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  1. Prince Artanis Caerme’onn would sign this document ratifiying it.
  2. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity In the streets of the City formerly known as Lamentation the citizenry are gathered together by the Magi Priestess Dycha and many of the lesser Priests of the Great Chieftain and Allfather of the Fey Race. Many of their assistants would be carrying baskets full of bread, being handed out in an orderly fashion being overseen by several Cohorts of Royal Fey Spears, officers carefully watching the crowd. The human civilians still looking a little gaunt even over a year after the siege had finally ended, the food programs instituted by the Crown saving many from starvation. Soon all the bead had been given out, almost everyone in the crowd given enough to eat for the duration of what this assembly was. On a large stage the High Priestess would appear before the crowd, staff in hand looking down at the gathered masses. “My Children, long have you suffered under your oppressors! The Monarchs and Lords of Death who inhabited this very forest. Now you are free, free to live life in all its wonders. The plenty that only us the Fey can offer you, the bread we hand out today comes from the Royal Stores themselves. King Eonir wishes to see if your people can be redeemed for the crimes committed against this forest. Should you prove yourselves, you will flourish under this new order and be able to grow and the Forest may accept you. To the Fey all life is sacred and as such we consider you our children that must be protected and guided to the righteous path. So eat this bread, then join us in prayer to the Allfather and express gratitude at the life that you have today, as your former masters wished to take it from you.” The Priestess would finish her sermon, stepping off from the podium, most of the humans that remained evidently were never very fervent in the worship of Death due to their choice to live under the Fey rather than starve and die. On the other side of the Kingdom in its original heartlands the Princely Council of the Fey watch the events from across The Barrier with increasing concern for the wars that were going on. Their King Eonir secludes himself from much of the administration of the Kingdom and even much of the diplomacy aside from his desire to spread the Forest into the West. Expenditure and actions Four Merchants Guilds are constructed in the Cities that were formed from the previous year. (40,000) Four Farms are constructed as to keep up with the rate of growth acceptable by the Princely Council of Fey. (20,000) An additional 4,000 Heavy Infantry would be slotted for recruitment this year costing the treasury a vast sum. (48,000) Three Barracks would be constructed to increase troop recruitment for the following year. (15,000) Tinkerers and Blacksmiths would be tasked in the new Laboratory Facilities the Kingdom had acquired would be put to task. The Royal Army would task them into creating a multi shot Ballista for field armies. (15,000) (Education: 2)
  3. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity Within the great canopies of the Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick and its borders that stretch ever further West and North, with its destiny to eventually encompass the majority of the modern Greenthroat. The training fields outside the Capital of the vast forest Kingdom would be bustling with activity, the raising of troops for further campaigns with time now firmly on the side of the Fey. New heavy troops undergoing their training, supervised by the veterans of the Darkyrian Campaign, young Fey drawn from all over the territories and rural spaces of the Kingdom, many who’ve never seen armoured troops or even metal weaponry. The King himself observes from a distance, watching his army once more be raised as to march on crusade for the living and to expand and maintain the Greenthroat and restore it to what it once was. Elsewhere in the Greenthroat many settlements that had transformed into towns in the previous year get the support they need to become cities and consolidate the realm further, ensuring that no land is stolen by the outsiders and wrongfully exploited. The War in the Forest finally behind the Fey Kingdom, it could see to its expansion and growth in all areas to create an Empire in this world that could protect those living from the forces of ruination, undeath and sometimes even themselves. Expenditure and actions Five farms are constructed upon the newly acquired river from former Darkyria, now dubbed the Greenblood River. This is to ensure the continued growth of the ever expanding population of Fyr-Darrick (25,000) Four thousand Heavy Infantry are to be raised after the war to prepare for the campaign in the West. They will be equipped with Steel Equipment from that in storage and that which is newly forged. (42,000) Four Outposts are given their town charters that allow them to consolidate in their area of control. (Free) Four towns are consolidated into Cities. (60,000)
