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  1. SeventhCircle

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Probably till Sunday, I wanna collect as much feedback as possible before we start addressing things and drafting.
  2. Hi, folk’s today the wd team wants to hear from yall about where you’d like to see the future of land allocation go. With our recent activity collection plugin being implemented It’s now quite viable for a charter system as in the past. But we also see the value in open-ended free build which is why 7.0 is currently positioned to accommodate either system or some combination of both. This is where we want your thoughts on the matter we have a few ideas ourselves and I’ll outline them below but feel free to propose novel solutions as well! First some ground rules, All land in the CT ring is closed to building A limited and dispersed amount of land is available in the Civil Ring, Finally most land in the wild ring is open but there are more restricted areas to protect some builds The simple break down of the options 1, All available land is set up for free build, Similar to Atlas 2, All land is a chartered region where a group applies for a certain sized area and with signatures is granted it. Then they are subject to meeting activity requirements or risk losing it. 3, A combination of both, All land in the Civil ring must be chartered while everything in the wilds is open for all. This system certainly has the most flexibility and would let us enjoy some of the benefits of both systems. The biggest drawback would be the fact two systems is of course more complex for implementation.
  3. SeventhCircle

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    Hi folks, Seventh again today’s announcement is fairly short but recently we launched my newest plugin Activity. The plugin finally solved the activity monitoring issue. Every 15 minutes the plugin checks any region with the monitor-activity flag on it. The keen eyed of you may have already noticed it in a few places. When we rolled it out I tried to get it on all the places I could think of off the top of my head. I’m certainly not perfect though which is why if you are interested in possibly getting Nation status/land next map it’s important you make a modreq and request an activity check region to be placed around you. These are the folks I already got and setup! Agnarum Arberrang Belvits Curon Dominion Druids Dunshire Fenn Haense Holm Kazulrah Krugmar Nordengrad Renatus Santegia Sutica Anywho after a bit of time we’ll share the data of course. We just can’t share it quite as easily as the past data since this data is collected on an excel file in the plugins datafolder. Meaning we have to pull the data from the server. It’s the biggest trade off but it’s not that big compared to human error and inconstant checks. Our goal is to soon have a conversation with the community about a few ideas on what activity means! PS this means a return to afk kickers, gotta have accurate numbers!
  4. SeventhCircle

    Plot Size in 7.0

    We’ll discuss what you’ve outlined, This feedback is noted, not closed and will get a much more thoughtful response after some discussion on it okay!
  5. SeventhCircle

    [Accepted]Cpt_Noobman's World Developer Application

  6. SeventhCircle

    [Denied]FuzeAlt's World Developer Application

  7. Community Meeting today! Hope to see yall there!

    1. Dewper


      yeh can u unban me from lotc disc first and ill go

  8. Can your old buddy o pal AlphaPie recieve a hug and an invite to sutica discord?


    Much love, forever in your debt,

    Xoxoxoxo- Pie

  9. SeventhCircle


    Ngl I really don't think there are the resources on the dev team atm to make something like a new nexus happen. Nexus was a freakin monster and it’s not like we can reuse old code it’s so out of date not to mention it was really interesting code, to say the least.
  10. SeventhCircle

    [Denied]Fimlino's World Developer Application

  11. SeventhCircle

    [Denied]ZachsSlayer's World Developer Application

  12. SeventhCircle

    [Denied]oblivionsbane's World Developer Application