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  1. Yashida Bakufu Overview Stat Post this week Expenses and Actions 20,000 is spent for Westervald to build railways across the Yashida territory, excluding forbidden mountain ranges.
  2. Yashida Bakufu Overview Peace, thought in the mind of the Hidden, perhaps the Daimyo received omens from the spirits that guided him to seek it. He was somewhat confused given the mood he felt in the Jizuru City, either way the Daimyo’s life was not to be taken for the time being and Tanuki could now be recalled. But it would not be long before he would be sent out on new missions to protect the interests of the nation and to acquire knowledge of the outside world, Tanuki knew in his heart the Shogun would send him and maybe other of the Hidden outside of the world of the Yashida and Jizuru, into something more unknown and especially dangerous for someone like him. But his people owed their loyalty and lives to the Yashida Clan, so long as the Shogun protected them from the outside world he and those chosen with abilities would serve. Expenses and Actions Nine Shipyards are constructed (9,000, 9M) Three thousand Shogunate Guard Infantry are raised (7,500, 9AP, 9S) A Hidden is summoned (2,000, 2AP) Two Transports are constructed (3,500, 2SP) Research is undertaken into railways, the Shogun feeling his country may be behind its neighbours soon. Aid in this endeavor is requested from their Westervald seeing as they were the pioneers. It is requested as a measure of goodwill between the two countries. (Mod)
  3. Yashida Bakufu Overview Winter having set in over the siege of the Jizuru, the Shogunate Army surrounding the settlement, shivering and suffering some attrition while those in the town were warm and ate. Tanuki would watch over the enemy town during the nights watching the people and their habits as an army surrounds their homes. He admired them for their bravery and faith in their leader, wondering what it took for the trust between the people and their Lord to grow to such a degree that none were worried despite being outnumbered and under siege with finite supplies. Shivering slightly Tanuki would watch as he could see his breath even with himself wrapped up warmly the man would traverse the City watching the people, the soldiers and listening to their words as he blended in and to most seemed just like any other citizen. He would return to the duties his own Lord had trusted him with, wondering if the trust between the people of his village and the Shogun were as strong as Jizuru. In the Siege Camps outside the City the second in command Saito Hiroto would be doing his rounds inspecting the troops he was personally responsible for, hearing the whispers of discontent about ‘Old General Slaughter’ lamenting the potential of being thrown once more at the enemy once the spring came. Two soldiers would salute him as he entered his tent, the General sitting at his desk and looking over the vast amounts of paperwork that Gorou had left him to do. Requisition orders for equipment and reinforcements, letters of condolences to families back home. He was given a thankless job by a superior many disliked, but he would do it as he must follow his orders. His rising popularity and prominence with the army and court officials back home didn't matter what work he did, Gorou represented the Samurai Old Guard, while he was the new and the future and he knew the Shogun would favour him when the time came. Expenses and Actions Two thousand Shogunate Guards are raised and trained to meet the demands of the army. (5,000, 6AP, 6S) Five Manufactories are constructed across the realm to increase revenues. (5,000, 5M) A Foundry would be constructed (2,750, 2M) Two Shipyards are constructed (2,000, 2M)
  4. Yashida Bakufu Overview With the victory of the autumn the Yashida were now bouncing back from their previous defeat, they would advance into the Jizuru’s territory now that they had largely broken the enemy army. Though they would not assume they’d be unopposed, skirmishers and cavalry would act as scouts for the army itself to ensure that any remnant of the Jizuru Army doesn’t get the chance of ambush against Gorou and Saito. The war itself was a learning process for the Shogunate, their first attempt at fighting an enemy of similar strength had most certainly had mixed results and it has somewhat caused Gorou’s reputation to suffer somewhat. In the Capital fresh troops and more money into industrial efforts would be undertaken, along with planning to build more factories around the country to overall increase the tax revenue and getting the people to work productively and support the economy to allow for a quick and speedy recovery and growth of the army itself. Expenses and Actions Four factories are built across the country. (4,000, 4M) Two thousand Shogunate Guard are raised and trained to meet the demands of the army. (5,000, 6AP, 6S) The Yashida Army continues its advance into Jizuru territory, though messengers are sent out offering to open up talks, but not before the Yashida Army is firmly within Jizuru Borders as to give pressure. (Mod)
  5. Yashida Bakufu Overview The Yashida were bloodied but not broken, they would redouble their efforts. Expenses and Actions Four Gunsmiths are built [4,000, 4M] A Unit of Medium Infantry is recruited [2,000, 2AP, 2S, 1MP] Two Towns are settled within the Yashida territory.[5,000, 2M] The Army is reorganised and three screw frigates from the Navy are sent to shadow the army and assist them with coastal activities.