  4. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity The Assaults on the City of Lamentation had finally begun, all forces present would take the city with speed rather than the siege of the Glade of Eternal Midnight that took many years to finally conclude. New siege weaponry, large forces of light infantry used as a front line force to simply overwhelm the enemy within backed up by Heavy and Medium Infantry. Though lacking the command of their King, those remaining commanders felt confident in their ability to take the city once and for all. Though what to do with the many captured civilians afterwards was something that was still pondered among both the commanders and members of the esteemed priesthood that were there acting as support through magic and healing. Needless to say the casualties will be high for both sides in this fight, and it will mean the Legions of Fyr-Darrick would have to spend a significant portion of time rebuilding for their next campaign. The King having returned to the Heartlands after his pilgrimage to what the Fey currently call the Heart of the Forest, transformed, changed and something that presently spooked much of the Court in the Capital of Talsyn and the City of Anmyr. Spending more time back to the affairs of the State, reshaping it to fit his new religious fervour and visions that he had seen. Upsetting some of the old ways that business was done to some in his long absence. The Merchant City of Anmyr would remain open to business as the eyes of the Kingdom would continue to look West and now to the North, the King ordering the Warden of Fyr-Darrick to begin organising migrations and new settlements to be constructed to expand the Borders in the desired directions as to protect the forest. Expenditure and actions Siege costs would amount to 35,000 to construct a sufficient number of trebuchets and siege towers in order to take Lamentation with the full force of the combined army. Four farms are constructed in order to maintain the current level of growth. 20,000 An Ent is shaped through the magics of the forest. (3,000) Five Barracks would be constructed (25,000) Four settlements are created this year one heading west to help connect the two territories of Fyr-Darrick, three are built northwards. 20,000. https://i.gyazo.com/c46336ee81c56067361139c40fa99b8a.png
  5. “Sounds like that place has too many mages.” remarks an ‘ame
  6. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity The Kings retinue now returned to the homeland of Fyr-Darrick gathered themselves at the gates of the Capital Talsyn, within the Kings Glade. The King had gathered one hundred of the veteran Greenthroat Riders and one hundred of the elite Greenthroat Guard. The sun itself was beginning to rise, light managing to breach the dense canopy that rise highly within the forest that surround even the great cities of Fyr-Darrick. The King would appear, walking to mount his War Elk at the head of the column as they party would prepare to leave to traverse depths of the forests that have not yet been reached. Without a rousing speech or any words he would take the reigns of his mount and begin the long march, the column of elite and veteran soldiers passing through the gates. Eventually almost with no noise they would have left and vanished into the depths of the forests as they head north. Around the Darkyrian City of Lamentation the Fey would remain encamped and comfortable in their siege, the humans of Darkyria now were caged in, unable to supply themselves as the Fey grow their forces and prepare new siege techniques after learning of them through the Black Army. A further ten thousand infantry would be on their way to assist in the siege along with the allied forces that remained. Within the Kings timeframe the City would be taken and the war would finally be over. A new Ent would be created outside the City as it was decided the Royal Army would need as many of them as possible to ensure that the siege could be won in a single assault. Expenditure and actions The Expedition of King Eonir to the Northern Greenthroat as part of his vision from the Elder Soul would be undertaken. 100 Veteran Greenthroat Riders, 100 Elite Greenthroat Guard and one Magi would be accompanying him. They would bring along 10,000 for the expedition. All Outposts are upgraded to Towns. 35,000 is spent on buildings 7 farms in order to keep up with the rapid population growth of Fyr-Darrick 25,000 is spent on researching Trebuchets 3,000 is spent on creating a new Ent 20,000 is spent on recruiting 10,000 Light Infantry in order to prepare for the final assault on the Darkyrian Capital.
