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  1. Kingdom of Lyonesse https://youtu.be/PT-OrhPe_qk Overview As the year passes it grants a bounty to those who live within the expansive realm of the Lady and her Knights. The harvests throughout the Kingdom feed the many mouths around the world through its grain exports, Lyonesse vintages are sought after by many of the Kingdoms smaller neighbours with their respective local elite. However there was a darkness on the horizon, the Horse Lords to the East, the Brute Warbands in the North and now Mori Pirates threatening to raid the coast unless tribute is given to placate them. The Knights, Dukes and the King of Lyonesse knew this could not stand and they had to put the Kingdom ready for war, lest they be caught off guard. Military Preparations The Dagger-Ear Pirates had the courtesy of giving warning to the Kingdom that they had their eyes set on enslaving the common folk and defenceless. Fortunately for the Knights of Lyonesse much of the Kingdom was inland, with only small stretches of coastline to realistically require defending. An army of ten thousand would be sent to the Northern Coastlines, with the local Nobility being instructed to set up watchtowers and prepare an early warning system through the use of beacon towers. Many villages would have been cleared of all inhabitants during the year and dummy villages with suspect loot would be set up. The Yeomanry would act as scouts to see in the following months or years if the bait is taken. (Mod) Another Force would encamp itself on the Western Borders of the Kingdom, closer to the City States, though not acting too outwardly aggressive, merely keeping watch for the time being. (Mod) Domestic Policies The Kingdom would see fit to encourage the Nobility and Freeholders of the realm to attempt to increase the crop yields throughout the realm, in order to begin stockpiling properly due to the threats looming closer to the Kingdom. (Mod) The King and his Court on the other hand would begin preparations to host a Grand Tourney in the City of Lyon in the following year. With Jousting, a Melee and an Archery Competition being the main attractions. (Mod) Diplomatic Actions The Human City States on the Border of Lyon would be offered protection by the Knights of Lyonesse and would be invited to send envoys to Lyon to discuss what this might entail. (Mod)
  2. Discord: Civilisation (Name): Kingdom of Lyonesse Capital (Name): Lyon Government (Empire, Republic, etc, you may go into details): Monarchy, the Kingdom is headed by the King of Lyonesse and backed by a bloated but supremely loyal aristocracy formed around the concepts of Knighthood, Chivalry, Honour and Loyalty. Racial Distribution (Primary Race, probably minorities?): Humans, no minorities that are noted. Racial traits (as needed): Human racial traits. Religion (Whatever you prefer, you may be creative): The Faith of Lyon itself is centred around the myth of the Shieldbearer and First Knight, the former being a noteworthy noblewoman who took up the shield of the First Knight so that she might protect the innocence as the First Knight took up his sword to fend off those who would prey on the defenceless. In a dualistic Pantheon of sorts each is referred to as The Lady and the Knight respectively, both revered equally among Lyonesse society for their favour. Many pilgrims traversing the Kingdom itself to visit the holy sites of both deities, often seeking to drink from the grail of which was supposedly blessed by The Lady and her Knight. Technology & Arcana (that is notable; have you pursued magic? Be fair and remember to do tradeoffs): The Magics pursued in the Kingdom itself are completely based around the concepts of the Lady and the Knight, using magic to transform Knights into superbeings and the embodiment of piety so that they might fight darkness. In regards to technology, it is largely funded via patronage through the aristocracy, as such it can be slow development, often with nepotism overshadowing true innovation. Description (Culture, history, politics etc): The Culture of Lyonesse is largely based around the incredibly bloated aristocracy and the ideals of Chivalry, Honour, Loyalty and Piety. The number of Knights in the Kingdom is said to be beyond count even by those educated enough to count. The nobility and gentry of the Kingdom making up Thirty Percent of the Total Population of the Kingdom. Due to this it has left much of the Kingdom cramped in regards to borders, land ownership and the likes. Lower Nobles often using Commoner Freeholders to lease off their lands and creating a class of farm owners who compete with one another on behalf of their lord. The Freeholder Class itself makes up a further Ten Percent of the population. Within the Cities of Lyonesse a growing class of merchants and artisans who make up another Ten Percent of the population, trading the goods from the countryside and foreign goods, crafting the tools needed for all elements of society. Lastly there are the non-land owning commoners outside of the cities accounting for a full half of the Kingdoms population. Most of which find themselves toiling the fields of the Nobles and Freeholders, others finding themselves joining the Army as Footmen or Yeomans. Most people in the Kingdom find themselves born into the class or profession they’re born into, it is almost impossible for a commoner to