  6. Yashida Bakufu Overview Yashida Shinzo would sit within the garden of his Castle reminiscing over years past, a man well into his sixties he was born into a feudal society. He could see creeping over the walls of his vast estate, the smoke billowing from the factories below his family's great citadel. It was he who from his youthful days sought to reform the aging Kingdom of which his Clan rules over and having fought political games with the various Samurai, Aristocratic and Royal Officials who feared the loss of their power the now elderly Shogun sighed reliving the memories of the political games of the past. From the corner of his eye he spied his Commissioner for War, Kazuma Gorou a man easily identifiable from his traditional Samurai mask which he wore due to severe disfigurement from his time putting down reactionary uprisings during the first stages of modernisation which his liege undertook. “My Lord, the Jizuru have begun to shut their borders, the Daimyo hides behind his walls.” the General would say after bowing to the Shogun. “He continues to deny the reality of the times, refusing to adapt, he believes he can keep his land trapped in the past.” the Shogun retorts with a scoff, rising from his seated position before turning his gaze and full attention to Kazuma Gorou “Begin training the Army in the North, I want you to oversee the situation yourself carefully. I will provide you with more information and orders later.” he simply commanded, the Commissioner quickly bowing and turning leaving his liege’s garden. Seeing the smoke billowing over in the distance he sighed, it was an ugly sight which he could see from his otherwise beautiful garden. This was progress and this was what would keep Yamatai and her people safe from the influence from the foreigners. Expenses and Actions An additional two powder mills would be constructed to allow for gunpowder stocks and production to rise. [3,000, 2M] A Hidden is summoned to the Capital [2,000, 2AP] Three Manufactories are constructed [3,000, 3M] An Army is sent towards the North of the most Easterly Province of the Bakufu and begins performing training exercises close to the border. [Troops moved near to F4 Province] Diplomats are sent to Westerveld and the Jizuru in regards to opening up talks for trade, non aggression etc. Though the Government does not expect any progress with the Jizuru. [Mod]
  7. Discord: (I’m in it) Nation Name: Yashida Bakufu (Yashida Shogunate, Kingdom of Yamatai) Flag: Culture: The Culture of the Country itself is defined by its social stratification and the recent development from a feudal society to a centralised nation state with the Shogun and the Bakufu at its head. Behind the Militaristic Government is a Monarchy that serves as a religious symbol that unifies the nation and maintains the cultural balance between the State and the people it governs over. The Shogunate Governs through use of three Commissioners that are typically hereditary but the Clans heading each Commission may find themselves removed from their power if they prove to be incompetent. The people of the nation can be described as militaristic, patriotic and highly superstitious in nature leading to some xenophobia in more isolated communities and a general mistrust of outsiders. Modernisation of the Country has been made difficult due to this nature, the Bakufu were forced to put down reactionary revolts seeking to halt the progress in industrialisation and modernisation of aspects of the Bakufu and Kingdom itself. Feudal Lords were replaced with centrally appointed Governors and Administrators, the Aristocracy while still existent have found their powers and influence diminish. The people themselves find themselves toiling in whatever profession their class best suits them for, but some have found opportunity in joining the newly centralised Military, positions that were previously closed off to all but the Samurai who now largely serve as officers or have become civil servants instead of warriors. The Monarchy and Sena Commission ensure the people are served with religious ceremonies and festivals in order to keep up morale, maintain the faith and keep the people feeling tied to the land their gods have protected and allowed them to prosper even in these dark days. History: The Kingdom of Yamatai was not always lead by the Yashida Bakufu, its Monarchy is ancient and according to local myth descends from one of the Gods before they left this world thousands of years ago leaving a King to maintain order and look out for the wellbeing of the people who remained behind. So it was to be for centuries as the Monarchy of Yamatai would consolidate and secure its power in the Peninsula though this required the establishment of the Samurai Class, warrior servants who would do the bidding of Kings and Queens. As the Monarchs dominion expanded, so did the responsibilities of the Samurai, they became administrators and started gaining large swathes of land for farms, mining, fishing and even establishing new settlements and protecting them when the forces of the Central Government could not. Eventually due to administrative needs, court machinations and various palace coups between Pro-Samurai and Pro-Aristocrat forces in the Capital of Yamatai, the Bakufu was established to protect the dignity of the Throne from those who would seek to harm it with the Yashida Clan establishing its power through its powerful Samurai Army and Ashigaru Levy. Purging Aristocrats and Samurai Lords who sought to oppose them through use of force and utilising the Hidden Clans from the Mountains and their expert assassins and spies. For centuries the Yashida have now ruled in the Capital maintaining a close relation with the Monarchy but ensuring the latter does not manage to utilise its influence to gain any real power. Urbanisation, modernisation and industrialisation have began to take hold within the Kingdom and it is spearheaded by the Bakufu who fear that being behind in the times could lead the people of Yamatai being taken advantage of by