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  1. Legally speaking, that is his right as the owner of LOTC and sole share holder of Tythus LTD.
  2. Legally speaking, no. Tythus LTD is a Private Limited Company Registered in the United Kingdom and owns LOTC and all assets of the server. Tythus is the majority and only shareholder and thus the server cannot be removed from him legally speaking.
  3. Silver Knight Corporation 2124 Leaders Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite Security Chief Lyle Morgan Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes Colony Stats Population - 190,000 Humans, 2750 Tassareans, 1250 Backhatta, 2090 Redons, 750 Human-Redons, 750 Human-Tassareans, 6000 Galarons Silver Knight Company Security Forces - 25,000 High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 26,500 Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 50,000 Shipyard Level: 2 Military 25,000 Ground Forces 250 Mech Suit Operators 100 Mech Suit Fighter Pilots 5,000 Active and Reserve Naval Personnel 3 Cumberland Class Corvettes 1 Carlisle Class Frigate Technology Warp Drive Quantum Communication Advanced Exoskeleton Design Railgun Technology Artificial Gravity Transformable Mech Advanced Production Fabricators General Activity General Activity about the Colony is going by the day to day, the Executives see the need to reach the monthly targets so that expansion could be kept up with. The Company would quicken its pace in production capabilities and research so that the Company can compete in a market where it is still relatively new in. While losses on the fronts fighting the Corrupter's was regrettable, the Company had not been hired and thus had no obligation to fight a war that it saw itself having no stake in. Training would begin in earnest with much of the security forces and mech suit operators, using their new technologies and communication systems the Company would see its forces be at the peak of what it could perform considering the technological limitations that humanity has in comparison to its allies. Action Points A Colonial Freighter would be ordered to be constructed to begin the Companies Colonial Expansion (2AP) The Colony would seek to select gifted individuals when it came to military matters to begin forming a special forces of Mech Suit Operators who can handle piloting both the ground and space variant of the Mechs (2AP)
  4. Silver Knight Corporation 2123 Leaders Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite Security Chief Lyle Morgan Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes Colony Stats Population - 178,500 Humans, 2250 Tassareans, 1000 Backhatta, 1250 Redons, 500 Human-Redons, 500 Human-Tassareans, 3000 Galarons Silver Knight Company Security Forces - 25,000 High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 26,500 Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 50,000 Shipyard Level: 1 Military 25,000 Ground Forces 250 Mech Suit Operators 5,000 Active and Reserve Naval Personnel 3 Cumberland Class Corvettes 1 Carlisle Class Frigate Technology Warp Drive Quantum Communication Advanced Exoskeleton Design Railgun Technology Artificial Gravity Action Points Further Research is put into the Mech-Fighter Program to ensure its perfection is reached, so that they might not suffer the same problems as the Galaron's did. (2AP) Work is put into the Shipyards in order to upgrade it from Level 1 to Level 2 (2AP
  5. Username: TauFirewarriorGroup: Blood MagicExplain why you're fit to be the lore representative: One of the oldest active blood magic teachers, responsible for additions to the magic and how it is RP'd.
  6. To those having skype connection problems right now. They're having network issues for some users. I contacted their customer service and they help to resolve it soon.

