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  1. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year 10,362 AE (No RP yet, still thinking stuff up) Expenditure 112,500 Available 2 armouries are produced, 15,000 A large funeral service is held for the victims of the bombing attacks for both the ministers and civilians present. 20,000
  2. Grand Duchy of Alamar Year 10,361 AE (No RP yet, still thinking stuff up) Expenditure 77,500 Available 2 Luxury goods Industry Buildings are built across the Stellarchy of Alamar in order to increase resource production and such. 2B, 10,000 1 Heavy Industry Building is built within the Stellarchy. 1B, 5,000
  3. Stellarchy of Alamar Starting Systems: 1H, 2H,3H,4H,5H,6H,7H,8H,9H,10H Point Distributions (21 Total): Loyalty: 4 Influence: 8 Military: Leadership: 5 Infrastructure: 4 Your Stellarch (Their name + Personal backstory): Grand Duke Severus Dryden, Stellarch of Alamar. Inheriting the leadership from his late father Severus found himself in a world he had no idea existed, his father dying unexpectedly young and the new Stellarch being young and inexperienced. It turned out that the House of Dryden operated a shadow economy along with criminal elements within their hereditary sector and had done so for centuries, leading a consortium of organisations. The early years of his reign weren’t the most stable and infighting within the consortium almost lead to the Stellarch being made a puppet of a mercenary organisation within the consortium, thankfully Severus while inexperienced was not a fool, as he made an alliance with one Nathaniel Barriston leader of a relatively new group within Alamar known as the Crimson Horizon with a complement of experienced though young soldiers, some even being child soldiers from the poorest planets within the sector. Displacing the original band of mercenaries within the Alamari Consortium, Nathaniel becomes one of the leaders within the criminal elements in the sector and is officially speaking a security contractor hired by the Stellarch. Since then Severus has simply worked to increase his position within the Empire and focused on improving his sector over others, making alliances with other Stellarchs and marrying into others of the peerage to increase his line. However he only has one legitimate child, being a daughter and another bastard who was legitimised and became his heir. Additional Characters?: Lord Albert Dryden, Senator of Alamar (Son and Heir, Senatorial Representative) Lady Annabella Dryden (Daughter) Duchess Isabella (Wife) Nathaniel Barriston (Enforcer/Military Leader) Provincial Culture: In line with the majority of the core culture, outwardly it appears as normal though behind the scenes many of the administrative activities within the sector are shady and legally grey. Especially with the Sector being one of the gateways into the true Imperial Core illicit activities are inevitable and the Government seeks to try to control it rather than attempting the endless attempts of stamping it out only for another to take its place. Those outside the inner or mid rim core areas are often seen as rustics and lightly scoffed at by the high society within the sector. Importantly there is a lot of transit within the sector, with the capital world being one of the gateways into the true Imperial Core, meaning a lot of the culture from the wider Empire is imported along with all the travellers, leading to elements of mid and outer rim human culture sticking around as some from the wider empire seek to make their fortunes closer to the core. This has lead to a wider naming convention that differs from the traditional Imperial due to the widespread nature of those who transit through Alamar to reach the Capital Sectors of the Empire. Outside of that the culture is highly stratified and has a large local nobility that has made up a large amount of the officer pool, though distasteful to many of the pureblooded nobles money also plays a huge part within society leading to merchants and shady businesses rising to prominence within Alamar. Hence the formation of a Consortium of businesses that may be considered legally grey in the wider Empire but are vital to ensure the economy and trade flows smoothly from the rustic provinces to the core sectors. Human Variants?: Pure Humans Unique Military Units (Two): Will discuss Pick a number between 1-10: 7
  4. “Huh, don’t recall getting attacked by Aldemar, but I might have been out.” says Artanis of Siramenor
