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  1. Lmao that response to the vortex thread had me in tears. 

  2. Did the Devs take notes from mobile gacha games? Perhaps this was all a plan to use crowns to buy energy for vortex energy. Big thonk.

    1. Gilded


      Have you heard of our new sponsor: Raid Shadow Legends?

    2. Hiebe


      Gonna sell energy bottles in crown store.


      And a perk that ignores node cooldowns.

  3. Pretty crazy how the staff United the medieval fantasy rpers and the 18th colonial aesthetic rpers in mutual hatred of a plug-in that sent all playerbases back to the Bronze Age lmfao.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shmeepicus


      Glad you said "18th colonial aesthetic" very pog of you

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      At least with 8.0 launch we finally have more players online than SchoolRP does.


      I wonder how long that'll last.

    4. Tigergiri


      The one time the player base gets together is when we angry mob 

  4. Never ceases to amaze me when the Dev team constantly try to reinvent the wheel and prioritise it over maintaining what was already there. Nexus was bad and was constantly easily abused and glitched. It’s hubris if the Devs think it will be any different this time around.

    1. Drumoldth


      Vortex is more balanced than nexus. It had issues but it should have never been removed, but reworked instead. Vortex is now economy itself and whoever removes it is going to ruin lotc again. In a month or so vortex will be polished, dont be hatefull or swift to judge.

    2. SophiaTsu


      58 minutes ago, Drumoldth said:

      Vortex is more balanced than nexus. It had issues but it should have never been removed, but reworked instead. Vortex is now economy itself and whoever removes it is going to ruin lotc again. In a month or so vortex will be polished, dont be hatefull or swift to judge.

      Im just replying for the rainbow, honestly. Very aesthetically pleasing +1

  5. Guess I’ll make clear, homophobic or homophobia role play is fine so long as oocly it’s treated like a character flaw and not a virtue. That’s my hot take, don’t need to send DMs to me on discord telling me to kill myself now pro-homophobia camp!

  6. Tbh I don’t really have a position in this debate but I find it funny how people have either accidentally revealed their homophobia or outright confirmed it. Also the argument that it’s unfair is homosexuality is roleplayed but homophobia isn’t and it’s not inclusive unless you tolerate homophobia is the shittest argument ever Lmfao. Can’t believe you literally played the “how dare you be intolerant to my intolerance!” Or bring up 21st century morals and values lol.
  7. Can’t believe my earlier bait status update was deleted.

  8. I decided to read this topic and replies while on the throne. So you could say this is a sh1t post.
  9. Character Application Name: Alec Van de Graaf Age: 28 Gender: Male Description [The more you give, the more you get]: Alec is a 6’4 male with looks that can be described as well above average, he has black hair and tends to use far too much product than is considered reasonable in polite society. Typically wearing scruffy clothing that is more on the hipster end of fashion, including a long coat. His figure is lean and he would appear physically fit though more on the cardio end than being strong, with a build roughly between that of a runner and a swimmer. Bac
  10. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year 10,369 AE Production, production, money printer goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. The Drydens and their agents in the core continue to operate the Imperial Bureaucracy efficiently and effectively. That being said exports of Alamari Whiskey to the Core are at an all time high, all addressed to the treasury office. Expenditure and Actions 214,000 C Available 10M is gifted to the Empress. Two Heavy Cruisers are constructed in Alamari Territory. 30,000, 8M, 8NP Two Destroyers are constructed in Alamari
  11. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year 10,368 AE The Grand Duchy found itself amidst a civil war it did not want to happen nor did it want to be a part of, with its former Senator now in charge of the Imperial Finances. House Dryden found itself on the borders and potential frontlines of the civil war and it is an unenviable position for them to be in. Thus even more rapid militarisation and industrialisation needed to occur in the Province that was the Southern Gateway into the core. Expenditure and Actions 5 Shipyards are constructed. 50,000, 10B 2 S
  12. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year 10,367 AE Rapid Militarisation is continued this year, due to the pressing need and the dire situation the Empire appears to be in the Alamari accept the stimulus and begin getting to work forming a new fleet and raising the legions needed for the coming fight. Buath was still the priority for the Grand Duke and his family as it was given to House Dryden from the Emperor himself and they would hold it if it was the last thing they did. Albert Dryden would attempt to live up to his father's name, he had more to lose than ever now, due to him now havin
  13. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year 10,366 AE With the Trial over with an unexpected favourable outcome, though welcome things can begin to return to normal in the near Core Province. A mass militarisation of the Province would now begin now that the Dryden Family controlled two Stellarchys, one of them being the still yet to be fully conquered fortress world of Bauth. A campaign is prepared by the Dryden Family in order to assist in finally finishing the siege of Bauth and integrating the planet into the Empire. Expenditure 154,500 C Available 5,0
  14. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year 10,365 AE The year within Dryden Space is quiet, due to the more notable leadership being in the Core this year to witness the trial of the current heir to the Stellarchy of Alamar. Orders for construction are given and carried out by the capable and loyal administrators of the Dryden Family ensuring that Alamar doesn’t fall behind even if their leadership are not present for the time being. Expenditure 104,000 Available 2 Heavy Industry Buildings are constructed. 10,000, 2B A Shipyard is constructed. 10,000, 2B
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