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  1. My personal view and I'll admit I have a bias as a Cleric Rp'er but dear god it's like an arms race out there (Credit to whoever used that first in this thread). We got dark creatures popping out of the wall warts with new powers new crazy subjects and that's ALL SUPER COOL! the problem is dark magic is just way better than all other types of magic. Example regular shamanism verse dark shamanism. And don't get me wrong holy magics are bad. They are really similar and veryyyyy constrictive and really often times not very interesting or different. I'll be honest I know the reason this is caused is because the folks who write lore play those creatures and have those ideas and it seems really shitty Imo to say hey no you can't make X lore cause we got too much even though it's super cool. So I'm not really sure what the solution is to solve the craziness that is magic. All I'll say on voidal magics is it's NOT lore wise friendly to understand. It takes a lot of reading to even start to understand ALL the concepts behind voidal magics. Ya'know the void, Mana, souls all of those things which there are tons of lore on. It's confusing and intimidating.
  2. MC Name: SeventhCircle List in Question: Deity Tahariae Error in Question: I'm only down as a Priest Healer when In fact I also know War Clerism aswell Link to Magic Application (If Relevant): MC Name: SeventhCircle List in Question: Creature Specture Error in Question: My Augur Character Name is a ? the Character is question's name is Silv'ar Vanguard Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  3. *A small note is pinned to the bottom of the notice in response* Dear Sir, I'm in dire need of an assistant for my Map work. Pay is 'negotiable', Has the opportunity to travel the world and see and meet many different cultures. All response can be sent to Alban in Haense. -Olen Bradric, Adventurous Map Maker
  4. -1 for terrible pun but +2 for great skill!
  5. Got a city/settlement you need ruined? Hmu (I can only do it if your the PRO of the region and everyone's been given the time to leave etc.)

    1. Amordrin πŸƒ

      Amordrin πŸƒ

      seventh the city destroyer. Wrecker of dreams and settlements.

    2. EdgyMagey
  6. A young man of somewhat unknown orgins would spend a soild few minutes staring at the poster confused before being yelled at to get back to his work cleaning the floors.
  7. Else where in the world Alem'shun continues his strangeness
  8. Interesting, glad to see your continuing to collect data
  9. How many Gms/Admins does it take to make one auction house? :P
  10. Solid Person +1
  11. I would apply but Et Build already keeps me busy enough >.>
  12. Seems solid
  13. An extremely important issue in our internet based community thanks for bringing it up here! Awareness is hugely important.
  14. A whole .5% of all posts on this forum are in the 'Rate the user above's fame...'




  15. 7/10 Seen you around and about