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  1. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: In the City of Armathwaite the city lights would be dim as the heavy industrial factories worked into the night, creating new weapons of war, smoke billowing out of the chimneys. Vernon Smith would be strolling down the street, people tipping their hat to him as he passes during the seasonably unusually warm. Vernon would retrieve his pocket watch from his waistcoat pocket seeing the time, letting out a sigh he was running late and would heighten his pace. Eventually reaching the family public house ‘The Dark Pearl’, with the inside being bustling he would head to the business booth to see the patriarch of the family John. “Brother, Rojan race results came in, seems Flash won.” the younger Vernon would say to John “How do the books look? We get a good return on the bets?” the patriarch would respond “Good results all around, imagine the Commission and the Oxlease Firm are going to be none too pleased we’re stepping in on their territory. They’ve always kept Gambling as their thing, could mean we get a visit from a couple of Randgritz Goons or Oxlease Thugs.” Vernon explains “Never mind that little brother, the Randgritz bunch are more concerned with pretending to be nobles and industrialists, they went soft. As for Oxlease they’re just soft in the head.” Vernon would nod before withdrawing several rolls of Cumberlandic Guinea’s in note form and leaving them on the table for his brother. He quietly thought to himself that there was a storm coming, his brother seemingly baiting the other large syndicates to go to war. If the Smith Family were going to win they were going to need more friends. Actions Five Vitramite mines and five Vitraium Refineries are constructed as to keep up with Vitra consumption (50,000) Ten Destroyers and Two Cruisers are laid down, cruisers are given armour. (24ASP, 52,000) [Redacted] (20,000) Tierra Roja Race Deposit (2,000) The much promised comprehensive land reform is announced to begin this year. After the Great War the Crown Estate inherited and absorbed much of the fertile farmland in Cumberland due to the fact their owners and families all died out during the great war. Many of these estates and farms were vast in their size with them only being given upkeep in order to keep the land fertile over the years since the end of the great war. However due to the sheer size of these leftover farms and estates it has left the Crown Estate ballooned and incredibly difficult to manage and impossible to fully staff. With poverty rising in the Grand Principality it has been a long desired focus to renovate many tenant farms and estates and give education to poorer families in order to revitalise the agricultural sector in order to see a large annual return year on year through exports. The idea is through educating the poor how to manage the farms and hire on farmhands it can lower unemployment, the program also includes the pathway to purchase the land off the Crown Estate after several years of proven profit and forbids the sale of land to those already of significant wealth to prevent monopolies. The ultimate goal is to cement Cumberland as the breadbasket of the world. (Mod 100,000) 100 Howitzers are ordered from the Military Factories this year to increase the overall amount available. (8AP, 36,000) Two Airshipyards are constructed. (20,000) Two Heavy Industry are constructed (15,000) Ten Civilian Factories are constructed (50,000) A Detente is sought with the CSAC, seeking to generate warmer relations between the two nations. More importantly de-esculation of the Militarisation of both sides of the border. (Mod)
  2. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: Stats Post Actions The first domestically produced and designed Dreadnought is laid down in the Royal Cumberland Shipyards. (10ASP, 36,000) Two Heavy Cruisers are laid down as part of further naval expansion. (6ASP, 24,000) Two Light Cruisers are laid down as part of further naval expansion. (4ASP, 22,000) Twelve Freighters are built in an effort to transport colonists and troops to the new world. (4ASP, 4,000) Five Vitramite Mines and Five Vitraium Refineries are constructed (50,000) 50,000 Soldiers would be raised with top tier equipment. (10AP, 60,000) Project Hedgehog begins research. (1RP, 50,000) Anti-Ship Batteries are put in place around major industrial centres as to avoid future attacks through suicide crashes in future. (5AP, 65,000) The Wreck of the Restoryn is raised. (Mod)