  5. Devastation Year 45 P.D ANN - Broadcast “Good Evening this is Aestival News at 10pm, tonight's headlines are that in multiple seemingly coordinated attacks across the world, many leaders in politics and business have been assassinated or wounded in a mass terrorist attack. Wounded individuals in the attack include Business Magnate Shinzo Yashida, President Edison of the Emritian Republics and Cornelius Draken, the Commander of Drakengard among others. Killed in the attacks include almost the entire Chrysian Council of Princes, including the Prince President of their Union, Zhang Shi, Zhang Huang and Zhang Hue the three triumvirs of the Fujian Federation who have kept the factions at bay. In the United Principalities of Chryse, surviving member of the Council Maximillian Draken has declared a state of emergency, he himself nearly gunned down in the street just before a council session was intended to begin. Within the Fujian Federation the various factions have begun to consolidate power now their leaders have been killed, the Emperor appealing to peace and within the Emritian Republics Congress has likewise declared a state of emergency and deployed the State Forces. Heightened tensions worldwide have led economists to advise world leaders caution due to the uncertainty. Four Kaiju that are stated to be of Category Four in regards to their size have been spotted across the world, one in the North, one within the Drakengard Outposts, another in the Central Ocean, one close to Yashida Island and the last off the Emritian Coast. A spokesperson from Drakengard state they will be deploying even as their Commander is incapacitated and will attempt to contain the sudden threat. With the world on the brink, Aestival News Network will be providing 24/7 coverage on current events with our affiliate broadcasters worldwide. We send our prayers out to all in the world.” After the Broadcast it is reported a second Korolov device is set off in one of the Northern Free Cities, increasing the Nephilite particles into the atmosphere as a consequence and becoming a marker for the Kaiju nearby. Between the Almaland Republic and the Emritians, it would likely prove to be a prime target for the nearby Category Four Kaiju. Tautu Republika The last two years have been quiet for the Republic, but now all quiet had been drowned out by the chaos the world had endured. Kaiju to the North and uncertainty everywhere else the Republic would have to act carefully in order to survive what is to come. The Chrysian Colonial Defence Force, along with Chrysian Military assets would ask the Republic for coordination together should the Kaiju head North or South to attack any allied territories. The Corporation Things close to the Corporation seem dire and chaotic, but perhaps it is an opportunity for Entropy to show its quality. With a Kaiju near Entropy’s territory it may be up to the Corporation to attempt to kill it. Nearby in the Fujian Federation it would appear civil war is imminent as each of the factions are openly gathering their forces together. Fairfax Defense Solutions International Fairfax would be offered a contract by the Emritian Republics to assist them with the incoming Kaiju attack, otherwise the Private Military Corporation was relatively safe from the chaos in the world, even seeing a speculative stock price increase due to the tension in the world and the likelihood of mercenaries being needed in the world. Exotec Corporation [Doublepost next turn please] Sumiyoshi Clan News of Shinzo Yashida’s wounding would reach the Sumiyoshi Clan, with the Yashida heir temporarily taking over leadership of the elder Clan. The investigation begins, with information flowing from the streets and informants along with some from the Yashida with Shingen incharge. [Secret] Federal Republic of Almania [Doublepost next turn please] Tsardom of Khasavo Kaiju in the North likely to keep the Tsardom at ill ease, advisers and neighbours begin advising them to be prepared for a potential imminent attack, the Republican Khasavo and Kornograv would offer coordination. The League of Neutral Cities would welcome a diplomat to speak to the League Council. [Event] Skylords of Avar Sky Pirates begin to raid the shipping lanes of the Avarians, as expected. [Event] Raptures Hand Something watches, something waits…[Secret] Kornograv SFSR [Doublepost next turn please]
  6. Virus the notorious homosexual white supremacist neo-nazi, neo-confederate, Grand Master Dragon of the KKK.
  7. don’t think that’d work chief, someone would just reform it.
  8. You guys just don’t get the complicated mind of Drfate.

    1. iMattyz


      glad you figured statuses out you fool

