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  1. NATION NAME: KINGDOM OF CAVALON RACE: HUMAN (80%), HALF-ELF (15%), ELF (5%) MAGIC / SORCERY: CULT OF ST RALEK BRIEF DESCRIPTION / HISTORY: The founding of Cavalon is intrinsically tied to the creation of the Anduvian Empire itself, the progenitor of the Kingdom was Myolthor one of the Blades of St.Ralek, the entire realm was given to him as his estate but the companion of the Hero-Emperor decided to leave it to a son so that he could remain as St.Raleks Sworn Shield. He did this bestowing the responsibility and philosophy that the Kingdom itself is a tool to maintain and protect the Empire. To this end the first King of the Myolth Dynasty created their Paladins of Integrity interpreting their progenitors words and will in creating more heroes like him for the Empire, seeing the quality of the Anduvian Empire coming from remarkable individual heroes leading men as opposed to just numbers. The lands themselves were inhabited by humans and elves, though the latter in the minority and the nobility and gentry themselves are largely dominated by humans while Half-Elves are able to find some success in becoming Knights. The pure blooded of the Elves here are largely craftspeople, smiths and artisans and focused on these arts becoming great teachers to many apprentices. Due to the relationship between the Knights and the Artisans of the Realm it has kept any racial tensions to a minimum with thus far no recorded pogroms in any settlement of the realm. The vast majority of the peasantry in the countryside are humans. The culture of the Gentry and Nobility is centered around the dedication of these classes to the Cult of St.Ralek which holds significant sway in Cavalon, lower nobility such as Knights are highly valued members of society as the general culture of the nobility is creating more heroes for the Empire for its many wars defensive or otherwise. Myolthor as well is revered by the Knights and Paladins of Cavalon as many wish to emulate what the people of the Kingdom perceive as his dutiful nature and his chivalry. The truth of the matter being despite Myolthor being alive and well there is scarcely anyone in the realm who has ever met him yet alone asked his personal opinions on philosophy. LEADER / NOTABLE CHARACTERS: KING ARZHUR MYOLTH, THE KNIGHT KING (LOOKS, 5); The current reigning monarch of Cavalon, one of two sons of the late King but the eldest by a significant margin. They command the Knights and Paladins at the Kingdoms command and are devoted to the Empire and the Cult of St.Ralek. They maintain a personal oath of chastity and have declared their mind, body and soul are tools for the Empire and as such forgoes personal relationships and will not take a wife and as such it leaves their younger brother the Crown Prince Bedwyr. PRINCE BEDWYR MYOLTH, CROWN PRINCE AND PALADIN (LOOKS 10); The younger brother by a full fifteen years of Arzhur and the declared heir of the realm, all Knights and Lords have sworn fealty to him in this regard. Unlike the King the Prince intends to take no vows of chastity and at present entertains marriage proposals not just within the Kingdom but in the greater Empire itself. As a Paladin of the realm he is equipped with the finest relics and armour making him a formidable fighter and a Knight so dashing that it is as if he came out of a book of tales. MAP LOCATION (ONLY WITHIN OR NEAR TO ANDUVIA): UNIQUE UNIT: GRIFFON KNIGHTS (SUPER HEAVY CAV); POINT OF INTEREST: ROYAL GRIFFON ROOST; One of the first construction projects of the Myolth Dynasty was creating a Griffons Roost that acts as a hatchery and stables to increase the presence of Imperial Griffon Knights across the empire. It stands as the tallest structure in the entire Kingdom and one of the largest in the wider Empire. [Access to B Resource]
  2. League of Serra -Year 2- With the disloyal Captain of Porta Serra deposed though still alive, business was able to return to a state of normalcy, but the Orsi Family now knew the merchant neighbors were seeking to put their hands in his pocket without the courtesy of even asking. Such a flagrant act of disrespect could not go unanswered but the Don had yet to decide how to respond and how any response should take form. Though it seems that the Serran’s were not alone in the region as the fiercely independent people of North Camadacia sought to be within the friendship of the Orsi Patriarch and respect was duly given. Though the news that they brought from the North was quite troubling, raids of barbarity from the Kingdom of Camadacia itself and fear mongering that they intend to conquer the entire region to establish a new Empire. The Don as a fatherly figure to the people of Serra most certainly sympathizes with the wishes of the peoples of North Camadacia and their free settlements as it was a sentiment shared with his own people. With threats to his West and to his East the Don sought to consolidate the vulnerable areas of the Republics, to do this he would send emissaries north to the villages and town. Actions Two small squadrons of the Black Stripes would be sent into the Rurviche Syndicate, disguised as traders and given appropriate documentation to make their story seem believable. Their orders are to attempt to locate the disloyal former Capo of the Orsi Family. [Mod] Emissaries are sent to the Northern Villages and Towns that are not yet under the fold of any nation, they are offered the Don’s protection and the rights afforded to the Serran’s. [Mod] A Mine is constructed.