  3. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: The Grand Principality had breathed a sigh of relief having a massive government intervention to save the shipyards and the shipbuilding industry after the attack at the end of 1891, taking a year to fully complete and fix the Royal Cumberland Shipyards further security measures have been added to attempt to ensure that it never happens again and further plans to improve the air defences of the nation put on the table by Lieutenant General Harold Simmerson who is now being considered the defensive of the two high ranking Cumberland Generals. However the Navy for the time being takes the majority of Military funding citing the requirement to have a larger navy and scale back on foreign sales which is likely what drew the terror attacks. At the Grand Assembly at the beginning of the year the Admiralty put it to the Grand Prince that half of Cumberlands Shipyard Capacity should be reserved for the Navy for a period of five to ten years to ensure Cumberlands Navy can get to full strength within that time frame, citing the plans for the first domestic Dreadnoughts to be laid down in the following year. Drawing support from the commoners and nobles it is agreed upon to focus on naval expansion in the Military budget. The Industrialists put forward the continued need to put nearly half of the budget towards expanding the civilian economy and once more find themselves met with success as more money equates to more defense spending, more products and general improvements for all stratas of society. Though the Communists advocate collective ownership it is sharply ignored by the rest assembled, though they are allowed to speak their piece concerning their political beliefs though they are met with cries from others gathered about Gwangnan Gas attacks and how Communists would bring doom upon everyone, the more religious of those gathered even cite that the Communists opposing Divine Rule will lead to famine and collective desitution. Though the Grand Prince calls for it to quieten down as to avoid bloodshed in what is considered a sacred Cumberlandic tradition of the Grand Assembly. Actions Ten Corvettes are laid down in the now thoroughly rebuilt Royal Cumberland Shipyards. (5ASP, 10,000) Eight Destroyers are laid down in the once again thoroughly rebuilt oven ready Royal Cumberland Shipyards. (16ASP, 24,000) Funds are allocated from the Naval Budget to Valdek to provide a Super-Dreadnought, Valdek Shipbuilders coming to the Cumberland Yards to construct it. (6ASP, 38,000) Five Vitramite Mines and five Vitraium Refineries are built as to maintain the current fuel usage of the Grand Principality. (50,000) [Redacted] (20,000) Three Hundred Pilots of the Rarefied Sky Cavalry are trained this year, bolstering the numbers of this most prestigious order of pilots. (9AP, 21,000) Two Randgritz Class Battlecruisers are returned to the Drydocks for repairs and are out of service for one year and three years respectively. (Mod) Four Outposts are set up this year to stake claim to territory in the new world. https://i.gyazo.com/b065a43ebc30562658fb290a0a574ea8.png (10,000) Twenty Civilian Factories are to be constructed this year to further increase the economic output of the Grand Principality. (100,000)
  4. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: Cumberland had been shocked to its very core, an attack of pure terror against civilian shipbuilders. The Government itself suspects foreign actors, an attack such as this would not be carried out by Cumberlanders on their own people regardless of their political affiliation. The Grand Prince attempts to call the Country together in the face of this attack and pledges to investigate and punish those involved once they have been brought to light. To this effort it is instructed from the Throne for the Ministry of Public Safety and Security to be established to conduct a thorough investigation but also to keep tabs on domestic subversives within Cumberlands borders, though the latter is not made public. The attack itself marks the darkest day for Cumberland since the horrors of the Great War, most of the Navy is recalled to the Home Territories in order to prevent any further attacks on Cumberland Shipyards, a notable exception to this are Colonial Freighters and the HMS Prince Albert, the Randgritz Class Battlecruiser near the New World. Finances are raised and coincidently stretched thin, Shipyards had been a great boon to the Grand Principality and its annual budget. The Klendari had effectively bailed out the Grand Prince by strengthening trade ties and buying up much of the stockpiled resources and production slots in the remaining Military Industry of Cumberland. The bonds between the Government and the Klendari were becoming more and more positive due to this, with the money earned from the new deals the Cumberland Budget is strengthened and are able to rebuild the shipyards, expand the civilian economy and grow the overseas Colonies along with the other domestic reforms that are so desperately needed to increase public security and mourn the fallen shipbuilders. The Colony in the New World in the East is dubbed as the “Prince Albert Islands” with the first Colony being fully upgraded to be dubbed as “Port Albert” in honour of the son and heir of Prince Maximillian and the Battlecruiser that escorted the venture. Actions Twelve Airshipyards are to be constructed to replace that which was lost, in order to recover the Shipbuilding Industry, it is a massive Government intervention. (120,000) A Memorial for those who lost their lives in the devastating terrorist attacks would be set up and the date of an attack is declared a National Memorial Day. Politics aside, all are invited to join the Grand Prince in a vigil. (20,000) The Ministry for Public Safety and Security is set up following the recent attacks and would be given adequate funds to investigate the terrorist attack and be given powers in order to set up safeguards to prevent further loss of life. (37,000) An Outpost in the New World is upgraded to becoming a full Colony. (7,500) Eighteen Civilian Factories are to be set up this year in order to grow the Cumberland Economy. (90,000)
