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  1. I mean.. Pardon????

  3. So.. Have the Admins made a response to all these posts yet or are they still twiddling their thumbs? 

    1. JokerLow


      there are a lot of things they gotta investigate before they release a final response

  4. Can we get back the option to turn wool into 4 string? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    1. wan


      The only way currently to get string reliably is through the Cloud Temple markets. Try checking the stalls beside the Cloud Temple's bottom steps.


      Otherwise, monsters do not spawn to reduce lag.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Mobs only spawn when there’s no server load, so unless you’re an aussie or an insomniac you’re not likely to find any spiders.


      until lag gets manageable enough to have mobs spawn during peak hours, cobweb price at CT should be lowered so that fishermen don’t go out of business.

    3. Ragnio


      I would suggest that you make a suggestion-post in the dedicnated Subforum, as to allow the Devs and Gms to properly think about it. I, myself, would like to see this getting added back.

  5. Ya’ll want some fish?

  6. ~ + ~ Rest In Peace Leana Stafyr ~ + ~ 1711 – 1723 Gerard stared downwards to the fresh tombstone marked within the crypts of Nenzing, his expression vacant as a hand idly scratched at a now quivering lip. His eyes puffed and red, sore from the tears that had been shed the most recent morn, head pounding from his rampant shouts and cries of horror at what had occurred. It wasn’t often the bear of a man showed emotion, but not even the strongest willed could sit silent as they laid their own child to rest. “Rest easy, little one.” Is all he’d manage out with a hoarse croak of a voice as he read over the name ‘Leana Stafyr’ that sat upon the tombstone. The heart-broken man turned swiftly and marched from the haunting crypts of Stafyr, his hands trembling in both rage and sorrow that he had not been able to protect the one thing that mattered most to him. Upon his return to the palace of Reza, his somber self would be locked away in a room deep within the palace walls where he drank and drank, to extinguish a pain that would most likely never fade. A broken man who had the utmost ill-fortune of burying his own child. Within her sleep the bright child, Leana Stafyr had been taken from this world many years too early.
  7. Where can I be a fisherman? I just want to fish

  8. Good afternoon folks, have a wonderful day

  9. Have a wonderful day all you amazing people.

    1. Heero


      Right back at you, you wonderful dude

  10. Gerard skimmed his eyes across the newly published advert, passing through the sections of crests with brief amusement at each design. Making his way quickly pass the clothing section and finally dropping his eyes on the section of blacksmithing, a brief smile crossing his features. “Fine designs, I only hope they’ll listen.” Returning home he’d pen up a brief reply with his information, addressed to Godfric Alimar. “I hope we can meet, I am in need of new protection fitting of the isles I shall be travelling. - Gerard Stafyr, 5 Marian Blvd.”
  11. Have a WONDERFUL day, you BEAUTIFUL people.

  12. Have a wonderful day you beautiful people

  13. I've come back and actually given this a proper read through. I see a lot that needs to be changed and honestly a general lack of focus with the magic as a whole. As a person who's been with the magic since 3.0 I'm more than happy to give my feedback over discord regarding the rewrite.
  14. Don't see too much change but I like it.
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