  9. Personally I think Oren should make drfate its next emperor.
  10. Honestly found this thread very entertaining, thank you drfate.
  11. Devastation Year 44 P.D ANN - Broadcast “Good Evening this is Aestival News at 10pm, tonight's he-” the broadcast would be cut off suddenly with footage from the Sumiyoshi Civil playing showing the outright brutality of the street fighting, it plays for half a minute before it is cut off again this time replaced with footage watermarked with the Drakengard Emblem “Apologies to viewers, remnants of the Sumiyoshi Rebels attempted to show the world doctored footage but as always Drakengard Information Control managed to get a handle on the situation and show the true brutality of those who rebelled against the legitimate AoN recognised authority within the Sumiyoshi Territory. Your regular broadcasts shall resume momentarily.” “Once more good evening this is Aestival News at 10pm, we apologise for the brief interruption to our broadcast earlier and we thank Drakengard Information Control for ensuring that no fake news is broadcasted as fact. In the news in an official statement from the AoN the rebellion within the Sumiyoshi Provinces has been condemned for their cruel use of human shields and suicide bombers. The loss of life in the brief civil war is the largest seen since the days of the Devastation War but reports indicate the unrest has been quelled and life is beginning to return to normal for those citizens of the Sumiyoshi Clan. The General Secretary has announced that while Drakengard remains the independent military protector for the Alliance of Nations and those states within its sphere, he has relinquished the powers to withhold deployment from their Commander, leading to further independence for what many see as a global watchdog force against the Kaiju and other more human elements who would seek to undermine global peace and unity. With this it is rumoured that Drakengard will be investigating the new Nephilite Particle phenomenon that is occurring and leading to disruption in radio waves worldwide in minor cases and in more localised cases with excessive Nephilite Reactor use major disruption. The United Emritian Republics have declared that all use of Nephilite Reactors within city limits is banned unless there is an emergency. Terrorist attacks worldwide have been quelled, it was believed much of the activity was spillover from the rebel group in the Sumiyoshi attempting to cause unrest within the AoN. Lastly we would like to pay a tribute to General Secretary Sanderski as this will be his final year before the next election for the General Secretary, he has held the weight of the world on his shoulders and not flinched once and will be fondly remembered regardless of ideology or nationality. Stay tuned for gossip, sports and more. Tautu Republika Doublepost Next Turn The Corporation With further investments put into the broadcast centre more networks and channels would seek to base themselves within Entropy Corporate Holdings, raising the revenues from the venture. (+1000 per turn) Project E.Unity continues at the planned pace, soon hoping to lead to greater trade connections with the Emritians. Fairfax Defense Solutions International The Fairfax troops return home from their contract in the Sumiyoshi Territory, all surviving troops acquiring T2 Veteran Status and the Corporation itself receiving the remainder of the contracted fee along with a bonus. (20,000) Xi’ian Provinces TRIPLE Post Next Turn Exotec Corporation With the partnership of Exotec and the Schenbergs rumoured to occur it is a good sign for Friedrich, along with that all the annual operations run smoothly with no issues. Sumiyoshi Clan The Civil War had come to a close, reconstruction would begin and the trust between the Clan Leadership and the Citizens had to be rebuilt carefully. (-10,000 for 2 turns post civil war Devastation) Federal Republic of Almania With the assistance given to the Emritians, the Almanians may have gained information entirely by accident while their forces were deployed. [Secret] Tsardom of Khasavo The Khasavo continue another year of annual productivity and ensuring its own borders are safe, the announcement of anti-piracy activities to occur soon brings a level of confidence from the citizenry towards their government Skylords of Avar The Skylords outwardly appear to be adhering to the AoN limitations upon their nation, though building their navy up so that they might end the sky piracy issue that has begun plaguing the airways. All in all, the projects performed by the Avarians proceed as planned. Raptures Hand The Sneaky Cult still hides its existence from the world. New members join from abroad. [Event] Kornograv SFSR Many hail the Kornograv due to the actions and activities of General Secretary Sanderski, even staunch Capitalist nations have softened its stance towards the SFSR believing its leaders merely want what's best for the world, if a little misguided in their own view. The RCKK would accept the pact of non aggression. The Alpha Species You’ve been NPC’d you damn hobo.