  5. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: The Year for the political establishment was one of relative calm, the Government focused almost purely on economic growth, though allowing Military spending to surpass merely the upkeep required to maintain the Military. Tanks are built for the Army and a brand new Randgritz is laid down among many other foreign vessels that are being built by the industrious shipbuilders of the nation. Across the Ocean the explorers of Cumberland come across another continent, yet another apparent new world to be discovered and established contact with the nations of this land. It is ordered to establish outposts in this land to eventually become colonies of a new overseas Empire, a small start but a hopeful one at that. Actions Twenty Four civilian factories would be set up in the following year as part of the economic liberalisation program. (120,000) With the leftover shipyard space the Navy orders a Randgritz Class Battlecruiser to be laid down, to be fully armoured. (5ASP, 20,000) The Steel Industry receives further investment this year, with a further four mills planned. (10,000) Airshipyards are once more expanded by three. (30,000) Heavy Industry is also expanded upon with five new Heavy Industry Factories planned. (37,500) [Redacted] (20,000) Research into Dreadnoughts continues. (1RP) Two Outposts are constructed in unclaimed land in the Eastern New World. https://i.gyazo.com/7361891cc4965b2f46560066eeacccf4.png (5,000) Three Armoured Brigades of Medium Tanks are to be constructed this year. (9AP, 24,000) A Defensive Pact with the Archduchy of Andros-Bellica, Grenheim and Estfield would be signed in Randgritz, dubbed “The Randgritz Pact” it details a defensive pact against Communism, for Cumberland to mediate the disputes between the rivals of Estfield and Grenheim and levels of Military cooperation between all states involved, including army exercises and coordination along the Simmerson Line. (Mod)
  6. Grand Principality of Cumberland Roleplay: Tensions had boiled over in the last year or so, but seemingly calmed after the initial backlash against the Communists, the Fascists and Nationalist spurred on by anger from the domestic Communist party subverting the national interests of Cumberland perceiving the entire nation being wronged by these so called “Internationalists.”. The ensuing riots between Communists and the Fascists left large swathes of the Capital of Randgritz destroyed and burned, leaving many homeless, destitute and worse off than before. The Grand Prince himself addresses the nation in shock and sorrow, pledging to ensure justice is had for all those who lost their homes and loved ones, pledging to go down to the destroyed part of his Capital each day until the damage is repaired. The Royal Cumberland Ship Building Co. opens itself up for foreign contracts and in turn receives a number of contracts filling the Royal Coffers beginning to leave a taste in the treasury department for foreign exports of a more military nature due to the extreme profits taken. Both the Admiralty and Army approve of the action at least for the time being as production capacity is set to increase further for both arms of the Military though there are some disgruntled voices at the notion of arming foreign nations through the Royal Cumberland Ship Building Company. Though with the Vitra shortages the Navy is currently facing these voices are quiet for now as producing more ships is not impossible until more Vitramite Mines and Vitraium Refineries are constructed. An attempt at a Colonial Venture is now one of the priorities of the foreign office to win back some of the lost prestige in recent years, rather than join in on the regional conflicts it now seeks to expand its horizons to overseas ventures. Leaving behind much of the troubles of the Old World and seeking to extract the wealth of the New World. Actions Ten civilian factories would be set up in the following year as part of the economic liberalisation program. (50,000) One Commercial District would be constructed in the newly founded City (10,000) One Trade Depot would be constructed in the newly founded City (10,000) Massive Fortifications upon the border with the CSAC would be constructed dubbed “The Simmerson Line” named for currently serving Reserve Army Commander Lieutenant General Harold Simmerson. All the remaining Heavy Industry is used to supplement the creation of Static Artillery placement, the building of bunkers, reinforced walls and barriers across the river border with the CSAC. (30,000 and 7AP). Three New Airshipyards are planned for construction during the course of the year. (30,000) Three New Heavy Industry factories are planned for construction during the course of the year. (22,500) The Grand Prince engages into charitable work after the Great Riot of 1889, going down to the ruined sections of the City himself to give out food, blankets and direct the rebuilding operations. Cautiously the Army would keep Major-General Pryce and an honour guard of Veteran Infantry to keep