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  1. [Pending] Wrynn's World Dev Application

    Pending, You'll be contacted shortly Wrynn!
  2. Ladders and Raids.

    Remove buttons and they'll just be replaced by something else, and they'll certainly be an even more ugly alternative. People strive for impenetrable cities.
  3. Ladders and Raids.

    If this goes through I know myself and I can only assume nearly every other nation is gonna be buttoning their whole walls, and making giant lips on the top of em as well. I think in the end ladders will become a mute point except in the case of places where there's some tiny little strange way in with some crazy ladder placement up the side of a mountain or something. This just sounds like a headache imo in the making for a city builder >.<
  4. 6k AMA

    AT cult when?
  5. The Isilioleth

    IGN: SeventhCircle Discord: Seventh#9260
  6. The Grand Armorial ~ Coat of Arms

    The Sutica one is so good, So happy you made that for us all those months ago
  7. The Global Assembly's Approval [SURVEY]

    Alem'shun would grumble about how long it took to find Sutica on the unordered list
  8. io.netty Issue

    I know the Other Devs are working on it, and that it's proving to be difficult but I don't know much more than that.
  9. [Accepted][Pending] [WD] Hobolympic's World Dev App

  10. io.netty Issue

    Since it says timed out in the error, I wonder if you've contracted the horrible connection issue that's been plaguing a part of the player base. I don't know the specifics or anything but figured I'd mention it. Since I do know the io.netty part is just a framework that minecraft uses for it's multiplayer/client networking I'd honestly put money that it's somewhat related to the bug but who knows.
  11. Promotions
  12. Add a bone shop at CT!

    Oh, the irony of the folks who revive everyone selling bones lmao.
  13. Alem'sion from his seaside home would receive news of the proclamation pausing for a moment remarking "How unusually sensible for a resident of the Silver State these days" Finally setting aside his breakfast to relax for a minute in the warm air of his estate.
  14. Wiki Team Update Log - March

    Wonderful Wiki Team