foreign powers, they fear still their own Samurai and Military turning on them in favour of a restored Monarchy. Yashida Shinzo the current Clan Head and Shogun of the Bakufu has throughout his long reign played a balancing act between traditionalist sentiment and modernisation, this has seen reactionary revolt but it was crushed thanks to the new Army. Ultimately the result of his modernisation efforts has seen a blend of the traditional and modern going forward, allowing the people of Yamatai to maintain their cultural and national identity, unique from the rest of the world while also modernising enough so that it won’t become a second rate or colonial puppet of another nation. Characters (Up to 3): Shogun, Yashida Shinzo: The leader of the nation but well into his 60s and beginning to wind down his activities of statecraft and preparing his son and grandchildren to take power within the next few years due to his advancing age. Largely responsible for the modernisation and subsequent social upheaval in his Country, he had to put down a reactionary revolt from peasants and samurai alike who saw their livelihoods at risk due to the industrialisation the urban centres of the Bakufu were seeing. Queen, Jingu: The current Monarch who serves as a religious, cultural and unifying figure for the Country. The Monarchy of Yamatai having long been out of power with the Yashida Clan taking over the responsibilities of governance, she remains an important figure which in these times of upheaval and ruin the Shogunate is careful to maintain favour with. The people see her as their leader in spirit if not in practise and a word from her and those who preceded her have seen more than a handful of Shoguns abdicating. The Sena Commission led by the Sena Clan maintains the relations between the Bakufu and the Old Monarchy. Commissioner for War, Kazuma Gorou: Commissioner Gorou is the man currently in charge of the Military as the nominal Chief of Staff for the Army and Navy responsible for the bureaucracy and to an extent leadership on the field. The Kazuma Clan itself have stood with the Yashida in putting down the reactionary and regressive elements in the Country and seek an aggressive foreign policy. Location (Pick 3 Provinces): F1, F2, F3 Unique Units: The Hidden: ????? (Will think up another later)
  8. IN THE NAME OF GOD 1741 FVC Harvest EVENTS As the Winter passed and summer came and went throughout the year the many Nobles of the Empire decided now was the time to begin drawing faction lines for the upcoming Sejm as the Harvest season would approach. The two largest forces in the Empire have come to be known as the Unionists those who put the Empire first and wish to be united in the face of adversity and Cipriates who follow Mikhail the Bold of Valcea who wish to expand the influence of the Radulescu Dynasty and is named after the Emperor of that dynasty. The Unionists are nominally loyal to the Dusza Dynasty as they sit the throne and have many supporters among the establishment electors, while the Cipriates have support from more sidelined nobility. There are still those in the Sejm who would rather support neither, the Commonwealth of Vsezprem formed a faction around Joszefism. Regardless, the lines despite the Vsezprem to turn the political tide sectarian in nature have largely become more secular and dynasty based. Both of the main factions have their share of Joszefites and Vaseric nobles. Now all that was left was the upcoming Sejm as the harvest was being sown in the many fiefs of the Empire. Outside of the internal politics and squabbling between the nobility and other representatives in the Empire those who would steal or otherwise seek to harm the nobility. Karl Nilsson has grown more bold and is seemingly getting close with the Trazmiri, Faolan seeing his demands of tribute rejected has begun to mobilise his forces into several armies and despite this the Trazmiri border has become more quiet on the Imperial side, though it seems the Black Scorpion has taken to raiding his own Countrymen. ----------------------------- PLAYERS County of Chrósty With Witold largely being in the Capital the County is seemingly quiet but remains well defended, its Count having to organise the mess that is the Imperial Military that is directly commanded by the throne. [Imperial Military Stats incoming] County of Budivel The border with the Glittering Woods quietens this year as the truce between the County and the Changelings holds, even the Company of the Azure Wolves lead by the outlaw Faolan leaves Budivel alone due to this truce. He would be approached by the Unionist, Cipriate and Joszefite faction of the Sejm for potential support in the upcoming session all wishing to express their viewpoints. The Unionists wishing to strengthen the establishment of the Empire, the Cipriates wishing to push Valcea’s influence and the Joszefites wanting to spread their power and actualise it into law. Holy March of Mis [Post Actions in Discord] County of Balcescu In Balcescu County word quickly spreads around and outside the territory that the Count is spending vast and lavish amounts of money. The Vaseric Patriarch fully accepts the Counts offer to finance the construction of more defences in the Holy City as it stands at the knife's edge between the faithful and the Radulescu Joszefite fiefs of the Empire. Some news on the Dragon front for the Counts Agents as they begin to travel Northward into Arscea and the Mountainous region that makes up the borderlands between the Empire and the Giants as a temporary bazaar has been set up. [Discord] Clan Siurdan Information is gathered and meetings are arranged between the men of Clan Siurdan and their prospective allies. [Discord] March of Bihar In Bihar it has been a busy winter with the Knights of the March chasing the forces loyal to the brigand the Black Scorpion being chased back across the border and killing many of them and the attempted parley between the marcher lords of Trazmir concerning the brigand. [Discord interaction] Other than that the business