  12. Kri’Ki -The Lord of Rivers, Marshes and Swamps- Origins Kri’Ki is the Prince of Crocodiles, Rivers, Marshes and Swampland, being the God of Armour, Patience and Seasonal Floods. Known in his realm within the Eternal Forest being a River that flows through all the Domains of the Fae feeding the growth and ensuring the denizens of the Fae Realm can survive and thrive through his guardianship of the rivers. While he maintains a watch on the rivers and tributaries within the Eternal Forest and the World at large, it does not mean they are not without dangers as he also represents the patient hunter readying to strike at any time from the depths, when prey leasts suspects. To many he may seem lethargic and slothful, resting most days until his hunger must be sated but to those in tune to his nature they understand that he is patience incarnate and knows only to use his energy when most needed to. A trait passed onto his subjects, the crocodiles and alligators of the world and that of the eternal forest, being hulky armoured beasts that while powerful and are not to be trifled with, representing to many that he is the God of protection as well as patience. Lastly it is known that he brings about the yearly flooding within his realm that stretches across the Eternal Forest, bestowing this blessing to those in the world itself should the balance be adequately adhered to by the descendants. Kri’Ki has known to be quick to anger, especially by descendants who do not follow any form of the balance, but also by his fellow Mani Princes having brought about droughts in vengeance and leaving the only bodies of water carefully guarded by his Crocodilian minions creating a treacherous risk for any who would seek to drink from his rivers. Patron Purpose What Kri’Ki represents to many is the patient hunter and attempting to bestow this blessing upon all, but also representing boons such as natural armour. Outside of his more Cernunnos side, he also maintains the rivers, swamps and marshes, responsible for natural flooding that becomes the lifeblood to many, animal and descendant alike. Those who dare summon him and disturb his slumber typically seek to appease him for flooding, or are hunters seeking his patience and protection. As the lord of all Crocodilians he uses his subjects to maintain his gaze upon the waterways of the world to ensure the balance is kept within them and enacting vengeance upon those who seek to trespass and ruin them. All those who adhere to the Druidic Faith know that he may be laying in wait for anyone without them even knowing, despite the power and size of his minions, they always have the element of surprise on their side. Relationship with other Mani Kri’Ki has something of a complicated relationship with the other Mani, having an affinity with the Avian Mani due to a shared protective nature over their nests, but holds something of a disdain for the Prince of Lizards, for it is he who represents those who would steal eggs from the nest. Outside of these Mani, Kri’ki tends to keep his distance from the others, once having fought with Morea and once having formed a bondship with Amaethon.
  13. Devastation Year 43 P.D ANN - Broadcast “Good Evening this is Aestival News at 10pm, tonight's headlines are a recent victory by AoN forces coordinated by Secretary General Sanderski has caused elation worldwide as yet another threat had been eliminated, while there are still many Kaiju in the world and their numbers never seeming to thin out to extinction the confidence of national, business and community leaders across the world has been raised that not only Drakengard forces are competent but also national militaries which assisted in the operation leading to very few casualties. For his quick response to the situation the General Secretary of the Alliance of Nations was offered several orders of merit from various nations, while a sometimes controversial figure on the security council none can doubt his handling of the situation was excellent. Tensions rose in the Security Council with various members protesting the admittance of the so called ‘Alpha Species’ with many perceiving them as a potential threat to the security of the world. With their ability to absorb Kaiju abilities into their own Pseudo-Kaiju some believe there is more to them than they let on. Though Drakengard assures us that the Kaiju are most certainly hostile to these creatures. It led to a crucial vote to make it illegal for the leaders of the so-called ‘Alpha Species’ to absorb Kaiju abilities without the express permission of the Security Council. A vote to expel their leaders from the Security Council narrowly failed and almost led to a follow up vote to attempt to remove the General Secretary for his perceived protective nature over them. Terrorist attacks have been reported across the Chrysian Colonies, in certain districts in the Emritian Republics and across the Sumiyoshi Clan Holdings. It is unknown at this time whether or not it is all linked or all isolated incidents. As this does not fall under the purview of Kaiju attacks national Governments will be required to quell their own respective unrest. In other events Drakengard observers have stated that there has been a significant increase in Nephilite Particles in the Atmosphere, while harmless to humans the increased usage of the technology