be raised to nobility, it takes the King himself to bestow a title of Nobility. The Knighthood however does allow for those not born into it to have a shot at joining, albeit it is rare due to the expensive nature of becoming a Knight. For Knights the only commoners typically able to join the ranks are the second or third sons of prominent Merchants or Artisans who can sponsor their children to join a Nobles Household as a page or squire. Some peasants will sometimes find themselves rewarded by their local liege by them taking a son should some significant service be granted. The more lax nature of the Knighthood Class is attributed to the constant need for expansion of the Kingdoms borders either through conquest or migration, often at times some Knightly Houses will find themselves extinct, fathers dying with their sons and grandsons on the field of battle. Due to the Knighthood making up a significant portion of the Military might of Lyonesse, it requires new blood constantly, it is here and only here where merit means something over blood. Freeholders in Lyonesse often know their situation is precarious when it comes to owning land, especially if their liege has a rival and loses a feudal dispute, so they will typically use their land for cash crops, agriculture to expand their own wealth so that they might keep their position more secure. As a consequence there are many vineyards and plantations dotted across the Kingdom, Knights and Nobles often growing and monopolising grain and wheat with the Merchants in the cities who are more interested in courting the Knightly and Noble Houses than the Freeholders. Geography & location (As detailed as you wish, with a note on the map below as to where your realm would be in existence): There are many rivers flowing through the Kingdom allowing for excellent irrigation and natural defence throughout the land, allowing for a large agricultural based economy. With the climate allowing for wine, tobacco and other cash crops to be grown due to its forgiving nature. There are however alpine regions that are said to be rich with ore, with much of the road networks of the Kingdom passing through these areas to allow for the transportation of ores to the cities so that the artisans and merchants might ply their trade. Size (Tying in with racial distribution, as well as geographic location. Be just, the map is only that big): Due to its history of migration and conquest of its respective region the Kingdom is large and home to a large population that is further heightened due to the economic focus on agriculture. On the map it borders the North of the Scarlet Order taking vast swathes of land in that general area.
  3. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity Expenditure and actions Four Farms are constructed as to keep up with the rate of growth acceptable by the Princely Council of Fey. (20,000) Four Trade Caravels are constructed with the intended purpose of increasing trade with Danwent. (16,000) Further research is put into the Ballista concept. (15,000 this turn. 45,000 invested total) New Temples are raised across the Kingdom, to show reverence and dedication to the Elder Soul, four are constructed. (54,000) One thousand Greenthroat Guard are to be raised this year to replace the losses in the field, they will be equipped with stored T3 Equipment. (6,000) Nine manufactories are sprung up across the Kingdom to further increase the economic output of the Fey. (67,500)
  4. “The followers of Irrin Sirame gave the Alders a home where they had none before, they gave them special cultural privileges as to ensure the continued existence of their people’s ways. You betrayed me Maln, you ripped my heart from my chest, sacred vows and pacts of blood were spilt because I was a true friend of the Alderfolk. Now you insult my people over what? Living a life that isn’t fuelled by absolute conflict? You did this to be contrarian and only that, to once more attempt to put your people on top of mine. I expect a wolfs blade will find its way to me because I decided to critique you and this move. Well you’ve already broken my heart, I’m sure taking my life would be easy for you.” Pens Artanis to Kairn
  5. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity Expenditure and actions Four Farms are constructed as to keep up with the rate of growth acceptable by the Princely Council of Fey. (20,000) Four Merchants Guilds are established in the new Cities that have been established. (40,000) A New Port is constructed on a newly established Coastal City on the Barrier. (15,000) Further research is put into the Ballista concept. (15,000 this turn. 30,000 invested total) Ten manufacturers are constructed. (75,000) Two outposts are established in order to spread the borders of Fyr-Darrick. (10,000) https://i.gyazo.com/dfda54fb03483fec05533a47e8f992a7.png
  6. This is the biggest shitpost of the day
  7. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity Expenditure and actions Four Farms are constructed as to keep up with the rate of growth acceptable by the Princely Council of Fey. (20,000) Low Stone Walls are constructed in the City of Anmyr and Modryn (20,000) Research into the Multi-Shot Ballista is continued with the same budget allocated. (15,000. 15,000 already invested) Four towns are upgraded to Cities (60,000) Three Thousand Greenthroat Guard are to be raised with T3 equipment. (42,000)
