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  1. 10 reasons why shoes should be banned from modern society

    >Go on thread assuming to be Halfling propaganda, about to give Wood Elf solidarity to our brothers in the war on footwear
  2. The Bavarian Fever (Alternative History, 1940)

    I.Nation The Empire of Japan II.Leader’s History Emperor Hirohito remained as the Emperor of Japan, the nation still under the Meiji Constitution that had been established in the 19th Century. However the make up of the Government while still nationalistic was more liberal and civic rather than of the fascist or racial variety. A clear separation of Civic and Military Officials but both working in collaboration with one another. III.Nation’s Recent History Japan had been humbled by France and Britain and unable to further expand in Mainland Asia, it was now forced into a position of non-aggression by Great Britain and settling on Korea, Taiwan and the home islands of Japan for the time being. It was clear that Japan had to adapt economically if it were to survive. Requiring to rebuild its Navy and to adapt its economy to allow itself to become liberal and open so it may acquire the resources it needs to build its Empire through consensual purchase rather than through conquest and colonialism. IV. Skype You have it. V. Alex the Great?
  3. The Art Warehouse - cllosed

    IGN: TauFirewarrior Character Name: Abelas Character Race: Wood Elf What kind of Art wanted: Upperbody Flatshading (?) Details regarding the character: Generic pose holding his staff Reference Picture: (Pictures showing how their face looks like is greatly appreciated: Can send via Discord Discord ID: You have me on Discord
  4. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Eastern Roman Empire The Turks were in a forced March but it would take them some time before they could reach Western Anatolia, this would also incur many casualties due to the rush. Nicea must fall before the main Turkish Army could reach the Romans, the City was vital to ensure control over Western Anatolia and a foothold in Asia Minor. Now was the time for the Ottoman Empire to fall. On the home front however, raiders and pirates from many Muslim North African nations were raiding and taking slaves, it was time to form a response against them with what troops remained in Greece. Military Actions The Army in Anatolia would maintain its Siege of Nicaea, using its Cannons to occasionally bombard the walls of the settlement. However that was not to be the main tactic, with Western Anatolia still maintaining a huge majority of Hellenic people due to the Turks being unable to migrate when Constantinople didn’t fall. Constantine would offer bribes to those who would betray the garrison and open the gates for the Army at the dead of night, while the Cannons fired on one side keeping the majority of the Garrison distracted. 3,000 Ducats The Soldiers left in Greece would begin to Patrol the Coastlines to attempt to stop the raiders as and when they can, the Navy would also make their patrols when they need to. (Mod) Economic and Research Actions A New Galley would be commissioned to be built to begin the long replacement process of losing five against the Turks on the sea. 2,000 Ducats Money would be put into seeking to make two new mines. 5,000 Ducats Stats Army: 51,000 Infantry, 14,000 Cavalry, 120 Cannon, 5,000 Rebel Levy (Anatolia) Navy: 35 War Galleys, 6 Galleons Trade: England (Accepted), Hungary(Accepted), Venice (Accepted),Serbia (Accepted), Technology: Greek Fire, Improved Artillery Income: 5,000 (Base), 4,000 (Trade), 1,050 (Mines) Treasury: 10,100 (Start), 100, (End)
  5. [Deity] [MA] TauFirewarrior

    MC Name: TauFirewarrior Character's Name: Abelas Caerme'onn Character's Age: 276 Character's Race: Wood Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Druidic Herblore Teacher's MC Name: RideTheSky Teacher's RP Name: Toren Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  6. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Eastern Roman Empire The Turks had finally played their hand and realised they lacked the resources to invade Greece without the full wealth of the East, their invasion of the Mamluks had begun successfully, but difficult times make strange alliances. The majority of the Fleet of the East Roman Empire would depart unhindered due to the Turks new focus on the Mamluks, it was time for the Emperor to make his move to begin the reclamation of the Empire of his ancestors. An accord with the Mamluks was struck, the Romans and the Arabs would form an unlikely alliance to secure their independence and existence from the Turks. Military Actions An Army of 40,000 Infantry, 10,000 Cavalry and 90 Cannons would cross the Bosporus into Anatolia, a full invasion of the Ottoman Empire would be underway as the Turks had the majority of their army invading the Levant. They’d march to Capture the settlements on the way to Nicaea, seeking to enlist the aid of the still majority Hellenic population of West Anatolia. (Mod) The Majority