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  1. IN THE NAME OF GOD 1741 FVC Harvest EVENTS As the Winter passed and summer came and went throughout the year the many Nobles of the Empire decided now was the time to begin drawing faction lines for the upcoming Sejm as the Harvest season would approach. The two largest forces in the Empire have come to be known as the Unionists those who put the Empire first and wish to be united in the face of adversity and Cipriates who follow Mikhail the Bold of Valcea who wish to expand the influence of the Radulescu Dynasty and is named after the Emperor of that dynasty
  2. IN THE NAME OF GOD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PayUu_Ffjn8 1741 FVC Winter EVENTS As the initial shock of losing their Emperor along with a sizable portion of their fighting strength had begun to subside in time, those who would seek opportunity in the chaos of what came afterward begin to crawl out from the dens from which they hide in during the more orderly times of an Imperials reign. Outlaws, ambitious mercenaries, pirates and Lords who simply want more land have decided now was the time to strike out and make use of the current chaos and appare
  3. Heavenly Kingdom of Luoyang Roleplay Deep within the City of Luoyi, in the District of Celestial Jade wherein the Tower of Three Dragon sits. The sound of gongs could be heard in the distance as various religious ceremonies from the countless temples and shrines occur daily with many adherents to the faith of the Luoyi seeking favour of ancestor Gods and powerful Spirits. Many young sorcerers can be seen following their masters around the courtyard of the renown magic academy taking notes and listening to their lectures, while others could be seen engaging
  4. Discord name (PM if you wish): Nation Type: (Kingdom/City State/Tribal) Kingdom Nation Flag (optional): Nation Name: Heavenly Kingdom of Luoyang Are you in the Elraic Empire? (If so state in what way you're a sub-region of the empire - client kingdom, appointed/hereditary governor, military order, etc) No Nation Culture (Brief description): Culture Luoyang considers itself the most cultured nation in the world, taking great pride in all facets of what it considers its culture from the cuisine to the religiou
  5. "Sorry for leaving you so abruptly, Awaiti. Nevertheless, I am glad that the time between my passing and your arrival here was long." says the Caribou Druid as Sister Orison enters the Eternal Forest
  6. Lmao that response to the vortex thread had me in tears. 

  7. Did the Devs take notes from mobile gacha games? Perhaps this was all a plan to use crowns to buy energy for vortex energy. Big thonk.

    1. Gilded


      Have you heard of our new sponsor: Raid Shadow Legends?

    2. Hiebe


      Gonna sell energy bottles in crown store.


      And a perk that ignores node cooldowns.

  8. Pretty crazy how the staff United the medieval fantasy rpers and the 18th colonial aesthetic rpers in mutual hatred of a plug-in that sent all playerbases back to the Bronze Age lmfao.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shmeepicus


      Glad you said "18th colonial aesthetic" very pog of you

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      At least with 8.0 launch we finally have more players online than SchoolRP does.


      I wonder how long that'll last.

    4. Tigergiri


      The one time the player base gets together is when we angry mob 

  9. Never ceases to amaze me when the Dev team constantly try to reinvent the wheel and prioritise it over maintaining what was already there. Nexus was bad and was constantly easily abused and glitched. It’s hubris if the Devs think it will be any different this time around.

    1. Drumoldth


      Vortex is more balanced than nexus. It had issues but it should have never been removed, but reworked instead. Vortex is now economy itself and whoever removes it is going to ruin lotc again. In a month or so vortex will be polished, dont be hatefull or swift to judge.

    2. SophiaTsu


      58 minutes ago, Drumoldth said:

      Vortex is more balanced than nexus. It had issues but it should have never been removed, but reworked instead. Vortex is now economy itself and whoever removes it is going to ruin lotc again. In a month or so vortex will be polished, dont be hatefull or swift to judge.

      Im just replying for the rainbow, honestly. Very aesthetically pleasing +1

  10. Guess I’ll make clear, homophobic or homophobia role play is fine so long as oocly it’s treated like a character flaw and not a virtue. That’s my hot take, don’t need to send DMs to me on discord telling me to kill myself now pro-homophobia camp!

  11. Tbh I don’t really have a position in this debate but I find it funny how people have either accidentally revealed their homophobia or outright confirmed it. Also the argument that it’s unfair is homosexuality is roleplayed but homophobia isn’t and it’s not inclusive unless you tolerate homophobia is the shittest argument ever Lmfao. Can’t believe you literally played the “how dare you be intolerant to my intolerance!” Or bring up 21st century morals and values lol.
  12. Can’t believe my earlier bait status update was deleted.

  13. I decided to read this topic and replies while on the throne. So you could say this is a sh1t post.
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