  8. Prince Artanis Caerme’onn would sign this document ratifiying it.
  9. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity In the streets of the City formerly known as Lamentation the citizenry are gathered together by the Magi Priestess Dycha and many of the lesser Priests of the Great Chieftain and Allfather of the Fey Race. Many of their assistants would be carrying baskets full of bread, being handed out in an orderly fashion being overseen by several Cohorts of Royal Fey Spears, officers carefully watching the crowd. The human civilians still looking a little gaunt even over a year after the siege had finally ended, the food programs instituted by the Crown saving many from starvation. Soon all the bead had been given out, almost everyone in the crowd given enough to eat for the duration of what this assembly was. On a large stage the High Priestess would appear before the crowd, staff in hand looking down at the gathered masses. “My Children, long have you suffered under your oppressors! The Monarchs and Lords of Death who inhabited this very forest. Now you are free, free to live life in all its wonders. The plenty that only us the Fey can offer you, the bread we hand out today comes from the Royal Stores themselves. King Eonir wishes to see if your people can be redeemed for the crimes committed against this forest. Should you prove yourselves, you will flourish under this new order and be able to grow and the Forest may accept you. To the Fey all life is sacred and as such we consider you our children that must be protected and guided to the righteous path. So eat this bread, then join us in prayer to the Allfather and express gratitude at the life that you have today, as your former masters wished to take it from you.” The Priestess would finish her sermon, stepping off from the podium, most of the humans that remained evidently were never very fervent in the worship of Death due to their choice to live under the Fey rather than starve and die. On the other side of the Kingdom in its original heartlands the Princely Council of the Fey watch the events from across The Barrier with increasing concern for the wars that were going on. Their King Eonir secludes himself from much of the administration of the Kingdom and even much of the diplomacy aside from his desire to spread the Forest into the West. Expenditure and actions Four Merchants Guilds are constructed in the Cities that were formed from the previous year. (40,000) Four Farms are constructed as to keep up with the rate of growth acceptable by the Princely Council of Fey. (20,000) An additional 4,000 Heavy Infantry would be slotted for recruitment this year costing the treasury a vast sum. (48,000) Three Barracks would be constructed to increase troop recruitment for the following year. (15,000) Tinkerers and Blacksmiths would be tasked in the new Laboratory Facilities the Kingdom had acquired would be put to task. The Royal Army would task them into creating a multi shot Ballista for field armies. (15,000) (Education: 2)
  10. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity Within the great canopies of the Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick and its borders that stretch ever further West and North, with its destiny to eventually encompass the majority of the modern Greenthroat. The training fields outside the Capital of the vast forest Kingdom would be bustling with activity, the raising of troops for further campaigns with time now firmly on the side of the Fey. New heavy troops undergoing their training, supervised by the veterans of the Darkyrian Campaign, young Fey drawn from all over the territories and rural spaces of the Kingdom, many who’ve never seen armoured troops or even metal weaponry. The King himself observes from a distance, watching his army once more be raised as to march on crusade for the living and to expand and maintain the Greenthroat and restore it to what it once was. Elsewhere in the Greenthroat many settlements that had transformed into towns in the previous year get the support they need to become cities and consolidate the realm further, ensuring that no land is stolen by the outsiders and wrongfully exploited. The War in the Forest finally behind the Fey Kingdom, it could see to its expansion and growth in all areas to create an Empire in this world that could protect those living from the forces of ruination, undeath and sometimes even themselves. Expenditure and actions Five farms are constructed upon the newly acquired river from former Darkyria, now dubbed the Greenblood River. This is to ensure the continued growth of the ever expanding population of Fyr-Darrick (25,000) Four thousand Heavy Infantry are to be raised after the war to prepare for the campaign in the West. They will be equipped with Steel Equipment from that in storage and that which is newly forged. (42,000) Four Outposts are given their town charters that allow them to consolidate in their area of control. (Free) Four towns are consolidated into Cities. (60,000)
  11. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity The Assaults on the City of Lamentation had finally begun, all forces present would take the city with speed rather than the siege of the Glade of Eternal Midnight that took many years to finally conclude. New siege weaponry, large forces of light infantry used as a front line force to simply overwhelm the enemy within backed up by Heavy and Medium Infantry. Though lacking the command of their King, those remaining commanders felt confident in their ability to take the city once and for all. Though what to do with the many captured civilians afterwards was something that was still pondered among both the commanders and members of the esteemed priesthood that were there acting as support through magic and healing. Needless to say the casualties will be high for both sides in this fight, and it will mean the Legions of Fyr-Darrick would have to spend a significant portion of time rebuilding for their next campaign. The King having returned to the Heartlands after his pilgrimage to what the Fey currently call the Heart of the Forest, transformed, changed and something that presently spooked much of the Court in the Capital of Talsyn and the City of Anmyr. Spending more time back to the affairs of the State, reshaping it to fit his new religious fervour and visions that he had seen. Upsetting some of the old ways that business was done to some in his long absence. The Merchant City of Anmyr would remain open to business as the eyes of the Kingdom would continue to look West and now to the North, the King ordering the Warden of Fyr-Darrick to begin organising migrations and new settlements to be constructed to expand the Borders in the desired directions as to protect the forest. Expenditure and actions Siege costs would amount to 35,000 to construct a sufficient number of trebuchets and siege towers in order to take Lamentation with the full force of the combined army. Four farms are constructed in order to maintain the current level of growth. 