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  1. Land charter: Cart Island: Ceru Point A: +34X 50Y -17Z (Sutica) Point B: -411X 48Y +119Z (Dock)
  2. Alem'sion would pick up an old tome from his desk and mutter "Hmm I should enter this old writing I did, Maybe I'll win!"
  3. Literally perfect
  4. Interesting +1
  5. Seventh's Reopened Map Shop [SLOT OPEN] [SLOT OPEN] [SLOT OPEN] Some of my work if you're interested they're in a bunch of styles. https://imgur.com/a/hv22i The Prices are in minas and depend on what you're looking for. They range between 200-600 Post below if your interested as long as there are slots open, I'll pm you for details/quote for the map etc.
  6. Very nice +1
  7. Soild builder +1
  8. Highly skilled and capible roleplayer. Cola would make an excellent addition to the team. +1
  9. Quoting the current clerical lore They don't reveal em. Farryn is specifically talking about stuff in the future. Right now they're designed to blockade tainted things and really only powerful creatures should be able to pass through em.
  10. Wonderful! +1
  11. Alem'shun hours later received news of a forest fire in the northern lands "troubling the forest was so pretty there" he would note mubbling to his stewards.
  12. (( Wonderful read and deeply confusing the first few reads as always :P ))
  13. A wonderful Cleric who's knowledgeable and has strong and vivid emotes! A solid +1
  14. "Intriguing" Alem'shun would note before setting off to find the appropriate clothes for the event
  15. 1. Are we ever going to see a return of some kind of a story to the overarching map? Akin to things we have in the past or something new? If so why has it taken so long to come about. (Please don't say the recent purge fest that the ET and LM have been doing. I would hope they would have started something like this closer to the start of the map) 2. In terms of development for the current map will we see any? I know there has been talk of a 'event continent' or something of the like but I've also heard that they're might already be development for the next map but with that being any where from 3 to 5 months from now I was hoping we'd see more things in Axios. 3. Whats up with professions? We still get a free 75k exp when we make a new persona and while it's nice to be an instant vet in a profession along side the changes to make angelic pretty much the cap for any gains I'm not really seeing where the profession system is going? Is it on the out? Bigger and better changes? Are we just semi scrapping it? Is the development team working on some super big revamp? Etc etc. 4. Before Ever left they had made a post about a new title system and how regions and plots were being managed etc I was wondering if those changes they had specified in that post had actual gone into place. 5. With the most recent 'plant your flag' post I was wondering if something similar to the magic list would be implemented to clearly show the ownership of plots and the like. 6. Recently or maybe not so recently new rules keep popping up like the noticed for evicting members on a region to gather there things one which region owners need to give them 3 days to do so. I knew there had always been something similar for Region Owners if they were being removed but this new rule seemed to show up somewhat randomly (It may have been posted somewhere and I'm just being silly that's a complete possibility but I couldn't find it personally) I was wondering if a clear post or something could be made when changes like that happened because It's not always easy to notice a new rule. I'm not sure if there's any other rules that have popped up or if that's the only one but I think we can all agree being notified of a rule change is very important. 7. Finally I've heard a lot of conflicting stories about how the Snow Elves got the C5 tile none of which make a lot of sense to me. From they filed a secret land charter which is fair for groups like frost witches for a small area but is that allowed for a whole tile purchase? I only ask this because the only charter for them is for a C2 tile plot but to my knowledge that was Warclaimed. So really I'm just trying to understand how they went from a plot in the C2 tile to a whole tile in C5 by being warclaimed?