  7. Archduchy of Austria and Holy Roman Empire Overview Emperor Leopold I along with his advisers would cautiously watch as the events of the world would appear before him, the foreign policy of Austria and by extension the greater Holy Roman Empire was one of neutrality due to the great religious wars that had been going on for many years. The Hapsburg Hegemony in Germany and Spain had held for so many years and Leopold would see it prepared for the coming centuries, with new ideas in economics, administration and even expansion. Watching the Russians and Ottomans about to enter a phase of war presented risk to further greater Muslim Expansion into Europe, however the Russians were far away and the relationship with the Commonwealth would seem more important due to them being direct neighbours. Economy The Imperial reforms into studying economics and the potential of reforming the systems to allow for greater access to free but fair trade within the Empire itself are looked into. Seeking to build upon concepts of free trade within the borders of the HRE, rather than to the greater world. (Mod) Domestic The reforms are then looked to be pushed into the smaller Catholic realms in the HRE, aligning their own central bureaucracy with the greater Imperial one being established in Vienna. In return for surrendering some domestic control over the bureaucracy the Austrians offer to pay for infrastructural improvements and ensuring economic protection for merchants within the Empire. However Leopold strictly forbids this occuring in the Protestant States, as not to upset them at this stage. (Mod) Diplomatic Ottoman Diplomats are received in Vienna but are told sternly to send a missive to the Sultan “Withdraw from Hungary and no longer proclaim yourself Caesar. Once this is done, amicable relations can begin.” as the Ottomans to the eyes of the Austrians claim the title King of the Romans, when it is in fact held rightfully by Leopold I. (Ottoman Player Response Required) Military The Austrian Military would look to improve their line infantry and command structure with their officers. Seeing the Ottomans Military reforms they would not have the Holy Roman Empire fall behind. Military Reforms to improve the quality of the soldiers and officers of Austria would be undertaken as to incrementally push reforms if successful across the Catholic States of the Empire. (Mod) A Mobilisation of Austrian Military Forces would be undertaken, at this time HRE States are not levied. They would encamp close to Vienna as to prepare for a potential campaign.
  8. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Activity The Sun was setting upon the centre army group of the Fey Royal Army, the army itself was split into three camps in order to cover the majority of Lamentation, the damned City in the midst of the heart of the Forest itself. Supplies were carted in with new arrivals every few days, the Fey merchants now able to supply the army without Galaharian assistance with the City known as the Glade of Eternal Midnight now more than self sustaining and able to export its prosperity to the campaign. This however was unimportant for many of the Commanders and Princes that had been called to assembly, a few dozen trickling in from the rest of the Camp and from the Left and Right Army Groups, all eventually reaching the Royal Command Tent of King Eonir for an assembled War Council. The Commanders, Princes and other lower nobles of the Kingdom would discuss among themselves as the King had not yet made his appearance. They would begin idle chatter and a few camp follower servants would occasionally come in and pour wine or water as they’d assemble, most of which sit around a large table with the head still empty for the time being. Eventually after some time the King of the Fey, Eonir would enter the tent and those within would rise in respect and all servants and guards would take their leave from the outside of the tent to either stand guard or return to the kitchen tents. The King would take his seat at the head of the table and gesture for all attendees to sit and listen. “My time at the head of this campaign has come to an end, I have had visions from the Dagna, our Allfather and Chieftain.” he would say, his eyes are veined and glowing in a light green colour “I have bathed in the pools of life and have been given a task. But our task here is yet to be completed, I must pick a new commander and decide how our campaigns across the world will be lead before I go on this pilgrimage.” he would finish, looking to the many men around him “Prince Anaeran, you will take command of our army to help our allies outside the Greenthroat. Two thousand Cavalry and four thousand of the Greenthroat Guard. I leave Her Worship, the High Priestess Dycha in command of our forces here, those remaining must act as her staff and ensure the assault runs smoothly.” the Elder Fey would say taking a breath. “I will be taking one thousand of the cavalry with me on my pilgrimage as my honour guard. I depart on the following year. I will not want to come back to find Lamentation still under the control of Darkyria, I give you three years to build a sufficient force to take the city.” Eonir