  3. League of Serra -Year 1- The aged patriarch of the Orsi, the famed leader of the Black Hand sits in his country villa as the finest musicians in Serra play for him, for the Don it was an afternoon of leisure and rest that he did not wish to be spoiled. One of his advisers approaches him and whispers in his ear, informing of the situation developing in Porta Serra. He knows to send his top enforcer, Antonio Blundetto to resolve the issue one way or the other, his leisure had been disturbed by a Captain who had betrayed him and the family itself. Actions Two units of Black Stripes would be sent to infiltrate the town of Porta Serra where the disloyal Captain was, led by Antonio Blundetto the top enforcer of the Orsi Family. They would seek to trickle into the port and eventually organize to capture the disloyal Captain for questioning. [Mod] A Market is constructed.
  4. Nation Name: League of Serra Nation Government/Leader Rank: Oligarchic Republican League (De-Jure), Syndicate-Despotism (De-Jure), Gonfaloniere of Justice Description of National/Provincial History & Culture: The peoples of Serra settled the peninsula during the demise of the second age, escaping the warmongering of the Goran and the destruction that they had wrought. As one of many displaced peoples they found luck that the land they settled was not only fertile but was naturally defended by rivers to its north and south, the seas to the west and mountains to its east. It allowed the Serrans to flourish and establish a new civilisation in the years leading up to the third age, leading to large farmsteads and villas being constructed in the rural countryside. River trade formed two towns along the riverfront along with villages that benefited from the trade that flowed up the river and the fertile lands to grow their crops. In time this led to a landowning aristocracy forming and dominating the main product of the League and as such the income that comes with it, but it also led to conflicts between the various families that rose in petty power games between hectares of land and the ownership of it. This in turn led to bands of Condottiero rising across the peninsula working as hired muscle for the aristocrats in their petty wars, often incredibly small scale with battles being barely in the hundreds. Blood kept the lands of Serra very fertile for decades and soldiers well seasoned even in their small skirmishes. Eventually from this rose Corrado Orsi, a Condottiero from a modest background as a freeholder until he himself was extorted and pushed out of his holding by the aristocrats that coveted to paint the map more in their own colours. He took to the hinterlands of Serra and gathered others disenfranchised to his own banner and formed the Black Hand mercenary band, seeming to have become like the very men who worked for those who took the lands he once held. As time passed Corrado made connections in the urban towns and across the rural countryside, working for many of the aristocrats and earning himself quite a tribute in the process, investing his wealth into various businesses in the towns of Serra including the titular capital itself. He also stoked tensions between the aristocrats and other condottiero. All this eventually culminated in two factions of aristocrats hiring the same mercenary company to kill each other, not the Black Hand but another company goaded by Orsi that he would share the spoils. Instead after the rogue Condottiero killed the two factions, the Black Hand and their veteran Black Stripes veterans swooped in to kill them for breaking their contract and killing many of the leaders of the League. With little remaining of the old power structure in the League and with public opinion in favor of Corrado Orsi, he won an overwhelming vote of the remaining eligible electorate to become the Gonfaloniere and de-facto leader. It has been decades since this election and between the time of his ascension and his current rule the structure of the League has been remolded with former officers of the Black Hand becoming ‘Captains’ ruling over districts of the towns and collecting fees from merchants and landholders. Corrado while his title of office might be the Gonfaloniere he is known to the people as Don Orsi. Taxes are not in official existence or policy in the League, instead the Orsi and by extension the Black Hand get a cut of all business that go on in the borders of Serra extracting one fifth of all income from merchants and produce from farmers thus sustaining the soldiers that maintain the Black Hand’s control over the country. The new aristocrats are the Captains of various districts who have taken up residence in villas and farmsteads using the workforce as the old aristocrats once did, though the power games and skirmishes between Condottiere are now a thing of the past as Don Orsi values peace and prosperity as its good for his business. The Port Town of Serra itself is a free port, any and all goods might pass through the harbor and flow into the League and upriver though no tariff officially exists the Black Hand still expects a cut in return for protection. Notable Characters: Don Corrado Orsi, the Gonfaloniere of Justice, Patriarch of the Orsi and Condottiere of the Black Hand; the now aged ‘father of the republic’ and leader of what is little more these days than an extortion syndicate that replaced the aristocrats of old. Portraying himself as a fatherly or in some cases grandfatherly fashion, a