of the East Roman Fleet consisting of all the War Galleys and two Galleons would meet up with the Mamluk Fleet to combine forces to fight the Ottoman Navy (Mod) Diplomatic Actions The Venetians are well met in Constantinople when they arrive, given a warm welcome as the two nations begin to foster a new era of relations between each other. The Romans hoping to garner support from the Venetians in their new war against the Ottomans. A shaky situational alliance and accord is struck with the Mamluk Sultanate, both Empires having to ally with one another simply out of convenience. However it would only be on the sea where both forces would truly cooperate. On the land it was every army for itself to crush the Turk. Economic and Research Actions More Money is funnelled into researching into improving and modernising the use of the ancient tool of the East Romans, Greek Fire. 2,000 Ducats Money would be put into seeking to make the Hellenic Population within Anatolia rise up and join the East Romans as they marched, to increase their numbers with rebel levies that can bolster numbers even if they are less skilled. 3,000 Ducats Another 2,000 Cavalry are trained to join the rest of the East Roman Army to bolster the home defence along with an additional 1,000 Infantry. 5,000 Ducats Stats Army: 50,000 Infantry, 12,000 Cavalry, 120 Cannon Navy: 40 War Galleys, 6 Galleons Trade: England (Accepted), Hungary(Accepted), Venice (Accepted),Serbia (Accepted), Technology: Greek Fire, Improved Artillery Income: 5,000 (Base), 4,000 (Trade), 1,050 (Mines) Treasury: 10,050 (Start), 50, (End)
  7. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kingdom of Armathwaite/Silver Knight Corporation "Keep Calm, Perform Professionally" 2150 Activity Armathwaite was in for a rough year with the advent of the Southern-Central Galactic War had begun, Armathwaite and its space had become the only truly safe spot in this part of the Galaxy. Armathwaite had declared full and complete neutrality in this conflict and refused to partake in the war for any side. It would be decreed by the Corporate Council and Crown that the defences of the Kingdom needed to be improved and the Royal Navy needed further expansion in both the heavy ships and more smaller ships to act as screens. Funding was pushed to the Navy much to the delight of Admiral McGraw who had been seeking more ships for the defence of Armathwaite and its interests. The Solar Ascendency is given resources to expand their shipyards and build Armathwaite’s first Heavy Cruiser. The Silver Knight Corporation continues with its project of creating a new line of Mechs and upgrading existing technology associated with them. Continued funding of this project was considered paramount as it was considered part of the future of the Company and Armed Services of the Silver Knight Corporation. Outside of this, the Asgardian Republic were given shelter on Armathwaite with their own small settlement for them to settle until such a time their world can be reclaimed. Edward, the King of Armathwaite himself pledges that one day both the forces of the Kingdom of Armathwaite and the Asgard Republic would retake their worlds, even if it takes ten years, twenty years or even one hundred years. Action Points AP:70 (10 from Eadn this turn only) Resources are sent to the Solar Ascendency to build the Kingdoms first Heavy Cruiser and to upgrade the Ascendency’s Shipyards for Company use in future. (16 AP to Tyras) The Mech Product Line Project is continued with the funding doubled from the previous year. (30AP, 40 AP in Total as of the end of this turn) Three New Destroyers are ordered to compliment Naval Numbers for the Royal Navy from Armathwaite’s own Shipyards (9AP) An effort is made to build on an uninhabited planet in the Armathwaite Home System a Vault Facility for physical and digital currency, along with select items that individuals or groups might hire to be protected by the neutral Grand Bank of Armathwaite (15AP into Biz on Armathwaite) The Colony ship would be directed South to Armathwaite’s Southern Territorial Claim to establish a new Colony there (Mod) 100 Kilos of Dakite is offered to the highest bidder (Mod) 2,000 Kilos of Itoron are offered to the highest bidder (Mod)
  8. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Eastern Roman Empire Years of war had passed but there seemed to be a truce at hand, the Ottomans failure in the West had forced them to look East to the Mamluk Sultanate. The Ottomans had long claimed to their people who had lost thousands in their attempts to invade Greece that their victory was merely delayed, despite Mehmet's constant humiliations by the hands of Constantine XI commonly known as the "Defender" of the Roman Empire. Though caution would be advised in the Roman Court, preparations would be made before anything could truly occur. The Empire long divided, united in defense of the past, Rome would not fall a second time. Trade would be sought with many partners within the Balkens, seeking trade with Serbia and Hungary. While Trade Agreements with Lithuania and England had been achieved. The drive for recruitment and training would occur the expansion of the Legions would be at hand once more. 10,000 more Infantry would be sought after, an additional 2,000 Cavalry would be recruited for the preparations of another Ottoman Campaign against their shores. Lastly an additional 60 Cannon are put to the foundries to ensure Roman artillery supremacy on land warfare. 