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  1. [Denied] [Builder] Azdrazi finds the new format

    Denied. We're currently not looking for any more Builders right now reapply next month.
  2. i quit

    o7 taught me some good stuff so thanks!
  3. Current Username: SeventhCircle Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): I mean you do have it :p but Seventh#9260 Timezone(s) you mainly play: EST What group/nation do you consider to be your main? Sutica Have you held a staff position before?: Et, World Developer Do you currently hold a staff position? World Dev Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? Yes you're aware of this. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? Yes it was for 12 hours over a complete misunderstanding 3-4 years ago. What style do you prefer to build in? (Low fantasy, High fantasy, dungeons, creatures, terrain, etc.) Look out lilyanas bedroom window Are you comfortable using world edit commands? Yes Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list (Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy) Fantasy: Medieval Organic/Terraformed Underground Explain what you feel results in a quality build. Detail and careful thinking of what the needs of the location. Why do you wish to become an ET Builder Member? Because it's what I like doing and have been doing for 8 months now. What strengths would you bring to the team? Experience. What are your weaknesses? My Time. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? Depends on my week but at least 3 hours up to a good 20 hours.
  4. Settlement Guide Announcement

    Excuseeeeee, oh also 6.0 is soon TM.
  5. [Pending][Builder] SoberMutt's SomberMutt ET Builder Application

    Application placed on pending, you will be contacted shortly on discord. Keep your eye out for a friend request. Failure to respond in a timely manner can lead to your denial.
  6. [Event Video] The War for Ceru

    Wonderful and those builds are quite nice too :P
  7. [Spell] Holy Communion

  8. [Denied] [Builder] dogbew's ET Builder App

    Denied, A pm will be sent to you shortly with details regarding why.
  9. [Pending][Builder] Dasdi's ET Builder Application

    Application placed on pending, you will be contacted shortly.
  10. [Denied]SaviourMeme's ET Builder Application

    Denied, Reapply if you are still interested.
  11. Regulations of Banishment Official documentation of the Sutican realm regarding banishment and regulations of it, authored and officiated by the Sutican Crown. Updated: 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 1633 What is Banishment? Banishment is a punishment reserved for those that are seen to be a threat to the peace and stability of the city of Sutica and her people.When banished, an individual is refused entry within the walls of the city and their presence within the walls is unlawful. No exceptions. How does one become banished? Normally reserved for those that have received numerous opportunities to prove themselves proper and failed, this punishment may be declared sooner depending on an individual's actions.Declarations of banishment are only to be made by the city’s reigning Trade Prince or Princess. In the reigning monarch’s absence, the Lord or Lady Protector may declare such banishments. What happens if someone breaks banishment? Should such an individual be found within the city walls, guards will attempt to escort them out peacefully. Should a banished individual refuse to leave after a request, guards will strike said individual down without remorse. No exceptions. Should an individual be found to be assisting a banished individual within the city in any shape or form, they are to be declared an accomplice and held to the same charges.No exceptions. It is every citizen’s responsibility to be aware of who is banished. Ignorance is not an excuse. How does one become unbanished? Banishment is a severe punishment, only second to execution. But it does not need to be permanent, as everyone is capable of redemption in the eyes of the Crown. If an individual wishes to petition their unbanishment, they are to send word to the Crown declaring such. Upon receiving such petition, the Crown will meet with those connected to the individual that reside within the city to hear their feelings and thoughts upon it. If the possibility of unbanishment exists, the individual will be called for a meeting with the reigning Trade Prince or Princess and the Ministers of Sutica to discuss the banishment and show the changes they have undergone in an attempt to redeem themselves. Should it be decided that the individual is to be unbanished, the declaration will be removed and they will be free to walk the streets of Sutica unhindered. Should it be decided that the individual is to not be unbanished, they are to be peacefully escorted outside the walls. Currently Banished Individuals Name: Renn the Wisteria Druid Crimes: Property damage, Threatening and Harassment of Citizens, Assault, Kidnapping Name: Toren the Bull Druid Crimes: Unwarranted assault, Threatening and Harassment of Citizens, Found to be Insane Name: Elswyen the Rose Druid Crimes: Property damage, Threatening and Harassment of Citizens, Kidnapping Name: Aerolun Crimes: Utilizing voidal fire to burn children alive, Repeated attempted assault on citizens, Slander Name: Nazorean Crimes: Utilizing mental magic on unsuspecting females, child abuse, Unwarranted assault, Attempted destruction of city property Name: Ianril Crimes: Unwarranted assault, Slander, Undead
  12. [Accepted] Darklores FM Application

    Hareven/Keefy/Darklore/Some people have too many names - Is an excellent, driven and team committed person. I've seen him solve many a problem and he's always looking for a positive outcome and tries to work with everyone involved. He's done a lot of excellent work and is extremely active and always looking to help so I firmly believe he would make an extraordinary candidate for Fm! (Should have been a gm app goddamnit) +1
  13. Rate the above User's Profile Picture

    5/10 Like waffles but not Pepsi
  14. The Dominion Protectorate Act, 1631

    Alem'shun raises an eyebrow "Why on earth would the Dominion agree to this"