in the March continues without hindrance and the lands are safer than they were during the last season due to the heightened military response from the Margrave. Kateline is invited to the Court of the Grand Duchy of Arscea concerning the Dragoner Korp request, as she is in line to the succession of a Margravate she can squire under a Guest Knight of the Order, the Guest Knight in question being the Grand Duke himself. Engineers from the Magitechnical Guild are dispatched from the Capital to begin studying the archeological site at the Citadel and are very excited to do so as they’ve not been previously fully invited to study the entirety of the Ancients site in Bihar. The Commonwealth [Post Actions in Discord] County of Przeworsk With Pirate hunting efforts ramped up a conflict with Karl Nilsson and elements of his fleet is imminent, the sailors of the County are preparing for battle. [Discord] County of Zadnesti [Post Actions in Discord] March of Kosono The Imperial Bureaucracy was still a mess from the chaos that ensued after the death of the late Emperor, nevertheless the Margrave is doing his utmost as Lord Treasurer to sort out the treasuries finance. [Sorting out this for you] Business in his own holding continues without hindrance and construction of walls and mills intensifies and is completed by the end of the season. County of Karancanay [Post Actions in Discord] -----------------------------
  9. IN THE NAME OF GOD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PayUu_Ffjn8 1741 FVC Winter EVENTS As the initial shock of losing their Emperor along with a sizable portion of their fighting strength had begun to subside in time, those who would seek opportunity in the chaos of what came afterward begin to crawl out from the dens from which they hide in during the more orderly times of an Imperials reign. Outlaws, ambitious mercenaries, pirates and Lords who simply want more land have decided now was the time to strike out and make use of the current chaos and apparent weakness of the Empire. In the Eastern Marches the Trazmiri Outlaw known to most as the ‘Black Scorpion’ begins to stir up trouble on the border with Bihar and all the way up to Arscea with little in the way of hindrance from his nominal liege lord who act as the Marcher Lords for the Trazmir. Crossing the border to raid caravans and villages far enough away from the patrols that he can slip back across the border before an adequate response can be formed. Out West several bands flying the banner of the Azure Wolf, Faolan have been spotted raiding across the countryside as it appears his company's ranks swelled to such a degree that the Changeling Outlaw is able to operate in several regions. He is quick to demand tribute of food, money and other valuable resources before raiding a territory giving the Lord in question a chance to avoid his ire. His exact location and numbers are still unknown to even the most cunning of spy rings in the Empire. The Southern Oceans begin to tremble with the wrath of the Free Sail and Pirate, Karl Nilsson a native of Estergaard and opportunistic scoundrel having bounties placed on his head in both Estergaard and the Empire. His fleet begins to descend upon shipping but also begins acting as protection for Slavers who prey upon stretches of undefended coast. However this draws the attention of his rival the self titled corsair prince Sorrin. However despite this the first Sejm managed to elect key positions in the Empire so that it might heal from the wounds inflicted at Kwarwy Pass, a new Marshal, a Treasurer and a Chancellor all found themselves ascendant. It was up to them how or even if the central Government would react to the issues that began cropping up across the Empire. ----------------------------- PLAYERS County of Chrósty With the election of Count Witold to the position of Imperial Marshal, along with the overwhelming forces from the County itself the bandits are quickly routed or otherwise destroyed. Local Commanders hanging many and making many of them littered with hanging brigands. As such the commerce, production and taxation in the County is not disrupted due to the effectiveness of the Count and his forces. County of Budivel Despite the unfortunate affairs during his attempt to be elected to the Chancellery of the Empire the Count proved himself to be quick witted and formulated good arguments only failing in his election due to paranoia about Joszefites. Many other noblemen in the Empire would pay their respects to the Count during his stay in the Capital, many of them Vaserics. Holy March of Mis The Masked Margrave stirred up quite the storm in the Capital earning the respect of his more encouraged Joszefite peers. Nevertheless it was time to return to his March as the Giants were potentially troublesome. Not to mention many less than friendly neighbours nearby to him, he would know he was being carefully watched as to others he appeared unstable. County of Balcescu County Dragomir would prove once more to be a generous and kind lord, offering many passing deserters amnesty as they come into his County but also utilising his forces to wipe out brigands and outlaws who refuse to lay down their arms. The Bastards would accept the Counts' offer for the time being as they were very happy to winter in their homeland, while also assisting the state's soldiers. Clan Siurdan The Men of Clan Siurdan find themselves in the midst of two sides that are hostile to them, in the Wold they see the Clan as traitors and lapdogs to the Empire, Mac Cabas and Valcea see them as heathens. But they find fast friends with the Ua Tomnhair who quickly respond to an offer of marriage and offer a daughter and accept a pact of mutual defence. While the Count of Bartkow would also generally feel warm to the men of Siurdan, happy to host them in his halls. March of Bihar Brigands and Bandits in the interior of Bihar would find themselves quickly wiped off the face of the Empire, foolish of them to assume the Lion’s fangs were dulled by the Trazmir. However as the Lion was