has caused a side effect, it was unknown before now but the particles of Nephilite appear to disrupt radio waves and other forms of communication, so far the most that is affected is the guidance system in missiles which has rendered guided missiles effectively useless. Stay tuned for sports and weather. [Guided Missiles now have decreased effectiveness due to Nephilite Particles in the planets atmosphere, radio communication is still operational but in operation zones with high usage of Nephilite based weapons with their reactors it can be disrupted] Tautu Republika The Republic has yet another year of productivity and no interruptions, it is easy for it to do so well when it is in its isolated corner of the world. The people remain as content as they can be in the world that they find themselves in, however nearby the Chrysian Colonies request assistance in the form of Military Police that could be used due to them suffering internal strife and their homelands either unwillingness or inability to do it for them. The Corporation The unrest within the Corporations holdings is fully quelled and leads to the employees returning to their duties as good workers once again. People are once more feeling safe with the investment into the police and the rise of the Corporations finances once again now that the investigation is concluding. The results of the investigation are for the time being held by the General Secretary so it might be prudent for the executives to ensure that everything is all on the up and up within the Alliance of Nations. With the establishment of the broadcast centre, many foreign broadcasters and channels wish to establish themselves within the Corporations holdings, due to lower rents and taxes. It is announced that the Aestival News Network will be moving to Entropy Holdings. [+500 A Turn from the Broadcast Centre, should it be expanded it could potentially produce more money] Fairfax Defense Solutions International Fairfax continues to see its fortunes rise and continue to do so in a steady fashion, their name recognition being spread across the world. It is to this effort that the Yashida Group would approach the private military corporation in order to secure a contract for them. Xi’ian Provinces Double Post Next Turn Exotec Corporation The little science directory continues its work in peace within its mountain stronghold, very little wishes to bother them and it suits many of the engineers and scientists within their community just fine. Their projects continue as planned with the deadlines inching ever closer and structures being sprung up wherever there is space for them. The Schenbergs would request a meeting however, due to both organisations' love for science to see whether or not there is room for cooperation. Sumiyoshi Clan The Clans are at war! A civil war has erupted within the Sumiyoshi Territory between those loyal to the main Sumiyoshi Clan and the subclans that have decided to rebel and halt their tribute payment towards their boss. Blood is on the street as this war isn’t as all out as other conflicts in the world; it has caused a drain on the Clans' finances, but at the very least those who remain on their side are now loyal. (+1 Loyalty, -2000 a Turn unrest until the ‘civil war’) [Event] Federal Republic of Almania The President of the Emritian Republics asks the Almanians to keep their guard up, due to their own nation suffering from recent terrorist attacks, they don’t ask for aid but said if any were sent they’d appreciate it. Other than that all is quiet within Almania, the terrorist threat that is seemingly permeating across the globe hasn’t found its way into the walled Republic. Tsardom of Khasavo Khasavo now building ties with Chryse through marriage see’s celebration and elation across its Empire now the wedding has occurred, no incidents were recorded to have happened during the ceremony or other celebratory events. Many dignitaries from across the world appeared but most importantly for the Khasavo, other nobles from Chryse that were not limited to the House of Draken. Okhrana budget increases are welcome by those working inside of it leading to further internal security and protection from any potential threats of this nature. Skylords of Avar Other nations appreciate the Skylords taking a stance against piracy, hoping that they might be able to become a bulwark against them due to their increasing efforts against the trading lanes of the rest of the world. Other than that the Skylords continue their economic recovery and the AoN inspectors resume their visits now the Crab Kaiju has been eliminated. Raptures Hand Secret Cult Expansion is Secret. You are visited upon again. [Event] Kornograv SFSR Triple Post Next Turn The Alpha Species Triple Post Next Turn