man of honor to foreign dignitaries especially those from his North and a gentleman. To his people he is seen as generous, often giving out generous gifts of food to the poor all to uphold his image as a benevolent overlord. Behind the scenes he is ruthless, willing to dispose of anyone who betrays him and betrayal has something of a low bar in Serra. His background is both modest enough for the peasantry who see him as coming from their own and the aristocrats who see him as a landholder from birth, though in truth he is further from both but he has maintained an image and few of relevance are alive from when he first rose to power. Furio Orsi, Mayor of Porta Serra, District Captain of the Black Hand; the heir apparent to the Orsi legacy within the Republican League but not necessarily the next leader as dynastic rule has not been cemented by the Don, nor agreed by the other Captains in Serra. Nevertheless Furio is a capable enforcer for his father, leading his own unit of the Black Hand elites in order to make collections in his district and keep the revenues from the ports growing. Antonio Blundetto, Assemblyman of Serra, District Captain of the Black Hand; a man only slightly younger than the Don himself, he was the squire of Corrado during their days as Condottiere and the age of the aristocrats. Now he is one of the more powerful Captains of the Black Hand, responsible for protecting the countryside and collecting their cut from the landowners and dealing out punishments for those who refuse the protection of the Orsi. Unique Military Units (One): The Black Stripes (Hybrid Medium Spears/Crossbow); an elite hybrid infantry unit known for the black stripes upon their tabard and armor, they are a unit that excels in use of the spear and shield but also masterful use of the crossbow. Famed in the days of the aristocrats for their formations of crossbows firing off volleys before disappearing behind the guarded shields of their comrades. Dealing ranged damage against stationary opponents and shock against those who would charge at them. Off the battlefield they are expert trackers and work well in small units should they be required for infiltration or other missions. If Don Corrado wishes to send a message he will send the Black Stripes. National Idea (nothing strictly mechanical): The Marionette; the Don in his long career as the leader of the Serran League has made connections, traded favors or otherwise taken ownership of individuals, nobles, officers and other individuals in his neighboring provinces. Giving him a network of information and the ability to acquire secrets, this network has allowed him to engage in cordial relations with those around him and build his desired image to foreign dignitaries. Player POI; Mace of Serra; a ceremonial mace that is used as part of the official regalia for the head of state within the league. It is an artifact from the second age that in close proximity gives its user the ability to influence minds.
  5. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,429 Overview and Story [STATPOST] Expenditure NONE
  6. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,428 Overview and Story Continued efforts of construction are made in aid of the great reclamation of the galactic core, destroyers must be rebuilt, cruisers must be launched and lives must be spent in good measure. Expenditure Twenty Five Destroyers are laid down to replenish losses incurred from repelling the mindbenders forces! [100NP, 50M, 250,000 ] Efforts are made to find a suitable tutor for many of the new psychics in the realm of Alamar, with attention to be given to the psychic second son of the Grand Duke. [30I] Alamars security services are put to work to counter any infiltration. [30I]
  7. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,427 Overview and Story Alamar was in mourning, one of its most prominent sons had fallen in battle the patriarch of the noble Folau family had fallen in his efforts to fight back against the Irik and its genocidal admiral. Born on Alamar as the Folau family finds its origins in the Grand Duchy it had hit many of the nobility and common folk hard. The Dryden family is in particular wearing naught but black in this time and as the new flagship of the Alamarii Navy arrives in system it fires off a gun salute in respect for the fallen Lord Regent. Similarly respect and ceremonies are given for Grand Admiral Sorin but more in line with traditional Imperial Culture rather than Alamarii Customs and religion. Expenditure Four Reclamator Class Heavy Cruisers would be laid down [240,000, 36M, 8A, 8T]
  8. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,425 Overview and Story “People of the Empire, today we detect for the first time in history Xenos ships entering the Alamarii systems attacking the Northern Military District of Paruru. I will not abandon you, I will stay on the homeworld until we prevail or fight to the last. We will leave their ships burning in orbit, we will leave their many limbs rotting in our streets, we will make them choke on our blood from high born to low. We do this for the Empire and if we fall we do it in hopes that what we do aid our allies in the great restoration, House Dryden stands for the Empire and in the end we believe it will stand for us.” -Grand Duke Albert, broadcast on the event of the Irik Invasion The Invasion had finally come to Alamarii Space, the Northern Military District for the last fifty years