would finish before standing and leaving the tent immediately without a single word, followed closely by his honour guard. The Princes and Commanders would feel somewhat confused, not being given a say over the command, they would begin building a staff around the High Priestess but effective Military Command was put to Prince Arloth of the Glade of Eternal Midnight. In the Homeland a great migration is planned by the Warden of Fyr-Darrick, Prince Aeleandor who managed to spend the yearly budget quickly as to see his ambitions come to fruit. Four towns across the frontier are planned for this year. Such expansion is hoped to connect the two territories of Fyr-Darrick creating a vast inland Empire prime for development especially in Agriculture due to the proximity of the Font of Life. Even more economic expansion was planned by the Politician Prince of Fyr-Darrick, many in the Military and on the Princely Council quietly complain about his almost ‘Outsider’ conduct. The Prince’s ambitions are still yet to be seen as next he would seek to expand Northward on the Barrier and around the Mountain pass, but these plans had to be held off for the time being due to the lack of population to migrate. Expenditure and actions Four new settlements are planned to expand the frontier Westward towards Darkyria in a hope to continue to eventually connect the two Fey Territories together once again. (20,000) Three merchants guilds would be built in the newly established Cities that were formed in the previous year. (30,000) Two new farms are established in order to maintain the present level of population growth for the Fey (10,000) To replenish the numbers lost in over the course of the war, two units are created of Greenthroat Riders to be equipped fully in Steel Equipment. (19,000)
  9. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Activity A fire was raging in a small campsite in what appeared to be the heartland of the Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick. A grouping of Fey would be sitting around it as a Priest would gather them around to hear tales of their people and their history. The crowd gathered were Fey of the Cities, something more civilized than their rural brethren that can be found deeper in the Forest, away from the bustling cities. As the crowd would gather around him so that they could fully hear what he had to teach them on that evening. “Fey of Fyr-Darrick, Children of the Forest and all members of the Tribe of the Great Chief, the Allfather Dagna whom is the Elder Soul of this world and the realm that which we come from. I will tell you the story of our people, of our past, our present and our future. In the beginning our people resided in the realm of Tír na Fey, the realm of our God and many others, we are not of this world and nor is our Great Greenthroat. This world we reside on was made for the humans, though our ancient lore no doesn’t state by who or for what purpose. The Allfather would have his task to populate this world with life of plant and beast among his other contemporaries in the great Pantheon.” “For his efforts he was rewarded with the ability to create his own realm that which became Tír na Fey and he was given a wife to which he had twelve sons. He would then go on to sculpt the first of our people out of marble and with a snap of his fingers we were given flesh and form, an undying beauty from when we are first born until when we return to the Forest. However the times of peace and prosperity outside of Tír na Fey would not last, the Great Pantheon had another that none knew of, the Great Fallen One whom was born of hate and all things negative.” “It was he who would conspire with Death itself as he hated all Creation and wished to see it vanquished and Death wished to further his domain and followers, creating a new realm out of this world of pure death and only those who live in the state of Undeath would command it as his Lieutenants. As such the two vile ‘Gods’ schemed together and began building an army to strike out against the humans through corruption and force they even attained followers among the humans. They struck out in Naros and Aros spreading like wildfire on a dry summers day, consuming and leaving behind nothing but ash and bodies that would be added to their army.” “However, From Ruination the Allfather took this time to act as he would not let the humans be conquered and used in such a manner, nor would he let the vast amounts of life he gave this world to be destroyed in the name of the ego of the Fallen One and the ambitions of Death. Tens of thousands of Fey Warriors would travel down the Bridge Between Worlds and throw themselves at the ranks of Death and those who accepted the corruption of the Fallen One. The armies clashed with the Fey supported by beasts and the nature of the world itself, they were not alone as the forces of Light itself were gathering together across the entirety of the world.” “The Armies of the Fey and those of the Forces of Light gathered together for what would be the final battle of this Great War, the disintegrating Human Empire still had many among them who were brave and true who would stand with the Fey.” the Priest would stop to take a