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  1. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation "Keep Calm, Perform Professionally" 2146 Activity The Kingdom experiences a brief scare with the Redon demand, though all is ironed out through expert diplomacy from the King himself. The threat level subsided and a promising new era for Redon-Armathwaite relations which is expected to lead to expansion in friendly economic and peaceful relations between the two Monarchies for generations to come. The announcement of the engagement between Prince Henry of Armathwaite and the Second Princess of the Redon Imperium was cause for excitement as the first Royal Wedding between a Xeno and a human Royal. Markets looked strong and business is booming, everything for the time being was looking positive and had an optimistic outlook. Edwards own popularity was boosted in this event, ensuring the freedom and liberty of the people and the businesses of Armathwaite in the face of what initially appeared as overwhelming odds strengthened the position of the Crown. Along with the excitement for two Royal Weddings in two years, though some were irritated that so much Capital was being put into these events, though for the majority it kept them happy and allowed them to look forward to something in the near future. Security however would be paramount, Armathwaite would not allow something like the ill fated Hades Conference to occur in its own Space. Even with all the spending that was going on, Edward in his methods of austerity managed to find a way to ensure that Fleet Expansion could continue into this next year, outsourcing the work to his future daughter in law two new Light Cruisers would be able to be built and join the Royal Navy by the year's end, and at a cheaper cost than in Armathwaite. Keeping up with Admiral McGraw’s quota for yet another year keeping the Admiralty happy with the state of being at the next Armathwaite Corporation Meeting. Special attention would be given to the Galaron Elections that were ongoing, Galaron Space was a promising new Market for the Free Economic Zone to enter within the next few years, while the Free Market Candidate does stand for everything the FEZ do, it was decided that they were too radical a side to choose, Moderate Candidates with reasonable Free Market Leanings would be chosen from what would be called the ‘Middle in the Road’ faction that appeared to reject the Hawkish Foreign Policy of the Galarons in the past and favoured loosening many economic restrictions and regulations. Activity Points The Naval Expansion Project continues, a construction order is placed with the contract being awarded to Knight Heavy Industries but outsourced to the Solar Ascendency. The order is for 2 Light Cruisers, resources and some engineers are sent to the Solar Ascendency to construct two new Light Cruisers in their Shipyards. (10AP) An order would be placed for 200 new Gawain Suits (2AP) The Design of the Strike Suit Fighter would be upgraded to include the latest technology available, i.e Shields and Xylorite Powersource. (1AP) The Royal Wedding between the Crown Prince of Armathwaite and the Sovereign of the Solar Ascendency is planned to take place this very year. Preparations and large amounts of money are pumped into security to ensure the event is a safe one. All acting and some former heads of states of various alien nations are invited. The Royal Armed Forces of Armathwaite would be deployed to ensure that Armathwaite would be safe for this event, special care would be undertaken to ensure there were no repeats of the Hades Conference. (10AP) The Bank of Armathwaite would begin part of the bailout package for Solar Ascendency Loans (2AP) The Bank of Armathwaite decides to back the candidates that are middle in the road during the Galaron Elections, needing the Galaron Republic to be moderately strong but requiring them to take a less aggressive hawkish foreign policy while also maintaining somewhat loose restrictions on the market. The Bank and the Corporations Executives hope for many favours to be gained through this, such as lucrative banking deals. They would make Campaign Advertisements that only the Moderate Faction can rebuild and with the assistance of foreign banks they can fund the rebuilding of infrastructure and the Galaron Economy by in large. (8AP) The Secret Project is put on hold due to other matters that require attention. (0AP, 29 Accumulated) The Kingdom of Armathwaite announces the engagement between its Second Prince, Prince Henry, and the Second Princess of the Redon Imperium. It is expected that the wedding will be in the following year and resources will be allocated to it at the beginning of the next fiscal year. (0AP)
  2. Thirteen Nations

    Okaaaaaaay, the productive point of this thread was that maybe some nations are inactive and should consider making some form of agreement with like minded nations. The shitslinging has gone too far, both the instigator and the agitators need to stop this because its heavily derailing the true point of this thread. (I should be an FM)
  3. Coronation of Exander Ruric, 1641

    You need to be stopped
  4. Did the Moderation team shut your antifa thread down? 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Freischarler


      i report antifa thread :V

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      So you report opinions that you don’t agree with?