20,000 Ducats. The Great Engineers and Scientists of East Rome are put to task, in modernizing what was the Greek Fire Thrower, the greatest of the Imperial Secrets so that the Navy and Land Forces once more could put their enemies to the Torch. 10,000 Ducats. 15,000 Ducats are put to creating six new mines across the Empire. 5,000 Ducats are put to use for secret means...(Mod) Leonardo Da Vinci is invited to Constantinople to visit the City to view upon the works of the ancients and perhaps be privy to certain Imperial Secrets (Mod) Neighboring Christian States are sent Diplomats requesting alliances, aid and whatever material support that can be provided to defend Europe and Christendom from the Ottoman Menace (Mod) The East Romans invite envoys from the Mamluk Sultanate (Mod). Stats Army: 40,000 Infantry, 10,000 Cavalry, 60 Cannon Navy: 40 War Galleys, 6 Galleons Trade: England (Accepted), Lithuania (Accepted), Venice (Accepted),Serbia (Proposed), Technology: Greek Fire, Improved Artillery Income: 5,000 (Base), 2,000 (Trade) Treasury: 50,000 (Start), 0, (End)
  9. The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Nation: Byzantine Empire/Eastern Roman Empire Ruler: Constantine XII Army: 40,000 Infantry, 10,000 Cavalry, 60 Cannons Navy: 40 Caravels, 6 Galleons Desired technology from investment: Everything into better artillery Short background on the nation (more details for North American tribes): The Byzantine Empire had struggled to survive the onslaught against the Sultanate of Rum now known as the Ottoman Empire, but it had endured. Poised and ready to strike back due to failures of Mehmet II. Constantine XI had valiantly fought off the Turkish invaders from Greece and Constantinople. The Legions once weakened now once again stand strong, ready to take back Anatolia if need be once the Ottomans had been decisively defeated on the Aegean Sea. The Navy while smaller than its rivals had been rebuilt again to fight in the Aegean once more. But for now, they must brace themselves for yet another offensive by the sea, they must push back the Ottomans again. Skype: You got it.
  10. 1000 A.D.

    Kingdom of Denmark Sweyn Forkbeard, the King of the Danes, the rightful King of Norway cautiously looked over a map of his domain. But for now, he was unable to do anything against the two Kingdoms to his North, neither could stand alone against him but together they could repel him. There were other targets and opportunities to be had outside of the region of Scandinavia, though he'd be sure not to drop his title of King of Denmark and Norway. The Kingdom of England laid weak against him, the Germans to the South ready to align with him, he could strengthen his position considerably. Actions Sweyn Forkbeard would accept the marriage from the Duchy of Saxony, his son Harold would be chosen to be the partner of the Princess of Saxony. Trade would be agreed between the two Kingdoms, with Saxony liking being traded many plundered goods from Danish Raids. (Angel) The King would authorize the many bands of Viking Raiders to continue to raid the lands of Albion, targeting the weak Kingdom of England and promoting Danish Settlement on the land. (England/Mod) The King of Denmark would encourage his vassals within the Kingdom of Norway to remain loyal to him and him alone, though not making any overt threats towards the current pretender in Norway. (Mod) The King of Denmark would seek word from the Pope, asking for the Papacy to legitimize his reign as a Christian Monarch (Whoever/Mod) Lastly the Danes would begin to prepare a massive fleet for an upcoming campaign (Mod) The King of Denmark would seek to create new Churches in his land and ensure his populaces conversion to Christianity completely over the next few years. (Mod) Trade would be accepted with any who'd seek it out (Mod/Players) The Offers to Bulgaria are accepted, with Cnut taking a Bulgarian wife in marriage. Stats King of Denmark: Sweyn Forkbeard Crown Prince: Harold of Denmark Second Prince: Cnut of Denmark Princesss: Estrid Svendsdatter Population: 500,000 Military: 2,000 Huscarls/8,000 Men at Arms (Standing) 35,000 (Potential Levy) 200-300 Ships
  11. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Country/Tribe: Kingdom of Denmark Leader: Sweyn Forkbeard Population: 500,000 History: The Kingdom of Denmark had been one of the first heathenish kingdoms to become Christian at this time and thus avoided invasion from other states in Europe. It had largely consolidated its power to the throne by the 8th century and thus became one of the rising powers in Europe. Though no longer Pagan the people and warriors of Denmark still at this time followed many Viking Traditions and would launch invasions like their ancestors against England. Swyn Forkbeard at this time was also King of Norway along with being King of Denmark. Do you have Discord?: Yes