  14. Devastation Year 42 P.D ANN - Broadcast “Good Evening this is Aestival News at 10pm, tonight's headlines are the worldwide markets receive a boost as the tensions between the Entropy Corporate State and the AoN Investigation into Professor Anton Korolov are put to rest, with Entropy Inc allowing the AoN Investigators into their territory to conduct a full and thorough investigation into the claims put forward by the Xi’an Provinces that an employee of the Corporate State was responsible for his murder. Lead Investigator from Drakengard, Captain Tiberius Stettin says due to the delay it will take some time before results can be met and for now much of the investigation is under wraps. Despite this with the market relief, there are concerns that if the investigation comes up unfavourably for Entropy it could lead to a conflict. Drakengard Security Forces among other national task groups have managed to lure a Kaiju off the coast of the Xi’an Provinces into a more favourable battleground for the combined forces. Concerns over the costs of this operation have been raised by the Fujian Federation, since Drakengard have spent the year attempting to lure the Kaiju back out to sea but have failed, costing some lives and forcing a longer operational time for those stationed aboard this small task force. Battle is expected to begin in the early months of this year during the Southern Hemispheres summertime. Live updates will be available on our net site once hostilities commence. It would seem the 40s are the decade of megastructures, megaprojects and mega construction, the Schenberg Group has resumed construction on all four of its Orbital Elevator sites across the world and has signed a lucrative protection contract with Fairfax, leading to a sharp increase in the Private Military Companies share price. The Entropy Corporation has also begun its own megaproject of the Emritian-Entropy Undersea Tunnel system, designed to create a system of freight trains and vehicle tunnels to connect the North and South Continent without having to pay the price for Airships or attempt to move through the Exclusion Zone and the Harmon Territory. All this news leaves many to hold out hope that with massive funding going towards civil projects that hopefully it can bring the world closer together. Stay tuned for sports and weather.” Tautu Republika All proceeds as planned within the Republic, with the recruitment of Military Police to ensure law and order is maintained those few people truly disgruntled about their lot in life will keep any complaints civil or to themselves. Construction is aplenty with the shipyards providing a lot of manual labour low skilled work for the impoverished peoples of Tautu. In short the researchers are researching, the builders are building and the Republic is acting as a highly functional and relatively prosperous nation considering the times. The Corporation The unrest continues as many see without police on the streets and the Military either being too heavy handed or not willing to do policing duties they see as beneath them crime rates remain steady. However with the new deal struck between Entropy and the Emritian some of the unrest is quelled. Unrest reduced to -5000 G a turn until 10,000 Police are recruited. Project E.Unity begins, workers on both sides of the proposed tunnel begin building the entrances on either side, the entrances are expected to be completed by 48 P.D. should the same annuel investments be met. Fairfax Defense Solutions International The PMC would see a fair bit of new business and investment interests go their way after signing the lucrative protection contract with the Schenberg Conglomerate, making headline news and bringing the public's attention to Fairfax in a positive light. The Anti-Icarus Missile Launcher project goes ahead, it is fairly simple in concept as anti-vehicle weapons are not exactly too complex. Expected by 46 P.D. Xi’ian Provinces The Crab Kaiju is close, leaving an air of anxiety for many within the Provinces, religious figures would begin ceremonies and speak to the gods and spirits that the common Xi’an might worship to bring them victory. Even the Scarlet Emperor of the Fujian Federation expresses his worry and concern to the Governor. The Fujian Emperor writes his letter of thanks to the Governor, officially bestowing the title of Marquis onto him. The Communists and Republican Nationalists within the Federation protest this, the relationship between the Provinces and the Monarchy is heightened, but at the expense of its relationship with the Communists and the Republicans. Exotec Corporation Double Post Next Turn Sumiyoshi Clan Double Post Next Turn Federal Republic of Almania The Task force from Almania is sent forth with high public support, the people of the Republic holding the Kaiju in the lowest regard and want the heroes of their nation to be fighting the perpetual war, it is clear to the Government that the mood of the Country is that the Devastation War never really ended for them, even as the peace has persisted for many years and official rationing ended. Tsardom of Khasavo Khasavo is bustling with a more celebratory mood with the Crown Prince of the Empire confirmed to be marrying a Princess of Chryse bringing the two nations together. The wedding is held within Khasavo itself this year and a formal pact is signed between Khasavo and the Principality of Arnheim. Okhrana is fully established. Skylords of Avar The Skylords are given a reprieve, this year the Drakengard Inspectors are absent, their organisation clearly stretched thin. Other than that the Skylords Conference can go on unimpeded by nosey Drakengard inspection teams, for now at the very least. Raptures Hand Secret Cult Expansion is Secret. Drakengard soon lose track of the experiments. Kornograv SFSR Double Post Next Turn The Alpha Species Double Post Next Turn
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