away, his den would be raided by the Trazmiri Border Outlaw known as the Black Scorpion as Bihar’s forces were focused on the interior and not the border due to the current truce. The Commonwealth A supposed bastion of equality and Joszefitism the so called ‘Diggers’ find themselves somewhat isolated due to this even among other Joszefites since they value the structure of nobility. Because of this many outlaws from the Company of the Azure Wolf are simply ‘guided’ one way or the other to raid the Commonwealth's borders. Peasants petition and plead to Stanislaw to fight back or do anything really to stop the Changeling led Company from doing any damage to their paradise. Faolan himself demands tribute from the Commonwealth and its Diggers. County of Przeworsk The might and renown of the sailors and ships from the County manage to scare off Karl Nilsson for the most part, his pirate fleet seeking to avoid engagements with the fine ships of Przeworsk allowing for much of the commerce in the South to go unimpeded. The Counts personal wants while in the Capital as the new Chancellor of State to find a Magitech Engineer to help him find a way to properly sort out his leg, he is in luck as in close proximity is Rufus Bartel who agrees to meet with the Count to discuss potential remedies. Free City of Krupp In the Free City it is an odd place even by current Imperial standards, ruled by a family from a fairly obscure and unknown culture that is largely absent from the rest of the Empire. However their culture has begun to trickle down at least in Engineering circles, since the family have a love for invention and innovation from both magitech and the mundane. Joszefism is particularly unwelcome in this City as they’re seen as luddites by the citizens and the nobles and this reputation is not helped with the radical sects of Joszefism that have sprung up in recent years. County of Zadnesti Centred in one of the Joszefite Strongholds in the Empire it is in an uneasy location due to its proximity to the Holy City of the Vaseric Church, this has presented some issues as the borderlands of the County seem to find itself more populated by Vaserics than Joszefites as the poor are more able to receive alms from the organised Church of the Vaserics. However despite this it is surrounded by potential friends in this sectarian world as it has Joszefites for all its neighbours in the North and its West. March of Kosono Sigismund of Kosono had made is proper debut in the first Sejm of the reign of the boy Emperor and he had done incredibly well to avoid the typical Sectarian traps many of his peers on both sides have fallen in before. He was now the Treasurer of the Empire and has repeatedly shown his intention to put the Empire before anything, he had won many friends both Vaseric and Joszefite who would all pay their respects to him during his stay in the Capital. County of Karancanay Some see the men of Karancanay as similar if not the same as the Dzikny in the West, however in the East they are respected among the Marchers as defenders against Trazmir. Oddly and publically Joszefite but are not involved in any Sectarian disputes. The Black Scorpion of Trazmir opted to avoid the Karancanay because of the fear of its Cavalry and its quick response time; it is among the stable Marcher States in the Empire. -----------------------------
  10. Heavenly Kingdom of Luoyang Roleplay Deep within the City of Luoyi, in the District of Celestial Jade wherein the Tower of Three Dragon sits. The sound of gongs could be heard in the distance as various religious ceremonies from the countless temples and shrines occur daily with many adherents to the faith of the Luoyi seeking favour of ancestor Gods and powerful Spirits. Many young sorcerers can be seen following their masters around the courtyard of the renown magic academy taking notes and listening to their lectures, while others could be seen engaging in practical exercises though carefully overseen by senior instructors at the tower while commoners watch them with awe. An elderly sorcerer would walk among them heading towards the tower itself lugging a bag with various scrolls readying them to be archived within the tower's vaults so that they may serve the Kingdom when the time comes. As he reaches his office inside the great tower he takes a moment to withdraw his hand fan and has a breather as he unfurls a blank scroll made from fine vellum, the elderly sorcerer withdraws an ink brush and begins writing “It is the year the barbarians name as 1048 in their numerals, however to us we know it simply as the year of the fool. Our Kingdom has continued to grow steadily over the past few centuries but we are obstructed at every step, the Di peoples to the North continue to try and push us to the sea with their constant raids. Worse still the Rong peoples who summon the dead as puppets draw closer to our borders with each passing season, yet the Omens we see tell us the righteous shall prevail.” Pausing for a moment so that he might take a sip of water and clears his throat before resuming putting brush to vellum. “Merchants traversing the great stone forests to the North of the Grand City of Luoyi have found something, it is all the talk within the Conclave and there is an aura of excitement but also caution coming from the Exorcist Clans. Even still I am personally anxious as the stewardship of Prince Wei Jin while it has been quiet has been stable and prosperous despite all the challenges we have faced, this land is our home now and we have done our best to fight off the darkness inherent to this place. I keep these personal records so that my successors in the future may judge history based on my perspective, I only hope the Triarchy acts with the will of Heaven and that we are able bring the light of the Moon, Sun and Stars and that the people outside our Kingdom can be saved from the evils their so called leaders subject them to on a daily basis.” he’d finish with his final brushstroke before sighing, looking out the window of his office and seeing the symbol of summons in the sky as the next session of court was due to begin. He pushes himself up from his chair and grasps a staff to assist him across the district to the palace, perhaps he can influence the Princes more cautiously. Actions - Available Coin: 87,860 An Expedition to the State to the North of the Capital, the one that takes up half of the island's stone forest. This expedition is launched to begin the process of pacifying and integrating the state. 