had been expecting at some point an Irik incursion and had prepared for the event as best as a single system could. But still the planned interdictor was not completed in time and stands to not be completed until the following year thus allowing the Irik to drift over the fortified world and delve deep into the Alamarii space. Regardless it would take more than a year to destroy the Grand Duchy, Albert had time in a year he could trap the Irik Armada and his fast fleet could pick off its supplies and stragglers. Sadly the world of Paruru did not hold out as long as the Grand Duke had wished, surviving for only a quarter of the year leaving the hyperlanes open to Alamar and his seat. At the start of the year Knight-Commander Rekai was sent to take command of the singular Alamarii Legion on the world of Paruru, selected among the Knights due to his lack of any real meaningful ties in the main systems, he and command knowing it was likely a suicide mission to simply try and hold the Irik for several months so that the Loyalist allies might be able to build a combined force to meet the genocidal monsters that now banged at the proverbial gates of the Grand Duchy. A few diary entries were able to be broadcasted offworld before darkness fell on the Alamarii 1st Legion. Siege of Paruru, 1st Month Log “It is the start of the year, by Kaumai standards at the very least. It is cold in Paruru. I believe it is in the middle of winter, I wake up every morning to see frost covering the dirt outside my quarters. I was informed by my subordinates that the Xenos Fleet had entered the system and was burning towards us. The fears and perhaps hopes of some of the men here were that he would pass us by but I suppose we were too juicy bait for this warlord. We are going to stand and fight, some officers put our estimates of fighting as low as in the single digits of weeks, the lowest estimate was two weeks.” Siege of Paruru, 2nd Month, Week 1 Log “The Xenos fleet reached the range of the Orbital Defense Station, I ordered it mostly evacuated and operating on a volunteer skeleton crew, it was destroyed in quick order and we do not know if it ever hit any targets. The Fleet then backed off from the planet before they could get in range of our own batteries, whoever is laying this siege might have it out for us but they’re not a fool. We have seen a few scouting parties begin to descend down, we have shot down a few transports but this is a prelude to the invasion.” Siege of Paruru, 2nd Month, Week 2 Log “The invasion has commenced in earnest, we have divided our forces to defend key facilities, shields, batteries and the sensor arrays. We’re stretched thin but we have good positions even though the regulars are able to perform well under these conditions, the Celestial Gods have blessed them to at least not be on the offensive if the conditions were reversed. My Knights are performing well, the issue we are now finding is we are simply being overrun, no matter if we’re getting a good kill rate, the simple truth of the matter is they have the numbers and we do not.” Siege of Paruru, 3rd Month, Week 1 Log “The Batteries have fallen, it took a while but it was inevitable and we have begun to fight off raids at the headquarters. It is hard to sleep now, the enemy fleet bombards our shields like a drum and it can be heard from even the lowest level of our bunkers. They have begun to ground assault the shield generators, most are still holding but outside of headquarters they are quickly running out of ammo and regular infantry is not suited to engage Irik in close quarters. I pray we can hold out for another month, but I am beginning to have my doubts.” Siege of Paruru, 4th Month, Week 4 Log, Final Entry “We are out of food, most of our guns no longer fire either through no more ammunition or simply breaking due to overuse, the perimeter of headquarters has been breached and the bunker will fall. I am gathering what remains of the Knights and Infantry under my command and arming them with whatever we have left. We will use a secret exit and assault the Irik forward encampment that acts as its headquarters for the siege of our own. I swear by the House of Dryden we will take some of their leaders with us and make them choke on our blood.” Expenditure More Alamarii Knights are called into service, three hundred thousand in total. They are trained and equipped to Imperial Standards [300,000, 90M, 18A, 24T. 42AP] Four Million Infantry are recruited in the coming year. Trained and equipped to Imperial Standard [200,000, 48M, 48AP] Twenty Thousand Imperial Artillery are produced. [60,000, 16M, 6A, 20AP]
  9. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,425 Overview and Story “Ran-ji’s cousin huh? Fifty years since he’s been seen? The Gods have a wicked sense of humour, I must wonder if they just want to make things harder for Albert” - Lucas Dryden The Whiskey Distillery owned by the House of Dryden would be working overtime with news from Grand Admiral Sorin’s own space. Despite a supposed member of the Imperial House revealing themselves Albert dedicates himself to the Hui Ariki and his belief in the Noble Empire and states to the delegates of the Legislator how he believes the Hui Ariki should not accept an Emperor until the throne moon is once more in IMPERIAL hands, that anyone who declared themselves Emperor before they have even sat on the Starcast Throne is a pretender until the Capital is restored. Elsewhere the Dryden Fleet continues its reconstruction, with a new flagship well underway along with more heavy cruisers. While there is some relative peace now was the time to bring the Dryden Fleet back to effectiveness. Expenditure Three Reclamator Heavy Cruisers are laid down [180,000, 27M, 6A, 6T]
