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  1. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kingdom of Britannia/Silver Knight Corporation "Keep Calm, Perform Professionally" 2159 Activity Britannia would prepare itself for the next few years that are likely to result in war and the British people's involvement in such. The Crown Corporation approve intervention against the Ar’Gakari, seen as a barrier for prosperity due to their want to dominate and control everything they come across. Half of the Royal Navy is mobilised to this effort, expansions in the Shipyard Capacity of Britannia would be undertaken along with investing in the Western Han Authority, seeking to take advantage of cheap labour. Research would be undertaken to see if the Hull of the vessels in the Royal Britannian Navy could be improved, having access to both Dakite and Itoron resources, the R&D departments of the Silver Knight Corporation would look into this. In more grim news it is said that King Edward I of Armathwaite is confined to his chambers at the Capital and Royal Skyscraper at aged 72. A regency is implemented and it is lead by Prince Alfred taking the spot on the Corporate Council. Outside of that general encouragement of GDP Growth, Naval Construction and beginning to construct even more fighters would be underway. Activity Points 40 AP would be put into making 4 Heavy Cruisers. 9 AP would be put into making 3 Destroyers 10AP is given to the Western Han Authority to assist in building up their shipyards. 10AP would be put into building 1,000 Gawain Fighters 40AP would be put into Business. 30AP would be put into upgrading a Tier 3 Shipyard directly into a Tier 5. 10AP would be put into beginning development of the Itoron-Dakite alloy. 2AP would be offered to physicians, psionics or even mad scientists who would be able to turn around King Edward’s condition and bring about recovery.
  2. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    The Esk Savannah - Year 942NE Statistics Population and Military Population - 468,289 Imperial Garrison - 4,000 Provincial Forces - 1,500 Economy Base: 10 2x Tier 1 Horse Breeders: 8 25AP in Agri: 2 Facilities Tier 1 Horse Breeder: 15AP towards Tier 2 Tier 1 Horse Breeder: 0 AP towards Tier 2 Mercantile District: 15AP towards Tier 1 Roleplay The Governor would return to his Villa at the break of dawn, dust being kicked up from the dusty path leading from the City in the North. Lucius would look worn from his visit to the Capital to attend yet another meeting that didn't particularly concern him as his priorities were set on keeping Esk safe and making it prosper. With some assistance he'd dismount from his horse, brushing off the dust from his tunic he and his small staff would walk back into the Villa towards his office to begin to work on settling matters. Servants would enter the office as they'd sit, bringing each man a cup of water. "The other Provincial Council is an affair that wastes most of our time, but we have to win favour with some of them so we can sort out our own issues. As such we've had to send two cohorts of Cavalry to assist in the Northern problems, hopefully they'll return mostly in tact to once more deal with our monster issue." The Esk would send two Cohorts north to join the Provincial Forces, while keeping one Cohort in reserve in Esk. Governor Actions The Mercantile district would be finished. (10AP) Another Cohort of Esk Scouts would be recruited at veteran level. (5AP) The Stables would have another upgrade to move it closer to being Tier 2. (5AP) The Esk Scout Cohort that remains would be sent to begin to investigate the Monster problem.
  3. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    The Esk Savannah - Year 940NE Statistics Population and Military Population - 400,000 Imperial Garrison - 4,000 Provincial Forces - 0 Economy Base: 10 2x Tier 1 Horse Breeders: 8 25AP in Agri: 2 Bonus: 5 Roleplay Night had fell as the sun would set upon the vast grasslands of Esk, Flavius would be sitting at his desk in the Governor's villa penning letters by the candlelight. A letter each for the families of those Imperial Garrison Soldiers who fell fighting the monsters in the South. The Governor would sigh as he’d set his pen down after signing off on the last letter for the evening, rising from his chair he’d walk out onto the balcony of his villa looking out at the lands under his charge. Gripping the guard of the balcony as he’d sigh as he’d look over the lands that had been long neglected by many Governors past, wanting his home to be restored to some semblance of relevancy and prosperity. Flavius would push himself off, returning inside the Villa to return to his work so that his aspirations of protecting his homeland could be seen to. Flexing his hand, feeling it cramp he’d call upon an assistant in his staff to sit at his desk as he’d pace and speak. “These are my Orders, write them down in the best way that can be considered a formal Provincial Edict. By the Order of Governor Flavius Publius, a Provincial Military Force is to be established. This is in order to answer the threat of the Monster incursions to the South of the Province, their job will be to investigate, exterminate and secure our Border back up to the Mountains. To this effect, the Provincial Government seeks men to enlist in this force between the ages of sixteen and thirty to serve for a tour of five years with the possibility of second, third and forth tours for those willing to sign up for more.” The Assistant would nod, writing down the orders and beginning to send them out as official edicts across Esk and all its settlements. Additionally the Governor understood the strength of his people, its horses and more emphasis on breeding the finest Eskian Stallions and Mares would take up the priority of the Esk Economy. Governor Actions Two Cohorts of Eskian Scouts (The Provinces Famed Light Cavalry) would be raised to the experience of veterancy, they would be supplied with T3 Steel Equipment. (10AP) Even more emphasis on horse breeding and stables would be encouraged by the Governor, creating a third breeder and stable at Tier 1. (15AP) The Local Legate would be invited to meetings, and coordinated with. The Governor would seek to build a relationship between the Imperial Garrison and Provincial Government. (0AP)
  4. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    The Rise (Mithradites' FRP) OOC/Apps

