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  8. I like to believe there was a lot more going on as well that led to their activity then just purely people deciding to walk there. But can’t completely discount that but there is, of course, the fact druids/warhawks did not enjoy the same benefit. Whether that was to the north/south bias that seemed to have arisen is another question though. Far far too many things have to come together to honestly predict player movement
  9. That’s actually something we’re thinking about, We’re playing with the numbers to see how it works out but we do generally like to limit how many ways a nooby can go just so it’s not over the top confusing to leave ct. We were possibly thinking of 3 roadways over 4 but the goal would then be accessibility over walk times since we already know 2 is sufficient for distance. We also know the effect road draw has is mostly limited for instance we can refer back to Athera where all nations were on a single road way or even in Atlas which has a well very haphazard design. With groups on all sides in so many places. I’m not saying road closeness doesn't have an effect I think if a group is directly on the road like Adria the road effect is hugely amp’ed while if it’s slightly off the road the effect becomes a lot less. If players followed the idea that the first road the come to is where everyone heads nearly everyone would be in the dominion and kazulrah or the halfl
  10. There’s a distinct difference between reading and responding.
  11. That’ll happen with any branching road design. Truly the only fix to that would be having a single hub and spoke design something for centralized road movement I disagree with. The road design was shown to Nations when they were added to our discussion chat. But it was only the 4th time I reposted it that people seemed to really take it all in.
  12. If you feel like I didn't address something then go ahead and ask it but my response was more so directed towards Phubs original post. Sooooo many parties said things in here I can’t respond in one thread to 80+ replies.
  13. @pbuh Let me first state that I believe there’s a very deep misunderstanding on the road design. We’ve taken a great deal of time and effort into shaping roads to ensure every single nation fell within the range. A range might I add that was calculated from our your view back in may comparing different locations walk times. From that range of 3:30-7:00 minutes we calculated out the avg efficiency of a road on atlas which came out to just about 50% (was 47 rounded up for easy math). We took that avg road efficiency and the target range for nation times and created our road system as it stands now. Just to demonstrate what the road times are currently here’s a list of the walk times to all the nation’s plots from ct. 3:09 Sutica, 4:17 Haense, 4:15 Renatus, 4:30 Agnarum, 4:27 Adria, 6:43 Curon, 6:16 Fenn As you can see right off the bat all but one nation falls into our balanced range. Our intent with the map was never absolute perfect balance but instead to avoid the heinous design issues of Atlas with walk ranges of 3-20 minutes. That isn't to say we aren’t making slight adjustments to firstly increase sutica’s walk time while attempting to lower Curon and Fenn. But overall we’re exceptionally happy with the level of balance the majority of Nations have. We would never implement a 7 spoke road design. Primary reasoning being we strive to have some form of a central main road to make the world feel more alive. Every nation spends 50% or more of their travel time give or take on the main road which is something we really really want. It overall makes our not super large player base feel much more there. Something we would completely loose in a 7 spoke design. Not to mention that those roads would need to be insanely strange shapes to not botch walk times. If they were straight roads to the target destination we would see road times roughly cut in half. And be well below what the community showed they liked. Thirdly the ring road is already developed and ingame our team simply does not see at the time that such a massive improvement to gameplay will occur that it warrants the huge undertaking removal and implementation of a new road system would need. Since we spent such a long time adding details to the side of roadways it’s a lot more than just voxeling out things. Onto what really is the main focus of your post, Racial Spawns. I’ll be quite forward with you we won’t be implementing racial spawns on 7.0 for the following reasons. 1, Developmental resources between the time it would take to redo road systems redecorate etc it takes away hugely from other very important systems. Even if 501’s idea was implemented that requires code something that is always incredibility difficult to depend on having and not something we can rely on happening. 2, Lotc and Racial Nations are really aren’t what they use to be. When you look at lotc these days the player bases are not divided up like they once were. This has become exceptionally clear thanks to our activity monitoring plugin and application data. While we could implement your system with generic placement given to groups who don't have any plot that really is quite confusing for new players. CT isn’t perfect but since it’s central and everyone spawns there it is better than putting new halfling or orc players in the middle of nowhere with no city or player base. 3, We don’t design Systems around Nations but Concepts. Basically, this means when setting things on a map we look at all nations as more or less being the same and not assuming a single one of them will be here tomorrow. This has to be done because nations are incredibly violation and since as I state in point 1 development resources are so limited we can not justify the effort needed to form systems based on nations who in a matter of a week can completely die. For instance, we plan to have a clean system for new nations to be created how do we handle a human nation being made not near their racial spawn. They now have an imbalanced walk time and adjustment needs to be made. We can either say tough love and create a highly biased situation or revamp our whole spawning system for one group everytime something changes. With our carefully constructed ring road, we can at least know that any group that pops up around the rings has a reasonable walk time. 4, Why we can’t put roads in the hands of nations. Nations are for better or worse incredibly self-centered and really often cannot be depended on for a lot of things. The more control Nations are given to determine road structure the more bias’ed it’ll be towards the most powerful and strongest nations. Something I bet a few people believe should be the case anyway. But as WD’s we see implementing that to be overall bad for the health of the server long term. I can tell you with absolute certainty as I’ve had to deal with it nearly every day. Nations are always looking for a leg up on one another and we do not want the public road system to become another battleground. In conclusion, I don’t think your idea is inherently bad (That being racial Spawns) It’s something that worked in the past when we had our traditional racial nation structure but we don’t live in those days anymore. Whether we should is honestly a much different conversation and something I and a few others have expressed interest in. But due to the development requirements, the volatility of nations, the reality that the ring road is not as flawed as you believe it to be and the rest of what I said we can not and will not be implementing this system on 7.0. I thank you for your passionate argument towards your system, I believe there’s far too few people actually trying to improve the server. And also pardon my delay in responding I was waiting till I had the day off to give you a proper response as well as hear the thoughts of my fellow WD’s so I wasn’t falsely representing anyone.
  14. mom said it’s my turn to create the next map.

  15. SeventhCircle

    Land Auction Annoucement

    The Auction is solely for Nations to have a system for determining who gets which plots. Since we have a limited amount of them we needed some system for settling disputes instead of having people flip coins or have wcs over it. As I said in the freebuild/Charter your view post we have every intention of implementing a system for the little guys. This auction is purely just for nations to get their tiles sorted out. And really any group that qualifies for land will get land there’s more of it then there are nations so it’s not used to weed people out just as a prioritizing tool for picking from the limited pool. Nations only get one plot as well. Hope that addresses your concerns somewhat