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  7. Silver Knight Corporation 2122 Leaders Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite Security Chief Lyle Morgan Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes Colony Stats Population - 171,500 Humans, 1750 Tassareans, 750 Backhatta, 1000 Redons, 250 Human-Redons, 250 Human-Tassareans, 3000 Galarons Silver Knight Company Security Forces - 25,000 High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 26,500 Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 50,000 Shipyard Level: 1 Military 25,000 Ground Forces 250 Mech Suit Operators 5,000 Active and Reserve Naval Personnel 3 Cumberland Class Corvettes 1 Carlisle Class Frigate Technology Warp Drive Quantum Communication Advanced Exoskeleton Design Railgun Technology Artificial Gravity General Activity With the survey lacking in results the ships are sent back to orbit the planet without much consequence, while disappointing it is something that can be done for another day. Efforts are refocused on mining the ore that is on the planet on which they reside currently. Boosting extraction and then refinement and processing that must be done to ensure the metal becomes useful in crafting buildings, weapons and ships. With the Corvettes returning to orbit they are greeted by the new frigate which now serves the purpose of being the flagship while the fleet is small. The Silver Navies job for the year was not simply waiting around, scores of refugees began to enter Company space, looking for the PR stunt of taking in refugees the Executive Committee allows for the taking in of up to ten thousand refugees but no more as not to upset the continuation of the human majority population. The Corvettes and Frigate escort various ships down to the surface often piloted by smugglers or pirates paid off to get them into protective space. The Executive committee would search among these Galaron to determine how many of them could join the science or engineering team and determines the rest can find employment in the factories, mines farms or other small businesses set up on the planet. A Contract is signed between the Terran Federation and the Corporation for join research, along with general trade and commerce to begin between the two colonies allowing the markets of both Colonies to enjoy commerce from either side. Though Arms manufacturing among the human Colonies is still in an Oligopoly controlled by the Knight, Hephaestus and various other State run Companies. The SATO Frigate is well received in advance, an honour guard is sent to meet the Officers of the Vessel as they would land on the planet. The Honour guard themselves would consist of Mechs and uniformed elites of the Knight Security Forces. The Officers themselves would be then escorted to the Executive Building of the Colony. Allowing the crew of the Frigate to freely move about the leisure zones of the Colony though are restricted from the Industrial and research districts. The Corporation rejects the federalist mandate of the USA, proceeding to cast their vote to be in favour of them being expelled from SATO. Activity Points Continuation of the Transformable Mech Suit is set as a priority, seeking the projects completion though ensuring it is up to the quality expected. (2AP) Join Research Project with the Terran Federation into an advanced communication and HUD Software with VI Support for Ground Forces, designed to ease the communication and coordination of forces to allow for flexible tactics and decrease causality rates due to lack of force coordination and communication. (2AP)
  8. Silver Knight Corporation 2121 Leaders Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite Security Chief Lyle Morgan Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes Colony Stats Population - 164,000 Humans, 1500 Tassareans, 500 Backhatta, 500 Redons, 10 Human-Redons, 50 Human-Tassareans Silver Knight Company Security Forces - 25,000 High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 26,500 Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 50,000 Shipyard Level: 1 Military 25,000 Ground Forces 250 Mech Suit Operators 5,000 Active and Reserve Naval Personnel 3 Cumberland Class Corvettes Technology Warp Drive Quantum Communication Advanced Exoskelton Design General Activity The Silver Knight Corporation accepts its invitation to the SATO Alliance and sends one of the more controllable executives to be its delegate to wherever the temporary headquarters is as of now, as to make sure their ambassador does not attempt to do anything outside of the interests of the Corporation. He is told to vote no or to find ways for the Corporation to opt out of a Unified Currency, seeing the need to trade and store currencies from the various other Empires in the Galaxy. To this end, the Silver Knight Company establishes a Bank to properly contribute to Galactic Financial Services, they begin to set up gold reserves for themselves and offer to do the same for the various other Countries, so that they may have reserves to call upon in the event of a galactic financial crisis. The Bank also begins to deal with foreign currencies as and when they can, trading in them and keeping track of established exchange rates. Military Exoskeletons begin to patrol the streets of the Capital along with soldiers, showing off the technological prowess of the Corporation and ensuring the citizenry feel safe along with ensuring they know that there can be no dissent on the Colony. Mech soldiers are chosen based upon their physical attributes and advanced testing to ensure they can pilot them extremely well as they are somewhat expensive assets. A new training scheme is put into place for the planned Transforming Flight Mech to find who would be best appropriate to be the first pilots of the Company. The chosen currency on planet as of the moment is through gold and silver coins, though they can be exchanged for foreign currency no other currency is accepted in the various businesses and subsidiaries on the planet. The coins themselves are not entirely pure but alloy based to ensure that they aren't too expensive to make and won't be overvalued for foreign investors in the Colony to purchase. Activity Points The Shipyards would be instructed to build the Companies first heavy frigate, designated the Carlisle Class. Wishing for its main gun to be a rail gun, and to have various missiles and point defense turrets ready to defend it from fighters or incoming projectiles. (2AP) The R&D part of the Silver Knight Heavy Industries Subsidiary would be instructed to continue on the Transformable Mech that should work in space. Wishing for it to be able to be maneuverable in fighter mode and somewhat maneuverable in mech mode when in space. (1AP) One of the Corvettes would be instructed to survey the system in which the Colony lies to find any precious metals or other valuable resources to mark out for future. (1AP)
