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  1. Eh.. what did I miss?

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    2. Ricky




    3. Tsuyose


      i am emperor

    4. Harrison


      emperor of 5 people*

  2. what happened to tents

    1. Ricky


      GROW UP!

  3. Will grind for private grind hole pls, its been so long

    1. Gucko


      will u consider oren.

    2. dandan1350


      yes friend.

  4. It was a good ending

  5. A good ole' Savoyard takes a knee. By thy colour will he know thee, By thy banners will he fear thee, By thy standard will he dread thee, Cry Marine, and let slip the weapons of war.
  6. These mines are so messed up, having to relog every thirty seconds to get the proper blocks to show up??

    1. Harrison


      simply update the blocks with torch, light forces them to block update

    2. dandan1350


      so now i have to carry torches round???????? am i made of mina????? no because staff wiped it all

  7. Just left the ET, and will evacuating from LOTC social right now and the game slowly in the coming months. I'll continue on with my works for making Savoy great again and building a wall to keep the elves out but as I've lost interest in the server, unless 5.0 is beyond amazing once I've settled Savoy I'll most likely depart. Thanks for all the decent people I've met on the server.

  8. Anyone selling mass quantities of redstone by chance? 

    1. Teegah


      I have 103 blocks of it... want to buy?

    2. dandan1350


      Depends how much you want per block, I need over 8 double chests of the stuff after all

    3. Teegah


      100 minas for all of it?

  9. Touch my skills and I'll cut you.
  10. Notices are sent out via carrier pigeon towards to the two recipients. "I write to you in response to your previous wishes to apply and join the Esheveurd cavaliers. You have been accepted into the regiment, and with due haste your first order is to report to the city of Peremont to be assigned your posting and meet your assigned corporal."
  11. THE ESHEVEURD CAVALIERS The Prince’s Regiment The Prince's personal regiment, trained, disciplined and outfitted in the most expensive and well forged gear that mina could buy. The Prince's personal military regiment, otherwise known as the Esheveurd Cavaliers are a military formation created to serve in the Savoyard military forces in direct loyalty to their prince, they have duties to both defend the homeland from outward invaders and to march by Savoys side when the banners of war are raised. They are also the peak of honour and will defend any citizen in need, looking out for the disenfranchised and downtrodden of Orenian society. The Cavaliers serve and protect all those in the Principality at the wishes of their liege, swooping into danger the moment danger arrives. Atop their horses they gallop vigorously into any challenge that may threaten Savoy. They are the arrowhead that strikes at the heart. The ashen lance that pierces the darkness. Whomever might stand against this mighty cavalcade is surely to be met with the force of their unyielding devotion to their Prince, Lucius Ashford de Savoie. From the Vieran to the Drieden those prestigious fellows thunder across the plains, ever stalwart. HIGH COMMAND CAPTAIN - The Captain of the Esheveurd regiment has the sole duty of leading the Cavaliers in both peace and wartime. To oversee, train and discipline his men, to ride with them into battle, or beside them as they escort the royal family of Savoy. This position is considered a great honour due to the severity and trust that is placed in the selected man's hands, and is only chosen on a vote from the retiring captain, the current prince of Savoy and the marshal of Savoy. CORPORAL - Appointed by Captain, leads squads of cavalier and acts as higher officer in absence of captain. They offer stability in times of uncertainty, grit in times of war. They carry the hopes of their own and shoulder the responsibility of looking out for their brothers-at-arms. Pay: A Corporal receives the sum of 150 minas a saint week, this payment in the first week is docked due to receiving of equipment and a horse. If mandatory training is missed within the week, 50 minas is docked from pay. CARABINIER - Normally corporal or higher, runs drills, parade marches and keeps discipline in check. Pay: A Carabiner receives the sum of 175 minas a saint week, this payment in the first week is docked due to receiving of equipment and a horse. If mandatory training is missed within the week, 50 minas is docked from pay. LOW COMMAND CAVALIER - Backbone of military, main horseman, several years of combat, well outfitted, disciplined and what not. Those men would gallop through the void for their commanders. Ready for any threat they always stand at the ready to charge into the fray, the wind at their backs. Pay: A cavalier receives the sum of 100 minas a saint week, this payment in the first week is docked due to receiving of equipment and a horse. If mandatory training is missed within the week, 50 minas is docked from pay. CADET - Age 17 or under, zilch military training or none under the regiment. 2-4 years of experience, on survival of first battle they get promoted. Assigned under a cavalier, meant to do basic tasks under Cavalier and act as squire of sorts. Pay: A cadet receives the sum equipment and housing, due to the nature of cadet they are not offered payment till initiation into the order. EQUESTRION - (Can be RP position, don't need breeder skill but highly preferred.) looks after horses, manages health of them and stables, breeding, assigning horses. The Equestrians of the regiment are the backbone of the regiment. Those grand horse whisperers provide the bulk of the Cavalier’s white stallions. Many oft run their foals through rigorous training to ensure quality within the ranks. Pay: A Equestrion receives an extra 25 minas a week due to their extra work. SUPPLEMENTAL RANKS AQUILI - Holds banner of the regiment in battle and parade. MASTER OF SUPPLY - Cooks in camp and barracks, often given to Cadets. FIRST PHYSICIAN - medic, healer, field medic, looks after men and runs infirmary. DRESS CODE CAVALIER The modern gentleman of the regiment must maintain a certain decorum. Aside from the typical plate accustomed to those within a combative role, the men of the regiment are required to keep both a domestic uniform comprised of a rough leather gambeson, pauldrons, a fine blue cloak, and an exoitic Cavalier Hat of felt, trimmed with the plume of rare animal feather. CADETS Cadets have fewer expectations put upon them, though still required to dress in a respectable fashion. Nonetheless the Cavalier’s Cadets must at least be clad in a fitting linen shirt, and properly trimmed trousers. THE ASHEN OATH I am the guard. I am the shield. My place is beside the Ashen Family. I am vigilant. I am true. I act in Ashfords name. I am elite. I am brave. Traitors and Enemies shall fall before me. I am devoted. I am pure. Ashford’s safety is my only task. I am the guard. I bear one name. Esheveurd. No words but deeds. This oath is sworn by all who enter the regiment, it is commonly received before the start of the battle also by the highest ranking officer present where all in unison reply to the oath with the following: ‘Esheveurd. No words but deeds.’ This is known as the most common phrase used by the Cavaliers. APPLICATION Credits to: Levirad_ Ser_Jacko for their assistance in writing. Mainly Jacko the based writing god.
  12. Sale complete.
  13. A note is left below. "The Principality of Savoy hold up to two cartloads of nether wart available for purchase, if interested send word to Peremont."
  14. - A second notice is pinned below - Prices changed, now 450 mina per the cartload! Bulk deals can be arranged!
  15. - Beneath that lies another note - The principality takes interest in such an offer and would like to arrange discussion for pricing and quantity of such items. I shall be sending a envoy merchant shortly to discuss this.