him protected while he engages in Charity. (12,000). Research into Dreadnoughts continue. (1RP) [Redacted Research] (20,000) A Colonial Venture is sent underway, consisting of 5 Freighters filled with food and refined Vitraium to supply the journey and escorted by a single Battlecruiser the HMS Prince Albert. They are sent to explore parts of the North East, seeing as lands were found almost directly East of Cumberland, it is speculated there might be lands in the North East. The expedition would split off in order to explore in a group of three. https://i.gyazo.com/b25b267154babbd692d104d4b98aeb83.png (Mod) After witnessing the Alliance in the West, the Grand Prince is determined to achieve similar success in the East. Calling on the Nations of Estfeld, Grenheim, the Gallian Trade League and the Archduchy of Andros-Bellica to a conference to discuss the potentials of alliance. (Mod)
  7. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: The Year had proven to be a disaster for the Grand Prince moving into blunder after blunder though largely down to the advice of his Council of Ministers it looked bad for the Prince in general. However they had managed to secure the CEF from the encirclement and are able to bolster their domestic forces for the year and have the eyes of the Communists be averted from the Principality. To this effect both Winston Townsend and Lancelot Stern come up with a new strategy to limit the damages of the year and the gains made by the Communists, Winston Townsend begins a mass propaganda campaign using the arms of the Military to do so, while the Chancellor would enact internal economic reforms to begin seeing the class divide within Cumberland begin to shrink and allow for social movement. The Army get the entire expansion budget in the Military for the year due to the pressing needs to have an army that can defend the crossing between Cumberland and The CSAC, tanks are produced to this effect learning from the examples set during the Civil War. It is hoped by recruiting as many regulars as possible that any uprising from the CCP would be an impossibility at least that was the hope of the Army and Navy. New defensive plans are drawn up for a full defensive line and potential fallback lines within Cumberland in the event of a Communist uprising and potential CSAC intervention. Actions One Commercial District would be constructed in the newly founded City (10,000) One Trade Depot would be constructed in the newly founded City (10,000) The Town on Biggleshire would be upgraded to a City (12,500) Four Steel Mills are constructed. (10,000) Two Armoured Brigades of Medium Tanks would be constructed. (16,000, 6AP) Using the Industrial capacity of the Juverin Republic with the best equipment available. (48,000, 8AP) Propaganda would be spread by the Ministry of Information at the behest of Winston Townsend promoting Nationalism, Faith and Monarchism as opposed to Communism. This is an attempt to turn around the last year of humiliation and paint it in a different light as foreign influence as opposed to domestic incompetence. (14,000) (Mod) Chancellor Lancelot would implement reforms within the Country itself in order to liberalise the economy and allow the share of wealth to attempt to stabilise across class barriers through the use of more free market concepts. The main goal of these reforms are to seek the ability to increase meritocracy and social movement. (20,000) (Mod) Research into Dreadnoughts is continued. (1RP, Due 1894)
  8. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: It had been a year of mixed results for the Principality, the Admiralty would offer naught but hushed whispers about the expedition in the South with none of the information being made public, while on the other hand propagandising the recent victory and territorial acquisition on the Island of Tsonluft making Cumberlands role pivotal in the battle. Highlighting the expansion of the Principality and ensuring all records of the Southern Expedition are destroyed or altered, Commodore Pryce receiving an official transfer from the Royal Navy to Carnelia and ensuring his brother doesn’t find out the true reasons his brother now serves on another continent, at least for the time being. The Royal Army of Cumberland is mobilised as the Communists are found out in a plot to arm international brigades and are encircled completely, Lieutenant General Harold Simmerson is deployed to put the Communist Party of Cumberland down once and for all as it was generally believed by the Government that the Army had caught them by chance all gathered in one place. Now was the time to cut the head off the snake as it were, though some wish it were Major-General Pryce leading as he was the most experienced leader in the Army. The Navy would be deployed to give assistance to the Army in this matter, Lennox in command once again due to his now more prestigious reputation with the Government. The Navy had sustained substantial losses in the year, but manages to secure funding for expansion and replenishment, seeking more modern and faster capital ships that are able to expand Cumberlands influence through the Navies sheer power. Two of the new Randgritz Class Battlecruisers are specifically ordered, the first HMS Randgritz