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  1. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    Its weak, its craven, especially after the GM team are basically unwilling to enforce basic (written and defined) rules on the main medium of LOTC. You're just parroting their narrative and I am just gunna call it out for what it is. Weak. The ruling on toxicity is vague, undefined. I don't really care if Matt calls anyone a cocksucker, autistic or anything in Discord and the only reason why there was a receiving end of it, was because of leakers trying to show them logs of someone who wasn't even directly insulting them. If there are members of the staff team that can't handle stuff being said behind their backs, they should resign, because they're obviously too weak to hold a position of moderation.
  2. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    Toxic toxic toxic toxic. A word used as an excuse to get rid of players who some of the staff don't like because they say mean things. Get over yourself, what what if he says less than savory things in Discord? Take anything said from any player at any time you can label it toxic and use it as an excuse to ban someone. In this case the "Toxicity" what got Matt banned was a rant about the GM team. Also, crop out names, I don't recall giving you permission to show my discord, pretty toxic imo.
  3. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    So you're fine with people being banned for talking smack about a team that has performed somewhat incompetently (oh shoot, best ban me)?
  4. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Enough is Enough.

    Pond, and Leo if you're reading this. Lets stop making this thread about our conflict. Re-focus on the GM team.
  5. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Enough is Enough.

    Orc and Elf friends, let us not derrail the thread and instead focus on the core issue of the GM team needing to be put into check when it comes to Discord Moderation. The do's and don'ts. I.e don't ban someone for critique on the GM team even if its just a rant of rage.
  6. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Enough is Enough.

    I think what Leo has pointed out, there are several instances where the GM's have confirmed the Orcish playerbase broke the rules (i.e banditing on a road directly leading up to a tile on cooldown), Freebuild violations and allowing many Orcs to dress up in Botch Nazi Armour, recite a chant from the Rwandan Genocide and Nazi salute in roleplay. While Veist was banned for making a comment involving a racial slur to someone three weeks ago and it was suddenly brought up at a convenient time.
  7. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Enough is Enough.

    Dragon has a point, while I've had my vocal disagreements with the Orcish playerbase. It has been the GM team that has allowed various rule violations go unpunished which has spurred them to continue either out of their own ignorance of the rules or the fact the GM team has been too timid to enforce basic rules. Which has lead to an inequality of rule enforcement.
  8. If there are members of the GM team or upper staff who can't take critique that is constructive or nonconstructive they must resign. It is plainly evident that they cannot handle being in the position.

  9. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Enough is Enough.

    I think we need to stop talking about absolutes when it comes to Discord Moderation, some things need to be moderated on Discord. But its plainly evident to everyone what Matt said should not be considered against the rules. I think the thread was posted in a bit of frustration, but I'd like to point out there has been an inequality on the application of the rules.
  10. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Rules limits

    Some off server activity needs to he monitored. Absolute Arguments for or Against are really not needed. But it needs to be clearly defined what can and can't be considered against the rules when using a different medium from the Tythus LTD owned platforms.
  11. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Rules limits

    Its evident that there should be limits to the extent Discords should be moderated. Let me give you an example 1. Linking Logs, or other embarrassing material, private information without consent and doxxing should be bannable or inciting or confirming that existing serve rules have been broken. 2. Talking **** behind someones back but not explicitly inciting harassment or anything like that. Or taking an out of context statement in DM's from weeks prior to try and get someone banned. All that shouldn't be bannable.
  12. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Rules limits

    Someone just got banned for none of those things. Someone just got banned for harshly and non-constructively critiqued the GM team.
  13. Will (TauFirewarrior)


    "We killed Shades, do you welcome Shades?" remarks Abelas
  14. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    The Bavarian Fever RP Thread (1940)

    Empire of Japan The Empire had peace in its time! Now it was time to begin further eliminating the elements of Korean and Taiwanese Nationalism. The Red Menace was now the primary concern when it came to Japanese Foreign Policy. However there was a State long untouched by the Colonial Powers and the Great Powers of Asia, the relatively minor Siam and it was now time to bring them into the fold as their agricultural industry could be the key to winning against the Communists in the East. Military Actions Divisions are cycled out to begin training in harsh conditions upon invitation from the United States, Japanese Infantry and Officers would begin their harsh weather training in Alaska. (Mod) The Japanese would seek to manufacture more Type 97 ShinHoto Chi-Ha Medium Tanks, being unfortunately the best tank in its service and now at least with the advantages in oil Japan now has can mass produce them for swarming tactics. (Mod) Domestic Actions To incite Patriotism towards the Empire at large, the Japanese would begin the propaganda campaign within Korea and Taiwan concerning the Red Menace of Communism, how it wishes to erode all cultures and take away families. Some of which strikes the truth, other parts being hyperbolic. (Mod) A Korean King from the House of Yi would be crowned in Seoul, with the Japanese carefully observing the Korean Customs in order not to upset them and in fact show solidarity as follow Asians of similar culture. (Mod) Diplomatic Actions The Japanese would seek to build ties with the Kingdom of Siam, an Independent Kingdom seemingly between two European Colonial Powers. Economic overtures are offered to the Siamese and they are invited for talks of formal diplomatic relations and members of their Royal Family is offered to visit Japan and vice versa. (Mod) The Empire of Japan would also formally guarantee the Kingdom of Siam as an Independent State and make an additional statement declaring the Siamese Royal Family as the legitimate rulers of the State and no Republic or Communist influence would be tolerated attempting to topple the system in place. Economic Actions The Government would encourage the Mitsubishi Company to begin instituting the Kaizen System long term, promising to subsidize losses should the system see initial failure and recompense the Mitsubishi Company should the system be a total loss. (Mod) The Japanese Economic Ministry would accept the offer from the Dutch, though would warn them that they will not accept attempted destruction of native industry. That Japan is fully prepared to pull out of the deal if it senses any misgivings from Dutch Industrialists attempting to con the Japanese. (Mod) Research Actions The Japanese would seek to create a Medium Tank that can at least match or require less numbers to match a single Russian Tank in the field either in a 1 to 1, or 1 to 3 basis. (Mod) The Japanese would seek to pursue their rocket technology from the previous half of the year. (Mod)