  9. "I didn't see this coming so early, interesting development." remarks Orsino
  10. New LT Project coming up on how to explain why Traps are not gay.

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  11. Correction, I joined the server in 2011 on an Eastern influenced character and eventually developed a RP culture around it building a group into Anthos. This lore now basically states all Easterner type characters whom are of the Japanese influence come from this land originally and can still come from this land as it exists.
  12. Oyashima Mon of Clan Ishikawa Overview Oyashima, a Military power in the Aeldinic South East. In ancient times the land itself was made up by warring clans all vying for control to unite the land under one banner. After many years eventually the land was united under one clan, the Ishikawa. The Shogun acts as Monarch, its Daimyo as feudal lords and its Samurai act as its Military elite, akin to Knights in the Heartlander and Highlander societies. Historical Overview Oyashima is called by some “The Land of the Rising Sun” an apt name for a land in which its history is written in blood as red as any sunrise. In ancient times the land was divided amongst several warlords, some with greater lineage than others. Most of these individuals would go by the title of Daimyo. Four Clans of these Daimyo’s stood higher than the rest. These Clans being Ishikawa the Masters of Battle and Bushido, Sato the Master of Coin and Commerce, Tadayoshi Masters of Peace and Piety and Inoue Masters of Farm and Field. These Clans were principle in power, wealth and military might. The Unification (1300 - 1315) Throughout the history of Oyashima the wealthy but dubious Clan Sato believed it was their right to unite the land underneath them, becoming the supreme amongst the Great Clans, its initial strategy was to subjugate or destroy Clan Ishikawa due to its relative military strength. The Daimyo of Sato after generations of failure at warfare against the Ishikawa changed their strategy, he saw that to the West of their domain stood a Military power, strong and capable with generations of experience fighting Sato Soldiers, however to their South lie the two untested Great Clans, focused on farm and field with their soldiery at best only having experience putting down minor peasant uprisings. The Strategy was simple, distract Clan Ishikawa with a force on its borders, meanwhile sending a force to the South to attack Clan Inoue and subdue them, hopeful for Clan Inoue to bend the knee and guarantee their soldiers to fight Ishikawa. However the Sato underestimated the loyalty and resolve of Inoue. Clan Inoue and Ishikawa had enjoyed friendship for many generations, the Ishikawa and Inoue marrying into each other's families, the Ishikawa Samurai and Officers helped train the Inoue Levy to be able to stand up in a fight if they had to. The Sato knew of this, though still underestimated the Inoue forces. The Inoue forces held their own in many battles, though losing the outcomes were close. This allowed the Ishikawa time in order to break the army that sat at its border, smashing it in a battle that later was named “The Battle of the Ihon River”. The Ishikawa soon laid siege to Castle Ihon, the seat of Clan Sato and ensured its ports were blockaded. Depiction of the Battle of the Ihon River, not in the river, circa 1300 In the ensuing years of warfare eventually the Ishikawa Daimyo demanded the fealty of the Inoue for ensuring they did not fall under the tyranny of Sato, Clan Tadayoshi swiftly followed suit. The Ishikawa Daimyo declaring himself “Shogun” of the lands of Oyashima, the title itself roughly translating to a King or a Great Lord who Commands. After this the Sato bent the knee, thus beginning the end of the Unification. The Interim (1315-1443) Between the Centuries of the Unification and the next period of history in Oyashima, the land was met with relative peace, however the Samurai of Oyashima being always busy with petty squabbles amongst the minor lordlings of the land along with the monsters and beasts that plague much of the Countryside. Cathant Invasion and Occupation of Oyashima (1444-1490) The Interim Period was brought to an abrupt end at the start of a new era in Oyashima which started with the invasion of the land by the Empire of Cathant, the dominant power in the Aeldinic South East. The Cathantese made its incursion into the lands of Oyashima through the Southern Border, bringing with them tens of thousands of troops and technology that simply outmatched anything Oyashima could field. The Southern Army assembled by the current Sato Daimyo, this force broke and was routed. Clan Sato then surrendering quickly to the Cathant. The