20,000 An Ent is shaped through the magics of the forest. (3,000) Five Barracks would be constructed (25,000) Four settlements are created this year one heading west to help connect the two territories of Fyr-Darrick, three are built northwards. 20,000. https://i.gyazo.com/c46336ee81c56067361139c40fa99b8a.png
  12. “Sounds like that place has too many mages.” remarks an ‘ame
  13. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity The Kings retinue now returned to the homeland of Fyr-Darrick gathered themselves at the gates of the Capital Talsyn, within the Kings Glade. The King had gathered one hundred of the veteran Greenthroat Riders and one hundred of the elite Greenthroat Guard. The sun itself was beginning to rise, light managing to breach the dense canopy that rise highly within the forest that surround even the great cities of Fyr-Darrick. The King would appear, walking to mount his War Elk at the head of the column as they party would prepare to leave to traverse depths of the forests that have not yet been reached. Without a rousing speech or any words he would take the reigns of his mount and begin the long march, the column of elite and veteran soldiers passing through the gates. Eventually almost with no noise they would have left and vanished into the depths of the forests as they head north. Around the Darkyrian City of Lamentation the Fey would remain encamped and comfortable in their siege, the humans of Darkyria now were caged in, unable to supply themselves as the Fey grow their forces and prepare new siege techniques after learning of them through the Black Army. A further ten thousand infantry would be on their way to assist in the siege along with the allied forces that remained. Within the Kings timeframe the City would be taken and the war would finally be over. A new Ent would be created outside the City as it was decided the Royal Army would need as many of them as possible to ensure that the siege could be won in a single assault. Expenditure and actions The Expedition of King Eonir to the Northern Greenthroat as part of his vision from the Elder Soul would be undertaken. 100 Veteran Greenthroat Riders, 100 Elite Greenthroat Guard and one Magi would be accompanying him. They would bring along 10,000 for the expedition. All Outposts are upgraded to Towns. 35,000 is spent on buildings 7 farms in order to keep up with the rapid population growth of Fyr-Darrick 25,000 is spent on researching Trebuchets 3,000 is spent on creating a new Ent 20,000 is spent on recruiting 10,000 Light Infantry in order to prepare for the final assault on the Darkyrian Capital.
  14. Archduchy of Austria and Holy Roman Empire Overview Emperor Leopold I along with his advisers would cautiously watch as the events of the world would appear before him, the foreign policy of Austria and by extension the greater Holy Roman Empire was one of neutrality due to the great religious wars that had been going on for many years. The Hapsburg Hegemony in Germany and Spain had held for so many years and Leopold would see it prepared for the coming centuries, with new ideas in economics, administration and even expansion. Watching the Russians and Ottomans about to enter a phase of war presented risk to further greater Muslim Expansion into Europe, however the Russians were far away and the relationship with the Commonwealth would seem more important due to them being direct neighbours. Economy The Imperial reforms into studying economics and the potential of reforming the systems to allow for greater access to free but fair trade within the Empire itself are looked into. Seeking to build upon concepts of free trade within the borders of the HRE, rather than to the greater world. (Mod) Domestic The reforms are then looked to be pushed into the smaller Catholic realms in the HRE, aligning their own central bureaucracy with the greater Imperial one being established in Vienna. In return for surrendering some domestic control over the bureaucracy the Austrians offer to pay for infrastructural improvements and ensuring economic protection for merchants within the Empire. However Leopold strictly forbids this occuring in the Protestant States, as not to upset them at this stage. (Mod) Diplomatic Ottoman Diplomats are received in Vienna but are told sternly to send a missive to the Sultan “Withdraw from Hungary and no longer proclaim yourself Caesar. Once this is done, amicable relations can begin.” as the Ottomans to the eyes of the Austrians claim the title King of the Romans, when it is in fact held rightfully by Leopold I. (Ottoman Player Response Required) Military The Austrian Military would look to improve their line infantry and command structure with their officers. Seeing the Ottomans Military reforms they would not have the Holy Roman Empire fall behind. Military Reforms to improve the quality of the soldiers and officers of Austria would be undertaken as to incrementally push reforms if successful across the Catholic States of the Empire. (Mod) A Mobilisation of Austrian Military Forces would be undertaken, at this time HRE States are not levied. They would encamp close to Vienna as to prepare for a potential campaign.
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