2,500 Troops, 5 Units of Agri Trade Goods and 3 Stone are used to build a Castrum and begin distributing food among the populace of the State. Prince Wen Ying himself leads the expedition promising the various tribes that inhabit the area the protection of Luoyang, teaching of farming methods and organised land distribution among the populace should they accept the Luoyi and their Lordship. (3 Stone, 5 Agri, 15,000, Mod) Five Quarries are ordered to be constructed in the Provinces. (37,000) Three Workshops are constructed in the City of Chen, to increase the output of crafted goods. (22,500) Two Units of Medium Spearmen are recruited. (8000, 4 Iron)
  11. Discord name (PM if you wish): Nation Type: (Kingdom/City State/Tribal) Kingdom Nation Flag (optional): Nation Name: Heavenly Kingdom of Luoyang Are you in the Elraic Empire? (If so state in what way you're a sub-region of the empire - client kingdom, appointed/hereditary governor, military order, etc) No Nation Culture (Brief description): Culture Luoyang considers itself the most cultured nation in the world, taking great pride in all facets of what it considers its culture from the cuisine to the religious festivities that all take part in no matter their rank or class in the social hierarchy. There are several festivals that take place throughout the year, many of them being based around the changing of seasons and the Hua Sect usually taking charge of them due to their nature as the more religious out of the Triarch Princes of Luoyang. Most of the events revolve around maintaining a harmonious balance between the Yin and Yang energies to keep the Heavenly Kingdom on the righteous path and maintain harmony with the local benevolent or neutral spirits that reside within the realm. Society Luoyang Society is largely dominated by Sorcery and the many clans of sorcerers that make up the nobility of the Kingdom, it is the belief of both the common folk and the Nobility that the pathway to the upper reaches of Heaven is achieved through magic. Pathways taught and are revered in Luoyang are Astral, Luna and Solar Magics due to their belief that the Gods Xing, Yuèliàng and Tàiyáng the Dragons of the Stars, Moon and Sun respectively descended from Heaven to teach the people of the world these magics and to use them to stave off the evil or forbidden arts of Necromancy and the Stygoi. Though it is understood by Luoyang Scholars that Magic is typically hereditary, passing down from parent to child, though every few generations bloodlines that previously had no magic in them produce one capable of sorcery, commoners throughout Luoyang purchase medicines and elixirs with the belief that the chances of producing offspring with the ability to channel magic is increased. Despite this, the Priesthood of the Kingdom does teach that mastery of the mundane is still something the Gods appreciate and that it is a righteous path which will allow you to reach the middling rungs of heaven should your lives work please the Gods enough. Though a commoner may never achieve godhood, they can become a hero in themselves, revered in the temples of other greater sorcerers who have achieved deification. Due to the nature of this, the Kingdom is highly stratified into hereditary social classes that are hard though not impossible for individuals and families to ascend it covers everything from the ranks of the nobility, to non-magical gentry and down to the commoners. The Social Classes of Luoyang are as follows; Zhuhou: The Nobility, all those with sorcery capable blood who can join the Conclave of Sorcerers and including the three Princes of Wei, Hua and Wen and their families. Daifu: Gentlemen and Bureaucrats typically hailing from Noble families though lacking magical blood to join the Conclave of Sorcerers. Shi: Middling servants, merchants, officials and military officers who have attained rank enough to be considered a middle class of sorts within Luoyang. Subject to the brunt of monetary taxation and recruitment into the lower bureaucracy and military via examination. Shumin: The commoners of Luoyang, labourers, poorer merchants, peasants, foot soldiers and any other profession that is generally unskilled and can be filled by the masses. Under the protection of the Zhuhou Sorcerers and dutiful in their professions so that they may one day ascend to the lower rungs of heaven. The ranks of Nobility scale up as they become more relevant and powerful with new titles being bestowed upon the Clans of the Nobility by the Triarch Princely Clans as they rise in prominence and show dedication to Luoyang and working towards making the Kingdom greater. The titles of the Nobility are as follow; Duke (Gōng): The highest rank a Noble of the Conclave can attain and it can only be bestowed with the agreement of all three Triarch Princes, thus it is rarely given due to the difficult nature of requiring the favour or approval of each of the Sects. While it is the highest rank that can be attained most attempt to achieve it via service in the Military though others have become this rank through politics or spiritual influence as such the number of those who hold this rank tends to be balanced as no one Triarch Prince wants the other sects to dominate the Conclave. Marquis 1st & 2nd (Góu): A rank given to those who typically command swathes of territory on the borders of the Kingdom. It is given with the approval of the Wen Sect due to their influence within the Military, those of this rank while nominally members of the Conclave of Sorcerers are also made Military Governors of key strategic areas and