Ishikawa assembled a force that crossed the Yamatai River to meet the Cathant on the open field. While the battle was bravely fought, losses were heavy but the difference between the two, is Cathant could replenish their losses. Shogun Todou Ishikawa making his final stand, Battle of Shinzo Plains, circa 1543 The land of Oyashima was then put under occupation with the Shogun at the time dying in battle against the Cathant host. A Governor was installed to rule in the city of Yamatai, forcing the Ishikawa clan into an insurgency into the Countryside. This era lasting just under half a century is characterized by the insurgency of the Military class and much of the nobility of Oyashima, as the Cathant denied them the ancient rights and privileges they have had since before even the Shogunate was founded. The Ishikawa Uprising, the Rebel Prince, a Stolen Throne (1489-1491) During the last decade of what was considered the Cathant occupation of Oyashima an ancient Prince returned to the land, long thought dead for at least two centuries, some thought of him as an imposter, others thinking the Ishikawa had consorted with Shamans to extend the life of a Prince long since thought dead, regardless it is not known if this individual was another Ishikawa Prince taking up a persona of one of their greatest warriors, or the actual return of an ancient Prince through means yet unknown to scholars and historians. The Rebel Prince known as Kais did not come alone, he brought his retainer Amuel Sano a Southeron man who took up the Culture of the Oyashima Easterner and became Kais’s retainer. The two of them began rallying the disenfranchised of the Samurai, the Daimyo and many of the levies of the Clans who were fighting what was a losing insurgency. The Governor of the Province at the time was a Eunuch from the Courts of Cathant, more concerned about the trade income from the two Port cities. The Castle and City of Hokeida was still held by Clan Inoue, who had bent the knee to the new Governor some decades past, they watched over the Southern half of Oyashima as was bid to them by the Governor, even still their rights as nobility and that of their Samurai were restricted. The Rebel Prince made his gambit, he had himself snuck into the Castle by peasants so that he would be placed into the Castle throne room to reveal himself to the Daimyo. His gambit depended on the ancient friendship between their two clans, though risky his move paid off. The Inoue Daimyo could not bear the guilt in his heart at even contemplating the thought of handing over any member of Ishikawa, due to the long standing friendship between the Clans. He suggested he should take his own life out of shame for his compliance to the Cathant Invaders, however Kais pleaded with him to instead pledge his lands and army to the cause of freeing the land, the Daimyo agreed. The Prince made his move, beginning the March to the border that traditionally separated Cathant and Oyashima as the Governor had ordered the Army to march South to meet up with reserves from the Province of Luzhou in an attempt to bolster numbers. Sadly for the Cathant the Officer Corps of its army in Oyashima had grown increasingly corrupt, selling weapons, arms and supplies for extra coin to the black markets and various Yakuza Rackets that dwell in the Cities. Daimyo Satomi Shimazu was put in charge of the Cathant Army as it began to march and brought his own levy. At the Forest of Yamamoto the two armies clashed, the Ishikawa troops leading many charges, their famed Nodachi Samurai cutting the poorly equipped front lines of the Cathant Army into ribbons. The battle was fought from Dawn until Dusk, Daimyo Shimazu betrayed the Cathant during the battle rejoining the Ishikawa's causing havoc during the midst of the battle, due to the tactics employed by the rebels to win the day, the reinforcements from Luzhou Province never turned up and Oyashima was considered beyond occupation anymore by the Emperor of Cathant. Prince Kais Ishikawa leading cavalry in the final push in the Battle of Yamaoto Forest, circa 1489 It would still take two more years for the Rebel Prince to retake the homeland and free it. Until finally the Eunuch surrendered to the Prince, Kais subsequently becoming the Shogun of Oyashima, recognized by the four Great Clans. Much of the Governor's former administration was absorbed into the new Government, this was due to the impressive efficiency in trade and administration they showed. Geography, Flora and Fauna Oyashima generally speaking has a temperate climate, with the seasons of spring, summer, autumn winter being relatively the same as most regions. The land itself can be quite hilly, with mountains acting as much of the