  10. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,424 Overview and Story “All we do is for the good of the Empire and its people, however I really do detest taxation.” - Grand Duke Albert The State of Emergency in the capital of the pact remained in place, forces stood at the ready and once again all resources were put into the war effort! However there are grumblings from the Ducal Throneworld of Alamar, the Imperial Taxation had once more returned and it was causing the many bureaucrats and accountants to work overtime to move the money around so that Alamar met its obligations. It is known the Grand Duke curses the day he let himself get talked into paying taxes again, it is however as some consolation he gets some say in how they are spent. Expenditure Three Light Cruisers are laid down [90,000, 18M, 60NP] An agreed upon contract to the Stellarch Rakena to utilise the driveyards and build a brand new flagship for the Alamarii Navy is agreed upon. [350,000, 20M, 5A, 10T]
  11. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,423 Overview and Story The invasion of loyalist space had begun, there was no time to be lost and a state of emergency was declared within the Grand Duchy and all resources were dedicated to military production. That which was lost in the Labyrinth had to be replaced and pushed to the frontlines posthaste. The Grand Duke and his siblings had no time for politics or leisure, it was all work. Expenditure Five Reclamator Heavy Cruisers are laid down [300,000C, 125NP] Two Light Cruisers are laid down [60,000C, 40NP] Influence is spent to smooze the warlords Rakena and Kanu, along with gifts for the loyalist warlords[60I, 30 to each, 50,000C to each] The Merchant men holding onto the Drive Yards would be contacted and the Alamarii would attempt to smooze them in order to order a new flagship laid down [30I]
  12. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,422 Overview and Story “They are filthy unworthy life in our galaxy . . . but they scream like us. I’m putting in for a transfer.” - Private Kai of of the 24th Penal Guard, Xenos Menial Extermination Platoon Admiral Ngata would stand in the orbital defence platforms over the newly acquired military world that the Alamarii had inherited from the failed Stellarchy that once bordered it, now dangerously bordering the starbreaker himself. Overseeing the planned defences and fleet expansion to hopefully repel an attack should it come, an attack not led by the mindbender at the very least. Retrieving his data tablet he would cycle through various reports of the utilisation of xenos labour, then prompt execution of the subjects in the effort to fortify the world. He’d turn to his agitant “I believe the Stellarchy is going to receive a rude awakening, perhaps sooner rather than later.” he’d tell him with a sigh as he’d continue the work. Meanwhile on Alamar…. Albert would sit in the throne room of the great chamber in the ducal palace on Alamar, he’d listen to the various petitioners of his system seeking his favour, seeking relief or simply seeking funds from the Alamarii treasury for some schemes that they claim can restore the empire. While he listened his military advisers who would be silent hand him documents, data tablets so that he may monitor the economic and military situation in the Stellarchy as well as various other activities that only he was privy to. “Enough.” he’d say out loud “Court is over today, send your petitions to the chamberlain.” the Grand Duke commands. The Grand Duke retreats into a study along with his brother Lucas and other advisers, he’d address them “We border the Starbreaker now, Alamar is now closer to the frontlines than it ever was in the last fifty years! Tell me how could this happen, how could you let this happen? How did we not know the Northern March would fall within a year!” He barked at his subordinates, most of them continuing to stand at attention, none seeking to answer what they thought was a rhetorical question. “Never mind that, we are the provisional capital of the Empire as it stands. Tell Ngata that I expect results from him now more than ever, if the Starbreaker chooses to invade he better die in the system than retreat.” Lucas would step forth and speak up to his elder brother “It might be wise to begin stockpiling certain resources, we may need to cause another increase in food prices. It might hurt the wider galaxy but we need the funds to fortify the border worlds.” he says addressing all around him including the officers who advised the Duke, hoping his voice may calm his brother.“Perhaps, but this year is not the year, our allies are suffering due to the increased prices. I will bring it to the next session of the Hui Araki, see if we can’t get a measure of support there.” Albert responds “I can’t believe Teniert is now further from the border than us now, the tables can turn rather quickly these days. See that he gets another case of the whiskey, we will need to butter him up as we might need his support if his fleets survive the campaign against the imbecile in the labyrinth.” “I’ll make sure the Tenierts are taken care of, as for your nephew I will speak to him concerning help with border security, he thinks the world of you our Lord Regent so we might as well see if he values family as much as the others.” Lucas says to Albert, the Grand Duke nodding to Lucas before turning once more to his advisers “As for the rest of you, bend every rule, search every nook and get us the credits we need to expand the fleet and legions. I’ll turn the frontline into another Buath but in our favour if I have to.” Expenditure Twenty three destroyers are laid down this turn. [230,000 C, 94NP] Thirty freighters are laid down this turn [7,500 C, 6NP] [REDACTED 10I]