are assigned to rule over them on behalf of the central government. Count (Bó): The lowest and default rank of the Sorcerer Nobles, those who are just born into Sorcery attain this rank upon their birth, the leaders of Sorcerer Clans who have not acquired further rank are all given this title and they make up the majority of the Conclave. Religion and Philosophy The religion of Luoyang revolves around Heaven and the Gods that reside there, that a human mortal can ascend to heaven and become one with the deities, leading to many figures in Luoyang becoming Gods in their own right with temples constructed in their honour. However the main deities that rank above all else are the Three Celestial Dragons and the first ruler of Luoyang now known as the Dragon King. It is the belief that one does not need to die in order to ascend to Heaven, that a mortal who pleases the Gods might ascend and become a God in their own life, much like how the Dragon King did so according to Luoyang myth. Heaven is divided into multiple realms that are connected together and are inhabited by deities and individuals who come from multiple walks from life. What is known as the highest rung of Heaven is reserved for deities both Celestial and those mortals who ascended to Godhood in death or during their mortal lives. Middle Heaven is reserved for sorcerers and other noteworthy individuals who might continue to serve the Gods as immortals. At the lowest rung of Heaven is a paradise reserved for normal people who chose to live their lives with virtue and righteousness as a reward. Gods and Middle Heaven Immortals can travel freely between their respective rungs of Heaven to lower heaven as to enjoy paradise but they are not permitted to stay long as they even in death have duties to attend to and must maintain the balance and continued prosperity of the material universe. The Priesthood of Luoyang devote themselves to the maintenance of temples, giving alms to the poor and healing those in need, many Priests are Moon Sorcerers though they can be regular individuals skilled in mundane non-magical healing. It is the belief of the scholars and priests of Luoyang that all people both Sorcerers and Commoners alike, exude Yin and Yang energy, positive and negative energy that can either attract the influence of demons or harm them. That it is important for all individuals to work to achieve a balance of these energies in order to interact the best way in the world. It is a duality that requires balance, this philosophy views other nations as inherently unbalanced with either too much positive energy, or too much negative but despite this Luoyang attempts to maintain neutrality with all and attempts to avoid interfering with the affairs of far flung nations. Nation History: Much of the history of Luoyang is considered more myth than fact by foreigners, though attempting to persuade a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom of this would be a fruitless exercise. The tale that the priesthood and sorcerers of Luoyang would tell you is that their founder and still to this day official ruling monarch settled the lands of Luoyang after the catastrophic collapse of a former ruling Dynasty, the last Dynasty according to Luoyang historic texts was confounded by corruption and lack of respect for magic, the gods and spirits both good and evil. The rulers detaching themselves from the people as curses began to plague the lands, destroying cities, rebellions springing up and eventually the old Capital began to lose control over all it once held influence over. Eventually the Capital found itself under siege by rebels and if Luoyang Sorcerers are to be believed cursed spirits and demons aiding rebels who wished to simply replace the dynasty with their own without reform and maintaining the decaying Empire in its current form. It was then the legendary founder and King of Luoyang appeared with his three sworn brothers Wei, Hua and Wen being respective masters of Astral, Luna and Solar Magics with their brother the once and future King of Luoyang being masters of all three, blessed by the Celestial Dragons to save the righteous peoples of the former Dynasty and purge the corruption once and for all. Purging the corrupted rebels the righteous then set their sights upon the officials and government of the former dynasty, pulling them from their roots and destroying the dynasty once and for all. The King and his brothers then led those who remained uncorrupted by the deals with demons of the rebels and those who were not part of the former regime’s oppression and decadence, leading them to new lands to establish a new Capital, a new Society and a new Kingdom from the ashes of the old. Luoyi was built and flocks of refugees from the Old Kingdom came to settle these new pastures, the many sorcerer clans of the day agreed to proclaim the founder of Luoyang as their King and proclaimed him blessed by Heaven. As the years progressed the King's sworn brothers established ruling Sects to effectively govern sorcery and the three schools of magic that exist within Luoyang. Each named after each of them and presided over the magic that each knew, Wei being Astral, Hua being Luna and Wen being Solar. Through his own mastery of these arts the King of Luoyang pleased the Gods in Heaven and as such they allowed him to ascend within his lifetime, leaving his brothers and their descendants to rule over the Kingdom he had built for the righteous. That is where the founding history of Luoyang ends and since then the Wei, Hua and Wen families have held the title of Princes, ruling over the Kingdom on behalf of their King who they wait to descend from Heaven once again. Special Characters (Up to 3, generals/mages/agents may be added or included if purchased with starting funds): Prince Hua Lian, The Grand Exorcist (Unique Mage, General, Agent) The current Sect head of the Hua Clan and all the Sorcerers who practise their arts, the Chief Exorcist of the Heavenly Kingdom and the descendant of the original Hua the favoured sworn brother