breath, an initiate of the Faith would offer him a horn of water to which he would accept before using his stave to dig a small ditch into the dirt assisted by his magic, roots separating it apart. He would pour water into the ditch and speak once again “This my children is the Barrier, but it was not always so, it was formed in the Great War in the final battle.” “Powerful and ruinous Magic was cast that day, champions of the Pantheon all fought and cast their most powerful spells creating a massive imbalance. The Bridge Between Worlds remained open so that our army could continuously be reinforced by Tír na Fey, but with each passing day of this seemingly endless battle the forces of Death grew and the Fallen One continued to corrupt humans to his side. It was at this moment the Champion of The Allfather and the Champion of the Deep One had decided to do the unthinkable. All the Mages of the Fey would channel their powers together, giving their energy to the Bridge Between Worlds to bring about the destructive powers of life. The Mages of the Deep One would begin channelling the powers of the sea to them in a great and powerful ritual.” “The result of this combined magic ritual is part of Tír na Fey transported itself down to this world, the Greenthroat was born and it became a weapon, taking in and destroying the forces of both Death and the Fallen One, forcing a retreat of their army. As they would retreat the Barrier began to form as the sea would come inland and drown them as they fled into Naros and some attempting to flee through into Aros and the Greenthroat. However in the rage of petulance and defeat the Fallen One manifested as much of his disgusting power as possible, shattering the Bridge Between Worlds. Though in the end it was a victory for the forces of light and life, but it was one achieved at the cost of trapping hundreds of thousands of Fey in this world, this world that we must act as Guardians for as was our ancient duty before. In the history since the Allfather had chosen Kings from the Bloodlines of his sons, but we had grown complacent and ignored the growing tumour in our own forest.” “The War in the Forest was not something that the Priesthood, the Princes or anyone in the Fey foresaw and it means that the times are changing. If Death could fester in the very heart of our home, then where else is it growing in this world. Not least to think that the Fallen One could be building forces up once more to strike out against this world, the forces of light and life are perhaps not as strong as they once were in the Great War, but we must prepare ourselves for the wars to come. If the Fey and our allies can push back these forces of darkness once again, then perhaps there is still hope we can one day return home to the rest of our people in Tír na Fey.” The Elder Priest would finally finish, gently sitting himself back down on the log as the children and adults around him had begun a gentle applause for his story. The fire still raging and the moon shining through the canopies of the Greenthroat, the Mage Priest knew that the time would soon be upon the Fey to march in force outside the borders. Lamenting over the thought that the forest creatures would not understand as they do, they were the Guardians of all life and must preserve it, human or humagi alike. Expenditure and Actions 3,000 is spent on shaping a new tree-folk, a new Ent will join the Fey Army. 5,000 is spent on building another town to expand the territory Westward again. 45,000 is spent on upgrading all existing towns to Cities. 20,000 is spent on building 4 Farms. 4,000 is spent producing 1,000 Steel Equipment.
  10. Archduchy of Austria and Holy Roman Empire Overview The Habsburgs hold on the Holy Roman Empire and its Imperial Title was secure and the familial alliance between the Habsburgs of Austria and those of Spain remained strong and intact. Leopold I was the latest in the lines of Austrian leaders of the Holy Roman Empire, the recent conflicts had left the Empire reluctant to go to war for further conquests that would be for the glory of the Habsburgs leaving most of the territorial gains for the Austrians. This was a mood that the Emperor couldn’t ignore or bypass for the time being and it was imperative for the integrity of the realm to be maintained and strengthened. Economy The Imperial Court would fund endeavors to look into economics, strengthening the Austrian Economy and then looking to see if such methods could be spread across the Empire in order to raise the realms prosperity and enrich the everyday lives of the Merchants, Nobles and Peasants alike. (Mod) The Imperial Court would accept offers of trade from their neighbours, though would use Spanish Merchants to handle most of its oversea trade. (Mod) Domestic Policy The Austrian part of the Empire would see the realm Centralise further, in order to have a straightforward and efficient bureaucracy, though for the time being no such effort is attempted in the greater HRE as not to infringe on the freedoms of the smaller states. (Mod) Diplomacy The Austrians would accept a defensive Pact with the Poles, though makes clear it has no intent to wage aggressive war with the Turks at this time.
