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  1. SeventhCircle

    ask harold one questions

    Hows the weather up in the land of Haggis today?
  2. SeventhCircle

    A New Ruler

    Alem'shun would give a broad smile hopeful for the future
  3. SeventhCircle


    "Intense, quite intense" Alem'shun vanguard would comment during his trip to the Kaz'Ulrah Markets
  4. SeventhCircle

    LORE Snow Dwarves

    I don't personally see this being more than a very niche bit of lore. I think you should legitimate start small maybe start by making a little culture and all that making your village settle in and then in a map or two if your still around go for the big guns and make it a race but at this point it's so new, and the whole everything around it is incredible new that I think this is a poor choice.
  5. SeventhCircle

    How did the Previous Realms End?

    THE TL:DR VERSION Aegis - Iblees Blew it sky high and then a giant battle between him and aerial went down Asulon - Something about Xans spear and iblees again (I was not around for this one) Anthos - A flood from the northern ices sake the island Athera - Giant Worms unleased from the Halls of the dwarven's original city Vailor - Orgon an orcish spirit of plagues got outta hand and we had to go kill him and he ruined the map aka it became a toxic plague land Axios - Thanium creatures became too strong and pushed us out of the world while we were already planning to depart.
  6. 7 Year as of yesterday on Lotc... Atleast it's fun I guess

    1. Lumiin


      You've been on LOTC for more years than i've been alive...

  7. SeventhCircle


    Why do people make AMAs I never got this trend
  8. SeventhCircle

    A Murder at Cloud Temple

    *An alone man dressed in newly stitched white robes would slowly make his way from town to town city to city hanging a simple parchment with a notice attached. * “My last note more cryptic than anything else asked a simple question one that too by joyful surprise struck a chord with a few. I received birds of those seeking to learn more about the stories I hold from my childhood, Of their heroic deeds of the White Ravens. It is with that sentiment I invite all who could ever want to hear these tails and to discuss a possible future of hopeful action, To the Cloud Temple’s Tavern. A peaceful meeting ground perfect for the occasion. The date will be set near the end of this year when the colors of leaves have peaked. I will be wearing a white cape newly designed to harken back to the older days. With Grace -Alem’shun Vanguard” *The letter would end with a single Silvery Wing design stamped to it.* ((OOC INFO)) Gathering at 6 pm EST in the CT Tavern on Friday the 13 (For good luck) And if you get the pun of the title you win :3
  9. SeventhCircle

    Letters Carried by White Ravens

    *As the first snows of the season cast their gentle chill onto Atlas, high above soared beautiful birds as white as snow. The smallest of notes attached to each one. For a time after taking flight, they dove and weaved together in the snow-filled air before finally parting ways. Each flying fast and hard towards one of the great cities of Atlas. Finally descending and passing their message on to various agents and then being posted to notice boards all around* “I know not if any remain, I only know the heritage of a grand order once lost to time, the White Ravens. My late great-grandfather Striker Vanguard ((Pardon Aegis Tier Naming)) remembered the great clipping that ended them, he served as Advisor since the days before they were known by their final name. They brought great good to the world and fundamentally changed things for the better - at least that's what his children’s stories told me. To this day my Family has maintained the last (to our frightful knowledge) of the silvery birds for which the guild’s namesake was named after. It is with this note and each letter crammed into the next I ask if others think the world could be a better place and want to do something about it. With Grace, -Alem’shun Vanguard” *The small note would end with that; a name and nothing more. Just a simple open-ended question for anyone to read.*
  10. Application placed on pending, you will be contacted shortly.
  11. SeventhCircle

    [Accepted] [Pending]Hot_Dip's Event Team Builder Application

    Application placed on pending, you will be contacted shortly.