becoming the titular “Pride of the Fleet”. The Army is not ignored either by the Chancellor, funding the first Armoured Brigade to be organised allowing the Royal Army to begin modernising at a rapid pace, wishing for the nation to be considered first rate within the next few years. The Chancellor also organises a general improvement to the industrial capabilities of the Principality, seeking the ability to heighten the capacity to arm both the Navy and the Army with both branches of the Grand Prince’s Armed Forces being given significant funding in regards to industrial facilities. Meanwhile in the Palace... “What? All of it?” Grand Prince Maximillian asks “All of it.” responds Lancelot, Chancellor of Cumberland “The whole Squadron?” Maximillian inquires “The whole Squadron.” confirms the Chancellor “Including the Flagship?!” Maximillian raises his voice “Including the Flagship, including the Commodore” once more the Chancellor confirms to his Monarch “Those little Red Men....” he trails off “Don’t wait upon formalities do they? Well we’ll have to reinforce our coast and keep the rest of the Fleet around our territory then, if those savages so brazenly attack our vessels.” “My thoughts exactly Your Highness, we’ve recalled our squadrons across from the regular patrol routes to keep them based in the skies of our Principality. I have also taken the liberty of ordering a general expansion and rearmament of both the Fleet and the Ground Forces, along with expanding our industrial capacity.” Lancelot explains “Yes, yes but what are we to do about this slight? Why did they attack our vessels is most important, we get their merchants on our shores and vice versa!” the Prince inquires. “They are savages, they will attack you one day, trade with you the next, do not ponder on it too much Your Highness, now moving ...” the Chancellor begins to move on with the other issues of the day. Actions One Commercial District would be constructed in the newly founded City (10,000) One Trade Depot would be constructed in the newly founded City (10,000) 15,000 would be given to the Grand Duchy in return for technology on tanks. (15,000) An Armoured Brigade would be raised once the technology had been acquired. (8,000, 3AP) Another 5,000 Troops are raised with the best possible equipment. (6,000, 1AP) The Town on Tsornluft would be upgraded to a City. (12,500) A new town would be planned to be constructed outside the current borders of Cumberland. (5,500) https://i.gyazo.com/f2ba27a891813abe135616969a13ba06.png Two Randgritz Class Battlecruisers are laid down and ordered to be constructed in order to replenish losses. (40,000, 10ASP) A Pair of Corvettes are laid down to replenish losses. (2,000, 1ASP) Three Destroyers are laid down to replenish losses. (9,000, 6ASP) Nine Freighters are laid down in order to create greater Fleet Logistics. (3,000, 3ASP) Research is conducted into Dreadnoughts having seen them in action during the Battle of Tsornluft. (1RP) Four Heavy Industry is created for the year. (30,000) Two Airshipyards are constructed for the following year. (20,000) A Steel Mill is constructed. (2,500) The “Ambassadors” would be summoned to Court to meet with the Prince and are told not to delay. (Mod)
  9. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: The Principality was in a state of Pseudo-War with the ACP having its expeditionary army fighting in some of the heaviest conflict zones of the civil war and supporting Corvin. Within the Principality itself there is a general scare due to the reaction of the events that occured in the International, the Cumberland Communist Party is designated an illegal organisation, punishment for being a proscribed member of said organisation would be met with a life sentence of forced labour in the Vitramite Mines. The Army would be deployed in force to find out any communist enclaves throughout the Country. Naval funding is increased this year with the Admiralty seeking to build six ships in total, two of which being capital ships in order to finally have enough ships to combat the pirates off their coast. A deal is struck with the Carnelian Sultanate to sell the designs for a Battlecruiser Turbine to allow for capital ships of greater speed though lacking in armour. The Army also manages to secure funding to recruit more soldiers, as it is generally considered that the Royal Army is lacking with losses sustained in the Civil War. The Free Guilds of Estfeld had spurned the Grand Prince and his Ministers as far as the Court was concerned, having claimed territory to the South that the Principality had planned to expand into was leading to tensions being raised. For now a general cooling of relations with the Freeguilds would begin, withdrawing a Trade Agreement with them and choosing instead to trade with the Venzeatic League instead. Actions The Town constructed in the previous year would be the focal point of turning it into a new City. (12,500) Two Vitramite Mines would be constructed (10,000) Two Vitraium Refineries would be constructed (10,000) Two Battleships are laid down to be constructed by the following year, complete with full armour. (28,000. 6ASP) Two Heavy Cruisers are laid down to be constructed by the following year, complete with full armour. (24,000. 6ASP). Two Cruisers are laid down to be constructed by the following year, complete with full armour. (22,000. 4ASP). Over Twenty Thousand Infantry Regulars would be sought to be raised this year complete with regular equipment both manufactured and stored. (22,000) [Redacted] (11,500) Communism would be cracked down on, the Army within Cumberland would be deployed to begin raids on Communist Meetings. The Communist Party itself is made to be fully illegal and any symbols or iconography of the party and Communism in general would be met with immediate arrest. (Mod) The Grand Prince announces that workers rights would be expanded, the Prince himself signing into law the eight hour work day. (Mod)
