our survival, will be vital for the salvation of our souls. I propose we establish a proper church within the colony." The other leaders nod in approval, and Pope Rolando sits, with a thankful nod. General Luciano stands. "I bring a proposal, which both myself, and Head Researcher Maria believe to be important, if we are to remain on this world. We must know if the resources of this world differ from our own, and how we can apply them to our lives. For this, both Maria and I recommend a survey of the surrounding area, and it's resources." Both Pope Rolando, and Director Rosita give their consent, and General Luciano sits down, with a thankful nod. ------------------------------------ The meeting continues for several more hours, discussing future plans, before the meeting is adjourned, and the council members leave the room. ACTIONS (3 AP) A survey is done, searching for any resources of value. (1 AP) Work begins on building a large church within the colony, for worship.

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - OOC and Apps]

    Username: Look to the Left Skype: Already got it Ideas and Suggestions?: "Only Good Bug, is a Dead Bug" RP: The Ark "Saint's Cross" was built and funded by the Spanish-Italian Union. Their united goal was the preservation and continuation of the Catholic faith. Upon arriving in their system, they named it Angelos, and their planet Angelos-4, until a new name could be decided upon. The colony, New Sephoria, was established on Angelos-4, and became a mixture of Spanish, and Italian cultures, with the stable middle point being the religion. Colony Name: New Sephoria First Planet Type: Lush Pangea (Single Massive Landmass, Covered in Jungle-like Terrain) Map location: (Remember, fill a square and send it to me privately.)


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