  13. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year: 10,421 Overview and Story “Is it true that Outer-Rim women bathe but once every three lunar cycles?” -unknown enlisted soldier of the Almarii 1st Legion Albert would stand to his office window contemplating his situation, his place in the galaxy as shattered as it was. It was winter on Alamar and the snows had already begun, outside his ducal palace he could see his homeworld, the homeworld of his family at peace as if there were nothing in the galaxy that could disturb it. Though his world was experiencing bliss as if the Empire had never collapsed and perhaps was even benefiting due to the galaxies need for the wheat and grain produced on Alamars sister worlds, Albert himself seemed irritable, he had developed tinnitus during his time in the civil war, his hearing damaged and requiring discrete and subtle cybernetics to maintain at the cost of him hearing a constant buzzing. A sudden knock would cause the Grand Dukes attention to refocus and return to the now, “Come in.” he’d speak, turning to his desk and seating himself before his visitor had opened the door, the visitor in question being Rear Admiral Noha Ngata who would promptly salute his monarch in the Navies fashion and be seated at the Grand Duke’s gesture. “With my brother leaving the service to join the Courts the Navy needs a new Commander, I would like that to be you, if you accept you’ll be promoted to Vice Admiral and should the Navy get big enough, full Admiral with all benefits. Do you accept?” the Duke asks. “I would not turn down the opportunity to serve the Sector, I accept.” the now Vice Admiral would retort, the Grand Duke sliding a data tablet over to the newly promoted man “Plans for the Navy, my brother was increasing the size of our navy by two heavy cruisers a year. Exceed it and exceed him and I will ensure you remain in your position, consider this your blank cheque.” Albert explains. Noha would nod to his monarch and begin looking at the tablet before his eyes widening “M-my lord….is this how much money we make?” he’d say with a surprised stutter of someone evidently not born with the wealth of a stellarch “I make” he’d say correcting the admiral “and its but a portion of it, double the cruiser count of my brother, my resources will help but you will need to source material and private shipyards. I’m counting on you to be able to do more than just command, you’re now more than a tactician, you're a logistician.” Later that day…. “Do you trust the Tenierts?” Lucas asks his lord brother “If I trusted them I wouldn’t have to agree to tie our families together, they trust us about the same.” Albert says, toking on a thin cigar as he spends some leisure time with his brother, his most trusted confidant. “They definitely have high opinions of themselves…despite losing half a Stellarchy.” says the younger Dryden with something of arrogance in his tone “It was a mixture of bad choices and bad stellar geography, but yes they do think highly of themselves, perhaps a bit too highly. I doubt their ambitions stop at reclaiming their lands from Sorin. But we’re short on allies outside the family right now, we will just have to prepare for the outcomes, I’ll be sending Adrien a case of 16 year old single malt from our distillery on Kuria, we have to keep this alliance as sweet as possible for now. On other business that to be honest is more relevant to you and what our current needs are the replacement for you inthe Navy, are you sure he’s right?” the elder Dryden asks his younger brother. “He’s a little introverted when it comes to interacting with the nobility, he’s from the lower gentry after all, but he’s a hard worker and most importantly he owes everything to the Drydens, with you pushing down on him he ought to be able to source more ships for the fleet.” Lucas finishes, putting out his own cigar in an ashtray “I hope you’re right, in any case keep an eye on the whole Adjudicator situation, you’re my man in the Courts. Make sure the law bends our way.” Expenditure Two Reclamator Class Heavy Cruisers are laid down this turn. [120,000 C, 50NP] Two Light Cruisers are laid down this year [60,000 C, 40NP] A network in the Stellarchy of Veras would be set up [5 I]