    4. Freischarler
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    2. Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Will (TauFirewarrior)

      No, because I don't endorse Infowars products. I happen to dislike Soy Milk for multiple purposes (Along with the relations of Soy Bean Farming being involved with de-forestation). A lot of unattractive Lefty males like Soy Milk over Cows Milk for multiple reasons so ergo me making a soy boy joke. (Tfw ******* Liberals use Soy Boy as an insult to Lefty males)

    3. Tsuyose


      im with dorahy on this 1. lmfao liberals bahahaha 

    4. Space


      ah, i'm sure you're a vegan because you see the incredible amount of harm that the meat industry causes to the world?

  5. A Response to Caius Sigismund Horen

    "Let me have my prejudices in peace." says the Vimmark
  6. A Response to Caius Sigismund Horen

    "I don't know, I don't live in Adleberg, I'm a travelling Knight devoted to upholding the Code of Chivalry. Humanity traditionally, historically has never allowed multiple faiths within Human Lands, note Human Lands. Elven Subjects have been allowed their freedom of religion in their own lands. Humanity traditionally has never been of differing faith than God until a Century ago when Norland began worshiping a Deity that no one heard about prior, as stated likely the work of demons. Humanity is United in FAITH, if not Politics." the Vimmark would state once more after saving another cat from a tree
  7. A Response to Caius Sigismund Horen

    "Your people set up a Temple to their faith in your lands, supporting the spread of their fire worshipping savagery." remarks the Vimmark "The Farfolk are not of true human stock, the sand people, the rice farmers. They are not Heartlanders nor Highlanders, their faith does not concern us." remarks the Vimmark
  8. A Response to Caius Sigismund Horen

    "They worship fire and a deity that no one has ever heard of until about a century ago. Its obviously the trickery of some form of demon, you are all falling for it. For humanity, there is but one religion, the Church under the Creator. The other races may worship as they please so long as it does not include the worship of demons or self proclaimed dark deities. Humanity must be united, for now it should not be political, the unity Humanity needs now is in the faith. Norland contradicts such and attempts to spread his heathenism demon fire god worshiping ways into the lands of the faithful." remarks the Vimmark who some how can communicate to this de Savin soyboy telepathically
  9. A Response to Caius Sigismund Horen

    "Santegians drink the milk from the bean of soy evidently. Trying to apologise for the Empires past glory and opposing its historical existence to unite Humanity within these territories, the Santegians are the pinnacle of self loathing nihilism. Wishing for their own subservience to foreign powers and races as penance for humanity having a strong united front in the past, not allowing foreign powers to puppet humans. Sometimes an Empire is needed to keep the wolves at the door, at present humanity does not have the prestige for an Empire, not while humans prancing about as Iblees Paganistic Savages or those who would let these same savages set up temples in their land and claim they are still of the creator. May the Lady Saint Julia protect the weak and innocent in these times, may the Prophet Owyn and his Sword of Mercy find those who'd defile humanity." remarks a Vimmark Knight
  10. A Call to Arms

    "The Glorious history of House Staunton, sworn to House Vanir, betrayed on the promise of a greater title, sworn to House de Savoie, betrayed on the promise of a greater title, sworn to House Horen, betrayed because others would help them claim independence and another title. Legitimate and honourable indeed, House Staunton has barely existed for over a century and it is renown as the House that is opportunistic and betrays its own race. Congratulations." remarks the telepathic Knight
  11. A Call to Arms

    "Stauntons have no legitimacy to Knight anyone, they're renown oathbreakers, schismatic and race traitors. Oren doesn't exist anymore. You exist at the pleasure of your allies." the knight replies telepathically
  12. A Call to Arms

    "There is no Oren you nonce, there are multiple human Kingdoms, the majority of humanity owing their faith to the Church. Human Kingdoms are for humans, Paganistic values have always been nonhuman. No Knight can suffer a human who does not follow God, the Code of Chivalry or the Patronage of a Saint. You are a fake Knight, your King is a fake King only propped up on his throne that was given to him by those who would seek to dominate humanity behind the shadows." Remarks the Old Vimmark Knight through the powers of Chivalric telepathy
  13. A Call to Arms

    "Basically a bunch of race traitors who ***** themselves out to pagans and nonhumans, happy to be their puppets if it means you can call yourselves Kings. Betrayed your own race for trinkets and titles protected by the interests of a foreign race and nation." remarks an Old Vimmark Knight
  14. A Call to Arms

    An Old Vimmark Knight somewhere mutters about race traitors and pagans