  12. Dawn of a New Era IC (Fantasy Nation-builder RP)

    The Kingdom of Bassenthwaite Overview It had been three years since King Charles II of Bassenthwaite had taken power, his mind and body withered away along with any ambition that he may have held as a young man. Content to mostly leave the duties of the Court to Prince Alastor of Bassenthwaite's Elves, the Prince himself was not an especially well loved or well liked individual, but he had a cunning and martial ability that none could equal in the Kingdom. King Charles had been content to allow the Barbarians to the North ravage his northern holdings. Though the King with the help of the Banking Guilds of Bassenthwaite had amassed a vast fortune, unspent and gathering dust within the Royal Vault. While increasing the wealth and prosperity to the isles was paramount, much needed to be spent to properly equip the forces of the Kingdom. The Human and Elven Cohorts of Spear and Swordsmen had been neglected due to the sloth of the King. King Charles agreed to allow Alastor to take effective command of the Royal Army and begin its revival as a force to be seen and reckoned with on the Isles. The Army was to be equipped properly before a campaign to retake the North from the Barbarians would be undertaken, if required Mercenaries would be hired to assist in this effort. Economy and Trade Trade Agreements are met with the Alterian Empire and the Kingdom of Bassenthwaite accepts the trade agreement offer with Beleria. Trade Agreements would be offered to the Commonwealth of Ruhn and House Blackmarrow also. A Sum of 500 Coin would be delivered as per contract with the Raiders to the West to “Patrol” away from its Waters. Such agreements were necessary for the time being. (500 Gold to Alex every turn). Another 5,000 would be spent by the leader of the Bankers Guild in his position as an economic adviser on increasing the amount of farms by the River, attempting to increase the overall grain output of the Kingdom for export. (Mod) 10,000 Gold is spent on expanding the Wineries of the Kingdom, to make Bassenthwaite wine the most sought after in the known world. (Mod) Military Actions Army Size: 10,000 Spearmen with Shields (5,000 Medium, 5,000 Light), 8,000 Swordsmen (2,000 Medium, 6,000 Light), 4,000 Cavalry (1,000 Medium, 3,000 Light) Navy Size: 8 Caravels, 18 Galleys Part of the treasury would be spent upgrading much of the Army. A sum of 15,000 Gold would be used to equip 10,000 of the Spearmen with Shields (Pikemen) in Medium Armour, 2,000 Swordsmen (Skirmishers) into Medium Armour and 1,000 Cavalry into Medium Armour. A Force of 5,000 Spearmen with Shields, 2,000 Swordsmen and 1,000 Cavalry would be sent North to bait the Barbarians into battle. They would be lead by Prince Alastar of the Elves. These men would be selected from those who were given new equipment. (Mod) Educational Actions 8,000 Gold would be spent for the Military to develop new spear and shield tactics, specifically to prioritize defense of these units so that they might be able to better defend themselves. (I.e some form of shield-wall, Testudo, Hoplite formation). (Mod) Diplomacy The Barbarians to the North are offered an ultimatum, to join the Kingdom and receive rights to their lands and join the bustling civilization. Or face conquest. Prince Alastar promises them fair treatment if they join the Kingdom and the possibilities of their own ruler joining the Feudal elite. (Mod) Expenditure Treasury: 50,000 Income: 5,000 Army Upkeep: 1,500 Pirate Tribute: 500 Economy Upgrades: 15,000 Army Upgrades: 15,000 Education: 8,000 End of year Balance: 15,000
  13. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    If you read the thread, you'd understand we can handle it. We want the frequency of such to die down, we don't want to have to respond to a small army just outside our borders every single day. We send out patrols regularly and we're not calling for an end to raiding, raid caps, banditry or whatnot. Just a more regulated and fair way of doing it so people can actually RP every few days between raids.
  14. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    You guys raided us more than one time before we killed the Rex. Stop lying to yourself, the raids were almost daily before then. The Orcs have the mindset that the Elves are a target so you targeted us, then you made some OOC raid alliance with 4 other factions because you can't deal with us on your own.
  15. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    Once again you FAIL to acknowledge it was your group that started the conflict. Stop bringing up the fact we killed your nation leader because it is irrelevant to the conversation. You were raiding us BEFORE that, you were banditing us BEFORE that. Stop trying to use that strawman over and over again.