  10. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: The year itself called for expansion in the battered economy of the Principality, seeking to put the majority of the years purse into the economy and expanding the nation's borders through new settlement programs. There would be massive expansions through civilian industry and constructing new commercial buildings in one of the more neglected of Cumberlands Cities. Though this causes some grumblings in the Military due to the lack of sustained expansion in either the Army or the Navy. Actions A Town would be constructed in order to expand the borders of the Principality. (5,500) https://i.gyazo.com/19fe9291bf8635ca852fc5614fa0f38c.png A single Steel Refinery are constructed as to maintain the upkeep required. (2,500) An additional 10 civilian factories are constructed as to continue the economic growth of the Principality. (50,000) A single Airshipyards are constructed to further increase the productivity for the Navy. (10,000) A Commercial District is constructed in Salisbury (10,000). A Trade District is constructed in Salisbury (10,000). [Redacted] (10,000) The Dictator Corvin would be offered a Knighthood as part of the most esteeemd Order of the Unicorn, one of the Royal Knightly Orders within Cumberland as part of the foreign honours list. (Mod).
  11. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: The Admiralty of the Grand Principality had been left incredibly embarrassed, losing Cumberlands only capital ship and a significant portion of its smaller vessels within the fleet. Admiral Peter McGraw being recalled to the Capital to face a board of inquiry led by the Ministry of Defence, discluding the admiralty and instead being chaired by Winston Townsend the Defence Minister. Henry Lennox is let off due to the blame being put on McGraw, even with the Rear-Admirals connections within the Naval Bureaucracy it was looking like he would be pulled from active service and be reduced to a desk role though maintaining his rank, pay and future pension. This itself would cause tension within the Principality itself with the Admiralty being blocked from seeing Maximillian himself by the Ministers of State, seeking to overturn the ruling via appealing to the Prince. For now it seems the Statesmen of the Court have won out against the Admiralty, with the Army siding firmly with the Civilian Government on the matter. Within the Admiralty itself the inner factions begin to seek to supplant the aging traditionalists to enact meaningful naval reform. Meanwhile Major-General Pryce continues to earn renown assisting in the wars against the Communists in the neighbouring Confederacy, the Army riding on the new fame and prestige that was being earned planning on petitioning for spending increases. Maximillian himself is elated as the many Monarchs of the world sent potential suitors right to his palace, many of which were beauties that he found himself enamoured with others not so much. The Prince had a decision to make and the Ministers had to guide him to ensure Cumberland wasn’t tied down in a potentially ruinous pact with a powerful foreign nation, twice during the proceedings the Prince nearly went with the objectively most beautiful of the women from the Klendari, but Chancellor Lancelot and Minister Winston were able to sway him to choose the still beautiful but less risky Princess from Ozan. Actions An additional six civilian factories are constructed as to continue the economic growth of the Principality. (30,000) Two Airshipyards are approved to be built for the following year. (20,000). Two Cruisers are ordered to be laid down and to be complemented by full steel armour. (22,000, 4ASP) A Battleship is laid down to be complemented with full armour. (14,000, 3ASP.) Six Corvettes are laid down to be completed by the next year as to make up for battle losses. (6,000,3ASP)