natural borders. There is a great forest to the South that covers much of the border between Oyashima and Cathant. Oyashima Landscape, circa 1596 In terms of animal and supernatural life, Oyashima has relatively normal animals, similar to other realms, It’s supernatural creatures are unique, the land itself being plagued by creatures such as Oni and Yokai, the Samurai having to take up arms to ensure that the trade routes and roads remain safe and well lit throughout nighttimes in Oyashima. Schools of Warriors Monks were formed in Ancient times that dedicate themselves to killing Oni, Yokai and any other form of monster. Shinobi fighting Oni, circa 1600 The Oni are known only to come out at night, due to the sun itself burning their flesh should it be exposed to the natural sunlight, peasants attribute this to the Sun God of Oyashima punishing the Oni for plaguing the lands. Warrior Monks brave the wilds outside of the immediate trade routes and roads to slay these creatures should they come near settlements, though not without a fee. It is speculated that the Schools of Warrior Monks trained in the slaying of Monsters are subjected to rituals from shamans or sorcerers to heighten their senses so that they may be able to slay the Oni. Shinobi fighting a malicious Yokai, circa 1601 While the Yokai are creatures that shift their shape, forming disguises and finding ways to trick peasants in the Countryside, some even brave enough to plague the slums of the great towns and Cities, they do this to gain energy from their victims. There are different types of Yokai that feed themselves differently from victims, some malicious in their attempts, others less so. For instance a Yokai may feed on people's happiness and will attempt to make their prospective victims happy in subtle ways, disguising themselves as an entertainer, a courtesan or a geisha in a settlement, ensuring that their victims do not die or are harmed so they may live peacefully. Or others may feed on fears or other negative emotions or feelings, influencing others to feel fears, using powers to enter dreams and cause nightmares. Culture and Politics Culturally the population of Oyashima are split into five castes. The Nobility, those who would rule and administer fiefdoms and own the majority of the land, one can only be born into Nobility and the title of Lord or Daimyo can only be inherited by males. The Military divided into the Samurai and the trained Levy Men at Arms, the born Military Class and seen as the Elites, they are charged with protecting the land and raising small levies. The Peasantry who work the land for their masters of the Nobility and Samurai, they will occasionally have sons trained as Men at Arms to serve their Lords in war or for policing their fiefdom. The Artisans, blacksmiths, carpenters and any who find a trade to ply and lastly the Merchants, who are looked down upon outside of the major cities for not providing either crop nor craft however they hold much of the wealth and keep many Lords and Samurai in their debt. City of Yamatai, circa 1593 Traditionally the Shogun rules from his Palace in Yamatai, the Port City that serves as the Capital of the Shogunate, though Shogun Kais typically holds Court on specially designed barges that float across the Yamatai river. The Daimyo and Lordlings who rule over lands, many holding fealty to the Shogun or their local Greater Daimyo. The Samurai follow a strict warriors code, not unlike the many Codes of Knights in other descendent realms, this code is called Bushido. It centres around the Samurai protecting the weak, upholding the honour of women, respecting the elderly, keeping their oath to their liege and perfecting their form. The Code itself is written into Law for Samurai to follow, should they fail to do so, they’ll be forced to commit suicide. Outsiders of the South Eastern Peninsula on which Oyashima is based are often referred to as “Westerners” as one must travel over the North West Mountains or as most visitors have come from the Western Oceans to travel to the Peninsula due to Imperial Aeldenic Trade Routes. They are often seen as uncultured barbarians, though they are permitted to trade in the Cities of Yamatai and Ihon. Though it is due to Western Influence that outsiders are not permitted to travel outside of these Cities without a Royal Warrant permitting them to do so. Outside of civil society there are Warrior Monks known as Shinobi, who act as Monster Slayers within the nation seeking to rid the roads and settlements of Oni and Yokai among other more beastial less sentient creatures that lurk the Countryside. Many do not like the Shinobi Warrior Monks, due to rumours about being mutants or being half-demonic