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  1. MC Name: SeventhCircle Character's Name: Alem'shun Vanguard Character's Age: 96 Character's Race: High Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Clerical Magic Teacher's MC Name: Squirtgun Teacher's RP Name: Lilyana la Terre Amant Carrington Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  2. Rip Sutica/Halflings/Druids/Other Ceru Inhabitants (Idc about Asul it can go die)
  3. *A note would be pinned to bottom of the note "Sutica is pretty good for that kind of thing Maybe drop a letter to any of the steward there for one,"
  4. Saw this and was like OMG @SquirtGun WTF IS GOING ON then scrolled up saw off topic and was god damn it.
  5. *Cough* Still open... Prices highly negotiable .... *Cough*
  6. I have two problems with an underground cave map, A, can you imagine WCs? Any siege would be near impossible and any skirmish would just be like fighting in a narrow tube. It would make combat so hard for any attacker. B, Sadly you can't really World Paint the interior of Caves so all of the decoration and forestry would have to be done via Voxel/World Edit or by hand. Which would take the rather small list of builders a lengthy time. I do generally agree that Axios is just to large. As much as I and the rest of the Suticans like having our whole own continent away from everyone else it doesn't change the fact we only use up like half of Ceru and then there's so much space left empty on Tahm not to mention Asul. It's a shame really since in my opinion Ceru/Asul got very nice terrain and tahm no offense to those who live there but the landscape is generally very ugly... and everything is so spread out. I feel like that in a new map it should be similar to 3.0 (In terms of terrain design) but with several changes like slightly smaller, so around 5 or 6k blocks across (That's like 2k more blocks then Athera for scale) Along with a CT/Spawn/Whatever we call it now that's central but we keep the no pvp zone to just the temple/building or whatever. The map shouldn't be so large that we need Fast Travels. Fast Travels are bad across the board but when we're on maps like Valior or Axios they're the only way to make it's scale passable in terms of actually being able to move around.
  7. I will totally agree that spooks currently have very little impact. In sutica we must get spooks on a daily basis sometimes we win other times we loose and at this point the constant unending attacks are just annoying. They don't seem to have any real purpose past attacking folks and there's really only so many times that fighting spooks is fun.
  8. I'll keep this brief, Pretty much saw the topic list clicked on a topic, Clicked on it right and then read it and scrolled back down to the Topics list. This is where it got a little strange. Like the posts are from March only one of them is slightly new. Finally I asked other folks if this was just me and it's not,
  9. Minecraft Name: SeventhCircle Skype ID: pokemon1389 Time-zone: Eastern Standard Time. Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: None. Where do you grab inspiration from: Mostly Images or a simple google search. What type of building are you best with: I’m most practiced in a clean medieval style or a high fantasy style as I mostly building what I like to call the Sutican Style which is very boxy but has elements of fantasy and medieval blended together. What are some of your most treasured builds: Well I’d have to say the original Sutican Village. Which was really my favorite due to the layout and terrain work I got to do on top of the building of homes. I mean I got to develop a unique spin on the middle eastern style and made what I like to think of as a nice savanna oasis type village. I’m also rather happy with the third city of Sutica in Vailor it was the first time I got to head up a group of builders and build a whole city. It was also the city where I really fully developed the Sutican Style (The boxy, clean, colorful style). Photos if you're interested, they’re using shaders and a texture pack sadly I would get newer photos but that build is well over a year old at this point and long gone. Sutican Village Photo Gallery https://imgur.com/a/EKToP The Third City of Sutica http://imgur.com/iewMtj0 (Sadly only have one far off photo of it) Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: Of course. I do most of my builds by myself since Sutica has a rather severe lack of builders to help out I mostly get the general concept from whomever I’m building for and then set out to create whatever that is. So I manage pretty much every level of building from planning, general shaping, construction, to decorating. Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Organic, I made a wonderful little cedar wetlands area with some random bird. I think it came out rather nicely here’s the photos. http://imgur.com/a/dOitV High Fantasy, This is actually the soon to be the new Sutican Palace but it does show off the style well. I actually find this interior of this building to be my favorite of any of the former palaces. I had to really work on it since most of the building couldn’t have windows which are one of my goto wall decorations. http://imgur.com/a/mi79C Terraforming, I created two landscapes one which is a bit of a new volcano and the other is a much simpler peak of sorts. I primarily used Voxelsniper and what I like to call the sand technique for creating the peaks. Really all you do is drop sand blobs to create nicely pointed peaks. https://imgur.com/a/Fucn4 Other, I wanted to include one of my favorite types of builds Mazes! I have quite a passion for making them and have a pretty good system for creating them quickly. Here’s a few photos of the ones I’ve made ranging from really simple to most people can’t complete it in under an hour. https://imgur.com/a/FHzsE How long does it take for you to complete a build: Well completely depends on the size and scale of the build but if it’s something like a single house anywhere from twenty minutes to a few hours if the style is one I’ve never worked with before. Generally the larger structures like cities or palaces take me anywhere from three or four days to two weeks. In general once I’m versed in a particular style I can turn out builds fairly quickly. I should also note that It all depends on my IRL time commitments to. I am in School and that of course comes before any building etc etc. Additional details: I am well versed in Voxelsniper and Worldedit. I at one point was fairly knowledgeable with redstone but it’s been a few years. I should also note I almost only build in Default without shaders since I like to ensure my builds look well to the largest number of players. Tell me a trick about building: Well it’s more of a lesser known feature I guess but you can use stained glass over beacons to alter their color. The beacons support color mixing to so you can get fairly fruity with your glass blocks and create some fairly interesting colors. https://imgur.com/a/7AIEk Tell me a joke: What’s an ants favorite place to live? Antarctica… (Humour isn’t my best quality lol)
  10. (( Ngl that maze was just a little project I made several months ago never thought it would be used for this lol, Wonderful post btw Squirtgun.))
  11. [!] A Scroll of parchment is left behind on a desk within the Sutican Library. It seems someone has left behind a part of a thesis they are working on… [!] The Vanguardian Theory on, The Nature of Monochromatics verse Good and Evil in the world of Clercism. Let me preface this with the simple fact this is just the ponderings, thoughts and ideas of an Elf none of it is fact more of possible ideas. First in conventional clerical teaching and thinking the idea of Monochromatics is rather simple. The idea that Light is perfection and therefore also good and that the dark or darkness is the absolute idea of imperfection or is of a completely unnatural origin. Then there is everything in between often labeled as “They Grey” or neutrally imperfective by others. This grey area is where most of everything falls. Humans, animals, plants all for the most part fall into the grey. The darkness is generally considered to be filled with creations of false life or daemonicly influenced beings. Clerics are often times considered to be rather towards the side of perfection on the monochromatic scales and while this could be true let another view possibly influence future teachings. Clerics by definition are regular people which are neutrally imperfect and therefore fall into the vast grey. I believe due to the nature of a connected cleric being a person infused with aengul power it is by very definition less perfect than it was before. This means clerics by my own observations are not beacons of perfection or purity but are even closer to their brethren that serve daemons. The clerical patron Aengul themself hates aengul daemon influence into the mortal world. It tampers with the ideals of perfection and while Clerics are tools of great influence in destroying imperfection and on a whole shifting the monochromatic spectrum. It can not be denied that clerics due to there own creation are rather contradictory and are inherently even less perfect and even more dark than a regular person. Now while clerics may be more dark than an ordinary person of the grey it by no means strikes them as evil doers. This is a popular misconception that dark means bad light means good etc etc. Good and Evil have very little to do with perfection which is what the monochromatic scale measures. Meaning even if a cleric is darker than a regular person a cleric can still be a person who strives for the betterment of all and indeed the ideals of perfection. For instance let us look to the library Dragthar an institution that any and all can obtain information from. A institution which many believe to be of a good cause. The patron of this library is a daemon but this does not mean the library is an unholy order of pure evil bend on the destruction of the planet and conquest of all people. Like mentioned earlier dark does not mean evil neither does light mean good. I believe clerics and all people who use the monochromatic scales need to understand these differences and begin to realize their full mission for purity not necessarily be a do gooder.
  12. Wonderful person and a skilled rper +1
  13. Completely depends on the nation in question. If it was a nation like haria with a single city it would probably just be siege type war claim. Oren it would be very close to a regular war with skirmish and sieges for tiles and fortress. The War Rules apply to both Civil wars and regular wars so yeah and Civil wars are filed the same way. Rebels can apply for certain rights while at war. Like at one point they could have there own fast travel etc etc. Hope this was what you were looking for but as I'm not perfect I would recommend referring to the war rules section
  14. This man knows his stuff. +1