  12. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: With the rapid growth of the economy the Royal Government sought to capitalise on this and expand the borders of the Principality into resource rich areas and other regions of strategic importance due to infrastructure. A campaign of migration would be declared throughout Cumberland promoting the expansion of the borders as a destiny for the Principality to join the Great Powers in size, economic growth and military prowess. In accordance with Migration Policy from the Royal Government families would be selected at random from rural areas who aren’t registered owners of land to be granted lands in the new frontier with enough livestock and seed to make a success in the fertile regions. Businesses are encouraged to set up branches in the new towns that are planned to be created. A raid is planned by the Admiralty to attempt to scare the Pirates off, choosing a close target to hit all at once in a hit and run attack on a suspected Pirate Stronghold. Hoping to catch them off guard while the majority of them are raiding or while their airships are powered down, it is a daring raid to hopefully cause the Pirate Activity in the region to be quelled. A large force of men is sent to the Confederacy to aid Corvin in his civil war against the Communists, the Council of Ministers agree that a Communist Great Power cropping up next to Cumberland simply cannot be allowed. Actions Trade would be offered to Erdemir Industries, Perzah and the Caliphate of Ozan. (Mod) Three Heavy Industry Factories are moved to be set up within the year, ground forces reinforcement requirement likely being required. (22,500). One new Airshipyard would be constructed. (10,000) Three Destroyers are constructed to be completed within the year and they will be fully armoured. (9,000). Four Corvettes are laid down in the year, once again with full armour. (4,000). Six Civilian Factories are constructed. (30,000) Infrastructure Improvements are planned within the Kingdom with the remaining coin left in the treasury. (5,500). The current compliment of the Royal Navy of Cumberland would be to raid a Pirate Stronghold, the entire squadron is sent out. (Mod) https://i.gyazo.com/55571d9c466f6d67fb0e2a1f7450f1a4.png Ground Forces are sent into The Confederacy to assist Corvin’s Army. Major-General Jonathan Pryce is in command. This force consists of 20,000 Infantry, 5,000 Cavalry, 25 Howizers and 100 Field Guns and the Rarefied Sky Cavalry of 100 Planes. (Mod) Missives are sent out informing the great families of the world that the Grand Prince is seeking a wife, a political marriage is requested and relevant nations should send envoys and potential brides. (Mod).
  13. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: After the quick victory against the Communist incursion within the borders of the Grand Principality, Maximillian was beyond ecstatic, renaming many of the Regiments that took part in the battle to his own Royal Regiments. He invited Major-General Pryce to Court and spoke at great length about the battle believing himself to be there and having helped lead the general to ultimate victory, of course all knew the truth but refused to speak up and simply accepted the Prince’s own delusions. As a matter of concern the Council of Ministers the growing civil war in the Amaerin Confederacy it was time to pick a side against the communist menace in order to spare Cumberland from having a dangerous ideologically fuelled neighbour. Military units are organised and Major-General Pryce would be informed that he would be in command of this force, missives are sent to the Corvin Government fully recognising them as the legitimate Government of the Confederacy. Actions Two Steel Mills are constructed to meet the rising demands of Cumberland Industrial Concerns. 5,000 A Vitramite Mine is constructed under a known deposit. 5,000 A Vitraium Refinery is constructed as to prepare for the increased supply of raw Vitramite. 5,000 Two Airshipyards would be constructed as the Airship Industry would be focused upon. 20,000 Two Cruisers would be constructed with full armour. 22,000, 4ASP. Research into Battlecruisers would be intensified this time with backing from the Royal Purse. 14,000. Trade is offered with the Free Provinces, Republic of Emmeria and the Republic of Tormonia. (Mod) The Corvin Government would be fully recognised, the Grand Principality would subsequently offer full Military support from its armed forces in return for post war investments. (Mod) A formal request is sent to the Carnelian Sultanate stating the Grand Prince is seeking a Bride and that upon the advice of his ministers a Royal Pact from the Southern Monarchy. (@Alex)
  14. Grand Principality of Cumberland Overview Roleplay: Following the Great War the Grand Principality was left weakened, much of the former naval power lost, infrastructure destroyed and industry left stagnant. Though the economy remained relatively stable it was time to act through Royal Decree. Industry must be rebuilt, infrastructure to be improved upon and the Military to be expanded on to protect the borders and foreign interest of the Cumberlanders. As the most recent incident from the foreign communist rebels entering the country had shown the Military was a shadow of its former self. The proud Cumberlanders must defend their nation from those who would seek to impose their ideology and will over their people. Actions A Destroyer is constructed in the Airshipyard. 2ASP, 3000 Gold 25 Howitzers are ordered from the factories. 2AP, 8000 Gold A new Airshipyard is ordered for construction. 10,000 Gold 3 Civilian Factories are ordered for construction. 15,000 Gold Research is put into the concept of Battlecruisers. Trade Agreements are offered to all those who would take them, barring pirates. The Confederacy is contacted, requesting permission to send Military Attache’s to observe their civil war.
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