  11. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Leaders King Eonir the Great Stag High Priestess Dycha Prince Aeleandor the Warden Population 5,697,972 Income Base: 7,000 Towns/Cities: 12,000 Population: 17,000 Trade: 6,000 Trade Caravels: 16,000 Manufactories: 11,000 Merchant Guilds: 12,000 Port: 3,000 Upkeep: -13,200 Total Before Upkeep: 84,000 Total After Upkeep: 70,800 Treasury Start: 74,300 End: 1,800 Trade Partners Galaharian League Empire of Bordeleaux Kingdom of Hilmedhi Kingdom of Bulgar Republic of Danwent Fortress Libraries Cities, settlements and Fortresses Talsyn (Capital), Population of City and Surrounding Area: 1,285,444 Anmyr (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 1,086,444 The Midnight Anvil (Fortress) Garrison: 500 Light Archers Modryn (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 865,991 Tal Silvoc (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 886,018 Tal Dovar (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 785,974 Glade of the Eternal Midnight (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 787,027 Buildings Shrine Hermitage Monastery Temple x2 Church x1 Farms x11 Merchant Guilds x4 Manufactory x11 Port Barracks x2 National Idea Guardians of the Forest: For Centuries the Fey peoples had watched over the Forest with careful vigil, many never ending their watch and opting to continue service in the Army of the Fey rather than retire to find a craft outside of Military pursuits. 20% Cost reduction on Veteran and Elite Cost, 10% reduction on upkeep costs for Veteran and Elites. Military 3,750 Greenthroat Riders (Medium Cavalry) T2/3 Equipment 400 Greenthroat Riders Veteran (Medium Cavalry) T3 Equipment 7,000 Greenthroat Guard (Medium Infantry/Archers), T2/T3 Equipment 180 Greenthroat Guard Elite (Medium Infantry/Archers), T3 Equipment 3,250 Heavy Infantry, T3 Equipment 250 Veteran Heavy Infantry, T3 Equipment 2,250 Light Infantry 3,000 Light Archers 200 Veteran Light Archers, T2 Equipment 12 Trade Caravels 16 Adepts 1 Magi 3 Mangonels Military Equipment Iron (T2): 3,700 Equipped, 4,750 Stored Leather (T2): 750 Equipped Steel (T3): 12,800 Equipped Detailed Military List https://docs.google.com/document/d/1grgCqnxr1FzkeS9S5YSXjYJZ3CeDbDvHp2pcC5QxLWo/edit?usp=sharing Activity A victory had been secured for the Fey and their close allies, the Darkyrian countryside was sure to fall to their army in this year and any potential reinforcing of the forces of death would be slowed once their capital had been surrounded. Soon the realm of pestilence and decay would find itself surrounded by forest with the Greenthroat once more flourishing in this cursed land. Whats more a point of interest the Adepts had spied as they communicated with the birds and beasts of the forest would now be open to be taken, the War in the Forest was drawing to its end and with it new information is sure to be revealed about the mysterious continent spanning forest that they call home. Losses still needed recouping however, it was now time to rebuild troops that were lost in the recent battle, even if there were relatively few. The Fey knew they had to keep strengthening their army as opposed to the lethargy that gripped them during the first siege. More heavy and medium infantry would be recruited in the coming years in order to keep the military dominance of the Fey around during this war. As such the treasury would be put back to work ensuring sustained economic growth along with meeting the demands of the Military. The more Liberal Princes of the homeland growing dissatisfied as they had hoped for another year of pure economic growth. Prince Anaeran would find himself attending the Second Republican Games after his most recent success commanding the Cavalry in the battle in another great success and outshining his previous achievement. The young Fey Prince now a veteran of multiple battles and earning a reputation as a skilled fighter, rider, archer and having a beauty that most foreigners that is what is considered stereotypical of the Fey by many foreigners. The Prince’s role was to win glory for his King and continue to build relations with the foreign nations to secure the Greenthroat and ensure the outsiders never attempt to enter it, barring the Port City of Anmyr. Expenditure and Actions 3,000 is spent on shaping a new tree-folk, a new Ent will join the Fey Army. 10,000 is spent on recruiting 1,000 Greenthroat Guard with Steel Equipment to replenish that which was lost in the battle. 12,000 is spent on recruiting 1,000 Heavy Infantry with Steel Equipment. 20,000 is spent on building 4 new Farms 22,500 is spent upgrading a Temple to a Church 5,000 is spent building a town to the West of the main borders of the Fey.