  14. Grand Duchy of Alamar Overview and Story The Civil War and Irik invasions of the core had left humanity in utter shambles, but through it all Alamar had stood strong and firm against the tides of chaos. The Knights of Alamar had been a bulwark against the Irik, republican or any other foe that would challenge the Drydens control over their space. Now the Alamarii had what could be considered the honour of being the provisional capital of the Empire, or at least in their minds since they had not quite gotten over the results of the civil war, believing themselves a legitimate continuation of the Empire and its legal government. They once more found themselves allied with the Tenierts of Orteau but had uplifted and strengthened the Folau’s who were formerly of Alamar and are now Stellarchs in their own right. The Tenierts hosted constant galas, balls and other parties and celebrations on Alamar, much to their own delight but less so to any of their neighbours who had to put up with it. The Hui Ariki, the House of Lords of the Empire now would host its sessions in Dryden Space and with the Aristocracy of the Near-Core finally beginning to unite the Drydens began to stretch the economic muscles of their wealthy sector to rebuild what was lost, to rebuild Reclamation. Albert Dryden had one vision and that was to rebuild the leadership of the Empire through the aristocracy, that leaders must become noble and act so to remain leaders. He would employ the vast propaganda networks that Senator Joseph Folau had set up during the civil war to emphasise this, as well as to promote individuals of exception and keep the people on side and loyal to the Drydens, to the Aristocracy and to the Empire itself. All the while quietly cracking down on any form of dissent that would seek to weaken the position of House Dryden or its allies. Perhaps it was Alberts own inflated ego influencing him, perhaps he truly believed it was his and his fathers leadership that kept Alamar safe instead of the simple fact of galactic geography, regardless of the real truth the Alamarii were preparing for war. Expenditure Two Reclamator Class Heavy Cruisers are laid down this turn. [120,000 C, 50NP]
  15. Nation Name: Grand Duchy of Alamar A brief description of National/Provincial History & Culture: Closely tied to the Imperial Core and its people, the people of the Alamari Systems have enjoyed a close relationship with the Empires of yore. As a gateway into what was formerly the Capital systems of the Empire, wealth has travelled through Alamar and its prominent families have risen through the ranks of the former Imperial Military and Government. Most noteworthy of these are the House of Dryden, the ruler of the localised nobility for millennia. While only in recent centuries the Drydens have exercised direct executive control over the Alamari Systems they have been behind the systems of power that built the surrounding sector of space. ~Noblesse Oblige~ The Nobility of the Alamari Systems adhere to this doctrine that as nobility they have a specific role in society and exist in that they may serve the people they rule over. This grants rewards, hereditary titles, wealth and estates, however they are taught not to take this for granted or feel entitled to it simply because they are nobles. Above all the Nobles of Alamar must act Noble to maintain their status, as such while they have luxuries that are seen as normal for their class they are still more austere in their attitudes and lifestyles than some of their contemporaries and allies even. As of the time of chaos the galaxy finds itself in, service and societal contribution for the nobility means military service and that means noble scions be them the sons or daughters find themselves in officers academies so that they may study and serve their Grand Duke well in the wars to come. The system itself historically has been subject to the black market and criminal elements however during the civil war the military authorities severely cracked down on it as the war economy required utter obedience to the Grand Duke. As such Alamar can be considered one of the most secure areas of space in the galaxy compared to the chaos that roams not too far from its own borders. In more recent history the Stellarchy of Alamar was one of the closest territories of the Loyalist Faction in the Civil War to remain unscathed from the war and which the Aristocratic elements of the Empire gathered around after the death of the Emperor and sack of the capital. Now the House of Dryden and its allies seek to regroup and push forward the goals of the Aristocracy and attempt to restore order, their vision of order. Since the end of the Civil War leadership has passed from Severus Dryden to his firstborn son Albert, assuming the mantle of Grand Duke and Stellarch of Alamar. Notable Characters: Albert Dryden (Grand Duke, Stellarch, Warlord): The former Senator of the Alamari Stellarchy who once represented his fief in the heart of the Empire, in his youth he fell victim to traps of intrigue that have embittered him to politics and those he views as lesser humans due to their corruption and greed. He believes in noblesse oblige fundamentally, believing the aristocracy is not an entitlement but a duty to protect and fulfill the social responsibility of leaders. Thus he is not opposed to seeing new blood in the aristocracy as he believes one can be born noble but to be noble they must act it, regardless of bloodline. Alexandra Dryden (Duchess Consort): The Consort of Alamar and also half niece of Grand Duke Albert, born into the Teniert family the marriage was offered to maintain the bond between the two Stellarchys even if the bloodlines were becoming a little too close. Nonetheless she has been a faithful spouse and embraced her mothers home system as if it were her own. Lucas Dryden (Half Sibling, Admiral): Younger brother of the reigning Grand Duke, he is often relied upon to lead Military Campaigns on behalf of the Stellarchy, seemingly satisfied with his role as the younger brother ensuring his elder sibling can