    Application: Skype: You have it. Province of choice: Esk Savannah (10) Governor (Their name, and a little personal history): Flavius Publius Lucius, a 46 year old Military Governor and overall commander of the Military of the Esk of Savannah. He has been at his post for just over a decade, his predecessor dying fighting the monstrous threats to the South. Your Provincial Culture: Due to the activity of monsters in this wild and dangerous region the people have a split society when it comes to their lifestyles. With about a quarter of the civilians living a Semi-Nomadic lifestyle never staying in one area for more than a few days, this evolution of culture is due to many villages being destroyed and leaving most of the permanent settlements being near Military structures with them being the safest with most of the agriculture focusing around the settlements closer to Military installations with the majority of the population residing there. The Military itself is generally considered a poor assignment within the Empire, though the troops are raised locally some of the officers consist of those sent to the Province as a punishment or death sentence. Though there are many native officers and they are generally promoted through merit, since skill and ability is emphasized due to the crisis as Monsters come North. Overall Loyalty towards the Empire remains, as the Government and Military of the Province recognizing they need support from the Imperials to protect the Province. The Priority of the Government is to find some way to contain the growing threat to the South, though no known method has been found. Outside of appealing for help from the other Provinces and the Imperial Authority, the Garrison of the Eskian Savannah must be increased along with their elite units. A Unique Military Unit for your Province (You should read the mechanics before you decide): Eskian Scouts,a hybrid melee, ranged unit of Light Cavalry being the rapid response unit of the the Eskian Savannah, it has the highest requirements of training in order for an individual to join, it solely consists of natives of the Province in both its rank and file and its officers. High Mortality rates put this as one of the most dangerous assignments for any unit in the Imperial Military.
  5. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kingdom of Britannia/Silver Knight Corporation "Keep Calm, Perform Professionally" 2158 Activity Britannia had would begin to adjust its focuses away from Agriculture as there had already been so much investment the human populations of the worlds would continue to grow for the foreseeable future. The general economy, naval expansion and weapons development were back on the agenda for the Crown Corporation of Britannia. As such the allocated budget for the Navy would be increased over the course of the year to keep up with the possibility of being sent on the Crusade. Funds would be diverted to private contracts with associates of the FEZ in order to further improve the weapons that the ships had and the economy would be invested in so business could once again grow on Armathwaite to keep up the massive GDP Growth of the Kingdom. Lastly among the activity in the Kingdom would be producing infantry equipment, namely Disruptor Rifles to arm the Royal Security Forces. Action Points 48 AP is spent on building 5 Light Cruisers and 7 Frigates taking up 48/49 shipyard Capacity in the Kingdom. 40 AP would be allocated into Business, investing more in it for further AP growth. 10 AP would be spent manufacturing Regular Infantry Equipment in order to arm the Royal Security Forces with new Tier 3 Disruptor Rifles. 41 AP would be spent assisting Hephaestus Enterprises upgrade and improve the Swarmer Missiles.
  6. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Dominion of Devils

    The responses would be added again and again and again and again and again and again, the facts would triumph.
  7. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Dominion of Devils

    "Courland was never aided by the Dominion, in fact the Dominion fought against Courland in all times it tried to oppose a united Humanity or Renatus-Marna. The Dominion just wants to be left alone, but you froth at the mouth because they enforce their own laws. The Dominion has fought against the Prince, it has contributed and sacrificed the most so far in the fight against the September Prince. You are blinded by a hatred that you can't even seem to justify with correct facts or knowledge of history whatsoever." a response would be laid in the Cities through various friends in these Canonist Cities.
  8. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Public Denouncement of the Crown of Malin