through ritual and alchemy, though much of the Samurai and Peasants hold a budding respect for them, keeping the trade routes cleared and protecting the innocent, even if for a price. Notably a single Westerner is known to have trained and worked with the Shinobi School of the Crane, named Aegon who due to being an Elf from outside of Aeldin has attracted folk lore attention as a semi-mythical figure who excelled at the slaying of Monsters, Oni and Yokai. However the Shinobi Monster Slayers have fallen on hard times as of late, the Cathantese mistook many of them as Oyashimese Loyalist due to them sometimes appearing as soldiers to an untrained eye and not wearing Cathant pattern armour. This has lead to a decline in numbers and Oni and Yokai spreading across the Countryside and within settlements within the Shogunate. Religion Oyashima has its ancient Pantheon of Gods that it follows, such as Raiden and Amaterasu being chief deities among the Pantheon, however with much cultural influence from Cathant the Pantheon itself melded with Cathant Spiritualism, based upon inner peace within the body, mind and soul. The combination of such faiths created a society in which the castes in which the Nobility, Samurai and Common Folk live under is cause to strive for perfection in their art and craft as part of achieving peace with oneself. Foreign Religions such as forms of Creatorism from other nations such as Oren in the past have found their way into the society though are only practised in secret. Creatorism itself is outlawed due to a failed rebellion shortly after the successful rebellion freeing the Country from Cathant, Creatorist Oyashimese sided with Cathant during the war and were granted special privileges by the Eunuch Governors, they rebelled three years after the Shogunates restoration and were violently put down by the Shogun’s sons Prince Fuji ‘The Rabid Hound’ and Prince Shigen ‘The Tiger whom strikes like a storm’. After which the former Prince was named as an Inquisitor who patrols the lands to find Creatorist Symbols such as Lorraine Crosses and sniffs out Canonists where they are found. Outside of the Canonists the Oyashimese Pantheon and Spiritualism as created a society where all men be them of Noble or Common stock believe that achieving perfection in whatever they pursue is what leads their body, mind and soul to achieve inner peace and a sense of achievement in their lives so that it is not to be wasted. For instance a Blacksmith will wish to perfect the art of swordsmithing, achieving in his life a master work like no other or a Samurai would seek to further his martial skill so that he could not be bested, so that he may go into battle ready to die and bring honour to his clan.
  13. Silver Knight Corporation 2120 Leaders Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite Security Chief Lyle Morgan Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes Colony Stats Population - 158,500 Humans, 1000 Tassareans, 250 Backhatta, 250 Redons Silver Knight Company Security Forces - 25,000 High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 26,500 Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 50,000 Shipyard Level: 1 Military 25,000 Ground Forces 250 Mech Suit Operators 5,000 Active and Reserve Naval Personnel Technology Warp Drive Quantum Communication Advanced Exoskelton Design General Activity The Privately Owned and fledgling Silver Navy was beginning its first few ships to be constructed, active recruitment had begun for active and reserve forces for the Navy, the Executives had plans for their private space faring force. Since there was a surplus of young new people on the Colony, many were offered a full free ride through education for taking up offers by the Naval Academy to find decent officers and crewmen for what is to be planned to be a fairly large Private Military and Transport Fleet. Other than that the Colonies leisure, education and other assorted facilities and services were up and running ready to use, many smaller businesses that handled services outside of the Companies own area of expertise had been set up and appropriately taxed. The children of the Colony were educated through the Companies own facilities, those who were considered special would be put into appropriate programs to see what they excel at, be it military theory, engineering, science. Action Points The Company Orders yet another two Corvettes to be built in its Shipyards to be completed by the end of the Year (2AP) The Company Wishes to improve on its Military Mech Suit design, making a model that can be used in space that can act as a pseudo short ranged fighter along with improving its armaments, ammo efficiency and weapons. (2AP)
  14. no