focus on ruling from his capital. Unique Military Units (Two): Knights of Alamar, Reclamation Crusaders (Heavy Infantry): Soldiers trained from an incredibly young age, largely made up of war orphans, refugees and other less fortunate souls who have no families and are effectively wards of the Alamari State. As squires they are conditioned physiologically to be fanatical concerning the House of Dryden and are unwavering in their loyalty to the family and the Stellarchy which it rules over. The ethics of brainwashing youths into the cause of aristocrats can be questioned by many but those within Alamar and those who are its allies see these Knights as a necessity and regard them as heroes to the cause. Cybernetically enhanced as they are trained and as they grow, once they have graduated from being squires they become full Knights of Alamar. They wield Arc-Spears, Swords, Shields and carry an all purpose battle rifle that has two modes of fire, one for humans and one for Irik the latter being a 30mm shell. Their role on the battlefield is that of a vanguard, they are either a hammer smashing down a wall of enemy infantry or are the wall itself holding against the tides of chaos. Attributes and abilities Advanced-Cybernetics: As those who squire to become Alamari Knights grow, they are periodically given cybernetic enhancements to improve their senses, strength and dexterity. Early Brainwashing: As youths they are wards of the Alamari State, information for them is tightly controlled and they are taught what the Grand Duke wishes them to be. They are conditioned for absolute loyalty and obedience to the House of Dryden. Reclamator Armour: Suits of armour which designs are drawn up from the techno-vaults of the Dryden Estates that are state of the art and designed to shrug off small arms and be effective for close combat. Shield Formations: The shields the Knights carry are more than just sheets of metal, they are technologically advanced and with formations are able to share power to form shields around formations of the Knights giving them protection. Battle-born: They are trained for battle, they are trained to win battles. Simply, they are adept in close quarters fighting and satisfactory with ranged weapons when they need to be, their shortcomings in the latter are made up with the advanced technologies they use in the former to give them an edge above their competition. Reclamator Class Heavy Cruiser: A design of vessel drawn from the vast databanks and technology vaults of the Alamari as something fit for purpose in the now divided Empire and chaotic galaxy. Without proper access to Drive Yards the Alamari sought to create a vessel armoured enough to stand up in a fight, with firepower and speed to match. With an edge over many standard classes of Heavy Cruisers due to more advanced designs in its frame, engines and firepower it is one of proudest developments to come out of Alamari Space. Becoming something of a more frequent sight in the aristocratic fleets of the Alamari Mandate due to the class having to make up for the lack of many capital ships and having to take a role as command ships in order to maintain influence in various parts of space. Despite its widespread use and obvious shortcomings compared to a true capital ship it is seen as a point of pride to command one of these cruisers due to it being the backbone of the Alamari Fleet. Attributes and abilities Streamline Construction: With the schematics known to the Alamari Shipwrights they are easily constructed and can be done so quickly and efficiently. Improved Engines: The Reclamator Class is faster than other cruisers in its make without having to sacrifice its armour or armament to do so, allowing it to almost compete with battlecruisers on both fronts. National Idea (nothing strictly mechanical): ~Noblesse Oblige~ The fundamental ideology behind the local aristocracy of the Stellarchy of Alamar that Nobles have a role to play in society, that those who claim to be noble must act noble in turn. That they must rule society and do so generously to the people. It is believed that they are divinely ordained to do so, but that those who were born common may become noble through their actions. Bloodlines while they play important roles in Alamari Society can fall and new ones can rise in turn to replace them allowing for a certain level of fluidity. More importantly the ideology is something that the House of Drydens have made as a doctrine or pamphlet that details their ideal form of leadership. With the Alamari people relative untouched by the Civil War and their own space having not suffered invasion or losses, it helps back up the ideology that in fact the House of Dryden represent ideal rulers. It advocates public service at all levels of society, as service is a pathway to nobility and reward should it be deemed worthy enough, it is not seen as a bad thing in Alamar for someone to rise in the ranks, so long as there are indeed ranks to rise through and that order, loyalty and nobility are upheld through meritocratic service. It is an ideological movement the Drydens have spread throughout their aristocracy, officer corps and the people having it taught as a matter of public policy and propaganda. Outside the obvious ideas on leadership is of course the advocacy of xenocide, that the Alien has fundamentally proven itself to be unsuitable to be a subject or slave. A letter: W
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