    “Doesn’t explain why the Dominion so far has put the most effort in, or mention the fact the Uruk and Farfolk settlements were closer to the Prince. Not to mention he doesn’t put his name to his accusation, meaning he truly has no confidence in them and nor is he willing to die for his convictions. Just wants to stir a pot because of his own inadequacies.” Remarks Artanis the rather aware thirteen year old elf
  9. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    [✗]Dungrimm's Will

    (( Talk to any Dominion Council members, we were under the impression this was something Ord and the Runelords were pushing. Either Fid deceived your side IC and OOC (Which isn't a stretch) or Ord and the Runelords are telling fibs. Either way Fid is part of the Runelords not the Dominion. Again though, it might just be left best down to the discretion of the GMs in charge. ))
  10. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    [✗]Dungrimm's Will

    (( You'd be correct, if however it wasn't the case that the Dwarves of Ord and Az'adar did not already confirm and repeat their hostile intent towards Kaz'Ulrah. So far the Dominion made clear its intent to back out and signed a treaty with Kaz'Ulrah while Haense and the Dwarven parties have not made any clear attempt to, Fid was more of an agent of the Runelords than Dominion (Hence why he's banished from the Dominion now). But I leave it up to the GMs, it is a bit of a confusing mess. ))
  11. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    [✗]Dungrimm's Will

    (( To clarify, the Dominion did not agree to declare war, as such war was not declared by the Dominion. I can provide logs to prove this if need be. The Dominion was also not a leader of the alliance and the treaty from the Elven perspective was deemed invalid as it was signed without the requirements I personally asked for to be met. The Elves were also not the leader of the Alliance and conflict and its intent were declared by Ord not the Dominion. ))
  12. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Last Will and Final Goodbyes from the Late Elven King

    =Last Will and Testament of the Elven KIng, Abelas Sa’roir Caerme’onn 1679= Several letters would be sent out by the executor of the Will of the late Elven King as per his wishes should he depart from this world sooner than originally intended. They would reach those as follows. To Quillian Caerme’onn To Vah To Artimec Caerme’onn To Mother To Kairn To Renn To Toren To Arwenia To Khaine To My Immortals To Belestram, though this letter seems a little dated To my Sons To the Owl Druid To Awaiti A printed copy of a letter that reads below is sent to one of many other people that Abelas had close bonds with because there seem to be many. And finally, a list of heirlooms that will be bestowed upon certain groups and individuals from the Late Elvenking The Caribou Druid’s Staff - To Sister Owl of the Naelurir to be held in Trust by the Naelurir until a suitable successor to the Caribou Druid is found. The Caribou Druid’s Priestly Deer Mask- To Sister Owl of the Naelurir, for whatever purpose she deems fit. The Sa’roir Bloodline Fortune - To Artanis Sa’roir, third born son of Abelas to look after himself and his mother while he is an infant. Abelas Sa’roir Caerme’onn’s Tree House within Caras Eldar - To Artanis Sa’roir for individual use or resale back to the Government. School of the Fox and Stag Pendant - The former to Artanis Sa’roir, the latter to Kairn Ithelanen. School of the Fox Twin Blades - To be held in Trust by Kairn Ithelanen if any of Abelas’s sons become worthy. (Apologies if the formatting is off it was ass to write. Please don't troll in responses, would prefer things to be genuine.)
  13. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    The Kingsmoot of 1679

    Artanis Sa'roir, invited by the Regent would step up and roll out a prepared speech, likely not prepared by himself due to his young age. Despite his youth he'd appear confident in what he'd be saying and he wouldn't stutter or make mistakes "Chieftains and Chieftesses of Caras Eldar, my father has passed and there must be a new King or Queen. I wish I could run, but I am too young. My fathers preference was with Renn and as my fathers son I would feel that he would be at ease knowing his work and legacy is in the hands of someone who knew it as well as her. I implore each and every one of you to vote for Renn in respect of my fathers wishes." he'd say, finishing his speech and backing away to watch the rest of the proceedings.
  14. I didn't want to PK, I have to admit that I am disappointed that the group and in some respects individuals involved in my characters death either don't PK or are defending not PKing which appear to be under the same circumstances I was in. I may have not liked the fact my character died and I might have thrown salt at the people who did it but I still followed through with the PK. I find it a bit disrespectful towards the RP I put in not to see t i t for tat.

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  15. Will (TauFirewarrior)

    Treaty of the Dry River

    Abelas would sign his name to the treaty.