  12. “It is sometimes better to burn out, than fade away.” remarks Artanis hearing of the news of his uncles passing “Brother Ember, I’ve been expecting you for some time.” Abelas would say as he’d meet his brother in the confines of the Eternal Forest
  13. ~Irrinor: an Elven Sanctuary~ With the strife and horrors of the war that persist into the lands of Arcas, many nations find themselves falling, others being subjugated. Those places that which call themselves nations or homes of Elves do not represent the values and culture of many an Elf. dissatisfied with the war and internal politics of the Elven states a group of Elves who follow the Aspects and the Mani, the Wild Faith attempt to strike out on their own. Escaping the war and strife that plagued the nations that they once called home. For those too, be them an Elf or anyone else who wishes to escape the war and live within a settlement that respects the roots and values of Wood Elf Culture can find sanctuary within the walls of Irrinor, a simpler life but one that is safe and shielded from the wars and politics of the realm by simply refusing to partake. Irrinor has a place for all those righteous, hardworking and passionate about peace, while excluding those who would intend harm on others above all, only raising their arms in self defence. Those refugees, travellers and all those who would escape war, tyranny and the complexities of the politics of Arcas, Irrinor welcomes you to find your place in the world. South of Fenn and North of old Alderyn in neutral undisputed lands in Eastern Arcas you can find peace, protection and many who would welcome new companions into their lives. The town itself is lead by a Lord and a small council of retainers who build, enforce the law and welcome in new residents or just those who would have extended visits. If you wish to come you can find us with these coordinates on your map. (1730 64 -599)
  14. The Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Nation Stats Leaders King Eonir the Great Stag High Priestess Dycha Prince Aeleandor the Warden Population 5,426,640 Income Base: 7,000 Towns/Cities: 12,000 Population: 15,500 Trade: 6,000 Trade Caravels: 16,000 Manufactories: 3,000 Merchant Guilds: 12,000 Port: 3,000 Upkeep: -13,500 Total: 61,000 Treasury Start: 66,500 End: 3,500 Trade Partners Galaharian League Empire of Bordeleaux Kingdom of Hilmedhi Kingdom of Bulgar Republic of Danwent Fortress Libraries Cities, settlements and Fortresses Talsyn (Capital), Population of City and Surrounding Area: 1,241,222 66,995 Anmyr (City) Population of City and Surrounding Area: 1,041,222 The Midnight Anvil (Fortress) Garrison: 500 Light Archers Modryn (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 820,769 Tal Silvoc (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 840,796 Tal Dovar (Town) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 740,752 Glade of the Eternal Midnight (City) Population of Settlement and Surrounding Area: 741,805 Buildings Shrine Hermitage Monastery Temple x2 Church x1 Farms x11 Merchant Guilds x4 Manufactory x3 Port Barracks x2 National Idea Guardians of the Forest: For Centuries the Fey peoples had watched over the Forest with careful vigil, many never ending their watch and opting to continue service in the Army of the Fey rather than retire to find a craft outside of Military pursuits. 20% Cost reduction on Veteran and Elite Cost, 10% reduction on upkeep costs for Veteran and Elites. Military 4,050 Greenthroat Riders (Medium Cavalry) T2/3 Equipment 300 Greenthroat Riders Veteran (Medium Cavalry) T3 Equipment 7,950 Greenthroat Guard (Medium Infantry/Archers), T2/T3 Equipment 200 Greenthroat Guard Elite (Medium Infantry/Archers), T3 Equipment 4,000 Heavy Infantry, T3 Equipment 2,250 Light Infantry 3,000 Light Archers 200 Veteran Light Archers, T2 Equipment 12 Trade Caravels 16 Adepts 1 Magi 3 Mangonels Military Equipment Iron (T2): 3,700 Equipped, 3,200 Stored Leather (T2): 750 Equipped Steel (T3): 12,800 Equipped Detailed Military List https://docs.google.com/document/d/1grgCqnxr1FzkeS9S5YSXjYJZ3CeDbDvHp2pcC5QxLWo/edit?usp=sharing Activity The time had come and all the forces on the war table had finally come together for the next stage in the War in the Forest, or to some the War for the Forest. Thousands more troops have arrived to reinforce the Fey Army from Galahar and from the Holy Empire of Grimsborith, now tipping the numbers into the Feys favour for the first time since the war began. King Eonir would order a march, bringing forth all the veterans, commanders and officers that had been acquire over the course of the war. These last few years of the campaign would be decisive. Within the heartlands of Fyr-Darrick much of the treasury had been freed up for at least this year alone, leading to the Warden of Fyr-Darrick, Prince Aeleandor to order many manufacturers to be constructed within the territory of the heartland so that revenues could increase over the next year. Part of his many schemes to grow the Kingdom through patience and economics rather than the traditional Fey isolationism. Though it is upsetting some of the conservatives at home due to the Port City of Anmyr being the focus of much of the treasury, coincidently being Aeleandors own City. Expenditure 3,000 is spent on the creation of an Ent. 60,000 is spent on building 8 Manufactories.
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