of the Dragon King. Known to be kind though largely reserved in his interactions with even his own vassals, this is due to the belief of most of the Luoyang people that he exudes extreme Yang energy leading to an imbalance in which he must meditate as to rebalance his inner energies. It is fairly typical of Hua Clan members and even more so in the patriarchs of their family, it is the belief within the Clan that Hua Lian is the reincarnation of their ancestor or at least a fragment of him. Due to this many within the Heavenly Kingdom believe Hua Lian is an incredibly pure figure and one that must be protected from threats within and from without, foreign dignitaries rarely being able to see him even if they are granted audience with the rest of the Triarchy. Due to the religious nature of his position and how he is perceived by the general population he doesn’t tend to involve himself with the politics of the realm, neither speaking out or in favour of laws or the various Noble Sorcerer Clans beneath the Triarchs Sects. However if one was to attain his favour it would be respected by the entirety of the Nobility and the other Triarchs due to the rarity of it being bestowed. In short he is the most respected Sorcerer and Prince in the entire Kingdom, not due to any masterful political plays or through sheer might but due to his spirituality and not muddying himself in the nation's politics. Prince Wei Jin, The Grand Preceptor (Astral Unique Mage, Agent) He is the greatest of the Sorcerer Princes of the Triarchy in both the power he commands politically and his status as the head of the Wei Clan and Sect. Most of the more powerful sorcerers in the Kingdom owe their fealty to his Clan and many of the lower gentry owe their positions within the bureaucracy due to the Wei Clan, lending significant administrative power to Wei Jin. Most aspiring Sorcerers, Gentry and Foreign Envoys will seek his favour out of the three Princes of Luoyang due to his and his Clans influence throughout the realm. Considered the most balanced spiritually out of the Triarchs with a harmonious amount of Yin and Yang energy allowing them to act as a realist, seeing the world for what it is and how best to act in favour of Luoyang. Due to this some consider him to be a politiker and powermonger leading to others both fearing and resenting his position as the leader of the Triarchs, however none can make a move against him to attempt to put another of the Princes on a pedestal due to the other Princes not taking any interest in upsetting the administrative balance of the bureaucracy or the makeup of the Conclave of Sorcerers. Prince Wen Ying, The Grand Commandant (Unique Mage, General) Wen Ying is currently a youthful Prince, considered the foremost warrior champion of the Kingdom. Despite being in his prime he must now focus on administrative duties within the Military itself while no longer fighting on the frontline. Considered to be quite irritable and quick to frustrate he is not one often sought after by foreign envoys he has been known to have those who annoy him killed, with his peer Prince Wei Jin considering him a diplomatic incident waiting to happen he works hard to make sure foreigners do not seek him out and if there must be an audience with foreign envoys and the Princes that Hua Lian is present. While Wen Ying is rather indifferent to the Wei Prince he is on very good terms with Hua Lian with the Hua Prince the only one in the Kingdom known to calm his colleague down should he rise in rage. Some within the Priesthood consider Hua Lian’s positive energy when in the presence of Wen Ying’s negative it balances them both out, allowing both to become quite rational at almost the same level as their colleague Wei Jin. Due to this Wen Ying has become highly spiritual and religious during his middle aged years, often seeking out the Hua Sects' advice and visiting their Clans territory to help control his maelstrom of rage. Nation Race (Human, Dusii, Dawekii): Human Primary Magic: Astral Secondary Magic: Luna, Solar Unique Point of Interest (Unique "wonder" building/location/artefact, natural or otherwise, that will confer a small bonus TBD): The Celestial Jade District of Luoyi: A huge district that itself is walled off in the Capital of Luoyi containing the administrative offices of the bureaucracy of the Heavenly Kingdom, the Tower of Three Dragons which is the Magic Academy which is sought out for its magical tutoring both domestic and foreign. A large open courtyard lays before the Palace which the three Princes of the Kingdom reside for the various Sorcerer Clans to meet and form the Conclave of Sorcerers. Lastly in terms of amenities a zoo of sort is kept within this district containing many flora and fauna from the Luoyi's old homeland, including Pandas, Tigers, Leopards all have been maintained through use of extensive healing magic to ensure no inbreeding defect occurs and a stable population for each kind of animal was grown. Despite the district itself being walled off it is open to the public at least enter although they may not enter the palace or administrative offices without prior appointment or summoning. As its centrepiece the Royal Palace of the Celestial Dragon King was built in a strategic location as it sits upon a location that empowers the three magics of Luoyang acting as a leyline of sorts. This itself has its own ability to raise a shield over the entire City of Luoyi in times of siege but also empowers every mage within the Kingdoms borders with more power than the average, although this does not extend outside the borders of the Kingdom. It is an anchor of Celestial Power left behind by the Dragon King as a final gift to his people, it is known to radiate what the scholars of Luoyi call Yang Energy leading to Stgyoi, Undead and their respective casters to have limited power within the borders of Luoyang and is known to cause them discomfort, though despite this incursions of both are still known in the Kingdom. boink
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